Best Decorative Kleenex Box Holder Rectangular

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1. MDesign Storage Organizer Bathroom Countertop

MDesign Storage Organizer Bathroom Countertop

The holder has a small top shelf and 2 side pockets that are perfect for cosmetics, hair supplies, and jewelry. The clean, sleek design is perfect for home or commercial use, and it adds to any decor. It is easy to refill. The open bottom allows for easy replacement of empty tissue boxes, which is perfect for end tables, night stands, countertops, and more. The large opening is large enough to hold most standard-sized square tissue boxes as well as stacks of individual facial napkins or tissues. The quality construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is easy to clean. It is Measures 6 x 8.4 x 5.25" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I love the storage space on top and in the bins, it looks very stylish in the bathroom. I put my glasses on top of the bin so they don't get wet in the bathroom. I don't have many options for where to put those items in my small bathroom. They will get wet if I put them on the sink counter. The round hole doesn't match up with the opening in tissue boxes. The first few tissues I pulled out were ripped. I have fewer tissues in the box, so I have to pull them out carefully. That is a bit frustrating. They should make the opening bigger so the tissues don't rip when being pulled out.

👤I really like the storage for this. I can finally have tissue on my bed without having to throw it in the garbage. I can put my late night medication on it, as well as store remotes and other nightstand needs. I no longer lose things and it saved my bed from being cluttered. There is a There is no bottom for the tissue compartment. If you have to move the tissue will fall out. I had to cut down and tape a piece of card stock paper to keep the tissue inside. It's still worth the money. A snap close bottom would be a great addition.

👤I like that I could put some small items in this tissue box cover to keep them organized. I was a bit disappointed that when I pulled out the tissue, the box got dragged across my nightstand and the tissue didn't come out unless I held the cover down. I put on some stick-on non-skid pads.

👤I liked the idea of a tissue box and an organizer for things. There is a table beside my recliner. The tissues can't be pulled out without removing the whole thing from the table. The dimensions were clearly stated, but the difficulty in getting tissues to fit makes it impossible for any location.

👤These hold all the little things that are useful to have on a side table, but keep it neatly organized. It's not noticeable that my chip is on the top, and it doesn't affect the function of the holder. I have a first one on my porch and a second one in our bonus room. Don't let the chip stop you from using the organizers.

👤This tissue holder is very nice. It makes the most of the small space in the powder room. Adding the small silicone dots to the bottom of the holder will make people happy. I added 4 and it didn't move at all.

👤This is a great way for me to keep my stuff close to my bed. I didn't like the way things were rolling off my night stand and under my bed. I am too old to look for things that have fallen. Very pleased with the product. I wish it came in different colors.

👤I'm glad I found this. My glasses, hand lotion, lip balm, and remote control are all in one place. This isn't the prettiest product, but it gets the job done well. I'm happy I ordered it.

2. TFY Kitchen Compatible Kleenex Devices Black

TFY Kitchen Compatible Kleenex Devices Black

Product size is 10 x 5.5 x 4.2 inch and 14 x 10 cm. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you! Kleenex facial tissue and other napkin paper boxes are compatible. There was no drill or screwdriver on the smooth surface. For rough surfaced walls, you need a drill and screwdriver. It's easy to put tissue on the wall. The device should be adjusted slightly to get your desired angle. It is easy to store the Mount when it isn't being used. It fits your room's style as sockets. It could be removed from the attachment surface for storage. Also compatible with other devices. Such as iPad and other 5 to 10 inch screens.

Brand: Tfy

👤I have a booth. It works great with the Sticky Pad to keep my desk organized.

👤The concept is worth less than 18 dollars. There is a It has plastic and spring loaded. It should be 1/2 the price.

👤We stuck it to the fifth wheel. It has never dropped a box so far. It can crush the box. The strength of the springs makes them ideal for tablets. I might put one in my kitchen to keep it out of the way for cooking.

👤I purchase this to be able to mount my box of Bounce dryer sheets near the dryer when I'm loading the machine. It works perfectly. The device had enough tension in its grasp to fully adjust.

👤The tissue box was being crushed and it was difficult to remove the tissues.

👤I was not sure how it worked but I tried it. Wow! It's easy to set up. It works well. I like to have the box off the top of the bathroom sink. I don't use my tablets there because they were used for holding the tissue box. I tried to see how sturdy the holder was with my tablets. The cat tried to knock it down, but it held on.

👤I would recommend this item if you can find another one that will do the same thing as this one, but you might have to pay a little more for it. The box can be put in places one wouldn't normally be able to because of the addition for holding tissues in a bathroom.

👤I thought it was the wrong item when I received it. It said it has electronic devices. I bought it for a tissue holder. Good news, it does both. There are different size items.

👤It can be stuck with a plate or screwed to the wall. The perfect size for a long box of tissues. Exactly what I needed.

👤It's flimsy metal and not sure if mounting on a wall would work long term, but it works as a protection on my desk.

👤Ich ist gerne die Taschentuchbox. I am in the Box with Klebeband an den Schrank. Is jedesmal viel. Man die Packung wechselt. Ich ist die Halter gekauft. There is a The Box hat beispielsweise be There is a The top is simpering. There is a Bohren, und das.

👤Die Kleenex ist die Halter. Die Kleenex Verpackung gut fest is fest. Ich ist gut, den Halter ist fr das. It's handy im auto. Da mein handy, das ist das. Ich wrde den Halter jederzeit. Glatte Kaufempfehlung!

👤Alles im Griff behalten, so das Halter ist das gespannte Produkt. The Preis ist allerdings, aber das typischer Artikel ist. Eine Empfehlung ist.

3. Sumnacon Dispenser Magnetic Automotive Decoration

Sumnacon Dispenser Magnetic Automotive Decoration

The tissues should be taken out of the cardboard box and put into the leather tissue box as the box may not fit in the case. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you! They are handsome and useful. The tissues can be put into the tissue holders. Magnetic bottoms are very well-made and add a nice decorating touch to your bathroom, restaurant, office, household, automotive. This is one of the best places to decorate a home. The magnetic bottom closure is very strong. There is a black faux leather. A stylish and practical way to store tissues. The PU Leather material is durable and attractive. The tissue box is made from high quality materials. The box is covered in a black faux leather and has white stitching. As the bottom opens to take the box or a pile of tissues, it's easy to insert the tissues. The L x W x H is 13.5 x 13.5 cm and the Inner is 12.2 x 12.2 cm. Please check your tissues and box size before purchasing. It is easy to open and refill with new tissues. It's ideal for home, office, restaurant, and car/ automotive use. It is elegant and functional. This tissue holder is well made outside and well lined inside, it adds a nice decorating touch to your office, home, bedroom and bathroom. The tissues stand up when pulled out, instead of falling into the holder like some other models.

Brand: Sumnacon

👤The product exceeded my expectations. I was hoping it would work out. I bought it to cover a small box. The box of tissue was too large for the small measurements I bought. I was surprised it fit the box. The Puffs Plus has 72 quantity. The magnetic bottom makes the box fit inside. If you pick up the whole box, it won't fall open. It is well made and looks nice. It isn't white, that's the only complaint I have. It is not white. In artificial light, it is not noticeable to me. In natural light, it is more obvious that it is not white than it is in the pictures. It wasn't a problem for me. If you place it around other whites, you will never notice it is not white. I was feeling generous, I didn't knock off a star. The box is useful. When I pull out a tissue, the box no longer comes off the desk. I wanted the tissue box to start with that. Mission accomplished!

👤The padded quilt pattern is really similar to the tissue box holder. The holder has a magnetic bottom. A standard square box does not fit. I like the tissue box holder, so I cut the bottom half inch off the kneenex box to give it a better fit.

👤Three years ago, I purchased one for our office. I bought a second one for myself. This is designed to hold a roll of toilet tissue, not a cube of facial tissues. The solution I use is to remove the top of the box of tissues. The holder has a bottom that I like. It's easy to move around without having to hold the tissue with the cover.

👤This tissue box cover is gorgeous. It was what I wanted. If you read some reviews that said a standard tissue box wouldn't fit inside the cover, you would have to remove the tissues and put them in loose, but this has not been the case for me at all. I have used tissues boxes from both Dollar Tree and the grocery store and have not had any issues. It looks very high-end. Very happy.

👤The piece is cute but has some design flaws. The box that holds tissues has a lot of little details, but this one got them all wrong. A tall tissue box is a standard size across brands, and yet this tissue box holder is too short for all of them. The hole at the top of the box is not the same shape as a standard tissue box, which leads to tissues ripping when you try to pull them out. If you take the tissues out of the box and put them in this, it will work. That wasn't the purpose of this piece.

👤It was still new 18 months later. There have been no issues so far. There is a A standard square tissue box doesn't fit as well as others have said. It takes very little effort to press the bottom corners of the tissue box to slip into this cover. Take them out of the box and put them directly. I used a small piece of 3M/Scotch Lock Tape to hold this in place in the back seat of my car. The magnetic bottom door works perfectly and the product looks and feels great. The only reason it's four instead of five stars is that they could have made it bigger to fit standard tissue boxes.

4. Sumnacon Rectangular Decorative Automotive Decoration

Sumnacon Rectangular Decorative Automotive Decoration

The tissue box holder is made of natural seagrass knitting with iron skeleton, it's not as sturdy as the metal or wooden covers, but they do have a metal framework that keeps it from sagging. The simple design can be used in many ways, it can match most decor of your home, add some visual texture to your home, office, car, restaurant, and more. It's one of the best home decorating gifts you can give to your family and friends. The entire box does not fit in the case so please remove the tissues from the cardboard box and put them in the leather tissue box. The tissues can be easily removed from their original packaging and placed into these tissue holder, and it has a little elastic loop button as the closure, it's convenient for you to add or remove tissues and secured shut to keep the tissues safe inside. Product size is 10 x 5.5 x 4.2 inch and 14 x 10 cm. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you!

Brand: Sumnacon

👤The tissue dispensers are too small to fit a box of facial tissue. If you put the tissues in the dispensers, you'll find there's a lot of empty space around them. There is a The dispensers are too small and too big. I hope this helps prospective buyers make a decision.

👤I really like this tissue holder. It's the same color as I wanted, and I love the wicker. It was in perfect condition when it arrived. It seems sturdy and long- lasting with its metal internal framework. Over time, we'll see if the wicker cracks or not. The item was lowered to 4-stars because I wanted it to hold more tissues. I was expecting to be able to use this as a simple box cover after reading the item dimensions and measuring my tissue boxes. Not true. I had to take the tissues out of their box in order to fit them inside. It works for me, just an extra step.

👤The tissue box looks great. You cannot put a box of tissues in the cardboard. You can fill this box with Kleenex and puffs brand tissues when you take them out of the cardboard. There isn't anything that helps the tissues stand up and it might be harder to get tissues out when you run low. If you unlatch the box and cut off the top of the Kleenex box, you can fix it. This will make the tissues stand up and you have to take one out. The tissue box is good.

👤I didn't read the reviews before buying this item. I should not have assumed that a rectangular tissue holder holds a box of tissues like every other tissue box holder I've ever seen. I have standard rectangular tissue boxes. You have to smush the stack on either side of the box to get it in the holder, and you have to remove the tissues from the box. I haven't gotten to the bottom of the stack yet, but I think some tissues will tear because they are in there quite tightly. It still looks decent once you get the tissues.

👤I bought this number because I was sick of the printed boxes. I love it, but it does come with one hiccup, which is that I had to open the sides of my tissue boxes, pull out the full stack of tissues, and put them into the holder. I didn't have any other options because the holder is small for the box. The tissues need to stay full when the stack is low because they will fall back down into the opening. I like how the holder looks so I don't think it will be an issue.

👤There is a box of facial tissues. To make it work, have to take them out of the box. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I really like the look of this tissue box holder, but it does not hold a box of tissues. It's a bit larger than a standard box. I was able to put the tissues in this holder the first time, because I removed the cardboard box. I bought a box of puffs that didn't pop up the second time. I have to open the box when I need one for this type of folded tissue, but it's still pretty. I'll be more careful when buying tissues because this looks better than a cardboard box.

5. KINGFOM Rectangular Leather Automotive Decoration

KINGFOM Rectangular Leather Automotive Decoration

DIMENSIONS The box is 25 x 14 x 10 cm, 10 x 5.3 x 3.74 Inches, with the inside size being 8.25 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches. The design is shabby. The tissues can be put into the tissue holders. It is easy to refill with new tissues with the convenient magnet bottom that makes it convenient to keep your tissues close to hand. The material is covered by high quality faux leather. The interior and bottom are made of flannel. They are easy to clean and made ofmagnetic bottoms. There is an endocannabinoid and a function holder. The box is easy to fit into any decor as the bottom opens to take the box or a pile of tissues. There is a multi-place decor. A nice decorating touch to your bathroom, restaurant, office, household, car or automotive use. This is one of the best places to decorate a home.

Brand: Kingfom

👤I'm not happy that a box of tissue won't fit in it. I will just put the tissues in the holder because I am happy with the look and feel of it. If I cut off the bottom of the holder, you would still be able to see the Kleenex box at the bottom. Why doesn't Kingfom make the holder taller?

👤It's a plus that there are lots of styles to suit the home's theme. Function is to grab a tissue and have the whole box with it? I also hate that. The weight provided by this will keep that from happening. There is a What about cons? I have only seen one grey area. The dimensions of the tissue box are too snug vertically, which is a con. The grey area comes in here. The opening in the top doesn't have a plastic film to prop up the tissue. That would wear out before long. To make it work better, I just remove the top of the tissue box, empty it, and discard the rest of the box. I put the box top and tissues in the box holder. The box top is easily replaceable once it wears out.

👤I couldn't not write a review of these boxes. I have bought 3 in different colors. They are well made and affordable. If you have to cut the bottom out of a box of tissues, what are you going to do? I buy Kleenex from the store. I think I only have to do that once for each box and then reuse the same cardboard when I refill. I don't have to use the tissues without the plastic that makes them come up nicely because the box fits inside. The colors are true to the website. I spent hours looking for a box that was reasonably priced. I had to return a few brands because of smell or other defects. I highly recommend this box.

👤I was worried when I ordered this because I knew it was imitation leather and some of it can look cheap. I was concerned about how the part would look. It turns out it's really pretty. I'm surprised at how nice it is. It seems like it will last a long time. The bottom is like a flap. The box was too tall to fit in my purse. I don't know if I'm going to take the kleenex out of the box or if I'm going to modify the boxes so they fit, but I'm definitely going to use this holder. Highly recommended. Looks amazing. Very happy.

👤It's a very pretty box. I have nothing bad to say about the design, material or craftsmanship. The size is not normal. It doesn't have a full box of tissue. If you put too few in, the rest of the tissues will fall and you have to dig for it. The top slot is too wide. If you put too much in, it gets stuck and you end up tearing pieces out. When you find the perfect fullness, you have to mark it inside the box. It was more work than I anticipated.

6. Barnyard Designs Rustic Distressed Rectangular

Barnyard Designs Rustic Distressed Rectangular

This gorgeous distressed tissue box holder can be used to decorate your tissue box. The accessory protects and covers facial tissue boxes. This rustic tissue box cover has been crafted from metal and distressed wood to give it a vintage look. Farmhouse decor is ready to complement your home. A simple design makes refilling this tissue box cover easy. A clever accent will add flair to your room. The rectangular, metal and wooden tissue box holder is a must have in your home. The tissue box holder has dimensions of 10”W x 6”D x 4.5”H.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤All "real" wood with galvanized trim. The tissue cube fits well when the bottom slides out. It is not very heavy. I thought it would be too light to pull tissues out. It's not. It works well. It was light in color and distressed white. I added a little black stiff brush paint to make it match my office. It was nice for the price. Great service and shipping.

👤I was looking for something to go with the other colors in the downstairs powder room and this looks holder really looks nice on the sink Vanity. Well made and unique.

👤Can't say enough good things about this tissue box and will be ordering more for my house. A farmhouse look with a sliding compartment is very functional. I use this one for my swifter sheets.

👤I bought this for my tissue box. It gets a lot of praise all day. It is a work of art. I like the feel of distressed beauty. Awesome...

👤It was made of wood and metal. The sliding bottom panel would be a good way to secure the tissue box.

👤The wood was split and would be replaced, but it wouldn't be different. The quality is disappointing for the price. The slats feel like they are going to split. Not strong at all.

👤Good quality. Looks great.

👤I have my Kleenex and remote control by my bed.

7. HIIMIEI Acrylic Tissue Dispenser Restaurant White

HIIMIEI Acrylic Tissue Dispenser Restaurant White

The inner size of the napkin holder is about the same as a tissue box. It's suitable for folding tissues. This Tissue holder was made from top grade premium acrylic which is smooth, durable and environmental protection. It is easy to clean. The edges of their product are polished to prevent injury to hands. It is easy to use, just pull out the bottom cover, put in a paper towel, close the cover, and you can use it. The Magnet upgrade design will prevent the cover from sliding out. Simple modern design with crystal white colors matches any decor, making napkin holder provides stylish storage space for your kitchen table,office desk,buffet,bar, or bathroom counter top. You can add elegance to your party. Get their service support for any unhappy shopping experience and they will give you a 30 days money back and 1 year quality warranty.

Brand: Hiimiei

👤I thought I could put a box of tissues in this holder. No, no. If you want to use this holder, you have to take the kleenex out of the store bought box and load them into it. The holder is nice, but adding an extra step is a pain. Probably will return.

👤How is it possible to make a tissue holder that doesn't hold a box?

👤We ordered gloves and paper towel storage. I used double sided tape to mount them and they are easy to refill.

👤I took out the box and one of the magnets came off. It popped back in. I was hoping this would fit a standard box. It is a hair too short. You would have to remove the tissues from the box to fit the cover. I did not want to have to do that. I am not going through the hassle of a return.

👤What I was looking for. It is sturdy, but not as heavy as the plexiglass. I like the magnetic closing. I will purchase a 3rd one.

👤There was a brown chip in one corner and a crack in another corner. Returned it for a new one because I figured these things happen occasionally. The second one was floating inside the box and had an entire side cracked off. The shipping box was intact in both instances, so this shows that the plastic is cheap and not worth the price. Glad it broke in transit and not after the window closed.

👤Very chic upgrade! I like the look and the fact that the bottom is enclosed. Heavy duty plastic. Doesn't feel like it's easy to break. It's easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. Will probably buy another one.

👤A great box of tissues. The shell feels sturdy. Would buy again and recommend it. The magnetic locking system is something I like. The bottom lid is secured.

8. Barnyard Designs Rustic Galvanized Rectangular

Barnyard Designs Rustic Galvanized Rectangular

This gorgeous galvanized tissue box holder is a great way to decorate your tissue box. The accessory protects and covers facial tissue boxes. The metal tissue box cover has been galvanized to give it a vintage look. Farmhouse decor is ready to complement your home. A simple design makes refilling this tissue box cover easy. A clever accent will add flair to your room. The rectangular tissue box holder is a great way to display your home. The tissue box holder has a dimensions of 4.5” x 7.5” The box is rectangular. It has a magnet at the bottom that can be used to open and close it.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤This is the second item I've purchased from this seller. The box was a great price but it was also a nice item. It's perfect for a rustic look and it has a magnetic closure on the bottom. This one has a bottom which is great, but most other kinds don't. I put liquid chalk on the label.

👤These are well made, they have a bottom so you can pick it up and move it without the kleenex falling out. I bought a different one before I saw these, and I absolutely recommend them for industrial, shabby, farm, office decor.

👤This is the same as pictured and fits my decor. I'm happy with it. It's strong and will hold the bigger box of tissues.

👤It was made with great care. It is a bit darker than I thought, but it looks great. It isn't a shiny metal. Would purchase it again.

👤The one side does not have a label slot. It was very easy to set up. Sturdy and functional, not cutesy at all. Very happy.

👤I love this box cover. It fits my decor perfectly.

👤I hated the way the tissue box looked in my new kitchen because I always have tissues on my counter. The tissue box cover is adorable. I get a lot of praise as well.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. It holds a large box of Kleenex and is magnetic to hold it in.

👤This is what I was looking for. I have it in my kitchen and it looks better than the Kleenex box. The design is great.

👤It was perfect coloring. Sturdy. It works well with a large kleenex box. Cute door.

9. AuldHome Galvanized Distressed Farmhouse Vintage

AuldHome Galvanized Distressed Farmhouse Vintage

The tissue holder has smooth curves that spread out the elegance and sense of taste. Superb quality and function will impress your family and friends, and it is a wonderful present for birthday parties, exchange events and many other activities and meet-ups! A farmhouse style square tissue box holder. 6 inches tall by 5.6 inch sides, fits standard tissue box cubes, is INTERIOR size. This is a dark grey style. You need a sturdy weight to pull the tissue. It's ideal for living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, or small business decor.

Brand: Auldhome Design

👤The tissue cover does not look as "galvanized" as the word might suggest, but it still works for the look my son requested for his new bathroom. Some products look like country and rustic. The dark cherry cabinets, silver hardware, and neutral walls will work well with this piece. I'll try to send a picture when it's complete.

👤I was disappointed to find that the lower edges were made of metal with no protection built in and that the edge was so narrow that we couldn't add our own. We were going to use them in bedrooms on nightstands, but they would scratch the wood so one is in a bathroom and the other went to the donation shop. They are large enough to cause a tissue box to be swamped by the holder and cause tissue to tear when pulled. Very disappointing.

👤I was a little nervous about making this purchase, but I was able to roll the dice and win. I appreciate when sellers go that extra mile to make sure your new product comes as it should. New! Thank you so much! It's solid! It's beautiful! I was looking for a perfect match and it was just perfect.

👤I thought I was getting a galvanized silver box, but it was painted to a dark rust color. I returned for a new one thinking there was a mistake. I saw the same color after I received my new shipment. I kept them. They don't work what I wanted.

👤The opening on the tissue box is larger than the opening at the top. The tissues tear or you can't get one out of the box. The entire thing slides when I reach for a tissue. The box is higher than the tissues. It looks great on the plus side.

👤The cover is great. The inside lip tends to catch the edges of the tissues when they are pulled out. A bit more care is needed when pulling tissues out.

👤I bought bare metal and an army green paint. Picking it to move it give to someone is stupid. It's not worth the money.

👤It's heavy enough to pull out a tissue without having to hold it down. It also doubles as a bookend. It looks exactly like the picture.

👤Excellent quality. Nice design. The color is darker than the photo. The mine is almost black.

10. VERGOODR Classical Rectangular Dispenser Bathroom

VERGOODR Classical Rectangular Dispenser Bathroom

All of your favourite tissue boxes will fit perfectly into their wooden tissue box cover; you won't have to worry about bringing your tape measure on shopping trips! The convenience and practicality of their wood tissue box cover makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. The original box is small. Don't worry, there are two options. Remove the tissues from the box and put them in the container. The box is well made and painted. The box is a standard tissue box. The front of the box should be cut with good scissors. Three antique books are similar to three handmade and hand painted books. It's suitable for classic style. The original Kleenex paper box is not compatible with the wood material. Remove the tissues from the Kleenex box and put them in your new container. The box is well made and painted. It is possible to place it directly in the office, study, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, giving your room a more retro look. It is easy to remove or add paper towels to the box if the top is opened directly. You can decorate your room, car or office. Can be used to store small items. The dimensions are 10.3 L* 6.3 W* 4 H.

Brand: Vergoodr

👤Many people said the Kleenex box did not fit. There is a It is not supposed. There is a Take tissue out of the box and put it in the box. There is a method for this. It is a perfect fit. There is a They are much better than the box they come in. 100% recommend!

👤They look like a stack of books. A standard tissue box is not held by the box cover. There is a The box cover can't hold the tissue box. The brand is called Shop n stop. The problem is that the inner edges of the two lower books prevent the tissue box from being inserted, because the book stack is set up like three books that are not aligned. Poorly thought out. There is a There is a smell coming from the box cover. If possible, let it go. There is a The box cover door hinges were loose. I modified the tissue box itself to fit the short coming of the cover. Not recommended, due to many flaws.

👤The tissue box covers were in perfect shape. You should take the tissues out of the original box and put them in the wooden box. I tried both ways as suggested by the seller of the box cover and found just taking the tissues from the manufacturers box was easier than trimming the sides of the box. I love the design of the box. It is a coordinated look for my two Crestview Collection Library 3-Drawer Chest and end tables. The box is sturdy and handsome, and it makes my living room look better. I'm ordering more for other rooms as well.

👤I bought one for each of my 15 staff because I love this product so much. Since I run a tutoring company, it seems like the perfect gift for teachers. I have been using it in my home for almost a month and am happy with it. It makes me happy when I see the box on my nightstand next to my books. There is a The manufacturer needs to make it a little bit larger so that you can put the box of tissues in it instead of having to manually remove the tissues and place them in the tissue box holder. It is a reasonable expectation for the price.

👤I like the way it looks. The hole on top is larger than a Kleenex box and you have to dig out the tissue when you pull it out. I bought a box holder from the same company, and it keeps coming out great. I made the hole smaller by taking cardboard and making it smaller.

👤You can't sit a box of tissues in it because the inside is not even. I had to take the tissues out of the box and put them in, then I had to cut the top off the box and tape it under the lid. I could have pop-up tissues.

👤This is a cute box. It adds a nice finishing touch to the décor. I don't understand why people are complaining about the box's size. A standard size Kleenex box will not fit. There are many small size kleenex boxes that fit perfectly. I found them at my local grocery store. I think the opening at the top of the box should have been smaller.

11. Sumnacon Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover

Sumnacon Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover

The tissue box cover is 15 x 15 cm. A large size to fit the majority of Kleenex/ roll tissue boxes. It's perfect for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, car, automotive, RV, restaurant, hotel rooms and office. It is easy to add a nice decorative touch to any room. Before buying, please make sure it's the right size. The size is 25*18.5*10 cm/9.8*7.3*4. It's convenient for you to place most kind of tissue in the box holders because they are small. The interior of the Tissue box holder is made of non-woven fabrics and is covered in high quality faux leather. The PU Leather is easy to clean. The Simple & Morden design is perfect for your home or office. Multifuctional A tissue box cover and stationery remote control storage box are included in the desktop Organizer Box. You can put your tissue in the large box and the other three smaller boxes can be used to store your items. It's a small container that keeps everything in order. A stylish and modern way to keep things in your home is not only convenient, it can also save you time and give you a clean and organized table. The tissues should be taken out of the cardboard box and put into the leather tissue box as the box may not fit in the case. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you!

Brand: Sumnacon

👤It would be nice if it fit a tissue box.

👤A nice box. It's very well-made, looks great, and the tissues pull out nicely. The little compartment are perfect for my phone, glasses, and flashlight. I like it. There is a The tissues have to be removed from the box. You open the end and drop the tissues in. It is very easy to do.

👤I was afraid the product would have a lot of defects but it only had one mark that was barely visible. I took pictures with flash on and off because I was trying to match this with other coffee/brown office products I bought on Amazon and to my surprise they all did. I was able to find tissue refill packages that fit in the case. The product is great for the price.

👤Don't listen to the reviewers who say the tissue boxes aren't right for you. I have 3 different brands of tissue box and they all fit perfectly. If you're worried about the fit of a specific brand, they can give you a precise measurement of the space in the pictures. The quality of this thing is very good and it is made out of a soft leather material, which is something I needed. It's nice to finally get something of good quality when we buy cheap stuff.

👤The boxes get damaged in the car. I wanted to put a tissue box in the floor console of the 2020 Explorer. I thought the tissue box would sit there, but it got kicked to the back a few times. There is a I wanted something neater. There is a This black option with white stitching is very close to our seats. It looks like it came with it. I like the place for the tissues and the dividers for hand sanitizers, wipes and all the other things you want to take with you while you travel, but junk up your interior. The dividers are nice. If you don't have extras to store, then it is a good place for passengers to put their phone down and charge it. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤My family loves this caddy. If your table space isn't big, it's a good idea to keep everything in one place. There are three slots for remote controls and phones. The tissue holder is very strong and will keep the lid from popping off when you pull up a tissue. The reviewers are supposed to take the tissues out of the disposable box and put them in the dispensers. If you only have square tissue boxes, you should take them out. It takes 2 seconds. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase, and would definitely recommend it.

👤The tissue box in my car kept flying off the seat, and when someone sat on it or put their feet on it, it flew to the floor. The extra storage in the seat is perfect for my phone battery pack and other things. love it!


What is the best product for decorative kleenex box holder rectangular?

Decorative kleenex box holder rectangular products from Mdesign. In this article about decorative kleenex box holder rectangular you can see why people choose the product. Tfy and Sumnacon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kleenex box holder rectangular.

What are the best brands for decorative kleenex box holder rectangular?

Mdesign, Tfy and Sumnacon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kleenex box holder rectangular. Find the detail in this article. Kingfom, Barnyard Designs and Hiimiei are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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