Best Decorative Jars for Bathroom Storage

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1. MARTHA IVAN Bathroom Mason Organizers

MARTHA IVAN Bathroom Mason Organizers

The jars are perfect for small objects like Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, and any other small objects that you want to use. A matt finished blacktop with a heavy nob makes it a perfect decor to any room. The gift is packed in a thick foam box and has a cute design. It will be a nice gift for someone who loves the rustic style. Martha&Ivan offers other home decors, such as mason jar bathroom accessories set, soap, and toothbrush holder set. Martha&Ivan has a special discount on them. Quality control is 100%. Before packing the item, they go through the jars and lids to make sure there are no defects.

Brand: Martha&ivan

👤The jars are an added bonus to my bathroom. I would have given 5stars if I had received all of the stickers in the photo and not the cotton balls and cotton swabs. My toothbrush jar and hand soap jar are empty. The quality of the jars, the pump and the lids are great.

👤These are cute and make a great accent to the bathroom. There isn't much room to put things in them, so I wish they were a bit bigger. There isn't any place to put the labels that came with the jar. The quality was good for the price.

👤I haven't used the jars yet, but I did take one out and look at it, having said that. The jars are very nice. I was going to put them in the bathroom drawer to hold cotton balls and q-tips, but they are too pretty to hide, so I am waiting for a shelf to put up in the bathroom. We have a guest bathroom and we might want to order another set.

👤The jars are cute and the trim is feminine. The tips should have pulled off instead of a screw top. No risk of breaking, comes in great packing.

👤The size and weight are perfect. I love using these on my desk. It could be cute in the bathroom as well.

👤The tops screw on top. It was not very efficient to use in the bathroom. I can't think of a use for them in a kitchen.

👤The set is very nice. It goes great in my bathroom. I would buy again.

👤It's a great value for money.

👤These jars are very nice. They look great and I like them. There is a My son bumped one and it smashed on the floor. There is a I thought the jars were thick. I gave one star less. Plates and cups are usually dropped before smashing, but this puppy smashed. I love them and they are still beautiful. It's just one less thing to love.

👤These were smaller than I thought and are perfect with the accessory trays I bought. These are on the bathroom counter. I love them! It's sturdy and perfect for the farmhouse theme.

👤The product is cute. BUUUUT! The soap dispensers are cheap and not real mason jars or Ball jars.

👤Absolutely love them, they are very good. The metal material on the soap container is better than plastic.

👤This set is wonderful! I will be ordering a second one. Beautifully packaged, good quality. It's just adorable!

2. Apothecary Jars Bathroom Storage Organizer

Apothecary Jars Bathroom Storage Organizer

BEAUTIFULLY ELEGANT DESIGN The qtip holders are simple and clean. The Clear bathroom organize jar set is elegant and simple to use, making it easy to keep track of cotton balls, Q-tips, and other items in one place. It is easy to get to the items inside, but they can't see the Jar. The space saving design provides plenty of room for storing a multitude of small essentials, and it's useful in home office for paperclips, rubber bands, and elastic bands. The crystal-clear material of the organizers allows it to work well in any decor. The Clear bathroom organizers Jar Set is a great addition to any decor. It is subtle, so the containers will not clash with the room. It is strong enough to make a statement. This bathroom organizer is small enough to fit on a countertop or table without taking up too much space. You can take charge of your own space and keep track of your things with this container in your bathroom organization arsenal. This helps you locate items and keeps them sanitary. 100% customer satisfaction. If quality and Transport damage can be repaired, you can get a replacement or a refund. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Amolliar

👤These are small, but nice. I bought these jars to hold cotton makeup pads, but the picture showed they were too large to fit.

👤I needed a small bathroom shelf. It was about as wide as a soda can.

👤The jars are intended to be used with screw lids, rather than the ones supplied that just sit on the jars. The screw part of the jars was not an issue because I was looking for sit on lids. I actually used the stick on labels that the jars came with, which was useful. The quality of the glass will not be up to the standards of some people, but I like the variations in the glass. These are going into a rustic apartment. I will return to buy more if these get broken. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this because it was the perfect size and color to fit inside my bathroom organizers. They worked out perfectly for me to store cotton pads/swabs. The jar's dimensions are under 4 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. This might be a pro or con depending on your needs. This may not be the best option if you need something that screws in.

👤I was hesitant to purchase these since they are glass, but they were packaged well and arrived in one piece. I wanted to store q-tips in these jars. They fit perfectly. The other jar has my facial rounds in it. They are sitting on my bathroom counter. I hope they will last a long time.

👤The jars are more useful than the image shows. I use them in my sewing room for buttons, bobbins, and things I need to see, because they are good for these items. They serve as candy dish jars throughout my home and are the perfect size. They are a nice size, easy to open, and neutral in color, which makes it easy to fit in nicely. They are easy to clean and make great gifts. It's a great gift for Christmas or any occasion if you fill them with mints or candles, a favorite candy, coins or a decorative ribbon. Give a friend or loved one positive thinking notes and fill them with them. They have many uses. This is something I rely on. I like them.

👤The jars were a great addition to the bathroom. They were used for cotton balls. I am not using the cute labels at the moment. The jars are easy to open and lift off. The jars were securely packaged.

👤I added a small plant to my bathroom because I was looking for something to place there.

👤Son pequeos y justo el tamao de los cotonetes. No embona ni cierra, la tapa slo adorno. Ahora por encima. El frasco de vidrio es comn.

👤The jars were well packaged and had a note in case they were damaged. Look great on the mirror.

👤The boxes don't close because the bottom doesn't match the top. They are not straight.

3. Tbestmax 10 Ounce Containers Apothecary Organizing

Tbestmax 10 Ounce Containers Apothecary Organizing

The size is 4.5" D X 5.3" H/ 8.7" H. The qtip dispensers have a diameter of 2.6 inches and a height of 4.1 inches. The plastic material has no smell. It looks like glass but won't shatter. The jar is perfect for cotton balls, Q-tips, and other bathroom necessities. Clear storage jars are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or living room. The cotton ball dispensers have a bamboo lid which is healthy and keeps from dust. The cotton ball dispensers have a bamboo lid which is healthy and keeps from dust.

Brand: Tbestmax

👤The quality is in line with what you would expect, but the style of the lids is not what you think. I picked these out because they have the little ball, but the pictured lid is better.

👤I like this product. I use it for cotton rounds. It fits everything. The design is cute.

👤I like the way these look in the picture, but the lid is not the same as in the picture, it is supposed to be a Cylinder shape. They came with balls. The balls don't match the look of the rest of the bathroom. Disappointed.

👤This was in a box. The top ball of lid is falling apart.

👤It was made well. It is clear to easily see what is in them. I don't have to worry about Grandchildren breaking them.

👤How can this small piece of plastic be sold? This container is garbage because it holds a maximum of 4 cotton balls. The local dollar tree container is being made to look like Gucci. Shop elsewhere if you want to save yourself trouble.

👤I use one side for paper cups and the other side for Q-tips, it's durable and I like it.

👤Great product. A decent size, and nice and clear. This was perfect for me. The lid is snug. If I have Mac Mineralize SkinfinishHighlighters and Huda Beauty Obsessions in one picture, I can get a rough idea of the size. Product recommended.

👤If you are in a rush like me, I wish I had purchased the ones without lids. It would be easier for me to get to the contents. They are decent holders, but not for me. I keep them as a back up on my dressing table and will purchase one with a quick dispenser. If you are not in a rush to get your cotton wool pads, then you will love them.

👤I wanted to store cotton wool pads and cotton buds in the same place. The thick clear plastic that looks like glass is lightweight and has plenty of room for storage. The bathroom shelf looks good.

👤The larger section is a good place to store both the pads and bamboo cotton buds. Really pleased with the item.

👤I love this! I keep my hairbands and hair clips in the larger compartment. It makes things look cleaner. It looks great on my table.

4. Brighton Living Reclaimed Decorative Succulent

Brighton Living Reclaimed Decorative Succulent

The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone. Handmade rustic farmhouse-style storage box by artisans using authentic reclaimed solid wood. Storage and display construction is strong. Every box is unique, no two will look the same, and each box is made from different reclaimed wood pieces. Store and display items in the bathroom, kitchen, home office, living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen counter tops and shelves can be used to hold plants. Random colors are given with each order, from reclaimed materials available, their crafters select and match colors for optimal aesthetic and harmony, each box is created to have its own unique character and color. They do their best to help if you are not satisfied with the boxes, but they know you will love them. They do their best to help if you are not satisfied with the boxes, but they know you will love them.

Brand: Brighton Living

👤It was perfect! The item is the same as described. I bought this to use as a holder for my cat grass and it looks great! Well made, and just the right degree of rustic. Very versatile. It can be used in many different ways. I was very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this seller.

👤This old bathroom has a green color and seems sturdy. I didn't have a place in the bathroom to put things like face cleanser. It helps me avoid my nightmare of products falling into the toilet.

👤The bathroom storage boxes are the best of the bunch. It doesn't have to be crammed in without fitting. It is not too deep for sitting on the toilet lid or shelf. Well made and very sturdy.

👤This box is wonderful! I used it to store toilet paper in the bathroom. A versatile piece.

👤I was looking for an item to add to my bathroom. It matches up with the other decor because it sits in the bathroom. Love it. I would buy it again.

👤The appearance may vary, which I liked and understood, since it's reclaimed wood. The wood that I got had a green tint and did not fit my decor at all. It was covered with old paint that made it look dirty.

👤I needed something to put on the ledge behind my couch. It fits everything perfectly and is very stylish.

👤I use the product for storage in my bathroom. It fits a lot of items. I grabbed another one after I loved it.

👤The boxes were perfect for what we wanted. We love that they are subtly different and not just a clone. If you have any storage needs that you want to be seen from the outside, we recommend these boxes.

5. JIEQIJIAJU Decorative Apothecary Canister Organizer

JIEQIJIAJU Decorative Apothecary Canister Organizer

Service: If you have any questions, please contact them first, they would like to send you a new package. The package includes a glass qtip holder with a lid, which is easy for you to organize and collect small essentials in your home. The wide mouth makes it easy to make items in and out, and the glass is strong enough to resist water and dust. The design is elegant. The crystal canister jar in modern European style look beautiful and gorgeous, making them an unique decor to your room and attract your guests attention, the compact size protecting your accessories well without taking up too much space on the countertop. This glass jar is widely used for storing q-tips, cotton balls and swabs, bath salts, hair ties, as well as great containers for storing cookies, sugar, flours and flavor packets. A great gift for family and friends on birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other is the cute and stylish glass qtip holder which adds charm to the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere it is placed. A great gift for family and friends on birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other is the cute and stylish glass qtip holder which adds charm to the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere it is placed.

Brand: Jieqijiaju

6. Amazing Abby Apothecary Decorative Shatter Proof

Amazing Abby Apothecary Decorative Shatter Proof

Straight sides make it easy to clean. There are different sizes of glass jars available. The glass product is easy to break. If there are any issues after you receive it, please contact them. They will try to solve your problem. Premium quality plastic. Will not break like glass or ceramic. There are no lead or bp in the area. It is safe and durable. It's ideal for your daily use. MULTIPLE USES A must-have jar set to keep various items. Multiple uses for candy buffet, wedding display, decorative jars, bathroom canisters, and Vanity organizers. ICAL DESIGN A simple classical design with plenty of capacity: 60 oz, 46 oz, 66 oz. It's suitable for your own displays and settings. A great gift. A gift for you and your family. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any other special occasions can be given an awesome gift idea. It was crystal-clear and shiny. The design is modern and stylish. An elegant object in a home.

Brand: Amazing Abby

👤Your hand is perfect for a bathroom, light weight. Very happy!

👤I want my money back immediately, I got two jars and no lids, what a rip off, I was supposed to get 3 candy jars with lids.

👤Kids can get snacks from durable jars. I know they won't break if they hit the floor.

7. AOZITA Holder Dispenser Cotton Round

AOZITA Holder Dispenser Cotton Round

There is a 12 pack of qtip holder dispensers with 3 pack 10oz clear qtip holder dispensers and 1 pack 10oz cotton rounds dispensers. The 10oz canisters are ideal for small objects, such as Q-tip, cotton ball, cotton swab pad, cotton rounds, floss picks, bath salts, hair tie band, makeup brush, beauty egg. Functional and Beauty In Every Space is a collection of apothecary jars that are good decor elements, accessories set for most home decor clearance, such as restroom supplies, bathroom accessories, Vanity organizing, shelf, bedroom, also perfect in the kitchen or office. The jars and lids are made of thick plastic with a smooth edge and are hard to break. The jars are easy to open and close with the 100% fit lids. Most people use their carefully prepared transparent/clear labels. You can use them directly or write on them. They will reply to you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution if you contact them.

Brand: Aozita

👤I like the way these look. It is tall enough for a qtip. If you're looking for something that holds a lot or more storage, this isn't it. If you want something decorative and cute, this is it. It's functional. I put a mechanical pencil in the photo.

👤I bought this for a small set of tools to use with my facial pads. I was not looking for what I was looking for, my pads didn't fit in the dispensers. I don't know if the disposable facial pads will fit, I don't have any to try. Most of the small containers I have found have the same dimensions. Maybe the pads I have are not the right size. The containers don't stack, the bottom of the containers are small to fit in the top of another. These are great if you are looking for small containers, but be aware of the size and that they don't stack. The one with a lid doesn't have a lid at all.

👤I was amazed at how small they were. I was amazed when I pulled them out. They are cute, but they only hold 10 cotton balls. It would not have been my first choice to keep them.

👤I was looking for something to organize the bathroom. Even the smallest Qtip box wouldn't fit in one of the containers.

👤I wanted a set of these that would fit in a medicine cabinet in my guest bathroom. These are not too thick. They fit a good amount and came with labels. They seem sturdy and easy to remove.

👤The picture is not real. The jars are the same size. There is a miniature. It was a big mistake.

👤The containers do what they are supposed to. They are great at keeping things organized in my bathroom. There is a They look nice on the shelf, but they feel a bit cheap when you hold them. They get the job done for a good price. Would recommend if you don't mind them being a little cheap.

👤This product is perfect for storing small hygiene items in my bathroom cabinet. It comes with labels and looks great.

8. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Organizer

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Organizer

The oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessory is a mason jar qtip holder. It's great for cotton balls, cotton rounds, hair bands, make up sponges, and any other bathroom necessities and accessories. Premium quality qtip holder is cute and practical. The jar is made from durable,rust-proofstainless steel and the lid is easy to open. It can be used as a bathroom Vanity organizer or a kitchen organizer. It's a great gift idea for any occasion, from wedding to Mother's Day, and it's perfect for anyone. If you are not satisfied, you will get 30-Day Money Back. If you have a custom request or a different variation in mind, please email me.

Brand: Amolliar

👤I ordered 2 sets of these with soap dispensers. The soap dispensers are beautiful and the rest of my bathroom isoil rubbed bronze. The jar lids look nothing like the oil rubbed bronze of my other bathroom hardware. Each of the lids was different in color. I spray painted them black and sanded them with steel wool to make them look like the other oil rubbed bronze hardware in my bathroom. Not a project I was expecting. The glass jars are nice and all, but I took off 3 stars since I had to do my own finishing to achieve the oil rubbed bronze they claim to be.

👤If you choose, you can put nice labels on the jars. The size is the only down side. Due to their shape, they don't hold a lot of cotton swabs. Cotton balls seem to be an appropriate size. I expect to have to refill cotton swabs often because they are one of the most used items in the bathroom.

👤I love the jars. The lids fit right. The stickers that I wanted to use don't fit right and don't stay on. That is a bad thing. The stickers are cute if you don't care about them.

👤I like these. They are perfect. The lids come off easily. No, I didn't screw. The finish is beautiful and they are nice and clear. I ordered them and I am very happy. There are no regrets.

👤I like the rustic look. I like a non gender specific guest bathroom and the twine bows add a great finishing touch. There is a An ad for a second bathroom will buy these again. There is a If there were children in the house often, I wouldn't have them. Glass jars and wet small hands are not a good combination.

👤It's perfect for cotton balls. It's perfect with the rest of my bathroom decor.

👤It is not a bronze color on the lid. Doesn't match the picture at all.

👤These were very cute. I'm in love. They are thick glass and not flimsy. I was happy to take a risk and order these.

9. Amazing Abby Canisters Apothecary Shatter Proof

Amazing Abby Canisters Apothecary Shatter Proof

No question asked with 30-Day Money Back and 1-year Warranty, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If Amazon doesn't accept your return, please contact them directly and they'll give you a full refund. Enjoy the lifestyle with their jars. There is a bathroom canister for storing cotton balls, cotton swabs, Q-Tips, flossers, and more. It's a great solution for keeping the bathroom clean. MULTIPLE USES The container is good for many uses, including decorative items for home, supplies for office, snacks for kitchen bar, and so on. The design comes with a lid. Premium quality acrylic plastic is used in this product. Will not break like glass or ceramic. It is safe and durable. It's ideal for your daily use. It was crystal-clear and shiny. The design is modern and stylish. An elegant object in a home.

Brand: Amazing Abby

👤I put up a shelf that didn't have heavy items but I wanted it to look cute so the jars were perfect and I don't have to worry about them falling. Not to mention they are cute.

👤I have never seen a plastic product like this before. Highly recommended.

👤Love them. They can be used for clothes pins.

10. Suwimut Apothecary Canisters Bathroom Organization

Suwimut Apothecary Canisters Bathroom Organization

A tight seal is created by inner liners. The jars are great for storing cotton balls, qtips, cotton swabs, cosmetic pads, flossers, bath salts, and anything else in the bathroom or Vanity. Set of 3 elegant clear glass jars with sealed ball lids are easy to organize. The capacity is 500ml/750ml. The kitchen storage is perfect for glass apothecary jars. Simple and clean design makes your life elegant. The clear surface makes it easy to see what you need. The glass jar set is durable.

Brand: Suwimut

👤There is a set of 4 jars that are exactly like these and come with labels for $6 less. The packaging is great to protect the jars, but it is not as good a deal as the 4 jar set. The jar set has the size of these 3 in it. You are paying more for it.

👤Son pequeos pero bonitos. No vale la pena.

👤I put cotton balls, qtips, and face cleaning pads in the bathroom with this set. They helped me make my bathroom look better. I like to take things out of the package they are sold in. I can display them with pride because these did the trick.

👤I liked the style of the jars, but I wish I had paid more attention to the size of them because they were smaller than I anticipated.

👤I keep these on my kitchen counter. I love the jars. The glass is good and the lid is secure. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for small containers.

👤I was expecting a lot. I can't use it for what I want, I had a hard time returning these items on Amazon, so I still have them.

👤I love the jars. They are the right size and pretty. You can't afford to fill most of the jars. The bathroom is perfect for these.

👤I expected it to be a bit bigger. It works perfectly on my bathroom counter.

👤I used the holders for q-tips, cotton cosmetic pads and extra bars of soap on the bathroom counter. The dimensions given in the listing picture are perfect for my needs, even though they appear larger in the picture. They wouldn't hold a lot of product so they couldn't be used in the kitchen.

👤The jar had a broken ball handle and was cracked where the ball had been attached. I got a dead bug in the jar.

👤Le plus petit ne sert a rien.

👤As described, small, very cute.

11. Easeen Apothecary Bathroom Organizer Canisters

Easeen Apothecary Bathroom Organizer Canisters

It's perfect for canning, crafting, and storing. You will get 24OZ,12OZ,5OZ of jars, L/M/S easy for your organization and collection. Glass products are fragile. They appreciate your interest in their jars. They don't cut corners with their kitchen accessories. High quality, thick glass is safe and healthy. The glass is ultra-durable. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other indoor environments are applicable. You will be proud to show these large glass jars. They complement any home decor. The glass jar set will make your home more organized. You can use it to organize your make-up tool, as well as stock your candy, cookies, nuts, and make your home more rustic. These are perfect party decorations. You can use them in a variety of ways depending on the theme. They make great gifts. These glass storage jars are ideal for weddings, housewarmings, and college students who need to get organized. You can give a gift that will be appreciated by all recipients by combining candy, bath salts, or spices. It is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water, high quality, thick glass, not easy to break, food-grade material, safe and healthy. A clear surface makes it easy to see what you need. Take a step towards reducing your use of plastic by clicking "add to cart". It is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water, high quality, thick glass, not easy to break, food-grade material, safe and healthy. A clear surface makes it easy to see what you need. Take a step towards reducing your use of plastic by clicking "add to cart".

Brand: Easeen

👤I will be returning the jars that are poor quality. The sides are very visible because of the two seams running vertically. There are some seams on the lids. The jar has several defects where something got stuck in the glass, so it looks like weird bubbles. The edges of the glass on all three jars are very rough and sharp, especially up near the top where you hold onto the jar to take the lid off. They look cheap. There were no chips or breaks in the jars and I found a small chip of broken glass in the packaging. These are very small jars. The smallest is half the size of a soda can and will only hold a few q-tips if they are tilted. It might work for holding very small odds. There is a The jars were packaged in both bubble wrap and styrofoam, and the lids have an airtight seal. I don't want an airtight seal for the purpose these jars will serve, but I can see that being a benefit to some people.

👤They are functional and get some jobs done. They mean "mini" in the product name. They may have used very small products to put in the photos of the jars or they may have used a different product. The smallest one is pictured with Q-Tips in the jar, but you can't actually fill it with Q-Tips. If you put a small amount in, you can fit the lid on, but only if you lean them all to the sides. You can see in the picture where the rubber seal comes down to on the jar and how long a standard Q-Tips is. I can't open the jar and see the number pictures because the lid is closed all the way. There is a The cotton rounds are in the middle jar. I can fit the cotton rounds into the large jar because they are a little larger than disposables. I'm sure I will use them for something. The jars have a good seal. I need to find a bigger size and shift everything up a size. Or something.

👤The purchase was pointless because the small jar shown in the picture is too small for the q-tip brand cotton swabs, so I had to return them. The plastic inside of the lids makes them hard to open and close.

👤These are nice. The lids are pretty but it is difficult to get them off. Went great in the bathroom.

👤The jars are the right size for my bathroom sink. It's a good value for what you get. They would be filled with candy. If you're looking for jars that are not airtight, these are a good choice. They can be modified to make it easier to open and close the jars with one hand. I was so excited to receive these, but I was disappointed that the lids were so tightly sealed that it was hard to use with one hand. I asked my husband if he could remove the plastic gasket from each lid after I was disappointed that I didn't see the description better. It was easy to do so without hurting the plastic gasket or the lids. I have saved the gasket if I want to change the jars to a tight lid. For me, these are the perfect way to open and close my jars. I had to use two hands to do it because I have a weakness in my hands.


What is the best product for decorative jars for bathroom storage?

Decorative jars for bathroom storage products from Martha&ivan. In this article about decorative jars for bathroom storage you can see why people choose the product. Amolliar and Tbestmax are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative jars for bathroom storage.

What are the best brands for decorative jars for bathroom storage?

Martha&ivan, Amolliar and Tbestmax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative jars for bathroom storage. Find the detail in this article. Brighton Living, Jieqijiaju and Amazing Abby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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