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1. Magnetic Natural Magnets Cutlery Display

Magnetic Natural Magnets Cutlery Display

It fits easily on the kitchen counter. A classic way to display your knives is with a bamboo display. The double-sided large container is great for your kitchen counter because you can hold up to 12 knives at both sides. The strong magnetic hold common kitchen knives securely, allowing you to reach your knife easier and quicker. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean the magnetic knife block. The Bamboo Knife holder is packed in a portable gift box, a great gift for your loved ones. 100% money back guarantee!

Brand: Yotipp

👤There are two significant issues with this block. It isn't tall enough to handle a standard chef knife. The knife will stick, but the blade is exposed above the block. The longer the blade, the more exposed it is. The magnets are too low in the block for the best effect. They are located close to the base rather than near the top edge where they would do better. A short bladed knife is not held tightly and can fall if you move the block. It's annoying that it's hard to store shorter blades on it because it's potentially dangerous.

👤The whole thing is magnetized, but there is only a strip as strong as the magnets on it. It's in the description, but keep in mind that anything with a blade longer than 8 will run into the base. The holes at the bottom of the base to screw in and secure the block to is too small for the screws that came with, so I removed a star. When we couldn't force it in with our screw driver, we had to use an electric drill.

👤The plastic fingers on the old knife block didn't work. The knives wouldn't slide properly if the fingers got bent. The wooden case was broken so I was looking for something that would hold up. There is a It was very easy to use. Attach the bottom section to the vertical part with a couple of screws. All of our knives and scissors can be stored on either side of the wood. We have chef's knives, cleavers, and paring knives. A heavy knife can be held in place and easy to reach. A very good knife block.

👤The magnets are weak and seem to be about 1/2 way down. My paring knives don't stick at all. If you hit the stand, it will fall off. My knife has the same issue. My cleaver stick and chef knife are fine. I have to hold the block when I take off the cleaver so the other knives don't fall off. There is a Pros and Cons - holds a good amount of knives.

👤The screws wouldn't go in so far, so I tried to put it together. I tried using a drill and one of the screws broke. The other two went in. I think the magnet is what stopped them. I can't take it apart to send it back. There is a The seller gave me the original one. I had to find a box that would fit the reassembled piece. I made sure to have a drill handy with a bit of the predrilled holes. The screws were not strong enough and the wood was hard. The screws went in easily with the drill bit changed to a Philips, because I drilled the holes a little deeper. I put my new knives with the decorative blades on it and it was stunning. I like how it looks. I'm happy I re-ordered this piece.

👤I'm leaning towards 2020 being a home decor theme and this helps a lot. It is easy to put together and holds knives well. The design is nice and I don't have a problem with knives falling off. I like that the knives don't touch each other, and I can move them around to different work surfaces. After moving to a lonely place in the woods during the global Pandemic, I found myself with a weird feeling of having my huge knives on display like props in a horror movie. I am so excited to grab one of these, run out into the snow in the middle of the night, hunch behind a rock, and discover the awful truth about my new neighbors. (-):

2. Cuisinart C77WTR 15P Collection 15 Piece Cutlery

Cuisinart C77WTR 15P Collection 15 Piece Cutlery

It's easy to care for and it has a one-year warranty. Their knives have an unlimited warranty. They recommend hand washing and drying your knives to protect their sharpness. If you have an issue, contact their customer service team. The set includes a Chef Knife, 8inch Slicing Knife, 7inch Santoku Knife, 5.5-inch Utility Knife, 3.5-inch Paring Knife, 2.75-inch Bird's Beak Paring Knife, and 4.5-inch Steak Knives. Excellent performance. The Classic Forged Triple Rivet Cutlery has superior high-carbon STAINLESS steel blades. Extra-wide safety bolsters are used for total control. The handle is well built with the use of rivets to secure the full-tang blade. There is a lifetime warranty. The original purchaser of the Cuisinart Cutlery will be free of defects in material and workmanship for the rest of their lives. Product Documentation can be found below.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The gift was received as a Christmas gift. Immediately after use, I handwash and dry. The knives started to rust. Several of the knives are showing signs of rust. Amazon does not allow for holiday returns. They were impossible to reach via phone, ignored online complaint, and took 5 days and 6 emails to receive the response. Rust is not considered a manufacture defect, and the warranty does not cover it. I will never buy another product from Cuisinart. Stay away!

👤The knives I have only been using for 2 weeks and they are already bad. I have bought cheaper knives that lasted longer. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤Within 5 months, these knives started splitting at the handle. Terrible quality!

👤We contacted the company and they replaced the entire set for free. I was very happy with that. The new set hasn't broken yet. So fingers crossed! There is a The steak knives we bought less than six months ago are breaking. We don't use these knives to work out, we use them to cut meat. I would have bought a different product if I had known this. The knives seem to be made with cheap parts.

👤I just received my knife set. I was excited for the white set. I unboxed it and found his knives were all dirty. Someone bought them and used them again. Will be going back.

👤I was hesitant about the quality of the knife set because of the price. The only complaint I have is that the kitchen shears and knife sharpener have the same handle as the rest of the set. There is a The quality of these knives is similar to that of Cuisinart: solid. They are sharp, the weight is solid, and everything else you could want in a knife set. I wish it had a small spreader, but I knew it wasn't going to be used. This knife block set is so chic and quality that I think you can find anything similar for less than $60.

👤I got these for Christmas last year and have been using them ever since. The big knives in the set are very nice, but the pairing knives are the cheapest. I don't know if I'll buy the set again, just because the small knives are cheap, but I didn't have good knife options before, so these serve their purpose for me. I cook at least once a day and use the knives a lot. I have been using the sharpener to keep up with the sharpness. If you're on a budget, this is a good set. If you're looking for professional grade steel, you're going to have to spend a lot more on knives. These get the job done for someone who uses them daily for cooking.

👤The plastic handles are light and cheap. The knives are not sharp enough. The steak knives are not strong. I'm really disappointed. The money was wasted to return it. I spent a lot of time looking at different knives and I felt confident in choosing them. It was a mistake.

3. RoyalHouse Organizer Christmas Housewarming Included

RoyalHouse Organizer Christmas Housewarming Included

This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape. They use high-grade and sustainable hardwood to design their knife blocks. Steak knives, knife sharpeners, butcher knives, and many other items are safely stored in the organizers for home and chefs. It's best to use most standard drawers because they fit most knives. The in-drawer knife holder will fit in your drawer and hold a wide range of knives. Their bamboo knife block is PREMIUM QUALITY, it is odor-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant. It makes retrieving your knives a lot easier. To make it easy to clean, wash your knife drawer organizers with a cloth and soapy water, and dry them with a clean cloth. After every use, please clean the knife block. TheWORTHY PURCHASE is an eco-friendly kitchen accessory that is designed to tidy up your kitchen and store knives without hassle. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with them. The dimensions are 15.7''. X' 3.8' X 2''

Brand: Royalhouse

👤Pros - no big knife block that hoggin' all the counter space, knives can be lifted out instead of drawn out of a block, and magnets fighting gravity, which always wins eventually. The drawer is a better location than the counter because it feels well made and it's not like you move it around. If you are okay with the last con, then look for a model with wider spacing.

👤It's really sad... I wanted to love it. I have a set of beautiful Global chef knives that are currently just thrown in a drawer and I was hoping for a way to organize them. This product is not suited for full sized chef knives. It was nice quality and looked nice, but I had to return it because it didn't fit what I needed. If you are looking for a way to organize steak knives, this might be the one for you.

👤I have a narrow drawer where I keep my kitchen knives on top of each other, but I couldn't find a knife organizers that fit it. I am happy because it is beautiful and I have enough room in the drawer for a bread knife. If you're wondering the dimensions of my drawer, I recommend it.

👤Do you have a favorite knife that was part of a set, or a knife that you bought but don't fit in the butcher block set on the counter? The knife block holds different sizes and knives don't have to be perfect. It takes up a small amount of space, but it keeps the knives in an organized and safe manner. The quality is good, the compact is well made. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤It works in a kitchen drawer to replace a knife block. It keeps knives separate and the blades covered.

👤I was looking for a knife holder that would fit inside my drawers and this one was just the right size. Royal House has bamboo organizers. I have ordered bamboo items from other makers and they are better quality and well packaged than the others for the same price. Royal House and mDesign have bamboo step shelf drawer organizers that I ordered. The size is the same. The later had manufacturing defects and was less sturdy. Royal Design products are good. Excellent value for money.

👤This is perfect! I wanted it to fit my kitchen drawer organizers, so I was looking for a knife block width that would fit. The one I found fit like a glove with just enough space on the side to hold the pizza cutter and peeler. No more grabbing knives with fear. Excellent product!

👤I was always scared of cutting myself because I hated having my knives roll around in the drawers. This is a sturdy product that fits perfectly in my kitchen. If you don't have the extra wide drawers in the newest kitchens, I will mention this. This will fit.

👤There was a beam on the bottom. If you slide a knife in randomly, you could end up damaging the counter or tip of the knife. I put the drawer liner underneath it to stop it from cutting into the counter.

4. Magnetic Holder Double Organize Storage

Magnetic Holder Double Organize Storage

If there are any problems with the kitchen knife magnetic holder, please contact them at any time. A magnetic plate with a width of 12 inches is hidden by a super strength hidden magnet. The knife block is large enough to hold up to 10 knives or any iron tableware. The knife block is made of 100% natural bamboo, which is clean, healthy, and safe. The unique coating on its surface is what keeps it last longer. After researching the tools holders on the market, they make improvements so that this knives holder could also function as a bookshelf. You could put something on it while cooking. The design is stable and Sturdy to make sure the bottom fits the desktop. The magnetic plate has support rods on both sides that can be used to place scissors or peelers. The magnetic knife block is easy to clean. You can air dry it by washing it with cloth and water.

Brand: Homekoko

👤It's easy to fingerprints. It may be 12” wide, but almost 2 in. There is only 8.5” of knife storage on both sides. The angle makes the wall closer to 9 in. To fit knife handles. scissors drag on counter because the dowels are too low This takes up too much space for me.

👤The bamboo has a strong magnet that makes it easy to hold the knives. It's not easy to get the knives off it. I hope the knives can be dried off on the holder, but I am worried about whether the side of the knife that is attached to the holder can get dried off.

👤I didn't have to make holes in my new kitchen because it stands. I couldn't get it to slide together because it was so tight. I got it together with a few taps of a rubber mallet, after I sanded all inner edges twice. The magnets are strong and can hold knives on both sides. It was very nice to use.

👤I was very excited about the product. It is nice for the price, but the description needs to be updated to show the maximum blade length supported. I have a bread knife that is too tall to fit on the stand.

👤This knife block was everything I needed. It is easy to use and clean, and it is sturdy. The traditional knife block style is expensive for a small amount of storage. The knife block is unconventional and has room to spare for all of my knives. It's a nice way for me to show off my Cutco knives and it can be attached to the backside. The hanging rods on the side of the trimmers/scissors are something I like. It's a nice added bonus that I use it as a stand for my cookbook. I think it will hold up over time. The product arrived in perfect condition.

👤I thought this would be a good idea since there is not a wall near my stove where a magnetic bar knife holder would be convenient. It might be the best thing. I was happy to discover that I can put knives on both sides of the holder. A long bar is needed to hold that many knives. There is a I'm not crazy about how thick it is. I get a very similar look for a fraction of the cost with this, because similar metal holders cost much more. I don't use the side pegs. Only one of them was able to fit and hang anything from it. It makes my knives look great on my counter and it keeps the blades from rubbing against anything that might dull them.

👤The stand is of excellent quality. I would have kept it if I'd read the measurements right. It is easy to use. The idea of putting the knives on the backside and using the front as a book holder was very appealing. I needed at least 9 and saw the measurement, so I jumped at the product. You should read all the dimensions.

5. Without Coninx Universal Storage Organizer

Without Coninx Universal Storage Organizer

A special process is used to guarantee the quality of the wanbasion kitchen knife set with knife set block, which is more flexible. The kitchen knife set is hard to break. The fit-it-all kitchen knife holder. The knife block holder has 15 universal slots for different knife sizes, so you can keep your knives in order. Unbreakable fidelity: that is. Their knife holders are more durable than other blocks. The knife block is easy to clean. It's safe for the cypress. The universal knife holder has rubber feet that prevent skidding and shift to make it safe to store knives around kids or clumsy people. A timeless quality knife holder for kitchen counter is a universally loved gift. It is great in every kitchen. AFFORDABLE QUALITY LASTS: The universal knife rack is more than just a steak knife block. It has premium materials and first-class workmanship without the high price-tag of similar quality products.

Brand: Coninx

👤This is a nice knife block. It will look great in the kitchen. There is one problem. The slot is too small for a chef's knife. It is about 1 9/8. The widest part of my chef's knife blade is 2 1/8". It doesn't fit into the block completely. I called a couple of my friends and asked them to measure their knives. I have thought about returning it. My wife likes the way the block looks and I have already thrown out the box. The knife has to stick out of the slot.

👤The knife block I had was black and looked terrible. The knives were still sharp. This looks great in my kitchen. Extra knife slits are needed for kitchen scissors and accessories. I love it! 5 stars.

👤The wood and quality of the block are lovely, but it is not a universal knife block. I bought this for my significant other, who is a chef and uses mostly shun's lesser lines. The hilts of the knives hit each other when trying to place them, and this block only fit 2 of the knives. The product was not returnable because I bought it in advance. I would recommend caution when buying or finding the right size.

👤I didn't read the comments as I should have, but many have had the same problem. Common chef knives do not fit this block. The slots are too small. The bread knife does not fit in my hand. The item was returned.

👤I love this! The rubber knife holder that came with our knife set became difficult to use over the years, and we had to replace it. The wood knife holder looks beautiful, is well made, and has enough slots to hold all of our knives. I don't know why we took so long to make the switch, but I'm glad we did. It makes our kitchen look better and is functional.

👤We don't have a lot of counter space in our small apartment because there are so many knife blocks. This one has enough space to hold a lot of our knives and keep them handy, but doesn't take up a lot of space. The steak knife set only has 6 knives, so it has the perfect number of slots for them. We have a large chef's knife, but there aren't enough slots for it, and it's widebladed. We have a chef's knife that works well in it.

👤Do not buy. I used it for a while and it started to stink. I always dried knives before putting them in the block. I'm very disappointed.

👤The wooden block is handsome. We only use it for our kitchen tools. I can't find a ceramic honing rod that will fit in that slot, so the hole for the honing steel seems to be only for that. My Victorinox 8” Chef's knife is too tall to fit nicely in my kitchen, so I make sure to take into account the height of the blade when buying knives with this block.

6. Cooks Standard 02665 Storage Bamboo

Cooks Standard 02665 Storage Bamboo

The knife block does not require installation and does not damage your walls or kitchen countertops. It is made of natural Bamboo and looks great. It holds knives and accessories up to 9 inches deep. There are different types of knives, including chef's, steak, wide and long knives, and a cleaver. There are slots that can hold things like a kitchen scissor. The dimensions are 11. 5 in. The length is 9. 5 in. 5 in. height The width. To clean, wipe with cloth.

Brand: Cooks Standard

👤I like the knife block. I was looking for a block that would allow me to store a larger number of knives than my previous block, and I found it. The old one held something like 11 and this was a big improvement. The wood is light and smooth. It looks good on the counter. There are a lot of slot sizes. I don't have a cleaver, so I wish that space were for two smaller knives, but I wouldn't mark it down for that reason. I use the steak knife slots for paring knives, as I seem to have more of those than anything. I can store a set of kitchen shears in this block. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤It was nice and solid. It works with the Victorinox fibrox pro chef's knife. There is a The bamboo finish wood is from the scrap pile. The fit and finish are not average. The upper level finish wood is crooked, but that's only aesthetic, so not a deal breaker. The lower level is crooked as you can see in the picture. It's confirmed with the measurements. I bought it from the warehouse. I'm pretty sure the original purchaser returned the same issue. Quality control at all levels is bad. I'm going to try to resolve the issue with the manufacturer first. Will update review. Customer service could not be contacted. Returned and replaced with another warehouse. The replacement was worse than the original. Cooks and Amazon warehouse have poor quality control. I might try a non used version again.

👤The block uses space efficiently. There are 17 places on top for implements and 8 places on the bottom for steak knives. The block has cutco steak knives that are 4 7/8" in length. There is a place for my scissors, cleaver, and steel knife sharpener. The construction has a good feel. I am very happy with this item. The price point on this block was very reasonable, and I can now have all my knives in one place.

👤It was a disappointment. I bought this knife block to use in my kitchen. I think I was sent a used one. My expectations were normal for a new purchase like this.

👤The knife block is not made out of bamboo as the vendor claims. The block is made out of wood and covered with bamboo veneer. All of the parts are covered in bamboo and the block looks nice, but a little truth in advertising would be appreciated. There is a If you place the block under a cabinet, the angle between the bottom of the block and the counter top will cause a clearance problem for the top row of knives. The previous block was cut at a sharper angle, so this was not a problem. The manufacturer may have increased the angle on this block to accommodate the bottom row of steak knives. If you place the block under a cabinet it will be a nuisance. The kitchen shears slot is in the middle of the upper row and the knife steel slot is in the right. Again, not a show-stealer, but a nuisance. There is a The block can hold about 10 inches of knife length. The knife is in the bottom of the longest slot. The block looks nice and it holds a lot of knives. I was able to consolidate two sets of knives.

7. Wanbasion Dishwasher Professional Stainless Sharpener

Wanbasion Dishwasher Professional Stainless Sharpener

There is a lifetime warranty. The original purchaser of the Cuisinart Cutlery will be free of defects in material and workmanship for the rest of their lives. Product Documentation can be found below. The Wanbasion kitchen knife set with knife sharpener peeler scissors and the knife block are made of blue titanium coating which is resistant to scratch and corrosive substances. The Wanbasion kitchen knife set will look great. The knife set block is resistant to rust and stains. Wanbasion kitchen knife set with knife sharpener scissors and block can be made with a special process which can guarantee the high quality. The Wanbasion kitchen knife set is more durable. The blue knife set block is hard to break. The Wanbasion kitchen knife set with blue knife set block is so thin that it's sharp enough to cut hard food. The kitchen knife set with knife set block sharpness and long sharp edge retention is enhanced by the new precision edge technology. A durable, easy-care universal knife stand made of Stainlsee Steel & Contemporary acrylic Knife Block is a must have. The Wanbasion kitchen knife set block has a universal storage area. The transparent body of the acrylic knife block allows you to easily inspect the status of all the knives.

Brand: Wanbasion

👤This is the second set of knives that I have purchased from this company and it is simply amazing. They are getting better. I have never seen a knife holder like this before. It is the most cool thing. It makes my countertop look fun and futuristic. I like the blue color with the plastic. I get questions about where I got it. The knives are durable. I received my last set of knives from this company and haven't had to sharpen them. I bought them a year ago. I like this set. It is amazing.

👤The knives have brown oxidation marks after just a few cycles of dishwashing. I loved the bold color and could easily pick them out in our knife drawer, which is why I'm so sad. The knives look sleek and modern in my kitchen. I don't like to use up my counter space so I don't use knife blocks, but I appreciate that they are easy to identify in the knife drawer. They are dishwasher safe, too. They have a peeler, kitchen scissors, and sharpener. Don't leave sharpeners out for guests to use. Unless you know how to use one correctly people will treat them like toys and end up dulling their knives. They have a titanium coating so I am hopeful they will keep their shine. I am very happy and would recommend these knives to anyone. Guests who stay over are drawn to using the fancy blue knives.

👤I had it for a week. I use it to chop vegetables and cut small things. It has been great! The knives are made of high-quality material and have strong plastic handles. It is a really good aesthetic luck that the holder will get dirty overtime because it is clear. I wish it had a place to hold the scissors and the sharpener. I had it for a week. I use it to chop vegetables and cut small things. It has been great! The knives are made of high-quality material and have strong plastic handles. It is a really good aesthetic luck that the holder will get dirty overtime because it is clear. I wish it had a place to hold the scissors and the sharpener. How can I complain when it is so cheap? 5 I think I will be happy with this even though my set from Walmart broke really fast.

👤We were cutting a baked potato and sad because we only used 3 times, the bigger knives need constant sharpening.

👤The Wanbasion 13 Piece Kitchen Knife Set is on display. They are dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean up. The addition of the knife sharpener and peeler was thoughtful. The display in the block is lovely. The blue is a nice color and the knifes are sharp. I recommend!

👤I'm happy with the knife set. It comes with everything you need for a basic kitchen, including kitchen shears, a sharpener, and a peeler. I like the blue. It's pretty. I was unsure about the peeler, but after using it, I like it and the knives are sharp. The knives are easy to hold and sharp. I wash and dry my knives just like I do with my other knives, and they seem to be holding up well. I wouldn't call it a block, I'm not completely sold on the block. It is a slim design and it keeps the knives in their slots. I really like the knives, so my feelings about the block aren't that important to me. I own some high end knives, and I'd say that they perform just as well as those. I think this set is a good value for the money, but I don't know if they will stand the test of time, but I'm very happy with them. I think this set would make a great gift.

8. Deluxe Universal Knife Scissors Sharpening

Deluxe Universal Knife Scissors Sharpening

This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape. It is permissible for all kinds of knives. Any knife up to 8.6 inch can be stored in their universal knife block. There is no need to find a specific slot anymore. There are slots for kitchen shears and rod sharpening. The double-deck system is being developed. The double deck holds your knives. The knives won't touch each other because of parallel slots. There is no risk of damaging the knife edges. There are rain pantyhose and anti-sLIP feet. The drain holes in the bottom keep your knives dry. When you get out the knifes, the anti-slip feet help. The space saved is large. The small knives holder can hold up to 15 knives, depending on the size of the knives. LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤I like that this knife block is made from bamboo and that the blades are protected from touching each other. That didn't make up for the design flaw. There is nothing that can be done to prevent the knives from tipping from the handle. When I pulled out another knife, my paring knife fell out. It looks sloppy and dangerous when a blade is exposed. This one is leaving.

👤I like the idea of not having my knife dulled by going in and out of a wood block, and I like that this has more air movement and will resist mold and mildew. My chef's knife is very tight in between the slit, and my sharpening steel was too long and sticks up. The feet are wobbly on my countertop, and never had any issues with the previous wood knife block, so that lost a star. I had to remove the plastic from the top because there was glue around it. I thought the rating category of "Thickness" was odd, but I had a problem with my knife being too big, so perhaps that is what this category is intended for. I gave it a 4.

👤The black top shows a picture of the piece by itself, so I thought it could be removed and cleaned. It cannot be removed. It is not possible to clean the slots and the interior, and you never know if there is mold inside. Returning.

👤You can't take out the top black part to clean inside. I tried to see if the peeler would fit when it fell through the hole. The top isn't meant to come out, so we couldn't get it out. The black part was hot glue in place when my husband ripped it out. It would be better if you could clean it and make it dishwasher safe.

👤I don't use a knife block because they all seem to have very specific shapes, whereas I have several knives in the same shape. I saw this on my niece's shower registry and MzE I ordered it for myself and I love it. The slots are wide enough to hold two knives. The knives are too wide to be placed directly next to each other, but you can place them on either side of the block. I have 15 knives, a sharpener, and a kitchen scissors in a block. I'm very happy with this.

👤I wanted a holder for a few special knives. It seems to fit the bill, but one thing I've noticed is that the block holds the knives firmly, but when you pull one out, the knife doesn't slide out, and I find myself grabbing it with 2 hands instead of one. It's brand new. It might not stick as much when pulling the knives out after a little use. It seems like a nice holder.

9. AmazonBasics 14 Piece Knife Block Set

AmazonBasics 14 Piece Knife Block Set

There is a limited lifetime warranty. The material and workmanship of your cookware is free of defects. A pine knife block is neatly stored within the 14-piece set. There are six knives, including an 8-inch chef's knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 5.5-inch utility knife, and a 3.5-inch peeling/paring knife. The blades are high carbon and have a long life. The black POM handles are comfortable and secure. The countertop set is versatile and durable.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This knife block is a good value and can be used to make a quick set of tools. The knives are sharp and work well, but they feel a little light in the handles, but at this price point it's hard to complain. The real edge here is the price, even though stamped steel knives won't have the same feel and performance as forged steel. I made sure to wash my knives quickly and put them in a rack to dry after reading others' reviews. One of the steak knives has already begun to rust, not even a month after purchase, and after just one use and wash. The scissors broke when I was using them, and more of the steak knives have shown rusting. The quality of the products at AmazonBasics is not great.

👤I have been a chef for 17 years. You don't get quality in an inexpensive knife set. I really liked this AmazonBasics Premium set. I like good hefty knives so the knives I have at home are mixed matched. I got on here and started reading reviews because my wife always says the knives look bad. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a set if I knew I had good knives. I looked at the video after seeing this set. When I opened the package, I was expecting the block to be split, chipped, or have marks on it. I got a flawless one. I took out the knife and smiled. It is comparable to a Zwilling JA Henckels Pro Traditional Chefs Knife. The quality, heft, and balance are the same. Trust me, I know. The knife is beautiful. The Victorinox Fibrox Chefs Knife has a blade thickness that is equal to the thickness of this one. For that knife alone. This is a quality product. They will last for a long time if you treat them with respect. If you're looking for a nice wedding gift, or just want to replace the "crappy" set you have, look no further.

👤I'm not a chef or knife expert. My wife and I cook at least 5 days a week. The knife set we had was around 13 years old. The blades were dulled due to improper cleaning, which was done in the dishwasher most of the time. There is a We looked at the premium brands and decided that a high end set would be a nice gift to ourselves. I was not a professional and I was spending upwards of $300 on a knife set. I've been watching these knives for a while now, and have read many reviews to help me decide if they're worth it. If I were unhappy with the items I could easily return them. There is a The knifes looked great. They were easy to unpack. The block was in good condition. I inspected the knives and they were in perfect condition. I put them all in the block after washing them. I had a small issue with one of the steak knife slots not being fully cleared, which prevented the knife from sliding all the way down. I was able to clear it with an old steak knife because there was only a wood chip in the slot. The knives are great to use and I have used them every day for the past 2 weeks. They clean up well and are very comfortable. I have only had one problem with the Scissors, they fall apart easily, I have used them twice already. The scissor isn't very important to me and I don't mind replacing them with better quality kitchen scissors if need be. We are very happy with this purchase and I expect that with proper cleaning these knives will last a long time.

10. Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Professional Sharpener

Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Professional Sharpener

The slots are even and there are no chips. The knife set has a titanium coating that is resistant to both scratch and corrosion. There will be no problems with food safety or aesthetic issues caused by scratching on the knife's surface. The knife set with knife set block is resistant to rust and stains. The knife set with knife set block is the best choice for tougher jobs because it has a lot of strength and knife hardness. The kitchen knife set with knife set block has excellent sharpness and long edge retention, thanks to the new precision edge technology. A special process is used to guarantee the quality of the wanbasion kitchen knife set with knife set block, which is more flexible. The kitchen knife set is hard to break.

Brand: Wanbasion

👤I was not expecting a beautiful knife set for that price. The stand is sturdy and has a rubberish feel. There is a great variety of knives.

👤The knife set is interesting. I was not expecting much other than some kitchen knives until I could afford something more expensive. The knife block is made of wood and has a black rubber coating. The photo shows it matches well with my countertops. There is a The knives I thought would be black but are actually more of a copper color and came slightly scratched but not too deep. The copper color is better than the black, but I was surprised to find it different from what was initially ordered. There is a The sharpness is on par and they cut a decent blade. It does what I need it to and is a good price point at $30. The knives will work fine until I can afford a set of chef's knives.

👤Good value knives. They fulfill my expectations and I didn't expect much from them. The knives are light and sharp. If you want to give it as a gift, it should be in a brown box. I'm happy.

👤I was unable to find a decent set in retail stores, so I went to Amazon and found this lovely set. It was nicely wrapped and safe. The knives in the set are very sharp. I can feel it in my hands. The block has a sharpener in it. No one has complained so far.

👤These knives are very sharp. The set is the best I have had yet. They are easy to clean. The handles are hard plastic so they are not very heavy. The stand is made of plastic and can be wobbly. The blades make cutting, chopping, and dicing easier.

👤The block I received was damaged, but I am very pleased with this order. They immediately sent me another one which was beautiful and sturdy, and I trust you when you say sharp. A nice addition to the kitchen. I will be ordering other items from this company as well.

👤The knife set is nice. The knives are really nice, but I bought it because it was cheap and simple. I didn't care about how it looked, but my friend bought it for herself because she loved how the knife stand looked. The knives are very attractive. It was great for the price. Everything I need for a basic kitchen. It might not be appropriate for someone who does a lot of home cooking.

👤It is pretty. The knife handle fell off when I cut a watermelon. I had this set for a while. I have to come back.

👤Very good value for money.

👤Pues comprende el 39 de diciembre y hoy 24 de Marzo. La construccin es mala. The materia del mango is not a tacto. No tienen currency. Decepcin habendo visto comentarios. En ese momento los compré. No gastar ms. Ahorraré y unos. Arcos o Quttin para seguro.

11. Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block Beautiful

Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block Beautiful

The dimensions are 11. 5 in. The length is 9. 5 in. 5 in. height The width. To clean, wipe with cloth. BeHOLD Free Standing Magnetic Knife Setholder is a great solution to securely store and display your chef knives. Your knives are always at hand with BEHOLD. There's no need to search through drawers for the right knife. The beauty of colored knives is emphasized by the handsome black background of BEHOLD. Even when your knives aren't being used, they'll still be hard at work making your kitchen look neat and organized. BeHOLD makes knife selection easy and accurate. It keeps knives from being scratched and damaged in drawers. The knife blades are flat on the surface of beHOLD, making it easier to clean than other storage methods. It's very easy to store BEHOLD. They have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the BEHOLD Free Standing Knife Set holder. If there are any issues with your purchase, they will either give you a full refund or send you a replacement.

Brand: Chef's Vision

👤Look at pictures. The knives of the same brand look amazing, but the magnets are not strong enough to pull down the whole lengths of the blades. You can see that the tips of the knives stick up off the ground, which could cause them to break in my kitchen. I'm returning the board because it's a show stopping issue for me. There is a The board sits at a 45 degree angle, so the handles add several inches of depth.

👤I bought a magnetic board from Chefs Vision and used it to store a set of knives from Chefs Vision.

👤The sheers I have in my new set don't attach to the magnetic board, so I gave this 4 overall rating. The problem is the bolt that holds the two pieces in place raises the scissors and the steel does not touch the board. It's perfect for knives. It's not good for scissors.

👤It is beautiful and very strong. I am quite pleased with this alternative to knives in a drawer, sheath, or block where you have to have certain size knives, but I have to say that it is only magnetic on the top so you have to position your knives as shown.

👤This is a great magnet for our camper. It holds our knives. It's easy to install. Nothing has fallen.

👤I bought this for my husband. He is a fan of the solar system and I thought it would be perfect. My husband doesn't like using the knives in this set. They are a conversation piece. Everyone loves them!

👤The k life holder is great. The knives have to be 5 or 6 in size. I like the look of the knives on it.

👤I bought a magnetic strip for my husband. A couple of screws and it is ready to go. Even the largest knives are held. Exactly as described. He loves it!

👤I gave it to her. She was very nice.

👤The magnetic knife holder is very easy to install and works well. I got the knives and cutting boards from the same brand and everything was great. This was a nice gift for my wife and I because we cook a lot more now. I'm happy with this purchase, I think the overall look pulls together nicely.

👤I had to drill two holes because it was hard to find the right place to put the brackets. Even when the knives are wet, the magnet strip is great.

👤It's not worth it for the money. There were 3 places on the bottom that were cracked. Not a lot of chips either. There are large ones. I wouldn't buy from this brand again.

👤I feel comfortable in the kitchen because I can find my sharps easily.


What is the best product for decorative knife block?

Decorative knife block products from Yotipp. In this article about decorative knife block you can see why people choose the product. Cuisinart and Royalhouse are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative knife block.

What are the best brands for decorative knife block?

Yotipp, Cuisinart and Royalhouse are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative knife block. Find the detail in this article. Homekoko, Coninx and Cooks Standard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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