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1. SL Crafts Skeleton Antiqued 38mm 68mm

SL Crafts Skeleton Antiqued 38mm 68mm

Mixed 20 pieces. The smallest key size is 20X38mm, the biggest is 21X68mm. The Antique Bronze / Brass finish is the color. It's perfect for use as necklace pendants, vintage wedding decor and escort cards, scrap booking, and other crafts.

Brand: Sl Crafts

👤A Harry Potter Christmas decoration was purchased. If you have 10 on each line, multiple sizes and heavy enough to weight down the fishing cord, you should be fine. They worked on a movie scene. I had to buy multiple sets elsewhere because they were so small.

👤The keys were used in a scavenger hunt. They are really cool and they were perfect. There are different designs. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤I counted the Skeleton keys when they arrived. I was happy that all 20 quantity and no duplicate arrived. The keys are small. The size is related to the product description. The keys are good to use for a project. The keys are cute. I can see myself ordering the same keys again. 20 keys for $5.99 was a great deal.

👤We had a Harry Potter party and these were perfect. We made it work even though they were a little smaller than expected.

👤I bought these for my kids to use as vault keys. There was a good variety of sizes and designs. It was easy to find a key that suited the kid. They still play with them.

👤Exactly as described. Not flimsy at all! 3 of them had false backs, but that doesn't bother me. This deal was too good to pass up and I only needed one key. I think they're a good choice.

👤I bought these for my cousin. He loved small things for Christmas.

👤These are cool. They are fun to look at and play with.

👤Todas son differentes. calidad excelente. There is a Llegaron antes de lo esperado.

2. Decorative Necklaces Bracelets Keychain Earrings

Decorative Necklaces Bracelets Keychain Earrings

Zip ties can be attached to the following: purses/handbags and tote purses, bags, and pouches Travel bags. Bag,Laptop Cases,Bracelets,Earrings,Pendant Agendas, Calendars, Planners, Organizers, etc... Special gifts for Best Friends Sister Birthday, wedding,anniversary, and Valentine's are possible with unique Zipper Pulls. The antique silver plated alloy and lobster clasp are made from it. It's perfect for bracelets, earrings, and bags. The primary color is silver. The gift idea is a personalised pull. Theipper Pull Charm is a metal accessory.

Brand: Zipperpull

👤The sun and moon are concepts that I love. You can make out what they are with a larger thumbnail.

👤Looked cheap and flimsy. I returned them.

👤I like them. I used them on a boot. They didn't last very long.

👤I like the design and size of these. It's just what I wanted, so make sure you read the description.

👤I needed a pull for my jacket. Decent for price. A little thin.

👤I really love the charms.

👤I haven't used them yet. They are nice and well made.

3. DuomiW Antique Skeleton Decoration Different

DuomiW Antique Skeleton Decoration Different

The key is 2.16- 2.6 inches. A total of 50 sets of keys. There are different sizes and shapes of antique rustic skeleton key retro chic. It can be used for any hand-made item, such as a bracelet, necklace, or anklet. Everyone has a different key. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will always provide the right solution.

Brand: Duomiw

👤I was surprised by the quality of the keys. I was expecting something that was a little more flimsy but these are very sturdy.

👤They are cute. I expected it to be more fragile. Was still able. I wanted to use them for what I wanted.

👤These are for Halloween favors.

👤I loved the quality andDurability of the accents in my daughter's bedroom.

👤The key is sturdy. I gave it to the sister's of the church I attended.

👤There are cute little keys at a great price.

👤They were perfect for a wedding favor.

4. Vintage Skeleton Salome Idea Wonderland

Vintage Skeleton Salome Idea Wonderland

The key size is 32mm - 45mm. There are replicas of vintage style skeleton keys. There are 42 different styles, 1 pc for each style. Antique bronze finish is lead free.

Brand: Salomé Idea

👤I received all 42 keys without any duplicate ones, so I am happy with that. There is a I put the keys on a regular sheet of white paper so that you could see the size of the keys. There are 19 keys that are love-themed. The word "Love" is part of the design of 2 of the 42 keys. The owl-shaped one is mostly flat on the back, except for the eyes of the owl which protrude a little backwards into the design 3 of the 42 keys have writing etched into them. These are in a picture. The top key has a line of letters followed by a line of numbers. What is the brand name of the middle key? There is a reference to the Bible on the bottom key. I only notice the etching when I look closely. One of the 42 keys is not a skeleton-shaped key, but it is very cute. The key is shown in a picture. There is a I am happy with the keys. They are not light, they are real keys. I noticed that a few keys had slightly bent teeth, but this was not the norm.

👤I am very offended that there is a bible verse written on one of the keys. This would be a bigger issue for me if I needed the use of all 42. This company does not have the right to impose their religious beliefs on a product that is not advertised as a religious set of keys. If you want your consumers to know that the product includes references to the Bible, you should include this information in the description.

👤The keys are cool. I wanted them for the project, but most are too big. I think they would be very cool. My former husband has large bags on the back of his motorcycle that he would use. I think they are manly. Some of them can be made into a pendant for people who like skeleton keys a lot. They have a good quality weight. The possibilities are endless. Someone wrote that they tried to use one to open a lock and it broke. It did. They are not made to be used as real keys. I think I'm happy with them.

👤I like these but the description says 42 pieces. I bought these for my daughter's 40th birthday. I only received 35 pieces and I am short 7. Is it possible to get my remaining pieces?

👤I bought this for my 8 year old for Christmas because he talked about finding a key that was magic after watching Indian in the Cupboard. He loved them! He has one in his pocket. I think it opened up his imagination.

👤A couple of the keys were bent but not a big deal. The package I received was labeled wrong, I ordered silver and bronze. If I get more stars by labeling correctly, I will get what I order. Can't use it for anything.

👤Who wants a bunch of keys with only three designs? Not me. All of the medieval type keys are different. Maybe five different sizes. Maybe one or two, if you're looking for plain old "skeleton keys". The sizes are from 1 to 3. There is a nice range of designs. Some simple and some intricate. There are heart designs. Something for everyone.

5. Salome Idea Skeleton Antique Different

Salome Idea Skeleton Antique Different

100% satisfaction, if not full refunds, without asking skeleton keys. The skeleton key charm set is antique. A set of 48 key charms. The finish is antique bronze. Lead safe with metal alloy. The key size is 32mm - 45mm.

Brand: Salomé Idea

👤I used these for an advertising project and everyone loved them. The color and quality were nice. Even though they are clearly stated on the product description, they are smaller than I expected. It worked out well for my project. The key to a good _____ is _____. It is simple and inexpensive to make your product stand out. The keys were popular and people took the time to pick out their favorite. I bought all three colors to have a bigger variety. I had a real estate agent call me to inquire if she could steal my idea. I will purchase more after the results are in.

👤I don't think these are any kind of metal. The most brittle plastic is breakable. Several of them were broken in the package. If you are going to use them as charms that need to be hung from something else, be aware that the top opening is very small and that you will need a jewelry ring to use them. They're good for decorative purposes. Don't expect anything that looks, feels, or functions like metal.

👤They look like real keys. They are not hollow on the other side when you turn them over. They are made well. We hung them from the ceiling for my daughter's tea party. All of the guests were happy that they could take one home as necklace charms for a party favor.

👤These are very thin. The picture doesn't show that. They are cute, but I am afraid they are too thin.

👤The keys are pretty. They were great for the ceremony. I only needed a small portion and was able to pull out the ones that worked best for our project. It was difficult to see the size in the description. There are a lot of keys for a low price.

👤Keys are the same as described. They fit an antique desk lock or a jewelry chest. They are very detailed. The designs are unique and the variety is the best on Amazon. The keys are in great shape. My kids love playing with these keys.

👤I was not deceived because the dimensions are clearly stated, but they are datememely smaller than I thought. These are small keys. They look like silver plastic, and aren't "vintage" in finish. If you read the description right, you will definitely be happy with them, they are a fair price, and they are described well.

👤The charms have a little weight to them. I checked the price at a craft store and it was only a few charms for $6.99, this is a better deal. I received 6 different designs and 8 of them were accounted for.

6. Kinteshun Skeleton Multistyle Steampunk Connector

Kinteshun Skeleton Multistyle Steampunk Connector

It's perfect for necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, etc. It's the best choice for jewelry. Perfect charm for handmade works as zip ties, necklace,keyring,sweater chain, anklet,costume decorative accessories, etc. There are many different styles of master key pendants. There are many different styles of master key pendants. Zinc alloy with lead and cadmium free is a quality material. Eco-friendly and fadeless. There is a big charm with photos. The weight is 270g/pack.

Brand: Kinteshun

👤The quality is excellent. They are not cheap. The low rating is due to the fact that I did not receive half of the styles shown in the photo. I have many duplicate things. I received 7 of them. I was hoping for only one of that style. The pieces I was hoping for were not included in my assortment. Very disappointed.

👤The amount was correct. Surprisingly, there were no duplicate items. The back of the keys is hollow and a little disappointed. Only one was damaged. Is 1 more of a wand than a key?

👤This is better than I anticipated. They look like the picture and are large. A good find. I bought them to add to my journal project and I don't regret it.

👤About half would be what I would consider a "punk" charm. The "I love softball" charm is not something I like. I'm a little disappointed in it.

👤You get a lot of money. I use them for things like altered books and dolls.

👤I got 20 usable pieces for making charms, but they are not as good as a bunch of tiny things and many single hands that are plain. . Let me know if you know of a better deal.

👤I used these to decorate a picture frame and will order them again in the future.

👤Many of the metal gears are very similar to the adornments marketed by Ranger a few years back. A variety of sizes and colors are included in the package. The 2nd and 3rd packages have the same value. I am very happy.

7. Vintage Skeleton JIALEEY Antique Pendant

Vintage Skeleton JIALEEY Antique Pendant

100% brand new and high quality material. The color is antique bronze. The size is 0.225" (14 - 58mm). 125 pieces of key pendants, mixed heart shaped, crown shape, hollow carved shapes, and so on are appropriate for your different needs. The pendants are beautiful and safe. Great for vintage rustic wedding decorations, wedding gifts, craft projects, and bookmarks. These handmade accessories can be used in many different ways. Birthday gift, anniversary present, a good gift for yourself or friends. Birthday party favors, mini treasure toy gifts, medieval middle ages theme party, Halloween and Christmas party are good gifts. It's a great gift for your friends or yourself to make your own lucky charms.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Love the keys and gears. The keys pack is a great value compared to other key packs I have purchased online. See my photos. I save the singles for more special art pieces if there are multiples. The CROWNS tiaras are proud to be a part of the keys and stand up from the surface. There is a Sooo cool! I will use most of them in steampunk art pieces. I can see these being used in a lot of different things. Will be buying again and again.

👤The keys were very small. Most of them are small. One was broken and the other bent. There were a few keys that had a design printed on one side, but no design on the other. The keys are disappointing.

👤If you need keys for a dollhouse, look no further. The majority of them are so bitty that they can get a grain of rice. Don't let children and pets in. The tiny ones are cute. There are larger ones included, but not as many. I used realistic key sizes for the project because I needed more realistic ones for the little ones. They are sturdy and have an antique look. Really cool!

👤There is a great variety of sizes and styles. It's to be expected. There are only 2 of the biggest ones. Mostly small. It was worth the cost and arrived quickly. I'm in love. Thanks a lot. I would like to keep my kids from stealing these.

👤My five year old son loves Hello Neighbor and had to do a 100 days of school project, so we used these keys to represent his favorite game and the project. He loved it so much. There are different styles of metal keys.

👤These are both cute and sturdy. It's nice to have a bunch of that match and also a nice variety. I have been able to make a lot of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains using these keys. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there is one for everyone. Would purchase again.

👤The keys are cute. They are perfect for the project because I needed them to embellish painted rock favors. The variety is excellent and they are metal not plastic.

👤I ordered this to find key charms for a necklace and they seem to be perfect. There are many unique ones, but only a few good ones for a necklace. The selection is better than the key charms I bought from Michaels. I would recommend these keys to someone who is looking for interesting keys. The majority of them don't look like skeleton keys but I didn't care about that aspect.

👤La llaves, una increbles, ninguna llego rota o con algn detalle, todas son de las compres.

👤Me encantaron! Estn sper, hechas de diferentes estilos. Muchas gracias!

👤I am encantaron. Son de diferentes. Estn detalladas.

8. Makhry Antique Skeleton Wedding Decoration

Makhry Antique Skeleton Wedding Decoration

The keys are made of metal and have a vintage bronze finish. These are ideal items for art projects. 20 pieces key charms in 2 different styles, 10 pieces each, size: 3.1- 3.3inch, weight: 10.6g are included in the package. Key can be used for many things, such as making bookmarks, key rings, jewelry crafts, and santa keys. It's also suitable for window decorations. Random keys are a good choice for school activities. Students can use antique keys as keys to success. Birthday party favors that use old keys are ideal. Vintage rustic favors photo props are perfect for recording birthdays, wedding or any anniversary.

Brand: Makhry

👤I buy cheap props when I do a lot of artistic work. I did not care if they were a prop or not, I ordered them for show. They are very nice, and I'm tying one around my neck for a pendant. These are very heavy and nice. I can recommend them to anyone.

👤I made Flying Key ornaments out of these skeleton keys. I wanted all large keys and this set fits the bill because many of them are small keys. The keys in this set are large. I put them with the Amazon item. I strung a ribbon through the top of the key and attached it with hot gun glue. They turned out well.

👤I give these to my students who score the highest on each test in my course. These are keys to success for students who work extra hard. My students like them. They keep them on their keys or bags. These are well made.

👤The keys are of good quality. We needed large decorative keys for a Girl Scout troop activity, so we purchased in rose gold without knowing what we were getting. It was pleasantly surprised. The rose gold color is pretty and they are large. We strung yarn through the top and made them into necklaces for the girls, where they can get their own happy place when they get sad or upset. They loved them at the meeting.

👤I love these keys. They are not plastic and feel legit. I use these to make a lot of crafts. necklaces, nailed to wood and made a cute place to hang out keys.

👤It served its purpose and was ok. There are only two keys in the rest, and they look like copies. I wish they would have sold them in a smaller amount. There is a I will give them credit for the sturdy keys, they look decent.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I received the keys. They are gorgeous. The construction is very sturdy. I was looking for a larger size. I have used them to make things. They add a touch of class to many craft projects. If you are looking for a big key, these are beautiful and will meet your expectations.

👤I used them at a Christmas party. I tied them to a card with a saying on one side and various bible verse on the other, then I scattered them out on the tables for people to take. Everyone loved them.

👤These were bought for the classroom. The children love playing with them. There are a lot of hours of play. Would recommend.

👤I ordered these to use for Christmas crafts, larger than I expected, and they are perfect. I needed large keys for my plans. Heavy weight craft/decor keys are very beautiful.

👤Excellent quality. These are my crafts and they compliment my stuff because they are large. Love them.

👤It was larger than I expected. Also heavy. Will use them on a different craft than on cards because they are too heavy.

9. Antique Skeleton Enchanted Dragonfly Necklace

Antique Skeleton Enchanted Dragonfly Necklace

There are decorations for a birthday party, home decor, treasure hunting game supplies, mini toys for kids, and a secret door game favors. 46 pieces skeleton keys in 23 different styles, 50 pairs of dragonfly wings and 96M/105 yards clear fishing line are needed for potter fans to make different flying keys. The Skeleton key charms are made of metal alloy and can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and so on. There are 23 different styles of keys for different needs, from 0.6 inch to 2.76 inch. Function: Flying keys are great for decorations at birthday parties, anniversary, wedding, christmas, or any arts and crafts project. It's great for vintage rustic wedding decoration, wedding gifts, scrapbook decoration, craft projects, DIY necklace pendant accessories, bookmarks, gift tags.

Brand: Waybas

👤We used them for a baby shower. Everyone loved them. The clear stretchy material that comes with it is enough for hanging the little keys. I used hot glue to attach the wings and then cut them down to fit the tiny keys. I would buy again.

👤The Harry Potter theme Christmas tree was great. The wind makes them move.

👤The wings are beautiful and there are a couple of extras. I make them. We received an extra key and didn't complain. The keys are double-sided so they can hang freely. Only about 26 of the key are well suited for the wings, and this is just an opinion. They get lost under the large wings because they are too small. Again, that is my opinion, and some of you make things like that. I have a lot of old skeleton keys that I can use. The smaller keys will probably be used for earrings. A good price and a good product.

👤My daughter wanted a theme. I thought I would be that mom and go all out after having a boring Covid bday last year and string up these keys to the ceiling and create a flying key scene from the movie. I realized the string sucks after putting these together. I had to hot glue the string to the keys because they all got loose on me. It was torture to put together this little surprise. The keys are cute, so we kept whatever I saved.

👤The sizes are listed at the bottom of the product description. The pictures are not what they appear to be. I am pretty disappointed because the smallest keys could go to a Barbie house and I am not optimistic on them standing out in my sons room. I'm looking into other sets to add to these.

👤The wings are too large for most of the keys. Before purchasing, I should have looked at the description more closely. I used the wings on the keys that I bought and the ones that came with the kit. The clear string was neat, but it was a bit tangled on the spools. It looked great when I was done, but not thanks to this kit.

👤I showed my mom a picture of the tree my friend had made for my mom. My mom wanted to do one for my niece, so my friend spent a month finding everything for their tree and I got what I could in a few hours online. The keys are beautiful. I should have read the reviews first. It's not good. I am 46 years old and my eyesight has deteriorated. Fine motor skills are not what they used to be, I used to be a hairdresser and typing on smart phones. I went to the dollar store to get some glue. Last night my niece put them together in half an hour and tonight she will string them and hang them. We love them. They aren't as easy to assemble as they are straight forward. I suggest glue.

10. CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Double Sided Repetition

CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Double Sided Repetition

There is a pack of 10 different style keys. Each key has a different meaning. The steampunk keys are perfect for a variety of crafts, including necklace pendant drop, vintage wedding decoration, birthday party favors, theme party game,escort cards, and other crafts. These keys are an amazing gift for a greeting card or thank you card, they have a lot of details and are a good weight. The total weight of the keys is 72 grams. The keys are different in length and range from 2.0 inches to 3.2 inches.

Brand: Chuangqi

👤It was perfect. Exactly what I was expecting. Excellent detail.

👤Nice study with heavy metal keys. There are small ones and large ones. They were used as decorations for a party. Adding feathers and fishing line made them look like flying keys. The kids love playing with them. They would also make art.

👤I used the keys to make a boring lamp shade steampunk. Not a masterpiece. I like it. The keys are interesting and different. The 10 in the set are enough for me. Great purchase.

👤They are small, but if you read the description, you will not be disappointed. There are lots of cute keys. I used them as an adornment on the wedding invitation.

👤Good purchase. Some feel plastic, but they will work for what I need.

👤I wanted to use them in photos. They are very cute. Better than I anticipated.

👤These are small, but they are detailed and I like them.

👤I bought the keys for my girlfriend's granddaughter. She was enamored by the skeleton key in the clock. She loves her keys.

👤A nice assortment of weights and colors.

👤I like keys. I didn't expect them to be flat.

11. CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Necklace Handcrafts

CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Necklace Handcrafts

There is a big charm with photos. The weight is 270g/pack. Different keys have different meanings. Every key is made from zinc alloy and has an antique bronze finish. These keys are an amazing gift for a greeting card, thank you card, wind chime or other personal project, they are a good weight (6oz) and have a lot of details. Key chains are perfect for a variety of crafts, from jewelry to birthday party favors. The metal key comes in many different sizes.

Brand: Chuangqi

👤I can't say I love them but I can say I have an obsession with keys and they are just a little smaller than I expected. The only thing I would suggest is to note the actual size, but I am not disappointed and would order from you again.

👤Great purchase! The keys are in a plastic container. It's perfect for my jewelry and witch bells. It was thick and sturdy. Highly recommend!

👤I think these are good. There are many styles. I like them.

👤How cute! There is a These are great. There is a The larger ones are nicer than the smallest ones. My daughter has a mini tree.

👤The price is a great value. Excellent quality is what the lots of tiny keys are. Great for making things.

👤Oh my God! One of the best buys I've ever made on Amazon. The keys are a masterpiece. I love it! Love it!

👤Very disappointed. There were no big keys that you could use.

👤My son's birthday was a treasure hunt. The kids took some home from the treasure chest. Great time!

👤They were perfect. There were many different sizes. They were put with my small houses that I was making for an enchanted forest.


What is the best product for decorative keys bulk?

Decorative keys bulk products from Sl Crafts. In this article about decorative keys bulk you can see why people choose the product. Zipperpull and Duomiw are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative keys bulk.

What are the best brands for decorative keys bulk?

Sl Crafts, Zipperpull and Duomiw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative keys bulk. Find the detail in this article.

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