Best Decorative Key Holder for Wall Gold

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1. Decorative Hooks Shabby Country Vintage Hanging

Decorative Hooks Shabby Country Vintage Hanging

We will provide a quality after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will deal with it as soon as possible. There is a note. The wall is strong enough to hold the key holders. It is not suitable for installation in a place that is not strong enough. All large gold hooks have a 1 year replacement warranty. Their coat hooks are waterproof, oilproof, rustproof, re-usable, and thick and long lasting. Material: brass, color: gold. The size of the wall hook is 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. Their shabby chic wall Decor can hold up to 30 lbs. 3 Piece Floral Boho Wall Hooks are included. The kitchen accessories for hanging are sturdy enough to hang multiple things at the same time.

Brand: Indian Shelf

👤These are large brass hooks. They have a mount on the back that can slip over a screw. It sticks out a bit, about 1/2 inch or a bit more. I was going to hang something heavy and didn't want the hook to move. You can use a hacksaw to saw off the brackets. I used brass screws and two Molly type fastenings to make two of the outer holes in the design. The installation is secure and the screws are not visible. I don't recommend using the included plastic type drywall fasteners on the wall with a large hook. Small to medium pictures that you don't move around can have plastic drywall screws. That is a bad idea with a large hook. Attaching it to a stud in the wall is another thing. There is a The bad: The good The brass hook is attractive and sturdy. It will hold up well if mounted to a stud or Molly type fastenings. It's not a fan of the built in mounting brackets on the back as they will cause the hook to stick out from the wall and force a single point mounting. That saw is easy to use with a hacksaw. There is a If you don't like the hand made look, then you might be dissatisfied with the brass casting. I liked it for my purpose and my wife liked the hook.

👤It was pretty quickly out of shape. It was really unfortunate, but not very sturdy. These hooks are gorgeous. The seller included screws and anchors. I bought these to hang a tent for my cat in a weird space in my house, and they are perfect. Absolutely delighted with my purchase.

👤I am decorating my camper van and these fit it. I wish the designs could be ordered separately, as the oval one did not match what I was looking for. They are beautiful and will serve my purpose.

👤I didn't think the product was so detailed. I can't wait to get more.

👤I like the pictures. They were used to hang shelves and a plant. Definitely recommend.

👤Good weight, good for the price.

👤I ordered two sets and it only came with one set of screws. I swapped them out for prettier screws, so it wasn't a big deal. I absolutely adore these! I hang cups over my coffee bar.

👤It was nice but a little larger than expected.

2. ChasBete Holder Mounted Bathrooms Hanger

ChasBete Holder Mounted Bathrooms Hanger

The fun, easy to mount wall hooks are part of the best-selling Buddy Collection that also includes a clock, bottle opener, cork screw, paper towel holder, tea infuser and more. Heavy Duty Wall Hooks for Hanging are made of handcrafted cast iron and can hang up to 5 kilogrammes. Vintage decor for hanging keys, handbags, towels, hats, clothes, leashes, jewelry and other essentials can be found in a practical key holder for wall. The Rustic Towel Hooks for Bathrooms are in the same size as the kitchen, hallway, living room or garage. It's easy to install. The wall hook has all the necessary hardware. While hanging nothing, the hooks are vintage. Wall hooks are decorative. The nautical decor and classic vintage copper appearance are combined with artisan craftsmanship.

Brand: Chasbete

👤I put this guy up on my bathroom wall to hang towels to dry so you can have a robe when you step out of the shower. I like it. I think he's cute. It was very easy to install. The cast iron was very large. Very strong. We named him Octavius Augustus. Our bathroom is the best yet.

👤I love these! I'm glad I got them as towel hooks. Quality cast and heavy are what they are. It's pretty big. What to say? I am a big fan of cast iron. I will take the heavy suckers from San Francisco to my family home in Mediterranean even if I have to pay more for the overweight suitcase. I already have the pillows, shower curtain, bowl, and a poster. What about it?

👤The cast-iron octopuses are fun to look at with their graceful curves and pleasing proportions. The bumpy surface finish feels good. I put wood and other fireplace supplies in a canvas tote and hung them from 2 of the tentacles. They are strong. There are 2 hidden screw holes, included screws and hole inserts. It's easy to install. Fantastic packageing in the factory. If I ever need a cast-iron thingy bob, I will buy it from this manufacturer. So happy with this purchase. There is a I like to review things I don't like.

👤A cut little guy. He looked lonely, so I had to give him a tote bag, redo my light switch cover, and give him a writing desk. Well made hook. The finish is lovely and he is sturdy. A perfect companion while I write.

👤I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. The little guy is a work of art. Sturdy as well. I was surprised by the lady who named her, but now I understand why. I love him. One of my favorite parts of the bathroom is the coastal area.

👤It's perfect for hanging my keys, mask, and jacket. It feels good heavy weight. The hooks are not slippery and stick out for a lot of items. The screws for mounting work well. Comes with screws and plugs. It's easy to install, I didn't worry about what screws were straight for, it really doesn't matter. I added some gold paint details to the iron?, it's a bit rough, not smooth/shiny, so paints easy.

👤Our new pair of octopi are adorable. There is a hat hanging near our front door. We put microfiber cleaning cloths in the laundry room to be dried. They fit perfectly with our coastal home decor, came packaged well for shipping and are heavier and better quality than the similar version we saw at a store, and these two came with the hardware to hang. We got this pair for the same price we would have paid for 1 there and there was a thin metal. It's fun and functional. We were very pleased with our purchase. Thank you!

👤I hang dog leashes around the house. My wife uses one to hang jewelry. It's that sort of household. They seem sturdy and work well for these purposes. I would probably get more if I had more hanging things.

3. Decorative Mounted Vintage Anchors Comfify

Decorative Mounted Vintage Anchors Comfify

Get rid of the boring white wall panels and decorate your home with printed switch panels. It's suitable for children's bedrooms, nurseries, apartments, closets, dormitories, conference rooms, auditoriums, offices, etc. The metal key rack is made from recycled iron and treated with a special coating to give it a vintage or rustic look. The wall mounted key holder has a high length. The wall mounted key hanger can be attached to a wall or the entrance door with screws and anchors. The pad-locks in the design hint at the true purpose of the hook, which is to hold keys. The hooks are small enough to fit most key chains. Their iron key hangers are easy to use and can be a great addition to your home. It captures the attention of everyone who sees it. The key hangers have a classic touch to them. They make your entryway, hallway or door look very charming. This is how to impress your guests. A wall hook for coats, hats, towels and more is a great gift idea for a man or woman. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤We used 3M to stick to the wall in our apartment. The key is heavy and holding well.

👤I needed a key holder that would help me put my keys in one place. The installation was easy and it looks great in my place. A good.

👤The metal key shaped rack has hooks. It is made of recycled iron. It comes with hardware to install. It is easy to install. It took just minutes with a screwdriver, a drill, and a level. It's difficult to level because there isn't a straight line. I leveled the hooks. I wanted it to be near my back door. Something small with no storage basket and less than 5 hooks. The gold color of skeleton keys is perfect because my kitchen is going to be yellow. Don't take pictures of the renovations. I like the look of the key. It's not too heavy to mount on the wall. Hardware is strong enough to hold it.

👤The key is pretty. The hooks are not cast with the same metal as the key, but as long as that doesn't matter, this is a very nice piece. I found a key that was cast with the hooks and key as one piece and I like it more, but both have their charm.

👤I love everything about this. It makes my wall look old fashioned. I didn't know what to think about the material. The quality of this exceeded my expectations, and I was quite amazed. Although the pictures and description make this product seem amazing, the physical product goes beyond that. Excellent!

👤The keyholder is gorgeous. It's perfect for our decor and the color we chose is gorgeous. It was easy to install because it was done in under 3 minutes. We love looking at it when we leave and visitors comment instantly "WOW, that's gorgeous!" It is very large and well-made. Thank you for the beautiful product! Highly recommended.

👤The size and color were expected. I didn't want to use the anchors. I might use them when I'm living in a permanent space. The design blends well with my decor scheme and it frees up space on the counter top. I will not have to search for keys in the future because I have a place to keep my house keys. I should have bought this a long time ago.

👤My 90 year old parents house had this installed because they were always losing their keys. It is very sturdy and well made. Good quality. It looks very pretty. It's a good size for many key sets. Great purchase.

👤I had been looking for a nice key holder for a while but didn't like the ones with the rounded shape. It is even nicer in real life than it appears on Amazon. It's a nice piece of decor that fits under the stairs. Would recommend.

👤I like the key holder. Visitors have commented on it. It's easy to fit and hold three sets of keys. If you have more, you can double up.

4. Decorative Holder Wooden Organizer Hanging

Decorative Holder Wooden Organizer Hanging

The wood mail holder is easy to assemble, as it comes with all the accessories. The mail sorter is hanged with expansion screws and is heavy duty. They have two gaskets to protect the wall. The rustic mail and key holder for wall is suitable for different home decoration styles. The farmhouse mail organizer and key holder for wall is perfect for the whole family. It is designed to hold a lot of things. This wall mounted mail organizer has metal hooks for key holder, dog leash hanging, coat & hat rack, and 1 mail shelf with rails for storage mails, letters, newspaper, bills and protective metal rails ensuring them stay in place. The 100% eco-friendly solid pine wood is more resistant to damage than the competitors. Solid metal hooks are very durable. The best wall decor and wall mount organizers are those that have a wood key holder. They will deliver the rest if you just get out your screwdriver. The wall shelf with hooks is a piece of cake. The perfect size is 11.8"L x 7.0"W. It's ideal for entryway space organizing and wall decorative. They're confident you'll love this key holder for wall, it's no risk to purchase. If you are not satisfied, please tell them without delay, they will respond within 24 hours. They're confident you'll love this key holder for wall, it's no risk to purchase. If you are not satisfied, please tell them without delay, they will respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Pickkross

👤There is no easy way to install it. I will not be able to use it.

👤It is easy to install. There are black marks on the wall.

👤It was what I was expecting.

👤It has more space to put sunglasses or anything to grab and hold a lot of keys.

👤It's cute and holds the weight well.

👤I don't understand how they got so many items in the picture, the nail thing that hold it up is very small, and this thing is 12 inches wide.

👤Love it. I have a pocketbook that is light in weight and also ball caps and keys. The shelf is perfect for a wallet.

👤It was beautiful to look at.

5. SoeKewo Adhesive Decorative Entryway Multicolor

SoeKewo Adhesive Decorative Entryway Multicolor

Attach the hook with included glue. You can mount it with screws and anchors. The max load is 5KG on a wall. It is not easy to leave marks on the frosted surface of the small sticky hooks. Load-bearing with strong back glue. It is waterproof and durable. It is easy to carry and it looks good. You can match your wall hooks in many colors. The installation is easy to complete. Peel off the protective layer and stick it on the smooth surface. Attach the wall with double-sided glue. The force of the glue is stronger after 24 hours of rest. The decorative wall hooks can be used for home, office and more. Storage and hanging for hats, belts, keys, towels, bathrobes, coats, handbags, kitchen tools, umbrellas, data cables, etc. It can be used on smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, wooden furniture and metallic. It's not suitable for wallpaper or painted walls. It can be used on smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, wooden furniture and metallic. It's not suitable for wallpaper or painted walls.

Brand: Soekewo

👤They are very artistic. It should have a broom on it. Immediately, it fell off. For light things.

👤My classroom brag tags needed something cute and functional. They have stood up to students who have taken tags off of them. I like the colors as well. I am very happy with them.

👤Strong. I have tried all of the services. There is a painted wall, a shower wall, and a tin garage wall. Excellent quality.

👤I had no problem putting them up. I put a couple of small purses on a single hook and it didn't fall off. I'm not sure about that.

👤The holes in these are too small for the hooks. I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and make my everyday items more accessible in my cluttered room. They are on my wall and hold my stuff. The search for something to hang my calendar continues.

👤The hooks do their job. I would like to see more yellow and white colors in my kitchen.

👤The hooks are cute. The value is great. Sturdy hooks.

👤They are cute but they do not hold up. I had to throw away two.

6. ORYOUGO Decorative Leaves Mounted Hallways

ORYOUGO Decorative Leaves Mounted Hallways

There is mounting hardware included. The iron green leaves series design adds a special element to your wall and makes it look interesting and elegant. Made from high quality cast iron, a uniquely beautiful yet heavy duty accessory, no worry, it will last. A large leaves shape with delicate detail, morden coat hook brings a touch of class and simplicity into your home or closet. You can hang on the wall you like with one of the hanging holes. Adding color and charm to your interior is a good idea. It's a good way to save your home space, perfect for hang towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, robe, in bathroom, bedroom, closet, entryway storage. It's a good way to save your home space, perfect for hang towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, robe, in bathroom, bedroom, closet, entryway storage.

Brand: Oryougo

👤The hooks broke as the packages were opened. Very weak. It had a second place of securement besides the weak triangle hook in the back because it was screwed through the leaf. If you don't need to see them up close, then you can use it. Definitely not a re buy.

👤I would love to have a picture of my wall arrangement uploaded. Don't feel like you're fiddling with it, I've had trouble using the 'add a photo or video' option. These little hooks are adorable. They are not as strong as I would have liked. Instead of the triangle hook on the back, the back piece should extend higher and loop around in a circle to allow the nail to hang on it. I really like these, but I am sorry for the terrible description.

👤These are large. They are not very strong. The hanging apparatus is not very secure. I will use them, but add more fixatives so they don't slide around and mark my wall.

👤I should have paid more attention to the dimensions. These are large. I wanted to use them as key holders. They were large. They are better suited for a towel holder or a hat holder.

👤Love them. Too many for a normal room. I split with my partner. It's perfect to share.

👤These hooks are great. A nice touch to my entryway. It's easy to hang!

👤Very attractive, but light-weight.

7. Adhesive Stainless Entryway Bathroom Kitchen

Adhesive Stainless Entryway Bathroom Kitchen

You need to mount hardware so you can use your key holder and mail at the same time. You will get 3 concrete anchors, 3 drywall anchors and 3 screws for easy and reliable installation. You don't have to break the bank account to organize your home efficiently, if you tidy up your entryway to greet your guests with a cozy welcoming space. This key and mail holder is great for holding and sorting mail, organizing letters, bills, catalogs, magazines, keys, leashes, hats, accessories, and more. It's one step closer to de-cluttering your home. The application is wide. The hooks are designed to hold a wide variety of items, like towel, hats, clothes, robes, keys, umbrellas, hairdryer, flat iron and curling iron, workout bands, backpack and so on. The hooks can be used on a variety of surfaces. There are limitations to painted walls. The hooks are made from premium grade stainless steel and have a hand polished finish. Durability and aesthetic are ensured by the use ofstainless steel materials. These wall hooks are scratch resistant. The hooks can be used in a variety of places. The hooks are waterproof and made of premium-grade steel and a very stong adhesive, they can hold on to the wall tightly and are therefore waterproof in the bathroom or kitchen. The Hivory's key hooks have a modern design. The hooks can be used to satisfy the daily needs of the family. A unique gift is the small and lightweight hooks. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are light and strong. Quality products are what they source. They offer a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Hivory

👤I don't hang anything but my keys and masks. The masks we are all forced to wear are stupid and not helping anyones health, but that is a review for another day. This household supports the police and president. The key holder is perfect for our keys and masks. I like it. It is cute and stylish. It seems to be very strong, but I am not sure if it will rip off the paint when we move. I think it will. This is good for a couple or a single person because you can hang a few sets of keys. If you have leashes, bags, and a bunch of kids stuff, you should buy a bigger key rack because this is only for keys and small things. It is strong enough to hold some heavy stuff, but the hooks are not long and won't allow you to hang a lot of stuff from it. There is a This is perfect if you are single or a couple.

👤I received a product with a 3M command strip on the back. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but after I put it on my wall I realized it was a little crooked. It tore a huge hole in my wall when I tried to take it off. I had to fix it. Terrible. If you ever want to remove it, you should not recommend it.

👤Our walls are not meant to be sticky. It needs to be drilled in or in my husband's case, he stuck the 3m sticker to a piece of plastic and then stuck the sticker to the plastic. I love it! There was a lot of sweat and blood involved in my husband cutting the plastic off his thumb. It's really bad. Overall very pleased with these. We only installed one with the sticker on a different wall because we bought two more. I love them both. Highly recommended.

👤The design is very sturdy. The sticky tape will tear off the paint behind it when you remove it from the wall.

👤There is an update. I wrote my review in July 2020. I'm back in November 2021. The key holder is still holding up. I pulled on the key holder and the glue didn't budge. A picture of what hangs on 12 hours a day is being added. My twins have backpacks that hang, but only silver carabiner hangs during the day. I've gotten my money worth from this holder. Pulling the wall off is going to destroy it, the glue is so strong, I'm nervous when I decide to move. There is a My husband and I have keys that are held by the sticky glue. I have my car keys, but he has his tow truck keys. Each set of keys has carabiners on them. It is still strong and holds all.

👤It was stuck for ten days. There was one key ring and a Covid mask. I like the look of it so I will use another method.

8. MKO Key Holder Wall Decorative

MKO Key Holder Wall Decorative

We created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service. The decorative key rack organizer for wall is made from a black surface and is stylish to decorate your entrance wall. It's perfect for your farmhouse decor and eye-catching in your home. Storage rack with tray The wall key hanger can hold a lot of things, including your house and car keys. The wall key and mail holder are easy to install. Whether it's in your entrance, hallway, kitchen, or office, self-adhesive or drilling installation. The size is 9.65 inch. The length of the hooks was :0.86 inch. Their key rack for wall with 6 key hooks and practical shelf space has you well equipped for a home. The key rack for wall is sturdy and durable, which prevents items from falling. Quality and service are always their focus. They are here to help if you have any questions. The key rack for wall is sturdy and durable, which prevents items from falling. Quality and service are always their focus. They are here to help if you have any questions.

Brand: Mko

👤I rent and wanted to use the option that came with it. I wasn't thrilled to use them because they have a large plastic bump in the middle that prevents the shelf from sitting flush with the wall, but I decided to give them a try. I could always remove them. I got it off and the shelf wouldn't go on. I decided to use command strips instead of removing them. I tried my best but they must use an industrial strength glue because it tore huge chunks out of the paint. The second spot was after trying a hair dryer to heat up and loosen the glue which made it worse. The pads were on the wall for a short time before being removed. I hid my mistakes with the shelf after I got them off the wall. I used the command strips and they worked perfectly. If I decide to move, I will have to patch up the paint but it is mostly hidden. There is a The rack is nice. The metal is very small. I was hoping that the shelf would be deep enough to hold a sunglass case. It's called TL;DR. If you want to prevent damage, use command strips instead of the included pads.

👤I can't say that it does its job. It's advertised, but it's small. Before ordering, make sure you check out a ruler or measuring tape because some reviews say "smaller than expected". The dimensions are in the description. It works. I got everything I needed to hang it. I will change my mind about this product if something happens in the future. I can't think of anything that would happen unless it just randomly cracks, I think that would be impossible.

👤This is a good key holder. It comes with everything you need to put it up. It's very strong. It's easy to hang up. It has a lot of places to put keys. I hung it by the door that we use. Maybe all of us can find our keys. I'm very happy with this. It is in line with my theme. It is worth the price.

👤A solid metal black key holder was looking for a perfect fit into a small spot and easy to install hooks.

👤This looks great with any decor. It is very sturdy and easy to use. It can be reinforced with screws with the strip on the back. It has a mail holder and can be used for knick knacks. This is strong enough to hang jackets on. It's a good value for money.

👤It is smaller than you might think. Does the job well. I don't think using the sticky sided tape is a good idea. The design does not allow the entire surface to stick to the wall. If necessary, use screws and anchors. It doesn't come with the right screws to mount it to the wall. You will need to get your own. The screws from the hardware store were great for me.

9. Gold Cast Iron Skeleton Holder

Gold Cast Iron Skeleton Holder

You need to mount hardware so you can use your key holder and mail at the same time. You will get 3 concrete anchors, 3 seamless hooks and 3 screws for easy installation. The key holder for the wall is a great way to make a statement. It looks great as a laundry room décor. A CAST IRON key holders for wall is a great way to organize your keys. Not just functional, but also beautiful in the entryway. 10” wide x 8.5” tall. Weighs is 3 miles. InDOOR or outdoor. Rae Dunn Decor wall hangings can be hung anywhere. The Monkey Hook is an easy way to attach a Western Wall Decor or Kitchen Keys / Keyholder Rack.

Brand: Wallcharmers

👤I haven't been able to put up yet after getting in. It's pretty. One of the hooks is not sure if it will last long. I want to come back. The shipping was ridiculous, could have just labeled the box it was in, instead they put in a bigger box. They could have put it in the bag.

👤My daughter wanted to keep her masks in one place and easy to reach. It's not bright, gaudy gold, but a cool textured antique gold. It is nice and sturdy. The installation was easy - daughter did it.

👤Exactly as pictured.

👤It's a very cute way to store my keys. I keep my keys and dog leash within easy reach because I don't want them to get out of my bag. The size is good. The wall looks great.

👤The quality is great and the look is great.

10. HERNGEE Elephant Single Hanger Decorative

HERNGEE Elephant Single Hanger Decorative

We are the exclusive distributor of animal hooks, they can show personality, hand goods, and add a art and style to your house. A perfect gift for the Wall Art lover,urdy use as a coat hook, hat hook,key hook,jewelry hook and more. Even if you don't give goods, the art product on the wall is still nice. Group would be better as wall decoration, it would be better for every room, using them to create a great beautiful house. There are more animal hooks available than the last picture shows.

Brand: Herngee

👤I bought this wall hook for my girlfriend because I love the look of it. The build quality is excellent and she loves the look of it. Installation and hold is an issue for this product. There is a The plastic hook used for installation is weak and creaks an awkward look when the elephant is attached. I used my own mounting kit to pull the hook out of the wall. For the most part, his robes work as intended, but sometimes they slip off. This wall hook is a dream if you use a separate mounting kit.

👤Well made product! The shipping was very fast. I wish it was different because it was a bit larger. I attached a photo that shows the difference between holding a hand towel and a small cabinet.

👤The wind chime is about 10 pounds. The wind chime was on the ground the night before. I don't know if the load carrying capacity is on the hook. I now know that it's less than 10 lbs. I have a wind chime on the giraffe hook. It is about 6 lbs. The thin metal brace that the screw hooks onto broke on the elephant hook. There are two screws that have pulled out.

👤One of the elephant wall hooks was broken. I'm giving the item 2 stars because it's not eligible for return. The fact that there is no support when an item is not usable is disappointing.

👤I like the look of this elephant. It's perfect to hang keys on. The flimsy packaging that led me to drop the thing as soon as I got it out of the box is my main complaint. The Styrofoam is cheap and flimsy and the packaging is meant to protect it. It's almost impossible to get everything out of the box. I lost my grip on the thing as I tried to take it out. The box needs to be cut through with a blade. Don't try to remove the Styrofoam from the box. There are no instructions and the company provided a screw with a cheap anchor.

👤This product was perfect for my apartment, which was decorated with lots of elephants and was designed around the color teal. It is a great size, and much more solid than I expected. I use it to hold multiple sets of keys and an umbrella. There is a If I move it, it leaves a light teal mark on the wall. There is a I would still recommend it!

👤I love elephants. I was looking for a level of style in my kitchen. I ordered three and one came with it. There are extra pieces of plastic with no instructions so we didn't know if we were missing something when hanging.

👤They are grey. I painted them white. I stained a board and put these on it for my son's room. They are sturdy and good looking. The project turned out well. We have hung heavy things on the hooks.

11. YCOCO Mounted Entryway Storage Organizer

YCOCO Mounted Entryway Storage Organizer

Their triple hook is built of metal zinc alloy which is strong enough to hold up to heavy and multiple garments at the same time and is durable enough to offer you many years of excellent function. Can hold college student packs. Don't settle for cheap brands and stick with Ambipolar. The steel wire organizers has a basket and hooks. The dimensions are:13.4"X4.7"X7.3". The hooks are attached to a variety of items. Keep your entryway clean. Use unused wall space to create extra storage space wherever you need it, and then use it in hallways, entryways, kitchens,offices and more. The hooks are easy to install. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase and they will either replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Ycoco

👤I put this in my mudroom to hold my keys and sunglasses. I had tried multiple key racks before finding this one. I love that there are a lot of hooks between cars and 4wheelers. The hooks are large enough to hold multiple key sets. Add in 2020 face masks. There is a The little basket that holds our glasses is a little annoying because it's just slots and our glasses fall through a little. They hang below a little. Unless we lay it flat, my husband's wallet will fall through. I'm going to put a piece of cloth on the inside to stop it. We love it. It was easy to hang up.

👤The key holder is thick and has enough space to hold multiple keys and a basket at the top to place mail. This is much bigger than I anticipated. I have enough space to hold my family and all of our keys. It was easy to install. I wish it came with more clear instructions. I was able to figure it out.

👤The whole thing is easy to hang. Two things I would like to see improved. There are too many slots at the bottom of the basket. I found a plastic bin that works for me. I used cable screw down holders to keep it from flopping on the door where I installed it.

👤This is perfect for our kitchen/back door entryway. I was looking for a piece that was gold. It is the same width as the back door frame. The width allowed for both ends to be screwed into the studs, so we don't have to worry about items being too heavy or falling. We were able to bend the bar straight again after we ordered two of them, even though one had a slightly crooked bar with the hooks. The back of the hooks were put with a few buttons to make it less likely that the piece will scratch the wall. It's more affordable than similar pieces that were smaller, and I love it.

👤It doesn't look like I wanted it to but that's my fault because I didn't look at the sizes. It would be the typical size for an item like this. I cut my finger on it. It wasn't very easy. Not recommended at all.

👤I bought this to hold my microfiber and hang the pieces that need to dry. I like it. It's working well. I store the pieces inside. There is a net in my laundry room. We have a wood key and mail storage that I'm going to replace. Thank you for reading!

👤We recently got a puppy and he had all his things. All over the place. I bought this to organize his things. It is perfect! I am not picky and I will say that some of the paint was chipping.

👤The design is sleek and cute. I only gave it 4 stars because it came a little crooked on the bottom, and the gold was a lot more dark/brassy than light yellow gold. I still like it! There is nothing like cards or mail to slip through.


What is the best product for decorative key holder for wall gold?

Decorative key holder for wall gold products from Indian Shelf. In this article about decorative key holder for wall gold you can see why people choose the product. Chasbete and Comfify are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative key holder for wall gold.

What are the best brands for decorative key holder for wall gold?

Indian Shelf, Chasbete and Comfify are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative key holder for wall gold. Find the detail in this article. Pickkross, Soekewo and Oryougo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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