Best Decorative Jars with Lids Glass

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1. VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Favors

VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Favors

The 8 oz mason jars are durable. Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. The products and customer service they provide are of the highest quality. If you're not happy with the set, please contact them. The set includes: There is a case of Mason Jars. The glass jar set is designed for convenience. High quality. The material of the glass jars is certified safety standards. Each jar comes with a time tested ceiling compound to help ensure a quality seal with each lid making them perfect for preserving and canning. It's safe for the fridge and freezer. Food fun. Re-use these jars for cream, a fresh green smoothie, canned fruits, or other items one day and fill them with jam, honey, honey or molasses. The beauty of glass is that it doesn't absorb food, germs, odors or coloring. This see-through jar is great for kefir, sourdough starter, wine and beer, and for pickling sauerkraut. There are a few more details. The dimensions of the Jar are 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. The dishwasher and freezer are dishwasher safe. Silver lids are lined with plastisol. That is a neat jar. It's also great for candle making. It isdurable: You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. It isdurable: You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year.

Brand: Verones

👤The jars arrived perfect, no chips, no cracks, and the lids stick into the bands a little. I had to be careful not to bend.boiled well prior to filling.filled when hot and sealed and returned to boiling water for the altitude it called for. Excellent product. I recommend it.

👤I canned fruit. I put almost boiling mango preserves into the jars and then popped a lid and screwed the top. I heard the familiar thump of the vacuum seal when I turned my jars upside down.

👤Excellent response time, fast shipping, and nice quality. I used them the same day I got them. Excellent quality, clean, well packed, attractive, and worth every penny. The product was excellent and the transaction was great.

👤The jars were used to make chili sauce. There were enough jars to make the batches I made. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The jars had the lids as well.

👤I used these jars to store my stuff. They were the perfect size and fit a bottle of glue. They are not just a plain old jar that would dry up. You could get many jars for double the price. It is worth the money. They are very sturdy, dropped one on the carpet, and it didn't break when they were surprised.

👤The jars were packed securely and have a beautiful design. Not one of them was damaged. I would buy them again.

👤The jars were put to use immediately. They did well.

👤My granny is getting ready for the winter canning and I purchase canning jars for her. She loves them.

2. Folinstall 72 OZ Glass Storage Canister Cookies

Folinstall 72 OZ Glass Storage Canister Cookies

Glass is a better choice for storage than plastic. Glass doesn't oxidize, retain smells, or make food smell bad. The thicker the jars, the more stable they are. You can wash the cookie jar with warm water and wipe it with a damp cloth. The design is transparent and big mouth. The contents of a jar can be easily seen without the lid being removed. The canning jars have a large mouth that makes filling and storing preserves with ease, so you don't have to worry about spilling sauces or vegetables after the christmas cookie jar is opened. You should decorate your kitchen. The candy jar has a contemporary design with a beautiful display, it is a great addition to most kitchen decorate. The rounded style of the jar allows it to be used in an upright position. The multi- function Christmas Cookie Jar is great for many uses. Can be used for canning. It's also good for dry goods such as cereals, candy, and pasta. It allows you to store different amounts of food and it looks great on a counter or shelf. There is a lifetime guarantee for complete. You need to get this flour canister with warm water. The hot water can cause cracks. If you are not completely satisfied, then contact them and they will make you happy. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon. There is a lifetime guarantee for complete. You need to get this flour canister with warm water. The hot water can cause cracks. If you are not completely satisfied, then contact them and they will make you happy. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon.

Brand: Folinstall

👤I originally purchased this jar to store 5 lbs of coffee beans because they would look great on the shelf. There was a horrible smell when I opened the lid, and there was a hair not on, but inside the seal. The lid seal was bent backwards, like it had been used before. It did stick, more credit that this would have been awesome to have. I attached pictures of the hair, I feel like I'm writing about a lady with hair in my food. I don't want to be that person, but I will likely return it because of the smell.

👤I liked the jar and am giving it three stars. I liked the shape of the lid. The product that they made the seal out of could have been better, but I could not live with that. The advertisement states that the jar holds 101 ounces. This is incorrect. I put water in the jar. It only held 72 gallons. oz./0.56 gal. I double checked the jar's height and depth to make sure it wasn't the wrong jar. The jar's height and depth are accurate, but it can't hold 101 ounces. I have to return the jar because it doesn't meet the need I purchased it for.

👤I will go back to Walmart and get another container for the money. I want to display coffee beans and Nespresso Pods in my coffee bar. I spotted a very similar one for half the price after ordering this canister. The Walmart canister is pretty and reflective. There is a canister on the left. I deducted one star for that. I will put it in the pantry for every day use.

👤The cannister was purchased for storage. The cannister's mouth is too small to remove flour. The plastic seal on the lid is cheap and not very durable. The cannister is too small to hold a large bag of flour. Everything about this cannister'cuts corners' is done so that it may have certain features, but the viability of those features is questionable.

👤I like the canister, but am concerned about how long the seal will last. So far, so good. The first canister was shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. I contacted and they arranged for a replacement to be sent out. Good service from Amazon and other companies. This is a great place to store my tea mix.

👤It's perfect for what I want. I'm using it for shells. The glass is not thin nor heavy, but it is nice and long. The seal has a cut in it. I'm not sure how that would affect the seal. It would be good if it was there for cleaning. The seal is tight. I'm happy with it and would recommened it.

👤The lid can slip in and out more easily with the help of a Silicone gasket. The edge of the jar does not form a complete seal. It is better sealed than a glass lid alone. I use it for a terrarium and it keeps the water moist.

3. Dicunoy Container Decorative Organizer Canister

Dicunoy Container Decorative Organizer Canister

This ceramic canister is a gift that will be sure to please, it provides you with all you need for any events or parties. A perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your friends with its appealing aesthetic details and charming style that's sure to please. You will get 3 glass jars with cork ball stoppers. The small size is 3.5 inches wide. Capacity: 17oz. The medium size is 3.5 feet wide and 7 feet tall. The large size is 3.5W x 9H and has a capacity of 41oz. The glass storage containers are stylish. It is distinctive and ornamental because of the special cork ball stoppers. It can be used as a stylish adornment for home, kitchens, restaurants, exhibitions and other scenes. Their glass canister sets have a cork round ball lid to keep air out, prevent items from dust, and help you to fill the bottle and keep your food fresh for a longer time. These glass storage canisters are great for multi-functional use. It's great for storing sugar, rice, cereals, nuts, beans, pasta, coffee and tea, espresso, snacks, preserves, jams, chutneys, flour, spices, cookies, seasonings, and fresh handicrafts. The jars for Dicunoy's food storage are made of high grade glass. It's not as strong as it could be to break. Natural wood is used to make the cork round ball lid. All is for your health.

Brand: Dicunoy

👤I used them to make cotton balls and q-tips in my bathroom.

👤These jars have ball cork tops. I get a lot of praise for them.

👤Can't wait to set them up. Very high quality.

4. Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Premium gift packing: ZENS clear glass canister set will be a hit with foodists and food writers. They know that stylish cookware creates a special moment. The jar is packed with an inner box which is well protected against breakage. ZENS jars are great for industrial kitchens and restaurants. Each jar has a capacity of 18.6 liters and is 4 x 4 inches. Natural bamboo lid is more sanitary, food grade Silicone ring is healthy and dishwasher safe. The contents of the jar can be easily seen with clear glass. You can cover the lid in a few minutes. Saving space is achieved by storing bulk foods. The glass food storage jars will make your home more orderly. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients.

Brand: Lawei

👤I was very excited about this purchase since I would be using these jars to place loose leaf teas. I had to wash the jars before I put the tea in because there were noticably dirty marks when I picked up the first jar. The marks were more like hand prints. The marks were noticable immediately since the jars looked dirty. This was for all the jars. The smell of apple cider vinegar can be smelled from the inside of the jars as I look at the marks. My significant other agreed as well. The jar's lid was so hard to open that I had to use a knife to open it. My significant other was unable to remove the lid. The 3 stars are for the storage. In the attached photo, you can see that the lid is still on and cannot be removed, even though the jar fell into two big pieces. I usually let it slide since I don't like confrontation. It's not possible to glue it back together since it's a jar and mini shards.

👤Cute jars! I use them to store my Oregano. After washing them with soap and water, they no longer have a smell. They are the perfect size for what I was looking for.

👤I like the style and quality of these 3 stars. I was expecting these to hold 16 ounces of nuts and seeds, but they don't. I think they're more like 14 ounces.

👤I received these jars yesterday and can't wait to return them. I tried to put the lid on the one that shattered in my hand. I needed four stitches after I was cut. It was me, not one of my kids.

👤I wanted to store bulk tea in these jars. I have them in my cupboards, but you could place them on countertops or shelves and have them look great. The quality of the lids is my only complaint. I can confirm that the wooden lids had a scent of either wood stain or sealant, as many reviewers mentioned a strange odor. I was happy after a few washes with soap and water. There is a The rubber gasket that creates the seal between the wood and the glass is a big issue. It is thin and used to bridge a wide gap. The seal is loose and the lid is not always centered on the jar. The attached photo shows the point at which the lid doesn't overlap with the glass anymore. There is a small hole in the seal that is supposed to be broken to make it easier to remove the lid. I don't know what that means for the freshness of my tea, but I would have preferred if this gasket was air-tight.

👤The ones that I got had no odor issues, unlike some others. One of them self-destructed after a few months. I might have banged it against something, but there was no damage, and there was a small crack which grew while I wasn't looking. Maybe it was a mistake. The glass is very fragile.

5. Airtight Glass Jars Bamboo Spoons

Airtight Glass Jars Bamboo Spoons

100% of the service is science. They back their products and services with a full money back guarantee because they are so confident in them. They make sure their customers are satisfied. Convenient Storage Plus Decorative Charm is ready to make your life easier. These glass containers with bamboo lids and spoons are so stylish they complement any decor, and they are safe to store all kinds of dry goods in. Everything. Why run to the silverware drawer when you need to scoop something from a canister? The bamboo spoon attached to the front of the glass jar in the practical 3-pack is easy to use. They make their glass storage jars from high-end borosilicate glass, which is known for its strength and hardness, as well as crafting the lid and spoon from premium bamboo, which is stronger and more resistant to rot. Their glass storage containers are designed to hold Practically Anything, and are ideal for pantry and kitchen, as well as as handy glass containers for laundry room and bath. They are always looking for ways to enhance your life and ensure your satisfaction while also protecting earth's precious natural resources, that's why they offer these clear canisters sets for the kitchen and beyond. They are always looking for ways to enhance your life and ensure your satisfaction while also protecting earth's precious natural resources, that's why they offer these clear canisters sets for the kitchen and beyond.

Brand: Classy Canisters

👤I wanted to put homemade products in gifts. They work out well.

👤It's easy to use and works well on a tier stand.

👤I wanted to make a hot chocolate bar. They arrived quickly and worked well. The marshmallows don't get sticky.

👤After grinding it, my coffee stays fresh. We will priced large enough for my usage.

👤It worked out well for the coffees on my coffee bar. The jars were small but still great.

👤Quality glass. These jars are great if you want to give home made goodies.

👤The jars are perfect for my purpose, but one of the wooden spoons has a chip. Since this is a Christmas gift, I'll need to find a replacement, so I'm a little disappointed since there's not much time to return for a replacement. The jars and wooden covers are very nice and have no chips. I hope I can find a wooden spoon that matches.

6. Apothecary Jars Cotton Jar Bathroom Organizer Canisters

Apothecary Jars Cotton Jar Bathroom Organizer Canisters

You can slide a slip-resistant coaster underneath the Ball Mason jar to prevent it from shifting when you press it. There are three glass jars with lids that can hold 24OZ, 12OZ and 5OZ. There are three glass jars with lids that can hold 24OZ, 12OZ and 5OZ. It's great for storing Cotton Swabs, Cotton Balls, Cotton Pads and other bathroom necessities. All in one place, organize your cosmetics with containers. Their well made jar looks great in your bathroom. Glass is fragile in shipping, so they will give you a free replacement for broken glasses. If you need a replacement, please call the Amazon Customer Service. You don't have to return the broken glass. Glass is fragile in shipping, so they will give you a free replacement for broken glasses. If you need a replacement, please call the Amazon Customer Service. You don't have to return the broken glass.

Brand: Whole Housewares

👤The jars are made of high quality materials. The smallest in the trio is a tad smaller than expected. If the jar is not full or the q-tips are leaning, the smallest does not hold q-tips. It holds 13 cotton balls or one use of bath salts. I need to order another jar for my purposes.

👤I always check the size because pictures are deceiving, but in this case, the smallest jar is pictured as being suitable for cotton swabs. I assumed my cotton swabs would be ok because I didn't measure them. The jar is too small for them and the lid won't close. I had to put the cotton balls in the small jar, which held about 5. I don't have a need for a bunch of them so I'm not going to have to return it. They won't fit what the pictures show.

👤I'm very happy with the jars. I wanted the smallest glass jars, and I got it. The smallest one is only used for decoration. It's fine for me, but I can imagine most people want to use all three. There is a The jars have plastic protectors on them that make it hard to open. I follow the advice of another reviewer and use an exacto knife to cut off part of the protectors that I use the most. I was not expecting the whole plastic protectors to come off. I glue part of the protectors back so I don't damage the jar. You can see the picture for the difference because I can't explain it.

👤I chose this item because of online comparison shopping. It was well-packaged and without the annoying stickers. I put my cotton balls in the largest container, cotton rounds in the medium size, and cotton swabs in the smallest size. They look pretty on my bathroom counter.

👤The glass is better than plastic. The value is great.

👤There are glass jars. The small one is a little longer than the larger one. It works well enough. The plastic seals on the glass lids are soft. The small spherical lid handles are hard to hold onto. The soft plastic seals were trimmed with an Exacto blade.

👤Very nice jars. They are very strong and thick. One of the jars was broken when I ordered them. The company was great with dealing with me. I received a replacement within a couple of days. The jars are cute, the size worked well for me, and the company has great customer service.

👤The small is not too small. No, you can't put the swabs in the container and close the lid. I'd suggest cotton balls in the large, cotton swabs in the medium, and those "fancy" plastic handles of the tooth pick/floss hybrid sticks in the small. The seal is solid and the glass is clear. You should wash your glass before using it. These are nice looking and practical and I like them. I don't regret my purchase of $27.

👤Aunque son lindos, son demasiado pequeos.

7. UKYLIN Airtight Canister Kitchen Containers

UKYLIN Airtight Canister Kitchen Containers

The glass storage containers are easy to clean and stack nicely in the cabinet. You can place the dishwasher to clean or washed by hand and wooden lids can be wiped with a cloth. Adding a punch of color to your kitchen by using glass jars is a great way to showcase the assortment of colorful items you can store within them. A great choice for keeping dog food, snacks, cookies, flour, coffee beans, and so on. The maximum capacity of the glass storage jar is 16 FL OZ. The size is about 10 cm. The max capacity is for fluid or powder. It can't reach the max capacity because of the gaps between solid. The modern design of the food canister makes it easy to keep your kitchen organized. It can be displayed on your counter. A clear glass kitchen canister has a container that you can see what you have stored in it. You can restore the food levels on time if you keep an eye on them. It's a great way to be more eco-friendly. Straight sides make it easy to clean. There are different sizes of glass jars available. The glass product is easy to break. If there are any issues after you receive it, please contact them. They will try to solve your problem. Straight sides make it easy to clean. There are different sizes of glass jars available. The glass product is easy to break. If there are any issues after you receive it, please contact them. They will try to solve your problem.

Brand: Ukylin

👤These worked well for my coffee and sugar at our coffee station, which was very high end, and saw something similar in store for more money. Very happy.

👤I grind my own coffee weekly and wanted a nice looking jar to put it in. It's perfect!

👤These containers are great. They are stylish and keep everything fresh. I would definitely recommend them.

👤Disliked the size. The jar looks good on my washer.

👤The look of the jars is striking. The glass is nice. The price was great for the quality.

8. EVEREST GLOBAL Jewelry Diamond Storage

EVEREST GLOBAL Jewelry Diamond Storage

The design of the jar makes it a decorative element. It can be used as a gift container for sweets or a base for candles. The surface has a diamond pattern. The golden tower is on the top of the lid. The golden coating on the jewelry box makes it more eye-catching. Every woman needs a glass jar with lid. This small glass jewelry box can be used to store earrings/rings/pearl necklaces, as well as being used as a fragrance box and a candy jar. Its lid is easy to remove and its bottom is very stable. It wouldn't have a rubber seal. This tiny jewelry jar is not a problem because it fits anywhere. It can be sent as a gift. It was good. Hand wash only. Hand wash only.

Brand: Everest Global

👤I use a container with the sifter top that has a loose setting powder in it. Everyone hates it. I like to apply the powder with the small puffs. I needed a jar large enough to hold the powder and large enough to hold my hands. There is a I've seen jars made for powder that are too small, but this candy jar fits the bill nicely. It is a pretty pink bubble gum and looks nice on my dressing table. The large lid handle makes it easy to remove the lid. There is a It's large enough for my hands and enough room to spare. For those days when I am in a hurry, a quick dip in the jar with a fluffy brush is all I need.

👤A little bit of a bougie candle moment is what everyone loves. These are great for candles as they are thick and have good heat. They are safe and lead free, which is a huge plus when making candles.

👤I bought two different sizes, both in black. They compliment each other. I've seen similar jars in stores, but they've been plastic, so didn't have the sameluxe look? These do have an appearance. I didn't have a plan of what to put in them, nor did I have anything in them yet, but I loved the look of them. There is a They are a great quality.

👤The candy storage bowl looks very nice. I can't put a lot of candy in it. Not happy.

👤I love the look of this jar, it's perfect for use on a Vanity. It adds a lovely touch if you have rm on your bathroom. It's great for storing qtips. I highly recommend it. The price is great, but it looks more expensive than it is. If U decide to buy it, you'll be happy.

👤I love this jar. It's perfect for cotton balls, jewelry, and even candy.

👤I like the design, the color, and how it's made. It is useful in hiding stuff. It is lovely looking on the counter.

👤The pics don't do this product justice. It looks more expensive than it is in person. It says for the kitchen. I use mine in my bedroom.

9. Anchor Hocking 3 Quart Heritage Glass

Anchor Hocking 3 Quart Heritage Glass

Not only for tea, but also for coffee, seeds, small jewelry, kitchen spices, and more. Also included: The jar set contains a Heritage Hill jar. The glass has a large knob to facilitate easy gripping. It isdurable: These glass jars are thick walled and wide mouthed to make it easier to scoop and to protect what you buy. It's safe. The glass is made from Anchor Hocking. It won't taint food or drinks with dangerous chemicals. These glass jars are perfect to hold all kinds of dry goods, including flour, cookies, rice, coffee, spices, candy, and much more. American made glassware has been made since 1905.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤These jars are beautiful. I believe you get what you pay for this product. Quality costs more money. I will buy another set if I need it in the future. I think they are elegant.

👤A lot of us have become bakers because of the Pandemic. In the past, I mostly bought good bread here in South Seattle, but I've been in self-quarantine since March, and the bread that I get delivered is pretty awful. I had a new problem after receiving my bread flour, where will I put it? There is a In the past, I used all purpose flour and my kitchen canisters were sufficient. Measuring bread flour out directly from a bag to a cup is a messy task, and it makes for nicer bread. I went to Amazon to find a storage container large enough to hold a small bag of bread flour and that was safe from weevils. I wanted it to be easy to clean and I wouldn't have to fight to remove the lid. I didn't want to give a lot of money for something that basic. It seemed like this glass jar was the thing. There is a I got what I wanted. It's not so large that it's obnoxious to pick up, in that it holds a bag of flour. Clean lines make it easy to wash; I pulled it out of the box and filled it with hot water and dish liquid. There's no seal on the lid, and that's my only complaint. We don't have enough animals in Seattle for this to be a problem. I didn't want a container that would need to be unlatched every time I access it. The lid is resting on top without a gasket. There is a rubber or synthetic seal between the lid and the body of the canister set that rests on my kitchen counter. This would have been a five star review if Anchor Hocking included those. I recommend this container for people who live where kitchen pests are a thing, not counting your family, but it may make a difference.

👤I bought this to hold my paint tubes. It is made out of glass and works well for what I use it for. I would purchase another jar if it was being purchased for certain food products that would go rancid without a seal.

👤I like the jar's size and weight and it holds my flour when I need it. I returned the jar because I didn't know it was not airtight. I found that it was ok to open and close the lid while cooking if it was not air tight. I will return if my flour spoils over the next month.

👤I put mine in a cookie jar. It is loud and you could never sneak a cookie without someone knowing. It looks nice. I will be ordering more.

👤The anchor was 3 quarts. It was perfect. For regular dog food, use larger one. One of our seniors is on diet dry food. There are glass canisters for snacks. Not air tight, so beat for quick turn items, like microwave popcorn.

10. Kanwone Airtight Containers Canisters Containers

Kanwone Airtight Containers Canisters Containers

The round shape and tops fit any cabinet, drawer, or spice rack. These spice jars are dishwasher safe and are made of glass. Their food storage containers are made of high quality glass with a bamboo wood lid and silicone ring. There is no bamboo lid for lead-free, non-toxic and open flame heating safety. These containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. The food storage jar canister with airtight seal lid is sealed perfectly, you don't need to worry about leaking, it keeps the water out of your food. There is a ring on the bamboo lid that won't make a sound or scratch the jar. Each glass jar has a capacity of 17oz. It's perfect for storing and preserving many items. Their food storage canister is also great for the bathroom, as it can hold cotton balls, Q-tips, and other items. Clear glass food storage jar is easy to see and see without removing the lid. You don't need to check out because you will know how much is left in them and how to open it. The glass storage containers are easy to clean and stack nicely in the cabinet. You can place the dishwasher to clean or washed by hand and wooden lids can be wiped with a cloth. The glass storage containers are easy to clean and stack nicely in the cabinet. You can place the dishwasher to clean or washed by hand and wooden lids can be wiped with a cloth.

Brand: Kanwone

👤I'm afraid that these canisters are going to break. The glass is very thin and won't break much. I have to stay out of reach. I hope they last a while, but I don't think so.

👤Light weight and top quality material make these jars easy to handle. They are perfect for storing all the spices. There is a The jars are large enough to hold the right amount for a couple of weeks.

👤These jars are great for our coffee and tea. They open with one hand. The space on our counter top makes them perfect. They keep things fresh.

👤I love these! Storage containers are perfect for my bathroom. The right height for cotton face cloths, the right diameter for cotton face cloths, and the right airtight seal for bath salts are all things I need.

👤Good seal and sturdy. The glass doesn't shatter easily. I've banged it a few times.

👤Nice jars! I'm happy with everything.

👤Es un producto. En el precio, excelente. Detalle. O impresionante. A un 100%.

👤The jars are high quality. It's affordable for jars and their size. The seal keeps my tea fresh. Beautifully packaged.

11. MyGift Apothecary Wedding Centerpiece Storage

MyGift Apothecary Wedding Centerpiece Storage

There is a lifetime guarantee for complete. You need to get this flour canister with warm water. The hot water can cause cracks. If you are not completely satisfied, then contact them and they will make you happy. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon. 3 piece set of glass jars. There are 3 different jar designs, each with a lid. Use the kitchen or living room to display items. It's a great way to decorate any room in your house or office space. Large Jar is 4.75 D X 8.5 H, Medium Jar is 4.5 D X 11 H, and Small Jar is 4 D X 9.5 H. * MyGift is an official product.

Brand: Mygift

👤They look pretty and are a great price. I can put them back into the box I put them in for future storage because they're packed well. There is a The lids are a little off in size. It's not visually noticeable. It seems a little snug when I put the kid back. It was a little smaller than expected. I should have looked at it more closely. The photo was attached to a water bottle. There is a The product was great. The price is great. I'm a happy customer. Thanks!

👤It is nice. I found the same ones at Ross for $5.99 each.

👤I bought the jars for my niece. I wanted to fill them with the candy on the cake table. The cover on the jar broke into several pieces when I tried to put the candy in the first jar. The shards did not pierce my hand. I put the candy in the other jars and the table collapsed. There were a million jars. I had to get the broken parts. The candy jars are the worst buy from Amazon to date. There is a The Jars wouldn't have survived a single hand wash. I wish I had the option to give it a 1/2 star because the Jars are nice to look at, just don't touch.

👤The jars were pretty when they arrived. There was a small crack in the glass on the smallest jar. You couldn't see it when I turned it around. The glass did not take long to break because it is very thin. The smallest one was it. When I ordered the sad, I knew it had been since July. I tried to order another small jar from a different seller and it was much larger than I needed. I hope My Gift will give me another small jar for free or at least sell me one small jar separately. I can't find a way to email the company myself. I would appreciate it if anyone had that email.

👤This set of jars looks really cute on the counter in the bathroom and is a great storage option. What I wanted and was looking for! Thanks to Amazon. I didn't give it 5 stars because of some slight flaws, such as a bubble in glass and the ball on one jar top not being as round as shown in the example pictures.

👤One of the tops didn't fit. They were a little smaller than I anticipated, but still cute. The top didn't fit so I sent them back.

👤I'm not sure how well these will hold up. They were bought from Amazon for the convenience of not having to go to a store. They seem very delicate as other reviews have mentioned. I washed them and they did not break. I think one will break within the first couple weeks. Will have to update review if that happens. They are cute.

👤These were bought to be used as candy dishes. I liked the packaging and it worked well at first. The kids didn't fit right. One wouldn't fit inside the jar. It seemed they were made for other things. Weird.


What is the best product for decorative jars with lids glass?

Decorative jars with lids glass products from Verones. In this article about decorative jars with lids glass you can see why people choose the product. Folinstall and Dicunoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative jars with lids glass.

What are the best brands for decorative jars with lids glass?

Verones, Folinstall and Dicunoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative jars with lids glass. Find the detail in this article. Lawei, Classy Canisters and Whole Housewares are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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