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1. Franco Kitchen Designers Absorbent Holders

Franco Kitchen Designers Absorbent Holders

There are differing designs and functions. Kitchen Designers by Franco has fun and colorful textile patterns to complement your kitchen decor essentials. These linens are useful for keeping hands, dishes, and surfaces clean and tidy, as well as being useful for cooking and baking. This set is an excellent holiday and housewarming gift because of its bold and stylish prints. The kitchen set includes 2 kitchen towels, 2 pot holders, and an oven mitt. The kitchen towels are the perfect size to be used as dish towels, bar towels, dishcloths, tea towels and more. The kitchen utensils are soft and absorbent. The premium kitchen towels are made from 100% cotton with double reinforced stitching. The thick cotton fabric is easy to fold and absorbent. The stylish oven mitt and potholders make it easy to handle items directly from the oven or stove top. Hanging loops allow you to keep your oven mitt and potholders in your kitchen. The potholders double as trivets to protect your counter from being burned by hot pots and pans. Easy care. Towels are machine washed and dryer safe for easy clean. After washing, the lint-free fabric retains its good looks. The pot holder and over mitts are machine washed. To dry, lay flat.

Brand: Franco

👤The entire set is very cute. The lemon print in my kitchen is very nice. The oven mitt is not very warm. I tried it for the first time and it took me about 5 seconds to get the pan out of the oven at 450 degrees fahrenheit. The rest of the set functions the same. I would recommend this item for use with items that are only mildly warm.

👤I bought this set several months ago and it goes with the dish towels I bought. They brought out a set of pot holders that were the same as the one I bought. The towels I bought months ago are soft. I love them. The towels in this set are very hard to wash. The red towels are different from the other towels. The quality of the fabric would have been better if the other towels were the same. I will order another set of towels to 888-269-5556. I have not tried the pot holders. I can't comment on it.

👤I bought the 4 pack Franco dish towel set before these. These are completely different from the other ones. They are not like the other ones. The glove doesn't work well either. I had to set it down quickly after I got them from the oven because I had to take them out from the oven first. Maybe they are just for decoration. The 4-pack of dish towels are very soft and work well.

👤The set of kitchen towels and mitten are some of the best looking I have ever bought, they are nice in size and the colors are vibrant. It seems like the material is nice. I never intended to use this set for kitchen display. It works well with my Yellow Lemon Kitchen theme. Good price and a great gift.

👤The colors are similar, but not as soft as they are described. I washed the towels and they retained their color. I will wash the pot holders and see if it makes a difference because they are stiff and hard to fold.

👤They smelled like fish when I received them. Maybe it was a chemical they used. I soaked them in various things. There was nothing that got rid of the smell. I had to throw them away after getting a refund. I fear that I will get the same smell if I reorder. It was difficult to leave my apartment.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter. She was very excited to receive these for Christmas. She said there were lots of towels and potholders in the package. I was very happy that I ordered this and feel like I got my money's worth.

👤The Franco designer cotton towels are lovely. I purchased the set for my mom's kitchen and it's absorbent and the pot holders add a cheerful touch to the space.

👤The material is de la calidad.

👤Like the design and colors. The material is good. Looks great as a gift.

👤Me gusto son grands. Comparto foto. lo recomiendo

2. DII Kitchen Absorbent Professional Everyday

DII Kitchen Absorbent Professional Everyday

These dishtowels are made in India and are perfect for drying and cleaning kitchen tasks. It is easy to care for tightly woven 100% Cotton, wash with cold water on gentle cycle, tumble dry low, tumble dry low and low iron if needed, and then wash separately on first use to minimize lint. It is aSORBENT and LOW LINT. The towels are lightweight, absorbent, and dry quickly with a corner loop. It's a great gift to give as Mother's Day, housewarming, and hostess gifts because of the variety of designs. DII offers a variety of Kitchen Linens including dishtowels, aprons, potholders, and oven mitts, and you can explore them all by clicking the DII link at the top of the page.

Brand: Dii

👤These towels are too small to be used as a daily towel. They shrunk a bit after first washing. It is ok that quality is not great. These may not be the best choice for you if you like a lot of cool things. I consider a normal sized towel to be a purchased rose on top.

👤I was not happy with the quality of the towels. A couple of them were made of material that wouldn't absorb water. There was a section with a loose weave that will fall apart at the first wash and a towel with a bunch of threads next to a hole that didn't get woven properly.

👤The towels are perfect. I've tried so many from Amazon that I plan to order more. If you don't already do it, I highly recommend washing them before use. They are soft and absorbent after the initial wash. These feel great on my hands. I'm very happy to have found these.

👤I bought 15 of them. They told us to wash and dry them. These are water resistant. They don't dry or absorb water. Most of them have runs in the material. You might be able to use them to water prove your tent, but not as dish towles.

👤These are good for hand drying, but that is all. Counter wiping, dish drying, etc. They mostly don't bother with absorbing the water. The worst offenders seem to be the solid gray ones.

👤One tends to expect a towel when a dish is called a towel. A real towel made with cotton. The towels are more like a cotton shirt than a towel. You know the collared cotton shirt that looked great on the rack and you wondered how bad it could be. You washed it at home. It didn't matter whether you put it under the couch cushion of your favorite uncle or aunt, or hung it up early, or let it go through the dryer, it was the same. The wrinkled shirt was a pain to iron, no matter what you tried. That is the same material as the towels. I am a loyal Prime Citizen who helps Mr. Bezos maintain his wealth. If you want to make sure you get a towel when you buy it, you should go to a store like Kohl's or Wayfair.

👤I wouldn't recommend them. Check out the other photos that have been posted. The item description says these are machine washed. When my towels were new out of the bag, they looked great, but now they look terrible after the wash. They have shrunken by half and are wrinkled and not even a towel. The "denim" looking material is the worst. It shrunk the most. There is a I don't need to hand wash or air dry these towels, they are kitchen towels. It's not practical for a functional use point in a kitchen. I don't know what to do with these fancy towels, so I need to steam them.

👤Generally happy with the purchase. A good set of patterns and colors. I used these to dry glassware and to bake bread. The purchasers don't seem to know that this isn't a heavy Terry towel. It is a heavy duty sack. They shrink a lot. I usually wash in cold and dry and lose about 2 inches on each side. I think you would lose 3-4 on hot. I really like them.

3. Madison Park Serene Towel Set

Madison Park Serene Towel Set

A floral embroidered hem is made of cotton. 2 Bath Towels: 27"W x 52"L, 2 Hand Towels: 16"W x 28"L. Fingertip Towels are 18"L.

Brand: Madison Park

👤Most of the negative reviews for these towels make me laugh. Some people don't read the description or product details of their purchases. We'll get to that in a minute. There is a The good stuff first. The towels are thin, but not as absorbent as my old towels. That's a good thing. They are a great upside to them because they dry quickly after use. The towel end is very comfortable, and the decorative end is lovely, and compliment my bathroom very well. There is a They seem to have held up well after a few washings. The stitch work on the towels looks very well done, and the pattern on the towels has not shown any signs of tattering, which is a huge plus. All new towels lose fluff and fuzz. After the first few washings. They do. I've never owned a towel that didn't look like it. I wonder what people expect from the reviews on here. The absorbent end of the towel is going to be rougher than the decorative end. It's made from different materials and is supposed to be decorative. It has nothing to do with the quality of the towel. You can wash your towels yourself using the care directions. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I look forward to them lasting me a long time.

👤Absolutely love these towels. I had read a lot of reviews that said they were not good. I have bought several towels in the last two years that were terrible. I would recommend these towels to anyone who is looking for a beautiful towel to use in the bathroom or as a towel for daily use, they are beautiful and well-made.

👤I bought these towels because I wanted the exact same towels that I have in The Madison Serene Shower Curtain. I don't use the towels as a regular towel because they are for decorative purposes. I would say that they are pretty and wouldn't be very absorbent, but they are pretty. They are not very thick for everyday use, but would definitely recommend for a decorative purpose.

👤These are the best towels I have ever had. They are pretty. It was thick and soft. I like them. There is an update. I loved them until I washed and dried them a second time. The trim was undone because the seams fell apart. Terrible! So disappointed! Too much money for that to happen.

👤Debbi is Dave's other half. I love these towels. There are so many different color schemes. They are very fluffy and I am only using them for decoration. The touch is very nice. I will buy more from this manufacturer. My fellow consumers, be safe!

👤The loops on these towels were large enough to allow for easy pulls. I returned them because they were expensive and they were thin. They looked nice, but they wouldn't be good for everyday use.

👤The towels are large. The shower curtain has a different color tone than the towels. I decided to purchase them because I thought it would match the high price they were asking. I could have gotten more towels for the money if I had gone with solid colors. I don't recommend for those 2 reasons.

4. DII Assorted Decorative Kitchen Absorbent

DII Assorted Decorative Kitchen Absorbent

The set includes 4 dishtowels that measure 18 x 28 and 1 dishcloth that measures 13 x 13; it's easy to clean and dry in the kitchen. 100% cotton fabric is easy to care for, it can be washed with cold water on gentle and tumble dry low. Do not use a hot dryer. Ultra absorbent and low absorbent. These towels are machine washed and are very absorbent. The right way to get the job done is with these dish towels. Your new neighbors will receive a great welcome gift. These easy care dishtowels are perfect to coordinate with any kitchen and make great hostess gifts. DII offers a wide range of delightful products for your entire house, including dishtowels, aprons, potholders, ceramics, storage, pet products and more; simply search DII or click the DII link at the top of the page to explore their other collection.

Brand: Dii

👤I bought these towels after putting them in my cart. I was hesitant because of the negative comments in the reviews. It took me out of my cart. I don't understand why. These are gross! I was aware that a dish cloth came. With them. I really needed some new towels because they were old and ratty. These are perfect for our home for sale because we are getting ready to list it. They are large. I haven't washed them yet, but I love them and may change my review after I do. I expected that. I ordered some flour sack towels in bright colors to use more everyday and some green scrubber dish cloths that look great together. They arrived on time on a cold day. Today. The price of some of Walmart's nicer towels was $10 for one towel, which was reasonable. I think I made the right choice.

👤The color matches our other appliances and accents in the kitchen. This is a color that I like. There is a I would consider how absorbent the fabric is. I don't care in the case. I don't know what they feel like because I have never touched them. If I did touch them, I might get in trouble with my spouse. We are allowed to wipe our hands and body parts on the towels hanging in the kitchen. Don't ask. I recommend these towels.

👤They looked terrible after the first wash, unless they are iron-washed, then they look terrible.

👤These are just for decoration. They don't absorb liquid at all. Washed multiple times before use. They are wrinkled like paper so be prepared to iron them after every wash.

👤I hope they won't be wrinkled after a few washings. I made them look better. The color is perfect for my kitchen. Good quality for money. They took a long time to receive them. I'm not sure if it was the seller or the shipping problem.

👤They are decent towels. Don't let the description fool you. There is no coral in these towels. The photo is not real. These are pink. They are straight red or bright pink, but no coral. If you want to match other coral items in your kitchen, I wouldn't pick these.

👤I am not happy with the way they looked after being washed. I did it as soon as I got them. They came out wrinkled. You need to iron them to make them look nice. I was glad I didn't buy them a gift. I wouldn't hang out on a towel rack if they worked to dry dishes. It was a little disappointing.

👤I like the set. I like the colors. I like the patterns and the fabric weight. There are some towels in the pack that I like the most. I put those out on the counter. I worry that they might stain more easily. I hope that is not the case because they are pretty.

👤Even when they were in a low wash tempature and low heat dryer, they didn't wash well. They looked great when they arrived.

5. Premium Kitchen Towels Pack Absorbent

Premium Kitchen Towels Pack Absorbent

Soft and absorbent. The kitchen towels are made from 100% ring spun cotton yarn, which helps keep your home clean and sanitary. They are machine washed and can be used again, effectively soaking up more than paper towels. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. The absorbent hand towels are great for promoting a cleaner environment. They are more absorbent than paper towels. They look great through hundreds of wash cycles, which saves you money on cheap paper towels. There are three different towel styles to meet different needs around your home. Use for drying dishes, cleaning your kitchen countertops, wiping up spills, or covering baked goods. There is a bonus tote bag included. Your new kitchen hand towels by Bumble will arrive at your door wrapped in their signature tote bag which is a great gift for your loved ones. Take your carry bag with you to the pool, beach, and the gym. Take care of your vehicles. Before you use your new kitchen towels, make sure to wash them. You should wash your towels separately to avoid lint on your garments. Warm and tumble dry.

Brand: Bumble Towels

👤I decided to give them a try after reading all the ratings. I washed them before using them and they had nowrinkles in the thinner ones. I am very pleased with the size of the towels, especially when drying my pots and pans, they are a bit larger than my normal towels. There is a There are only complaints. I would like all 6 towels to be the same thickness. 2 towels are thick, 2 are medium thick and 2 are thin. I like to use the thicker towels for drying dishes since they do a better job than the thinner ones. I have to keep one thick one and one thin one so I can reach for the one that is right for the job. There is a I wish they weren't white on one side. The towels are both solid colors. The white side of the dishes and counter tops get stained really easily when cleaned and dried, and the other side has a nice pattern on one side. I find myself using paper towels to clean up messes in the kitchen and the other 4 are mostly for looks or only for drying hands. I would like all 6 to be the same thickness. There is a darker color on both sides. The dark Gray was ordered by me. One side has a pattern of white and Gray stripes but on the inside it is solid white so it shows all the stains very quickly. Some won't make my new towels look old after a few uses, but some will wash off. I have to think before I use them. I still rate them a 4 because they are good quality.

👤I didn't think the back was flat. It looks odd and makes it thinner. The material is absorbent but not great. Just meh. I should have bought the ugly towels. The thicker towel is unraveling after one wash.

👤The kitchen towels are great. The color of the green is very soft. They are not particularly thick, which was mentioned by someone. They are more absorbent than I have used. The three different styles come in one package. They are soft and seem to do the job. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying them. They are tied with a cloth ribbon and come in a nice, reuseable bag.

👤There are beautiful towels. There have been no issues with the material's absorbency. You can choose the towel thickness and texture that you want with this set. I prefer darker towels to hide the spots and stains that kitchen towels generally aquire, but even the light ones seem to wash up well. Will order more towels in the future.

👤I really like these kitchen towels. They are larger than the standard kitchen towel. There is a These are very high quality. Amazingly impressed.

👤The large size and good quality of these towels make them very useful in the kitchen. The thicker towel for hands is great for setting just-handwashed dishes and the medium thickness is great for washing dishes. The colors are nice. I bought a set for each of my children and their families because I liked the set I got. I am in my 70s and have the best towels I have ever had.

6. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen 15 Pack Natural

Zeppoli Classic Kitchen 15 Pack Natural

If you want to tell them how you really feel, Primitives by Kathy is the perfect gift. These 100% Natural Cotton Dish Towels are built to last long with strong, durable fibers and won't scratch your fine silverware, plates or pans. The dish cloth sets have been through a lot of testing. These dish towels for kitchen drying are lightweight, absorbent and dry quickly. The Classic Kitchen Linen sets are Lint-Free and absorb fluids quickly. You have plenty of towels at hand for cooking and cleaning needs in restaurants, kitchens, dinner tables, or anywhere, with the Value Pack. Anyone can handle these kitchen linen sets in a convenient size of 14 x 25. Trouble-Free Care can be washed and dried. It is manufactured to resist any shrinkage. Saving money on paper towels can be accomplished by using these towels over and over again. The kitchen towels are sealed in a Polybag. They know you're going to love their hand towels. As much as they do! One can buy the best value kitchen towels. Search for them to learn more about their offerings and brand.

Brand: Zeppoli

👤I love these! The old terry cloth version are so much nicer to use and take up less space than the newer version. They did not shrink much after washing and did not notice any strings. That would have made me crazy. There is a Even though I am not careful with stains, they are just dish clothes and that is their purpose... I haven't noticed much discoloration. They do stain with active use, but most of the stain does wash out and leave a bit of a character stain in the kitchen. There is a I will never go back to terry after buying these. If I was helpful, please click below. Good luck to you! Enjoy them.

👤I bought these to supplement my cloth kitchen towels because it's hard to get your hands on paper towels. I don't do the laundry as much as I should because I'm lazy. I end up with a pile of dirty kitchen towels and no clean ones, which causes us to use a lot of paper towels. I'm not an Earth-mama hippie, but using less paper is always good. I have no complaints with the towels. I'm not trying to transform these into something else, just drying my dishes and hands. I have only given them one whirl in the washer and dryer, but so far they are holding up just fine. I would buy again.

👤Are these the most absorbent, durable, highest quality kitchen towels? No. Do they get the job done for an affordable product? For sure. Sometimes I use up to 3-4 in a day, but I use them to clean my countertops, dry dishes, cover my dough, and so on. The perfect size and surprisingly absorbent, they get rid of a half cup of water spill. I can't say enough good things about them because of their value. Extra absorbency might be required if you have a very specific concern or intended use. These should be good enough for anyone in the kitchen.

👤Absolutely terrible quality. I tried to wash them prior to use, but they were not dry on low heat. The stitching on many of the towels came loose. I didn't have a chance to use them in the kitchen. I will be returning them. I responded to the automated messages that I received from the seller, explaining the problem. The seller never replied. I received a second message requesting feedback. Well, here you go.

👤It's difficult to find things that you're looking for unless you know them by name or discover them. I was looking for other kitchen necessities when I stumbled upon these towels. I use a lot of paper towels in my kitchen because I spend a lot of time there. A lot. These very absorbent and lint free kitchen towels are an economical alternative for wiping counters and drying pots, pans and dishes. This is what we used in the early days of the restaurant industry. You should wash these before using them to get the full effect of the towel's absorbency.

7. Sayings Decorative Bathroom Farmhouse Restroom

Sayings Decorative Bathroom Farmhouse Restroom

Easy care. Machine wash and dry these cotton towels. The package contains 4 pieces of funny hand towels with funny sayings in 4 different styles, which is enough to meet your daily use and replacement. The funny sayings engraved on the kitchen towels can give your guests a good mood. Their rustic bath hand towels are made of quality microfiber material, absorbent, machine washed and dry, soft and comfortable to touch, hard to break or fade, suitable for long term use. These funny hand towels can be used in your home bathroom, restroom, hotel, living room, kids room, play room, bedroom, office, restaurant, or for traveling, camping, sports or other outdoor activities. These bathroom hand towels can be a great hostess gift, wedding or housewarming gift, or a gift your mom, wife, grandparents, friends would love; and they are also great additions to your cherished collection of bathroom accessories.

Brand: Tegeme

👤The quality of these is horrible, but I decided to use them in our bathroom because they are adorable.

👤Poor design. I didn't get all the towels I ordered. The designs on 2 towels were poorly done. Not even close. Cheap towels. Don't buy.

👤I've ever experienced the worst quality in my life.

👤Not a hand towel. It looks like a microfiber cloth.

👤The print was vacuum packed and then bled on the towels. I don't know what kind of fabric this is, but it had some problems. Very disappointed. I don't like making bad reviews. I do not recommend these. I wouldn't have bought them if I had seen them first.

👤The only thing that makes these towels funny is the wording on one square of the towel. They are soft and a decent size.

8. Cuisinart Bamboo Set Kitchen Towels Drying

Cuisinart Bamboo Set Kitchen Towels Drying

The bamboo towel set is a must have in your kitchen. These bamboo towels are durable and stylish. Paper towels are disposable. Their kitchen towels are made from bamboo fibers, which make them soft and absorbent. They are absorbent and good for wiping up spills. This lightweight dish towel set is perfect for tackling everyday household tasks such as drying hands, dishes, glasses, and more. The hand towel is 16 x 26 inches. The towels look great in the kitchen. The decorative kitchen towels can be displayed on your countertop, island, table, stove, oven handle or kitchen hooks. Before first use, wash these hand towels separately. The machine is cold and delicate. Includes 2 kitchen towels.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤Towels were delivered on time and absorbent. There is a problem with the way care instructions are worded. "For best results hang to dry" is the description on the product on Amazon. The product tag is more cautionary. "line dry only" is what it says. The product tag is true. The results shown in the attached photo are the result of machine drying these. There were a lot of threads after only one machine drying. I probably wouldn't have bought these towels if I'd known that line drying was my only option.

👤These didn't survive the wash. I know the towels say line dry, but mine were destroyed in the wash. I washed in cold water with some towels I just bought. I took them out of the wash. The sides of the towels were torn apart. I didn't want to hang them up since they were already destroyed. I don't know if my machines gentle cycle is too rough. I can't comment on how well they work because they didn't make it, I was washing per instructions. They are soft and nice, but please be careful with washing on a machine. I don't like the idea of having to handwash for fear of falling apart in the machine. I will not be buying more because they looked nice before the wash and felt nice afterwards.

👤These Bamboo blend hand towels are soft and durable, which makes them perfect for drying your hands or dishes. Other towels that are microfiber or cotton seem to smell after a while, but the bamboo in combination with other fibers will give you the added quick drying and non smelling towels.

👤I know, I know, what's there to get excited about? I've been telling my family about how good these tea towels are. I use my hand-wash dishes to store my big cookware items instead of using a dishwasher. It's a good thing. These tea towels are so absorbent that I can't believe how absorbent they are. They are large enough to cover a dining plate while drying. Knives are streak-free in one pass. There is a The towels do a good job of drying the plates. They dry very quickly when draped on the kitchen-sink cupboard hanger. These tea towels are going to be very popular. The grey tones in my kitchen sink mat were picked by me. They are made of bamboo.

👤I bought these towels because they match the tile in my kitchen and are made out of bamboo. The color is gorgeous! They absorb water and dry quickly. You can get a few of them for a great price. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. Absolutely wonderful sellers to do and send them quickly. They are towels and would not suffer during transport, but the seller packaged them well. I highly recommend these towels. You will be happy with them. Thank you so much!

👤I've been looking for the perfect aqua kitchen towels for the last two years. I returned the 2 different types I ordered from Bed, Bath and Beyond because they were either not true aqua or thin. There is a The towels are more absorbent than cotton towels. They dry very quickly. There is a They need to be cold water washed. They do go in the dryer. I think that makes them feel better. There is a I tried to get a second pair but they were sold out. I was able to get a second pair when they came back in stock. There is a My all-time favorite kitchen towels!

9. Urban Villa Kitchen Premium Quality

Urban Villa Kitchen Premium Quality

We know you're going to love their hand towels. As much as they do! One can buy the best value kitchen towels. Search for them to learn more about their offerings and brand. Premium dish towels are made from strong durable fibers and are soft so they won't scratch cookware, plates, and pans. A set of 6 kitchen towels. The premium quality dish towels are absorbent and dry quickly in order to avoid any build-up ofbacteria. It is best to wash and tumble dry on low. The first use should be washed separately to minimize lint. Their premium dish towels are free from harmful chemicals and made from natural materials. These easy-care towels are great hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, or welcome to the neighborhood gifts, or give a set to your favorite home chef or barbecue king.

Brand: Urban Villa

👤These are not kitchen towels. They won't dry your dishes. They are not absorbent. They look nice, but that's all. I returned them.

👤The towels are a good size and have good absorbency. These towels seem to push the water droplets around on my dishes even after many washings and years of use, but they are great from the beginning. I washed them before ironing them for the first time. It seems like ironing this kind of woven towel the first time or two "trains" the fabric, and after that they're soft and no longer need ironing to get out thewrinkles. The reason I'm writing a review is because I'm so impressed with the quality of hemming. There were no loose threads, and the corners were mitered perfectly. It was nice to pay attention to detail. I think they'll last a long time.

👤Excellent quality! I bought the towels to make a gift for my landlord's family, it's part of a larger set with a table runner, placemats, cloth napkins, HotPads, oven mitts, and dish towels. I was able to cut the towels in half and get two towels out of one. I made a cute little ruffle to go at the bottom. The new dish towels are beautiful. I wish they had them in teal.

👤These towels were washed and dried. There was no excessive wrinkling. I love them. The quality of the fabric is excellent, so I wish they came in something other than the checkered pattern. I'm about to order two more sets to give as gifts. The best bang for your buck.

👤Excellent cotton kitchen towels are a great buy. They are used to wipe off our new appliances, as a counter protectors under hot pads, and as a daily drying dish. The cotton towels are perfect for the finger-print resistant appliances. They remind us of the linens our parents and grandparents used. We wash them often and have only had them a short time.

👤What world can these be considered kitchen towels? The material is not absorbent. They are twice the size of my existing kitchen towels, but they still absorb half the water. The counter will be wet if you try to wipe it down with these. All of the reviews that claim to be about Ultra Absorbent are either fake or different than what I received.

👤I'm using these towels to personalize with heat transfer vinyl and they look great when finished.

👤My daughter just moved to her first apartment and I bought these for her. She chose the pattern that wasn't for me. The colors are saturated and bright. I have two sets of towels. I bought them for my mother. We have been using them for a few years and they look great. They absorb well and dry quickly. I think they would make a great gift. The cotton towels from Urban Villa have all been very nice and have held up to repeated washing, so I would recommend them.

👤I did a lot of research on towels and decided on them. The big dish towel is absorbent and has the right thickness. I washed them and put them in the dryer before using them, and they didn't shrink at all. If you need new dish towels, these are the ones that I will buy again and again, I am very happy with my purchase.

10. JOGREFUL Decorative One Handed Countertop Decor Red

JOGREFUL Decorative One Handed Countertop Decor Red

Vintage heavy towel paper holder with a non-slip mat is more stable and prevents kitchen table scratch. Using traditional cast iron techniques has a unique artistic style. A gift as well. The metal paper towel holder is made of cast iron material which is Rustless, Fastness, Wear-resistant, Heat-resistant,Stable shape, Strong tension, and Long service life. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The vintage paper towel holder is decorative and practical. The compact design takes up minimal space while still providing room to store one roll of paper towels. The paper towel holder is easy to load and tear. It's easy to load the holder. Carefully engineered for tear roll paper. A heavy paper towel holder is not moving when a paper towel is torn off. Fall in love with this paper towel holder. It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts. Their concept is to protect and care for your kitchen. Please email them any questions at Amazon. They are always at your service.

Brand: Jogreful

👤This red paper towel holder is awesome. The only problem I had was that the roll wouldn't roll with a lot of force. I used to have a holder that held them. I secured the post with rubber bands after taking some rubber shelf liner. The rubber bands were covered with another layer of liner. Did the trick. I have a red holder.

👤I like this holder because it is raised off the counter so it stays dry under the base and it looks good. The only problem I have is that it won't work with the Costco brand towels because they are larger rolls in the beginning, but when they get smaller it works great.

👤It turned out to be good, but I wasn't sure if it would be. We've used it for a month now and it feels solid and heavy enough that it doesn't slide around or tip over if bumped. Really like it!

👤It was well packed and arrived on time, as well as being equipped with an extra rubber foot. I was disappointed with the quality and weight. It did not seem to be cast iron to me, it would have been much heavier. It's not heavy enough for single-handed use in a busy kitchen, but I can see it being heavy enough to do some serious damage if it's knocked over or falls while trying to get a towel. Paper towels are needed quickly in busy kitchens and often when hands are full or wet. The dispensers need to hold on. This didn't work for me. It might be useful for a less busy kitchen. If there is something like that. The item was returned.

👤The pole where the paper towel is sitting is not tight, but I don't think it will affect how it works. You will get a surprise when you get 1/2 way through your paper towels. I have a paper towel holder that I notice.

👤The blue is very pretty. It is nice and heavy. While it will hold them, putting a mega roll of paper towels is not a good idea. You have to manually turn the roll by grasping the top of it and tearing them off. You will be able to tear them off and turn them into the holder you were supposed to use. I would have bought a different style.

👤The base needs to be a little wider to get five stars. Pulling a sheet off of a mega size paper towel was difficult at first because it was squeezed against the sheet holding post. I will buy a smaller paper towel roll. There is a This item is beautiful. It's nicely finished, heavy, and has rubber tips on the feet to keep it from sliding. The roll of paper towels can be put over the post. The bright red finish is great with my color scheme of white, gray, and black.

👤I thought it would be heavy. I tie my garbage bag to the pole. The one I had before was great, but this one is light. I bought a different one. I will give my sister in law the red kitchen that she had.

11. Madamelique Exclusive Hand Towels Set

Madamelique Exclusive Hand Towels Set

There is a item included. The set includes four kitchen towels. These towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, cloth towels, bar towels or tea towels. These small hand towels are made from premium organic cotton and are ideal for washing your face and hands, as a tea towel, gym and yoga, and more. The kitchen and bathroom hand towels are made with 100% naturally pure cotton which makes them softer, more absorbent, and faster drying for true comfort and style that fits your everyday lifestyle. Madamelique Turkish bath towels feature a unique loomed, or tasseled, look that really enhances the look and feel of your room which makes them a great match for modern, farmhouse, or bohemian decor. Their set of two hand towels for bathroom and kitchen use is large, lightweight and versatile, and they only weigh 4.5 ounces, making them easier to pack, carry, or use when you are on the go. Madamelique kitchen hand towels are made in Turkey and pre-washed to make them softer and more durable. They are fade and shrink resistant.

Brand: Madamelique

👤These towels are gorgeous! I wanted some hand towels for the guest bathroom when I switched to peshtemal towels. These are even softer than other brands, and look great! Whoever packages these things needs to step away from the mucus. It smells better than my mother in law does. I washed them. There! It is perfect if you lay off the musk. Still gets 5 stars.

👤They're cute, but don't dry my hand very well. They look awkward on my towel ring.

👤The towels are beautiful. A simple way to make the inside of our camper feel fancy.

👤It's hard to find Turkish towel in the market as they are expensive and I can't be sure how good they will be, but I decided to buy this since it is cheaper than the similar ones. I hope I am satisfied with the towels, they are soft and cotton is good. Great purchase!

👤I was happy to receive my towels, however when I opened the bag I smelled a strong chemical smell. The smell is still there after I washed them. What did they put on those things? They look nice. I'm considering returning it because of the smell.

👤I washed them a few times. I use white vinegar instead of fabric softener when washing my towels and dryer sheets because they hold their color better, but I can't really speak for any of the others. I think they are special and nice compared to regular hand towels. I would buy more from this company.

👤I like these towels, but they can't be washed with other towels, so they can't be washed with bleach. I am so sad about that. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have bought them. I will try this out. I hope I don't ruin them by my forgetfulness.

👤They are more absorbent than my old towels. They are longer than normal. I like that it adds a touch of class to the bathroom. The towels are very nice and perfect for the bathroom.


What is the best product for decorative kitchen towels red?

Decorative kitchen towels red products from Franco. In this article about decorative kitchen towels red you can see why people choose the product. Dii and Madison Park are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kitchen towels red.

What are the best brands for decorative kitchen towels red?

Franco, Dii and Madison Park are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kitchen towels red. Find the detail in this article. Dii, Bumble Towels and Zeppoli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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