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1. Towels Cotton Decorative Bathroom Kitchen

Towels Cotton Decorative Bathroom Kitchen

The quality you deserve is what they promise to offer. The cotton woven on 100 years old mechanical looms ensures premium finishing touches that prevent the fringes from fraying, which is why their decorative hand towels set is made with superior cotton. The final material. The hand towel is made of 100% cotton, it is soft and absorbent, and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. It is possible for men, women, kids and other types of people to use hand towels in the bathroom. It's safe for you and your family. Absorbent but lightweight. The cotton hand towel are lightweight and not too thin or too thick, it's fast drying to prevent the build up of odors. Cute hand towels will stay soft. It is highly practical. The striped hand towels are the perfect accessory for bright and fun bathroom. This is a perfect gift for a loved one, and you can leave some in the high-quality guest room if you work up a sweat. Easy care and resilience. The hand towel machine is dishwasher and dryer safe. Machine wash with cold water is recommended. The hand towels become even fluffier after the first wash, so they should be washed before use. The edges of the hand towels are reinforced to prevent them from unraveling. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to them. If you're not completely satisfied with their hand towels, return them within 30 days and get a full refund. Feel free to contact them. Make sure you are happy with your experience by working with you to solve the problem.

Brand: Dyholiland

👤Poor quality. When ordering, the picture is not what I was expecting.

👤I was very disappointed when I received the towels, I can't see how they will hold up to washing. Thin and stitching is bad. I should return the favor.

👤I use these towels for my workout. They are nicer than I thought. They are soft and the right size for grabbing from my gym bag or hanging on the handlebars of my stationary bike. I think they're perfect.

👤After several washes, they are still good. The cotton towels are soft and absorbent. This is visible from several rooms of my home, as it hangs on my kitchen counter. The towel does both well. I use a hand towel while cooking and after hand washing. The hand towel is so absorbent that you don't have to worry about a damp towel after washing your hands a few times. The towels are so lightweight that they absorb. It has the same softness after using. The quality is even better than I anticipated.

👤The towel is not thick like the picture on Amazon shows. I like that they are not as thick. They are easier to display.

👤I use these for my bathroom hand towels. It's nice looking and absorbent.

👤If you enjoy getting stray fabrics in your contacts and having to throw out a pair every day, this is the perfect fit for you. I have washed the product 3 times and received their instructions. The fabric is similar to dog hair. I wipe my hands on my face. It's similar to getting dog hair in your mouth. I was almost blind trying to put my contacts in. The product is terrible. It was a waste of money to just throw them away.

👤The towels lost their color after just two washes. My other bath towels are bright orange and have stayed that way after many washes with bleach. That is what I get when I buy cheap hand towels.

👤The towels are thin and pale, but they are absorbent.

2. Kay Dee Designs Kitchen Towel

Kay Dee Designs Kitchen Towel

The measurement is 16 inches x 25 inches. The floral hand towels have 2 cotton terry towels. The words 'choose joy' and 'live simply' are featured in 2 sayings. The hand towel is 16 x 26 inches. The design has flowers, butterflies, and a jar. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Brand: Kay Dee

👤The 2 towels are pretty. They are too thin for hand towels. Not plush at all. They remind me of a dollar store. They are made in India. I cut off the fabric on the back of the one that was long. They are stapled together with plastic nails with a cardboard label attached. Each towel has small holes in their middles. They arrived in 11 days. My best friend is receiving a gift. I plan on sewing them together so I can have the thickness I wanted. There is no way to hang them up. I wouldn't recommend these towels if someone wanted thick kitchen towels.

👤I used them as bathroom decoration even though they are for the kitchen. It is quite beautiful. I would not want to ruin them.

👤They are soft, durable and pretty. I bought more and more. They make great gifts. I use them in the bathroom with solid color towels. They said they would use them in the kitchen. I may use them in both sets. The colors are inviting and the sayings remind me. Everything seems to go with the colors. I like that.

👤The towels are soft and absorbent. They wash well. I use these in my bathroom and wash them frequently, they still look new after several months. It was a little pricey, but I was glad to spend it. They make me happy.

👤I think it's overpriced. She was willing to pay that price for my housekeeping client. I guess. Couldn't find any similar options on Amazon. It's definitely necessary to have a laundry pretreatment because it holds onto some food stains. Have washed for a couple months. They don't seem to be as absorbent as I would expect. Print has not faded and looks pretty.

👤I love these towels. I use them in the bathroom. The price for 2 hand towels is ridiculous. They are thin, absorbent and good for drying hands after washing. Paying for decoration is more important than longevity or usefulness.

👤These towels are gorgeous. It's absorbent and thick, perfect for the kitchen. It's hard to find kitchen hand towels that work. I thought I would use them decoratively, but they have become my favorite for hand drying as well. It's attractive enough to be a gift. They have washed and dried well. I am buying another set while Amazon has them. Highly recommended.

👤The terry hand towels are not too thin or thick. They are pretty. The price is a bit high. I would get them again if I could get something that would match my kitchen. It's a good idea to recommend it.

3. Turkish Peshtemal Dishcloth Decorative Bathroom

Turkish Peshtemal Dishcloth Decorative Bathroom

Easy care. Extra Quick Drying, Machine Washed Without Fraying, and Pilling or Losing Lint under Low Temperature Water are some of the things that are included. High quality. Turkish towels are made with high quality cotton. The towel size is 45x20" and has 4.3 ounces per towel. Natural-dyed, pure 100% cotton is eco-friendly. Turkish hand towel is large and easy to carry. You can use as many towels as you want, including gym towel, bath towel, pool towel, bath decoration, kitchen towel, tea towel, dishcloth, hair towel, face towel and hand towel. Turkish hand towels can be a unique idea for christmast gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and wedding favors. The quick dry towel absorbs water very quickly and dries very quickly. After several washes, it becomes soft and absorbent. Their towels are free of harmful chemicals and perfectly safe for human use.

Brand: Bazaar Anatolia

👤The towels look lovely hanging in the kitchen. They are not as absorbent as terry towels or cotton flour sack towels, however they do seem to be increasing in absorbency a little with each wash. They had a strong perfume odor that lasted through the first wash but was gone after the second wash. I put the towels through the washer and dryer after soaking them in cool water, which is recommended for Peshtemal towels in general. They have been washed/dried twice, and so far they are holding up well, the tassels look good, and the absorption is slightly better. If someone is expecting a 45x20 inch towel, that is definitely not the size of my dish towel, even though they are just the right size for it. They are actually 36" long by 18" wide. They were slightly larger before they were washed, but not by much. I like them for the price, but they aren't quite 5 stars for function, and I would add that fifth star if they continued to increase in absorbency.

👤These towels are gorgeous! I wanted to decorate my bathroom with Turkish towels. I looked at a lot of different types and reviews and ended up choosing the ones that had the blue I wanted. They look great in the bathroom. The hand towels and big towel were purchased by me. There is a length difference between the two pictures. The hand towels are long so I tie them in a way that makes them stand out. They are not super absorbent right now, but will get better over time. I want them for the look, so I don't mind. The way I tie the prints makes them not matter. I was initially concerned about the tassels, but they washed nicely. If you want to elevate your bathroom look, I would recommend these. The value is great.

👤I like the size and look of these towels, but they don't do a good job of absorbing liquid from my hands or dishes when I use them. No matter how nice they look, a towel that doesn't dry makes no sense to me. The feeling of a very stiff t-shirt is what I like to call it. I end up using my shirt or pants to dry my hands when there is only one available towel. My clothes are soft. The towels are not. I regret keeping them, I should have returned them. They don't become more absorbent after a few washes. In hindsight, yeah! A friend had a set. I liked hers. I gave these towels more of a chance than they deserved. I will not purchase these again.

👤This is the worst towel that has ever existed. I don't know how, but they found the least absorbent materiel. I think they used this discovery to make a hand towel. Completely useless.

👤I bought a few sets to make our home gym look better. Turkish towels are always a gold standard, and I couldn't understand why we would keep using old and trashed terry cloth cast-aways when there is something better out there. Our sweatiness is captured better than ever with a towel that doesn't capture the stink. They wash better. I don't think a gym workout should make you feel like you have to channel your inner Rocky Balboa, it should make you want to work out. The poor house was not sent to me by the great value. There are some.

4. Lykia Turkish Hand Towel Set

Lykia Turkish Hand Towel Set

The buyer's 100% satisfied shopping experience is their pursuit. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be able to give you a satisfactory answer within 12 hours. DURABLE, QUICK-DRY, AND ECO FRIENDLY: A set of 2 towels. 37 x 40 Inches, 3.8 ounces each. Made by traditional weaving methods. After each wash, it gets softer and more absorbent. A shabby addition to your home is their striped hand towel, which makes it a chic look in your bathroom, kitchen or living room. It's easy to converse. These bathroom hand towels are super convenient to carry because they are thin and take less space than traditional terry towels. There are multiple sacramentals. Are you looking for towels for the bathroom? Or a towel for the kitchen? Do you need a towel in the gym? All of the above are combined by the Turkish hand towels. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are here to help if you have any issues.

Brand: Lykia

👤They are decorative and thin, but serve the purpose they were intended to serve. Looks great.

👤I like these towels, but one of the borders on each side is weird. I don't have time to iron towels for my bathroom, so it is what it is.

👤The towels are pretty. They look great but are not super soft.

👤I bought them as guest towels. They are soft and look great.

👤These towels are an odd size, but I love them.

👤I love these towels. These were more than I would normally spend, but I needed something different. They are excellent quality, I'm glad I did.

👤It looks great as a bathroom decor tool.

5. Maison Hermine Birdies Cotton Kitchen

Maison Hermine Birdies Cotton Kitchen

Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer. There is a package included. The set includes 2 kitchen towels. These towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, bar towels and tea towels, or simply as a decorative accent for your home décor. Their products are made in India. The function and function are related. These kitchen towels are a fun addition to your kitchen décor and can be used for cleaning utensils, plates, pots or pans. A piece of fabric that is pretty is an advantage. This one is from the 'Birdies on a wire' collection. There is a chequered binding fabric at the bottom of the towel. The European style of minimalist design is what distinguishes the 'Birdies on a wire' collection from others. The colorful birds on a neutral background are sitting on a wire made of French script. There are multiple uses. An addition to your kitchen is ideal for dry cookware, machinery, glassware, dishes, utensils, and other kitchen items. Also useful for wiping purposes such as bench cleaning, counter tops, appliances, food spills, table tops, duster for furniture, etc. They can be used as party supplies or a picnic hamper. Easy care and maintenance. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry and warm the iron if needed. Kitchen Linen and Table Linen are available in this design. Visit their store for more products from the house.

Brand: Maison D' Hermine

👤I used these as cafe curtains in my kitchen and they are perfect. Well made and beautiful. It is perfect for what I am using them for.

👤They are a good buy if you want to look good. I would pass if you actually want to use them. They are not absorbent and are almost canvas/tarp type material.

👤I wrote a long product review in the seller review section. They deserve the time it takes to rewrite my review. I can't believe how beautiful these are. Beyond my expectations. My husband thinks decorative motifs are wonderful. I will be buying gifts for friends and family. Absolutely amazing!

👤The towels are pretty when they arrive, but they are not so pretty the first time you touch them. I'm glad we didn't wash them before use because my other clothes would be ruined by those towels.

👤I really like these kitchen towels. Everything about them is wonderful. The design is adorable and the little golfer is in different colors. I like the size of them. I like the cotton material that washes well. The towels stay dry no matter how many times I use them. The material is thin and absorbent, which makes it dry very quickly. I used to have a problem with other kitchen towels that didn't dry enough and started to smell after a short time of use because they stayed damp. Not with these towels. I have to remind myself to change. I love them so much that I already purchased a second set and I am sure that I will purchase more sets in the future.

👤I gave these towels to friends who had recently renovated their kitchen. I had them delivered to my house. I would take a look at them first if they weren't as pretty as I wanted. I was impressed with their quality. The birds are colorful and quirky. My friends loved the towels so much that they turned one into a wall hanging.

👤The towels are very well made and cute. I thought they would be like the towels I use in my kitchen to dry my hands. These are dish towels. That made a difference to me. If you're looking for a dish towel, these are lovely.

👤I am glad I found this company because I love these dish towels. The towels give you the feeling of France, or at least what I imagine it to be. Have never had money to travel far from home. Also, very well made and just the right length. I buy a few and put them aside for when I want a unique gift to give someone. They are not like dish towels. The artwork is beautiful. I wash everything before I use it, and these towels need to be washed before I dry them. They don't absorb until you give them a first wash, so they must be sprayed with something. Your good to go after that. I love mine and have 3, so I might purchase another couple for myself, and it would be nice to have a couple extra while the others are line drying. I went through the washer and dryer and it was fine. I like to hand wash items. I think most people will like these. The cotton is light and soft. The artwork is similar to watercolors. It reminds me of the calendars of days gone by that had the date and year on them, but WAY nicer. Stay safe.

6. SHAMS Turkish Towel Bathroom Kitchen

SHAMS Turkish Towel Bathroom Kitchen

The Turkish hand towels are made with such fine natural material and pre-washed that they are softer and more comfortable than anything else you have tried before. They are lightweight and absorbent, which makes them a useful accessory in the kitchen, bathroom, or outside. This set of 2 bathroom hand towels can be ordered as a beautiful wedding present or as a thoughtful housewarming gift. Surprise your loved ones with a luxurious product that is easy to maintain and stylish. The farmhouse kitchen towels have a simple and modern design that will look great in the master bathroom, kid's bathroom, or guest room. You can choose from 15 different colors and a large size. More than a towel. The RUMI & SHAMS Turkish hand towel tell a story like no other. The pink hand towels were designed to help elevate your lifestyle through traditional luxurious items. The quality you deserve is what they promise to offer. The cotton woven on 100 years old mechanical looms ensures premium finishing touches that prevent the fringes from fraying, which is why their decorative hand towels set is made with superior cotton.

Brand: Rumi&shams

👤The towel can be folded in a variety of ways to get different effects. I liked the design that matched the look I was going for. The towel is soft.

👤I bought these towels as a trial before investing in bath towels to see how quickly they dry. The towels are soft and long, but not absorbent. These towels aren't as absorbent as my others when I wipe down the kitchen counter. After using them for a week, I'm not sure if I will be buying more.

👤These towels are great. They are used as kitchen towels. They absorb a lot of water. Very soft. They're more like a scarf than a towel. It's good to know that they're larger than your average tea towel, but it's bad to use them for anything other than tea. That can tangle in the wash. I had to cut them apart, but they've been fine. We've washed them once so far, so we'll see. We're loving them.

👤Beautiful and soft. Exactly what I was looking for. Hand towel used in bathroom. They work well. I haven't used in the kitchen.

👤These are pretty and soft. They are not very absorbent. I might need to wash them first. Not sure. My main complaint is that they are crazy. They are very loose. I wouldn't think they would get so much. I have a bar in my kitchen. Even though I have nothing sharp or catching in my hands, there is always some strings pulled out of the fabric when I dry them on this towel. I don't understand it. It looks like these have been through the wringer. I wouldn't recommend this product. I'm most likely to throw them away.

👤I wanted something that would dry quickly and look nice. These are what I was looking for. I washed them before using them and was impressed with how soft they are. I ordered 3 other colors so I could use them all. I highly recommend them.

👤The towel looks great. I've received a lot of praise for them. Softness is a strong feature. They dry well.

👤P bought these for my bathroom. The hand towels are of great quality. I was amazed at how thin, soft and absorbent it was. I ordered the same fabric for bath towels. I cannot wait for them to arrive. It was much more luxurious.

7. Ruvy Turkish Bathroom Decorative Dishcloth

Ruvy Turkish Bathroom Decorative Dishcloth

These bathroom hand towels can be a great hostess gift, wedding or housewarming gift, or a gift your mom, wife, grandparents, friends would love; and they are also great additions to your cherished collection of bathroom accessories. The set includes 2 x hand towels. The bathroom hand towels are 16x40 inches and have a weight of 4.3 ounces. The Turkish hand towels set is prewashed so it won't shrink after being washed. Their bathroom hand towel set is free of harmful chemicals which makes them safe for you and the environment. Turkey has a bathtub bathtub ratio of 100%. Turkish hand towel sets are made from cotton grown in the Aegean region of Turkey. Softness of Turkish cotton will make you feel more comfortable in a luxurious hotel, spa, gym, or other place. Turkish cotton hand towels are high quality and long lasting. Their bath hand towels are light and easy to pack and carry. There are multiple purpose hand tongs with hanging laces. If you want to use decorative hand towels for bathroom, kitchen, bath, camping, yoga, spa, gym, travel, picnic, or any other place you want, you can use the decorative towels from Ruvy Home Basics. You can use it for washing and drying. You can use it as guest towels for bathroom, tea towels and table runner. The best after sale service. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have a problem with their hand towels, please contact them and they can offer you the best after-sale service. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Ruvy

👤It's nice, but not white. It was almost tinted yellow.

👤The towels are of the highest quality. The fabric is very soft and feels different than before. They absorb the water but also get wet. I'm ordering another pair for my sister. Excellent recommendation.

👤I bought them for the bathroom and kitchen. I have liked them. They are absorbent. Love the color. My fault is that they are very long, which is my only complaint. I would like them to be shorter. When I open the oven, it drags the ground because it hangs on the door.

👤The bathroom hand towels I bought last week were new. I began to use one for my hair and another for my hands. They are very large. They are soft and useful.

👤I love these hand towels. My bathroom color pops. Soft and absorbent with a beautiful design. I will definitely buy more colors.

👤Turkish towels save space.

👤They don't dry your hands. They look pretty.

👤Very high quality. The color is perfect. I brought my bathroom together.

8. Amrapur Overseas 6 Piece SpunLoft Towel

Amrapur Overseas 6 Piece SpunLoft Towel

The cotton is 100 percent combed. The set includes bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Features: The Spun Loft yarn is twisted without any plastic yarns. It is made from a 100% combed cotton. Quality: Excellent. The plush towel set gets softer with each wash. The mark of excellence for products that are healthy for you and healthy for the environment is Oeko-Tex certified. DIMENSIONS The towel is 27"x54", the hand towel is 16x28", and the washcloth is 13x13 Care instructions. The dryer is safe. Machine wash with cold water is recommended. Sun dry or tumble dry.

Brand: Amrapur Overseas

👤I don't like bath towels. I wanted pink and soft towels. The "Amrapur Overseas 6-Piece SpunLoft Towel Set, Blush" has both of those qualities. I wouldn't call it blush, but the pink is carnation pink. Most towels that I have bought in the past have a border above the edge of the towel, but these towels only have that decorative border on one end. The face cloths are wasted on me because I don't use them. The dimensions of the bath towel are a little skimpier than the other towels I bought. Measure a towel and compare it to the set. I don't like thick and stiff towels. The towels are soft. Even though I've washed the towels quite a few times, I'm still noticing little dots of the towel's fabric on my skin, and I would say that is the only other thing I would say. Maybe a few more washing/drying will clear that up. I can live with that.

👤The master bedroom and bathroom were updated in a blush color. It was difficult to find towels that weren't pink. I wanted to make sure my husband didn't get upset when he used a towel in that bathroom because I wouldn't be offended. The towels are very soft and absorbent, which is a big consideration for me with sensitive skin. The towels were delivered with our Prime so fast, and they were more expensive than other towels I looked at. Many thanks!

👤The wash rag was discolored and faded after being washed. It felt like it was from the old days. The towel was unraveling at the hem after the first wash. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤These were an excellent price. The one in Feb 2020 was the only one that was negative. I ordered 3 sets of towels. The experience I had was the same as the other person's. They came out of the dryer with all the pulls and color spots, never used, put straight in the washer and dryer. I followed the directions. I wish I'd taken heart to that review. I will have to see if they can be returned. I'm afraid that there won't be any left after a few months. I loved the size. It was soft and absorbent.

👤I bought a lot of these towels in pink and blue. One of the hems came undone after the first wash. They have been washed multiple times and each time overloads the lint trap in the dryer, they leave fuzz on your face and body. It is more noticeable after using lotion. I have to use paper towels for my face and hands because all the lint would be stuck between my eyeball and contact lens. A lot of money wasted. I wouldn't recommend it. Absorbency is not the greatest, but not the worst, and is the least of my concerns with these towels.

👤I read reviews and decided to take a chance on these. I thought they could've been softer, but not bad for the price. After washing them, they were unraveling after one wash. There were strings hanging over them. We have a brand new washing machine. It was not my machine.

9. KAF Home Kitchen 100 Percent 28 Inch

KAF Home Kitchen 100 Percent 28 Inch

x 26 inches The Lemons All Over print towel and 3 Yarn Dye towels are in the set of 4. After washing and drying, the towel may shrink. The sewn in loop on each towel makes hanging it easy. This Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 4 is ideal for your own home or makes a lovely gift. Cotton is made in India. Dry in a warm dryer.

Brand: Kaf Home

👤I thought they were terry when I bought them. They are great. Even when left in the dryer for a bit, they are pretty absorbent and wash well. The colors are striking. This product is recommended by me.

👤These are cute. They are not very absorbent. If you are looking for the nicer looking towels, then I would not recommend you.

👤I bought these for my mom on her birthday. My mom uses them for show and keeps two on the handle of her oven and one on her dish washer. They look great for a summer decoration.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. It was great for the price. Not super absorbent. More for the show.

👤The towels are nice. They will have a smallwrinkle when coming out of the dryer, but you can smooth it out by folding and storing them. They work, even though they don't absorb as well as a more fluffy towel. It's great for the kitchen or a gift.

👤I'm not sure what's wrong with this fabric, but it's crumpled into a ball in the dryer. I'm not going to iron dish towels. The colors are pretty and the towel is absorbent, but it looks terrible because of the wrinkling.

👤I upgraded to 5 stars after a couple of washings. They don't look like they did initially. If you want a high quality cotton product, these towels would be hard to beat. I'm in love. These towels are high quality and the size is great. I don't like how wrinkled they were when I took them out of the dryer. I wash my clothes in cold water and then dry them on the low setting. The towels were wrinkled when I took them out of the dryer, but I like to iron cotton tops, so I just put them in the ironing board. I love how they looked after the extra minutes. I'm happy with them and they make my kitchen look better.

👤When they are new, they look ok, but two or three washes later. The do doesn't absorb very well. I won't buy them again.

👤Me encantando, me cocina. Son ms delgados se humedecen, pero también se secan. There is a Me tiene una compra.

👤No le di las 5 estrellas porque, no tipo toalla, no absorb, pero el diseo. Aun as tiene buen nivel de absorcin y decoracin.

👤It seems to be good quality. I like the size. It's what I expected. I haven't used it yet, but I will update my review if there is anything wrong with them.

👤Las manos en la cocina, son un bonito y funcionan.

👤It's questionable to use any kind of towel. It's very stiff and doesn't dry anything. It's more decorative than anything and it's way overpriced.

10. Urban Villa Kitchen Stripes Mitered

Urban Villa Kitchen Stripes Mitered

These brightly colored kitchen towel sets are the perfect addition to almost any decor, whether it is Christmas, a house warming, or just a gift for your teenager as they head out in to the world for the first time. Premium dish towels are made from strong durable fibers and are soft so they won't scratch cookware, plates, and pans. A set of 6 kitchen towels. The premium quality dish towels are absorbent and dry quickly in order to avoid any build-up ofbacteria. It is best to wash and tumble dry on low. The first use should be washed separately to minimize lint. Their premium dish towels are free from harmful chemicals and made from natural materials. These easy-care towels are great hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, or welcome to the neighborhood gifts, or give a set to your favorite home chef or barbecue king.

Brand: Urban Villa

👤I used these towels as curtains. I can't give an honest review on the quality. The blue striped towels were very soft and thick, and I purchased them. They have been hanging for almost two months and haven't faded. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought these because I thought they would be great. They are not very good at being absorbent. The towel repels water. Yes, that repels. I could see water on top of the towel. I am going to return these so please be aware. At least they look nice.

👤I needed a towel that was absorbent. Imagine that? The other small kitchen towels were terrible. These are a great size, tuck into the apron well or are good as temporary covers on bowels or under cutting boards to keep from slipping or just for cleaning up messes or drying hands.

👤Excellent towels! They are thick and absorbent. I buy a beautifully woven French towel when I buy kitchen towels. The towels are very expensive. The Urban Villa Kitchen towels can be hung quite decoratively against my French towels but they are equally absorbent and beautiful. You can't go wrong. I bought the green. I think they are all equally good.

👤These dish towels are large and attractive. They did not stay square and true to size after washing and drying. A small amount, but some. They would have to be ironing to look nice on the counter.

👤These are superior dish towels. They are made with no hanging threads or stitches. They are made from high quality cotton. It is simple and appealing. I washed 2 towels on a cool wash setting and both came through great. I have begun using one of these towels as a hand towel in the downstairs bathroom. I highly recommend this product.

👤Absorbing. The size is great. Excellent color. Well washed. After 3 washes, there is no bleeding or fading. I would recommend and buy again.

👤Their colors don't run, it's beautiful and sturdy.

👤The Towels arrived today. There is a Somewhat disappointed. Tea towels for drying dishes are more like glass clothes. Feel cheap. The fibres are already being shed. It's really overpriced. We found better quality tea towels in our local store for 30% less than online.

👤The tea towels are the best. They're larger than normal, have a fabric tab to hang them, and they dry the dishes. They were really well. Highly recommended.

👤My pet hates using new tea towels that don't dry but just slide off the surface, leaving it as wet as it was. Not so with these tea towels, which are really absorbent from new, didn't have to be washed first, and are really soft, great for glasses. I never thought I would be writing a review about tea towels, but I was very happy with them.

👤The towels are very thick and soft. The colour holds up on a 60 wash. I had to knock one star off because one of the corners was not right on the first wash.

11. Homaxy Kitchen Checkered Designed Absorbent

Homaxy Kitchen Checkered Designed Absorbent

These towels are made of 100% natural cotton and will not scratch your cookware, plates and pans. The terry structure makes them lightweight, absorbent and dry quickly. They can easily absorb a lot of liquid or oil stains and achieve the most perfect cleaning effect. Strong enough to tackle any job, high-quality, luxuriously soft quick dry towels for kitchen, absorbent kitchen washcloths to assist with all your kitchen needs. It's perfect to dry glassware, cookware and anything else outside the kitchen. The set includes 4 cotton dish cloths measuring 13 x 28 inches, perfect for your daily cleaning needs. It's easy to care for. Machine wash with cold water. bleach and fabric softeners will affect the absorbency of the towels and should not be used. If needed, low iron.

Brand: Homaxy

👤Most of the reviews were mediocre and disappointing. How hard is it to make a good quality towel? There is a I'm happy I chose these towels. The color was what I wanted. They are very good quality and soft. There is a Many other options were more expensive, but reviews found the quality mediocre. Thank you for these towels!

👤The towels are good. I like them. They are like half towels, and that's my fault. I didn't see the size. I assumed a dish towel was a dish towel. They are excellent towels if you can get past them being small. I'll probably order it if the company sells a full size one. There is a I found the larger kitchen towels and bought them. It was perfect. I kept one by the sink in the kitchen and bathroom, and brought one into the shower, because they ended up being useful. It turned out to be the best thing I had.

👤The towel and thickness is not what I expected. The care instructions made me return. They don't go in the dryer. They have to be dried in the shade. Don't put me in the dryer when you wash on gentle/delicate cycle. I like to wash in hot water or put it in the dryer. A clothes line was in the sun.

👤I treated myself to these because I was tired of using Christmas-themed dish towels all the time. I like the quality of them. They're not navy blue, they're a lighter shade of blue. You might not be pleased if you're picky about the color.

👤I didn't know these came with gray stitching. I thought they were all pink. Good product.

👤I wanted thick towels for my kitchen. I decided on these towels after reading the reviews. The loops for hanging are very convenient, I bought two different sizes. I dry my hands on the dishes and they work well. I have washed them many times and they are holding up. I would recommend them to my family and friends. They look nice with the stitching.

👤I'm pretty happy with the towels so far. They are absorbent even though they are SALVAGEDATA I was able to dry the glass lid with one pass. I'm thinking I might like the extra length for drying larger platter and pan. There is a They can out of the wash with no damage. I hope they will hold up well for a long time.

👤I needed to replace my dish cloths, which were stained with coffee. I settled for these after looking at other options. There is a The size is great for mopping up small messes. Absorbency is good. The cloth is more plush than a terrycloth. I like the pattern and color. There is a The good: I'm interested to see how they hold up over time. They were slightly smaller in the wash. We have had them for a few months and so far they have been good. There is a I would like to ban all non-matching "good" dish cloths from my cabinet.


What is the best product for decorative kitchen towels pink?

Decorative kitchen towels pink products from Dyholiland. In this article about decorative kitchen towels pink you can see why people choose the product. Kay Dee and Bazaar Anatolia are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kitchen towels pink.

What are the best brands for decorative kitchen towels pink?

Dyholiland, Kay Dee and Bazaar Anatolia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kitchen towels pink. Find the detail in this article. Lykia, Maison D' Hermine and Rumi&shams are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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