Best Decorative Keys for Crafts

Keys 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Makhry Antique Skeleton Wedding Decoration

Makhry Antique Skeleton Wedding Decoration

The keys are made of metal and have a vintage bronze finish. These are ideal items for art projects. 20 pieces key charms in 2 different styles, 10 pieces each, size: 3.1- 3.3inch, weight: 10.6g are included in the package. Key can be used for many things, such as making bookmarks, key rings, jewelry crafts, and santa keys. It's also suitable for window decorations. Random keys are a good choice for school activities. Students can use antique keys as keys to success. Birthday party favors that use old keys are ideal. Vintage rustic favors photo props are perfect for recording birthdays, wedding or any anniversary.

Brand: Makhry

👤I buy cheap props when I do a lot of artistic work. I did not care if they were a prop or not, I ordered them for show. They are very nice, and I'm tying one around my neck for a pendant. These are very heavy and nice. I can recommend them to anyone.

👤I made Flying Key ornaments out of these skeleton keys. I wanted all large keys and this set fits the bill because many of them are small keys. The keys in this set are large. I put them with the Amazon item. I strung a ribbon through the top of the key and attached it with hot gun glue. They turned out well.

👤I give these to my students who score the highest on each test in my course. These are keys to success for students who work extra hard. My students like them. They keep them on their keys or bags. These are well made.

👤The keys are of good quality. We needed large decorative keys for a Girl Scout troop activity, so we purchased in rose gold without knowing what we were getting. It was pleasantly surprised. The rose gold color is pretty and they are large. We strung yarn through the top and made them into necklaces for the girls, where they can get their own happy place when they get sad or upset. They loved them at the meeting.

👤I love these keys. They are not plastic and feel legit. I use these to make a lot of crafts. necklaces, nailed to wood and made a cute place to hang out keys.

👤It served its purpose and was ok. There are only two keys in the rest, and they look like copies. I wish they would have sold them in a smaller amount. There is a I will give them credit for the sturdy keys, they look decent.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I received the keys. They are gorgeous. The construction is very sturdy. I was looking for a larger size. I have used them to make things. They add a touch of class to many craft projects. If you are looking for a big key, these are beautiful and will meet your expectations.

👤I used them at a Christmas party. I tied them to a card with a saying on one side and various bible verse on the other, then I scattered them out on the tables for people to take. Everyone loved them.

👤These were bought for the classroom. The children love playing with them. There are a lot of hours of play. Would recommend.

👤I ordered these to use for Christmas crafts, larger than I expected, and they are perfect. I needed large keys for my plans. Heavy weight craft/decor keys are very beautiful.

👤Excellent quality. These are my crafts and they compliment my stuff because they are large. Love them.

👤It was larger than I expected. Also heavy. Will use them on a different craft than on cards because they are too heavy.

2. Velvet Insert Jewelry Bracelets Keychains

Velvet Insert Jewelry Bracelets Keychains

It is easy to find files. The plastic tabs and white inserts make it easier to find the files according to the tabs. There is a window for simple organization. These delicate gift boxes are ideal for presents like necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Their small gift boxes for presents make great wedding party favors and are helpful to have on hand for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and Valentine's Day. Each box has been designed using durable cardboard and features a bow knot. The perfect size is 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches. The gift wrap set comes with 6 little gift boxes with inserts and lids. The gift wrap set comes with 6 little gift boxes with inserts and lids.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought the gift boxes because I sell watches online. I didn't have boxes to package them in. I decided to try them out because of the price and the fact that they had pillow inserts. I was not disappointed at all. The boxes are better than I expected. They are thick and sturdy, have a unique texture on the outside, and come with a pillow insert that is perfect for wrapping the watches around. There is a The bow on top is a perfect finishing touch. There is a Due to the quality of these boxes, I included them in my product photos and used them as a marketing point, instead of just buying boxes to package my watches in. I was amazed at how quickly I got them. They arrived on Wednesday after I ordered them on Tuesday. Fantastic! I will be buying tons more of these boxes. I might need a dash button. I think so.

👤The set of 6 jewelry ring boxes is too big for a ring box. The ring box is compared. I expected this, but it still seemed larger than I thought it would be. The inner cushion is the main problem. It is not a foam insert. There is no way to hang a necklace from a corner, or to thread a necklace through. An overstuffed pillow is a soft foam pad with a velvet covered surface. See the pics. It would be fine to place a tennis bracelet around, but for anything else, it is useless, and you get an empty cardboard box which is too large to use alone. Not worth the money. The ones I bought at the dollar store were of better quality. Save money. The box is exactly like the picture, so I will give it three stars.

👤When I received them, they were falling apart. The corners of the boxes were collapsing because the lids were too small. I don't recommend using these boxes to present a gift to someone. The look on the face of the giftee said it all, I had no choice but to use one of them.

👤These boxes are great. I bought these last year and am about to order more. They have a nice look to them, and I like the fact that they have a black stuffed pillow inside for me to put a bracelet around. It's great for jewelry makers like me. I think they are a tad expensive, but I love the color and texture of them. I would recommend them.

👤I was very pleased to find the boxes were sturdy and well made for small jewelry or other gifts. The reverse side of the black velvet pillow liners has a slot that can be used to secure a bracelet/watch or earrings. It's nice to know that this product is still available on Amazon. Highly recommended and fair pricing.

👤I was embarrassed to use the boxes for my gift but I didn't have time to look for another one. The paper is falling apart because they don't close property. So disappointing.

3. Handcrafted Decorative Container Organizer Collection

Handcrafted Decorative Container Organizer Collection

2 Pack in 1 wooden craft storage boxes with lock and keys, use as screw or nuts tool box, cash money or coin box, pokemon playing card holder, memory files or favor box, decent. Your ideal wood boxes to hold treasure collections and valued items, like graduation souvenirs,birthday gifts and family photos. Thicken real wood panels boxes, hand crafted tenon joint and hinged link design without glue, without nails. There are two sets of wooden storage boxes in the kit bulk pack. Storage boxes for cash money, jewelry treasure, medicine safe boxes with lock and keys, or valued files and privacy documents are some of the things that the ideal storage organizers have. The wooden box has a lock and is more durable. Storage of your personal privacy collections, trinkets or jewelry treasure, or your personal memory birthday gifts, business cards or pokemon playing card or postcards, letters, album photo, books, limited edition toys in the wooden storage boxes with safe and tidy way. The ideal treasure chest trunk bins are for women, men, kids, boys, girls, child. 4) The wooden boxes are well painted. To show the nature friendly atmosphere in your family, decorate your home, kitchen, room or desktop. It can be used as a wooden hobby box, Favor collection baby keepsake cabinet box, garage organizer, or shabby chic storage box. As gifts to kids, child boys, as buried hidden or pirate treasure chest, as playing card collection boxes with lock and keys. The contact support team gets 100% satisfied. The family 2 pack of wooden boxes is cost-saving. You can keep your tea, coffee,sugar bag,essential oil,candy,grains,herbs, medicine pills, cash money,spices,dried flowers,gadgets,keepsakes,trinkets,cards,toys, family photo,album,jewelry, The contact support team gets 100% satisfied. The family 2 pack of wooden boxes is cost-saving. You can keep your tea, coffee,sugar bag,essential oil,candy,grains,herbs, medicine pills, cash money,spices,dried flowers,gadgets,keepsakes,trinkets,cards,toys, family photo,album,jewelry,

Brand: Bighala

👤I love these boxes because I am functionally incapable of not buying more to add to. I outgrew my old dice box. Each d20 represents an entire set of dice. There are 47 sets of dice. I look like I just walked out of a shop with my first baby chessex set rattling around in a clear little box, and that is 329 dice. I have enough dice to almost admit that I have a problem with this thing. The boxes can hold up to 46d6 of damage. There is a I bought a liner to go inside because of the noise. It is a little rough in some places. People can't touch my dice because it evens itself out.

👤The placement of boxes is something I labor over a lot. These are stunning! The wood grain is beautiful. They are unfinished and rustic. I have never put boxes down before, but they filled in the gap on my table.

👤These boxes look nice. They seem sturdy and well made. I loved them. I was with him when he opened the gift. There is a I noticed that the locks were tight when I put the gift together, but I thought they would loosen up. They are cheap. There is a We tried several times to use them and everything had to be perfectly aligned for them to work at all, they key seemingly able to break/bend with opening the lock that seems to catch. There is a I can buy a new lock for the gift-receiver. The boxes are very nice.

👤I received this today and am going to build a memory box for my son. I want to make sure I have the best moments with my single mom. The smaller box was inside the larger box. I opened the larger box, removed the smaller box from the bubble wrap, and immediately saw that the top of the small box was covered in a large mess, as if someone tried to sand the finish. I was very disappointed. I requested a replacement.

👤The large box had a big dent on top and the outer finish was not done well. The small box outer finish was bad. The edges of the interior were rough. A 5th graders could have built better boxes. I don't write bad reviews because I don't want to taint a company over a single bad item. This time a rare exception is made because of the 2 boxes and other reviews that reflect the same poor quality. Don't waste an order if you have to return it. Save yourself the effort.

👤The lock and key gave these boxes a little extra character, but it was difficult for me to work on them because the top latch was mounted too high. I was afraid to adjust this myself because of the damage to the wood or exposed previous screw holes. I swapped for the box set with the regular latch. I love the box set. The fire smokey color and warm color of the raw wood is lovely. I don't have to worry about the wood swelling because I live in a dry climate. If you live in a place with a lot of air, you may want to seal the wood. The boxes looked beautiful on the shelf. You won't regret it if you get these. They claim to give you a free gift when you get one of these sets. I have reached out multiple times but no response. Don't expect to get a free gift.

4. Kid Made Modern Crafts Library

Kid Made Modern Crafts Library

SallyRose, a premier designer and curator of cross-generational and timeless brands, offers an array of affordable, yet always finely crafted on-trend and classic jewelry as well as gift items for the entire family. The best-selling Arts & Crafts Library has gotten even better. It is the perfect cornerstone to any kid's craft stash and has over 1,000 pieces. The only thing you need to add is your imagination, you can create so many different things. Allow your creativity to flow while making jewelry, backpack, luggage tags, or even art projects for school. The ultimate arts and craft gift set. A gift that encourages creativity in children. There is a storage case for portable crafting projects. Imagination Run's Wild is for ages 8 and up, and it will give them hours of exploring their creative side by crafting, scrapbooking, making jewelry and so much more.

Brand: Kid Made Modern

👤My daughter is 8 years old. She likes to find small bits and pieces of things around the house. I thought this would be a good place to start. The initial problem was that there was no idea book. My child was overwhelmed at first. There is a "poster" included with different pictures of crafts made from the supplies in the box, as well as a web address for a blog that the company created that has instructions for projects that you can make from their various kits for sale. She came up with some ideas and has been using the kit since. The glue wasn't very good. This supply kit is recommended by me.

👤My first craft box was for my 3 year old daughter and the craft kit was for my 6 year old daughter. I know it will last a long time because both of them have been using them for a month and they still have plenty of materials left. It does include a sheet with some craft ideas, but I like how it is open-ended rather than having step-by-step instructions. There is a lot of variation in the materials included. If you are planning on glueing any of the felt pieces, keep in mind that the kit includes a tube of glue which isn't the best. This was a perfect gift for my girls and I am very pleased with it. I would definitely order again from Kids Made Modern.

👤The box was filled with a lot of things, including pipe cleaners, jewels, wooden objects, felt, googly eyes, pom poms, scissors, needles with thread, and more. There is an idea poster. This is amazing if you have a child who loves art. It is worth the price. My granddaughter was happy. Good quality. The glue was the only con. tacky glue is needed for felt and pom poms. The small bottle of glue is good for paper projects.

👤I bought this for my niece. It was a great variety of craft supplies. She has a lot of options for what she can do. She was thrilled with the gift. Her mom was happy that it all came in a container. Win!

👤My kids have been having fun with this. The first things he made were a black widow necklace and some rings. They've made stick people and other random things. When they opened it, they were freaked out. My kids are all happy with it.

👤My budding artist got a great craft collection. The items are of top quality. The case does not close well, which causes the product to lose one star. It would be nice to see a case that will hold up to all of the use, but a couple of dots will fix the problem.

👤I received this today and it is so large that I can't believe it. For the price, arts and crafts boxes are usually smaller. I know that the rest of my family will be getting one in the future.

5. CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Double Sided Repetition

CHuangQi Skeleton Steampunk Double Sided Repetition

There is a pack of 10 different style keys. Each key has a different meaning. The steampunk keys are perfect for a variety of crafts, including necklace pendant drop, vintage wedding decoration, birthday party favors, theme party game,escort cards, and other crafts. These keys are an amazing gift for a greeting card or thank you card, they have a lot of details and are a good weight. The total weight of the keys is 72 grams. The keys are different in length and range from 2.0 inches to 3.2 inches.

Brand: Chuangqi

👤It was perfect. Exactly what I was expecting. Excellent detail.

👤Nice study with heavy metal keys. There are small ones and large ones. They were used as decorations for a party. Adding feathers and fishing line made them look like flying keys. The kids love playing with them. They would also make art.

👤I used the keys to make a boring lamp shade steampunk. Not a masterpiece. I like it. The keys are interesting and different. The 10 in the set are enough for me. Great purchase.

👤They are small, but if you read the description, you will not be disappointed. There are lots of cute keys. I used them as an adornment on the wedding invitation.

👤Good purchase. Some feel plastic, but they will work for what I need.

👤I wanted to use them in photos. They are very cute. Better than I anticipated.

👤These are small, but they are detailed and I like them.

👤I bought the keys for my girlfriend's granddaughter. She was enamored by the skeleton key in the clock. She loves her keys.

👤A nice assortment of weights and colors.

👤I like keys. I didn't expect them to be flat.

6. Offray Greek Ribbon 8 Inch 9 Feet

Offray Greek Ribbon 8 Inch 9 Feet

The country of origin is the United States. The package weight is 0.03 pounds. The package has dimensions of 3.25" L X 3.25" W X 1.125" H.

Brand: Offray

👤It works out perfectly for what I need. I wish the roles were bigger. I use this ribbon a lot and it wraps about 2 boxes.

👤My son is going to school in a greek costume. I used hot glue to adhere it to his shirt.

👤The product was described. The gold thread is well made. I bought 10 rolls.

👤I needed it for one project and it looks good and well priced, would recommend it.

👤I had to have my costumes trimmed. We did a Greek mythology theme this year. The finishing touch was perfect.

👤It was great to see that trim on our costumes.

👤Great product! It was wonderful for my trim.

👤I was making a costume for a friend's daughter and I needed this ribbon for the cape.

👤Love it. Exactly what I was expecting.

7. Youngs Cast Single 7 Inch 30444

Youngs Cast Single 7 Inch 30444

The product is made of ceramic. If it is damaged during transportation, please contact them for a replacement. Any room decor can use a stylish decorative accent. Measures 0.25(L) 0.25(W) 0.75(H) There are 4 keys in this set. There are non-unique keys.

Brand: Young's

👤I believe 4 keys are included in the price. I received a key for both orders. I am leaving 1 star.

👤I like skeleton keys. The first house I bought had all the skeleton keys. All the bedrooms and bathroom, but also the doors in the kitchen. These doors only have the kitchen side on one side. The milkman could get into the mudroom and the coal man could only get into the basement. They couldn't get into the house. The skeleton keys here are bigger and have cool designs. You will love them.

👤Excellent quality and strength. The ring and key will not fit against the wall because it is so thick. I am not sure how to hang them.

👤When I ordered them, they sent me only one key, which was a mistake because it said it was going to be a set of four. I got all four of my keys after I got my money back. Thank you guys so much for fixing that mistake and sending my beautiful keys, I absolutely love them.

👤If all the keys were shorter, it would have been five stars. The keys were the same. The fourth key is shorter than the others. It looks really awkward when used.

👤These are amazing! Big enough to be actual keys, but not so big that they could only be decor. They look like they are from an old world. The keys in the set were all beautiful. The keys were all authentic because of the big metal circle. Definitely will be buying more. I used it for Christmas gifts, but it could be used for many other things.

👤At our Home Sweet Home themed celebration, I had to buy a second set of napkin weights for a friend who fell in love with them for her historic home. A high quality, well made, decorative for wall hanging.

👤The item description says four. When the first shipment came with only one, we got two on two separate deliveries. Ended up with two.

👤I only received one key after ordering this set of keys. The complete set was sent by Amazon within a week, and I was given a mailing label to send the original single key back. The keys are heavy and well made. It was easy to have the issue resolved and I am very happy.

👤A set of 4 was added by the add. I received 1. You cannot trust the add description.

👤I received them the day after I ordered them. I expected it to be the same. I would like the ring to be on the wall.

👤Publicitan un set of 4 llaves.

👤I was expecting one week delivery when I ordered them. It was delivered the same day. The keys were in perfect condition. I love the antique color and quality. I wish the rings were removed.

8. SL Crafts Skeleton Antiqued 38mm 68mm

SL Crafts Skeleton Antiqued 38mm 68mm

Mixed 20 pieces. The smallest key size is 20X38mm, the biggest is 21X68mm. The Antique Bronze / Brass finish is the color. It's perfect for use as necklace pendants, vintage wedding decor and escort cards, scrap booking, and other crafts.

Brand: Sl Crafts

👤A Harry Potter Christmas decoration was purchased. If you have 10 on each line, multiple sizes and heavy enough to weight down the fishing cord, you should be fine. They worked on a movie scene. I had to buy multiple sets elsewhere because they were so small.

👤The keys were used in a scavenger hunt. They are really cool and they were perfect. There are different designs. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤I counted the Skeleton keys when they arrived. I was happy that all 20 quantity and no duplicate arrived. The keys are small. The size is related to the product description. The keys are good to use for a project. The keys are cute. I can see myself ordering the same keys again. 20 keys for $5.99 was a great deal.

👤We had a Harry Potter party and these were perfect. We made it work even though they were a little smaller than expected.

👤I bought these for my kids to use as vault keys. There was a good variety of sizes and designs. It was easy to find a key that suited the kid. They still play with them.

👤Exactly as described. Not flimsy at all! 3 of them had false backs, but that doesn't bother me. This deal was too good to pass up and I only needed one key. I think they're a good choice.

👤I bought these for my cousin. He loved small things for Christmas.

👤These are cool. They are fun to look at and play with.

👤Todas son differentes. calidad excelente. There is a Llegaron antes de lo esperado.

9. THY COLLECTIBLES Handmade Storage Natural

THY COLLECTIBLES Handmade Storage Natural

The product has a dimensions of 2.0"L x 0.5"W x 1.0"H. The natural beauty fruit salad serving bowl is made from reclaimed cedar stumps. Each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans, so no two pieces are the same as in nature, color,shape and measurement may vary, items will be send out on the random basis, you will receive the similar bowl as the images shown The unique styles of ecological nature make them great for practical and artistic use. It was a great choice to place the centerpiece on the table. It's ideal for serving fresh fruits, pasta, chips and everything in between. L10" x W8" x H4" is theDIMENSION. No two are the same as in nature, color, shape and measurement can vary. Dry up after washing.

Brand: Thy Collectibles

👤I bought it on Sept 28th. When we received the bowl, my wife and I were very pleased with it. It was on the table in the dining room filled with pumpkins. We noticed a split in the wood this week. We were very disappointed to see the extent of the crack after taking the gourds out. The bowl was sitting on the table. It did not hold a lot of weight. Would not recommend it.

👤I have been looking for a new bowl and basket, and this one caught my eye. I was a little worried about the size since it gave a potential range. It fit the 8 pound newborn perfectly. I will try to post more images from this session.

👤The bowl is beautiful. I have only had it for 5 months. It has a big crack on the side. I've only ever put some candy in it and it's never gotten wet. It arrived with one of the sides poking out of the box and it seemed fine at the time, but it must have weakened the wood and caused it to eventually crack.

👤This is to be used for decoration. It is a little large. I will use this for fruit and order the smaller one for decor.

👤I received a bowl that I love and it's obvious that no two bowls are the same. My husband is happy with it as well. It was a nice surprise that we received it 6 days early.

👤The first bowl was damaged, but it was beautiful. I ordered another one. The bowl is great looking and solid. There is a I was offered a full refund for the bowl that was damaged.

👤After a week, it spontaneously cracked, after being kept in ambient temperature of the house, cleaned with a damp cloth and never immersed in water. It was a gift for my mom and she was hesitant to say anything after the return date. I tried reaching out to the company but they wouldn't help me.

👤I love this on my kitchen island. The large size is perfect for fresh fruit and vegetables.

10. Decorative Farmhouse Handmade Centerpiece Potpourri

Decorative Farmhouse Handmade Centerpiece Potpourri

Care: To ensure longevity, wash your hands. Please watch the video to see the beautiful Wavy Live edge design and sturdiness to stand out among competing wood fruit burl bowl and wood bowls decorative. QUALITY & HEAVY. The Quality Control System-PURE CARVING is unique. Camphor wood was used to serve fruits, veggies, candy, snack, nut, dough, and pistachios. Each wooden fruit bowl and wooden decorative bowl is handmade with care. The bowl's shape, weight and size are different. An accent rustic log cabin wood decor furniture is also for home, office and bar display. To store things on the entryway table, place trinket, catchall, keys, jewelry, phone, remotes, stones, collective crystals. A beautiful gift to a family member. Business clients received an impressive gift. If you want to serve fruits SAFELY, you need to replace Varnish with Food Safe Grade Wood Wax Oil. The bowl's size should be known before purchasing.

Brand: Aotea Crafts

👤It's a cute bowl. Not much, up close. Some places have no finish at all and there are drips all over the place. It wasn't sanded very well, so it feels rough. It is very rocky and does not sit on the table. I bought it for a present, but I'm not sure if I want to return it. There is a The company gave me a new one for free.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase of the wooden bowl. The curved ends are charming. The packaging was done with extreme care. Thank you for the wooden coasters. The designs are quite entertaining. I will buy another one.

👤The design was the same as shown. The finish was applied in different ways. There were a few small particles in the finish. I was going to give a 3 rating for these issues but my husband said the workmanship was a 5 rating so 4 stars. The add ons were very cute. I am happy with it.

👤The tray is hand carved. It looks better than it is. It is a unique piece that can be used in many different ways. I bought it as a gift and was tempted to keep it for myself. I like supporting small businesses.

👤Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful color, sturdy, and nice size. Even though my husband used to do woodworking, I always wanted a natural looking wooden bowl. I would purchase this again for a gift, anytime.

👤It was much smaller than anticipated. It was very dirty, scratched, and not polished like in the pictures. All in all not very useful or as aesthetically pleasing as I had thought, but not really worth the return and looking for something else. It is very small if you are planning on using it as a decorative key bowl.

👤The bowl was in perfect condition when it arrived. I appreciated the bonus coasters that were included. I noticed some places where the bowl was not finished well, and there were some drips. My husband works with wood as a hobby and will take the time to fix the flaws. I think more attention to quality control is needed.

👤The ball was beautiful. The ball is small. There is a It would have worn off eventually, but there was a strong smell from the bowl that was likely caused by the wood being treated with a certain type of solvent. If you are going to gift it, be prepared to let it air out for a week or so if you are going to do so. A beautiful bowl!

11. Aokbean Mixed Skeleton Antique Bronze

Aokbean Mixed Skeleton Antique Bronze

Antique vintage style large skeleton key lock replicas, neighbor toy, and housewarming room trinkets. A set of keys with different styles. Baby showers,fairy decor, key to success graduation, Antique Bronze / Brass finish. Key sizes are 2 to 2.4" There are decorations for a birthday party, home decor, treasure hunting game supplies, mini toys for kids, and a secret door game favors.

Brand: Aokbean

👤I made a mobile of flying keys for a Harry Potter themed party. They were perfect! It would have been nice to have more types of keys in the mix, but for the price and quality of the keys, there is no way I'm going to complain!

👤The quality was amazing for the price. At my 10 year olds party, we made Harry Potter flying keys and they were a big hit. The kids are allowed to take one home. They were excited!

👤I forgot to take a picture before I added the wings. There are 30 different designs in the bag. The metal is about the weight of a key. I bought a Harry Potter Christmas tree. Will buy again if necessary.

👤These turned out great. They look great for our vintage place cards for our wedding. Since it is an adult wedding, we ordered Large Keys to make sure our guests don't feel like they are picking up baby keys. It's true! We ordered 2 bags and only about 4 of them came in broken, but that's not a big deal. Great price and purchase! Thank you so much! Can't wait for our guest to take their seat.

👤I thought they were bigger. It's all great. My granddaughter is making jewelry. We plan to give them to the animal shelter so that more people can adopt a pet.

👤I bought two bags of these to add to our seating at our vow renewal and I'm very pleased with the quality. I thought they would be cheap and thin, but they are thick and have some weight to them. They are the right size for what I need. I put my ipod next to them for a size comparison in my photos. I thought they were a little lighter than they are, but they are very nice, and the picture is a little dark and lighting isn't consistent.

👤We used the keys to make necklaces. The price was within our budget and I was surprised by the quality. They're not cheap plastic, they're metal. I think the weight is just right for a necklace, they don't feel clunky or bulky when put on a chain. The finish on the antique bronze that we ordered was stunning and matched all of our other antique bronze chains, clasps, and charms just perfectly!

👤I am very happy with the keys and the delivery. We ordered them on a whim to use for our wedding decorations, and I am very pleased with what we received. I expected them to be flimsy and cheap, but they are not. We received the keys three days after the order was placed. I ordered two more bags after opening the package and finding them exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend these to anyone looking for small vintage/antique keys to use in shadow boxes, frames, wedding d├ęcor or jewelry. They are very good quality and durable.

👤This came in the mail quickly. I thought the keys would be a lot thinner. They are not heavy like actual keys, but they still look amazing. I will be making a Harry Potter key that is lighter so that it will work out better. Thank you so much!


What is the best product for decorative keys for crafts?

Decorative keys for crafts products from Makhry. In this article about decorative keys for crafts you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Bighala are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative keys for crafts.

What are the best brands for decorative keys for crafts?

Makhry, Juvale and Bighala are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative keys for crafts. Find the detail in this article. Kid Made Modern, Chuangqi and Offray are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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