Best Decorative Jars for Home Decor with Lid

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1. Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Centerpieces

Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Centerpieces

The set of 3 Tall Glass Apothecary Jars in a set of 3 really stands out on your candy store countertops. Piece 1 has dimensions of 9 inches (H) and 4 inches (W). Piece 2 has dimensions of 12.5 inches H and 4.5 inches W. The piece is 14 inches in length and 4 inches in width. These footed classic style apothecary jars are made from high-quality clear glass and are perfect for every setting from bathroom and kitchen storage, to home and venue decoration, garden floral and displays, and more. The clear glass lid has a round handle that is easy to open and close. These beautifully decorated jars are a must-have for wedding candy buffet tables. They are the right size to showcase cookies, candy, treats, honey, fudge, spices, baths salts or other delightful treats of your choice. This large glass jar is versatile and can be used with decor items. It looks great with flowers, water, sand, pine cones, maples leaves, and more. If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity.

Brand: Diamond Star

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to display candy jars for my grandchildren because they were visiting after a long time.

👤A gift was purchased. The first one broke. I had to drive to the UPS to drop off the broken one. I wasn't charged for the replacement. The second one is also broke. I have to return the broken item to the same place as before so I can get my money back. The glass is apparently super thin and cannot handle movement of any kind, so be leery when buying it. They are really pretty in the pictures, but this has been a total hassle. I don't have a gift for my sister in law. Joy!

👤These are very cute. Before buying, look at the measurements. Levon has huge ones in his kitchen. It's funny. These are perfect for my counter. The diff sizes look cute on the counter. It makes for a nice decoration and gives color to the things you put inside.

👤The size on these is perfect, but when I filled them with decorative items I noticed the glass had a rainbow like quality. It's hard to see what's inside. You have to mess with the lids to make sure they are straight. They would be great if it weren't for these things.

👤The containers were purchased to hold my makeup brushes. They were a bit thinner than expected, but the main reason I marked down a star was because 2 of the 3 kids had very noticeable defects. The jar doesn't fit perfectly and one of the lids wiggles instead of staying in place. They work just fine.

👤Perfectas! I am sirven, pensé, quiere un poco ms grandes. No son transparentes, pero no tiene un colorsito.

👤I put the candy on the coffee table in my living room. They make the living room feel special.

👤These are perfect for what I need. The small curvy jar is missing the lid. I need the lid for my project, but I can't figure out how to contact the seller, so I recommend them.

2. Classic Apothecary Wedding Buffet Containers

Classic Apothecary Wedding Buffet Containers

Hand wash only. It's not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or oven. A set of four. Each canister has a volume of 4 cups. M: 10.25 cups, L: 14.5 cups. The color is true red. The finish is shiny. The jars are made from handblown Glass and are perfect size. The décor is elegant. These vintage glasses are great for decorating your room and organizing your home at the same time. The vases look great on your table, shelf, or counter. It is easily accessible. The rounded shape lid handle makes it easy to get things. It's perfect to store candy, cookies, spices, herbs fruit, Qtips, cotton swabs/balls, bath salts, and more. It's a must have for weddings, Christmas, parties, and buffets. It can be used to add color to an environment. Sand, pine cones, maples leaves, and rose petals can be filled. 100% satisfaction guarantee They are confident that you will love their products. They will send you a refund if you are unhappy with the product. 100% satisfaction guarantee They are confident that you will love their products. They will send you a refund if you are unhappy with the product.

Brand: Home To Table

👤The description does not state the correct measurements. The tallest item I received was probably 11 feet tall, while the tallest item I was told was 16 feet tall. The same issues affect each of the other pieces. I was expecting them to be much larger than the small one I received.

👤The tallest jar was not finished well on the rim and the box it came in was crunched. I'll use the other two in my bathroom, I don't want to send it back. If possible I would like the other person to resent me.

👤This product was very disappointing. Not mentioned in the description. The caps barely fit and the glass is blurry. Would not recommend.

👤The product was small and the glass was cloudy.

👤The jars have a bluish tint.

3. Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Organizer

Diamond Star Apothecary Decorative Organizer

The set of three caretakers. Each set includes one 54-oz., 43-oz., and 34-oz. The chalk and labels are included. Place the glass jar in the dishwasher and it will be easy to care for. These glass jars are available in four different heights. A: H:9" D:5"; B: H:12" D:5"; C: H:9" D:5"; and S: H15" D:6.5". It is made of high-end clear glass. Plants and small items in jars are not included in listing because they are for display purposes. These footed classic style apothecary jars are made from high-quality clear glass and have a unique shape that works for every setting from bathroom and kitchen storage, to home and venue decoration, garden floral and terrarium displays, and more. The clear glass lid has a round handle that is easy to open and close. These beautifully decorated jars are a must-have for wedding candy buffet tables. They are the right size to showcase cookies, candy, treats, honey, fudge, spices, baths salts or other delightful treats of your choice. This large glass jar is versatile and can be used with decor items. It looks great with flowers, water, sand, pine cones, maples leaves, and more. If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity. If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity.

Brand: Diamond Star

👤This was what I was looking for. It was small and pretty, and fit in with my other jars. It would be great for small candy. The glass is light and transparent. This was a great deal.

👤It was a nice size. It's a perfect addition to my decor. Don't hesitate to buy. This was packaged very securely.

👤Why is the product so dusty when taken out? No one buys glass that is dirty. I felt like I wasted 3 paper towels cleaning the dirty glass that wouldn't have been in that state if it was sitting in my house. I'm not surprised if the glass broke in transit for some people, I think it's too much to pay for the quality you can see from the surface alone. I'm pretty sure it will do, but I'm not happy with the situation.

👤I love this for my new plant. The glass is clear. It's a good quality for the price. I had seen Diamond Star on other vendor websites, so I thought it would be average, but I am impressed. I will be using Diamond Star in my next project.

👤It was broken into a thousand pieces.

👤Beautiful and versatile. Our kitchen island was purchased with 2 other sizes. The top fits perfectly. It was packaged with care. We can't wait to have different snacks for ourselves and the guest. There is a These jars would make great gifts.

👤I bought this jar because I wanted something pretty to hold the ties that come with my Liberty of London fabric pieces that I buy to make English Paper Pieced quilts. The fabric is called The Lawn and it is a very expensive fabric. I wanted to be able to enjoy them in my sewing room while I waited for the day when I would sew the narrow strips together and make something small from them.

👤When I received it, I noticed a crack on the base. I ripped and threw away the box because I thought it would be functional. After it was out for a day, I noticed that the base crack had broken completely. I threw it away because I didn't want the shattered glass around my children. I tried to file for a refund but I don't know how to get one if I throw the product away. Didn't think you would want the jar back.

4. Storage Container Crystal Diamond Decorative

Storage Container Crystal Diamond Decorative

It's ideal as a wedding gift, or as a decorative accent for weddings and other events. The diamond face cutting process has a good Refractive index. The size is 3.1''x 3.1''x5.5''height and the capacity is 300ml. The use of green glass material, professional designer to design and refine the pure hand blown firn curving simle and special. The lead-free glass work has a crystal-like luster. If there is a problem with their glass candy jar, please email them first, they will arrange a replacement or refund after 30 days. It's perfect for weddings, candy buffets, home bathroom kitchen décor, and also as a gift for friends and family. It's perfect for weddings, candy buffets, home bathroom kitchen décor, and also as a gift for friends and family.

Brand: Hjn

👤The jars that I received are not purple in color, but instead are white. They are a light purple. I put bright colored items inside them to give them life.

👤I love the jars in my bathroom. I keep tooth floss picks and q tips on my counter. Highly recommended.

👤It is beautiful. My bathroom has cotton balls and cotton swabs. It was packed very well. A color of amethyst.

👤I bought these jars to use in my bathroom. They are large and bright. Highly recommended.

👤I use the color in my bathroom for cotton balls and q-tips. The lid handle is bent.

👤I used them on my antique Vanity. They look great.

👤These are very nice. They are cute and nice.

👤I thought they would be a bit bigger.

5. MyGift Canisters Decorative Centerpiece Apothecary

MyGift Canisters Decorative Centerpiece Apothecary

100% of the service is science. They back their products and services with a full money back guarantee because they are so confident in them. They make sure their customers are satisfied. The contemporary design of these 3 glass decorative jars will make any home look better. There are three different convenient sizes of clear glass jars. The jar has a lid. It's perfect for holding candy in the kitchen, seashells in the living room, and potpourri in the living room. MyGift is the official product. There are three sizes of jar: Tall Jar - 12 H X 6 Diameter, Medium Jar - 8.25 H X , and Small Jar - 7 H X 4 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤These jars are what we're looking for. I didn't see any reviews that said the small lid didn't fit. They have a lot of weight. There are bubbles in the glass. If you're looking for something perfect, this may not be the best fit for you. We still need to install the medicine cabinets and Vanity mirrors, so please ignore the hole in the wall. We have some things to finish.

👤It was shipped very quickly. The picture is getting to be a surprise for Amazon because it is exactly as described. I don't like to return fake or cheap stuff from Amazon because it's not worth it. These are great jars, great quality, and great sizes. Customer was very pleased for a change. Will trust this vendor again.

👤There are three jars. One large, one medium, and one small. The jar has a giant chip in the bottom and was packaged in a way that was obvious as the missing piece was not in the box. It's a joke that the smallest one and its lid are so far from fitting. Choose another. You will be happy.

👤There were a couple of small flaws in the glass, but nothing that bothered me. The canisters are almost the same as the ones sold at Crate & Barrel. I wish I'd discovered these before I bought the more expensive ones.

👤Well packaged. Some of them are only noticeable when looking at them. Not a dealbreaker for me. It works perfectly as a terrarium.

👤The jars were packaged well. They are exactly what I was looking for. There were a few chips on them, but nothing that will bother me. In reference to the other reviews, the lids fit perfectly for me.

👤Excellent price and quality. I used mine for candles, sand and shells. They have been outside all summer. I love them! Thanks!

👤I was skeptical of the reviews. I was anticipating broken jars because my box was damaged, but all was well. There was nothing broken in the jars. The jars are not thick. I don't think they are too thin. The lids fit perfectly on my set. I like that they look modern, they are simple, clean lines on the tops. I hope they hold up.

👤Is there a calidad de Entrega?

6. MyGift Apothecary Kitchen Terrarium Centerpieces

MyGift Apothecary Kitchen Terrarium Centerpieces

Large Jar - 11 H X 4.5 Diameter; Medium Jar - 9.5 H X 4 Diameter; and Small Jar - 8.5 H X . This set of glass jars is a great way to make your own displays. There are 3 glass jars with different sizes and designs. It's perfect for making live or artificial terrariums for parties or for around the home. microfiber polishing cloth is included in the official MyGift product. From left to right, the dimensions are 14.25 H X 5.5 Diameter, 9.75 H X 5.5 Diameter, and 14.5 H X 6 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤These jars are pretty. I ordered it for my daughter. The glass is very strong and smooth. I didn't use the lint cloth that came with it. It was not dirty when pulled from the packaging. I wiped it down with alcohol and a paper towel. The photo shows how much candy is in each jar. The chocolate caramel balls are half an inch in diameter. The coins are large. If the review is helpful to you, click yes. Thank you!

👤The jars were in the seller's box when they arrived. Although I only wanted the smaller container, getting all three was a great deal and insurance against the disappointment of ordering only one and having it arrive in pieces. I found a good use for the two larger jars. I use them to hold lemons because they look beautiful doing so.

👤My prior review has been updated. One of them got broken and I ordered a second one. The old set was slightly different from the new set. The old ones are not the same as the new ones. If you are planning on buying more than one set, be aware that they may not all be the same. They are nice, clear glass, really pretty shapes, and big containers that make a dramatic statement in a group. They are thin and fragile, so they need care in handling, and I wouldn't put anything heavy in them. You can't beat them for the price.

👤The glass is light and can shatter easily. I accidentally knocked over one of the jars in my bathroom, my arm knocked it into the sink and it shattered in a million little pieces, it was a pain to clean up. If you're careful with these, they look great and are not that expensive. If you want something that is more durable, buy something else.

👤I wanted a set of these for my bathroom. I had a bunch of cute soaps and bath bombs and wanted some cool looking jars. It's thin glass, so it's easy to break, but so far I haven't had any issues.

👤It fit a lot of candy. I used a lot of Compliments for a candy buffet. The display was beautiful. Thank you. You.

👤These are perfect for decorating my master bathroom. I don't know what the others should have in their bath bombs because the large one holds them. I thought they'd be a bit bigger. They're very thin. I'm worried they'll break easily.

👤The larger size was perfect for these. The oatmeal bar is perfect for oats in large, cranberries in med and sliced almonds in small. It's so beautiful.

7. Suwimut Airtight Storage Canister Serving

Suwimut Airtight Storage Canister Serving

Paper straws are disposable. Not recommended for more than 6 hours. Preserves, jams, chutneys, rice, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, herbs, spices, biscuits, and other items can be stored in clear glass canisters. There are dried flowers, such as lavender and rosebuds. The cork round ball is cut off from the outside to keep your food fresh. You can keep the contents fresh for a long time with the isolation of dust and bugs. Storage jars are made of high borosilicate glass, which is thinner, lighter, and break resistant. The cork round ball lid is made from natural wood. You can see the stuffs inside at a glance. Long lasting product is guaranteed by being resistant to use and dishwashing. Save time and food with a home and kitchen food storage tank. The 500ML, 900ML and 1200ML Capacity is 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.7 inches.

Brand: Suwimut

👤These were padded for shipping and were what I was looking for. I use these to put my coffee in. They are not paper thin. I can use the coffee in enough time to not be a problem since I use the ball on top to let less air in. The space on my counter is cleaner since they look better than the containers the coffee come in. I am sure I will find something for it since it can go anywhere and look nice, and the price is right. I highly recommend.

👤Not tight! The cork ball top feels as if it will break, so you don't want to force it down in to glass. I have tried pushing, twisting, and even sitting on top of the container, but the ball is just sitting on top and not moving. There is a If cute is all you want, you have it.

👤I gave it a 4 star because it took a long time for delivery. The dates kept changing. I didn't receive my item until 2 weeks after the original delivery date. I was very disappointed. I was happy with my glass containers, even though I had an issue with them. One of the balls had a black spot but I couldn't get it all off so I put it down. I put my coffee in one of them and it seems to be fresh. I would buy more. I wish the glass was a little bit thicker, but it held up.

👤I use these for plants to hold in humidity. It's cute on shelves and in the humidity. These storage containers are adorable. The glass is better than I expected. I am very impressed with them.

👤I like the way these look on my shelf. I use them for things that I store in small quantities and use frequently, so this isn't a concern for me.

👤Very strong containers! I was surprised at the size and thought they would be small. I will put dried goods in the counter but I'm not sure if it's air tight.

👤These little jars are adorable. I have nuts and m&ms in my possession. If you are looking for a large quantity, you might want to look at the sizes. I like them.

👤The product is light because it is not thick. The packaging was secured to make sure nothing was broken. My spa themed bathroom has cotton balls, Q-tips, and shower steamers.

👤I got all three jars for 29.99 on Amazon, but I don't understand why one jar is more expensive than the other two. The product is the best. Absolutely love it! Came in a sealed package. Would recommend for sure.

👤The glass was thicker than I expected. No flaws. There is a small gap with one cork that isn't good for keeping a tight seal.

👤Jars are very nice. The corks fit perfectly. They are the same as I pictured them. Some people have issues with the corks falling into the jar, but on mine they are perfectly fit.

8. STORi Premium Quality Plastic Apothecary

STORi Premium Quality Plastic Apothecary

A durable jar set combines beauty and organization. Every space has multi-size jars that are useful. The sizes are just right for bathroom and home décor. Not only for the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. It looks like glass, but it won't hurt.

Brand: Stori

👤I use the jars in my bathroom to hold my bath products. I used to hold the bath salts in the jar. The jar was rough and cloudy because the bath salts ate the plastic inside. The jar that holds soaps looks great. The plastic jars are not able to hold bath salts. I really liked the way these looked. I have to throw one of them away.

👤I like these. They are a great product. You would think that the acrylic is lower quality than it is. There is a If you have small children around, the jars are more difficult to break, but still maintain that elegant look. They were portrayed in the product image. I used the larger jar for cotton balls, the smallest jar for Q-Tips, and the medium jar for yellow rose decor. We love the way they look in our bathroom. The jars are really useful and still look nice, because the bathroom color theme is yellow and grey. The jar adds a pop of color to the counter.

👤The set is really cute. They are very thick and look like glass. It would work for pastas, sugar, and flour in my bathroom.

👤I was looking for a place to keep cotton balls and Q-tips. I ordered them because they looked nice and were the right size. I was correct on both issues. The jars are made of plastic and look like glass. It's a good idea to use the bathroom. These are the right size to keep cotton balls and Q-tips neat and tidy. The lids will not close securely if I overfill the jars. I overfilled the jar. It is very easy to clean these: wipe with a damp cloth. I would order them again.

👤The canisters are perfect for the top of the bathroom. The medium and small size are sitting on a platter. The soaps are in a medium canister. The small canister holds something. I am really happy with my decision to buy glass, even though I had wrestled with it. I don't like the risk of them breaking if an accident happens. I was very happy with my decision.

👤These were what I was looking for. It is large enough to hold a month's worth of cotton balls and Q tips, but still cute and light weight. I put a tissue box in my photo.

👤It looks like glass and is lightweight. I didn't want to buy a glass jar with a young child in the house. It worked out perfectly for my bath salts. It's small and can fit in a 4lb bag of salts. You can only fit a few soap bars with other small items. I would recommend hand washing, as it ruins the finish. They should make larger sizes like the glass ones. There is a The dimensions with the lid are about 6-1/2" high.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this set, and the large one is the same size as the small one in the set. In the large one, I have the salt, but in the three set, I have qtips, cotton rounds and cotton balls. There is a These are wonderful. They have a very thick bottom that looks like glass and weights the container nicely. There was one set of jars that had tightly fitted lids. These don't seal like that. I did not want a set that did that. I wanted an easy off lid so that I could lift it with one hand and not worry about it being occupied by hand cream or something. These fit the bill. You can remove and re-set these lids with one hand. They have a nice lip that fits into the top, but it is not a tupperware seal type fit that requires two hands to open. They look great, are perfect size, and give an appealing look to the bathroom. If I could, I would give them six stars.

9. MyGift Apothecary Wedding Centerpiece Storage

MyGift Apothecary Wedding Centerpiece Storage

There is a lifetime guarantee for complete. You need to get this flour canister with warm water. The hot water can cause cracks. If you are not completely satisfied, then contact them and they will make you happy. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon. 3 piece set of glass jars. There are 3 different jar designs, each with a lid. Use the kitchen or living room to display items. It's a great way to decorate any room in your house or office space. Large Jar is 4.75 D X 8.5 H, Medium Jar is 4.5 D X 11 H, and Small Jar is 4 D X 9.5 H. * MyGift is an official product.

Brand: Mygift

👤They look pretty and are a great price. I can put them back into the box I put them in for future storage because they're packed well. There is a The lids are a little off in size. It's not visually noticeable. It seems a little snug when I put the kid back. It was a little smaller than expected. I should have looked at it more closely. The photo was attached to a water bottle. There is a The product was great. The price is great. I'm a happy customer. Thanks!

👤It is nice. I found the same ones at Ross for $5.99 each.

👤I bought the jars for my niece. I wanted to fill them with the candy on the cake table. The cover on the jar broke into several pieces when I tried to put the candy in the first jar. The shards did not pierce my hand. I put the candy in the other jars and the table collapsed. There were a million jars. I had to get the broken parts. The candy jars are the worst buy from Amazon to date. There is a The Jars wouldn't have survived a single hand wash. I wish I had the option to give it a 1/2 star because the Jars are nice to look at, just don't touch.

👤The jars were pretty when they arrived. There was a small crack in the glass on the smallest jar. You couldn't see it when I turned it around. The glass did not take long to break because it is very thin. The smallest one was it. When I ordered the sad, I knew it had been since July. I tried to order another small jar from a different seller and it was much larger than I needed. I hope My Gift will give me another small jar for free or at least sell me one small jar separately. I can't find a way to email the company myself. I would appreciate it if anyone had that email.

👤This set of jars looks really cute on the counter in the bathroom and is a great storage option. What I wanted and was looking for! Thanks to Amazon. I didn't give it 5 stars because of some slight flaws, such as a bubble in glass and the ball on one jar top not being as round as shown in the example pictures.

👤One of the tops didn't fit. They were a little smaller than I anticipated, but still cute. The top didn't fit so I sent them back.

👤I'm not sure how well these will hold up. They were bought from Amazon for the convenience of not having to go to a store. They seem very delicate as other reviews have mentioned. I washed them and they did not break. I think one will break within the first couple weeks. Will have to update review if that happens. They are cute.

👤These were bought to be used as candy dishes. I liked the packaging and it worked well at first. The kids didn't fit right. One wouldn't fit inside the jar. It seemed they were made for other things. Weird.

10. MyGift Mercury Apothecary Weddings Centerpiece

MyGift Mercury Apothecary Weddings Centerpiece

If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity. The set of 3 mercury glass apothecary jars is an elegant display for your home. It's perfect for decorations in the kitchen, bathroom, events and weddings. The jar is topped with a clear glass lid. It's ideal as a wedding gift or as a decorative accent. There are some things that areSPECS. The largest jar is 14.25 H x 4.25 D, the medium jar is 12.25 H x 3.75 D, and the small jar is 8.5 H x 4.5 D. There are some things that areSPECS. The largest jar is 14.25 H x 4.25 D, the medium jar is 12.25 H x 3.75 D, and the small jar is 8.5 H x 4.5 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤They were securely packaged and arrived in great condition. There is a These jars are pretty. I needed more storage for my bathroom. I should have measured first because these are too big for my space. They are gorgeous, but they won't work for me. Any room will get bling from them. The transparent spots make it possible for the items to go with any color scheme, because you can choose what goes in. The mercury glass is made of silver and gold. The bits of gold can be seen through the glass when the jars are empty. It makes them different for decor. Definitely recommended.

👤For what you pay, it's gorgeous and well sized. The mercury glass and the lids fit well with the jars. They would look great in a room. It's great in a bathroom holding cotton balls. I put them on a coffee table as decoration until I can clear more space to make them shine. Not big enough to fit on a shelf or top of a bookcase or coffee table. They look silly and are not too small. It is beautiful. The coasters in the photo are large.

👤I like them. A great look for a coffee bar. It's so glamorous.

👤Get these! I was surprised that all three of them came together, they seem very fragile but were packed well enough to survive the delivery. They look great on my table. I think the price is comparable to that of Gorg, and they are just as good. See for yourself!

👤I didn't want to look for these items all over town. Not enough time and not safe! I needed these and they look great. A large size, not too large. The packaging was very safe. I have to give them to someone. They will get there safely. I would buy again.

👤I have had them for a couple of months and they're still beautiful, but I noticed that there were some flaws in them. I decided to keep them. I am glad I did it.

👤The construction and scale is very nice. Mercury is enough to hide the contents. They look great on my bathroom counter.

👤It is pretty for decoration purposes. I don't recommend food storage because it's not a set with vacuum sealed lids. The silver flex can be seen on the inside of the class. If this is mercury, it would be a food hazard.

11. Home 69654 Ginger Jar

Home 69654 Ginger Jar

Large - 14.25 H x 3.5 Diameter; Medium - 13.0 H x 5.0 Diameter; and Small - 9.0 H x 4.75 Diameter. The blue color has a white floral pattern. It's perfect for a home corner. This unique lidded piece adds beauty and a splash of color to your countertops, whether grouped with other related items for a lovely display, or by itself.

Brand: A & B Home

👤The ginger jar met my expectations. I'm using it to display something. I've read that it could be purchased at another store for less money. That well could be the case. My most valuable asset is my time. I don't think it's worth comparing pricing in this price range by visiting an actual store location or the internet. For me, the value in this ginger jar was making the purchase online via Amazon, free shipping and receiving the purchase well packaged for shipping, arriving as promised and exactly as pictured on Amazon's website. I am happy with my purchase and have received many nice comments on the ginger jar holding the display of faux cherry blossoms.

👤I absolutely adore this piece. I have found it in Homegoods several times and it is half the price. I only give this 3 stars because I feel like the price is too high when I have found it for half the price.

👤The jar is pretty. I use mine as a vase in my master bedrooms. I was nervous to order something like this online, but it was very well packaged. It was in perfect condition when it arrived.

👤My daughter gave me two of these for Christmas. One is pretty but two are stunning. I had a hard time figuring out which way to display them. I will have them on a bombe chest for a while. Love it.

👤The Chinoiserie ginger jar is blue and white. It looks great next to my friends. Look at photos. There is a Art Prof.

👤The shape is pretty but the design is blurry. I liked it enough to keep it.

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The vase, ginger jar looks expensive. It will add a nice touch. I would like to see more pieces in this design. Highly recommended!

👤It has a nice finish and shape. It's too small to make much of a statement.


What is the best product for decorative jars for home decor with lid?

Decorative jars for home decor with lid products from Diamond Star. In this article about decorative jars for home decor with lid you can see why people choose the product. Home To Table and Hjn are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative jars for home decor with lid.

What are the best brands for decorative jars for home decor with lid?

Diamond Star, Home To Table and Hjn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative jars for home decor with lid. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Mygift and Suwimut are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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