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1. MDesign Modern Decorative Bathroom Organizer

MDesign Modern Decorative Bathroom Organizer

Six vertical arms hold and store small towels, the open design makes grabbing a towel quick and easy, and the stylish curves of the wall mount towel storage add a decorative touch to bathroom decor. MAXIMIZE SPACE. Use just one or multiples to create more storage just where you need it, it's perfect for small spaces. Easy installation. This rack is easy to assemble and mount to the wall and can be used in a variety of rooms. The quality construction is made of strong steel wire with a durable finish. Clean with damp cloth. Measures 6.9" x 4.6" x 31" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I was worried about bad reviews, but they are really foolish and didn't bother to fold/roll towels differently. I use heavy duty wall anchors that are laughably inefficient, so it was easy to install. There are six screws under the top holder, two where the halves of the rack join in the center, and two screws just above the bottom holder. If you want larger towels to fit, fold in thirds and roll! I found it worked well when I folded the towel in half along the width. The towel should be folded in half length. Roll the side with all the open ends towards the folded end. Pictures are included. To load towels into the rack, hold the roll closed and roll it into the rack, don't be afraid to flex the metal as you roll. This toWEL RACK is in perfect working order. Reviewers who don't know how to fold objects in half or roll up a cloth should not be discouraged.

👤I was looking for a wine/towel rack like this. I live in a small apartment. I needed something that was compact and elegant to store my towels. If you roll them tightly enough, it will hold all sizes, but the lower tan ones are larger bath towels and the lower green ones are regular sized towels. I was worried it would be too heavy on the wall with the towels added. It is actually lightweight but sturdy. I think this is a great idea for anyone who wants to organize their bathroom a bit more. It was easy to put together and had all the necessary hardware included. It took me about five minutes to put it up. I love this thing.

👤It's perfect for our bathroom. The new master bath doesn't have a linen closet, so we had to find a way to store towels. Since they were going to be out in the open, I wanted something that was functional and decorative. This fit the bill perfectly. There is a I gently pulled the hooks out of the towel rack to make it fit perfectly, because it was a bit tight. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤It was on the bathroom wall. It is close to the wall. Not tight for large bath towels. The top tier has hand towels. Why the red towel? Waiting for the last blue towel to be washed.

👤My wife was initially concerned when she saw it in two pieces, but it was fastened with two heavy-duty screws and lock washers. Does the trick...

👤I don't know what kind of towels this rack was made for, but it can't be used for full-size towels. There is no way this can be used to hold pool towels in our pool bathroom. If I wanted to, I could not squeeze one of my towels into this rack. I can't imagine a guest trying to wrestle a towel out of this thing even if I could squeeze it in. I think it could be used for hand towels. Not a high quality towel with any thickness to it. The opening to squeeze the towel into is about 3-4” wide. I don't have a towel that can be rolled into a tube. I hope I can find something more substantial when this thing returns.

2. Dahey Blanket Ladder Hanging Storage

Dahey Blanket Ladder Hanging Storage

If you use a mild detergent, do not use bleach or iron. The ladder is perfect for blankets, scarves or towels. The wooden ladder is a great way to display your blankets, scarves or other textiles. Adding a touch of rustic to your house is a good idea. The blanket ladder is a great way to display blankets, towels, scarves,beach towels,shawls,magazines, newspapers,clothes and more. The blanket ladder can hold up to 22 lbs., so you can create hanging storage in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. The modern style ladder rack is a simple wall decoration that can fit in your home decor. The deep color of the house enhances the rustic feel. It is the best gift for a new home. Installation is easy with rope hanging. There was nothing to build and no instructions. It is easy to move it to any place you need it to be, just hang it to the hook. The diameter of wood is 1.2 and the distance is 9. A person tries to approach nature when the industry develops fast. The wooden blanket hanger is stylish.

Brand: Dahey

👤Cute for my baby's room. I put some blankets on it. It is a really fun addition. I used a hook to hang.

👤Love it! It's perfect for my bathroom. It works great for towels or lightweight blankets. It was a good hanger, but it wasn't the best. We used an anchor and a hook. It turned out perfect!

👤It's better than a blanket ladder. I love how it makes my living room look nice.

👤I bought this for my blankets. Didn't work, but was used as a towel holder. It leans to the right with or without something. You can't fix it if it's assembled. This is being used but put out there.

👤I bought this for my living room, which is 195 years old, and doesn't have any closets in the ground floor. It is a cute way to store blankets, but make sure you have stylish ones if you want to display them year round.

👤If you need to get some blankets out of the way.

👤I don't use blankets in the summer but I love the extra storage for them. My use for full size blankets is fine, but this is more for throw blankets.

👤I was very happy with my order. Would buy it again. The hang is easy and light.

3. LLPJS Aluminum Hangers Hanging Bathroom

LLPJS Aluminum Hangers Hanging Bathroom

The wire frame helps retain shape. There are MULTIFUNCTIONAHOOKS. The aluminum metal s hooks make it easy to organize your kitchen by hanging pots, pans, spatulas, cups and other kitchen utensils on your pot rack, wall rails or shelves. Hang clothes, jeans, scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry in your closet. There are towels and robes in the bathroom. Hang plants in your garden and organize your tools in the garage. There are two high-quality materials. After anodizing, the hook will never rust, because it is made of space aluminum. It is durable. Hanging weight up to 44 lbs can be done with s hooks. It is suitable for most poles, rack and shelves. SAFE & STABLE HANGING: The smooth curves on the edge make it easy to scratch your hands or items. The round design on each end makes hanging items safe. Heavy duty hanging requires 0.2inch thick hooks. The S shaped hooks are simple and friendly, they can be hung on bars, shelves,rod and so on, they don't need to be drill on the wall. Also, note: The Yof rod must not be larger than 1.0 inch or it won't hang.

Brand: Llpjs

👤It's light-weight and makes you uneasy. I could have mistaken it for plastic. I dropped one. It made a metallic noise. There is a I wasn't paying attention to the dimensions. I expected them to be smaller. They're not subtle or discreet. It was overt, or very vague. I'm only going to use these for hanging my shower brushes, so I can only attest to their sturdiness. I don't think I would hang a bicycle from a strong item in a common household.

👤I have hooks that I use to hang flower pots. They are perfect. Strong enough to hold a heavy pot. I would definitely recommend it.

👤These are better than I was expecting. Thanks.

👤These are great, I bought them for my kitchen pot rack. Not flimsy, it was very well made. They look great and are a good use for my pots and pans. Will buy again.

👤I only needed two hooks. I am about to order my second bag. These are versatile and can go anywhere.

👤Very strong! It's used for hanging microfiber Norwex cloths. It was what I needed.

👤I ordered hooks for my plants. These are small. If you plan to hang a small object, they are fine. I am always getting something different than I think it will be. The pictures are not what they seem.

👤These are very strong and light. I used them to hand my plants. Very pleased with the purchase.

4. Simplify Decorative Shelf Organizers Basket

Simplify Decorative Shelf Organizers Basket

The dimensions are 6. 4x4. 50" The fabric is durable and wipe- clean. Carrying handles that are loopy. The frame is coated with steel. The wire frame helps retain shape.

Brand: Simplify

👤I used to use the ladder in my RV to access the over the cab bunk. I attached the baskets with black zip ties because my ladder is black. I love the extra storage for things like dog leashes, umbrellas, and even my sandals that are attached to the baskets on the ladder. The metal fame is sturdy, but it is also lightweight, which is a concern for RVers. The baskets are sturdy and perfect for my space. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I love these! My picture makes them look darker than they are. I use one for mail, hand towels, baby bath supplies, and hair products. They can be used to make a room look less cluttered. I love them! It's a great size and it's very sturdy as well.

👤I bought several of these, they are sturdy and look great. I keep my onions and potatoes in my pantry. I bought more to put my towels, toilet paper and bath toys on the rack over the toilet. It's a very clean and modern look.

👤There is a square cubby hole in the middle of the chest of furniture. I didn't know what the best use of that space was. This basket is perfect for keeping my socks, pajamas, bathing suits, and other clothes where they don't matter. The black basket is sleek and made well. It would look great under a coffee table. The exact dimensions were the most important to me and they exceeded my expectations. I only gave it 4 stars because I thought it was a bit overpriced and I am glad I only needed one.

👤The baskets are dark in color. I wanted them to look light in my bathroom. I kept them because they are the perfect size for my shelf. I am not happy with how they look. I recommend them if you like dark grey because they are steady and hold a good amount.

👤I now have about 7 of these baskets. They are sturdy, have a good capacity and look nice. The silver color has a slight sheen on it. I use them in my home office to hold files and other items and they blend in nicely with a steel grey Origami rack that holds my printer. I would highly recommend them.

👤I use this on the back of my toilets, it's made in China, and it's great for the price.

👤I haven't had it long, but it looks sturdy. It won't get a lot of wear and tear in my situation, so I think it is made well enough to last me a long time. The color is what I expected, and it looks nice. I would buy it again.

👤I ordered two baskets and one has a default finish.

5. Kiera Grace Hadfield 5 Tier Leaning

Kiera Grace Hadfield 5 Tier Leaning

Measures of weight and calories are included. The overall shelf is 18 feet wide and 66 feet deep. You have over 5 feet of storage space if you have significant height. Each shelf holds up to 10 pounds, and you can place items with a little more weight on each wall shelf. Ladder wall shelves are made of medium-density fiberboard that provides stability. Keep your items safe and sound by sticking with the shelf. The design: The leaning shelf has 5 tiers that provide extra storage space for your favorite items. This shelf is ready to use and can be assembled with ease. You can have your shelf up in no time with the help of the components. There is a display. A floating shelf is a good place to put awards, jewelry, and books. You can fill space between the windows and above a desk or fireplace.

Brand: Kiera Grace

👤The shelves are cute. They were what I was looking for to display my Christmas decorations. For the fun part. The middle shelf is the only one that has been found to be deficient because one of the shelves faces the wrong way. What a coincidence? Not. The middle shelf lean the wrong way because they accidentally flipped the middle tier's legs when putting it together. I know this because it happened to me. The middle shelf was leaning the wrong way after I put it together. It is easy to see how the shelf is built. The top tier has 2 shelves, the middle tier has 1 and the last tier has 2 shelves and the legs are hatched on a track. After putting it together, the middle shelf looked wrong and I used the middle legs that held it wrong. I will take the middle tier apart and flip the legs to get the right lean on the shelf. I put it back together after flipping the legs. I never thought of the product being faulty. If you run into the same problem as many people here, don't get mad or upset, just take the middle tier apart and flip the legs. These were easy to assemble despite the small hiccup. Hope this helps.

👤A piece of garbage. It is now listed as Amazon Choice. I should have expected more for the price. Why would anyone want to sell an item made of paper? It all comes in many pieces that have to be screwed together and most screws strip on the first attempt. JUNK!

👤The ladder is amazing for a good price. A lot of screws, which I did not expect, and I am laughing at myself for it. It's hard for one person to put together because you have to line the edges up and use 3 screws per side. You get paranoid that you are going to ruin it. I made it through with some or a lot of help. It turned out to be gorgeous and great for small bathroom.

👤This item was the cheapest purchase I have ever made and I think it's time for Amazon to screen their vendors more closely. I'm referring to the quality of materials used in making this item, other buyers should take note and stay away from this company that made this item, Amazon had no way of knowing what this vendor was or is still selling. The company should not be allowed to sell to the public. This vendor should not be accepted by Amazon.

👤Make your center shelves first. The sides and back of the shelf. You will be on your way to completion if you build those. There is a I was overwhelmed by the pieces. There is a I stayed calm. Lay it all out. Line your holes with your legs and build your center shelves first. You are on your way! There is a It's good for the price. It will serve it purpose for a while. I wouldn't trust it with animals and kids. There is a If you have kids and animals, it's better for a corner. There is a It's simple and sturdy.

6. GreenForest Ladder Bookcase Bookshelf Storage

GreenForest Ladder Bookcase Bookshelf Storage

The product's dimensions are 14. 2 x 56. The x 11 is 9(H) x 11. 7 inches. Ladder shelf have baffles to stop things falling down. Your items will not fall easily if you make them well-protected. The ladder rack can be used as a plant stand, bookcase, bathroom cabinet, storage organizer, or any other space you can think of. Ladder Bookcase: Sturdy metal for the frame and durable P2 particle board for shelving, 4 protective caps on the bottom to ensure ladder shelf stands stably while protecting your floor from scratches. The height between the shelves is 16.3 inches and the product size is 20.5"L x 18.7"W x 57.9"H. The black frame and vintage shelving match your home. You can assemble the ladder shelf in 30 minutes with the help of the instructions.

Brand: Greenforest

👤I bought two of them for my home office. I love the shelves. They are sturdy and look great. There is a Would it be easier to assemble these with two people? I'm an independent woman who doesn't need help. Getting the first shelf installed between the sides was the hardest part. A piece of cake is what it is after that. You should use your own screwdriver. I appreciate that they include one. It hurts my delicate lady hands. There is a I'm very happy with the shelves. They were well worth the money.

👤There is no option for zero stars. It was wrapped in styrofoam and packed tightly. You would think the product was intact. The frame had "rusted bubbles" and scratches. Buyers should be careful. There is a It looked good on the website. It looks cheap in reality. I don't invest in expensive furniture because I move a lot. This is the cheapest looking thing I have ever owned. I am used to assembling Ikea furniture, and it has become second nature to me. This shelf is hard to assemble. The metal frame is at an angle and I have to screw in straight. The screw-driver that came with the product has a bad quality that makes it hard for the head to hit the screws. The screws are made of bad material and look like they are going to break. There are "Made in China" stickers all over the parts. How funny. The customer service number is in China. I don't need these stickers to know where this product comes from. There is a The product cost me more than the price. Not worth the money. It looks like a plastic shelf that someone uses for a kid's play room. It's $30 more like it to me. I won't be going to a store to get it back because I'm too lazy to work on it anymore. Enough of it. It was one of the worst buys of my life.

👤It was easy to assemble and fit in the living room corner I needed to fill.

👤It looks like it cost more than it did.

👤I needed a ladder bookshelf. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and this goes next to my desk in my dining room. It fits the space perfectly. My Canon 3-in-1 printer fits perfectly on the bottom shelf, even though it does stick out a bit, but with the tray closed it doesn't stick out at all. I like seeing my decor items displayed. It was easy to put together, but I needed my husband's help to put it together, but it feels sturdy and I'm happy with my purchase.

👤It looks great and very good.

👤This is the worst thing I've ever bought. The assembly is terrible. Half the pieces have holes that don't line up. The anchors are pushed out by turning screws, and the tack paper is taken off. I don't care what it takes to return it and am just trashing it. I didn't expect solid wood craftsmanship for $80, but something that can be put together and stand up, which I didn't get. Garbage.

7. QEEIG Bookshelf Farmhouse Bathroom Industrial

QEEIG Bookshelf Farmhouse Bathroom Industrial

The total shelf is 20.3x18.9x57.5 inches. The height between the layers is more than 14 inches. The maximum safe load of each shelf is 50 Lbs. It's large enough to hold everything you want. The table has a weight of 23.9 lbs. The table can be moved easily. The book shelf is 22”L x 13.2”W x 54”H and has a black steel frame and vintage look. Provide enough space to display and store your favorite collectibles with ease of access. It can be placed in the study room as a bookshelf. The chic ladder shelf is a welcome furniture in the living room, bedroom, or beneath the staircase. 1.5” thick high-quality MDF board with high-qualified steel structure ensure that your shelves are stable. The plastic feet pads protect the floor. Each shelf has a load capacity of 50 lbs. You could install it alone in just a few minutes if you followed the instructions and used the assembly tools. QEEIG will provide you with professional customer service before and after your purchase. They have a 2 years warranty and lifetime customer support.

Brand: Qeeig

👤It was very easy to put together and I like it. If you purchase this item, you will be happy.

👤It is very easy to assemble.

👤It is nice and cute. It works in the space I needed it for.

👤It was easy to put together.

👤It's the perfect size and I love it. Good quality materials.

8. YAMAZAKI Home 3872 Leaning Ladder

YAMAZAKI Home 3872 Leaning Ladder

Leaning ladies: You can use the ladder to keep your house organized. There is no need for a wall mounting. Hang clothes, hats, or bags by leaning against the wall. The shelf has small items on it. The modern look of Yamazaki is meant to compliment the light and airy design of your home. It is made of metal and wood. This space saver is essential for easy access. Functions: Throws and linens can be put against a wall. There is a spot for everything on the shelf. It can be placed in one of three places. DIMENSIONS The product is over 26 inches in length. It is available in both black and white. Make sure to back out Screw B. The assembly of the frame pieces can proceed if the screw holes are lined up correctly. Refer to the instructions for more information.

Brand: Yamazaki Home

👤The quality at the factory was terrible. I couldn't assemble the ladder because the screw holes were off. This was not something that could be salvaged from my workshop, as I have built many products from scratch. The hole for the final screw to connect the top half and bottom half of the ladder was not as large as I could have made it. This is the second product I have tried from Yamasaki and I was pleased with the product until then. There is a table with three legs. The legs were crooked because of the poorly aligned threads. I can't get what I paid for with Yamasaki and the quality is too low.

👤I was excited about this piece and it should have gone together quickly, but I fought it all night trying to make it work. The screw hole is too far off. This is too much money for the quality. Is it possible to send me another "C" part so this can be completed? We had to throw out the packaging because it was too much of a hassle to take it all apart. I had already ordered Yamazaki pieces from their website and now I'm not happy. I'll probably have to return them.

👤Quality control issues are huge. I ordered the white one and picked it up. On the last step where you connect the top and bottom, the screw holes did not line up for one side, the other side lined up perfectly. There is a I will get a replacement for that hole after the just miss drilled it. I ordered black the second time and before I put it all together I looked at that joint and it wasn't on either side. If only assembly was possible, this was exactly what we were looking for. If I tried to screw the bolt in as it was, I would see what it would look like.

👤The quality control is poor and it's overpriced. I had to adjust some of the holes before I could assemble it. It's wide enough for most blankets and the little shelf on top is nice. I don't know if there are any better options that I can get, but I'd probably buy it again even if I didn't get what I paid for.

👤It was crappy. The ladder is divided into two parts. The screws to put the two together don't line up. The design of the assembly is poor, where some of the rods are held by leverage and others by screws. Other ladders are 2.5 times the cost. You pay for what you get. It is going back.

👤The ladder is a fine and sturdy ladder, but the process was difficult as the screw holes didn't line up. I got out the drill to widen them, but I would have preferred not to have to do it.

👤There were screw holes that weren't aligned. It seems flimsy and not sturdy at all.

👤It matches our bathroom perfectly.

9. Blanket Farmhouse Turkish Ultra Soft Peshtemal

Blanket Farmhouse Turkish Ultra Soft Peshtemal

All of their products are manufactured and sole selling, and Timeyard is a registered trademark. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund or replacement. 100x180 cm (40x 71 Inches) is hand made in Turkey and has a weight of 16 ounces. Turkish Throw Blanket is a Must Have Decor for Home, and is recommended by Home decor magazines like Elle Home, Ideal Home, as bathroom decor, Blanket ladder or as a farmhouse throw blanket. It fits the rustic, vintage, bohemian, farmhouse, Distressed, Modern Look and Mexican and fall decor. Peshtemals are large, absorbent, fast drying, great for travel, yoga, beach, sauna, and soft for babies and adults with sensitive skin. Pestemal can be wrapped around. They are hand-loomed with fringe and Multi-Purpose. The design is unique. There is a striped, herringbone with nice tassels. Can be used in a lot of places. It can be used as a shawl, table runner and scarf. An Original Glass Evil Eye is included in the package of their Turkish Throw Blanket.

Brand: Peshtemania

👤The item is sometimes referred to as a turkish towel. They are often used as towels in magazines. It is lightweight, soft, and designed to look hand made. The price and selvedges say that it is mechanically loomed. You will love it if you understand what you are getting. If you want a big throw, you will be disappointed. I use this as a decorative throw and then use it as a shawl or leg cover for one person. It is perfect as a light covering and looks amazing in my home. If you have pets or kids with pokey toys, it will quickly get caught as the cross threads in the design intentionally skip some of the vertical threads and so pose a snag risk. It will look best spread out on a small bed or sofa, as it is too thin to pop if draped or rolled. It slips off leather easily due to its soft texture and light weight.

👤So good! I used it as a divider. Light weight and cute.

👤This pattern is my favorite of the two that I bought. I'm very happy with it.

👤I love this blanket. I use it as a throw blanket and it works well with my neutral/boho look. Good quality for money. Will definitely buy another one.

👤It is soft enough. I use it as a throw. The thickness of the cloth is shown in the pictures. The cloth held against the lamp shows the weave and thickness. It is a good product.

👤I like this blanket a lot. I got the 41X70. The pattern of the tassels is subtle. It is a little more grey than I was expecting, but still cute. I wanted this to cover my blanket and it did the job. The front half of my dog's crate is now covered with a blanket. I don't use this blanket to cuddle up, but it's beautiful if you're looking for something decorative.

👤The color is as pictured. I bought 2 to cover furniture so my cats don't show wear on the furniture, however, I feel bad using such pretty throws for that purpose. My furniture looks great with these throws. I will be purchasing more in the future to use as towels and throws. I'm excited to see how they do it.

👤Great piece! I stage property and shop online a lot. This throw works well on the end of beds and furniture. I have ordered a few for various projects and two are currently being used. A person is packing a truck for a job this week. A coffee table with a bonus glass piece attached was used on a stack of books.

👤Me encanto, super smart, igual forma agradable. No se tienes de medidas mas grandes.

👤I thought it was bigger than it was. Excellent gift idea!

10. MDesign Metal Standing Storage Ladder

MDesign Metal Standing Storage Ladder

This modern towel ladder is great for hanging towels, throws, blankets, newspapers, and magazines. If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom, place the rack where it's most convenient for your space, and don't drill or mount it into the wall. Functions and quotient: It's ideal for use in your bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, living room, den, basement, or waiting room, and it's also great for adding a touch of style to any bathroom environment. The construction is made of strong steel with a durable finish. Clean with damp cloth. It's 19.25" wide x 5.25" deep and 65.5" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤It added a modern touch.

👤This was for our new home and we absolutely love it! It took me 5 minutes to assemble it, it's sturdy for the price and material, and it's perfectly placed against the wall. If you have a specific amount of linen you want to fit on to it, don't count the last bars of the bottom rung. It's great, except for that little tid bit.

👤I love this ladder so much that I might get a second for my bedroom to throw clothes on. We bought it for Christmas to hold stockings. We are using it for a blanket ladder in the living room. It looks amazing and is very sturdy. I have never had it fall while I have kids. My six year old asked if she could put it together on her own. I had to tighten the screws at the end. I like buying something that makes me happy and not a waste of time. Buy it if you are considering it.

👤The wall of our house is curved so it would be difficult to install a towel rack. We needed something that would hold 4 towels and not require drilling. It seemed like a good solution. It arrived with all the parts needed for assembly. It is easy to assemble. It was easy to put it against the wall. I wouldn't say it has any suction, but it doesn't slide a lot on our floor. The fourth rung is so low that you can't really use it for anything. It's not ideal to hang a washcloth on it. We have to hang our fourth towel. It's a good product, but I wish it held more bath towels.

👤The screws are not flush to the sides and if you try to tighten, the metal will bow in. I wish the screws wouldn't stick out and it wouldn't bow in. It is very lightweight because of the weight of a damp bath towel pulling it forward if you don't have it at the right leaning angle. It isn't an option to make it sturdy by attaching it to a wall. The screws stick out from the bowed metal.

👤This is great for the price. I was a bit taller than I thought. There is a Inexpensive for the size you receive, modern and simple looking, sturdy bars, undamaged, easy to set up, took me 5 minutes. The welding at top is sloppy, not very noticeable unless you are looking at it, and I ordered this knowing it didn't come with a wall anchor. I may find a solution in the future, but it is not a necessity at the moment. There is a After receiving and setting up this product, you would purchase again. I think it is simple and cute to hold my guest towels.

👤It is easy to build. If you want to avoid issues with the wall, put sticky felt or fabric where the product hits the wall. We put ours on bed risers to make the lower rung more useful. It solved our blanket storage problem. It is light weight and not strong enough to be in a high traffic area or around little ones where it might be easy to be knocked over or pulled over, but tucked out of the way.

11. Towel Blanket Ladder Decorative Leaning

Towel Blanket Ladder Decorative Leaning

The diameter of wood is 1.2 and the distance is 9. A person tries to approach nature when the industry develops fast. The wooden blanket hanger is stylish. The Claimed Corner ladder rack is perfect to store towels in the kitchen or bathroom, blankets in the living room, or air dry clothes in the laundry room. There is plenty of room for large blankets and towels. The blanket and towel ladder is made from thick gauge steel and is very solid. The entire unit is square and the cross bars are welded. Store it is separate into two pieces for easy storage. The brand was designed and produced by a American brand.

Brand: Claimed Corner

👤It's the perfect size for our bathroom, but I wish it was taller. It takes a long time to hang two bath towels on the floor.

👤The blanket ladder was very nice. It was perfect with my end table.

👤Really. I was skeptical about purchasing this after reading the previous reviews. It was a good decision. It is a little expensive. I love the look of holding multiple blankets. There is a You just snap them together. It is strong enough for bigger blankets. I would buy it again.

👤I love this ladder. I bought mine to hold the blankets. One of those new blankets that are so popular now. I wanted a place to keep my blanket out of the way when not in use and away from my dog, who loves to dig in blankets. If the blanket was ruined, I would not be happy. I could fold another throw or two on the blanket if I wanted, because the ladder holds it. It looks great and was put together quickly. It was literally. You snap the two pieces of the ladder together. It was perfect!

👤I waited a long time to see if the price would go down. I finally bought it because it never did. It's nicer than I anticipated. It's not $50 nice. I'm happy because I'm not worried about it breaking. Looks great.

👤The only thing I don't like about this ladder is that it's more suited to be a towel ladder than a blanket ladder. I saw what it looked like on Amazon. I use it as a blanket ladder, and covered in blankets, but I would choose this for your bathroom, to hang your towels over for your living room to hang your blankets. Everything about it is great! My opinion is based on its appearance.

👤The blanket ladder is light and easy to assemble. The height adds warmth to my living room. The material is smooth black metal so it doesn't have a rustic look.

👤When my wife ordered it, I was skeptical. I am sold because I have used it for a few weeks. It is nice to hang clothes in my bedroom instead of putting them on the bed.

👤Trois bel objets... Objet décoratif.


What is the best product for decorative ladder black?

Decorative ladder black products from Mdesign. In this article about decorative ladder black you can see why people choose the product. Dahey and Llpjs are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ladder black.

What are the best brands for decorative ladder black?

Mdesign, Dahey and Llpjs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ladder black. Find the detail in this article. Simplify, Kiera Grace and Greenforest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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