Best Decorative Items for Home Decor Indian

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1. DARJEN Decorative Holders Bathroom Decorations

DARJEN Decorative Holders Bathroom Decorations

HasSLE-free returns: If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can ask for a return or replacement. The candle holder set includes 3 glass votive glass holders, a black wooden tray, and natural stones. Cans are not included. The table has a number on it. The candle tray set is perfect for your kitchen table, coffee table, shelf, TV stand, and bathroom decor. Any room should have a decorative feel. House The best Christmas gift is a tea light holder made of frosted glass, decorated with leaf pattern, and thick enough to hold candles and tea light candles. Votive candle holder cups, mini flower vase, candle tray, jewelry tray, and rocks for indoor plants are included in the dining table decorations. The set is ideal for birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Valentines Day, Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, New Year, Festival, Housewarming, and Diwali. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem with candle tray. They can solve your problem in 24 hours.

Brand: Darjen

👤This is a 3 in 1 review. The candle holder, floating shelves, and 2 jars were items I purchased from Amazon and I love them all! I'll talk about the candle holder since it's the focus. It arrived earlier than expected, that's always a plus. Everything was wrapped individually in a single box. It was easy to put everything together. I suggest you put the candles inside the glass containers first, then add the rocks to the candle tray. I lifted up a jar after pouring the rocks and when I tried to put it back in place, the rocks fell out. It's light and not big. It fits nicely on the floating shelves. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This is a great piece for my bathroom. I put candles in them. I would recommend it.

👤I haven't gotten them out of the box. The rocks were not put in a bag but in bubble wrap. Two of the glasses have something on them. It was gross. My items should not be growing. Also small.

👤I gave this candle set to a friend. After she got home on Christmas Day, she took out the box, set it up, lit the candles, and sent me a picture. Doesn't it look warm? I was so happy that I gave her the gift. I would buy it again. Thanks.

👤These candle holders are pretty. They are much more attractive than they are pictured. I put these on my living room table. The room was brought together by it. It is a good gift for your friend who loves the rich colors of these pieces. I will buy them again.

👤I like the product very much. I bought two for my best friend. When you use tea lights, you have to pick up the candle to turn it on, because the rocks fall in the place of the candle. I will glue the rocks to the base so that doesn't happen. It's pretty.

👤I bought these for some friends and family for Christmas and they are adorable and a great option for gifts. The value is great. They were appreciated. I didn't pick myself up.

👤Great. Cats don't care much. Really like the colors.

👤I received this piece as a gift and I am very grateful.

👤Absolutely love this set. It's perfect.

2. Rastogi Handicrafts Handmade Decorative Decoration

Rastogi Handicrafts Handmade Decorative Decoration

BUY RISK-FREE: They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Indian Rural Artist of Rajastahn State is Handmade in India. The size is 15 Cm with a width of 15 Cm and a height of 35 cm. There are 9 Birds in a Hanging Bell. It's suitable for home decoration for festivals and parties. An artist is looking at Indian villages.

Brand: Rastogi Handicrafts

👤I love my chandelier. I was surprised at how large it was. I like the bright color of the beads, the cloth, gold bells and the bright red ribbon that hangs it. Whenever my son gets a chance, he jingles it.

👤The Handmade Decorative Door Hanging Bell Bird Shandler for Home Decoration is so colorful and beautiful that it makes you want to touch it. I am going to give this to my sister and a friend. The quality of this unique "Shandler" is topnotch. It is on the side of my book rack in front of my Recliner. I like to look at the pretty birds on the Shandler. I love it!

👤There is a cup type cover in the middle of the ceiling in my old house that used to have gas lights. I wanted a mobile or hanging ornament to dangle from that cover and I took a chance on that. It is better made than I thought it would be. The room I am changing to be a relaxing space to read will compliment the colors in the room.

👤I'm very happy with this. It's not meant to make a lot of noise, but it's pretty. I'm thinking of buying another one for my room. The price is a great value.

👤This is a beautiful item. Colorful and fun add to the interior delight. The bells are a bonus.

👤This item is very cute. I have a bird that hangs from my ceiling. These will make my place more interesting. I will probably order another one when my granddaughter sees it.

👤Two friends from India, just what I wanted.

👤This is so fake. It was priced well as well.

👤I would like to thank the people who made this. It is beautiful and calming. When its bells ring, it sends out positive vibes. Thank you!

👤I just want to thank the people who made this.

👤The price for this product is very high. Not a good purchase. I was very disappointed with the material they used.

3. Serene Spaces Living Decorative Centerpiece

Serene Spaces Living Decorative Centerpiece

100% satisfaction guarantee! Their wood dish has a 30 day money back guarantee. Shop with ease. Their iron bowl has a rich gold paint on it that will give it a rustic feel in any room where it's placed. If gold is one of your wedding colors, use the round uruli bowl for a dome of flowers, perhaps roses, hydrangeas, or carnations. The metal handi bowl is perfect for filling with water, floating candles, fruit slices, flowers or potpourri. It can be placed on your dining table in your kitchen or pooja room to give your decor a unique aspect. You can use the large bowl in your bathroom to hold small candles to create a peaceful retreat while taking a bath. A large round bowl. The rustic metal bowl is sold individually and measures 9 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide, meaning you can place a variety of objects in the bowl to create the style you want.

Brand: Serene Spaces Living

👤This is adorable. I could have looked at the dimensions before I thought it was big, but it's not as big as I thought.

👤It was the perfect size for my table.

4. Luxbon Tapestry Jacquard Elephant Decorative

Luxbon Tapestry Jacquard Elephant Decorative

The lightweight and soft material of the cushion covers makes it easy to wash. The pillows will look new if you dry clean them. The prints will not fade after many uses. The elephant throw pillow is great for parties, weddings, carnivals, christmas costume party, indoor or outdoor activities, and more. The indian elephant decor couch pillow is a great way to make your room look better, it can be used in a variety of ways. The ideal gift is a throw pillow to express your best wishes. The cotton linen fabric is thick and comfortable. The elephant decor pillow covers are a great addition to your home. The standard pillow case is 18x18" and 45x45 cm. It is easy to remove the pillow insert from the sofa pillows. The pattern paint is only on one side.

Brand: Luxbon

👤I don't rate products, but this one deserves it. I bought another one. It looks like the exact same pillow in the photos on the sellers, but it was from a different seller. Account. It is not the same pillow. The pillow I received from the other seller was garbage, the picture was blurry, and it was not the real deal. But this seller and this pillow. The sellers pillow is amazing. I think the most beautiful pillow I have ever purchased is from Amazon. If you are looking for a pillow that is India style, this is the one you should purchase, it is bright and vibrant, it is not faded or washed out, it is perfect.

👤The pillow case has a woven face made of natural fibers and a synthetic fabric that is soft. The elephant woven picture is elegant. The case was done well. When the pillow is in, you don't see the bottom edge of the zipper. I am very pleased with the pillow case. The product was delivered on time. Thank you, seller!

👤The design and construction of the pillowcase is wonderful. It worked out perfectly for its intended use as a small tapestry on my bedroom wall, as it complemented a new bedspread that I bought. I'm very happy with it and would be happy to buy it again or give it to someone as a gift.

👤The pillow helped with a bohemian theme. The front texture is very strong and the back is very thin. It is true to its color on the photos provided by the seller. This is a review that is honest.

👤It's gorgeous! The focal point of my bed has been for several months. The stitching is beautiful, the colors are vibrant, and the cost is great.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. I only use the pillows for display on my hallway bench, but they look amazing there. These pillow covers are for elephant lovers. The material is strong enough to last a long time.

👤The pillow case I got today is pretty and well made. I understand that the measurement may be a cm or two off, but I love it.

👤A canvas feel is achieved by using fabric. The back of the cover is white and I haven't used it yet.

👤If the opening was bigger, I would give it a 5 star. One case tore a little when I was trying to get my pillow in, it is not bad hole but a little disappointing. I ordered them because they are beautiful. Thank you.

👤The cover has a few drawbacks. In person, the colour is much darker. The closer is small. The cheap white fabric on the back of the case makes me afraid to wash it.

👤I love elephants.

👤The cushion covers are nice. Good quality and colorful.

5. Rastogi Handicrafts Decorative Vintage Hanging

Rastogi Handicrafts Decorative Vintage Hanging

The original product is sold and Trademarked by Third Eye Export. The size of each bell is tiny. The string is 100 cm tall. The work provides a vital income for the less privileged women of the village and it is organised by a voluntary organisation with the approval of the village elders. Hang on window curtain rod both side and wall. The sound of a bell is very pleasant.

Brand: Rastogi Handicrafts

👤It's so beautiful. I wanted to decorate my temple. It makes my temple look great.

👤Here's your item if you're looking for brass bells. They would be appropriate for mini elfin gardens, but not sure what else. The measurement is not listed in the description and the description says it is small, which is completely untrue.

👤Yes, it says decorative. I was expecting some ding sound. Nope.

👤These were offered at a reasonable price and I was happy with what I got. I was disappointed that two of the bells had holes in them and one of them was missing a clapper. I didn't think these would be perfect for the price but 3 of 11 are not. I had to untangle the cord for 10 minutes. Would I buy again? Probably. I don't think you should expect 11 perfect little tinklers.

👤Bells and well strung are nice to hang. You can barely hear them.

👤They are small, but cute. It was easy to loosen the knots on the bells because they weren't evenly distributed. There were two things that annoyed me. I would have liked the string to be wrapped around something. I untangled them for several minutes. I wrapped them around the paper for travel. I bought several and one was cut short and tied to another piece to make it longer. I didn't appreciate that.

👤These are small bells that make a tinny jingle. They are hanging down the back of my bedroom door.

👤The bells look cute on my mantel. I put them against my stockings and it made me feel like a bohemian. I tied the two together. It would look great hanging down both sides of the mantel.

👤My mother hung a string of bells on the back of her door for 50 years. I wanted to replace the clapper on the bells because they had lost it. These are perfect! The bell is the same size and style. This string is twice as long. Whenever the door is opened, they make a tinkling noise. I love them!

👤I bought them for my grandson. They hang on the garden door handle so that the dog can shake the bells when he gets out. He stopped scrabbling at the door. It was brilliant.

👤Well made, sturdy and ring. My wife wore a cape for a church event and a lot of positive comments were made about her. If you need that look elsewhere, it's not bright gold colour, but a dull brass effect.

👤Just arrived. I put the package in the bin after opening it. None of the clappers were in the package. I repeat. None of the bells made a sound. I think those that have given a positive review have received different reviews.

👤I was very happy to receive them. I've had bells for years and they were stolen. The bells fill the space nicely even though they aren't so large. So happy with them.

6. Nifty Nook Decorative Antiqued Terrarium

Nifty Nook Decorative Antiqued Terrarium

New good luck trinket: gold effigy. A glass bowl can be used as a candle holder, aquarium or a terrarium. You can create your own small garden. Get started and make your own small garden, planter or display. A perfect gift for an elephant lover. Give a gift to a family member or friend. A color gift box is included. Beautiful adornment. A beautiful decor item for a mantel or a table, Trunk is made from polyresin and has an antique finish. Also included: One glass bowl, one elephant figurine, one decorative accent ring, and a gift box. The item is 9H x 7L x 7W. Inches.

Brand: The Nifty Nook

👤A tiny bit smaller than expected but cute and expensive.

👤Good looking peace but small for fish. Not very strong. The bowl wouldn't get knocked off if I put tape on it. I like the look of it.

👤I like it. The rim of the bowl isn't flush and isn't sturdy, which is something I'm leery of. I didn't give 5 stars because of that.

👤This is a piece of sh. There is a I would not pay the price I paid for it if I were in it. There is a It is not a fish bowl. It could be a bowl of candy. There is no way to secure the top piece to the bowl because all the pieces are separate. I bumped the table and the bowl wobbled because there was no way to secure it to the elephant. The quality is lower than excepted. You can find cheaper and better quality items like this. It looks decent in pictures but the closer you are the cheaper it is. I will not be giving this as a gift to my mom. SMH...

👤The item is not worth the money. AT. All. I don't understand why they call this a "fish bowl". If you want to call it a bowl. The height of this thing is not the same as your finger. I was so angry when I opened this box. The seller should be embarrassed.

👤I thought the bowl would be larger. It is not big enough for a fish but will make a cute candle holder. A candle holder is pricey. I am worried that the base may get knocked over and break, so I am not using it on the table. I bought it to use on my coffee table, but it makes it wobble. I will return it.

👤Update... The seller replaced the bronze piece for the top of the glass bowl after I wrote about it. I am very thankful. I love this bowl more now. Thanks to Nifty Nook! There is a Be blessed and be a blessing. The bronze on the glass bowl does not match the cute picture. A regular glass bowl was what I got. It's cute. I love it! It's not as pictured. Be. Blessed and be a blessing...

👤The elephant looks great and I've gotten a lot of praise for it. The only downside is that it's smaller than I expected. The bowl would break easily. It's a great piece to have in a desk.

👤It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was thinking of a tea candle when I thought of the candle holder. It's to big to send to a friend in the UK, so I'll have to find a purpose for it. Will look for something more appropriate soon.

7. Resin Small Elephants Statues Collection

Resin Small Elephants Statues Collection

Product size is 2 each. There are 6 elephant Statues. The size may be small due to the manual measurement. There is a material. The use of eco-friendly material, anti-oxidation, Corrosion resistant, not easy to wear, strong plasticity, no chemical pollution, safe and healthy. Put in the home can make the family is filled with good vibes, keep a harmonious family, and put in office can reduce pressure. It can be used in the adornment of the sitting room, office, study, but also as a move, wedding and other occasions gifts. The price is cheap, the color is bright, the texture is delicate and beautiful, the form is realistic, and the modelling is novel.

Brand: Brass Statu

👤I bought these for my wife on her birthday. I used them to decorate the packages, but she loved them more than the gifts they were guarding! They are in a prominent spot in her collection. I was happy with the variety of poses. Good deal!

👤I'm all about my elephants and I needed something small but still matching and these were perfect for me. In love.

👤The little guys are in different positions. You can't help but fall in love with them. They are wonderful gifts for anyone on your list, and the price won't make a big difference in your wallet.

👤It is cute and fun. I take them to my office. I always get praise. They make everyone happy. It was cute and enjoyable. The color is lovely, not too bright, but just enough to make you happy.

👤Estn lindos! Hechos! Y los rostros are very popular. Y juguetones. A person is ami.

👤An inch and a half size can fit in smaller spaces and is very light.

👤A few were small. There was a lot of packing and some of the paint on some of the pieces was torn off.

👤The little guys are pretty. They are a good weight and have a nice color. They haverubys on them. It's a perfect gift for a collector.

8. Design Toscano Maharajah Elephants Upholstered

Design Toscano Maharajah Elephants Upholstered

The elephant statue ottoman is named for a young prince and is a good fit for your palace decor. This sculptural foot stool has a group of faux elephants that parade around it, adding exotic style and a signature piece to your home. Their Indian animal stools are hand-cast using real crushed stone and are covered in metallic upholstery. Design ToSCANO Home Decor is exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and shows your love for the natural world as exotic living room end table or bedroom Vanity footstool. Their footstools are small. 5"Wx13. The perfect size for living room ottomans is 5"Dx13"H. Their footstools are small. 5"Wx13. The perfect size for living room ottomans is 5"Dx13"H.

Brand: Design Toscano

👤They call it a footstool. Each foot would need one. You would have your feet rest on each other. The cushion is 9 inches square. You can guess how much room it has. It is almost as high as an ottoman should be. When you rest your feet, your knees are close to your face. It's really weird. I have bought other products from this company, they are not very attractive in design, but poorly made, and have strange functions. The whole clock shook right to left, not just the pendulum. Looked weird. After a couple of months, it stopped.

👤The braided edging and tassels are not shown in the photo. The price is ridiculous. It looks like something you would win at a carnival.

👤This is very cute, sturdy, and well built, but it's a little bit stinky. The descriptions are very misleading, I feel the measurements are very wrong. If you include the tip of the elephant's trunk on all 4 sides, the measurements are correct. The entire top half of the pillow is under 9 inches square. If you include the elephants and the tips of their trunks, it's the bottom half, which is the only way it measures 13 The measurement should be 99. The only part that is accurate is the height. Again, very cute, but not worth the price. Very Disappointed.

👤Exceeded my expectations. The piece is beautiful and the craftsmanship is great. It's perfect for my home office.

👤The wooden foot rest with golden tassels and intricate carving looked like it was ornate, but it turned out to be a plastic cinder block. The item is made of cheap material. It is poured and not carved. I am not going to get a refund.

👤This is lovely. I contacted the manufacturer with a question prior to my purchase, and I'm very impressed with them. I was given incorrect product information, but they were quick to respond with accurate item details. I initially wasn't going to purchase it, but they did. It arrived much sooner than expected. The piece of cloth in the photo is just one solid piece. It's perfect for small children or pets who like to chew, because there's nothing loose from the item.

👤Overall, I am happy with this purchase. It is well made and sturdy for the price. The paint on the elephants needed to be touched up in a couple of small areas. I have a supply of craft paints. It is on the smaller side, but we are capable of resting both feet on it. I have been looking at this item for a long time and wish I had purchased it sooner.

👤This footstool is gorgeous. I bought it and I'm very happy. It was a big deal when I ordered it. Maybe it is. Is my time worth anything? I'd been to 3 local thrift stores in the quest for a footstool. Couldn't find one that was the same as the one I had before moving back up to Santa Rosa. Couldn't find one. I found a cushion that fit on top of a wicker basket at my local import store. There is a Since it's heavy, I'm wondering if it's safe to leave out while my little 2 year old is free. If she gnawed off a corner, I would die. Leave the pup to relax in the apartment and then put it in the pup kennel.

9. ANJANIYA Elephant Decorative Handcrafted Patchwork

ANJANIYA Elephant Decorative Handcrafted Patchwork

The handcrafted perfectION is. The pillows covers are made from polydupion fabric. The banarsi silk material is soft and skin-friendly and will not degrade even after many uses. It has patchwork on it to make it look different. The bohemian pillow covers have an Indian ethnic pattern on them. The eye-catching elephant print designs add a visually appealing makeover to any space. The pillow bohemian d├ęcor is the perfect choice if you want a more sophisticated look. The bohemian style pillow covers come in a set of four different colors. There are pillow covers in blue, red, pink and beige. The contrasting colors will make it more appealing. The set is an ideal gift choice for all occasions. Any space is negotiable. The design and colors compliment each other. It can be used as a decorative cover. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, and travel with it. The lightweight and soft material of the cushion covers makes it easy to wash. The pillows will look new if you dry clean them. The prints will not fade after many uses.

Brand: Anjaniya

👤These fit over the new patio cushions I bought on sale. The covers are new and in excellent condition. There were no broken or ripped seams. When fitting, be sure to manipulate your pillow and not the silk cover. I did not rip anything. Excellent, elegant. They look out from the window. Many people said nice things. Sturdy. They are still as lovely as day of purchase because guests have sat and rested back on them. These are rich.

👤I was not happy with the pillow covers. They were identical to each other, which is not appealing to anyone who wants to have contrasting colors and patterns. I plan to give another one to someone. I'll have two colors of the same pattern, separated by contrasting pillows, and then I'll use them on my bed. The four colors are stunning, but not four times over.

👤Oh wow! When I opened them, they looked like I had bought them in India. I was worried that they wouldn't be authentic, but they are so much more luxurious and beautiful in person. If you have experience with authentic India goods and goods from other countries, you will know that these materials are most often delicate and are best used as decoration and beauty. I will be buying more from this seller. You'll be happy that you did.

👤These are very cheap. Two of the zippers broke right out of the package. I sewed them up since I needed something decorative. What a pain. Don't buy!

👤These pillow covers are very cheap. The fabric on the back of the pillows is very flimsy and the covers are broken. It is pulling apart from the front. I would not recommend or buy again.

👤The set of four is beautiful and I love the pattern. Two of them were for decoration and the other two were for the corner of the couch where I read. The two that got daily wear are slowly falling apart. The shiny thread from the patterns is coming off as the zippers and seams are going. There is a If you only need decorative pillows, they look good. I will need to replace them after a year if you put any stress on them. The price was very good and I really like the design.

👤The pillow cases were terrible, the first one broke off and the second one split at the seam. It is cheap material. It was pretty but poorly manufactured. Don't buy! I'm stuck with 4 non-functional pillow cases because I waited so long to return them. Oh my gosh!

👤I was hesitant to order this since it might be too good to be true, but I decided to do so. I was surprised to see how pretty they are. The elephant design and color popped. It looks good on our sofa.

👤The cushions look nice. The material is stiff. The seller has asked me to return the whole pack of 4 because one of the zips is faulty.

10. Marbrasse Centerpiece Branches Tabletop Decorative

Marbrasse Centerpiece Branches Tabletop Decorative

A bird and a nest are depicted on a tree branch. The iron and polyresin are durable and have fine craftmanship. It creates a peaceful atmosphere in your home or office. Excellent shelf, mantel or table accent. The best christmas gift is a lovely and uplifting one.

Brand: Marbrasse

👤I bought this for my new patio and it fits right in, but the bird never leaves. The tealight candle fit perfectly. This is small, as others have reported. There was a drop of glue that I needed to break off, but it was not a big deal. It seems sturdy for how delicate it is. The glue and size reference are shown in the pics.

👤I ordered it twice. The first time it was damaged was in shipping. I ordered it again after receiving a refund a few days later. The votive candle was badly tilted and the first one was bent out of shape. The bird branch had been broken off. The plastic inner core is covered with grey cement. It is definitely over priced. There is a The item I ordered was in good condition. I have it on my kitchen table. I wish it was all metal, and not just plastic coated to look like metal.

👤Due to another customer's issues with it arriving damaged, I decided to open it and check it out first. The quarter is used for scale. It doesn't have any damage, it seems sturdy, and it isn't unbalanced or wobbly when placed on a flat surface. The item is a great value. She's going to like it with her tealight candles.

👤The wings are broken off, but this is cute. I couldn't find the broken off pieces. Some of the pictures have the wings broken off, and others have them intact, when I looked more closely at the photos online. The color difference is obvious where it is broken. I don't think it was made that way. I think I was tricked into buying a damaged product. It was a gift and I paid for priority shipping in order to get it on time. There is a It's smaller than expected.

👤I need to put it in a place that it can't be seen from. The leaves are not straight. They should be reversed. My candle does not sit straight because the little nest is crooked.

👤It was very nicely made. Sturdy and with a rustic look. The shadows in the wall are warm. It was for a friend, but I kept it for myself. It's great for gifts. Very reasonable. Love it.

👤I returned it because it broke. It was easy to return. The candle cup was broken off when I opened the box. If you were wondering, that could explain the holder's strength. The candle holder is cute. The tea light I tried in sat up high because it was a small cup. I think it's a bit pricey. It was cute. As described, it is lightweight and color is described. If it wasn't broken, I would have made sure it was on something like a book, placemat or something because I thought the tips of the branches could scratch my tabletops.

👤A pretty candle. There is a Great looks in my living room. I like it.

👤It was bought for my dad's funeral anniversary. It was beautiful before the anniversary.

11. Third Eye Export Bohemian Decorative

Third Eye Export Bohemian Decorative

Cotton isdurable soft light weight and wrink resistant. There is a set of five piece with matching Tassel and Zip Closure. This festive season, bring luxurious feel to your home, perfect gift, use these beautiful cushion covers for your sofa, bed, diwan etc. It can be used as decorative pillows, throw pillow covers, throw pillows for couch, decorative pillows for bed, accent pillows, fundas para cojines, and black santa claus. 16X16 Inches is 40X40 cms. There is a set of 5 pieces. The original product is sold and Trademarked by Third Eye Export.

Brand: Third Eye Export

👤They aren't close to 1818. They don't fit any of the pillows that they were supposed to.

👤Very pretty. My green comforter set was nicely accented. I used the fill from the cheap pillows to stuff the cases. I was very happy with my purchase. Would recommend them to others. I want to add more to my room to make it look better.

👤Quality and bright colors are important for the price. I gave it 4 stars because I wish there were buttons on the back to keep the pillow cases closed. I will probably make one. Even though I like the colors, I wish I could have picked them. The lime green was what I wanted. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The reviews were all very cheap and different. The pillows looked a little weird once I wrangled them into the covers. There were a few covers that were ok. I was hoping for the best after reading the other reviews. I wouldn't order again and I won't bother returning them.

👤The fabrics for these cases are beautiful. The kantha stitching is incomplete in some places and coming apart in others. I've bought others that were much better made. There's not much to complain about since this was $2.

👤I decided after reading all the reviews that it was a good purchase. The size is too small for an 18x18 pillow. I wanted them for my 16x16 pillows, so I wasn't disappointed. They fit my pillows perfectly. The colors are bright. The stitching is great. The back overlap is generous. The price is something I love. I got a lot of different colors. I'll buy them again.

👤I use these covers for pillows that came with my couch and pillows that were worn out. The old pillow is pretty and it is easy to slide the pillow cover over it. The material is light and bright. They have something that looks like hand stitching, so they wouldn't hold up to a dog or cat that likes to scratch. Very happy with the purchase. I have many pillows that need a refresh, so I ordered this second set.

👤Communication was great with the seller. The quality of the covers is very good, with colors vibrant but the sizes different. The yellow and white seem to be about 16 inches square, but the orange is different in shape and size. It's hard to find the right type offiller that will fit the orange covers.

👤The zip on every one broke.

👤Cheap fabric and print. Do not buy it. Total waste of money. I had to pay from my pocket to return the package to Las Vegas because the return label was not clear.

👤I thought I was buying pillows. The colors are not close to what you see on the computer screen. They are dull and not well defined. I opened the package and found that the zip was broken on two of them. These will be thrown in the garbage. Very disappointing.


What is the best product for decorative items for home decor indian?

Decorative items for home decor indian products from Darjen. In this article about decorative items for home decor indian you can see why people choose the product. Rastogi Handicrafts and Serene Spaces Living are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative items for home decor indian.

What are the best brands for decorative items for home decor indian?

Darjen, Rastogi Handicrafts and Serene Spaces Living are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative items for home decor indian. Find the detail in this article. Luxbon, The Nifty Nook and Brass Statu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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