Best Decorative Kitchen Canisters for Countertop

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1. Style Setter Canister Airtight Stainless

Style Setter Canister Airtight Stainless

Storage of varied items, such as coffee, tea, sugar, pasta, grains, and so on, is enabled by virtue. A set of glass containers in various sizes makes an elegant accompaniment to any counter or pantry shelf. An Airtight Seal for Keeping Cookies, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice and Other Dry Foods is included in the Keeps Food Fresh Longer. It was super fresh. Superbly stylish design can be achieved with gorgeous ENGRAVED GLASS, which is Thick, Durable Glass Jars are safer than Plastic and feature ornate Retro Borders. It's a good idea to display, organize, and store all kinds of snacks withoutcluttering your kitchen. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set for any special occasion. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set for any special occasion.

Brand: Style Setter

👤I bought these for snacks on our coffee table. I wish they had a plastic seal. The screw-on lids don't line up well. It is a challenge to close every time. I will use them somewhere else for decoration. There is a I would not suggest these if you want something that you use daily.

👤These are very pretty looking on my counter. I use them to store coffee beans, coffee grounds, and tea bags. I ordered this set because I liked the decorative glass and the white knobs on top of the lids. I would like the lids to be sealed so my beans and grounds could be kept fresh. I don't like having a screw lid because it takes a bit more time to get off and on. There is a I am happy with my purchase, I really like this set. They look great in my kitchen and make it easier to store things. There is a The lid and knobs look expensive. There are pros and cons toScrew on and off lid. It's not sealed so may not keep things fresh.

👤The canisters are pretty and unique. The glass canisters were put in the dishwasher. The tops should be washed by hand. A good price. Add a touch of class to your kitchen. A second set was purchased as a gift. Don't hesitate if you are looking.

👤The smallest jar in the set had its lid scratched and caved in. The tin is too thin and soft and the knobs don't stay straight because the lids flex. The glass threads and lid threads aren't the same so trying to screw them on is futile. They're not made well.

👤Returned to me after I arrived. The knobs on the kids of the jars were so messed up they were torn apart. I didn't replace because I was afraid of getting another set with the same issue. The jars looked good, the kid fit well, and I would have kept them.

👤I like the canisters that are discribed. The glass body has white knobs and metal lids. No damage was done during delivery. I recommend these 3 gorgeous girls to girls who are budget minded.

👤It arrived with dents and chips. It was nice enough looking. The seller made things right. I am very happy with the product and the customer service. Highly recommended.

👤These are cute, but the lids are flimsy. I couldn't open the box right when it arrived and I redecorated the room I'm using today and one lid is missing.

2. MDesign Kitchen Countertop Organizer Canister

MDesign Kitchen Countertop Organizer Canister

If the glass jar is broken during transportation, please contact them and they will give you a replacement at the first opportunity. Storage made shabby is a sleek design of jars with a wide mouth and aremovable lid that give you a variety of storage options. The canister is great for storing and organizing coffee, tea, sugar, flour, assorted candies, dry beans, pasta, cereals, spices, and cookies. The sleek, modern design can be easily stored on any kitchen cabinet or countertop. Functions and quotient: The design is fun and space-saving, and will fit in many rooms of your home. The quality construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic and Rust-resistant, and is designed for use in moist environments. It's measures 5.5" diameter x 7.71" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I recently started using Dropps laundry Pods, and I wanted to store them in containers that were easy to access. I wanted something that didn't have a tight seal and that was easy to grab a Pod. They look great, and they're the right size. They're light weight and seem sturdy, but they look like glass. I bought the two-pack set and one individual container, and I'm very pleased with their look and function.

👤Downy Fresh Protect with Febreze, In-Wash Scent Beads works well when I put my sheets in them.

👤The Dollar Tree has good quality. Don't waste your money. Cheap plastic that will last a long time.

👤I had expected a bigger size. When I ordered it, I thought it was a small, but when I looked at the dimensions, it was a medium. There is a It works for me. I have a small kitchen with minimal counter space, but it all worked out.

👤These are my favor display canisters. I use them for a lot of things. I wish they were cheaper.

👤The jars were bigger than I expected and I am ok with that.

👤Use them for laundry soap and sprinkles.

👤I love these containers. They are not glass. You can not tell the difference. Excellent quality. They are being used to store my espressos and coffees in one jar. I don't have to worry about someone breaking them because they aren't glass. Highly recommend!

👤You can buy the same item at the dollar store for less.

👤I am encanto! Recomiendo.

👤I love the containers. A few small changes in your kitchen can make a big difference. These containers are beautiful and I love them.

3. Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Countertop Organizer

Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Countertop Organizer

It comes in an assortment of convenience sizes. Four canisters are 4.5" in diameter and in various heights. This ceramic kitchen utensil crock is a Decorative UTENSIL HOLDER. A container that holds cooking utensils will keep them neat and drawers free of mess. The French country contest. This cute french country accent utensil holder will make a cute addition to your kitchen. The rustic twine bow and porcelain-like finish on the ceramic container give this utensil caddy a vintage charm. This big utensil holder is a good place to keep your everyday kitchen tools. A piece of ceramic pottery will make a great decoration on your kitchen counter. DIMENSIONS The crock holder is 6” x 25′′. There is a diameter across the top. The utensil holder is made of stone. White is the color. Food that is safe. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤After buying one, I learned that they are for 7 bucks.

👤I love the company and product. I have bought many items from this company and they complete my household. I had been looking for a jar that was ceramic and not tin and this was the best one that matched my other decor.

👤I looked over many utensil crocks and found one that was the right size, color and design for our kitchen. The ceramic rustic farmhouse crock is perfect. It's well made, the cream / beige color was a perfect match with our colors, and it has a wide mouth, which holds several utensils. The other utensil holders may have an opening that is too wide or they may have a narrow opening. The Barnyard Utensil holder has a small opening and a narrowing at the neck to hold utensils upright. Our kitchen is modern and rustic, and I think it would work well with a modern or rustic design. This item was a great find for a great price and we were really impressed with it. Competitive products were more expensive.

👤I like it, but it takes a lot of room. To big at the bottom and tall at the top. They contacted me to make sure I was satisfied and they were very good to talk and work with, they offered to help in any way they could. I have increased my rating. If you compare it to the photo, it's a bit big for me. It is very pleasant. I like it. They were very pleasant to work with.

👤This is what I was looking for. I wanted a cute utensil holder for my counter that would work when we change our countertop. Everything I saw was tacky. This gives an old fashioned milk jug feel. It's heavy so it won't tip over. It was well packed. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It was perfect. It is not too small like I have seen on other reviews. It is just right. It is good quality. I don't have any complaints. It is simple and cute. We kept the twine on it because it had a tag on it.

👤I bought a canister set from the same company. It works well with my farmhouse kitchen.

👤It is heavy enough to hold several utensils. It has a great country chic look.

👤A bit pricey. But it comes from America.

👤The pot looks good, but it could be better.

👤The perfect size holds quite a few utensils. Well-made and attractive. I'm quite happy with the purchase.

👤This is beautiful and well made. Everyone should own one.

4. SWEEJAR Canisters Stackable Containers Airtight

SWEEJAR Canisters Stackable Containers Airtight

These jars have a clean design that keeps food fresh. The fluid/Powder maximum capacity is about 28oz. It's suitable for coffee, tea, candy, sugar, salt and pepper. The solid storage capacity may not reach the maximum due to the different density of particles. The smooth appearance and simple design can match your cabinet, highlighting the elegant and modern style. The bottom of the containers are easy to stack and save you some space in the kitchen. The food storage containers are made of porcelain. The containers have wooden lid and rubber seal to make them lightproof. They are good for keeping food fresh. The original wooden lid has a slight odor that doesn't affect the use. Airing many times will disappear. When pressing the lid at the same time. The hand wash only applies to the lid. Canisters are dishwasher and microwave safe. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions about the product. They will support their products.

Brand: Sweejar

👤I bought one of the jars to see if I liked the design, and have since bought two more. I have three sizes of water: 39 ounces in Navy, 59 ounces in Turquoise and 28 ounces in Gray. They can be used to store coffee, coffee filters, and hot cocoa mix. I can fit all of the lids, except one that I can't stay on for 28 ounces. The gasket on the lid doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment, so I might try moving it around. The size of the can of hot cocoa mix is not large enough to hold it. The 59oz size is good for holding coffee grounds. It can fit around 20 ounces of coffee, and is easy to fit a cup for measuring. There is a The ceramic is glossy and free of flaws. I have washed the jars in the dishwasher without any issues and have not had any problems with cracks or chipping.

👤The canisters don't always seal. When you push down on the lid, the trapped air will push the lid up slowly. You can see this in my picture. If you don't do it "just right" the instructions say to push and twist, which works better.

👤I love this canister. I wanted to keep the sugar on my coffee bar. I'm going with a Farmhouse theme. I created it myself. I would purchase again. I put a soda can next to the canister in the photo.

👤The canister was mistakenly thought to hold two bags of coffee. The canister is well made. The bamboo top has a gasket. It seems to make a good seal when pressed on to the canister. The 52oz canister does not fully hold two 12oz bags of coffee. This is not the fault of the manufacturer, it is the fault of our inane system of measurement. I would recommend this product.

👤The canister is very sturdy and cute. The product was supposed to hold 14 Oz, but it is far too small. The size description was wrong, it could not hold 14 Oz.

👤The jar I bought from Amazon was in excellent condition. It was beautiful when Jar arrived. It was going to be used for dog cookies. I put a graphic on the side after washing it. When my husband got home he mentioned the lid was loose. I realized that the piece around the inside lid was missing. I had to remove my graphic from the outside of the jar because it was too late to return. I contacted the company to find a replacement. I assumed that they would send me a ring that would cost 5 cents to make. They asked for my order number. I sent them the product and order number. I didn't purchase directly from their store, so there wasn't anything they could do. I like the product. I get a lot of praise for it. It wouldn't work for food grade items without a ring. I would be happy to pay a small fee for postage to have the jar functioning. I don't think I would ever recommend them to another person. SweeJar apologized for the misunderstanding after leaving this comment. Amazon doesn't include the ring when you buy an open box item. They immediately sent me a new jar set. I am satisfied with the solution and the speed with which it was made right. I will be updating my review with 5 stars.

5. Kitchen Utensil Holder Farmhouse Home

Kitchen Utensil Holder Farmhouse Home

Hand wash with warm soapy water. A large ruler caddy is a convenient and decorative solution for overflowing kitchen drawers and countertop. The utensil holder is white and can hold all of your cooking tools. This stylish farmhouse utensil holder adds a vintage touch to your home decor. The neutral finish on this utensil jar will make you feel like you are in a country kitchen. The kitchen rock is decorative. The utensil organizers will make a beautiful decoration. Make your kitchen tidy by keeping all your cookware in one place. Save space and organize with their cooking utensil holder. It's perfect for storing your everyday kitchen utensils. DIMENSIONS The holder is wide and tall. The utensil caddy is made of heavy gauge steel and has a padded base. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Wh

👤I was very excited to get this for my kitchen. It arrived on time. There is a I noticed a chip on the top of the ring when I washed it and put my utensils in it. There were two places where white paint came off when I touched it. I liked it and didn't want to send it back, so I kept it. There is a You couldn't see it because the spoons were in there. I was disappointed. It seems like it should hold up better.

👤I wanted to give this a big 5 star review because it is cute and looks great in my kitchen. It wipes up easily, and it holds all my utensils. The design lettering is coming off, I only had it for a month. Hmm... so... Maybe this is just a one off. It is cute. I would look for a different one.

👤I ordered a second one because I loved the first one so much. I no longer have to dig through my kitchen drawers to find my kitchen utensils.

👤The utensil holder looks great. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I don't have a lot of drawer space for my kitchen utensils, so I searched for a caddy that would look good and hold a lot of my tools. This holder fit my criteria. It arrived on time and was packaged well. It's a good weight and it fits a lot of utensils, so I'm happy.

👤What I was looking for! It works with any decor and is the right size for my utensils.

👤I used to have a ceramic utensil holder. I have been looking for a red holder. I thought it was too small when I received it. I was wrong. There is room for more. I like the strength. The black liner makes it hard for it to slide on my counter. It is a nice feature. I put wet utensils in it and then placed other utensils in it. There were no dents or scratches. There is no odor or rust so far. I would recommend it.

👤Exactly as described. I gave it a 4 because I bought the Zulay one first and it was 4 dollars cheaper. The words are the same. I wanted a second one but didn't want the same words, so I bought this one. Is a great item, but I don't think it's worth 4 dollars more than similar items sold by other retailers? I am happy with my purchase and I like it.

👤El hermoso tiene mucho. I am encant.

👤It's easy to make smoothie and juices.

👤One of the best products I have ever seen.

👤It's too expensive for the size.

6. American Atelier 3 Piece White Canister

American Atelier 3 Piece White Canister

The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. The heights were 9.3, 10.4, and 11.8 inches. Canister diameter is 6 inches. There are many other styles available. 3 canisters, 3 lids were included. 3 canisters, 3 lids were included.

Brand: American Atelier

👤If the new set is better than the old one, I will update. The chip was not in a box when it was received, so it was packaged this way. The top of the canister has a decorative piece that is crooked and the lid has a rubber gasket that does not seal. The front has a big gap. There is a red piece of plastic in the canister. Is it a "second" if it wasn't flagged? Very disappointed. The canisters from the Family Dollar Store are not worth the money they are asking for. Customer service and quality of replacement set will be updated when I request a replacement. Maybe I have a bad set.

👤The seals are really well made. The largest canister in the set is all white and lacks antiquing.

👤The top handle broke when it came out of the box. Tops are not tight. They were loose. The colors of the tops are gray. They are pretty canisters. I will attempt to glue the top handle and add something to make it better. I should not have to do this. I would have liked to read the reviews. I would usually return them. I am avoiding going out more than necessary due to Covid.

👤I love my new canisters. They were packaged well. I have been using the same canisters in a different color for the past four years and have not had any issues with them. I knew I had to have them when I saw them in White. They are large and do a great job of seal. I use them to store food. I have to mention that the finials on two of the tops are a little off center. They are nice and look great on my kitchen counter, so they are not a dealbreaker for me.

👤Precisos. Muy elegantes. Se ve una parte. No cierra, pero la goma adentro ayuda a ese problema. Me gustaron mucho. Amigos, Espero haberles ayudado.

👤The addition to my kitchen was beautiful, but I was disappointed that the handle on one of the jars came off after a couple of months use. I'm not sure if I trust glue to hold the handle on the lid, as the lid has plastic on it to keep it open.

👤I read a lot of reviews about the kids not fitting a not seal. I was worried about buying them because they are beautiful. The reviews are correct that the lids don't fit properly. It's really disappointing that everything else seems sturdy with these canisters.

👤I like the way this set looks. They're a nice addition to my kitchen. The openings on top are small. You can't use a measuring cup to scoop out flour or sugar. The canisters are not round and one of the lids does not fit. The canister is ceramic, so you have to account for errors in the mold, but it really keeps it bug resistant or air resistant. I'm not sure what I'll use them for. I'm hoping I can find a gasket that will fit the lid better. I've tried to change the canisters' lids, but it doesn't make a difference. If you like pretty things on your counter, I would recommend them. Maybe my set was a mistake and I will try to reorder at some point.

7. EatNeat Canister Stainless 4 Piece Assorted

EatNeat Canister Stainless 4 Piece Assorted

DIMENSIONS The holder is wide and tall. The utensil caddy is made of heavy gauge steel and has a padded base. It is easy to clean. The choice is clear. Don't settle for inferior food containers in your home. Their borosilicate glass containers are made to last a lifetime and don't taint your food. They're the best option for you and your family. There are certain styles for your kitchen. The kitchen is where guests tend to gather, so why not make it the focal point of your home? Their glass organization and storage canisters have clean, crisp lines that add an elegant look to any decor. Kitchen organization is a must when it comes to the kitchen. Their kitchen storage containers allow you to keep all your items visible. Your guests will be impressed with the kitchen. Make your food last longer. You don't like finding old food in your pantry. What a waste! You can keep your snacks safe with their glass canisters. That way your food has a good flavor. Everyone can use a bit more storage, so it makes a great gift. Do you know a student going to college? A couple just bought a house. Get them some glass storage canisters. They'll use it every day.

Brand: Eatneat

👤The plastic part of the lid is not fastened to the silver part. They pop off when you pick it up. Terrible quality and not worth the money.

👤I put coffee in the smallest canister and it dried out in 2 weeks. They looked great in my kitchen.

👤They look nice when I unpack them, but after 2 weeks they are already starting to rust. The lit in my kitchen is old.

👤These canisters are nice. I'd like 4 all the same size, but the biggest one is not useful. The smallest one is too small. canister people always think you need 4 different sizes anyways I have to save a bag of whatever I put in the smallest one.

👤I bought these because I was tired of my dog's treats sitting in bags on my bench. The look I was after was exactly what I wanted. I used the small one in the bathroom for cotton balls because I had too many.

👤These are very nice. They don't look cheap. I want to make a treat display in my dogs' room, like a candy store. They are great for bones and bully sticks. I wish there was a much smaller one, but it's my fault that I didn't look at their volumes. Overall happy with these!

👤They feel like sturdy glass. They look great! I will be ordering more.

👤This jar set is awesome! If jars are picked up by the lid, the glue will separate from the track and the lid could fall. I also ordered a similar set from Bed Bath. It is holding up fine after I glue it back together. Hand washing the lids is the best way to wash them. Jars are thick and look great.

8. Leraze Airtight Storage Container Canister

Leraze Airtight Storage Container Canister

Please take me home! SWEET DESIGN will save you time. The clear window and lid makes it easy to see the contents. You will save time with transparent window and lid. They can be used to store cookies, coffee, flour, sugar, nuts, coarse cereals and more. The canister set is perfect for many occasions including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and so on. High quality safety material. The Airtight canister is made of 410stainless steel and has excellent rubber seals and clasps. It is safe to use. Your new container set has no smell and will hold food that is free of harmful chemicals. Foods can be kept fresh with the aid of a husky seal and a secured clove. The rubber seal is connected to the edge of the canister. The hermetic seal of the jar would be protected by this. Airtight canisters keep the contents fresh for a long time. The wide opening of the kitchen canisters makes it easy to use a full cup of measuring scoops. The canisters are dishwasher-safe, but they recommend hand- washing to protect the finish. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to clean. They are very user friendly. It comes in an assortment of convenience sizes. Four canisters are 4.5" in diameter and in various heights. It comes in an assortment of convenience sizes. Four canisters are 4.5" in diameter and in various heights.

Brand: Le'raze

👤I only used these canisters for a short time. I'm not sure how many of them developed cracks and splits in the plastic lids, because I never dropped them. I missed the return window, but I would return them.

👤Plastic and metal can be separated easily. The one that broke was the only proof of the product's existence. We will see how they hold up. I wish I would have returned all of them.

👤The look and design are nice. Everything about the product is cheap. The plastic liner is not strong. It is difficult to reassemble the plastic piece that has been taken out for cleaning. I wouldn't say it's air tight. The clasps are cheap and flimsy. The claps and inner plastic pieces are not what the should be. I think I would spend more in the future for a better product.

👤The flour was all over the floor when I put it in the tall one. I contacted the company with my concern, but received no help. The review was poor. The canisters all come apart when I checked them. It is the way they are built. Not satisfied.

👤My old traditional lid canisters were replaced by a great replacement. These seals are really tight. The little window allows you to see when you are running low.

👤I was confused when I picked up the box. I was expecting it to be of heavier materials, but I didn't read the description well. The band is plastic and the metal is thin. I'm loving the set. It's easy to see what I have in each one. It's easy to grab the top of my fridge. I can grab a container with one hand if I use the two biggest ones.

👤I was satisfied with the product at first glance. The plastic window caused flaws when I inspected them. I could see the plastic was not good. When I discovered a piece of metal sticking out, I decided that it was not good quality and needed to return.

👤The product was used as counter storage containers. I like the look and feel of these containers. They are easy to clean and light weight.

9. Barnyard Designs Decorations Farmhouse Containers

Barnyard Designs Decorations Farmhouse Containers

The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high quality products and happy customers. Kitchen canisters evoke the country farm feel into your kitchen. These rustic farmhouse decor are great for the kitchen accessories. The Farmhouse Kitchen Decor is round metal and has a vintage print. Adding vintage kitchen decor to organize a kitchen counter is a perfect way to add country kitchen decor. The flour sugar canisters sets for the kitchen can hold many other dry goods. Kitchen decorations are eye-catching. Kitchen canisters are for the countertop. There are 3 sets of 3. The canister set is Mint. The Airtight lids are 4” x 6.75” Only hand wash. It's not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or oven. Each canister holds cups. Also, note: Before ordering, please check the dimensions carefully. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤I am using them to hold cat chow, because most people will use them for coffee, tea, and sugar. I have cats indoors and outdoors and have to keep the food in a pantry some distance from my kitchen. I don't have to make many trips back and forth carrying pet dishes and can just scoop out the small amounts I need daily. I put attractive labels on the lids and numbered them so I can refill them. They are the perfect color and style for the light turquoise, white, and yellow kitchen with butcher block counters. I love them and they make life so much easier for me, thank you for this charming addition to your farm house line.

👤Cute. They are on the smaller side. I wanted to keep the counter space small. It's convenient that it doesn't have to go into the cupboard every morning for coffee. I was trying to match my mixer which is more icy blue but still looks close enough. There is a The rubber seal on the lids ensures freshness and air-tightness. I might have to check out what other products the Barnyard has.

👤I loved this set, however, they were so TINY that they didn't work. They looked small on my counter. I returned the product and am still looking for similar canisters that are larger.

👤The containers are small and don't take up a lot of space. The material feels sturdy and the air tight top that does the job without being hard to remove feels good.

👤The canisters are well made. They are small, so be sure to read the size information before buying them. I wanted them for the kitchen area.

👤I love these for my kitchen. The lids have a perfect seal. It is easy to clean the exterior and interior.

👤It was tight little loose. I saw a small chip on one of them. It looks pretty and good. I will request a replacement if it chips.

👤The canisters have a good coating. The seals are good and seem to be impermeable, the canisters are small but adequate, and the sugar is still dry despite the seals being good. I am very pleased with them, they look really cute, and I would recommend them to anyone. They add a nice splash of colour to my kitchen. After using them for a couple of weeks, the seal on one of the lids decided not to function anymore so it was a little disappointing.

👤The design and colour of this product are first class. It's easy to get your hand in. There is a My last ones were very difficult. Very happy.

👤I love these containers in my kitchen.

👤It was bought to match the canisters.

👤They were the perfect match for what we wanted.

10. Ceramic Storage Airtight DeeCoo Canister

Ceramic Storage Airtight DeeCoo Canister

The Deecoo Food Storage Jar Set have two different size crocks, the large one can reach 54 FL OZ, and the small one is 27 FL OZ, which will give you more space in your kitchen. The airtight food storage canister can be used for storing all kinds of grains, biscuits, cookie, sugar, tea, almonds, coffee, flour, spices, pet foods and more. Keep your kitchen in order by storing your utensils in one place. Porcelain is a safe material, unlike plastic and other materials. Ceramics are safer and smoother. It is easy to clean. Air is not allowed into the environment through the wood lid and silicone ring. There are practical items. The white food container is made of high gloss porcelain and Silicone, it's simple and elegant, it's a great countertop for your guests, and it goes well with any home décor. A practical gift for your friends and family is a Deecoo food jar, which is packaged in a well-wrapped box and is a lovely gift. A practical gift for your friends and family is a Deecoo food jar, which is packaged in a well-wrapped box and is a lovely gift.

Brand: Deecoo

👤The seal of the big containers is not that good. I will keep the product but probably won't buy again. The photo shows a 1$ bill. If you like the review, please vote it helpful.

👤The containers are of high quality and are perfect for storing my snacks. I like how they look and they have a good seal mechanism.

👤You get what you pay for. They are very high quality. They were used to store hot cocoa and sugar. I like them.

👤These canisters are cute. We use one of them for coffee and it keeps it fresh. We bought these because our container broke and I read that you shouldn't use a clear container for coffee. It is a decent product for the price. The rubber seal on the lids is wood. They look nice on the counter.

👤Customer service was great but the canisters came in broken. They were replaced. There is a Perfect size.

👤I was going to use it for flour. One says it will hold 54oz. The measuring cup held 42 ounces. It is not typical for a large canister to hold flour and sugar. Great jars if for something smaller.

👤It has a good seal and I bought it to store whole grains. My friends should buy it.

👤The smaller canister doesn't create a proper seal because the lid doesn't stay down. The larger cannister lid works.

11. Canisters Countertop Charcoal Farmhouse Industrial

Canisters Countertop Charcoal Farmhouse Industrial

Everyone can use more storage, so it makes a great gift. Their glass storage canisters are the perfect choice for weddings, housewarming, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and more. They make gift giving easy. Each canister is 8 inches high with a lid, and 4.5 inches in diameter. A smaller-sized design will give your countertop storage a clean and consistent look. 48 fluid ounces / 6 cups will be held in each canister. It's perfect for storing a bag of coffee or a bag of sugar. The minimalist design in charcoal grey is a great way to give your countertop a modern look. The canisters are made of metal. Silicone gasket lids keep coffee and food fresh. To wash by hand only, it is necessary to preserve the tight silicone gasket seal. Storage of varied items, such as coffee, tea, sugar, pasta, grains, and so on, is enabled by virtue. Storage of varied items, such as coffee, tea, sugar, pasta, grains, and so on, is enabled by virtue.

Brand: Ovatna Home

👤2 of the 3 were damaged. I'm not a fan of receiving damaged goods.

👤The containers are a great addition to my kitchen. I initially chose these because they were the only ones that didn't say "flour", "sugar", or anything else. I don't keep flour in my house. I didn't want it to read "flour". I was surprised when I received them. They are sleek. They look great with my farmhouse look. They could go with a themed kitchen as well. Very beautiful and versatile.

👤These aren't enough for kitchen containers. They are very small. They might hold up to 4-5 cups of sugar. There are single use containers. The site makes them appear larger than they are. They were damaged. The material is cheap. The grey color is nice, but my husband was laughing at them when I unboxed them. I immediately returned them. I wasted my time. They don't look like they would keep my food fresh. It was hilarious! Was returned.

👤The canisters look really nice. I replaced my canisters with new ones. The metal look is appealing to me. It is a dark gray color. I took two photos, one with flash and one without, to see the color. The first photo shows the color as cooler than it looks. The second photo showed the color as warmer than the first.

👤I've never been a fan of having canisters on my counter top, but we recently did a kitchen remodeling and I wanted some to store cream, sugar and Splenda next to our Keurig. I was looking for ones that didn't have to be lined up. These are simple and look great against the white subway wall. I would have given a 5 star rating but one of the lids doesn't seal very well, but it's a nice product.

👤These were so flawed that the lids didn't fit. The canisters are shaped in a certain way. They are all cratched on the rim. I don't have the ability to take a picture.

👤I love these. They are the right size. Adding fun halloween/gothic bottle labels and containers for my tea, cider, and cocoa packets is more attractive and fun than just the boring boxes the packets come in.

👤If you have some taller ones, please let me know so I can purchase them.


What is the best product for decorative kitchen canisters for countertop?

Decorative kitchen canisters for countertop products from Style Setter. In this article about decorative kitchen canisters for countertop you can see why people choose the product. Mdesign and Barnyard Designs are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kitchen canisters for countertop.

What are the best brands for decorative kitchen canisters for countertop?

Style Setter, Mdesign and Barnyard Designs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kitchen canisters for countertop. Find the detail in this article. Sweejar, Wh and American Atelier are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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