Best Decorative Knife Display Stand

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1. BladesUSA HK 079A Fantasy Medievel Display

BladesUSA HK 079A Fantasy Medievel Display

If a stand doesn't work or the size isn't right for you, please contact them and they'll fix it for you within 24 hours. The battle axe has the same parts and finish. The crescent design of the twin blades extends out of either side of the haft. The four-flanged topper is designed for extra weight. Comes with a plaque. 21-inch overall length.

Brand: Bladesusa

👤Wow. I've ordered swords before but never more. This is great! I bought it for a friend leaving the worship team I lead and everyone loved it so much that I bought more for people who also wanted it. One for me. This is the quality of the ones you would pay a lot of money for. Absolutely love this. The packaging wasn't great because the styrofoam broke off everywhere, but the axe is amazing and is like a movie axe. I'm usually a sceptic. This is amazing. The quality of this axe is amazing.

👤I caution you that the blades are sharp so you don't want children to play with it as someone would get seriously hurt, but it's a decorative object for your wall. If you have young children, this needs to be mounted in a high location. I would not trust it for self defense, other than a last resort type item, but it makes for a beautiful display piece that matches any environment. The metal is stamped in small letters "made in China", but it is an excellent value. That should be all you need to know.

👤Wow! I was not sure what to expect. There was a picture on the cover of the box and styrofoam was in millions of pieces. I have to figure out how to giftwrap it. There is a This is solid. It's heavy. If you had to, you could use this as a battle axe. It would be perfect for a zombie apocalypse. I wanted to get this axe for myself. I drew a gift card so I could keep it if I bought the Christmas Auction person. If you want a museum quality axe, go for a different one for less than a thousand dollars, and you may not get it as nice as this one. I'm a very picky person, so trust me. Thx.

👤I gave this to my wife for her graduation. It's sturdy, 3-4 pounds, but has a little wobble when it's swung. The blade is not perfect. Unless you want authentic, high quality work, the sharpening of the blade shows an even grinder line. It's a great gift because we're still working on mounting it without nails.

👤I've begun to collect weaponry. To tell the truth it's hit and miss. Sometimes you get a quality product and sometimes it's garbage. This is a huge hit. The craftsmanship is amazing. The weight and balance are perfect. It came fairly sharp. It became an absolute weapon when I put a real edge on it. The hilt is wrapped with wire. You usually get cheap felt tape. I will order from this company again. They care about quality.

👤We wanted it to go with our family crest. It was well made and heavy. I think these could be used in real combat. These aren't plastic toys. This is the real deal if you are looking for a beautiful axe.

👤I bought this for my husband because we were involved in a festival. I was surprised by how well-made it is. It is a weapon that is so beautiful that it is a collector's item. It is not a flimsy piece of 10 and shiny metal at all. My husband doesn't know if he wants to take it anywhere because he doesn't want to damage it.

2. Teamkio Improved Anti Slip Display Picture

Teamkio Improved Anti Slip Display Picture

The display stand is very useful for holding wedding place card, canvases, decorative plates, picture frames, cookbooks, musical instruments and any other artworks. The 4 inch is usually used for small items, please make sure it is the right size for your items. The design of the main leg makes it hold heavier and bigger plate than the similar product in the market and not fall over. There is a rubber case on the leg. If you open or close with your hands, the stand will keep its open angle, but they put a screw on the top of the stand to make it screw tight, so if you open or close with your hands, the stand will keep its open angle. The object will fall off if it closes by accident. There are 3 protection for your expensive plates or pictures with the tilted supporting led and the small change. The 4 inches display stand is for 3-6 inches in height or width, and can be used for things like wedding or party number cards, small pictures, or cellphones. The 4 inch is usually used for small items, please make sure it is the right size for your items. If it's not what you want, you can get a 4 piece plate stand with fast support.

Brand: Teamkio

👤These are great for holding a large platter or dish. It is sturdy and will not topple over like the cheap plastic ones. There is a If you have a narrower item, its legs will not stay in place to adjust to that width, so it opens all the way and then the item might fall through.

👤The company that manufactures the stands replaced the stand that was faulty after I wrote about it. The new stand works great after a long process. It snapped when I opened it to show a small frame. The little tag said to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement for free, instead of returning it to Amazon. I sent a picture of the broken stand to the company, but they never replaced it. That will teach me. It is easier to send it back to Amazon.

👤I purchased them because they were too wide to fit a 13 inch plate. To make them work, I tied a strip of strap across the two legs and pulled them closer together. It worked out perfectly. I was able to replace the rickety stand with a 12" plate. I had been using. There is a They are better balanced than the common stands at the store, and they are really nice. If you don't want to use a strap, you might want to buy a smaller size.

👤The stands are used to display photo albums. The legs can be adjusted to fit what you are displaying. The product was well packaged and pictured. My daughter will get the second one to display.

👤I needed a new holder for my garlic plate. I use the extra ones because it works to hold my cell phone.

👤I needed a way to show the stained glass moon. The soldering on the chain came off after a long time. I needed a wide base to support me better. There is a The metal rails are thin, but not bad for my needs. I can open the bottom part of the stand to hold the piece at the corners. The slant back is enough to keep the piece steady, but not so much as to interfere with clearly seeing the design. I will tape the little leg the back part rests on for extra support because of comments on other reviews. I don't want it to break because it's a one-of-a-kind piece. There is a There are two stands in the pack. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and in excellent condition.

👤I was introduced to buy it by my friend. The little thing behind my photo frames is broken. I need to buy a photo frame. You can put a photo frame on this product.

👤These are the perfect size holders for my plates. I found some old china that works well in my kitchen.

👤Fast delivery and a great product. The company is a great one to deal with.

3. BladesUSA SMB 110 Decorative Western Revolver

BladesUSA SMB 110 Decorative Western Revolver

The accessories are not included. A navy revolver is decorative. The barrel was designed with a flint mechanism. Comes complete with a study stand. Product cannot be shipped into the state of New York. 13-inch overall length.

Brand: Bladesusa

👤It was fun to play with. I like revolvers. It's not being used as a part of a costume. I've tried to make it sound like this. When you pull the grips come off. If you pull the left side, the lower guard will come off. If you do it a few times, they are not that hard to put back together. I didn't try very hard to remove the cylinder. The barrel was wider than the end hole after I dropped it. The end started rotating after the end hole was dremeled a bit. The end of the barrel is a plug. You could probably pull the plug if you could somehow hook in there. The barrel is hollow halfway through. I think my next move is to drill a hole in the ground and play with some stuff. I'll update after that.

👤I don't know what people expect from this buy, but it is an amazingly good buy. The stand for the Navy Revolver was what we wanted. The stand is nicer than most stands you can get without a gun, and it sells for between $15.00 and $25.00. The stand is a little lighter than other stands, but it looks really nice under the gun. The gun looks really good. It is $26.00 and it is amazing. I will attach a picture of the stand in my display that is a real 1851 Navy Revolver.

👤This was painted to look like a colt from Supernatural.

👤It's a good size and has some weight. The grip is made of plastic. I bought it for a costume and it would be in a holster. The replica I got had some things that were silver and brass. I don't think this would be good for a display. The base was cheap, but I didn't expect much more.

👤A child's toy is half a step above this gun. It's not worth the $24. I spent a lot on it. The hammer andtrigger are plastic and held together by cheap hardware screws. It should come with a pleather holster for the kids. I'm giving it to a child I know well to get it out of my sight.

👤The gun looks like a colt from the Supernaturals series, which is why I bought it. The handle of the gun looks nothing like the pictures which throw everything off, so I have to paint it myself. Some of the other people who have reviewed their purchases have darker handles, so I'm wondering why my handle is light.

👤This is a birthday gift for my 10 year old who likes Supernatural. He will like the weight. After I ordered this one, I found a silver one. I think he will be happy. The light colored plastic pieces that held my stand were not used for decoration, but as a toy. It's ok. I am very impressed by the price.

👤There is a detailed replica here. It's perfect for what it's intended for. I rubbed Old English polish on the shiny plastic handle grip after I sanded it. The same thing would happen with wood stain. The character on the right has it in the set and it looks like it is real.

4. Chuangdi Acrylic Risers Showcase Fixtures

Chuangdi Acrylic Risers Showcase Fixtures

The 4 inch is small and lightweight, so it can be used for small items. If you want to hold a plate, 8 Inches is more appropriate. The diameter of the plate is what it degrades on. The 4inch and 5 inch are suitable for the small plate. The 8-15 inch is suitable for holding a picture frame. The item larger than the stand is perfect. Each set contains 3 pieces display risers in 3 different sizes and 6 pieces in total. Warm notice: make sure the size you buy is right. The clear display risers are made of a transparent material that is stable and neat to hold the exhibition in. The small size is 3.34 x 3.14 x 1.37 inch, the middle size is 4.13 x 3.14 x 2.16 inch, and the large size is 3.14 x 3.14 x 2.95 inch. There is a protective film on the inside and outside of the building. To get a transparent display stand, please remove the protective film. Place the product in aventilated environment for 1-2 hours to remove the smell. If you receive broken goods, please contact them for a replacement. These showcase display stands can be placed anywhere in your home, can be applied to display jewelry, and they can be put at the party cupcakes, arts and crafts, which stands out the displaying effect.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I ordered these thinking they were clear, but when they arrived they were cloudy. The seller asked me to send a picture after I left a poor rating. They said they would be willing to replace them. I was about to take a picture when I noticed the sticker on the larger stand. I didn't have my reading glasses on when the product arrived, and I assumed it wasn't worth my time to get them. When I was about to take the picture, I read a sticker on the protective film that said to tear it off before use. It's true. It is clear once you take off the protective film. Five stars for a great product and another five for prompt communication from the seller.

👤I was looking for something like these risers for a while before they were recommended to me. I can't fit as many items in my dining room cabinet as I would like because the shelves are so far apart. The plane was the same as before, but everything was flat. These risers allow me to raise items higher so they are more prominent. They look great! There is a They weren't static charged so they didn't attract the cat or dog hair that I expected. There is a They were packaged with a film on the top and bottom of each piece. It was difficult to get some of the film off with long nails. My tip is to rub your thumb on any of the corners until the oil on your finger helps to roll the film off, and then you can peel it away from the acrylic in one motion. I don't need to use them like that because they are used for storage. Another trick. I came up with a way to lightly adhere smooth items to the risers by using gray poster tacky stuff. When people walk on the hardwood floor in front of my cabinet, it vibrates a bit, so I didn't want it to fall. It works well. I put the tack to the back so you can't see it. I included a picture of me holding the smallest one so you can see how big they are. I like them a lot. My girls want to display their Lego builds on the high shelves in their room and they need to be raised because they're smaller science-themed ones that are difficult to see from below.

👤These are shelves of joy. You get 6! You just need to peel the cellophane from both sides. The photos show the gradual removal of films. The videos show before and after the film. I needed to use the space underneath on my new work-from- home desk so I bought these. My new speakers are more powerful than my old ones, and Floating Buddha makes me happy. Excellent purchase! The extra shelf in the bathroom is cracked in three places with no force. It's a small loss, no idea how it happened. I had to throw it away.

5. Devlin Box 830 Glass Keepsake

Devlin Box 830 Glass Keepsake

Since 1999, J DEVLIN has been manufacturing and designing glass home decor. This design is exclusive and original. This jewelry box has clear glass sides and an iridescent glass bottom that shimmers with a rainbow of colors. The display box has a decorative metal beaded edging and round ball feet. The top is supported by a chain on the inside. The box is made with lead free solder. J Devlin Glass Art 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 was designed and manufactured. J Devlin Glass Art 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 was designed and manufactured.

Brand: J Devlin Glass Art

👤The packaging was fine, I wanted to add some jewelry in the box. It looked pretty in the images, so I was excited to see it. The reviews were good, but not many recently. I received my package and it had sharp edges, I scratched my finger against the glass, and the corners looked poorly glue. The border of the box looks like it has fallen apart. The images are above. I was looking forward to this item and I am really disappointed.

👤I ordered a box and three smaller ones. All of the boxes were packaged well and arrived on time, with each one of them made of crystal clear glass and a small tab at one end that makes opening it easier. I bought all four to give as gifts. The oblong box was given to someone who needed something to hold items that were on her dressing table and the other three went to her nieces. The boxes are great for presentations. I have a collection of sea shells, but I have a smaller one. It is a nice piece of conversation.

👤I wanted to display some of my mother's jewelry. I'm buying a new one to display some of my special trinkets. The box was in excellent condition when it arrived. The product photo is more boring. It looks high-end with the beautiful glass and iridescent bottom. I was very pleased with my purchase. I really like it.

👤The replacement came in perfect condition. Excellent customer service is achieved by free shipping and fast replacements. There is a This is the second one that I have purchased and it is very pretty and nice. The first one came in good condition and the second one was cracked. They should use a sturdy box for sending, otherwise it is perfect.

👤Well made, beautiful glass box! I ordered two because they are unique and gorgeous. Couldn't be happier with the sturdyness. Excellent shipping! Fast shipping and well packaged.

👤I wanted to keep Charlie's ashes in this item. She was my baby for 17 years. I keep the pouch with her ashes and a lock of her fur on my TV stand, so I can see it every day. I have a larger one with the bodies of 2 other cats nearby.

👤The person I gifted the J Devlin box to loved it, I purchased it on Facebook. I bought 2 more products from them as gifts. The iridescent bottom gives it a nice splash of color and is still crystal clear. This was the one that I liked the most. I might grab one for myself.

👤After my dad passed away, I bought this to keep his glasses. The box is pretty. It looks like it has an aged appearance. Anyone who sees this loves it.

6. Comgrow Upgraded Anti Slip Decorative Envelopes

Comgrow Upgraded Anti Slip Decorative Envelopes

The iron stands have a weight of 1.9 ounce, but the upgraded sturdy plate easel stands have a weight of not less than 2.3 ounce. If it's necessary, you can install extra anti-slip Silicone Dots to keep the stands from tipping over. 8 pieces is a great pack that can display a set of plates and other items and comes in 6.3" stands. It can be folded into a flat shape for easy carry and storage. It is appropriate for home, business, or showroom use. If a stand doesn't work or the size isn't right for you, please contact them and they'll fix it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Comgrow

👤I was looking for a display stand that was elegant and clear. I decided to order them after reading so many positive reviews. I ordered two sizes and both are great. They are sturdy and hold the plates well. They come with rubber stickers on the bottom that you can put on the holder to keep it from sliding, a plus for me since I put two plates on the holder. The stands are wrapped individually and the shipping box is sturdy. I agree with many other reviewers that these stands deserve good reviews. I don't write reviews until I have had the item for a while. I have used these for 45 days and they have not broken, turned color, or cracked. I included pictures to show you a front and back view, they are so clear they almost disappear. They look like they did when I put them up. Purchase these and enjoy your display.

👤I bought these to display a set of plates. I needed 12 so I wanted something cheap. I was worried that they'd be flimsy, but they're quite sturdy when you open them past 180 degrees and lock them into place. My plates were very secure during the Christmas season. I didn't like that I had to buy 20 because they were only available in boxes of 10.

👤Some people are complaining that the hinge doesn't lock. I'm not sure how they dress themselves. Continue to open them until they stop opening. Voila. It is locked. The base is cheap, but I wish it was heavier for awkward items.

👤It is made from sturdy acrylic and has the same weight as the iron stands and is also strong. Because of their light weight and narrow legs, these are not "sturdy", and they are not as strong as iron. You can't find building nails made of acrylic. The stands tend to tip over with heavier items. Heavy items like porcelain/glass plates are difficult to support in the largest ones. The stands are less balanced and more susceptible to tip over if the 4 tiny silicone dots are applied to the bottom. I received enough for only 4 stands. Under minimal strain, 2 hinges failed. There is a There are white striation marks on them, likely from the manufacturing process. You might not notice it from a distance.

👤The stands look amazing and do what we wanted. They are more expensive than their competitors, but they are very clear. There is a I'm pretty sure that we broke the hinge on one of them because we didn't handle it correctly and stressed it. I was able to fix the broken one and still like them very much. An antique china cabinet was purchased by us. We purchased these to see if they would work, instead of having the glass shelves v-grooved for plates. We did this first. This product is recommended by me.

👤Wow! I read a lot of positive reviews for this item and decided to try it out. I agree with the good reviews that I received today. I wanted to display some plates on my house. The quality was better than I anticipated. They seem strong. I'm very happy with these.

7. Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

There is a metal stand that displays photos, books, small artwork, collector plates and more. It's perfect for holding picture frames. The stand is built to last. The stands can help focus on your showpiece. The 4 inch is small and lightweight, so it can be used for small items. If you want to hold a plate, 8 Inches is more appropriate. The diameter of the plate is what it degrades on. The 4inch and 5 inch are suitable for the small plate. The 8-15 inch is suitable for holding a picture frame. The item larger than the stand is perfect.

Brand: Artliving

👤I was hesitant to order these because of some of the reviews, but after reading a few that said you need to order the correct size, I decided to do so. The plate I brought back from India was made from the same marble and semi precious stones used in the Taj Mahal, so I ordered the 7" instead of the 4. The holder I bought is perfect, but the plate is not lightweight. I ordered the 4-pack just to have on hand, after using the second one for another purpose. If you measure the plate you're going to use them for, you'll find these holders to be great, as long as you do your due diligence.

👤These stands are used to display old tablets. The stands don't stay completely open if you display a rectangular object instead of a circular one. I came up with the idea of putting paper clips in the stands to keep them open. The stands stayed open because of the paper clips. There is a The stands are a good value at $2.50 each, and they should stay open on their own.

👤Even though they are inexpensive, there is an expectation that they can be used for their intended purpose. Not true. The object falls off when you put it on display. There is no way to keep them open. Poorly made. Buy something else.

👤The 4in stand is great for smaller items.

👤I never had a problem with mine. I used the size chart on the description. You forget about it when you buy it, because it works. There were no complaints. I ordered 2 more larger pieces. This has been a 5 star product for me and I will update my review if there are any issues.

👤I bought these stands to support my pictures. There is a The framed image is supported by the stand. There is a standard coaster in the image. The 17x20 picture was too large for the stand and the height was too tall to handle the weight. There is a The stands were a good deal to display some artwork that I wanted to stand upright rather than being fastened to my wall, considering the price and ease of access.

👤These would be perfect if the item I needed to display was a bit shorter. When I put the small books on them, they become heavy. I'm sure I can find a way to counter that. The width is perfect. Excellent for the value. I was able to fix my wobbly issue with hot glue.

👤They look great! I wanted to display some of my special dinner plates and saucers in my China cabinet, so I bought these and the smaller ones. I have never had any issues with tipping and I believe those that ordered the wrong size did so.

👤The stands were not what I was expecting. It is not sturdy enough. It needs to be against a wall to stay up. It is light weight makes it less sturdy.

8. Goabroa Acrylic Display Risers Rectangle

Goabroa Acrylic Display Risers Rectangle

Collections should be displayed rather than stuck in a box. The display riser stands are perfect for display crafts, awards, trophies, arts, Lego builds, funky pop figures, nendoroid, amiibo, collectibles, beauty makeup jars, retail goods, cake, jewelry, earring, accessories, cosmetics etc. The design and visual experience is perfect. The display riser stands were made of plexiglass. The see-through design displays your items without being boring. You can put it at the curio cabinet, retail store, wedding or brithday party, tea party, dining room cabinet, showcase, and trade shows to enjoy a floating visual experience of the displayed. They are easy to clean, they are laser cut so finished with a shiny and smooth edge that you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The package includes 2 sets of 9x3x4.25inch, 8.55x3x*2.9inch and 8.2x3x 1.5inch U shape transparent acrylic display risers, each set contains 3 pieces display risers in 3 different sizes. Customer service is my top priority and I will give you a 120 day money back guarantee. Love it or your money back. Not satisfied, get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Goabroa

👤I gave this a 3 because it was an inexpensive option to display my liquor bottles and it was a poor decision. If anyone is trying to do the same, I would advise against it. The shelves aren't strong enough to hold liquor bottles.

👤The vendor I chose because of their product's taller stature was the one I wanted to put under the largest shelf. There is a Well. It is not the same as the advertised height. That was enough to make it not work for me. I will make it work with the shims on the bottom since no other vendor has anything like it. There is a The height of the largest riser is not the same as the one inside. There is a The medium riser is 2.875. There is a The small riser is correct. The vendor had excellent quality, packaging and attitude.

👤Love it! When I got it, I was worried it was too small, but it is perfect! I had to organize my skincare on the counter. So much. It is organized by products I use more. It looks pretty if it was by color. It is sturdy enough to hold everything. I can remove my cleanser from the organizers. The material does bend when I do this. Since I have to continuously pump product out, I will be taking the bottle off the shelf. It was delivered quickly and I appreciated it. I am very happy with this product.

👤Wow! The quality of these is what the store uses in their display model. They are sealed with a plastic sheet of film that protects them during shipping and come out looking white. The sides of the risers are covered with a sheet of paper. I wanted a more professional looking display for my family's rock collection. The risers handle the weight of the rocks just fine. It is worth the price. At some point, I will be buying more.

👤Each riser has about 3 cupcakes. The differing heights make your display stand out. If you don't have sharp nails, it can be difficult to remove the protective film. I would love to purchase them in a larger size in the future.

👤Fear not! The shelves are clear and you have to remove the protective film. These are perfect for my Pops. I like that they are not fixed like other shelves.

👤The product is used for displaying shoes. I use it to display pretty items in my china closet. I put it behind the front row to give me more display space. There is a You can get two sets of stands. The stands are not visible after you remove the protective covers. Just right. The supplier sent me a warm note in my package, which made me feel better about the product.

👤I wanted to display a few purses. It didn't have as nice of an effect as I had hoped, but still works well. I paid less for 6 of these than I did for 3 of the same size. I have a small shelf in my bathroom where I keep all of my masks, since I am an ipsy subcriber. I can see all of their labels more easily with the help of these. Found a use for all but one of them.

9. Hestya Plastic Stands Holders Picture

Hestya Plastic Stands Holders Picture

Multiple uses. Can be used as art stands for painting. There are 15 pieces of clear plastic easel plates, enough for your spare or replacement. It can be applied as a picture easel stand, phone pad holders, and for displaying all types of collectibles. It can be applied at home, art class, book store, wedding, various parties and businesses where products need to be shown to the public. The material is clear plastic, it looks beautiful for decoration, light weight and hold products stable, different sizes are suitable for various needs and places. The package includes 15 pieces of clear plastic easels.

Brand: Hestya

👤I am very happy with these. They disappear when you stop looking at them. I didn't think they would be good for heavy items. A great purchase! I use them to hold my brushes, combs and other items in my shower. Things should be kept clean and organized.

👤This was the first time I was disappointed on Amazon. The plastic picture holders were flimsy and not strong. The cutout design is pretty. It makes the Picture and Easel combo very unstable. I wouldn't recommend putting a plate on them. Only super lightweight photo frames... I will have to be clever in how to use them.

👤The tiny ones were too small to hold a postcard and would blow over with the door slamming, even the large ones have to be very late to hold them.

👤The design is simple and works well. They pleased my lady as they finished her cabinet display.

👤It was used to hold a clear glass plate.

👤These are not strong. They can't hold a frame with glass. One arrived broken.

👤The product doesn't stay put. The picture fell and broke when the ends slide together. I am not happy with the product.

👤I got what I expected from these. Very light and flimsy. They'll probably work for me. They are holding something that is lightweight and out of the way so they don't have to worry about cats touching them. These will do the job if that works for you. If you want something that is safe and secure, you need something that is more durable.

👤I tried to display my paintings on the bigger ones, but they fell over so much that it was a total waste of money.

👤Three different sizes fit different plates.

10. BladesUSA PK 2235 Fantasy Display Overall

BladesUSA PK 2235 Fantasy Display Overall

Customer service is my top priority and I will give you a 120 day money back guarantee. Love it or your money back. Not satisfied, get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact them. Purchase is perfect for a gift. Information is 7.5" overall. The dragon handle has a yellow flame on it. The display stand is included. H: 7 x W: 2

Brand: Bladesusa

👤I was excited to get this. My wife has bought me many knives over the years. I decided to open the box to look at the knife because I thought it would be cool for her to get one. I was so glad I did. The knife was filthy, as if someone had left it outside. The tip of the middle tine of the 3 ridges is broken and both sides of the knife have scars from hard objects. I thought the stand was in the box. I know that you pay for what you get, but this is not good. The knife was small and attractive, but I would have it in my collection. This item is used and returned. I will not order from that company again. The item was returned.

👤This is 2 stars for people like me who will only look at the picture and think, "WOW, that's epic!" I will use this blade to fight the dragon in my soul. If you're fighting your mail, that's all. This is a letter opener on a wooden stand. Don't expect to impress anyone with the size of this butter knife if you put it on your desk and pay your bills. The metal and details are great. I have an idiotic tendency to ignore dimensions.

👤You light up my king tut statue; you were smaller than I thought you would be, but I love you just as much as the rapiers, the clay moor, the katana, and the fencing. You are a cute weapon. Daddy is very fond of you.

👤I knew it would be small, but she said it would be. The stand is cheap and flimsy, and I bought this for him on Christmas, so much smaller than I anticipated. He put about three other knives in front of this to hide my shame.

👤It is a nice piece of art and decor for a lover of dragons and knives. Really nice look and quality. I may buy a couple more for unique gifts after receiving some nice feedback. It was priced well.

👤The cheap wood broke when I tried to put it together. The knife is okay.

👤It was bought for a gift. The blade of the knife looks like it has caught fire. Beautiful craftmanship. Didn't know it had a stand. A heavy piece. Not cheap. Fast delivery. It's worth the money.

👤I bought this for my son. I thought it would be smaller. But he has knives. He will put this knife in his collection.

👤The larger version was purchased as a gift. The Fantasy Fixed Blade Knife is from Blades USA. Overall, 21.5-Inch The little opener looks good next to the big knife. There is a The blade is not straight. There is a One of the small wood pieces was split in half when inserted. Good deal for $10, but needs repair on the first day.

👤The blade was a gift for my dad for Christmas and I was disappointed if you want something cheap that doesn't look good, but for someone like me that is on a budget, that's not good.

11. Hipiwe Displaying Air Tite Capsules Challenge

Hipiwe Displaying Air Tite Capsules Challenge

It's made of premium acrylic,durable to use, beautiful crystal clear appearance and smooth to touch. Injection molded triangle design made this easel stands more stable, and it has a perfect viewing angle. There is a package size and package. The package includes 12 easel stands, enough for your spare or replacement. USAGE is ideal for all kinds of collectibles such as: challenge coins,medals,coin slabs, air-tite coin capsule holders, military or challenge medals, minerals, fossils, match books, gems, police & fire badges, political buttons, pocket watches, pocket knives, post cards It can be applied at home, office show room, art class, book store, wedding, trade show display, shop window, museum, various parties and businesses where products need to be shown to the public.

Brand: Hipiwe

👤Perfect size, not too big. We got a gift that was smaller and tipped over a lot, so we bought this set to replace it. Our previous stands were taller. They are used to display trading cards. They are lightweight and fit perfectly. Great purchase for the price.

👤I wanted a nice way to display my stones, but I was worried that these wouldn't be large enough, but they are perfect for my palm stones, smaller slabs, etc. They look elegant and sturdy, they don't detract from the items.

👤All but 2 of my things were stuck together. It broke when every attempt was made to pry it loose. The money was wasted.

👤They work on slabs and touch cases. I wanted to display my cards. I read many reviews of different ones and chose this one. They arrived in a thin box which could have easily been crushed, but they arrived fine. Nothing broke. See the pics for how they look. I recommend them.

👤When you compare the quality of a piece of plastic to the quality of a guy on fire, it's night and day. These are thin and junky with lots of flaws. You want to show off a nice $200 item. The easels are hard to pass.

👤I bought the larger size this time. They are used to hold my crystals. They are very sturdy and hold all different sizes in place. Highly recommend!

👤These are sturdy enough to hold my rock projects. I use them as a gift set for my family as well. They can hold rocks about the size of my palm. It's a good deal for what you get.

👤The stands are sturdy, but they have to be handled with care. I had to remove the stand from the mold. I bought another listing's stand and didn't have a problem. I will not return them because I can fix them. I like them and am using them.

👤Excellent size for my meteorites. Delivery estimate was received a week before Xmas. Very happy.


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