Best Decorative Items for Shelves Living Room

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1. APPS2Car Crafted Figurines Bedroom Decoration

APPS2Car Crafted Figurines Bedroom Decoration

The dimensions are 18.9 inches wide by 19.45 inches high by 9.37 inches deep. The chubby owl statue with dots pattern blends well with most home decor. Place it on the place you want, such as a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, TV cabinet, windowsill, nightstands, table, desk, coffee corner bar table, entertainment center, etc. All kinds of shelves, such as book shelves, floating shelves, cube shelf, hanging shelves, ladder shelf, hexagon shelves, pipe shelves, wall shelves, corner shelf, bathroom shelves, shelves for bedroom, plant shelf, closet shelves, white shelves, black shelf, and adorable shelf decor blends The cute owl figurine is 4.5 inches tall. The style is dots art design. It's a perfect addition to most other decorative items, like artificial plants, wood sign, decorative clock, wood photo picture frame, and more. It will make your room look better. The Sophisticated Owl Ornament is ideal for home decor, room decor, kitchen decor, bathroom decor, bedroom decor, office decor, living room decor, family room decor, indoor decor, western decor, house decor, laundry room decor, rustic home decor, apartment decor, garage decor, white decor Cute room decor, cool room decor, and modern farmhouse decor were added. The Owl Statue Figurine is a great gift for owls, birds, and animal lovers. Unique owl birthday gifts for grandma grandpa dad mother men women. Gifts for mothers day, teacher gifts, and friendship gifts. The year 2022. Happy new year. There are decorations for Thanksgiving. The year 2021. White Owl Christmas decorations are unique.

Brand: Apps2car

👤It is still a good size, but it is not quite as tall as I had pictured. It would be a good gift. I put it on some shelves. You can see the sos next to the can in the photo.

👤I bought two of them and they are exactly what the listing shows. Don't let anyone look at you too closely. Look at the close-up picture. They look great if you put them in an accent and nobody is going to pick them up. There is a It was terrible on a shipping note. The owls were one day away from me, and Amazon took six days to ship them. It's bad news for someone like Amazon.

👤Very cute and well made. I like the design of the owls' eyes and body. I got both owls because I couldn't decide which one to get. I'm happy that I did. I can't decide which one I like best.

👤It should be cheaper. I think the price should be lowered because it is smaller in person. Some of the dots are not perfect. Unless they are close to it, no one will notice the dots.

👤The proportions on this statue are wonderful. 4.5" tall. The width is 2.25". It was small to me, but it still looked large on a table. Polyresin material is a mix of plastic and ceramic. The black owl feels hollow with thick walls, while the white owl feels solid at the base. The black owl is lighter in weight. The owls are the same size. The eyes have a dusty yellow translucent color. The white owl is a true white color with black dots, while the black owl is a soft black with light grey dots. The black owl has a color. The finish reflects some light which makes the color softer. It's like a smooth finish. There are dots for the owl. The texture with the shadow indentations makes them appear grey. The design has all the dots in the same place. There are a couple small flaws in the paint. There was a black speck on the lower rim of the owl's eye mask. There were a few dots on the owls. Minor flaws are not noticeable if you look closely. The white owl has a bright white around its eyes, while the black owl is more toned down. There are two owls on a desk. It looks good. The owl design is very similar to pottery. The design is cute and modern. I love it!

👤This is a small owl. I redecorated recently. I was looking for a small owl. I found him. It is exactly what I wanted and what I was looking for. I know the size because the description gives it, I would like to have a bigger one. It would be cute. It is easy to use and can be used with a variety of decorations. It would look great in a home. He would make a great gift. It arrived at my house in good condition. My husband likes him.

2. Round Rich Wall Shelf Set

Round Rich Wall Shelf Set

A ADVANTAGE made of solid wood, lightweight and sturdy, Simple classic structure, and a beautiful antique color. The style is strong. The size is 16.5x14.5" There is a depth of 3.5". The board thickness is. It's easy to use because of the combination of the boxes and shelves. Each wood shelf is easy to install. It is possible. The combination of square and U shelves is suited for grouping together or hanging separately. There are arts, crafts, picture frames, house plants, stuffed toys, and other items in the living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom. What do you think? There are 6 shelves in this set of 12 screws. They offer online customer service. Within 30 days, you can get a refund if you are not satisfied. Good customer service and stable quality are the most important requirements for ourselves.

Brand: Rr Round Rich Design

👤I think these accent my wall. I like the sun-bleached/distressed look and they come with heavy duty wall anchors. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The product looks like the pictures. The instillation was easy. Someone else's picture shows the screws are in the middle of the hexagon shelves, which was the issue. Not a big deal, but definitely noticeable. The rectangular shelves are flawed and need furniture pads to be placed in the corners of the shelf to keep the unit from tipping forward. The shelf comes off the wall when the hardware is installed. The front end is not properly secured. If you like to make your decorations look weird when up close, then you should solve the problem like that. You can't really tell from a distance. It is a cheap product which explains it, but not faulty.

👤I got these for my step kids room because they could change their tastes over time. The photo is a bit awkward since the wall comes out of the closet, but they are a good quality shelving set. I like the shapes and size variations. I used heavy duty nails and didn't use the included anchor and screws, but I was very pleased that they came with hardware!

👤This is great! It is a lightweight wood and it did not split. It was packaged well and put together. They are all decorated! It's worth the money. I was struggling to finish the wall and this was perfect.

👤These boxes are very strong. Measure and put screws in the wall, you don't have to put anything together. I didn't use the anchors with the screws because I was not putting anything heavy on the shelves. It's easy to put up, just be precise. The hooks on the back of the shelves make them not sit level when hung. I had a lot of those felt pads. I put one on each side. Works well. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The shelves are not the same color as the picture. A picture online shows a white brush effect. The shelves look like they have been burned. The dark layer was removed after I sanded the top layer. I will keep the shelves, but it will take a lot of effort to make them lighter. The shelves are built well but the brackets on the back will cause them to tip forward. The shelves will be adjusted to balance out.

👤I love the product. There is a place in my big hexagon where the wood seems to have fallen apart. It is not noticeable. The hardware was not noticeable. These shelves are easy to put up and we like them. The wall is too cluttered to put all of them up yet, but we will put the others up somewhere else in the house.

👤There is nothing wrong with these. They are cute. They have wall mounts and screws. The little extras were exciting because nothing these days comes with them. The wall mounts broke when screwed in. They are cheap. You will definitely need your own.

3. BAYKA Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

BAYKA Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

Paulownia wood has metal. These cute floating shelves are great for organizing your home and free countertops. Their functional wall shelves are made of solid Paulownia wood boards and metal brackets, and they add a decorative touch to your wall while also creating versatile storage space to store and reorganize small items. It's perfect for bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more. Designed with torched finish wood and industrial triangle metal brackets, the floating shelves are a delightful decoration for any design style of a room. You can fill an empty wall space with one or two sets of sets. Large: 16.264.8 inches; Medium: 14.264.8 inches; and Small: 11.464.8 inches. The wall shelves are larger than the alternatives. It's strong enough to hold photos, collectibles, books, treasures, art, small plants, trophies and more. It is easy to assemble with all the necessary hardware. The triangular design offers two unique display forms. You can put the board on top of the brackets or below the shelves. To match your decor accent, arrange and use according to how you live. The shelves are a great addition to any wall space. The sturdy structure, easy installation and elegant design make this a great addition to your home. Their beautiful wall shelves can be used as cat shelves to allow the cat to have its own space to rest and play.

Brand: Bayka

👤If you don't have a level, put a clear cup with a little water in it on the shelf. Where will the holes go? Do the deed by drinking the water.

👤I was hesitant to move forward with this project, but it was simple and the anchors worked well. The instructions were easy to follow. The hole size in the assembly instructions was not specified. The shelves don't come with pre-drilled holes for the brackets, so you have to screw them in. The method I used made this step easy, but I can see it being more difficult with the brackets on top. The shelves add a nice touch, but I wouldn't trust them with anything heavy.

👤I really like the way my shelves look. I was about to assemble them when my husband took over and did the whole thing in 30 minutes, all I have to do is get him to fix or build something. Start building it yourself. Yes, and. I do this on purpose now. I like how they have a bit of an industrial look but are not too imposing in the smaller space where I wanted them.

👤I love these shelves. They are the perfect touch to our bathroom. My husband said they are easy to install, but he suggested a power drill. I plan to buy more for other areas in the house.

👤Once you have these shelves up on your wall, they look great. We keep cacti and Succulent in our living room because they hold the weight of small potted plants no problem. The quality of the brackets is so bad that I am docking a star. The holes for the screws are made of tack-welded washers, which have no consistency in parallelism or angularity. If you tighten the screws all the way down into the board, you will most likely end up with a twist in the brackets which can make them not look symmetrical. Maybe that is part of the charm? Once they are leveled on your wall, they look great. Would buy again.

👤My fiancée is installing these. Four of the screws broke in half while he was drilling them. He made bigger holes to accommodate and put less stress on the screws, but they still snap easily. I took a picture of the broken screws. The other reviews recommend throwing the shipped hardware into the trash. It will help you with headaches and curses. These shelves are cute. We installed them in the nursery and aren't expecting to put a lot of things on them. The shelves are made of cheap particle board and are lightweight, but they fit our needs. There is a The shelves are cute and cheap, but the boards are weak. The shelves were easy to install when my fiancé switched to our own hardware. We didn't have an issue with the anchors, even though others said they were shoddy.

👤The shelves are small. I wanted some cute floating shelves to hold my mugs, bowls, and other objects. I have a tea box on the bottom, a jar of mugs, and a jar of oatmeal/grits on the top shelf. These things were easy to install and make a life save for someone in a studio. They don't think they're the most durable. If you put enough on them, they will splinter in half. The last couple of weeks, these have held up well. For the price, I will order more items like books and seasonal decorations. You really can't go wrong with these. They're lightweight and stylish. If you don't know your way around a drill, ask someone to lend a hand.

4. AHDECOR Floating Shelves Hanging Decorate

AHDECOR Floating Shelves Hanging Decorate

The floating shelves are made with sturdy wood and come in a beautiful black finish. You can put small items on this wall shelf set. These wall display wood shelves at a 90 degree angle create the impression of a two-dimensional picture frame. Plants and everyday objects placed on the shelves will turn them into pieces of art. The hanging floating shelves are 10”W X 15”H X 4”D and it is easy to install on the wall with all the hardware included. You can take advantage of unused wall space to organize your items. A hanging wall display shelf can match any decor in a home, office, coffee store, and shop. They can be a great gift for your family and friends. There is a guarantee of success. Your purchase is covered by their no-hassle return or refund guarantee. Please let them know if there is a question, the problem will be solved quickly.

Brand: Ahdecor

👤I was hesitant about ordering these shelves because they are so cheap. They are very cute. The shelves are sturdy and good quality. If you need to use anchors, buy better ones. The anchor broke in half when I tried it. Installation was easy once I used my own. The shelves are great. Definitely recommend!

👤Nice product. It saved me some desk space when I used to support a radio and computer speakers on my desk.

👤I bought these for my laundry room. It's a small apartment closet style and was looking for more space. These fit perfectly on the sides. I loved the design and quality. These are after a true floating shelf style.

👤The nicks were in the woods. There are missing screws. I received a previously returned item.

👤These are very cheap. Very cheap and tiny.

👤My son's room has shelves that look great. There is plenty of space for his awards.

👤This is the perfect addition to our baby's nursery. I have ordered smaller hanging shelves in the past but they are perfect for a kids room. My husband was able to put these hanging shelves up more quickly than other ones in our home.

👤I haven't put them up yet. I think they will be perfect for my stepdaughter.

5. Ballucci Victorian Floating Decorative Kitchen

Ballucci Victorian Floating Decorative Kitchen

Functions: You can organize your bathroom, nursery, kitchen, office or showcase wall art. The floating shelf with lip is designed to add sophistication and elegance to any room. There is a front lip that can prevent items from falling off or sliding forward. This wood floating shelf will elevate your decor in kids room above a desk, fireplace, between windows, entryway, and more. Ready to leave: Installation of the wall ledge can be done with ease with easy to understand instructions. No assembly is required.

Brand: Ballucci

👤One reviewer said that her husband/boyfriend was a carpenter and had difficulties mounting this on the wall. If that is the case, the person's husband/boyfriend has been lying to her about his profession. The shelf is simple. Measure the distance from the brackets where the screws would slide into place, drill two small holes the same distance apart on the wall, and then slide the shelf into position. It was boom! Done. It looks great on the wall.

👤The shelves were well packed and arrived on time. My wife loves them and they were easy to install. I provided a picture.

👤These shelves are gorgeous. They are strong and beautiful. They were well packaged. They are strong enough to hold my husband's electric drill with the battery in, so I know they will hold a good amount of weight. It took my husband 30 minutes to get them all in. He is very handy. He got them lined up by holding them upside down. My daughter has sculptures. I would buy them again.

👤It is very sturdy and cute. They were difficult to hang. I hired someone to do this for me. I don't have experience hanging floating shelves. It was perfect for my garden.

👤The paint on the shelves has defects. There are big spots with paint chunks and stuff under the paint, there is also large portions where there is barely any paint at all, and you can see the original black color underneath the white paint. You can see the black coming out from underneath the white paint in the photos, but it's hard to see in person. Terrible quality control and terrible paint job. The shelves are heavy duty and seem nice. I can't get over the bad paint so I am returning them.

👤It is difficult to install. You have to level the screws and make the distance perfect. We put picture loop brackets on the back of the top. I install wall hangings frequently. Will not purchase again.

👤The shelves are hard to hang up. They don't come with screws, and despite all our attempts to hang them, they were too wobbly and loose. I'm not sure how other people think they're easy to install. We'll be returning them because they were a pain. I really liked the look of them, but they aren't strong enough to hold up in a home.

👤The quality was excellent. The smallest shelf was used in another room. Quality cratmanship.

👤There are 3 shelves with crown molding in the picture. The shelves I received were not very fancy. I had to return them because they were not what I paid for.

👤We love the floating shelves in our dining room. The ornaments are kept from falling off with the higher lip around the perimeter. They were well packaged and sturdy. This product is recommended by me.

👤The shelves are junk. I received a completely different set from the picture but gave them to my husband to install and he didn't notice until there were already 6 holes in the wall. They're not strong. We'd have big holes in the wall to fill if we returned. 100% do not recommend.

6. SUPERJARE Mounted Floating Shelves Display

SUPERJARE Mounted Floating Shelves Display

Risk. Their products are made with the highest quality materials and are also exceeding their customer's expectations. If you have a problem, please contact them and they will provide a solution. The thickness of the board is 0.7” and the dimensions are 7.9”D 23.6”W 4.3”H. It is made of P2 particle board. Match the rustic boards and powder-coated metal brackets for your home for an aesthetically pleasing feeling. It is a perfect match for your living room, bathroom, office, kitchen and dorm. There are four metal brackets, two boards, screws and wall anchors for easy installation. It's easy to set the bookshelf up in a few minutes. Plus: Each board can hold up to 20 lbs. You can assemble them in compact or separated conditions if you choose. Wall mounted shelves are ideal for a small apartment with lots of stuff to display. Shelves for wall storage can be used as an organizer. You can display small items, such as keys, phones, wallet or trophies, on a shelf or above the toilet. Hanging it in the living room as a display shelf is a great idea. More interesting functions need to be found by you.

Brand: Superjare

👤I like how the shelves look after being installed. The installation as written was really bad, the anchors that came with the shelves didn't hold up the shelf when something was on it. Since the brackets are wider than the average distance of the studs, they would only be installed into the dry wall. Instead, we drilled new holes into the shelves to make them mount into the studs. I wouldn't bother using the installation steps that came with it if you found the studs and drilled new holes into the shelf.

👤The instructions are easy to understand. I installed the shelves on the wall. I wanted the shelves to be a series of steps for the cat to reach a higher surface.

👤It was what I wanted and needed. I like these so much that I will purchase them again. They are easy to assemble and mount to the wall.

👤It was installed quickly. They are sturdy and attractive. Great purchase.

👤We had to pull the anchors back through the wall after they pushed through it, leaving large holes. We had other anchors that were large enough for the holes, but still worked with the included screws. There is a The mounting process is a little more complicated than it needs to be because of the instructions. I knew they were the correct distance and level. We bought an additional set for my craft supplies because we loved them so much.

👤Cheap anchors are durable and aesthetically pleasing. I bought a shelf to install above my washer and dryer. The shelf was packaged with easy to read instructions. Two of the anchors broke during installation. I had to purchase metal anchors at Home Depot to get the shelf assembled, and they should include them. I put as much stuff on the shelf as I could to see how long it would last. I was impressed because I got all my detergent and other random items. I would recommend this shelf to anyone looking for one, just make sure you purchase wall anchors as well.

👤They arrived within 2 days and were mostly perfect, a small chip here and there, but not noticeable on the wall. I only had them up for a day so I don't know how long they will last but they look nice and feel durable. The instructions on how to install were a little off. My fiancée was able to put them up.

👤If it weren't for the fact that the top hole on each of the brackets isn't accessible due to the angle of the diagonal bar running in front of it, these would be amazing. I gave them 1 star for the amount of scratches and dents I put in my walls to try and drill a hole. I had to turn the brackets sideways in order to reach the hole because my drill couldn't reach it. I stripped one of the screws in the process of trying to drill it into the wall, and I am going to the hardware store to find a way to get it out. They would have been very easy to assemble and they look great too, which is a shame because I am almost frustrated to tears.

7. Floating Shelves Bookshelves Decorative Bathroom

Floating Shelves Bookshelves Decorative Bathroom

The elegant and art Deco gift idea is a practical gift for your family or friends as birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas presents. They will deliver outstanding products and service to you and your family. Is the wall boring? The Floating Shelves make the most of your space. If you want to decorate your home without taking up a lot of floor space, Penydoll floating shelves are the way to go. Their wall mounted shelves are great for books, picture frames, small plants, glassware, bathroom essentials, and all types of tchotchkes. The Wall shelves are perfect for any room and do a great job of displaying your favorite items. It can be used in your bedroom, as a display shelf in the living room, as a kitchen organizer, or any number of other uses. The Modern Rustic Shelves are made from solid wood. Natural wood grain accents complement any modern farmhouse aesthetic, while metal rungs lend a touch of industrial style. Installation hardware is included so it is ready to mount when it arrives. The size does matter. Their wall shelves are longer and wider than other shelves on the market, which means more space for your stuff to slide off. The size is 17 6 4.7 inches. It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware. The package comes with 8 hooks for free, which can be easily installed by your hands. Who knows your dream house better than you? You can either assemble the floating shelf below or up on the board, or one up and one below. The layout should be able to meet your needs or just fit your style.

Brand: Penydoll

👤The pros and cons should be discussed first. The wood is almost as light as Styrofoam and the holes are not predrilled into the wood. The ankers were very busy. There is a I think they will hold the weight of 40 lbs and they are held in the wall because of the ankers on the wall, it was nice for them to include some extra ankers and screws.

👤The floating shelves are made from high quality materials. They are very strong if properly installed. They can be used in a variety of settings because of their simple and industrial design. The real wood boards add a rustic touch to the shelves. There is a These floating Shelves are great because they are easy to put together and you can put books on one side and the other side on the wall, it's a little bit of a lift on the side so you can put books on one side and the other side on the wall, it' The floating shelves set has 4 shelves. The size is 17 6 4.7 inches. The shelves are of high quality. The wall shelf is made of wood and has a rectangular shape. The metal rungs on the wall are industrial. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I chose to buy this wall shelf. They are easy to install. They are strong too. I put them on my wall for a month and they look great. I use them for my body sprays. My daughter's room has 2 of them, I use them to hold her toys. I highly recommend this if you are looking for floating wall shelves.

👤I like how they turned out. They hold weight well and didn't take much to put up. Very strong.

👤These shelves are really nice. It is easy to install. It was used for my son to put his Legos. Would buy them again.

👤I wouldn't put anything heavy on them, but to display my son's Lego sets, perfume, decorations, space saver, and other small things.

👤You will need a screwdriver and a drill. It looks great if you put it together correctly.

👤Command strips were used to affix to the wall. Very happy.

8. TJ MOREE Bathroom Shelves Mounted Floating

TJ MOREE Bathroom Shelves Mounted Floating

3 different-size rustic floating shelves are made of heavy solid pine wood with torched finish and include matt black metal brackets. It's a good place to display and hold small plants, collectibles, photos, art decor and more. The shelves look great in your place, they are both decorative and useful. It's suitable for bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, office, etc. The small chic floating shelves only need a few feet of wall space, but create more storage and three-dimensional space in return. Large: 1744.2 inch, Medium: 13.444.2 inch, and Small: 10.144.2 inch. It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware and instructions. If any part of your purchase has been less than perfect, you will get a rest assured purchase. They will solve the problem within 24 hours. They will do everything they can to meet your experience.

Brand: Tj.moree

👤The shelves are really nice. Doesn't feel cheap. You might want to get some anchors from a similar place. The one that comes with it is not the best.

👤There are little shelves. It would be perfect for my knickknacks, but I wish they were a bit wider. It's a little bit bigger than a typical 16 ounce bottle. The screws are too small for the anchors. The screw didn't go in all the way into the anchor, so I took it out of the wall, which I struggled with for a bit. Even if I tried it again. I'm a screw and anchor short. Since I don't own a car, I have to find a ride to get to the store to buy new anchors since I don't want to pay $10+ for shipping just for one item. I don't want to leave my house because I don't really have a chance of getting the virus. They're sitting on my floor until I can get new anchors. I'm sad. I don't like how the screws that are used to assemble the shelf to wall are not black like the ones that are used to attach the legs to the wood. I think it would look better if they were black, and I might just paint the head of the screw black myself after installing. Yeah? I don't know. It says solid wood but it's light in weight, not heavy, so in case you needed to know, that's not important to me. There is a I really like the shelves. I love the color, but it's not gray, it's a dark brown espresso. The problem I had with the anchors really ruined it for me. Until I fix it.

👤These are small shelves. They are small and not as wide as I would like. I think you could get a lot more wood and hinges for less than $25 and cover your room with shelves. It is just three planks of wood. You have to have a drill or screw driver if you want to use the screws.

👤We turned these beautiful things upside-down. If we hung them the way the directions said, they wouldn't fit. The hardware that was included wouldn't have done the job. My vision came to life when my husband drilled some extra holes, got some more sturdy hardware, and made my vision come to life. I love them!

👤It looks great until you open it. This was bought for each side of the TV. Most picture frames don't fit the smaller shelves. It would be good for the bathroom if the wood was sealed. It might be a good idea to give it away.

👤The shelves are made out of soft wood which makes them easy to damage, as evidenced by the nicks and surface damage I found when unpacking them. The screws provided for assembly are laughable, the bottom jewelers screws stripped while installing, so luckily I had drilled pilot it homes before and only need to do the installation drill. Don't waste your money.

9. Floating Shelves Square Cube Wall

Floating Shelves Square Cube Wall

It was designed and manufactured by IKEA. The price may increase soon. There are floating cube shelves that can be used for floating bookcase or for any decor for living room or bedroom. All hardware is easy to install and hang. The long floating shelves are 31" in length and feel smooth. Modern wall shelves give a high end look to the room. The floating box shelves measure 31" at the longest point and 23" at the highest point.

Brand: Sagler

👤This product was bought by someone who thought it looked nice. I noticed that the only thing holding this piece to the wall was two holes in the wood. I decided to only make a small amount of trinkets for decoration. The item fell off the wall after 6 months. My wall and floor were damaged while we traveled abroad. I thought the screw came out of the stud. No, no! The wood was compressed. If you want an honest opinion, save your money and make your own with sturdy supports. I prefer to have my trinkets and undamaged house.

👤A perfect shadow box. I like this piece. It lasted for a few months before it dropped. The piece is not built to last.

👤I wouldn't buy this. The back of board A will be the front if you follow the instructions. You will have 2 boards that are not attached to the places you want them to be. The bottom board is not connected to the top board because the top square doesn't have holes for it to go. I wouldn't hang it on the wall. In my video, you can see what I'm talking about. Save your money so you don't have the same problem as I have. The way the holes are put in the boards will not look good. You won't have a square. One board will point the wrong way. It is made of particle board and the screws in it will go all over your floor for a long time. I wouldn't hang this on my wall because it's not heavy duty and the way it's put together will stop in a second. Save your money!

👤One of our fellow humans had to apply different identifying labels to something that had been applied before. It is almost twice as fun to remove them because they are doubled up. Extra fun, the label glue is stronger than needed. There is a I didn't have a high bar but this shelf is cheap. I received a large box and it broke through the side of the original box that I didn't expect to be perfect. 2. It required less common tools to modify the cam lock head to get a not that satisfactory result. 3. The single extra screw was not a usable cam lock screw. 4. I expect a small metal hanging plate to be flush with the wall on cheap shelves. The slot is in the particle board. 5. Good luck with the plastic screw covers, large ones didn't fit and small ones will stay until the first time you dust. I would not buy again because it would take more effort to return it.

👤First price was okay. Once you see what you're getting, it's not so much. They collected reject pieces to make a kit. If not their quality is terrible. If you buy, make sure you have common sense because you will need to make changes on the fly. It's easy, but make sure you have a drill handy to finish what you started. There are holes that are not drilled all the way through or in the wrong spots. The screws need to be put in place. The wood does not line up. Spend your hard earned money on something that is worth it. Not this!

10. Shelves Hanging Floating Decorative Displlay

Shelves Hanging Floating Decorative Displlay

We have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. Make use of the empty place and create a warm home-style space place to display your photo, books, and organizes, while holding collectibles, small plants, trophy, vase Lego, and more. You can style your wall like a magazine shoot. You can display your possessions in wall shelves. The design of the floating room provides a seamless look. The plant wall shelf is the perfect display. Multiple sets are used to make eye-catching patterns. The geometric shelf has 3 layers of storage space. It's in a high-quality box. Magazine-Worthy Shelves are made from rustic wooden shelves with natural wood tones of honey, rose and chocolate. Your family and friends will love the honeycomb décor. They can be used in a lot of places. No assembly is required. The frame is made of iron. The plank is stuck on the iron frame and does not require additional screws. The hanging shelves set are made from paulownia wood. Light and sturdy, each shelf has subtle and beautiful variations in natural color and wood grain to match any décor. The environment is protected. Tfer pays attention to giving back to the earth and is committed to environmental protection. The reclaimed natural paulownia wood used in the floating shelves is completely degradable and recyclable. They decided to plant a tree for every commodity sold to compensate for their multiple use of wood, promote the green protection of the earth, and create a healthier environment for their future generations. 100%. The team of friendly staff is at your service 24 hours a day. They will give you a free return or exchange if the floating shelves have quality problems within a year. You should get a life decorated house with TFer products.

Brand: Tfer

👤It's easy to install. The metal part is already assembled and you just put the wood shelves in place. Cute and trendy. I get praise all the time. You can see how much my hand sticks out by looking at the pic.

👤I was impressed by the simplicity of the installation. Pick up the metal frame out of the box and put it in the wooden shelves. The insert for marking screw placement on the wall was very helpful and nifty, rather than trying to hold up the shelf with one hand and hoping it's level when you mark it! My collection of skin products are mostly in glass bottles. It makes it easier to have my things out. I would buy it again, I got an additional shelf to go on the other wall. The shelving units are the same color. My only wish is that my taller bottles and items wouldn't be limited to the top shelf. I would still buy even though I have a wish. I used my own wall anchors on my additional unit. I knew that I would be loading it with heavier items and heavier jars.

👤I love the shelves. They were easy to put together. They seem cheap but they serve their purpose. It wouldn't be able to hole heavy objects. I use for my mini figurines. I still love them even though they are smaller than I expected.

👤I wanted the floating shelf to be in gold and white. I created this style with the paint I had from other projects because I couldn't find it in the size I needed. It is a great shelf for a small space. If you're looking for a charming decorative piece, this works.

👤I painted the wood to match my living room.

👤It's easy to install lightweight shelves. The quality was consistent between all of them. The price is great for the quality. They can hold up to 5 lbs with heavier screws. The wood pieces are light and can hold a lot of things. The metal frame is strong. It is perfect for small items and even a few heavier items, like a big candle or glass vase full of sand. There are photos, keepsakes, and kitschy items on mine. There is a The plastic drywall anchors that come in the package are soft plastic. They smashed around the hole instead of hitting it. I got a pack of better anchors from the local store. Setting the shelves on the frame was easy. They turned out great on my wall. There is a The small time investment was worth it for the price.

👤The shelf is great for my floor. There is enough space for everything. I bought this to go above the toilet in our carriage house, it works out great for my renters.

👤It is a nice shelf. I expected it to be bigger. It is not unbearably small. It's easy to install, the sides fold out. I wouldn't call it thick, but I wouldn't call it flimsy either. It is decent. I have a similar style of shelf. It is more stable and thick. There is a We bought it for my son's room. It does the job well. The price is worth something.

11. Greenco Rustic Mounted Floating Shelves

Greenco Rustic Mounted Floating Shelves

It has a rustic and vintage finish and is a unique house shape that will add a countryside vibe to any room you place it in. It is suitable for use in the living room, studio, and outdoor area. This will add a modern flair to the area. Set of 3 rustic style wall-mounted floating shelf, ideal to display decorative items, or extra storage space. Heavy metal and wood brackets. It's great for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms. It is easy to assemble. All necessary hardware is included. All the shelves are 4 5/8" deep and 4 1/2 high.

Brand: Greenco

👤The shelves are great for small spaces. They are easy to assemble and hang on a wall. They work well with a lot of different looks. The shelves hold the right amount of decor for the small spaces they fit into.

👤The shelves are cute and can be used for decor. I love it when I install them above our toilet. The shelves are light. If you need shelves for storage, I wouldn't buy them.

👤Theses are cheap. If you want sturdy shelfs, do not buy them. I don't have a place for them in my house.

👤It's a nice edition to my room.

👤There are great little shelves. It took 10 minutes to mount and make my room nicer.

👤It's easy to install in a small cabin. It was just what we needed.

👤Overall happy with the purchase. There is a Our kitchen color is the same as ours.

👤These shelves were perfect for our eclectic décor. They were easy to install and hold up well. Going to need another set. One is shown in a picture. A perfect product.

👤The package had no screws to put it up.


What is the best product for decorative items for shelves living room?

Decorative items for shelves living room products from Apps2car. In this article about decorative items for shelves living room you can see why people choose the product. Rr Round Rich Design and Bayka are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative items for shelves living room.

What are the best brands for decorative items for shelves living room?

Apps2car, Rr Round Rich Design and Bayka are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative items for shelves living room. Find the detail in this article. Ahdecor, Ballucci and Superjare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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