Best Decorative Kleenex Box Holder Square

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1. VERGOODR Classical Rectangular Dispenser Bathroom

VERGOODR Classical Rectangular Dispenser Bathroom

All of your favourite tissue boxes will fit perfectly into their wooden tissue box cover; you won't have to worry about bringing your tape measure on shopping trips! The convenience and practicality of their wood tissue box cover makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. The original box is small. Don't worry, there are two options. Remove the tissues from the box and put them in the container. The box is well made and painted. The box is a standard tissue box. The front of the box should be cut with good scissors. Three antique books are similar to three handmade and hand painted books. It's suitable for classic style. The original Kleenex paper box is not compatible with the wood material. Remove the tissues from the Kleenex box and put them in your new container. The box is well made and painted. It is possible to place it directly in the office, study, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, giving your room a more retro look. It is easy to remove or add paper towels to the box if the top is opened directly. You can decorate your room, car or office. Can be used to store small items. The dimensions are 10.3 L* 6.3 W* 4 H.

Brand: Vergoodr

👤Many people said the Kleenex box did not fit. There is a It is not supposed. There is a Take tissue out of the box and put it in the box. There is a method for this. It is a perfect fit. There is a They are much better than the box they come in. 100% recommend!

👤They look like a stack of books. A standard tissue box is not held by the box cover. There is a The box cover can't hold the tissue box. The brand is called Shop n stop. The problem is that the inner edges of the two lower books prevent the tissue box from being inserted, because the book stack is set up like three books that are not aligned. Poorly thought out. There is a There is a smell coming from the box cover. If possible, let it go. There is a The box cover door hinges were loose. I modified the tissue box itself to fit the short coming of the cover. Not recommended, due to many flaws.

👤The tissue box covers were in perfect shape. You should take the tissues out of the original box and put them in the wooden box. I tried both ways as suggested by the seller of the box cover and found just taking the tissues from the manufacturers box was easier than trimming the sides of the box. I love the design of the box. It is a coordinated look for my two Crestview Collection Library 3-Drawer Chest and end tables. The box is sturdy and handsome, and it makes my living room look better. I'm ordering more for other rooms as well.

👤I bought one for each of my 15 staff because I love this product so much. Since I run a tutoring company, it seems like the perfect gift for teachers. I have been using it in my home for almost a month and am happy with it. It makes me happy when I see the box on my nightstand next to my books. There is a The manufacturer needs to make it a little bit larger so that you can put the box of tissues in it instead of having to manually remove the tissues and place them in the tissue box holder. It is a reasonable expectation for the price.

👤I like the way it looks. The hole on top is larger than a Kleenex box and you have to dig out the tissue when you pull it out. I bought a box holder from the same company, and it keeps coming out great. I made the hole smaller by taking cardboard and making it smaller.

👤You can't sit a box of tissues in it because the inside is not even. I had to take the tissues out of the box and put them in, then I had to cut the top off the box and tape it under the lid. I could have pop-up tissues.

👤This is a cute box. It adds a nice finishing touch to the d├ęcor. I don't understand why people are complaining about the box's size. A standard size Kleenex box will not fit. There are many small size kleenex boxes that fit perfectly. I found them at my local grocery store. I think the opening at the top of the box should have been smaller.

2. Umbra 023340 276 U40 Casa Tissue Cover

Umbra 023340 276 U40 Casa Tissue Cover

Casa helps disguise the ho-hum look of an ordinary square tissue box with your tissue flowing through the chimney of a miniature house-shaped cover, mimicking a puffs of smoke. Casa is a fun square tissue box cover that is 5 x 6 34 x 5 inches. This imaginative take on the kleenex box cover is sure to add a decorative touch to any room in your home or office. It's easy to use, just cut out the plastic from the tissue box opening and feed the first tissue up the chimney.

Brand: Umbra

👤This is so cute with the Rae Dunn inspired bless you decals. The cover is light and I had to remove the top of the tissue box to help with the lifting. The star I subtracted was due to the fact that the sticker on the item is so large it's hard to get off. I love it.

👤The cover is thin and light, but I put some wheel weights on it to keep it from lifting off the counter.

👤The shape of the Umbra tissue box is great, but the label glue has ruined it. The label was hard to peel. I had to work at the edges and middle to get the label off. The label was over one side. A large square of glue was covered by the label after I removed it. I used nail polish and nailpolish removal products. There is still a light remnant. I'm afraid that in a few months the gluey area will start to oxidize. Really disappointing.

👤I bought this in white because I wanted a color one. The green colored one was $22.50 and I didn't care for the black or blue colored ones. I bought the white one and bought a can of pink spray paint that was specially formulated for plastics. I decorated it with window clings. See image 1 The only real problem with this box is that the Kleenex didn't come out quickly. I cut the top off of my Kleenex box and just refilled it as needed to solve the problem. See image 2. The tissues are easy to peel. C.

👤It is cute and I loved it. It was impossible to remove the big sticker on the front of it. It is a big sticker. It was difficult to get off. I didn't get all the glue off. If they hadn't put a sticker on it, it would have looked really cute and clean. The glue will not come off so one side is brown and dirty from dust and glue goop. I tried everything I could to remove it.

👤I found a cute box. You can make it your own. I used my cricut machine for the first time after getting some ideas on here. I bought a few. One for everyone in my family. I didn't mind taking off the sticker labels. Wait when the price is less than $4. I don't know why it keeps changing. I put it in my cart. I was surprised that it became $8 when I checked out a few hours later. I removed it from my cart. It went back to $4 a few hours later. I bought it quickly. I'm writing this review now. It's $9.

👤I should have known better after ordering this product from a home improvement blog. I should have known better. I was surprised when I removed the container from the box. You get what you pay for. There was a sticker covering the entire side of the house. The buyer should beware. I gave up trying to peel it off after 30 minutes, and thought dish soap and water might help. It didn't. I am leaving a trail of glue on the keyboard as I type this. Not worth it!

3. Luxspire Decorative Dispenser Magnetic Decor Marble

Luxspire Decorative Dispenser Magnetic Decor Marble

The box is Premium PU Leather. The tissue box is made of high quality material and it gives you a soft touch. A perfect desk decor that goes well with your house is a marble white faux leather with attractive white stitching, it is high-grade and elegant, and it looks great. It is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The tissue holder has a magnetic bottom. The foldable and strong magnetic design ensures that the side of the rectangular box that is held firm is not collapsing or being tilted. The package has a magnetic bottom and a magnetic sheet that make it easy to pull a tissue from a box. It's easy to refill. A stylish and practical way to store your tissues and keep them close to hand is by using the magnetic bottom, which allows you to easily open it up and close to replace your old tissues. The hole on top is large enough to keep your tissues smooth. Premium PU leather makes it lighter than any other material, and harder than fabric, carton, and glass. The paper case dispensers are convenient to store and carry. A great gift for your family and friends. The tissue box cover is 15 x 15 cm. A large size to fit the majority of Kleenex/ roll tissue boxes. It's perfect for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, car, automotive, RV, restaurant, hotel rooms and office. It is easy to add a nice decorative touch to any room. Before buying, please make sure it's the right size.

Brand: Luxspire

👤The box is nice, but the box of tissues won't fit. The unit is about half an inch higher than the tissue box. I had to take the tissues out of the box and put them inside because the half inch stack wouldn't fit. It's kind of a pain. I had read that the boxes would fit, but they weren't.

👤I bought this box because the ones I had previously purchased were sold out. This one is not very bright. You need to fold it up to form the box. It's easy to figure it out. It doesn't stay closed in place because the magnet isn't attached and no instructions were given. A few large magnets were supplied instead of a few to spread out. The boxes have magnets that are already inside the product. I am afraid that this one is going to fall apart if a guest tries to get a tissue.

👤I was looking for a cover that was non-metal and this one was what I was looking for. I was excited about the bottom flap because I wanted it to protect my furniture. It is too short to fit a Kleenex tissue box with the flap closed. I cut off the bottom flap and it works.

👤Do you have a problem getting tissues out? Or they will not come out? There is a Adding the weight of a tissue box cover fixes the problem. You can pick a pretty design to match your decor. I'm going to buy more.

👤This tissue holder is awesome! It looks modern and sleek. It looks better than the boxes the tissues come in. The tissue holder is easy to use. A regular tissue box does not fit in this one, so I did not rate it a 5. The tissues need to be taken out of the box. You could slip the tissue box in the holder. It would be perfect! I plan to keep the tissue holder.

👤It was what I wanted for my bathroom. I keep a box of tissue in my bathroom. I wanted a cover because I can't find designs that blend with decor. The tissue box is sturdy. The bottom is covered.

👤The container is too big to fit on my counter and leaves too much room around the tissue box on all sides. I wish it fit better. My other tissue containers fit nicely.

👤I wanted something to make my boxes look better. This is compatible with my white marbleized sink and the white toilet. It looks sturdy and easy to clean, but it's not plastic I expected. It looks better than plastic.

👤It was higher than I thought. I need to put 2 boxes of tissues in it to be able to reach the tissues.

👤There aren't many tissue box holders available, but this is one of the nicer ones. It is a lot deeper than my box of tissues. There is a It has a shiny sheen to it and the colour is more silvery grey than I was hoping for. It is better than a box of tissues with no cover.

4. YAPISHI Rectangular Magnetic Dispenser Bathroom

YAPISHI Rectangular Magnetic Dispenser Bathroom

The tissue box cover is 3.74 inches. The tissue holder can hold about 180 pages and can fit those tissue boxes which are 9.94 inches by 3.34 inches. The tissue box holder is made of premium PU leather, MDF wooden structure, flannelette cloth and is waterproof for home or commercial use. TheMagnet bottom makes it easy to open and refill tissues. It's convenient to replace the original cardboard box. A case for tissues. A bathroom Countertop Organizers for Tissue & Dryer Sheet, a stylish and practical tissues napkin cover box for your bedroom, living room, end tables, nightstands, countertops, vanities, office desk and etc. Birthday gift ideas, Mother's Day gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas,warming gift ideas, job promotion gift ideas. There is a new style decoration for home and office.

Brand: Yapishi

👤This is very pretty, but it opens from the bottom, meaning kleenex will fall out. It does not fit in a regular box. If you take them out of the box, you can fit them in. The darn thing opens from the bottom. Kleenex will eventually be on the floor. It's pretty but not practical. There is a new update on 1-30 - 21. The bottom of the box has not flopped open, as of this date. There have been no problems. I need to raise this to 5 stars and recommend it.

👤I was determined to find something that would look nice in the different rooms of the house because I get the ugliest tissues at my grocery store. I bought one for the bedroom and one for the living room. They look like the photos. Even though you can take the tissues out of a larger box, I buy a smaller box and they fit perfectly. They hold the tissues tighter, which gives them an advantage. They can slip back down when they are loose. The opening of the box reveals the plastic portion of the tissue box, so you don't see the box. I'm happy with them both.

👤It's very well-made, looks great, and the tissues pull out nicely. The ugly cardboard box they came in was a big improvement. I like it. P.S. The tissues have to be removed from the box. You open the end and drop the tissues in. It is very easy to do.

👤You just have to remove the tissues from the original box. It would be great for storing disposable gloves. One is for the car, one for the greenhouse, and one for the entryway to retrieve mail during Covid-19. It seems perfect for our use.

👤It does not fit a regular-sized tissue box. I am not going to take the tissue out of the box to use this cover because the bottom flap won't close properly. The bottom flap was cut off with scissors. I used glue on the edge to secure the fabric. It covers the box when it's sitting on the counter. It was an easy fix, but the company should adjust the size so the box will fit without you having to take the tissues out of it.

👤These arrived in a couple of days and are what we were hoping for. In our family room, the tissues look better than the cardboard boxes. They don't hold a whole box of Kleenex, but we can live with that. You have to remove the tissues from the box to use the holders.

👤I wanted to keep the bags accessible by the door. It's difficult to find flat rectangular boxes with an opening wide enough to reach into if you need to because they are not heavy enough. This is not a full ticket. The bottom opens and closes with a magnet. The packet is perfect because I bent the cardboard inside to keep it upright.

👤It looks great in my powder room. The top of the toilet tank has a bit of class added to it. It would be better if it was tall enough to hold tissue boxes.

5. EssentraHome Square Tissue Vanity Countertops

EssentraHome Square Tissue Vanity Countertops

This piece is in addition to their popular line of barn door inspired farmhouse bathroom accessories. Add a towel rack, ring hand towel holder, and toilet paper holder to your bathroom. Check out their kitchen collection too. Imagine a white square tissue box holder that exemplifies beauty and class all wrapped into one; white with subtle grey. Place it anywhere. It's important for you to pack your home in style with new white square tissue boxes from Essentra Home. The product is well designed. It can be placed throughout your entire home or office, as the color will match any aesthetic you have. This square tissue cover is made from heavy polyresin which has enough weight to keep your Kleenex box in place without having to hold down your tissue box. DIMENSIONS The inner dimensions of the majority of Kleenex boxes are 5x5. The product has a generous height of 6 inches and has an Oval shape hole on top that prevents it from ripping. Customer care is important. They did their job if you are happy with your tissue box. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact Essentra Home. Their goal is to provide you with value.

Brand: Essentra Home

👤The box we received looks different than the ones we've seen before. Too much pattern!

👤I was afraid that the tissue box cover wouldn't look like it was advertised. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the same as advertised. I use it in my kitchen, which has white and gray counter tops. If you want a white and gray tissue box cover at a great price, it's not really marble, but it is.

👤I don't know what the purpose of the tissue box is. It looks odd and takes up more room than it needs to because it is an inch in each direction. There is a The quality and appearance are great. The tray it is on is more cluttered than it looks.

👤The tissue box cover looks good in our home. It was clean, classic and elegant. Can't believe the value for money. My husband likes the way they look and he doesn't care if he gets a really ugly box of tissues. I think you have seen what the paper companies think. It was very bad! Great job on making these! I am aware that you are a small company. If you keep providing excellence like this, it will not be long.

👤This is very heavy. I can live with the gray marbling because my bathroom is white. If I had true gray, it would be a swear word.

👤The tissue holder is made from polyresin, so I had low expectations. I thought it would be light and cheap, but I needed a tissue holder to match my bathroom. When this arrived, I was surprised. It feels and looks like ceramic. It's the perfect size to fit a tissue box, and it matches my bathroom perfectly. It's a keeper!

👤The box is more awesome than the picture online. I have a lot of good things to say about this. I thought it was plastic when I saw it, but it looked like marble and was much better than the junk I ordered. I got it because I was desperate to cover my smashed tissue boxes. Thank you. It works well with my marble countertop, which I worried wouldn't be a perfect fit. Maybe was going to be way off, but it's ok with this little hero. Thank you!

👤This had the right amount of veining to be a fake marble and the white was the right color for the counter top. Love it.

👤It was an attractive appearance, well finished and heavy. It is too deep for the tissue boxes, so I used a couple of feet to lift it up.

👤The marble detailing is great. It looks more expensive than it is. The square box looks great in the bathroom.

👤It is really good quality. It is very heavy and you don't need to put your others hand on it while you grab a tissue.

6. Carrotez Tissue Refined Modern Leather

Carrotez Tissue Refined Modern Leather

The stylish cover is perfect for home or commercial use, it is clean and cute. The Carrotez is an ideal solution for hiding tissue boxes. It is brushed in a white close to ivory cream color. The Leather Tissue Box cover is a perfect size and can be placed in any room in your house or office. It's easy to refill: Lift the cover and place a new box underneath, it's perfect for end tables, night stands, countertops, family room, craft room, and toilet. The Tissue Box cover can be folded and restored to its original shape when used. Leather is easier to clean than cotton, fabric, linen and other materials. This imaginative take on the tissue box cover is available in multiple colors and is sure to add a decorative touch to your bathroom, bedroom, or any other room in your home or office.

Brand: Carrotez

👤It's perfect for my tissue box. I put it in a car with a 2-inch elastic band. The gray interior is similar to the light gray of my vehicle. Definitely recommend!

👤A gorgeous, well made decor item that is functional at the same time! I didn't think it was possible to make tissue boxes cute. It was harder to get tissues out of the slot when I used 2-ply tissues. There is a The off white color is very neutral and will look great with many color schemes.

👤My husband is going to throw it out, but I will not because it looks pretty. I think I need to stretch it out. It's difficult to get tissues out. It looks so good that I'm willing to work with it.

👤I think this could go with white or ivory. It's a snug fit over the tissue box, which I like because it takes up a smaller footprint on my bathroom counter. I wasn't excited about the logo on one side, but I can turn it around. There is a It can be difficult to get tissues out one handed. The box is lightweight and fitted. Not a dealbreaker for me. The cute wins.

👤This looks great. It is on the coffee table in my living room. I don't mind a tissue box in the middle of my living room anymore. There is a The tissues will come out a little easier if the slit is widened. Overall, I love it.

👤I love it! It was as advertised. I like that it doesn't have a bottom, it's compact and easy to put over the box. Looks and feels expensive. The blue is elegant and I love it, but I wish it was more of a mint/tiffany color. Buying more colors for other rooms.

👤The tissue box cover is very stylish. I have never seen anything like this before, until I bought a tissue box cover. Who knew? I wish this had a bottom to it. I like the soft grey color. The cover fits snug to the tissue box so you don't have to worry about it falling out when you lift it. It was very sturdy and not flimsy. I would buy this again.

👤Love the look and feel. I already had some white and leather accents, so it adds to the style of my desk. The brand boxes are so ugly that a tissue box is always near. This was a high fashion upgrade. The slit is a tad too narrow and sometimes the tissue paper gets stuck and it doesn't come out whole. I'm hoping it loosens a bit. It fits the box perfectly and I love how it looks. The box is open at the bottom and never falls out of it.

👤The little Kleenex box cover brings joy to me. I like the way it looks with my decor. There is a Well made! I have a square white one and it has a nice texture. There is a It is a great find.

7. Sumnacon Dispenser Magnetic Automotive Decoration

Sumnacon Dispenser Magnetic Automotive Decoration

The tissues should be taken out of the cardboard box and put into the leather tissue box as the box may not fit in the case. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you! They are handsome and useful. The tissues can be put into the tissue holders. Magnetic bottoms are very well-made and add a nice decorating touch to your bathroom, restaurant, office, household, automotive. This is one of the best places to decorate a home. The magnetic bottom closure is very strong. There is a black faux leather. A stylish and practical way to store tissues. The PU Leather material is durable and attractive. The tissue box is made from high quality materials. The box is covered in a black faux leather and has white stitching. As the bottom opens to take the box or a pile of tissues, it's easy to insert the tissues. The L x W x H is 13.5 x 13.5 cm and the Inner is 12.2 x 12.2 cm. Please check your tissues and box size before purchasing. It is easy to open and refill with new tissues. It's ideal for home, office, restaurant, and car/ automotive use. It is elegant and functional. This tissue holder is well made outside and well lined inside, it adds a nice decorating touch to your office, home, bedroom and bathroom. The tissues stand up when pulled out, instead of falling into the holder like some other models.

Brand: Sumnacon

👤The product exceeded my expectations. I was hoping it would work out. I bought it to cover a small box. The box of tissue was too large for the small measurements I bought. I was surprised it fit the box. The Puffs Plus has 72 quantity. The magnetic bottom makes the box fit inside. If you pick up the whole box, it won't fall open. It is well made and looks nice. It isn't white, that's the only complaint I have. It is not white. In artificial light, it is not noticeable to me. In natural light, it is more obvious that it is not white than it is in the pictures. It wasn't a problem for me. If you place it around other whites, you will never notice it is not white. I was feeling generous, I didn't knock off a star. The box is useful. When I pull out a tissue, the box no longer comes off the desk. I wanted the tissue box to start with that. Mission accomplished!

👤The padded quilt pattern is really similar to the tissue box holder. The holder has a magnetic bottom. A standard square box does not fit. I like the tissue box holder, so I cut the bottom half inch off the kneenex box to give it a better fit.

👤Three years ago, I purchased one for our office. I bought a second one for myself. This is designed to hold a roll of toilet tissue, not a cube of facial tissues. The solution I use is to remove the top of the box of tissues. The holder has a bottom that I like. It's easy to move around without having to hold the tissue with the cover.

👤This tissue box cover is gorgeous. It was what I wanted. If you read some reviews that said a standard tissue box wouldn't fit inside the cover, you would have to remove the tissues and put them in loose, but this has not been the case for me at all. I have used tissues boxes from both Dollar Tree and the grocery store and have not had any issues. It looks very high-end. Very happy.

👤The piece is cute but has some design flaws. The box that holds tissues has a lot of little details, but this one got them all wrong. A tall tissue box is a standard size across brands, and yet this tissue box holder is too short for all of them. The hole at the top of the box is not the same shape as a standard tissue box, which leads to tissues ripping when you try to pull them out. If you take the tissues out of the box and put them in this, it will work. That wasn't the purpose of this piece.

👤It was still new 18 months later. There have been no issues so far. There is a A standard square tissue box doesn't fit as well as others have said. It takes very little effort to press the bottom corners of the tissue box to slip into this cover. Take them out of the box and put them directly. I used a small piece of 3M/Scotch Lock Tape to hold this in place in the back seat of my car. The magnetic bottom door works perfectly and the product looks and feels great. The only reason it's four instead of five stars is that they could have made it bigger to fit standard tissue boxes.

8. Puffs Lotion Facial Tissues Cubes

Puffs Lotion Facial Tissues Cubes

The pack contains 10 cubes of facial tissues. America's #1 selling tissue. It is possible to protect your nose with a touch of lotion. It is possible to soothe irritated noses by using Puffs Plus Lotion. Don't let your nose run dry. Automatic home delivery is available if you sign up. The Dermatologist was tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. Don't get sick with the cold and flu; be prepared with a soothing balm.

Brand: Puffs

👤This is not a variation of Puffs Plus. The tissues are very rough and hard to use on your face, so don't use any soothing lotion on them. This second delivery of 10 boxes is not better than the first, so I canceled it. I had to purchase a few boxes of Puffs with Lotion at the store yesterday because I'm not going to return a huge box of 10. I will have to use them slowly next spring- summer when I'm not sick with a cold or exposed to a lot of cold, dry air. I used to have a problem with Amazon's Kleenex facial tissues, so I decided to subscribe to Puffs Plus instead. They were no better than the Kleenex tissues. I think that large companies like Amazon should negotiate with the manufacturers to make substandard products that are cheaper and increase their margins. You get what you pay for, that's what I agree with. I had the same problem when buying toilet tissue from Amazon. I stopped buying toilet paper from Amazon and am now buying it in bulk from Target. Target's Charmin feels like real Charmin Ultra toilet paper, but Amazon doesn't. Amazon's Charmin is rough, sometimes as rough as the Aria and some of the other recycled toilet tissue products are. Since I usually get $10 off each order via Target, I will add some soft Kleenex facial tissues to my Target order in the future. These tissues are not a good deal.

👤These were okay for the price, but not as good as Puffs with lotion. We ran out twice as fast because they are regular thin tissues. You get what you pay for.

👤We thought we had the ones with the lotion. That's what it says on the boxes. They don't feel like they have lotion on them. My husband had a bad allergy day and we had to get a new box of tissues. They are worse than paper towels. I wish I was telling the truth. They're thick, so you don't have to fold them over like you usually do. They left his nose looking worse than Rudolph's. I won't buy these again online, because they forgot the lotion. We got them because of a coupon.

👤Good value for money. A pack of 10 boxes is what you get. Must have been in the flu season. For yourself and for your family. No kidding. I had a rash when I used toilet papers to blow my nose. It takes weeks to heal the rash wound, and it hurts a lot. No bueno. The presentation was good. I keep the box to store them when not used. It's very soft. You can use it to remove make up from your kids' mouths.

👤Some people only use one word. Don't be like them. There is a The Pros and Cons of this story are listed below. I'm leaving this review because my wife is watching a singing show. I wonder who is wearing this mask.

9. Sumnacon Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover

Sumnacon Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover

The tissue box cover is 15 x 15 cm. A large size to fit the majority of Kleenex/ roll tissue boxes. It's perfect for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, car, automotive, RV, restaurant, hotel rooms and office. It is easy to add a nice decorative touch to any room. Before buying, please make sure it's the right size. The size is 25*18.5*10 cm/9.8*7.3*4. It's convenient for you to place most kind of tissue in the box holders because they are small. The interior of the Tissue box holder is made of non-woven fabrics and is covered in high quality faux leather. The PU Leather is easy to clean. The Simple & Morden design is perfect for your home or office. Multifuctional A tissue box cover and stationery remote control storage box are included in the desktop Organizer Box. You can put your tissue in the large box and the other three smaller boxes can be used to store your items. It's a small container that keeps everything in order. A stylish and modern way to keep things in your home is not only convenient, it can also save you time and give you a clean and organized table. The tissues should be taken out of the cardboard box and put into the leather tissue box as the box may not fit in the case. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you!

Brand: Sumnacon

👤It would be nice if it fit a tissue box.

👤A nice box. It's very well-made, looks great, and the tissues pull out nicely. The little compartment are perfect for my phone, glasses, and flashlight. I like it. There is a The tissues have to be removed from the box. You open the end and drop the tissues in. It is very easy to do.

👤I was afraid the product would have a lot of defects but it only had one mark that was barely visible. I took pictures with flash on and off because I was trying to match this with other coffee/brown office products I bought on Amazon and to my surprise they all did. I was able to find tissue refill packages that fit in the case. The product is great for the price.

👤Don't listen to the reviewers who say the tissue boxes aren't right for you. I have 3 different brands of tissue box and they all fit perfectly. If you're worried about the fit of a specific brand, they can give you a precise measurement of the space in the pictures. The quality of this thing is very good and it is made out of a soft leather material, which is something I needed. It's nice to finally get something of good quality when we buy cheap stuff.

👤The boxes get damaged in the car. I wanted to put a tissue box in the floor console of the 2020 Explorer. I thought the tissue box would sit there, but it got kicked to the back a few times. There is a I wanted something neater. There is a This black option with white stitching is very close to our seats. It looks like it came with it. I like the place for the tissues and the dividers for hand sanitizers, wipes and all the other things you want to take with you while you travel, but junk up your interior. The dividers are nice. If you don't have extras to store, then it is a good place for passengers to put their phone down and charge it. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤My family loves this caddy. If your table space isn't big, it's a good idea to keep everything in one place. There are three slots for remote controls and phones. The tissue holder is very strong and will keep the lid from popping off when you pull up a tissue. The reviewers are supposed to take the tissues out of the disposable box and put them in the dispensers. If you only have square tissue boxes, you should take them out. It takes 2 seconds. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase, and would definitely recommend it.

👤The tissue box in my car kept flying off the seat, and when someone sat on it or put their feet on it, it flew to the floor. The extra storage in the seat is perfect for my phone battery pack and other things. love it!

10. AuldHome Galvanized Distressed Farmhouse Vintage

AuldHome Galvanized Distressed Farmhouse Vintage

The tissue holder has smooth curves that spread out the elegance and sense of taste. Superb quality and function will impress your family and friends, and it is a wonderful present for birthday parties, exchange events and many other activities and meet-ups! A farmhouse style square tissue box holder. 6 inches tall by 5.6 inch sides, fits standard tissue box cubes, is INTERIOR size. This is a dark grey style. You need a sturdy weight to pull the tissue. It's ideal for living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, or small business decor.

Brand: Auldhome Design

👤The tissue cover does not look as "galvanized" as the word might suggest, but it still works for the look my son requested for his new bathroom. Some products look like country and rustic. The dark cherry cabinets, silver hardware, and neutral walls will work well with this piece. I'll try to send a picture when it's complete.

👤I was disappointed to find that the lower edges were made of metal with no protection built in and that the edge was so narrow that we couldn't add our own. We were going to use them in bedrooms on nightstands, but they would scratch the wood so one is in a bathroom and the other went to the donation shop. They are large enough to cause a tissue box to be swamped by the holder and cause tissue to tear when pulled. Very disappointing.

👤I was a little nervous about making this purchase, but I was able to roll the dice and win. I appreciate when sellers go that extra mile to make sure your new product comes as it should. New! Thank you so much! It's solid! It's beautiful! I was looking for a perfect match and it was just perfect.

👤I thought I was getting a galvanized silver box, but it was painted to a dark rust color. I returned for a new one thinking there was a mistake. I saw the same color after I received my new shipment. I kept them. They don't work what I wanted.

👤The opening on the tissue box is larger than the opening at the top. The tissues tear or you can't get one out of the box. The entire thing slides when I reach for a tissue. The box is higher than the tissues. It looks great on the plus side.

👤The cover is great. The inside lip tends to catch the edges of the tissues when they are pulled out. A bit more care is needed when pulling tissues out.

👤I bought bare metal and an army green paint. Picking it to move it give to someone is stupid. It's not worth the money.

👤It's heavy enough to pull out a tissue without having to hold it down. It also doubles as a bookend. It looks exactly like the picture.

👤Excellent quality. Nice design. The color is darker than the photo. The mine is almost black.

11. JUSK Design Bamboo Tissue Holder

JUSK Design Bamboo Tissue Holder

Their premium bamboo forest is the source of the bamboo tissue box cover. Their bamboo is more sustainable and ecological than trees. The same characteristics can be provided with a wooden tissue box. The tissue box holder will make any space look better. It fits perfectly over Kleenex box covers. The bamboo tissue holder is made with the highest quality bamboo and is perfect for everyday use. You won't have to worry about splinters or cracks on your bamboo tissue holder. All of their bamboo tissue boxes are in perfect condition. Changing your tissues has never been easier. Simply slide open the bottom of your bamboo tissue box and place your new tissues inside. The bamboo revolution is here and you will never have to struggle with hard to open wooden tissue box covers again. The square tissue box cover has a professional finish and is sure to look great. This versatile decorative tissue box is perfect for your office, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, and is sure to add a touch of style wherever you put it. All of your favourite tissue boxes will fit perfectly into their wooden tissue box cover; you won't have to worry about bringing your tape measure on shopping trips! The convenience and practicality of their wood tissue box cover makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Brand: Jusk

👤I keep a Kleenex box in my Jeep because I tend to have a bad nose. It was always getting crushed or soaked by the tracked snow. The box cover is easy to remove but seals completely when slid into place, making it a good choice for small Kleenex boxes. It's tucked under the front seat and has a Kleenex stuck out. There is a The second box was an extra perk that I use in the computer room, where the Kleenex box on the shelf would always lift up and fall off when the box was empty, but now it's gone because of the holder.

👤It appears to be sturdy and well made. Good value. It is larger than a standard tissue cube. I would prefer a form fitting that takes up less space on my table. It is a marginal difference.

👤I put a piece of shelf liner in my husband's car. If he has a cardboard box in his car, the contents will be thrown away. I ordered 2 more because they are so nice. My laundry room has bamboo countertops, and our kitchen island has bamboo countertops.

👤I bought the wood tissue box to make my bathroom look better, but I love it more than that. It's easy to replace the tissue box, it fits a large tissue box, and it makes getting the tissues easier. They used to fall back inside the box of tissues if they wanted to grab one. They pop up until the very last tissue. This product is easy to use and look great.

👤I was a little disappointed with the tissue boxes. They are too short for a box of 2 ply tissues and are made of bamboo. I tried to use them by removing the tissues from the box, but it was hard to use. We had to dig to get the tissue. My husband had to call me to get one because his hand was too small. The solution is to put the bamboo box over the tissue box and not replace it. Not good. The reason for purchasing them was defeated. I assume that the next compromise will be a single size of tissue product.

👤The sides were not in contact with each other. The sides were separated when I slid the bottom out. The side and top are made of bamboo, while the bottom is printed paperboard. The base won't close completely because the alignment is off. There are gaps at the corners even after some self-help glueing. It has an attractive and simple design, but it is poorly constructed. There is an update. I got a new one. This one is correct. The sides and bottom all align as they should, even though one corner is a little loose. The materials are the same, but it is better because it is aligned properly. A very attractive dispensers.

👤This tissue holder has a bottom that makes it easy to hand the box to another person without the whole contraption coming apart. A lot of boxes I looked at were too small to fit a cardboard tissue box inside, so you have to take the tissues out and put them in your decorative box. I'm happy to say that this one fits the cardboard tissue boxes I've purchased.


What is the best product for decorative kleenex box holder square?

Decorative kleenex box holder square products from Vergoodr. In this article about decorative kleenex box holder square you can see why people choose the product. Umbra and Luxspire are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative kleenex box holder square.

What are the best brands for decorative kleenex box holder square?

Vergoodr, Umbra and Luxspire are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative kleenex box holder square. Find the detail in this article. Yapishi, Essentra Home and Carrotez are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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