Best Decorative Jewelry Box Set

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1. Plastic Jewelry Box Container Adjustable

Plastic Jewelry Box Container Adjustable

If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you a full refund or replacement. They can help you solve the problem. The jewelry box set is perfect for small objects and valuable jewelry, and is perfect for craft supplies for kids. Travel friendly. The plastic earrings storage boxes are great for storing jewelry while on a camping trip. The plastic jewelry box is made of high quality plastic and comes with grids to hold larger items, so keep your valuables organized. The perfect size is the jewelry storage box container, which measures approximately 10.75 x 1.7 x 7 inches. You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids. You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids.

Brand: Juvale

👤The jewelry organizers were made for earrings. I put the trays on the shelf in my closet. I hung the pierced earrings by their backs after cutting two holes in the back of each divider. The back of the dividers needed to be higher to hold the dangling earrings. It was a perfect viewing. It was perfect organization. 36 earrings are held in each tray.

👤They're cheap, that's the best thing about them. The separators are not flush with the bottom because they are not the same shape. They are okay for storing larger beads, screws, rocks, and so on, but not for anything small. I received one of the three that came with a dead mosquito inside.

👤I bought this set to organize my earrings. I was tired of fumbling through my jewelry case to find a matching pair. This is perfect. It is much easier to find a set in a compartment. Spending time finding the right earrings is over. They stack well on my bed. It is very durable and close so no spills.

👤I have accumulated a lot of things, and since I retired I have put them in plastic drawer cabinets. They take up a lot of space on my workbench and I have to open a lot of drawers to find what I'm looking for. I bought a set of 36 compartment organizers to experiment with. I ordered 10 more. I can see a lot of stuff in the drawers. If you have anything longer than the short side, the partition won't fit. I have some things that won't fit because of their shape, one option is to cut out some of the permanent dividers. I might put them in an overflow box or decide if I need to hang on to them. If every space is filled to the top with smaller screws, nuts, bolts, and other heavy stuff, it might get difficult to pick up with one hand from one corner. I don't want it to pop open and spill but I haven't seen that happen yet. I've turned them over, hung them up by the tab, shook them up, and otherwise tested their resilience and they kept their shape, kept everything in their own little compartment, and stayed closed and secure. If I need to help someone else with something, I would put a bunch of these into a bag and take them with me. I couldn't think of anything else to consider with the drawer cabinets. If I hadn't stuffed them with heavy metal stuff, I think leaving them hanging from peg board hooks is a good option. I'll probably build something to hold them in long drawers under my work bench so I can see a lot of them. It's hard to say how long the locks will last but so far they seem very secure. I'm confident that this vendor will be helpful if I run into any problems with the next delivery because they responded to my message very quickly and helpful. My mileage is great.

2. Oirlv Black Jewelry Earrings Necklace

Oirlv Black Jewelry Earrings Necklace

Excellent classical black jewelry set bearer box. The box has jewelry and a gift. This box can hold a ring, necklace, and earrings. The cover has a soft insert and a black velvet one. It is suitable for different occasions, such as wedding, engagement, anniversary.

Brand: Oirlv

👤It is ok. It has vinyl on it. There is no padding behind it. It was very cheap. You get what you pay for. If you are trying to use this for an engagement ring, you will have to worry about the emails from Amazon asking if you are satisfied with your purchase or otherwise. I am trying to surprise my girlfriend by giving her a leather ring box. Have gotten 5 emails. One day. I don't think that's right. The customer satisfaction questions were a little too much. It is an ok box. Nothing special about it. It works. I was expecting better quality. Better than a box.

👤The speed from order to delivery is exceptional. The box is a good value. PRESENTATION IS THE most important thing for me. I ordered a necklace for my graduation gift. I am amazed that this seller on a non-Amazon website doesn't show it in a jewelers box. It would add to their items. The sterling silver chain and gemstone would shine if a box with black velvet was used. In the future, I will order as I need to.

👤The item is beautiful. The item was in a box. The picture is nothing like the other things. I had to buy a black neckless box to have the wow factor. I felt that they were misled by the black box in the picture, as this was a gift for my wife, and nothing else like a black background. I gave them 3 stars because of that.

👤It's pretty shabby. You get what you pay for. I'm happy it stays closed because I'm using it for myself. The cover started peeling off when I tried to close it, and it got out of alignment. I don't think it will fit a regular necklace, and I don't think it's long enough for my metal choker. It's good to put something in it.

👤I purchased a necklace and earring set on-line. There is a It arrived without a box. I gave it as a gift. I needed a box and you did the same on-line. There is a I was very happy when the box arrived. The jewelry looked amazing.

👤I bought a beautiful chain for my son. It was in a cheap box. A nice presentation can be made from this black leather box. The cardboard box that came with my purchase was worse. The black velvet interior makes this gold item stand out.

👤The presentation made my necklace seem more valuable.

👤This is a good way to store large jewelry pieces. I plan to get more for items that I didn't have boxes for that I didn't want to tarnish silver.

3. Qmdecor Crushed Diamond Mirrored Organizer

Qmdecor Crushed Diamond Mirrored Organizer

It's suitable for Birthday, Exquisite Gift, Retro Collector, Wedding, Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Decor Dresser. The mirrored box is made of crushed diamond and has a twinkle sparkle shine to it. The mirror box is 8.3x 5.1x 3.3 inches. The mirror is outside on the surface. Black lint velvet is inside. Inside useful soft touch, outside fantastic looking. The shape is rectangular. It is easy to draw everyone's attention to this upscale elegant diamond crushed mirror box, it is perfect for home décor or office display, wedding ceremony, birthday part, festival greetings, etc..., and it is very delicate accessories for your dresser table, desk, Modern and meaningful decorative design It is useful to open the box. Beautiful clean. The appearance of home decor is elegant and stylish. It keeps your collections clean. It's easy to reach jewelry make-up and jewellery that is neatly organized. If products are not satisfied, you can exchange them or get a refund. They hope you like buying from them. If products are not satisfied, you can exchange them or get a refund. They hope you like buying from them.

Brand: Qmdecor

👤This jewelry box is very special to me. I would have given this a rating of 5 stars. I took it out of the box because it had small scratches. I love this when I say so. There are scratches in the glass that you can see in my video. Hopefully no one will notice. But a great purchase! If the seller is reading this, then double wrap this box. As soon as it arrives in the box, there are scratches on it. BUY IT.

👤This is gorgeous. There is a lot of space inside to hide things. The top of this is so different with the little diamonds that float around. Love!

👤My friend received this mirror box as a birthday gift. I think it is a great purchase for under $40, even though it is fragile. I put a pair of earrings in the gift box. It is beautiful. I replaced the box because I was not happy with it. You will not be disappointed.

👤I bought my girlfriend a gift for her birthday, but she said that she got a chip on the Conner.

👤It's beautiful, well made, and looks more expensive than it is, according to this review. This is on my make-up desk, which is a writer's desk that is also mirrored. It looks better in person. You won't be disappointed.

👤Don't buy this box. It took 2 orders to get the seller to ship it. The quality is terrible. The edges are not damaged. I cut myself when I opened it. I wouldn't buy this.

👤This is so pretty. It's an open box with velvet but the crystals on top are pretty and it holds a bit of the lid shut.

4. WE Games Wooden Treasure Redwood

WE Games Wooden Treasure Redwood

You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids. The wooden treasure box is exactly what you need to organize your space. The box has a unique design. The box is lined with velvet felt. The outside measurement is 12.125 x 9.625 x 3 inches. The inside dimensions are 11.25 x 8.25 x 1.75 inches and the inside lid is 11.25 x 8.25 x.75 inches. The bottom of the box is felt lined. The outside measurement is 12.125 x 9.5 x 2.875 inches. The inside measurement is 8.25 x 1.75 inches. This box is called a treasure box because it is just that. This box is ideal for keeping heirlooms, photos, letters, chess pieces, and jewelry. Home Dcor. Versatility is a big part of the box. It is a functional storage box and adds a décor value to any space. It can be a coffee table box that holds things like coasters and remote controls. It can make an office desk look better. It will look great doing so. Since 1977, they games have made the world's best traditional games. Their games are made with high quality sustainable materials. The joy of the game will be passed down to the next generation, and they love bringing people together with their classic board games. The Toy Foundation helps children in need who are facing many of the most difficult challenges. Since 1977, they games have made the world's best traditional games. Their games are made with high quality sustainable materials. The joy of the game will be passed down to the next generation, and they love bringing people together with their classic board games. The Toy Foundation helps children in need who are facing many of the most difficult challenges.

Brand: We Games

👤This was bought for my herb accessories. I chose this box because it didn't have any preset compartments or walls that would dictate what I could put in each section. I'll be using some hobby wood from home depot to build my own compartments. The metal hardware is cheap, but that is expected. It can be upgraded at a later date. It should last if you don't put too much pressure on it. The back hinges have an extra armbar that keeps the lid upright and not allowing it to extend beyond 95. The interior is lined with cheap black felt and will serve its purpose. There is extra room in the lid of the interior. I gave it four stars for a couple reasons. There are seven dark spots on the top of the lid. There are two more I feel like I will have to change the exterior of the box to get the uniform across the unit. It's a great box and has a simple elegant look to it. Being able to personalize the box is a huge plus.

👤The box is very good value. I searched for a wooden box of this size and found nothing near this price. I am very happy with the product, but I didn't have high expectations. I converted this into a box that holds my sunglasses, knives, and kimber, as well as my minimalist wallet. My daily box. It fits my items well, I added foam and felt after forming it. It looks great. I don't want my review thrown over it since it has a gun, but I would post photos if I could. I will probably buy more and gift them the same thing. It could work for many other things, but my purpose required more details from other boxes. If my review was positive please mark it as such. Thanks.

👤I found a box. It was perfect for my use. I wanted to make a box of memories, but I wanted a small box to hold the documents. I was looking for a gift that was sturdy but also cheap and would not fall apart. The box met all of my criteria. It holds a lot. I am very happy that I found it and that it was well received.

👤This box is what I was looking for. I need a box in my living room to hold my remotes and all the things I want to have at my fingertips. It's very nice looking and roomy. I'm very happy with this!

👤The box is not damaged. There's nothing special about it. The finish is meh, the construction is meh, and the materials are meh. The sink is the one that stands out the most. The smell of this box is intense. I've tried everything to get rid of the smell in the box, but nothing has worked. There were activated charcoal, febreeze, dryer sheets, and nothing else. I'm not expecting any noticeable results from opening the box in the sun right now. If you need a wooden box to forget about and don't mind paying a premium, then this is the box for you. Otherwise look somewhere else. This is not a box you would want to have to deal with frequently.

5. Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

There are two different designs. Large: 27*17.5* 3.5CM (10.63* 6.9*1.38inch) Small: 24*13* 3.5CM (9.45*5.12*1.38inch) The golden handle is a special element to enhance the accent piece in your home. Keep your items free from scratches and dust with stylish and multi-functional storages. Keep your sunglasses, rings, bracelets, watches and other valuable items well organized. The surface of the storages is made of fine PU leather. The interior is lined with faux suede that is soft and smooth. The construction is made from wood. You can put 3 pieces of the pack on your book shelf or console table. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep.

Brand: Unp

👤Excellent quality, very beautiful! It is worth it.

👤I use this product in my dining room to hold ear buds. It can be used in many different rooms. The vegan leather helped me make a decision to get these.

6. Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

We want you to love their products as much as they do. All of their products are handcrafted in India by skilled artists one at a time, actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size from the images shown online and may also have slight imperfections. Their products are all unique and have a handmade story behind them. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact them via Amazon message. It'sTILE: A wooden box for your home or office. There are many small items in the store, including jewelry, paperclips, coins, trinkets, teabags, dried herbs, pins, sewing supplies, game pieces, cards, letters, photos, keepsakes, and other small items. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen counter, office desk, and cubicle. The exclusive white washed wood has an antique look. The art design is hand brushed. Every case is different. Excellent gift idea. Quality: Excellent. The wood panels have steel hinges. The finish is stunning. Home decor that is premium quality. Premium products for your home and garden are offered by gbHome. If you want your money back at any time within a year, just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to adorn your living space.

Brand: Gb Home Collection

👤The photo is not accurate. The box is grey and charcoal. It is cream and brown. It was extremely frustrating and disappointing.

👤I have a lot of things in my back porch, and I like to keep it organized. I can't stand the feel of my remote controls because they are covered in dust. They have to be wiped down every time I use them. I live in Florida and my porch is screened in. The box is a god send. It keeps them organized. I only gave four stars because I didn't like the design on top, but the box fit the size I needed.

👤I wanted a box to hold letters. The wooden box is nicely constructed. It's large enough to hold the letters. The design appears to have been done well. I like it.

👤The box is pretty and sturdy but it was shipped in a box barely bigger than the one it was in so there was no shipping protection. I don't think that was good for the box. I am worried that it took some extra banging around with no protection. The box was made well and the engravings are pretty.

👤I hide remote controls from my dog. The small holds them so the dog can't get them. It is very attractive.

👤The lid is etched and lovely. It fits the purpose of my purchase. I bought it to hold and conceal my pill container boxes, which I don't care to leave out, the box fits as if it were made for just this function. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This box is very nice. I bought it to hold things on my bathroom counter so they were out of sight. I am not in this box and the hinges should hold up as often as possible. It was the right decision for my use.

👤The box looks beautiful and works well. I put a clasp on it so it wouldn't open if I needed to take it.

7. MODE HOME Silvery Decorative Treasure

MODE HOME Silvery Decorative Treasure

Not yet? The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 2 year warranty. All questions will be answered by their professional customer service. These storage cubes are practical for your apartment. The wood is 90 percent WOOD, 8% PU, 2% IRON. Eco-friendly wood construction makes the boxes waterproof. They have a sleek design with crisp edges. The wooden storage box will add warmth to any décor. The uses are listed. This is a great way to add a decorative touch to a room. It's perfect for weddings, events, spas, meditation, and bathroom settings. MEASUREMENTS are in inches. 2 nested packing 2 nested packing

Brand: Mode Home

👤For a great price, this is a very beautiful and high end. It is not glittery. You can put it in different places. I moved them to my mantle from my guess bathroom because I move my decor around a lot. I paid 26.98 for it because I got the last one used and it was just great. It was in perfect condition. They look very classy. This is not over the top and I am in to the decor.

👤The gold covering on these boxes exposes the air bubbles underneath. I can't show these because they look cheap with the flawed covering application.

👤The size and color were great. I put it in my home. I think I will purchase a set for my mother.

👤There are bumps on the box. It wasn't a cheap box, so I was disappointed.

👤I didn't like the look of the foil. The boxes looked like leather. There were a few bubbles and some edges were damaged.

👤The mother of sparkle! These are gorgeous! They are not just silver. There is no glitter on these. They are also beautiful and shiny. I'm going to order the gold ones for another room that I saw in the similar products search and hopefully they are just as beautiful as these are. If you're looking for sparkle and glamour, you will not regret these.

👤I loved it. Just like the picture.

👤The boxes were sturdy. I used them to store make up brushes.

👤I was pleased with my purchase of a beautiful product.

8. Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

Traditional book making techniques were used. The golden handle is a special element that enhances the accent piece in your home. Keep your items free from scratches and dust with stylish and multi-functional storages. Keep your sunglasses, rings, bracelets, watches and other valuable items well organized. The surface of the storages is made of fine PU leather. The interior is lined with faux suede that is soft and smooth. The construction is made from wood. You can put 3 pieces of the pack on your book shelf or console table. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep.

Brand: Kidsnado

👤The hardware was disappointing. I bought a slightly deeper single box and matching tray from another vendor. The hardware was of the highest quality. The handles and hinges have a brushed gold finish. They look great. There is a The hinges on the boxes are silver metal and are the cheapest quality, and the hardware on this looks cheap and shiny. Very disappointed.

👤These boxes are for the jewelry I wear on a daily basis. I had to hide that ugly remote and then there were photographs on paper to sort and enjoy. All three boxes are working hard.

👤I used them for a client's bedroom.

👤These boxes are perfect for decor or as a gift for someone who is into it.

👤I did my own research after seeing these on a channel, they are nice quality, each size is perfect for what I need them for, an ivory neutral palette that will blend with most decor. I think it is important for other buyers to know what to expect from the shipping component in reviews, I have to say these came within days of ordering, I ordered originally from another vendor overseas and it never arrived after 3 months, I am so glad I didn't.

👤I got them the other day and I'm amazed at the money. I was skeptical at first. I opened it. It is really large there not small. I like it.

👤I am glad I got them, but I think they are overpriced.

👤These boxes are really elevated. I have one in my bedroom and it looks great. There is a second box in my living room on top of my coffee table. It is amazing. Love them, well made.

9. Umbra Jewelry Organizer Two Tier Removable

Umbra Jewelry Organizer Two Tier Removable

Umbra's Tesoro uses unexpected materials to create a modern jewelry box that is as beautiful as it is functional. The plated metal lid and two-tiered box design is bound to have a visual impact on your modern decor. Tesoro Jewelry Box is a fun and versatile way to keep your favorite jewelry, including rings, broaches and any other accessories, safe and organized. Tesoro's lid is made from plated metal and can be used to sort or display jewelry. Put it on display. The Tesora Jewelry box is a great way to display your jewelry and accessories. The Tesora Jewelry Stand is a complete that takes care of all your jewelry storage needs. 5-year manufacturing. Umbra products are backed by a 5-year manufacturer.

Brand: Umbra

👤The "concrete" compartments are not as dark as advertised. I expected it to be a lightly colored concrete shade, but what I received looks like wet concrete. There is a The plate/lid looks off because it's so dark. I didn't receive what I expected, so I'm giving this 3 stars. The boxes it comes in look lighter than this. There is a It's nice, but heavy, the pieces stack well.

👤It is more olive green in color than a grey concrete. It's still very nice and feels great, but it's a shame that the color is light grey, it looks better with rose gold. A box and product comparison photo was taken.

👤I am very impressed with this one. The glass is heavy. I move more than the average person so durable decor is a must. It was packaged in a nice Umbra box. This would be a great gift for many people since the colors are neutral. I'm using this one for jewelry, but you could use it in your office to store paperclips, or even in your bathroom to hold cotton swaps, or even as a place to set your rings while you wash your hands.

👤The jewelry box arrived today. The idea and concept of the Umbra Tesora box is well executed. I like the size and how well made it is. The three stars are for my expectation of coloring closer to the vendor product picture. Some of the pictures posted by other reviewers show a green shade, while others show a deeper, wet concrete color. This is the shade of mine. I'm not in love with it because of this. I am not a fan of the color. If I returned it for a replacement, it would either be the same or a lighter color. Please advise your viewers and potential buyers that they could receive any random one of a range of colors or that you could offer a range of colors. It would be better for your customers to know that you are advertising that way and not have to go through the steps to return it. Can you ask the vendor to read the reviews?

👤This was well packaged. The pieces were bubble wrapped and surrounded by foam. If your jewelry collection is on the small side, it is the perfect size. The bottom of each piece is covered with a soft material so that it doesn't scratch your surfaces. It looks like the picture.

👤I ordered this twice because it is very beautiful. My dumb dumb ex used the top of the first one I got to be a water coaster. The rim was discolored and ruined the top. The concrete holder part was not the same color as the copper one I ordered, but it was still the same color. I only bought the second one for the new lid, so I used the other one in a closet for random buttons.

👤This is larger than I thought and will look great on any surface. It is well packaged and sturdy. Some have noted that it's heavy. It's worth $35 and I like that.

10. Feyarl Treasure Necklace Organizer Keepsake

Feyarl Treasure Necklace Organizer Keepsake

A wonderful gift. Are you looking for a gift for a loved one or spouse? This ring holder box set is for you. The jewelry box is made of zinc alloy. The box has a floral engraved surface. The perfect Trinket Box is 6.7 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches and has a net weight of 2.11 lbs. The Exquisite Handcraft Antique Metallic Floral Engraved with Locking Buckle is a Decorative Jewelry Box. The velvet inside of the box protects the trinket from dust. You can arrange your Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces or Watches separately. It's suitable for Birthday, Exquisite Gift, Retro Collector, Wedding, Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Decor Dresser. It's suitable for Birthday, Exquisite Gift, Retro Collector, Wedding, Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Decor Dresser.

Brand: Feyarl

👤Everything was expected of a small jewelry box. The lock ability was hard to find on small boxes. This box was sturdy and had a pad-a-lock clasp which was important to me because I was looking for a lightning era. I decided to buy a second one because I liked the product so much. There is a If you are looking for a small jewelry box, take a look at this product. You will be happy with it.

👤This was going to be a gift for my granddaughter. When you take it out of the box it is very large and beautiful. It is intricately carved, but when you look inside it is not fully covered in velvet as you would expect. The plastic insert has a terrible smell. It looks cheap on the inside but rich on the outside. I was disappointed. I bought a new version of the same item that was beautiful on the outside but smelly and cheap on the inside. I wouldn't give this as a gift or keep it for myself because of the smell.

👤A gift. I was close to getting to silver for the anniversary. The hinges work well. There could be another compartment under the ring holder. The recipient likes it.

👤I wanted this box for a particular set of large pieces of jewelry. The bracelet wouldn't allow the lid to close. The small jewelry box is gorgeous, but not perfect. So happy.

👤When I received it, I inspected it. It's still a nice size, but it's smaller than I expected. Lighter than I anticipated. The pin in the hinge started to fall out when I opened and closed it. I put the pin back in. She loves it, she gave it as a gift.

👤I wanted to give my daughter in law a gift because my son got engaged. I thought it would be a good place to store her new diamond. It's not a flimsy little box and I like the vintage look. I might get one for myself.

👤Well made and heavy duty. There are slots for ring and earring storage in the inside. It's not possible to use it for something other than a jewelry box as the divider/jewelry slots don't come out.

👤It looks antiqued and feels heavy, but I love it and could not wait to put my necklaces and rings in the treasure box.

👤I was looking for something like this after my wife said that it was more expensive than solid silver. There is an episode of US House of Cards. My wife loved it and I was worried that it was too small, but I found it on Amazon and it was perfect. She uses it for her most regularly worn rings, ear-rings and necklaces, so don't expect it to hold a lot of jewellery but it is perfect.

👤The product was better than expected. The foam has moved around and the interior is not very sturdy.

👤It's too small for money and seen bigger for less.

11. ProCase Organizer Necklace Earrings Bracelets

ProCase Organizer Necklace Earrings Bracelets

The jewelry box has a double layer design with 27 different sized compartments for organizing all types of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, rings necklaces, etc. It's easy to find your jewelry on a moment's notice. The top cover has 8 hooks for hanging necklaces, an elastic bottom pouch to keep necklaces in place, and a tray with slots for storing bracelets or less often worn jewelry. The jewelry storage case is made of advanced velvet material that is anti-abrasive and soft to protect your precious items from scratches. A metal clasp for easy opening and closing, an Exquisite yet stylish appearance, and a practical jewelry organizer keep a ton of jewelry neatly organized in one place. It is an ideal gift for jewelry lovers in your life, especially suitable for birthday, Christmas, wedding day, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Anniversary Day and so on.

Brand: Procase

👤It is not bad. I chose the pro case for the fast shipping because there were cheaper versions on Amazon. It is definitely cheap. The fake velvet interior is very thin and the internals feel like cardboard. The elastic stop of cloth for necklaces would be better if it were taller, because my necklaces tend to slip out from the cloth protection when I close the lid. The two strips of ribbon that keep the lid from falling back when open are annoying and can be difficult to remove when the top layer is removed. A hinge would have been better. The size of the bottom compartment is perfect for bangles. I am happy with the product. I wouldn't recommend anyone for the reasons I have stated.

👤It was bigger than I expected. I love the storage space. I would recommend it.

👤I have been looking for a nice jewelry box for a long time and finally found it. The compartments are nice size and it holds all my jewelry.

👤There was a mess with my jewelry. I love this box. It holds a lot of jewelry. I bought 2 so I could organize and go out. I am able to find what I want to wear when I go somewhere because of the boxes that held my jewelry. The inner lining is soft and will keep jewelry clean. The box is tightly closed. You could use it when you are on vacation. I wouldn't. There is a lot in it. I bought a smaller box for that. You will not be disappointed.

👤One of my businesses is an Independent Consultant with a high end jewelry company. This sturdy, well-constructed case was the perfect choice for easily packing the pieces I needed to take to a bridal shoot at a wedding venue, and safely show them without having to set up the usual display stands. I wouldn't use the case to store items that are best kept in a safe because it has a key lock. Good for personal storage, not a safe.

👤I wish it had more slots for chains or necklaces in the tray. It's great. It wouldn't be great for traveling and wouldn't handle a lot of banging.

👤I was looking for a new box to hold my jewelry. It's perfect for my needs. I put all of my jewelry in it. I'm thinking of buying another one for my jewelry. It has enough room for my earrings. The necklace holders are flimsy and my necklaces keep falling in the pouch. I gave it 4 stars because of that.

👤I had my best jewelry boxes on top of my dresser, and one underneath my dresser, because our bedroom was renovated. I selected the Procase because I found several that would fit my current jewelry box, which was too low. I couldn't believe it when it arrived. It was easier to organize than my other boxes. My husband laughed when he saw it and said there was no way he was shoving it under the furniture. We bought a highboy and it's on display.


What is the best product for decorative jewelry box set?

Decorative jewelry box set products from Juvale. In this article about decorative jewelry box set you can see why people choose the product. Oirlv and Qmdecor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative jewelry box set.

What are the best brands for decorative jewelry box set?

Juvale, Oirlv and Qmdecor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative jewelry box set. Find the detail in this article. We Games, Unp and Gb Home Collection are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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