Best Decorative Knife Display

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1. Mooca Wooden Jewelry Display Tempered

Mooca Wooden Jewelry Display Tempered

The display stand is made of wood. The wooden display case is ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads, pins, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, medal and more. A display box with a glass lid allows you to view the items inside easily. The wood has a metal clasp and hinges. The wood is 15"W x 8 1/2D x 2H and the inner dimensions are 14 1/2W x 7 1/2D x 1H. The product is an official MOOCA product. The accessories are not included.

Brand: Mooca

👤I bought the wrong color. I put it on the drawer because it was meant for it, but it didn't look right. I thought I'd return it for a lighter color, but after reading some reviews that it was in good shape, I decided to work with what I had. I sanded it lightly and used a coat of paint that looked better than the one I used. The brown was the original color. There is a It seems delicate. In moving it around it seems sturdy. If you are going to be in and out frequently, I would recommend it. It seems like a good value as a display case that will rarely be opened.

👤I bought this for the fossils I have. I didn't pay extra for the felt bottom so I could have more height inside. I was able to fit my turtle shell as well. It's just enough room for the case to close. The lighter background makes them show up better. There is a I don't intend to open and close it constantly, so that should not pose a problem. It has to be very gentle. The finish is rough, but I think the price you pay is fair. If the collection expands, I will definitely buy more.

👤The box is unfinished and bare wood. There is no glue to hold the interlocking pieces together. One of the two screws holding it on was two twists from coming off, and the front latch was barely hanging. It was packaged in a padded envelope. The glass wasn't broken. I will not return it because I think my neighbor can fix it, but I am very disappointed in the quality of the product. I can't believe it got 5 stars.

👤I can forgive the slightly offset hinges on this. The box is sturdy and nice looking. This is a better deal for me because I am keeping pinned insects in it. It would be great if this had a styrofoam insert for that purpose, but I can't complain about that as this is intended for jewelry. I hope the seal is flush so that dermestid beetles won't be in my collection. The value on this is pretty good, but it could be a little bigger on both dimensions.

👤Better than most. The boxes seem to be well made, with sturdy hinges that are screwed in place and aligned with the seam to within 1mm. The latched object seems to be well made. There is no smell and the finish is nice. If there were no glue spots on the glass where the slim muntin was attached to hold the glass in place, it would be 5 stars. The back panel is flat and in line with the frame. I'm assuming it's glue together because I don't see nails or staples. I don't recommend using this outdoors for extended periods of time because it wouldn't hold up in a humid environment. I'll be covering the back panels with black velvet to display the pins. I'll be putting hanging hardware on the boxes. We'll see how they hold up. I don't anticipate any problems. 1 star off for some sloppy glue work. There is a I'm very pleased. I would order again based on my purchase.

2. Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Please make sure the size of the easels is correct when you buy them. The wooden display easel is made of solid wood, painted black with a gold latch, and folds flat for easy storage. The wood plate stand is great for holding small collectible plates, trays, saucers, tiles, plaques, awards, certificate, photo picture frames and other objects. The black plate holder stand is suitable for many occasions. Please check your item's size and weight before putting it on the wooden display stand.

Brand: Tatuo

👤The easel is small. It took a while to set the heavy plate on the easel because it didn't have a locking device like the one we got. Since it doesn't have a locking easel device, the base keeps on adjusting to the weight of the item that is placed. The hinges are in place. One needs to be gentle in using this. sereval tried to set the plate on it, but it should stay still as long as no one touches it. It would have been better if this was sold in 2 pieces. There is a * The last photo shows that it doesn't have a locking mechanism like the other easel we bought.

👤Don't feel like the hassle when you return. I bought two of them at Michael's. They are much more secure. If it makes sense, Michael's brand has more tightness in the bend. These are very loose and move quickly. I don't feel comfortable putting my items on them. There is a I think I'll come back.

👤The frame is knocked out of it by touching it.

👤I wanted to buy a large set of mini plates. They are gorgeous, but some of them are loose, and as soon as you place the plate on it, it falls open and the plate drops out. I just superglued some of the screws.

👤It was well made. Exactly like the photo. To hold items of different sizes, opens to different widths.

👤Cute little things, like mini painted canvases and pottery items that are at an angle, did the trick of showing them off. The right amount of classy. The feature is off right now, but I would love to post pictures.

👤They are complete trash and do not hold shape as they are meant to. They were made completely wrong and are beyond flimsy. I will have to put something in the back seam to make it usable.

👤Cheap, cheap, and over the top. It is made in China. Better reward if you have a plate that weighs more than 4 ounces. I don't think they can hold that much weight. The worst product I've ever purchased on Amazon.

👤Solid and value for money. Excellent delivery.

👤These were a bit floppy at the hinge, but they worked.

👤My item fell over and broke. It was badly ballanced.

👤The stand is good for displaying small plates.

3. Jewelry Storage Tempered Velvet Display

Jewelry Storage Tempered Velvet Display

The wooden display case is ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads, pins, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, medal and more. A display box with a glass lid allows you to view the items inside easily. The wood has a metal clasp and black velvet pad. The wood is 15''W x 8 1/2''D x 2''H and the inner dimensions are 14 1/2W x 7 1/2D x 1H. The accessories are not included.

Brand: Mooca

👤I'm not sure why there are so many poor reviews. The glass top has a chrome finish. The lightly padded velveteen pad seems to have a wood board inside. The pad is slightly smaller than the interior, that would be a good thing if it were to come in and out frequently. I added a couple of dowels and made a perfect display case for my 1950's Hubley cap gun. I will redo the review if there are problems or if I get two more great ones. I would recommend this kind of thing to anyone. There is a The cap gun is about an inch and five eights long and was tight to the glass when the box was closed.

👤This was bought for my stepbrother to put his collection in. He couldn't wait to fill it up after receiving it.

👤I'm very happy with the box. I use the boxes for my knife collection. There is a The weathered oak look with brass hardware fit my home decor perfectly. The texture is rough but it feels like a finished product. I was pleasantly surprised that it looked authentic for the price. The fit and finish of the non-broken ones is tight and consistent enough that I can have them stacked, so I'm very pleased with the box. The build quality is good for the price. 2 of the 4 are perfect. One has a loose hinge. I can fix it. One of the hinges came apart and the screws are missing, so I'm sending one back. Overall, I'm very pleased. I have them stacked because of the tight fit and finish. The box can not be beat for the price, so I'm giving a 4 star review. The hinge attachment is not strong. I received 6/7 in good order with 1 with a loose hinge after the second order. The look, feel and quality are the same. If they fit your needs, I recommend buying them. Be prepared for potential set backs because they are $18 boxes. Between the 11 I ordered, 2 are returned and one is not perfect. The failure rate in my 11 box set is 18 to 27%. The good ones are a great value and I keep my 4 star review. To get to a set of 10, I'm going to order 1 from the beginning. Will update again.

👤The construction is extremely fragile, even though the glass was filthy when it arrived. I'm giving one extra star for a total of two because it didn't arrive damaged, which I imagine could have happened very easily, considering the insufficient packaging that was used to ship this poor thing. It looks good on the outside, but only after it's been cleaned. There is a The felt base is too small for the box, which is just under half an inch on all sides. This thing will break at any moment. You will probably receive it with some damage, but in my case it was undamaged, so you might get lucky if you really want this thing. For a box like this, one should spend more money for a better one. I'm a do-it-yourselfer. I can make cheap products that work for me. Go for it if you're one as well. If you're not, spend more money on something better. Cheers.

4. Hipiwe Displaying Air Tite Capsules Challenge

Hipiwe Displaying Air Tite Capsules Challenge

It's made of premium acrylic,durable to use, beautiful crystal clear appearance and smooth to touch. Injection molded triangle design made this easel stands more stable, and it has a perfect viewing angle. There is a package size and package. The package includes 12 easel stands, enough for your spare or replacement. USAGE is ideal for all kinds of collectibles such as: challenge coins,medals,coin slabs, air-tite coin capsule holders, military or challenge medals, minerals, fossils, match books, gems, police & fire badges, political buttons, pocket watches, pocket knives, post cards It can be applied at home, office show room, art class, book store, wedding, trade show display, shop window, museum, various parties and businesses where products need to be shown to the public.

Brand: Hipiwe

👤Perfect size, not too big. We got a gift that was smaller and tipped over a lot, so we bought this set to replace it. Our previous stands were taller. They are used to display trading cards. They are lightweight and fit perfectly. Great purchase for the price.

👤I wanted a nice way to display my stones, but I was worried that these wouldn't be large enough, but they are perfect for my palm stones, smaller slabs, etc. They look elegant and sturdy, they don't detract from the items.

👤All but 2 of my things were stuck together. It broke when every attempt was made to pry it loose. The money was wasted.

👤They work on slabs and touch cases. I wanted to display my cards. I read many reviews of different ones and chose this one. They arrived in a thin box which could have easily been crushed, but they arrived fine. Nothing broke. See the pics for how they look. I recommend them.

👤When you compare the quality of a piece of plastic to the quality of a guy on fire, it's night and day. These are thin and junky with lots of flaws. You want to show off a nice $200 item. The easels are hard to pass.

👤I bought the larger size this time. They are used to hold my crystals. They are very sturdy and hold all different sizes in place. Highly recommend!

👤These are sturdy enough to hold my rock projects. I use them as a gift set for my family as well. They can hold rocks about the size of my palm. It's a good deal for what you get.

👤The stands are sturdy, but they have to be handled with care. I had to remove the stand from the mold. I bought another listing's stand and didn't have a problem. I will not return them because I can fix them. I like them and am using them.

👤Excellent size for my meteorites. Delivery estimate was received a week before Xmas. Very happy.

5. CO Z Sunglasses Eyeglasses Collection Compartments

CO Z Sunglasses Eyeglasses Collection Compartments

Their bamboo cheese board and knife set are a smart purchase for many reasons. Bamboo is renewable and earth friendly. It's nonporous so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. The hardwood is very easy to clean. A low maintenance wood that is easy to care for. There is leather and transparent acrylic. It can be turned into a wonderful jewelry and watches organizer with the help of a divider, it has 8 or 12 compartments, perfect to store your fashion sunglasses, with the help of a divider. It's a perfect place for your glasses, watches, jewelry, and other items, because it's made of PU leather exterior and soft lining interior, and it's a great spot for your collections. It's easier to pick a style. --- It's super convenient to pick a pair of glasses or watch to match your outfit, because the transparent top allows you to see through the box. Dustproof & Lockable Organizers. The lid protects your favorite item from dust and excessive humidity, making sure they are just like brand new for years to come. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress.

Brand: Co-z

👤I love this case. It looks good. All my glasses fit. I wanted something that looked nice to store and protect my glasses. This was the best choice. I would recommend it.

👤Not a fan of this product. It arrived with a broken box and a metal arm on the side, and the first time I opened it, the latched mechanism jammed. It has a strong chemical smell from either glue or cheap materials. I will be purchasing a Stackers product from the Container Store instead of returning this.

👤I was excited to open it but it was locked inside and I couldn't open it. I refuse to try to open it with a different tool because it is useless to me right now.

👤I don't know how much I love this product. It's perfect for me. I have a lot of expensive sunglasses, but the rest are fun. This case has been filled by me. My investments are protected from being damaged and from dust. I used to keep all of my sunglasses in individual hard cases and it looked disorganized. I can put them back in rotation now that they're nearly organized. I think so. It's like a place to keep my sunglasses. I love it! There is a This purchase was a pleasure to purchase. I am happy I made the investment.

👤What a great product! I love the way this organizes my sunglass collection. Over the years, I have invested in a number of pairs of sunglasses in different styles and colors. I wear the right sunglasses with my outfit for the day before I head out. The process is much easier with this organizer. My sunglasses are no longer on a shelf where they could get knocked over. They are not in separate cases where I can't see them. They are visible, protected and showcased like the jewels that they are. This product is great for anyone who has a lot of glasses. And the price? You can't beat it. You should give it a try.

👤I ordered this item to store my glasses. There is a The pleather on the outside looks nice, and the storage/display case looks very nice. There is a The box is larger than I expected, but I didn't look at the dimensions. It makes sense that it will be big. If you have more room in the box, you can store other items. There is a It could be a nice gift for someone. In case that matters to you, it comes in a plain brown box. That was a benefit because it was securely packed. Nice item. - I would consider buying something similar.

👤I need more slots. I didn't like looking through all the cases to find the pair I wanted, because they would get mixed up. I can pick it up and go. The case is a nice addition to my bedroom.

👤We have sunglasses all over the house and on the counter. I lost sight of my sunglasses on the counter and it was a mess. We needed something that would keep our sunglasses in one place and be nice. The box met our needs. It's a very professional, sturdy-looking box and it's a good thing that our sunglasses don't go missing because they are safe from being scratched or knocked off the counter by mistake. Our glasses look like they are $300 pairs because of this box. We pity the person who tried to steal the sunglasses.

6. Hestya Plastic Stands Holders Picture

Hestya Plastic Stands Holders Picture

Multiple uses. Can be used as art stands for painting. There are 15 pieces of clear plastic easel plates, enough for your spare or replacement. It can be applied as a picture easel stand, phone pad holders, and for displaying all types of collectibles. It can be applied at home, art class, book store, wedding, various parties and businesses where products need to be shown to the public. The material is clear plastic, it looks beautiful for decoration, light weight and hold products stable, different sizes are suitable for various needs and places. The package includes 15 pieces of clear plastic easels.

Brand: Hestya

👤I am very happy with these. They disappear when you stop looking at them. I didn't think they would be good for heavy items. A great purchase! I use them to hold my brushes, combs and other items in my shower. Things should be kept clean and organized.

👤This was the first time I was disappointed on Amazon. The plastic picture holders were flimsy and not strong. The cutout design is pretty. It makes the Picture and Easel combo very unstable. I wouldn't recommend putting a plate on them. Only super lightweight photo frames... I will have to be clever in how to use them.

👤The tiny ones were too small to hold a postcard and would blow over with the door slamming, even the large ones have to be very late to hold them.

👤The design is simple and works well. They pleased my lady as they finished her cabinet display.

👤It was used to hold a clear glass plate.

👤These are not strong. They can't hold a frame with glass. One arrived broken.

👤The product doesn't stay put. The picture fell and broke when the ends slide together. I am not happy with the product.

👤I got what I expected from these. Very light and flimsy. They'll probably work for me. They are holding something that is lightweight and out of the way so they don't have to worry about cats touching them. These will do the job if that works for you. If you want something that is safe and secure, you need something that is more durable.

👤I tried to display my paintings on the bigger ones, but they fell over so much that it was a total waste of money.

👤Three different sizes fit different plates.

7. BladesUSA PK 2235 Fantasy Display Overall

BladesUSA PK 2235 Fantasy Display Overall

Customer service is my top priority and I will give you a 120 day money back guarantee. Love it or your money back. Not satisfied, get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact them. Purchase is perfect for a gift. Information is 7.5" overall. The dragon handle has a yellow flame on it. The display stand is included. H: 7 x W: 2

Brand: Bladesusa

👤I was excited to get this. My wife has bought me many knives over the years. I decided to open the box to look at the knife because I thought it would be cool for her to get one. I was so glad I did. The knife was filthy, as if someone had left it outside. The tip of the middle tine of the 3 ridges is broken and both sides of the knife have scars from hard objects. I thought the stand was in the box. I know that you pay for what you get, but this is not good. The knife was small and attractive, but I would have it in my collection. This item is used and returned. I will not order from that company again. The item was returned.

👤This is 2 stars for people like me who will only look at the picture and think, "WOW, that's epic!" I will use this blade to fight the dragon in my soul. If you're fighting your mail, that's all. This is a letter opener on a wooden stand. Don't expect to impress anyone with the size of this butter knife if you put it on your desk and pay your bills. The metal and details are great. I have an idiotic tendency to ignore dimensions.

👤You light up my king tut statue; you were smaller than I thought you would be, but I love you just as much as the rapiers, the clay moor, the katana, and the fencing. You are a cute weapon. Daddy is very fond of you.

👤I knew it would be small, but she said it would be. The stand is cheap and flimsy, and I bought this for him on Christmas, so much smaller than I anticipated. He put about three other knives in front of this to hide my shame.

👤It is a nice piece of art and decor for a lover of dragons and knives. Really nice look and quality. I may buy a couple more for unique gifts after receiving some nice feedback. It was priced well.

👤The cheap wood broke when I tried to put it together. The knife is okay.

👤It was bought for a gift. The blade of the knife looks like it has caught fire. Beautiful craftmanship. Didn't know it had a stand. A heavy piece. Not cheap. Fast delivery. It's worth the money.

👤I bought this for my son. I thought it would be smaller. But he has knives. He will put this knife in his collection.

👤The larger version was purchased as a gift. The Fantasy Fixed Blade Knife is from Blades USA. Overall, 21.5-Inch The little opener looks good next to the big knife. There is a The blade is not straight. There is a One of the small wood pieces was split in half when inserted. Good deal for $10, but needs repair on the first day.

👤The blade was a gift for my dad for Christmas and I was disappointed if you want something cheap that doesn't look good, but for someone like me that is on a budget, that's not good.

8. Displays SS BRK CN2025 CN2025 Finished

Displays SS BRK CN2025 CN2025 Finished

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the BEHOLD Free Standing Knife Set holder. If there are any issues with your purchase, they will either give you a full refund or send you a replacement. The package is 2.6 cm long. The package width is 7.1 cm. The package is 31.3 cm high. Product type is sporting goods

Brand: Displays

👤The handmade knife we received from Thailand looks nice in our display case. The box it came in was damaged and the stand was damaged too.

👤For the price and finish, it's a great purchase for my large custom made knife.

👤I wanted to show off some nice knives I ordered, but only one of them came with the proper screws to attach the stand parts to the base. It looks great on the one that came with it. If the seller contacts me to fix the problem before I return the other, I will update this review.

👤After purchasing 6 of these display stands, I was very happy with the product and delivery... I ordered 7th. The wooden blade holder was missing from the stand. I requested a replacement after the box was tore and the small knife handle holder was split. I used 2 different orders to get one display stand. I was going to purchase more in the future.

👤This is a great price. I bought a Japanese knife but I don't know how to take care of it, but it's sitting over the stove as a display, it looks great. I spilled some water over it and it didn't show any signs of falling apart or discolored. The screw that holds the circle part feels loose, but I give it a 5 stars. You can get a better screw in the junk drawer, and use it in a 5 stars stand.

👤I was looking for a very reasonable price and this stand was that. I didn't need it to be flashy, just something to put my kabar on. I shortened the curved stand by using a jigsaw to make it level with the blade. If you shorten it, make sure you drill the screw hole a little deeper so it doesn't split when you screw it back on to the base.

👤This is the second that I bought. I used one for a big bowie knife and the other for a knife with a strong recurved blade. I was not sure if it would work for such a curvy blade, but it does a great job. I would buy it again.

👤I don't like to give a bad review. But. Save money. There were missing parts that came with mine. Didn't have the round thing to put the blade in. Absolutely terrible quality.

9. 9815 SMRT Damascus Knives Beautiful Handmade

9815 SMRT Damascus Knives Beautiful Handmade

This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir. The overall length of the knife is 10.00" long and 5 inch blade, and the handle is made of Damascus and Brass Rings. All of their items are handmade. Damascus Steel is 100% original. - Feel free to contact them if you have a question about their items. A great piece of art for a perfect gift knife and fully functional, the sharp edge blade is the best quality guaranteed and has a perfect grip. Quality material was used for ALLOY STEELS. The blade of this knife has a hardness of HRC 58-60. The leather sheath is made from high quality skin. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Pal 2000 Knives

👤The knife is beautiful! It was made from one piece of metal. Excellent value for money for a knife. There is a Couple complaints. It is very oily when it arrives. A paper towel can't help a run under warm water. There is a There is no danger of cutting yourself if you use it. There is a The sheath is very snug and it doesn't let the knife out easily. There is a I didn't get the gold paint for the gaps in it. It's not a big deal. There is a I have oil spots on my sheath because the knife is so oily. There is a This is great for the money, knives like this usually cost $200 so the minor flaws I mentioned shouldn't deter you from purchasing this. It's a good thing.

👤I thought I was getting a similar item when I first saw it. I didn't pay enough attention to the details or read the reviews. This thing is a beast. It is a solid 1 inch rod of Damascus steel that has been turned into a shape you can see on the picture. This thing is not bright. It is likely to weigh north of a pound. There are gold bands on the handle. There is a The blade is packaged in plastic and tapped all over. The blade is dipped in oil and put in plastic. If the knife is in long term storage, they do this to preserve it from rust. When you unwrap it, you should clean the excess oil off. There is a The leather sheath is very stiff. The sheath has a nice color and good stitching. The tip of the sheath is likely to be miscolored due to the oil in the blade, but this is minor in my opinion. There is a The only negative thing I can say is that the button strap on the sheath isn't quite right. It is very tight on the blade and it would require hands to get it back in place. At least on mine. The product is good and you get what you pay for. I don't know how practical this is, but it is a very solid piece of Damascus steel.

👤Being said it's pretty cool, this thing is not practical. It's a solid piece of metal. It's heavy as well. The finish is good. It is nice. I'm glad I got it because it was a total impulse purchase. I feel like I'm going to die when I handle this thing. I had a replacecement sent after I looked at the first one and wondered if the craftsmanship wasn't lacking. It was about an inch longer, the Damascus marking was visible this time, and overall it was nicer. The second one I got was not made on a Monday or Friday.

👤This thing is very heavy. It is forged in one piece and comes with a leather scabbard. It comes heavily oiled so be sure to keep it oiled. It starts to form rust very quickly if you don't. I'm not sure how practical this thing is, but it looks like it does in the pictures.

10. BladesUSA SMB 110 Decorative Western Revolver

BladesUSA SMB 110 Decorative Western Revolver

The accessories are not included. A navy revolver is decorative. The barrel was designed with a flint mechanism. Comes complete with a study stand. Product cannot be shipped into the state of New York. 13-inch overall length.

Brand: Bladesusa

👤It was fun to play with. I like revolvers. It's not being used as a part of a costume. I've tried to make it sound like this. When you pull the grips come off. If you pull the left side, the lower guard will come off. If you do it a few times, they are not that hard to put back together. I didn't try very hard to remove the cylinder. The barrel was wider than the end hole after I dropped it. The end started rotating after the end hole was dremeled a bit. The end of the barrel is a plug. You could probably pull the plug if you could somehow hook in there. The barrel is hollow halfway through. I think my next move is to drill a hole in the ground and play with some stuff. I'll update after that.

👤I don't know what people expect from this buy, but it is an amazingly good buy. The stand for the Navy Revolver was what we wanted. The stand is nicer than most stands you can get without a gun, and it sells for between $15.00 and $25.00. The stand is a little lighter than other stands, but it looks really nice under the gun. The gun looks really good. It is $26.00 and it is amazing. I will attach a picture of the stand in my display that is a real 1851 Navy Revolver.

👤This was painted to look like a colt from Supernatural.

👤It's a good size and has some weight. The grip is made of plastic. I bought it for a costume and it would be in a holster. The replica I got had some things that were silver and brass. I don't think this would be good for a display. The base was cheap, but I didn't expect much more.

👤A child's toy is half a step above this gun. It's not worth the $24. I spent a lot on it. The hammer andtrigger are plastic and held together by cheap hardware screws. It should come with a pleather holster for the kids. I'm giving it to a child I know well to get it out of my sight.

👤The gun looks like a colt from the Supernaturals series, which is why I bought it. The handle of the gun looks nothing like the pictures which throw everything off, so I have to paint it myself. Some of the other people who have reviewed their purchases have darker handles, so I'm wondering why my handle is light.

👤This is a birthday gift for my 10 year old who likes Supernatural. He will like the weight. After I ordered this one, I found a silver one. I think he will be happy. The light colored plastic pieces that held my stand were not used for decoration, but as a toy. It's ok. I am very impressed by the price.

👤There is a detailed replica here. It's perfect for what it's intended for. I rubbed Old English polish on the shiny plastic handle grip after I sanded it. The same thing would happen with wood stain. The character on the right has it in the set and it looks like it is real.

11. Smirly Cheese Board Knife Set

Smirly Cheese Board Knife Set

Instructions for care. Hand wash in cold water. Do not wash or dry. If necessary, iron inside out at medium setting. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading. The meat and cheese tray is designed to impress your guests. Their gift set with accessories for the charcuterie board makes entertaining easy and fun. Their wooden serving platter is the largest on the market, so you can throw an epic gathering. Their serving board and round tray combo are great for entertaining because they add simplicity to your life and infinite ways to dazzle your guests. They will remember you every time they use this gift. Whether you need birthday gifts for mom, house warming gifts for new home owners, wedding gifts for bride and groom, or hostess gifts, SMIRLY's large cheese board with accessories offers so many beneficial features. Everyone on your list will love and appreciate this timeless gift. Their tray is perfect for a large gathering or a romantic evening. One of life's most rewarding experiences is time with friends and family. The cheese board set includes bowls, a cheese knife set, and all the accessories you'll need for an evening filled with fun and festivities. Charcuterie boards are an art form. You can make a platter for any occasion. You can use the bamboo cheese board as a blank canvas to create the perfect ensemble of meats, cheeses, veggies, crackers, fruits, and condiments to please any audience. The generously sized, 3-sided board with all the accessories and extras lets you unleash your creativity. Their bamboo cheese board and knife set are a smart purchase for many reasons. Bamboo is renewable and earth friendly. It's nonporous so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. The hardwood is very easy to clean. A low maintenance wood that is easy to care for.

Brand: Smirly

👤I was excited when I ordered the product, but I was shocked when I got it yesterday. The material is cheap and damaged. It's not made of wood. It's heavy. I am returning this product because I don't like it.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. The only criticism I would have is the manufacture. There were many sharp edges. I used foam or fine foam sanding pads to smooth out the surface after I hand sanded it. After removing all the dust and dirt, Butcher Block Conditioner was put on the surface and wiped it dry and smooth. If you want to clean a quality bamboo cutting board, you should use a clean damp cloth and wash it with soap and water. Give it another treatment with Butcher Block Conditioner after it has dried completely. It was worth the extra work since it will be a gift for my daughter.

👤I liked it. I was trying to buy another one. It is unavailable.

👤I bought this for my daughter in January. She went to use it for the second time and the drawer holding the knives wouldn't open. It looked like it had warped. She was careful in washing the surface after the first use, so it wasn't the result of submerging it into water. They were finally able to open the drawer, but it wouldn't close again after opening. My daughter loved this gift and is disappointed it is not usable after one use.

👤I bought this for my husband's 40th birthday because he is a fan of the meat. I was completely deceived by the reviews I read. The quality of this product is not worth the 60 dollars I paid for it. There are cracks and chips in the wood and there are splits on the board. One side doesn't go all the way in. We took it out of the box and washed it for his party. It was almost like someone sent it back and then gave it to us. shameful. It was almost $100 for a product. Don't spend the extra money if you're not sure if you're buying from a legit dealer.

👤The slide outs are great and the board is great. The tray on the right and the larger one with knives won't pull out. The board is in a couple places. I have only used it twice. It is not certain how long it will last. I wipe it down with water. It's a great board, so I'm so disappointed. There is a I threw the note away because I loved the card so much that I had to contact them.

👤I bought this as a Christmas present for my mother after seeing that it was one of the top cheeseboards. It's a great all in one entertainment center. One of the ceramic dipping bowls broke, but the board was packed well. I contacted the seller, Smirly, who immediately replied and sent a new cheeseboard replacement. They told me to keep the old one. Excellent customer service should be celebrated when experienced. They went above and beyond to fix the problem and not have to go through any more hassle. I appreciate this kind of professionalism and will go out of my way to buy from this company again in the future and promote them to family and friends. My family loves this cheeseboard. It has everything you need to make a great spread. It's an ideal gift for anyone who likes cheese and crackers and would like a spread for themselves while watching TV. I will buy it again as a gift in the future. Thanks so much, Smirly.


What is the best product for decorative knife display?

Decorative knife display products from Mooca. In this article about decorative knife display you can see why people choose the product. Tatuo and Hipiwe are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative knife display.

What are the best brands for decorative knife display?

Mooca, Tatuo and Hipiwe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative knife display. Find the detail in this article. Co-z, Hestya and Bladesusa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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