Best Decorative Knife Holder

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1. 9815 SMRT Damascus Knives Beautiful Handmade

9815 SMRT Damascus Knives Beautiful Handmade

This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir. The overall length of the knife is 10.00" long and 5 inch blade, and the handle is made of Damascus and Brass Rings. All of their items are handmade. Damascus Steel is 100% original. - Feel free to contact them if you have a question about their items. A great piece of art for a perfect gift knife and fully functional, the sharp edge blade is the best quality guaranteed and has a perfect grip. Quality material was used for ALLOY STEELS. The blade of this knife has a hardness of HRC 58-60. The leather sheath is made from high quality skin. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Pal 2000 Knives

👤The knife is beautiful! It was made from one piece of metal. Excellent value for money for a knife. There is a Couple complaints. It is very oily when it arrives. A paper towel can't help a run under warm water. There is a There is no danger of cutting yourself if you use it. There is a The sheath is very snug and it doesn't let the knife out easily. There is a I didn't get the gold paint for the gaps in it. It's not a big deal. There is a I have oil spots on my sheath because the knife is so oily. There is a This is great for the money, knives like this usually cost $200 so the minor flaws I mentioned shouldn't deter you from purchasing this. It's a good thing.

👤I thought I was getting a similar item when I first saw it. I didn't pay enough attention to the details or read the reviews. This thing is a beast. It is a solid 1 inch rod of Damascus steel that has been turned into a shape you can see on the picture. This thing is not bright. It is likely to weigh north of a pound. There are gold bands on the handle. There is a The blade is packaged in plastic and tapped all over. The blade is dipped in oil and put in plastic. If the knife is in long term storage, they do this to preserve it from rust. When you unwrap it, you should clean the excess oil off. There is a The leather sheath is very stiff. The sheath has a nice color and good stitching. The tip of the sheath is likely to be miscolored due to the oil in the blade, but this is minor in my opinion. There is a The only negative thing I can say is that the button strap on the sheath isn't quite right. It is very tight on the blade and it would require hands to get it back in place. At least on mine. The product is good and you get what you pay for. I don't know how practical this is, but it is a very solid piece of Damascus steel.

👤Being said it's pretty cool, this thing is not practical. It's a solid piece of metal. It's heavy as well. The finish is good. It is nice. I'm glad I got it because it was a total impulse purchase. I feel like I'm going to die when I handle this thing. I had a replacecement sent after I looked at the first one and wondered if the craftsmanship wasn't lacking. It was about an inch longer, the Damascus marking was visible this time, and overall it was nicer. The second one I got was not made on a Monday or Friday.

👤This thing is very heavy. It is forged in one piece and comes with a leather scabbard. It comes heavily oiled so be sure to keep it oiled. It starts to form rust very quickly if you don't. I'm not sure how practical this thing is, but it looks like it does in the pictures.

2. Inch Magnetic Knife Strip Holder

Inch Magnetic Knife Strip Holder

It is easy to carry. A magnetic knife block is a great way to display your cutting tools. The styles available fit the overall design of your kitchen to look more appealing. Any steel knives will work with it. The magnetic knife holder has very strong magnets in the wood that allow it to hold even the largest knives. Wood magnetic knife strips make a great addition to your kitchen. Counter space is freed up. You can access place for your knives with this magnetic knife strip. The kitchen magnetic knife holder is strong enough to keep the knives in place and not fall off. This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape.

Brand: Simpleusefulthings

👤I thought it wouldn't keep the knives up when I first got it. I almost had to order a different one after I heard clacking noise inside the bar, but I took it off the wall and found the magnets strip that was inside the wood bar had fallen off. I put it back on and it did its job. The magnets are strong. I used Command strips to stick it on the wall and it didn't wobble like using the screws. The wood patterns are thin and soft, and they have already cracked in 3 different places. It's not much for buying cheap stuff. I will use it until it breaks.

👤It's so simple that no instructions are needed for installation. Better mounting options are needed. The quality of the notch on my nails was poor, it was difficult to level when installing it. Rocks back and forth. It only mounts on the screws, so you have to be careful not to lift the knives up at a sharp angle or it can get stuck in the magnet strip. The debris on the strip will likely be removed, but it will be annoying. The Magnet is decent strength. It's fine for flat knives if you put a cleaver on it. Does not run the entire block. The finish is not noticeable from a distance.

👤The picture is not representative of the holder. The cleaver in the picture is more than half the width of the strip size being sold, so the picture they are using is not for the 10" holder they are selling. There is a The holder is 10 but the magnet is only in the middle 8 leaving you an inch on each size. The entire width of the knife must be where there is a weak magnet.

👤Just what I wanted. I had two blocks of knives, one set of chef knives and the other set of misc knives. We are a family of 4 that cook a lot and all get used to it. The blocks take up a lot of counter space so I figured for under $20, why not try! There is a I got ride of the ugly block, gained counter space, and wish I had done this way sooner. I hung it using 2 Command Velcro strips and am thinking about getting another one for my other set. The magnets are strong and I like the wood look. I am very happy I picked this up.

👤It's very easy to install, just use the box it came in to mark the location, put the holes in the wall, screws in, and rack up in a few minutes. It took me longer to find the drill bits than it did. The strips that are just magnetic have a wood look to them. It seems to hold the knives very well, magnetic hold feels good, but using the leverage of the handle it comes off the rail easily. I put a small light chef knife on it and used it for cheese and pairs of knives. If I needed another one, I would recommend it to a friend.

3. Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Please make sure the size of the easels is correct when you buy them. The wooden display easel is made of solid wood, painted black with a gold latch, and folds flat for easy storage. The wood plate stand is great for holding small collectible plates, trays, saucers, tiles, plaques, awards, certificate, photo picture frames and other objects. The black plate holder stand is suitable for many occasions. Please check your item's size and weight before putting it on the wooden display stand.

Brand: Tatuo

👤The easel is small. It took a while to set the heavy plate on the easel because it didn't have a locking device like the one we got. Since it doesn't have a locking easel device, the base keeps on adjusting to the weight of the item that is placed. The hinges are in place. One needs to be gentle in using this. sereval tried to set the plate on it, but it should stay still as long as no one touches it. It would have been better if this was sold in 2 pieces. There is a * The last photo shows that it doesn't have a locking mechanism like the other easel we bought.

👤Don't feel like the hassle when you return. I bought two of them at Michael's. They are much more secure. If it makes sense, Michael's brand has more tightness in the bend. These are very loose and move quickly. I don't feel comfortable putting my items on them. There is a I think I'll come back.

👤The frame is knocked out of it by touching it.

👤I wanted to buy a large set of mini plates. They are gorgeous, but some of them are loose, and as soon as you place the plate on it, it falls open and the plate drops out. I just superglued some of the screws.

👤It was well made. Exactly like the photo. To hold items of different sizes, opens to different widths.

👤Cute little things, like mini painted canvases and pottery items that are at an angle, did the trick of showing them off. The right amount of classy. The feature is off right now, but I would love to post pictures.

👤They are complete trash and do not hold shape as they are meant to. They were made completely wrong and are beyond flimsy. I will have to put something in the back seam to make it usable.

👤Cheap, cheap, and over the top. It is made in China. Better reward if you have a plate that weighs more than 4 ounces. I don't think they can hold that much weight. The worst product I've ever purchased on Amazon.

👤Solid and value for money. Excellent delivery.

👤These were a bit floppy at the hinge, but they worked.

👤My item fell over and broke. It was badly ballanced.

👤The stand is good for displaying small plates.

4. Vk Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

Vk Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

100% Money Back Guarantee. If your product is unsatisfactory, please contact them and they will either replace it or refund your money. Enjoy your purchase. The magnetic knife holder has very strong magnets in the wood that allow it to hold even the largest knives. Wood magnetic knife strips make a great addition to your kitchen. The magnetic knife strip saves counter space and gives you access to your knives. The kitchen magnetic knife holder is strong enough to keep the knives in place and not fall off. This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape.

Brand: Vk

👤I can't believe that this product has good reviews. Did I get the right product? Was it malfunctioning? The block wouldn't hold the smallest paring knife. The back part is cheap. I decided to look inside after getting a refund. I found a bunch of small magnets on a metal strip, but it was not a strong magnet.

👤Okay, so. I like the look of this but there are a few things that are not good. I think I could have found something better for the same price. It is very cheap and the "wood" has come off in small areas. It is small. Smaller than expected and percieved in photos. I expected the magnet to be stronger than it is. The only thing that made it great was that there was a piece of paper inside the plastic that said it was a free Amazon gift card, which I would have given 5 stars for at that point. The code on it doesn't work with the Amazon app and the website on the paper brings up my Facebook messenger when I enter it in my search bar. I thought maybe it was a problem with my phone and I tried it on my friends. I contacted Amazon customer service, but they couldn't tell me how to get in touch with the company. They told me to send them pictures by email and that I'd hear back from them within 48 hours. Amazon gave me the email that said it couldn't accept incoming mail, and that's the one I received. Customer service from Amazon was terrible. If they fix it and give me a gift card, I'd change my review. I've been dissatisfied with Amazon recently, they have too much misleading information. I was told I would hear back from Amazon, but never did. I called customer service. I changed my rating to 3 stars after they gave me a credit. The company shouldn't have made it so difficult because it had to put too much energy into it. Overall, the purchase was worth it for me, and I appreciate the credit finally. It was difficult to be honest, since I put it on my wall. I was looking for a sturdy item for the price and it ended up being exactly what I was looking for.

👤The magnetic field is not enough to hold a full 10" of knives. The magnetic part of this is limited to less than 9 inches, so all the knives have to be touched. I have to remove knives to get the one I need.

👤It was easy to install and I love the way it looks. I have two grievances. The first thing I will do to fix the knife holder is add some spacers to the back of it so it doesn't wobble when I replace it. The second issue is not a product deficiency but a warning to anyone planning on buying more than one of these. I assumed the whole spacing would be the same when I bought two of these at the same time. I used the same template for both, but the whole spacing was different. I had to punch a hole in my wall. I might reinforce the mounting brackets, but I would buy these again.

5. Magnetic Multipurpose Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Magnetic Multipurpose Kitchen Utensil Organizer

The holder is a great option for any area that could benefit from some additional organization. The most convenient way to hang your knives is to put them on the wall. Without a better cutting tool. The simple solution to help rid thecluttering of a bulky knife block is quickly and confident access what you need most. The strongest magnets available are used to hold your knives in place. Magnetic holder in the kitchen, laundry room, garage, office, or any other place to hold metal objects is great. Young children shouldn't have access to sharp knives. 15INCH/38CM: This magnetic strip is small enough to fit in well into many nooks and crannies in your mount onto kitchen walls, and it has an extended length that allows you to hold more knives than most knife blocks on the market. Installation and cleaning can be done quickly. Attach the screws to the wall. To clean it with a soft cloth. If necessary, wash with water and detergent. Put a clean cloth on the wipe dry. They will give you a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied. No questions were asked. It is quick and easy, and you can try it RISK-FREE with their money back.

Brand: Viboos

👤I was almost afraid to buy it because it is so cheap. It turned out to be very high quality. It holds my complete 6 knife set, and it has two strong magnets that run the length of it. I tested it by putting all the knives on and shaking it. Not a single knife moved.

👤This is great. It is convenient for us and I was looking for it. Cleaning knives daily is difficult because we make food everyday. With this product, we can hang our knives and let them dry out after being washed, so we can grab them whenever we want. We hung them right at the sink so the water wouldn't get into the sink. It's very convenient. They fall into the sink instead of our tiles floor. Great idea!

👤There is a caveat to the rack. If you drill into the wall, it will be fine. I didn't want to drill into the wall because I live in an apartment. Command strips were used to hold mine against the wall. The back of the rack is not flat, it has two small ridges, and only part of the Command strips are able to get in contact with the rack. It's not a strong hold. I put the knives in the rack and it pulled away from the wall. I don't have a good hold on them with the strips on the back, so eventually it will fall. It seems like it's holding, but not for very long. I'm not sure if I should send this one back.

👤Worst quality possible. The plastic is used to fill the holes in the screws. The wall mounts are small and the second you screw them into them they go deeper into the wall. This product can not be used because the screws push the wall mounts further into the wall, causing a forever free spinning screw that you can not get out. That is if you are lucky. Remember the holes that were filled with plastic. When the screw goes through the plastic, it causes the thing to fall off the wall. Save money, time and energy by buying a better product.

👤Love it for its purpose. The looks leave me wanting more. I should have gone for the slightly more expensive model made of steel. This one looks cheap. If you don't mind the look, go for it. If you want a nice finished look, you should go for a more expensive one.

👤This product has helped me organize my kitchen and saved me drawer space. It was easy to install. The knives don't fall off when put on the strip. This magnetic knife strip is recommended by me.

👤I like to keep my knives easy to reach. It's difficult to find my knives in a drawer of utensils. The magnetic knife strip I bought was great. The magnets are strong and hold on to my knives, making them easy to reach.

👤The screws are useless. The knife strip has holes in it. Too cheap. Not good. There is a The strip is magnetic. It is strong and holds the knives well, but it is not strong enough for my long knives. One side is higher.

6. HOSHANHO Magnetic Mounting Powerful Storaging

HOSHANHO Magnetic Mounting Powerful Storaging

The easiest way to clean is with your knife block holder. If you see splatters on your knife display stand, you can clean it with a damp cloth. The double-row 74 pieces of round neodymium magnets are 80% stronger than the general magnetic force of the knife holder. Even if the knife is heavier, it can still stay in place. They use a wider width design to make the tool have a wider magnetic area. Even the largest knives can be hung safely and reliably because of the stronger magnetic force. Safe Installation The knife wall magnet rack has two ways to install it. The magnetic strips on the wood knives won't chip, and make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Widely Applicable This knife magnetic strip is ideal for utility rooms, laundry rooms, garages and other zones because it is the perfect knife bar for kitchens. If there are any problems with the kitchen knife magnetic holder, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Hoshanho

👤The manufacturer can't account for those who are challenged. I put the knife rack up right away and it's level on the wall if you tilt your head a little. The knife holder is very strong and sturdy. It holds my knives and kitchen scissors, even the knives that have a thick handle. I went for the hanging-screws installation so I don't know much about it, but it's nice that they ask about it. I was able to donate the knife block that was about the size of a Buick because of this knife holder. All the way around!

👤I was tired of my old beat up knife blocking taking up valuable space on my counter. I wanted to clean up my counter space by removing the knives from it. I put the knife strip on the side of my fridge to make it easier to reach my knives as I cook. I used the same method to attach it as I did to hold the level. I stuck the magnetic block to the fridge. The magnetic strip is strong and looks great. The knives won't fall off if they are bumped. You have to pull with a bit of effort to remove them. I love it! The wood finish looks better than the metal ones.

👤This thing is very sweet. I have a cleaver, a bread knife, 4 chef knives, and a paring knife, and it doesn't budge. It takes minutes to install. I didn't feel like putting holes in the tiles, so I used the supplied glue. There is a If you are looking for a magnetic knife holder that looks attractive and actually holds your knives, then this is the one.

👤The item is perfect. I'm happy to have the knife block gone. The two that we ordered were put in our cabinet with the provided tape. The board has a strong magnet that goes all the way through it. The color is lighter than expected. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered two of these to hold my knives and other metal utensils because I just moved into a small kitchen. There is a The product is nice and easy to install. I can't really screw into the walls, so I chose to use the glue. The problem is how the glue holds. It is kind of terrifying at 3 am when the blocks have fallen off the walls. When the first one fell, I reapplied the new glue, but it wouldn't stick, and I had to remove a chunk of paint from the wall. The second one fell and didn't tear off any paint. I don't want to hang these up for now. I will keep them until I can screw into the wall in my house.

👤An article states that you shouldn't keep knives in a butcher's block as it can be breeding grounds forbacteria. This made me cringe, so here we are. This looks great on the wall. The look is great and the knives are easy to remove. The wood style is very similar to the brown tones in my new kitchen. I had to buy a new set of knives with wood handles because it looked so good. I had to mount this with the sticky pads that came with it because I didn't want to put hardware in my kitchen. It has three pads. I used two, which seemed to cover the back, but after a few weeks the whole thing started peeling off the wall. I used the third pad and cut it into pieces to cover the back, but it's still attached. Time will tell if it was my fault or if it was the result of weak sticky pads.

7. RoyalHouse Organizer Christmas Housewarming Included

RoyalHouse Organizer Christmas Housewarming Included

This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape. They use high-grade and sustainable hardwood to design their knife blocks. Steak knives, knife sharpeners, butcher knives, and many other items are safely stored in the organizers for home and chefs. It's best to use most standard drawers because they fit most knives. The in-drawer knife holder will fit in your drawer and hold a wide range of knives. Their bamboo knife block is PREMIUM QUALITY, it is odor-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant. It makes retrieving your knives a lot easier. To make it easy to clean, wash your knife drawer organizers with a cloth and soapy water, and dry them with a clean cloth. After every use, please clean the knife block. TheWORTHY PURCHASE is an eco-friendly kitchen accessory that is designed to tidy up your kitchen and store knives without hassle. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with them. The dimensions are 15.7''. X' 3.8' X 2''

Brand: Royalhouse

👤Pros - no big knife block that hoggin' all the counter space, knives can be lifted out instead of drawn out of a block, and magnets fighting gravity, which always wins eventually. The drawer is a better location than the counter because it feels well made and it's not like you move it around. If you are okay with the last con, then look for a model with wider spacing.

👤It's really sad... I wanted to love it. I have a set of beautiful Global chef knives that are currently just thrown in a drawer and I was hoping for a way to organize them. This product is not suited for full sized chef knives. It was nice quality and looked nice, but I had to return it because it didn't fit what I needed. If you are looking for a way to organize steak knives, this might be the one for you.

👤I have a narrow drawer where I keep my kitchen knives on top of each other, but I couldn't find a knife organizers that fit it. I am happy because it is beautiful and I have enough room in the drawer for a bread knife. If you're wondering the dimensions of my drawer, I recommend it.

👤Do you have a favorite knife that was part of a set, or a knife that you bought but don't fit in the butcher block set on the counter? The knife block holds different sizes and knives don't have to be perfect. It takes up a small amount of space, but it keeps the knives in an organized and safe manner. The quality is good, the compact is well made. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤It works in a kitchen drawer to replace a knife block. It keeps knives separate and the blades covered.

👤I was looking for a knife holder that would fit inside my drawers and this one was just the right size. Royal House has bamboo organizers. I have ordered bamboo items from other makers and they are better quality and well packaged than the others for the same price. Royal House and mDesign have bamboo step shelf drawer organizers that I ordered. The size is the same. The later had manufacturing defects and was less sturdy. Royal Design products are good. Excellent value for money.

👤This is perfect! I wanted it to fit my kitchen drawer organizers, so I was looking for a knife block width that would fit. The one I found fit like a glove with just enough space on the side to hold the pizza cutter and peeler. No more grabbing knives with fear. Excellent product!

👤I was always scared of cutting myself because I hated having my knives roll around in the drawers. This is a sturdy product that fits perfectly in my kitchen. If you don't have the extra wide drawers in the newest kitchens, I will mention this. This will fit.

👤There was a beam on the bottom. If you slide a knife in randomly, you could end up damaging the counter or tip of the knife. I put the drawer liner underneath it to stop it from cutting into the counter.

8. Deluxe Universal Knife Scissors Sharpening

Deluxe Universal Knife Scissors Sharpening

This magnetic knife rack is easy to install and compatible with any kind of mounting tape. It is permissible for all kinds of knives. Any knife up to 8.6 inch can be stored in their universal knife block. There is no need to find a specific slot anymore. There are slots for kitchen shears and rod sharpening. The double-deck system is being developed. The double deck holds your knives. The knives won't touch each other because of parallel slots. There is no risk of damaging the knife edges. There are rain pantyhose and anti-sLIP feet. The drain holes in the bottom keep your knives dry. When you get out the knifes, the anti-slip feet help. The space saved is large. The small knives holder can hold up to 15 knives, depending on the size of the knives. LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤I like that this knife block is made from bamboo and that the blades are protected from touching each other. That didn't make up for the design flaw. There is nothing that can be done to prevent the knives from tipping from the handle. When I pulled out another knife, my paring knife fell out. It looks sloppy and dangerous when a blade is exposed. This one is leaving.

👤I like the idea of not having my knife dulled by going in and out of a wood block, and I like that this has more air movement and will resist mold and mildew. My chef's knife is very tight in between the slit, and my sharpening steel was too long and sticks up. The feet are wobbly on my countertop, and never had any issues with the previous wood knife block, so that lost a star. I had to remove the plastic from the top because there was glue around it. I thought the rating category of "Thickness" was odd, but I had a problem with my knife being too big, so perhaps that is what this category is intended for. I gave it a 4.

👤The black top shows a picture of the piece by itself, so I thought it could be removed and cleaned. It cannot be removed. It is not possible to clean the slots and the interior, and you never know if there is mold inside. Returning.

👤You can't take out the top black part to clean inside. I tried to see if the peeler would fit when it fell through the hole. The top isn't meant to come out, so we couldn't get it out. The black part was hot glue in place when my husband ripped it out. It would be better if you could clean it and make it dishwasher safe.

👤I don't use a knife block because they all seem to have very specific shapes, whereas I have several knives in the same shape. I saw this on my niece's shower registry and MzE I ordered it for myself and I love it. The slots are wide enough to hold two knives. The knives are too wide to be placed directly next to each other, but you can place them on either side of the block. I have 15 knives, a sharpener, and a kitchen scissors in a block. I'm very happy with this.

👤I wanted a holder for a few special knives. It seems to fit the bill, but one thing I've noticed is that the block holds the knives firmly, but when you pull one out, the knife doesn't slide out, and I find myself grabbing it with 2 hands instead of one. It's brand new. It might not stick as much when pulling the knives out after a little use. It seems like a nice holder.

9. Universal Holder´╝îKnife Household Multifunctional Placement

Universal Holder%EF%BC%8CKnife Household Multifunctional Placement

The dragon letter opener has a silver blue orb dragon with a mighty excalibur sword. The knife is designed for a functional desktop decor. The quality of the wood is high. The wood is beautiful and delicate, the surface is polished and treated with vegetable oil, and the texture is clear. It is easy to clean. The internal bristles are easy to clean. STABLE ANDFIRM. The stability of the anti-skid foot can be enhanced by setting the anti-skid foot pad at the bottom. The knife holder is made from a type of wood called acacia. Simple and fashionable appEARANCE: The knife holder has a simple design and can add some beauty to your kitchen. Free placement: Large CAPACITY. You can place the tool in any place you want. It can be put on the tool holder easily.

Brand: Aomiesen

👤The design and ease of use make me happy. My knives are arranged in a way that makes it easy to access and use.

👤It is universal. After taking knives in and out only a few times, the bristles in the holder stiffened up and my steel cleaver fell out. 3 knives are installed in the holder.

👤I was looking forward to the part of my kitchen that was useful. I just got the holder and it was made with poor quality and was already worn out. I will return it.

👤The material that holds the knives was too loose and my smaller knives slipped too far down, nearly covering the whole handles.

👤My wife's sous chef has given me a variety of great knives. They might not fit in a standard knife block. This one is perfect for our needs. The wood block has a great stain color. A new addition to our kitchen.

👤The wood is beautiful. The fiber insert makes it easy to insert the knives. The fiber portion can be easily cleaned and reinserted if it is removed as a unit.

👤I wasn't sure if I would like this, my wife has a traditional cutlery block for her knife set, but for Christmas I got her a few additional knives and needed a block that would accommodate them. Looks great.

👤Many knives fit well if they are all going in the same direction. There is a gap in the sticks. I would be annoyed if I put another knife in that area, since it turned out to be useful for my food cutting scissors. The wood is not cheap. I haven't tried cleaning it yet.

👤The knife holder is easy to use. It's not necessary to look for correct size slots as knives fit in anywhere. We use ours for scissors as well. The holder is functional and looks good.

10. Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block Beautiful

Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block Beautiful

The dimensions are 11. 5 in. The length is 9. 5 in. 5 in. height The width. To clean, wipe with cloth. BeHOLD Free Standing Magnetic Knife Setholder is a great solution to securely store and display your chef knives. Your knives are always at hand with BEHOLD. There's no need to search through drawers for the right knife. The beauty of colored knives is emphasized by the handsome black background of BEHOLD. Even when your knives aren't being used, they'll still be hard at work making your kitchen look neat and organized. BeHOLD makes knife selection easy and accurate. It keeps knives from being scratched and damaged in drawers. The knife blades are flat on the surface of beHOLD, making it easier to clean than other storage methods. It's very easy to store BEHOLD. They have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the BEHOLD Free Standing Knife Set holder. If there are any issues with your purchase, they will either give you a full refund or send you a replacement.

Brand: Chef's Vision

👤Look at pictures. The knives of the same brand look amazing, but the magnets are not strong enough to pull down the whole lengths of the blades. You can see that the tips of the knives stick up off the ground, which could cause them to break in my kitchen. I'm returning the board because it's a show stopping issue for me. There is a The board sits at a 45 degree angle, so the handles add several inches of depth.

👤I bought a magnetic board from Chefs Vision and used it to store a set of knives from Chefs Vision.

👤The sheers I have in my new set don't attach to the magnetic board, so I gave this 4 overall rating. The problem is the bolt that holds the two pieces in place raises the scissors and the steel does not touch the board. It's perfect for knives. It's not good for scissors.

👤It is beautiful and very strong. I am quite pleased with this alternative to knives in a drawer, sheath, or block where you have to have certain size knives, but I have to say that it is only magnetic on the top so you have to position your knives as shown.

👤This is a great magnet for our camper. It holds our knives. It's easy to install. Nothing has fallen.

👤I bought this for my husband. He is a fan of the solar system and I thought it would be perfect. My husband doesn't like using the knives in this set. They are a conversation piece. Everyone loves them!

👤The k life holder is great. The knives have to be 5 or 6 in size. I like the look of the knives on it.

👤I bought a magnetic strip for my husband. A couple of screws and it is ready to go. Even the largest knives are held. Exactly as described. He loves it!

👤I gave it to her. She was very nice.

👤The magnetic knife holder is very easy to install and works well. I got the knives and cutting boards from the same brand and everything was great. This was a nice gift for my wife and I because we cook a lot more now. I'm happy with this purchase, I think the overall look pulls together nicely.

👤I had to drill two holes because it was hard to find the right place to put the brackets. Even when the knives are wet, the magnet strip is great.

👤It's not worth it for the money. There were 3 places on the bottom that were cracked. Not a lot of chips either. There are large ones. I wouldn't buy from this brand again.

👤I feel comfortable in the kitchen because I can find my sharps easily.

11. Magnetic Natural Magnets Cutlery Display

Magnetic Natural Magnets Cutlery Display

It fits easily on the kitchen counter. A classic way to display your knives is with a bamboo display. The double-sided large container is great for your kitchen counter because you can hold up to 12 knives at both sides. The strong magnetic hold common kitchen knives securely, allowing you to reach your knife easier and quicker. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean the magnetic knife block. The Bamboo Knife holder is packed in a portable gift box, a great gift for your loved ones. 100% money back guarantee!

Brand: Yotipp

👤There are two significant issues with this block. It isn't tall enough to handle a standard chef knife. The knife will stick, but the blade is exposed above the block. The longer the blade, the more exposed it is. The magnets are too low in the block for the best effect. They are located close to the base rather than near the top edge where they would do better. A short bladed knife is not held tightly and can fall if you move the block. It's annoying that it's hard to store shorter blades on it because it's potentially dangerous.

👤The whole thing is magnetized, but there is only a strip as strong as the magnets on it. It's in the description, but keep in mind that anything with a blade longer than 8 will run into the base. The holes at the bottom of the base to screw in and secure the block to is too small for the screws that came with, so I removed a star. When we couldn't force it in with our screw driver, we had to use an electric drill.

👤The plastic fingers on the old knife block didn't work. The knives wouldn't slide properly if the fingers got bent. The wooden case was broken so I was looking for something that would hold up. There is a It was very easy to use. Attach the bottom section to the vertical part with a couple of screws. All of our knives and scissors can be stored on either side of the wood. We have chef's knives, cleavers, and paring knives. A heavy knife can be held in place and easy to reach. A very good knife block.

👤The magnets are weak and seem to be about 1/2 way down. My paring knives don't stick at all. If you hit the stand, it will fall off. My knife has the same issue. My cleaver stick and chef knife are fine. I have to hold the block when I take off the cleaver so the other knives don't fall off. There is a Pros and Cons - holds a good amount of knives.

👤The screws wouldn't go in so far, so I tried to put it together. I tried using a drill and one of the screws broke. The other two went in. I think the magnet is what stopped them. I can't take it apart to send it back. There is a The seller gave me the original one. I had to find a box that would fit the reassembled piece. I made sure to have a drill handy with a bit of the predrilled holes. The screws were not strong enough and the wood was hard. The screws went in easily with the drill bit changed to a Philips, because I drilled the holes a little deeper. I put my new knives with the decorative blades on it and it was stunning. I like how it looks. I'm happy I re-ordered this piece.

👤I'm leaning towards 2020 being a home decor theme and this helps a lot. It is easy to put together and holds knives well. The design is nice and I don't have a problem with knives falling off. I like that the knives don't touch each other, and I can move them around to different work surfaces. After moving to a lonely place in the woods during the global Pandemic, I found myself with a weird feeling of having my huge knives on display like props in a horror movie. I am so excited to grab one of these, run out into the snow in the middle of the night, hunch behind a rock, and discover the awful truth about my new neighbors. (-):


What is the best product for decorative knife holder?

Decorative knife holder products from Pal 2000 Knives. In this article about decorative knife holder you can see why people choose the product. Simpleusefulthings and Tatuo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative knife holder.

What are the best brands for decorative knife holder?

Pal 2000 Knives, Simpleusefulthings and Tatuo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative knife holder. Find the detail in this article. Vk, Viboos and Hoshanho are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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