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1. Madamelique Exclusive Hand Towels Set

Madamelique Exclusive Hand Towels Set

There is a item included. The set includes four kitchen towels. These towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, cloth towels, bar towels or tea towels. These small hand towels are made from premium organic cotton and are ideal for washing your face and hands, as a tea towel, gym and yoga, and more. The kitchen and bathroom hand towels are made with 100% naturally pure cotton which makes them softer, more absorbent, and faster drying for true comfort and style that fits your everyday lifestyle. Madamelique Turkish bath towels feature a unique loomed, or tasseled, look that really enhances the look and feel of your room which makes them a great match for modern, farmhouse, or bohemian decor. Their set of two hand towels for bathroom and kitchen use is large, lightweight and versatile, and they only weigh 4.5 ounces, making them easier to pack, carry, or use when you are on the go. Madamelique kitchen hand towels are made in Turkey and pre-washed to make them softer and more durable. They are fade and shrink resistant.

Brand: Madamelique

👤These towels are gorgeous! I wanted some hand towels for the guest bathroom when I switched to peshtemal towels. These are even softer than other brands, and look great! Whoever packages these things needs to step away from the mucus. It smells better than my mother in law does. I washed them. There! It is perfect if you lay off the musk. Still gets 5 stars.

👤They're cute, but don't dry my hand very well. They look awkward on my towel ring.

👤The towels are beautiful. A simple way to make the inside of our camper feel fancy.

👤It's hard to find Turkish towel in the market as they are expensive and I can't be sure how good they will be, but I decided to buy this since it is cheaper than the similar ones. I hope I am satisfied with the towels, they are soft and cotton is good. Great purchase!

👤I was happy to receive my towels, however when I opened the bag I smelled a strong chemical smell. The smell is still there after I washed them. What did they put on those things? They look nice. I'm considering returning it because of the smell.

👤I washed them a few times. I use white vinegar instead of fabric softener when washing my towels and dryer sheets because they hold their color better, but I can't really speak for any of the others. I think they are special and nice compared to regular hand towels. I would buy more from this company.

👤I like these towels, but they can't be washed with other towels, so they can't be washed with bleach. I am so sad about that. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have bought them. I will try this out. I hope I don't ruin them by my forgetfulness.

👤They are more absorbent than my old towels. They are longer than normal. I like that it adds a touch of class to the bathroom. The towels are very nice and perfect for the bathroom.

2. Kitchen Natural Cottton Absorbent 12 Pack

Kitchen Natural Cottton Absorbent 12 Pack

The cotton used in the kitchen towels is more durable than other cottons. There were no chemical substances added. The pack of 12 gives you enough towels to use in the kitchen. Highly absorbent. Quick-dry, nonabrasive. It is machine washed and dried. Easy care. Hang them up using the attached loop by washing them with cold water and then tumble drying them. Do not bleach your hair. WIDELY used. It's perfect for cooking, baking, serving, BBQ or dinner party. A great gift for Mother's day is a college dorm. Kitchen towel is great for daily use.

Brand: Dg Collections

👤I researched Amazon for absorbent dish towels. My daughter called to let me know that these were the least absorbent towels she had ever seen. I washed mine and tried them out, but they didn't live up to the claims. I was very disappointed that the high standards I expected from an Amazon product turned out to be low.

👤It's true! This cotton is not washed. The size is not what it seems. They will be 1/3 the original size. I liked the colors, but they must function first. Very disappointed!

👤The towels are small. Not very absorbent. The towels are not very useful. I decided to donate them to the shelter.

👤Soft yet absorbent towels are hard to find. I like my towels to absorb liquid, not push it around. They wouldn't get that stage of absorbent even if I tried many towels. I used organic soap and borax to make these towels colorful and useful.

👤I haven't washed or used them yet, so I'll make changes later. I bought these because they looked similar to ones I bought. If you want to match C&B towels, you should know that the greens are different shades of green, and the one on the left is C&B, but the one on the right is a warmer green. The reds are a perfect match. The upper two layers are the C&B. These seem to be a tad thinner, but not much. It takes a few washings for this type of cloth to get more absorbent and they are made in India. The size and color differences are not a problem for me. I am happy to have more colorful towels. The colors are bright.

👤I love these towels. They are pretty. I bought them for decoration after reading reviews that said they were not absorbent. They are more absorbent than any other Tiwel I have. The dark colors hide dirt since dish towels get stained over time. I use them as my primary kitchen towels after buying them for decoration. How much they shrink is my only complaint. The manufacturer should wash the fabric. They shrunk by 3 inches in width and 4 inches in length.

👤The absorbent is ready to do the job. They look good on the counter. I would never give a dish towel as a gift, but these are colorful enough that it could be considered. They are cotton. I have laundered them and the color doesn't run, it's a good buy, and it's well priced. It was recommended.

👤The 16x28 towels are now 12x22 after being washed. It's not very good at being a kitchen towel, wiping up spills, using them as a drying towel for dishes, and so on.

👤I would have given this product more stars, but they were too small when I washed them. Very disappointing.

3. DII Decorative Oversized Housewarming Dishtowel

DII Decorative Oversized Housewarming Dishtowel

The function and function are related. The set of dishtowels is 18x28" and is ideal for drying hands, dishes, other cookware, or as décor. The dishtowels are made with 100% tightly woven cotton fabric that holds up to your washing and drying needs, and feature a hanging loop on the back. Kitchen towels are finished with French Jacquard weaving and are machine-washable. Wrap a bottle of wine, a bar of French soap, or lotion around a bow and give it as a thoughtful gift. DII offers a variety of kitchen linens and decor for the home, including dishtowels, aprons, potholders, pet bowls, cloth napkins, and more.

Brand: Dii

👤The dish towels are terrible. I removed them from the dryer after following the manufacturer's instructions, only to find them wrinkled and dirty.

👤The cotton towels are very absorbent and soft. I washed and dried the ones that were in the reviews and they had no wrinkling. The eco-warm water setting and permanent press were used. I used a little bit of Downy in the rinse and wool balls in the dryer, which may have helped. There is a They look more expensive than they are, and are my second favorite towels, but they are a little on the pricey side. For every day use, these are more practical. For future use, order another set.

👤These are tea towels made of simple fabric and are not absorbable dish towels. I use them to cover cooked food to keep it warm or cool in the fridge instead of plastic wrap or foil if I am going to eat it later that day. I use them in the kitchen as well. If you know what you're buying, you'll be happy, because you have to iron them because they are fabric, not terry cloth.

👤Cut and sew wrong. The large fleur de lis are upside down and no way to fold the towels so they show properly, so I had to go back and try again. I am a Prime Member and I am surprised that Amazon only gave me an option for Amazon credit, which is unusual.

👤My first experience with kitchen towels was several years ago. They held up well. I bought another brand of towels. The other brand is now rags, while the fleur de lues hold their color and shape. I went on the hunt for more of the same. And found them! The new set had an issue. The seller wanted me to keep the towels and send me a new set. Wow! When faced with a problem, the towels and response were great. Customer service, beauty, and durability! What a trio.

👤It isn't feasible for me to like the looks. I use my dish towels to dry my hands in the kitchen or dry my dishes in the bathroom. If I do a lot of cooking and baking, these are too thin and soaked before I finish. I really like the looks.

👤The towels look pretty in the kitchen, but they are not important. The ones I received were not absorbent. They were soaked in something. I washed them many times. I could use them for absorbent rags. Nothing worked. I threw them away because they weren't good for anything.

👤I absolutely adore these dishes. I ordered some for my friends for Christmas in their favorite colors. I don't know why I didn't find them before, but I'm happy to recommend them. They are just wonderful! After being washed, they dry things better.

👤The fabric feels too rigid and doesn't absorb well. It does. The texture feels too tough, not as soft as I 888-276-5932

4. WETCAT Turkish Hand Towels Hanging

WETCAT Turkish Hand Towels Hanging

You'll enjoy the value of money, as tightly woven towels can quickly absorb water from your body. Their bath towels are made from natural materials and are safe for you and your family. Referring to your Dcor: Their hand towels are stylish and great for any room. You can choose from 28 different colors to complement your décor. Every day functions. Their Turkish towels are 30” x 20” and designed for your kitchen and bathroom. The hanging loop makes it easy to grab and go, while the compact size makes it easy to store in a drawer. Their bathroom hand towels are made in Turkey with 100% premium Turkish cotton and are as absorbent as they are durable. They are washer and dryer-safe for long- lasting use and everyday use. No compulsory sword. Their quick dry kitchen hand towels are very convenient. Since they use OEKO-Tex certified natural dyed yarn, they are safe for you and the environment, and you will save energy and water by washing them less often. It is possible to have effectual viability. The Turkish kitchen dish towels are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. They can be used to wrap baked goods or cover hot rolls.

Brand: Wetcat

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I was looking for a towel that looked good in my kitchen. The size is not too small and not too big, but perfect, and these are also very functional with their hanging loop. The product was well-crafted and thought out. I will definitely order in the future a wide range of color options. Wetcat did a great job. It feels very luxurious in my kitchen. I highly recommend it.

👤Our guest bathroom has a wonderful addition. I was very pleased with the color, texture and absorbency of the hand towels I ordered. They were well packaged and came in a pack of two. The service was quick. I received the order in a few days. I like a lot of unique linens in my home. This was perfect for the bill. I chose red to match an antique sign in my bathroom that is red. These went well. I will be ordering more.

👤I stopped using the terry cloth towels a long time ago. It takes forever to dry and hold odors. There is a These are some of the best Turkish towels I have ever purchased. I don't put them in the dryer because they are thin and quick to dry. Wet Cat has the best selection of colors I have ever seen. It's nice that they come with a pack because you might need another one in a few minutes. Get them!

👤I ordered these when they were on sale to match the bathroom theme. I didn't want to put them out. I will order for Christmas gifts for others this year because the brand is very presentable and well made. Excellent purchase! I left the post card in the bathroom so guests could see what the towels were all about, but everyone who used the bathroom started asking about them. So great! Get these!

👤It looks great in the half bath. Would recommend.

👤I bought these for my prairie kitchen to hang on the stove front, they're large and simple, I like the design. Shipping was fast and appreciated. I ordered the white with black striping and will order some color ones in the near future.

👤These were a great purchase. The white in the stripes were not beige, but was actually white. I would love to see some 2 pack specials on the larger towels, but I'll order more hand towels in other colors, and will shop Wetcat often. Thank you, Lucy!

👤Absolutely love them. So modern.

5. KAF Home Kitchen 100 Percent 28 Inch

KAF Home Kitchen 100 Percent 28 Inch

x 26 inches The Lemons All Over print towel and 3 Yarn Dye towels are in the set of 4. After washing and drying, the towel may shrink. The sewn in loop on each towel makes hanging it easy. This Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 4 is ideal for your own home or makes a lovely gift. Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer.

Brand: Kaf Home

👤I thought they were terry when I bought them. They are great. Even when left in the dryer for a bit, they are pretty absorbent and wash well. The colors are striking. This product is recommended by me.

👤These are cute. They are not very absorbent. If you are looking for the nicer looking towels, then I would not recommend you.

👤I bought these for my mom on her birthday. My mom uses them for show and keeps two on the handle of her oven and one on her dish washer. They look great for a summer decoration.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. It was great for the price. Not super absorbent. More for the show.

👤The towels are nice. They will have a smallwrinkle when coming out of the dryer, but you can smooth it out by folding and storing them. They work, even though they don't absorb as well as a more fluffy towel. It's great for the kitchen or a gift.

👤I'm not sure what's wrong with this fabric, but it's crumpled into a ball in the dryer. I'm not going to iron dish towels. The colors are pretty and the towel is absorbent, but it looks terrible because of the wrinkling.

👤I upgraded to 5 stars after a couple of washings. They don't look like they did initially. If you want a high quality cotton product, these towels would be hard to beat. I'm in love. These towels are high quality and the size is great. I don't like how wrinkled they were when I took them out of the dryer. I wash my clothes in cold water and then dry them on the low setting. The towels were wrinkled when I took them out of the dryer, but I like to iron cotton tops, so I just put them in the ironing board. I love how they looked after the extra minutes. I'm happy with them and they make my kitchen look better.

👤When they are new, they look ok, but two or three washes later. The do doesn't absorb very well. I won't buy them again.

👤Me encantando, me cocina. Son ms delgados se humedecen, pero también se secan. There is a Me tiene una compra.

👤No le di las 5 estrellas porque, no tipo toalla, no absorb, pero el diseo. Aun as tiene buen nivel de absorcin y decoracin.

👤It seems to be good quality. I like the size. It's what I expected. I haven't used it yet, but I will update my review if there is anything wrong with them.

👤Las manos en la cocina, son un bonito y funcionan.

👤It's questionable to use any kind of towel. It's very stiff and doesn't dry anything. It's more decorative than anything and it's way overpriced.

6. Primitives Kathy Cotton Towel Watching

Primitives Kathy Cotton Towel Watching

Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer. The style is rustic. The cotton dish towel has a distressed sentiment with dog and bandana artwork by Dan DiPaolo. The 28-Inch Square is made from high quality cotton. There are sentencing summaries. I'll be watching you every time you eat. Make them happy. Pair a classic Primitives by Kathy box sign with a gift that is sure to please. If you want to tell them how you really feel, Primitives by Kathy is the perfect gift.

Brand: Primitives By Kathy

👤I bought this for my wife because we have a black dog. The quality of the towel was disappointing. The material is cheap and thin. It's more like a cloth than a towel. I don't know if the durability is good. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I wanted to make a crochet holder for my sister-in-law. It would have been perfect, except the product is a lot larger than a regular dish towel, it is thin, and there was a stain on it. I can not return the product because there is no return offer. The price dropped by $4 the next day. I was very dissatisfied with my purchase.

👤Not worth the money. Quality paper towels are thin. I know it's normal to exploit pet lovers' price-wise for items like this, but I have had it. Two of the towels I've bought through Amazon have been ridiculously overpriced. I'm only buying towels in the area where I can see and feel them. At any dollar store, I can do better.

👤This item is very low quality. It should be 99 cents. It is very thin. It won't be absorbent. The lettering will fall off. The worst part is that you can't return it. You can either take $9 and throw it away, or you can do yourself a favor and pass it on.

👤The item was wet with something that smelled like liquid cleaner inside a plastic bag. There is a The design is cute so I got it as a gift. It is very thin, not a great color, and had a black smudge on it. The smudge came out after I washed it according to directions, but the design looks like it will oxidize eventually. It was Embarrassed to give it as a gift. Not good quality.

👤The words on the towel are taken from a song that says "every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you." The towel with the dog says "every food you make, every bite you take, I'll be watching you" is correct. My dog watches everything I make in the kitchen and watches every bite I take, it's exactly what it does to me. Very smart. There is a I would change it to be a bigger dish towel so that I could use it more as a decorative item.

👤The vendor said that it was a piece of thin cotton, not a towel, and that he wouldRefund it. Don't buy.

👤No tienes doblar porque un lado, pero no tienes todo la chueco. No gasten su dinero.

👤The material is wrinkled and stiff, but should come out in the wash. Overall pleased with the appearance.

👤The tea towel is cute, but the fabric is poor.

👤No sirve. Es tela, por lo delgada. No. Simple decoracin.

7. Smyrna Turkish Cotton Decorative Peshtemal

Smyrna Turkish Cotton Decorative Peshtemal

Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer. Made in Turkey, 100% Organic Cotton is made with Anatolian yarn and imported from Turkey. Turkish Cotton hand towels are useful in many places, such as; bath, kitchen, bathroom, SPA and fitness. It can also be used as a towel. You will never believe how functional this fabric is. High quality. The Turkish hand towel is very functional and popular because of its soft feeling, light weight and easy drying features. Before use, wash it. After each wash, it becomes softer. It is larger than regular hand towels. Set of 2 with size and material. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified is a 100% Genuine Cotton, 5.1 ounce, that is free of harmful chemicals and is highly absorbent and quick dry. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the Towels in 30 days. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Smyrna Turkish Cotton

👤I love this towel. I wanted to tie it like some of the reviewers here did, but couldn't find instructions online. My friend drew me an illustration and I decided to include it here in case someone else does the same.

👤Very cute! I hung it on the hook because they are longer than the standard hand towel. I think it's even more adorable this way. Love the towels!

👤This was the second order I had for this product. I ordered 2 more sets of towels a couple of months after I received my first set. I would give my first set a 5 star review. The second order was not as good as the first. I checked to make sure I ordered from the same vendor. That was the first thing I did. The towel was described as the original Turkish towel. The second set was sold out. There were slight variations in the look when they arrived. The sides were finished off differently because of the paler color. No problem, I thought. The new ones were so bad that they couldn't be left out. They have to be the ones in the drawer who only get pulled out. The ruffles take up more space in the drawer than they do. They are in my laundry room. I threw out all the packaging because I loved the towels. Lesson learned. I think I got the A-class the first time, then the knock-off version the second. The vendor has changed its manufacturing processes. A great tea towel is hard to find. I still want more of the first ones, but I'm too scared to try another vendor.

👤I was looking for a good looking towel as this hangs on my dishwasher and is visible from several rooms of my home. I was looking for a towel that I had used in Europe. I was also looking for something that was absorbent. The towel does both well. I use a hand towel while cooking and after hand washing. The towel doesn't feel wet after use, it is 100% cotton. I have had this set of hand towels for two weeks. I have washed them a few times. I put them in the dryer because I was not supposed to. The fabric pulled at the bottom. Will dry from here on out. The dark grey is very pretty and has some black mixed in. The color hides stains like peanut butter and spaghetti sauce, and they come out easily in the wash. The towel is soft. The seams are sewn well. The sides have a pattern. There is a nice touch to the tassels. The towel blends well with the label. I was wondering if the towel was too long when folded. The towel folds nicely for display. The towel is a good quality and I was looking for it. I ordered two more sets of the same color. I like the colors.

👤I was so excited to get these, but I was disappointed. The first wash on the gentle cycle was a huge waste of money. They now look like cheap rags after 1 wash. Can't believe it.

8. T Fal Cotton Reactive Kitchen Coffee

T Fal Cotton Reactive Kitchen Coffee

A perfect gift set for any home. The towel set has a beautiful organic cotton fabric ribbon. It's a great gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding party, anniversary, Mother's day, and housewarming. A pure personality. T-fal's Fiber Reactive Print Kitchen Towels come in spirited designs that add distinct decorative punch to a kitchen staple. It is fully functional. 16 in. is generously sized. by 28 in. The towels are made from plush 100% cotton and are highly absorbent which makes clean-up easy. It is always lasting vibrancy. T-fal's printing process treats yarns to absorb dye, ensuring vivid tones and design integrity. The compliment was perfect. T-fal Textiles has an entire line of dish cloths. It was easy to care for. Dry and machine wash.

Brand: T-fal Textiles

👤These kitchen towels are bright and colorful, but they don't absorb water well, become wet fast, and are synthetic.

👤I expected the towels to absorb more water than they did. The kitchen is pretty and colorful. They are the quality I was hoping for.

👤A colorful pattern livens up any décor. It was absorbent and washed up well. It doesn't matter if the pattern is right side up or up side down, it looks great hanging on the stove handle.

👤The design is colorful and cheerful. It can wash again and again. They provide enough surface area for drying washed produce, and have been used for drying hands.

👤These kitchen towels are unique and cute. The background color is black with colorful kitchen gadgets. I have never seen a towel like this before and I looked at many of them. The price was great and they were soft and absorbent. Is it possible that I would buy them again? I would do that.

👤Towels are a perfect match for my kitchen but not for each other. There are 2 different shades.

👤Great towels, high quality, well made, and add great color to my kitchen.

👤I don't use these towels. They are only for decoration.

9. AOTBAT Kitchen Dishcloths Washing Everyday

AOTBAT Kitchen Dishcloths Washing Everyday

AotBAT cotton making kitchen towels are strong and durable and can stand up to any home job, soft and plush, to never scratch your fine silverware, dishware, pots, or pans. Ultra-abSORBENT: It was designed to absorb a lot of liquid. Very absorbent. Light weight. It's scratch-free. It can be washed and used again and again. The value pack includes kitchen towels and dish cloths to coordinate with any kitchen décor. The strong weave towel has low lint and is resistant to unraveling. Cotton towels are easy to care for, they are machine washed and dryer safe. Not dropping the ball, not Fading and not the ball. Service and guarantee: If you don't like their kitchen cloths, you can reach them through e-mail, or directly contact them at Amazon, they will give you a full refund or free change. No risk purchase! Make you order.

Brand: Aotbat

👤The quality is reasonable. It took a lot of effort to open the package. If I owned a chainsaw, it would have been simpler for me. The item was packaged more secure than the Hope Diamond.

👤It was soft. Absorbing. The colors are pretty. I needed to replace some of the dishes I have had for a long time. The cotton towels and cloths are better than any made with micro fiber.

👤It's great for everyday use. Cheerful colors are good for kitchen clean ups. It's included for every kitchen job.

👤When you think of kitchen towels, you think of these towels. They are absorbent. These towels are very good.

👤When you wash Towels, they look great, but the seams start to unraveling.

👤I love these towels. The dish cloths don't smell bad after they dry.

👤I like the different colors in my kitchen.

👤It is easy to wash in the machine. Will buy again when necessary.

10. Maison Hermine Birdies Cotton Kitchen

Maison Hermine Birdies Cotton Kitchen

Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer. There is a package included. The set includes 2 kitchen towels. These towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, bar towels and tea towels, or simply as a decorative accent for your home décor. Their products are made in India. The function and function are related. These kitchen towels are a fun addition to your kitchen décor and can be used for cleaning utensils, plates, pots or pans. A piece of fabric that is pretty is an advantage. This one is from the 'Birdies on a wire' collection. There is a chequered binding fabric at the bottom of the towel. The European style of minimalist design is what distinguishes the 'Birdies on a wire' collection from others. The colorful birds on a neutral background are sitting on a wire made of French script. There are multiple uses. An addition to your kitchen is ideal for dry cookware, machinery, glassware, dishes, utensils, and other kitchen items. Also useful for wiping purposes such as bench cleaning, counter tops, appliances, food spills, table tops, duster for furniture, etc. They can be used as party supplies or a picnic hamper. Easy care and maintenance. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry and warm the iron if needed. Kitchen Linen and Table Linen are available in this design. Visit their store for more products from the house.

Brand: Maison D' Hermine

👤I used these as cafe curtains in my kitchen and they are perfect. Well made and beautiful. It is perfect for what I am using them for.

👤They are a good buy if you want to look good. I would pass if you actually want to use them. They are not absorbent and are almost canvas/tarp type material.

👤I wrote a long product review in the seller review section. They deserve the time it takes to rewrite my review. I can't believe how beautiful these are. Beyond my expectations. My husband thinks decorative motifs are wonderful. I will be buying gifts for friends and family. Absolutely amazing!

👤The towels are pretty when they arrive, but they are not so pretty the first time you touch them. I'm glad we didn't wash them before use because my other clothes would be ruined by those towels.

👤I really like these kitchen towels. Everything about them is wonderful. The design is adorable and the little golfer is in different colors. I like the size of them. I like the cotton material that washes well. The towels stay dry no matter how many times I use them. The material is thin and absorbent, which makes it dry very quickly. I used to have a problem with other kitchen towels that didn't dry enough and started to smell after a short time of use because they stayed damp. Not with these towels. I have to remind myself to change. I love them so much that I already purchased a second set and I am sure that I will purchase more sets in the future.

👤I gave these towels to friends who had recently renovated their kitchen. I had them delivered to my house. I would take a look at them first if they weren't as pretty as I wanted. I was impressed with their quality. The birds are colorful and quirky. My friends loved the towels so much that they turned one into a wall hanging.

👤The towels are very well made and cute. I thought they would be like the towels I use in my kitchen to dry my hands. These are dish towels. That made a difference to me. If you're looking for a dish towel, these are lovely.

👤I am glad I found this company because I love these dish towels. The towels give you the feeling of France, or at least what I imagine it to be. Have never had money to travel far from home. Also, very well made and just the right length. I buy a few and put them aside for when I want a unique gift to give someone. They are not like dish towels. The artwork is beautiful. I wash everything before I use it, and these towels need to be washed before I dry them. They don't absorb until you give them a first wash, so they must be sprayed with something. Your good to go after that. I love mine and have 3, so I might purchase another couple for myself, and it would be nice to have a couple extra while the others are line drying. I went through the washer and dryer and it was fine. I like to hand wash items. I think most people will like these. The cotton is light and soft. The artwork is similar to watercolors. It reminds me of the calendars of days gone by that had the date and year on them, but WAY nicer. Stay safe.

11. Kitchen Popcorn Texture Vibrant Towels

Kitchen Popcorn Texture Vibrant Towels

Soft and absorbent. The kitchen towels are made from 100% ring spun cotton yarn, which helps keep your home clean and sanitary. They are machine washed and can be used again, effectively soaking up more than paper towels. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. The absorbent hand towels are great for promoting a cleaner environment. They are more absorbent than paper towels. They look great through hundreds of wash cycles, which saves you money on cheap paper towels. A pack of six towels means you will always have a fresh one handy when you need it, because spills and messes can happen at any moment when you are working in the kitchen. Germs can be spread to your family's food by using dirty hand towels. There is a bonus tote bag included. Your new kitchen hand towels by Bumble will arrive at your door wrapped in their signature tote bag which is a great gift for your loved ones. Take your carry bag with you to the pool, beach, and the gym. Take care of your vehicles. Before you use your new kitchen towels, make sure to wash them. You should wash your towels separately to avoid lint on your garments. Warm and tumble dry.

Brand: Bumble Towels

👤I wanted to replace some old kitchen towels that were looking ratty and was hoping to find some in this shade of blue. I was discouraged because I couldn't find a good size of kitchen towels in this type of aqua color, that weren't too thin and were sold out. I was very happy to find these. They are more absorbent than I anticipated. Between having two cats. I wash my hands a million times a day. I didn't know how bad the towel was until I used one to dry my hands. It's better than before. It dries my hands faster than water. I'm very happy I bought these kitchen towels.

👤This was purchased for the size of the towel. The packaging for this item was very good. They were in a tote bag. They were thick and soft. I washed them and they shrunk to a solid 1 1/2 from each side. It's a pity. I was very disappointed. They remained soft and thick despite the shrink. They absorb spills and water. They would have been the perfect dish towel if they had kept their original size.

👤These towels are of the highest quality. They are very absorbent. I hope they have sets in other colors. They are worth the money. They are the best in quality in kitchen towels and at a reasonable price, and I have bought a lot of kitchen towels. I am very happy with them.

👤These are a steal for the price. They are soft, great quality and feel more expensive than we paid for. There is a The color is a bit lighter than pictured, but it still looks great on our towel rack. The slip that allows the towel to be secured onto a hook is appreciated. The towels can be 888-282-0465 Highly recommended!

👤The towels are in a perfect color. It feels great. Absorb well, but 8 or 10 washes in...they're unraveling and fraying. Very disappointing.

👤I bought these because they had a hanging loop on them. The loop is on the top seam. It looks weird when you use it. I had to use clips from my old set to hang them. The quality of the towel is ok. I don't know how long the edges will last because they are frayed after the initial wash. They don't seem to shedAbsorbency is good and they don't seem to shed

👤The towel set was what I needed. Only 5 towels came instead of 6. They were in a bag that was a bonus, so I am not worried about where that other towel is.

👤The cloth bag was tied with a ribbon. I found them to be sturdy after opening them. I was disappointed to find tons of lint and one towel that ripped along one hemmed edge, but it was still functional. The towels are not as soft as I thought after drying, but the dishes won't care. There is a The hanging loop has a nice touch.


What is the best product for decorative kitchen towels clearance prime?

Decorative kitchen towels clearance prime products from Madamelique. In this article about decorative kitchen towels clearance prime you can see why people choose the product. Dg Collections and Dii are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kitchen towels clearance prime.

What are the best brands for decorative kitchen towels clearance prime?

Madamelique, Dg Collections and Dii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kitchen towels clearance prime. Find the detail in this article. Wetcat, Kaf Home and Primitives By Kathy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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