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1. Kiera Grace Hadfield 5 Tier Leaning

Kiera Grace Hadfield 5 Tier Leaning

Measures of weight and calories are included. The overall shelf is 18 feet wide and 66 feet deep. You have over 5 feet of storage space if you have significant height. Each shelf holds up to 10 pounds, and you can place items with a little more weight on each wall shelf. Ladder wall shelves are made of medium-density fiberboard that provides stability. Keep your items safe and sound by sticking with the shelf. The design: The leaning shelf has 5 tiers that provide extra storage space for your favorite items. This shelf is ready to use and can be assembled with ease. You can have your shelf up in no time with the help of the components. There is a display. A floating shelf is a good place to put awards, jewelry, and books. You can fill space between the windows and above a desk or fireplace.

Brand: Kiera Grace

👤The shelves are cute. They were what I was looking for to display my Christmas decorations. For the fun part. The middle shelf is the only one that has been found to be deficient because one of the shelves faces the wrong way. What a coincidence? Not. The middle shelf lean the wrong way because they accidentally flipped the middle tier's legs when putting it together. I know this because it happened to me. The middle shelf was leaning the wrong way after I put it together. It is easy to see how the shelf is built. The top tier has 2 shelves, the middle tier has 1 and the last tier has 2 shelves and the legs are hatched on a track. After putting it together, the middle shelf looked wrong and I used the middle legs that held it wrong. I will take the middle tier apart and flip the legs to get the right lean on the shelf. I put it back together after flipping the legs. I never thought of the product being faulty. If you run into the same problem as many people here, don't get mad or upset, just take the middle tier apart and flip the legs. These were easy to assemble despite the small hiccup. Hope this helps.

👤A piece of garbage. It is now listed as Amazon Choice. I should have expected more for the price. Why would anyone want to sell an item made of paper? It all comes in many pieces that have to be screwed together and most screws strip on the first attempt. JUNK!

👤The ladder is amazing for a good price. A lot of screws, which I did not expect, and I am laughing at myself for it. It's hard for one person to put together because you have to line the edges up and use 3 screws per side. You get paranoid that you are going to ruin it. I made it through with some or a lot of help. It turned out to be gorgeous and great for small bathroom.

👤This item was the cheapest purchase I have ever made and I think it's time for Amazon to screen their vendors more closely. I'm referring to the quality of materials used in making this item, other buyers should take note and stay away from this company that made this item, Amazon had no way of knowing what this vendor was or is still selling. The company should not be allowed to sell to the public. This vendor should not be accepted by Amazon.

👤Make your center shelves first. The sides and back of the shelf. You will be on your way to completion if you build those. There is a I was overwhelmed by the pieces. There is a I stayed calm. Lay it all out. Line your holes with your legs and build your center shelves first. You are on your way! There is a It's good for the price. It will serve it purpose for a while. I wouldn't trust it with animals and kids. There is a If you have kids and animals, it's better for a corner. There is a It's simple and sturdy.

2. Barnyard Designs 3 Tier Bookcase Industrial

Barnyard Designs 3 Tier Bookcase Industrial

There is a package product within a box. The item will be packed in its best condition and added to the box to protect it from shipping damages. The modern three tier bookcase adds style and function to your home or office. The standing shelving unit is a great place to store things. This large open shelf bookcase is made from real pine wood and metal. Farmhouse style is perfect for any room. A rustic industrial furniture design with a metal pipe frame gives it a mid-century look. The ladder style bookshelf is unique and will add a touch of character to your home. This bookcase is easy to set up and assemble. It can be used to display books, photos, plants, home decor accessories and more. The bookcase is 38.5" x 29.5" x 11.75". The shelf is thick.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤The bookcase arrived two days earlier than expected. The packaging made it easy to identify each part. I was surprised that no tools were used to assemble it. The instructions were a diagram. They were easy to follow, even for someone who favors text instruction. The instructions save the company time in printing them in multiple languages. Assembly was easy. The box arrived at my door at 3pm and I had it assembled and unboxed. This was without assistance. The overall design is different from bookcases with a simple box style. The shelves are made of wood. It would work in most settings.

👤I decided to purchase this shelf because I am so happy. I was going back and forth between a couple and this one was absolutely worth it. The best thing is... No tools are required. The design of the pipes is awesome. The shelf is very sturdy and heavy duty. I don't worry about it tipping over if they run by it. Highly recommend this product! You will not be disappointed.

👤I put the shelving rack together, got to the top, and the threads for the pipe all did the same thing. The upper pipes and elbows should have the threads in reverse so they could tighten the sides together. It would be nice if it was for less than $100, but it is way out of line.

👤It's perfect. Cute - urban. It was as expected. I'm using it as a bar table and a gardening table.

👤This is perfect for our TV boxes, printer, and supplies in our bedroom. It was assembled easily and the weight was very sturdy. The shelf finish is disappointing. I was hoping for a dark brown color because it has lots of gray streaks. It's mostly covered, so it doesn't matter.

👤This bookcase is perfect for my new bedroom, it's industrial chic and it's beautiful. If you notice that the directions have an arrow telling you to work from the top down, you'll be able to put it together quickly. I didn't notice the arrow. It's very attractive and sturdy, and I'm really pleased with it.

👤If you want to make sure you have the side of the shelves you want seen when you turn it right side up, you should put it together upside down with the top curved handles on the bottom. It feels good. Instructions are picture only so take a moment to orient parts.

👤The shelf is great. We needed to get our board game collection off the floor. The shelves look great. It's easy to assemble; no tolls, just screw the pipes in. Love it.

3. Standing Bathroom Decorative Foldable Multifunctional

Standing Bathroom Decorative Foldable Multifunctional

Each bamboo display shelf has clearly illustrated assembly instructions and an installation tool. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you have any problems. Enjoy your space and breathe in your creativity. The minimalist blanket holder with three shelves for storage or decoration is perfect for someone who loves to keep their home organized and clean. Your friends will notice the charm of the wooden ladder, which will add to your space. It was made 100% of beer. A sustainable and ecological raw material that is safe. The quality of craftsmanship results in flawless finishes. Multiple functions. The ladder is decorative and will fit in a living room. It can be useful in a bedroom and in a bathroom as a bath towel holder. Not mentioning how it fits in a pool or spa. The towel ladder with its four legs is more stable than any other ladder that is on a wall. The vertical slats of the blanket ladder fit perfectly on the wall. It is easy to store once it is folded. It is easy to assemble your new standing towel rack with the help of the tools and instructions included. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their goal is to give you a product that will fulfill your needs. If you have a problem with their product, they will try to find a solution.

Brand: Bunot

👤The towel rack is cute. It was easy to put together. You don't have to force anything together because the holes are lined up nicely. The bamboo is light and nice. I am very happy.

👤The product can be used in many places. The design harmonizes the atmosphere.

👤The towel ladder is adequate for the price. It is made of real wood and bolted together with strong hardware. It is a good size for a large bathroom. The instructions are easy to follow, but this is a challenge to put together. Some of the rods are not bolted in. Instead, they are held in by the frame on either side, which is annoying to hold in place during assembly. It was still fast to put together even with this issue. There is a The reason I rated this four stars is that it's not the most advanced towel ladder. I don't like that the shelves are only anchored on one side, and mine has a bit of a wobble. There is a The cons are similar to what I would expect at this price range. The towel rack looks nice and should hold up for a while.

👤It's easy to put together. The pieces are smooth and have a varnish like finish, so no worries leaving this in a steamy bathroom. The rack is better suited for holding towels and small items. This is very strong, not because it is not sturdy. It is a little small. It looks better to hold lighter weight items. There is a If you want to store it, the shelves fold flat and you can put it in another location. It is light and easy to pick up. There is a The bamboo color is great and goes with a lot of different decor.

👤I love this towel rack. It's a cute addition to my bedroom. I use it to do my hair and store hair products. It was easy to build and the instructions were clear. They added an extra piece of the screws and knobs in case you lose one. It is very study and does not have anything on it. A.

👤I put my shelf in the guest bedroom. I could also put a mirror and a couple cushions. Wow! There is a lot in a small space. It looks good!

👤This fits perfectly for my small bathroom and is easy to assemble.

👤Excellent quality and fast shipping!

4. MyGift 4 Tier Decorative Wall Leaning Shelves

MyGift 4 Tier Decorative Wall Leaning Shelves

There is some assembly required for the decorative ladder shelf. It's great for storing towels, displaying decorative items and organizing literature. Burnt wood construction is used in rustic and country decors. Installation is not required; leans against most wall surfaces. Overall is 17.0 W x 11.75 D x 48.25 H, and each shelf is 15.0 W x 7.0 D. Overall is 17.0 W x 11.75 D x 48.25 H, and each shelf is 15.0 W x 7.0 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤The coloring is nice, but it is cheap. Three of the rungs are the same size, with the fourth smaller at the top. It doesn't look like a ladder. It was not easy to put together. The pieces are not marked, so you have to do a lot of guessing, and try to match up the holes. I became very frustrated when I realized that it was not going to align with the wall and that it was not going to be sturdy. It's a shame.

👤The instructions don't show a difference in the shelf size, so it's not clear which end of the small shelf should go. There is a lot of work. It is not hard. I had to take it apart to rearrange the leg posts. The wood is very splintered.

👤It was very well made. It is easy to assemble. Even though the piece was shipped internationally, it was still perfect. Excellent quality!

👤Good for small areas.

👤It's great for small spaces.

5. FUNME Bookshelf Shelving Bathroom Freestanding

FUNME Bookshelf Shelving Bathroom Freestanding

Overall is 17.0 W x 11.75 D x 48.25 H, and each shelf is 15.0 W x 7.0 D. The frame of the ladder is made of bamboo and wood-plastic plate, which is healthy and harmless, and the material is sturdy and durable. The 3-Tier ladder shelf size is perfect for small space storage. The bamboo storage rack provides additional storage space for you to use. You can use it in any corner of the house, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, laundry, balcony, and etc. Versatility and Practicality: Versatile mdf shelving can be used for many things, such as storing books, folders, photo albums, collectibles, and also for storing potted plants, flower shelves, display rack, and other items. The design feature is that theightened storage compartments design effectively prevent items from falling, decorative and spacious, 30mm widened side frame, stylish appearance, stable support, easy to move. Each bamboo display shelf has clearly illustrated assembly instructions and an installation tool. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you have any problems.

Brand: Funme

👤The product was perfect for my bathroom. The shelves aren't wood, so they won't get moldy, but the wood adds some natural color. It holds all the essentials and is perfect for my bathroom.

👤It holds a lot. It's easy to put together. I am very happy.

👤The bamboo shelf is nice, but it's not very good in quality or design. It looks better on the screen than it does in my house. I was thinking that I would stick it under a workbench in the garage because it was a little shorter than I expected. I'm not sure what to put on the shelves. I'm not sure that's the best place to put it because each shelf only holds one thing I want to get out of the way. What about the bathroom? I don't think it would look clean enough for my liking, and the trays wouldn't be easy to clean, so I would expect a lot of dust. I think it would work for towels in a guest bath, as a side table in a guestroom, or as a plant stand, if you have some sort of water protection under the plants. The shelves on this bookshelf didn't have enough space between them to hold our plants, which was too tall for this, so I almost replaced our three-tiered planter with this. It might work for you, even though I wasn't thrilled with it for my use. I didn't do anything for my house.

👤Since I have placed this bamboo ladder shelf in my bathroom, I have gotten many comments. This was the perfect height for my bathroom because I needed something that was shorter than most of the bathroom shelves. The assembly of the shelves was very easy and fast, but I had to wipe down the white shelves as a white powder came off on my hands. The shelves are sturdy and functional and the height between each shelf is large enough to hold most bottles. I would recommend these shelves to anyone who has a small bathroom and is living in a small space.

👤It was easy to put together and took less than 10 minutes. I use it to store my laundry detergent and fabric softeners.

6. Rolanstar 4 Tier Bookshelf Storage Shelves

Rolanstar 4 Tier Bookshelf Storage Shelves

The dimensions are as follows: Rungs - 9.0 W 4.5 H; 2.5 D 22 H. It's perfect for your room. The rustic ladder shelf is made from raw materials. The frame is made of oil brushed metal. Home office, bedroom or any living space are great uses. The large storage space is perfect for keeping your family photos and books organized. The capacity and dimensions are mentioned. The bookshelf is small but has 4 open shelves and a non-woven drawer that can hold up to 33 lbs., great for store books, fishbowls, and plants. You can put your treasures on it. Table design and anti-falling. The bookcase is made of heavy duty steel and has an anti-falling accessory to prevent injury from furniture tipping. 10 Minutes Assemble & Easy Cleaning comes with clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and a L shaped allen wrench for assembly. The pads are designed to make leveling the floors easy. A wet rag can be used to clean the ladder shelf. Storage drawer The middle lower location of the drawer makes the center of gravity of the whole product lower, which allows better stability. Storage space is provided for you to organize your accessories such as files, keys, little tools and etc.

Brand: Rolanstar

👤The product was described exactly. Issues from other reviews have been fixed. All parts were labeled. Assembly was easy. Extra screws were included. The screws in the back legs helped to level and stable. There's bad news with good news. You should have a shop vac handy to capture the bits and bobs as you unpack. The drawer didn't arrive with the box, but nothing was broken. The seller told me on May 31 that it would take another 30 days to get it from China. It was only the drawer. I submitted the information on June 1. The drawer was delivered June 4th, not June 30th. I think the seller did some shipping magic. I'll probably buy another one. I've been bitten by a bug.

👤This is what I wanted in my kitchen. I love the little drawer for holding my coffeepods, it's wide enough to hold my accessories. It's easy to put together. There is a The delivery date was changed a couple times, and I ordered this through Prime thinking it would come quicker. I got it the day before I needed it. I wish there were more choices for drawer color. It would look better if it was black or brown. I give it 4 because of 2 reasons. The shelving is still being played with.

👤I've seen many reviews complaining about bolts that don't line up. The consumer is told to tighten all bolts until the last page of the instructions. Follow this simple instruction and you will not have a problem. There is a It is easy to assemble. It is rugged. It looks good. I bought it to hold everything. Can't ask for more!

👤It was difficult to assemble because there are a lot of parts that look similar to each other, yet need to be put together in a certain way, like there is a slight slant in the legs. It's my fault for not looking very carefully at all the parts, though clearer labeling would have helped. It's not always the case for a lot of flatpack furniture that the leg on the left or right is the most important thing. There is a It looks great, and it is surprisingly sturdy for its price. No complaints!

👤It is a sturdy and good looking shelf. Can be used with or without a drawer basket. It is about 4 and a half feet tall, which is perfect for me as I am only 4 feet tall, so I can easily reach top shelf and decorate and see what is up there without straining my neck. It is very sturdy and durable. The finish was easy to put together, just don't fully tighten all the screws until each shelf is place and then tighten down when you're done, switch from side to side... It's a whole lot easier if you have the top left and the bottom right. It will be even. This kind of furniture is not made to take screws in and out because it is all pre drilled, so it is better if you just do it right the first time.

7. MDesign Metal Standing Storage Ladder

MDesign Metal Standing Storage Ladder

This modern towel ladder is great for hanging towels, throws, blankets, newspapers, and magazines. If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom, place the rack where it's most convenient for your space, and don't drill or mount it into the wall. Functions and quotient: It's ideal for use in your bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, living room, den, basement, or waiting room, and it's also great for adding a touch of style to any bathroom environment. The construction is made of strong steel with a durable finish. Clean with damp cloth. It's 19.25" wide x 5.25" deep and 65.5" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤It added a modern touch.

👤This was for our new home and we absolutely love it! It took me 5 minutes to assemble it, it's sturdy for the price and material, and it's perfectly placed against the wall. If you have a specific amount of linen you want to fit on to it, don't count the last bars of the bottom rung. It's great, except for that little tid bit.

👤I love this ladder so much that I might get a second for my bedroom to throw clothes on. We bought it for Christmas to hold stockings. We are using it for a blanket ladder in the living room. It looks amazing and is very sturdy. I have never had it fall while I have kids. My six year old asked if she could put it together on her own. I had to tighten the screws at the end. I like buying something that makes me happy and not a waste of time. Buy it if you are considering it.

👤The wall of our house is curved so it would be difficult to install a towel rack. We needed something that would hold 4 towels and not require drilling. It seemed like a good solution. It arrived with all the parts needed for assembly. It is easy to assemble. It was easy to put it against the wall. I wouldn't say it has any suction, but it doesn't slide a lot on our floor. The fourth rung is so low that you can't really use it for anything. It's not ideal to hang a washcloth on it. We have to hang our fourth towel. It's a good product, but I wish it held more bath towels.

👤The screws are not flush to the sides and if you try to tighten, the metal will bow in. I wish the screws wouldn't stick out and it wouldn't bow in. It is very lightweight because of the weight of a damp bath towel pulling it forward if you don't have it at the right leaning angle. It isn't an option to make it sturdy by attaching it to a wall. The screws stick out from the bowed metal.

👤This is great for the price. I was a bit taller than I thought. There is a Inexpensive for the size you receive, modern and simple looking, sturdy bars, undamaged, easy to set up, took me 5 minutes. The welding at top is sloppy, not very noticeable unless you are looking at it, and I ordered this knowing it didn't come with a wall anchor. I may find a solution in the future, but it is not a necessity at the moment. There is a After receiving and setting up this product, you would purchase again. I think it is simple and cute to hold my guest towels.

👤It is easy to build. If you want to avoid issues with the wall, put sticky felt or fabric where the product hits the wall. We put ours on bed risers to make the lower rung more useful. It solved our blanket storage problem. It is light weight and not strong enough to be in a high traffic area or around little ones where it might be easy to be knocked over or pulled over, but tucked out of the way.

8. Furinno 15120BKBK Decorative Shelf Black

Furinno 15120BKBK Decorative Shelf Black

A simple design. It's great for display and storage of books. The material is made from wood and tubes. It fits on your budget. Extra storage spaces are needed for any rooms. Sturdy on the surface. Assembly is easy following instructions. The product's dimensions are 14. 2 x 56. The x 11 is 9(H) x 11. 7 inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤The shelf arrived yesterday. I didn't believe it was easy to set up. I was wrong. It took me about 30 minutes. I was watching TV while I built it. The pieces are put together by hand. There were no tools needed. It's so simple that it's genius. It feels strong. The shelves are made of wood and the support posts are plastic. I was concerned that it would be too lightweight and easy to tip over. That's not the case. It has nice weight without being too heavy. I am amazed at how easy it was to build and how sturdy it is. Over the years, I have written reviews about things I have purchased. This is the first time that I have written a review after receiving an item. Everything about this is great, that's what I'm saying.

👤The price and design of this product is excellent. There is a Due to the plastic pipes, each shelf is only rated for 6 pounds. That is fine for the size. If you intend to cover each shelf with large books, I wouldn't recommend buying this. There is a The shelf is perfect for storing smaller items and for displaying trinkets. There are a few things to think about. It isn't very stable. To make sure it stays still, you will need to secure it to another object and weight it with books or other heavy objects. The assembly was simple but took a bit more effort than I would have liked. There is a Some reviewers have mentioned that the shelves are made of wood and plastic. There are four plastic inserts that need to be pressed into the top shelf. After that, the assembly is put in the pipes and the next board is put in the same place.

👤Flimsy didn't get the top shelf finished because it broke in the Pole and didn't go all the way down. If I can figure out how to get help and get something that works, I'll change my review.

👤I was hesitant to buy it because people said it was hard to build. It was not at all. It took me 15 minutes to assemble on my own. It was well packed with blocks of styrofoam protecting the contents of the box on each side as well as top and bottom. There was no damage to the pieces. The box wasn't a generic Amazon box, that's the complaint to be had with this shelf. The original manufacturer's box was used to ship it. I let anyone know what it was before I got home.

👤The first time I ordered this shelf, it was damaged during shipping and was returned to Amazon before it even arrived in my city. I ordered a different one from Amazon the month before and assembled it, but it wouldn't fit the cloth organizers, so I ordered a new one and put it in a basket. There is a I noticed the damage to it when I put it together. Since I was using storage backers on the shelves, I decided that it wouldn't be noticeable. There is a It was a PAIN to assemble it. I had to take breaks because the plastic was rubbing on my palms and it was not comfortable on my hands. There is a The good stuff is assembled and the perfect size for what I wanted. It fits a lot on it.

9. VASAGLE ALINRU 5 Tier Bookshelf Industrial Furniture

VASAGLE ALINRU 5 Tier Bookshelf Industrial Furniture

Industrial Elegance: Rustic particleboard shelves for an old-time classic, rigid steel for industrial chic, they now come together on this ladder shelf to bring a delicate touch of the past to your home. It's versatile! It can be used as a display stand for decorations, a kitchen for spices and bowls, an entryway for to-go necessities, or as a balcony display for plants. The bookshelf is more solid than it looks because of its narrow form, robust steel frame, and particleboard shelves. There is a worry-free assembly. The instructions for easy and quick assembly are included in the package. A ladder rack with a sturdy steel frame, robust particleboard, and clear assembly instructions is what you get. Give your books and ornaments a place of honor by treating yourself to a piece of furniture from their ALINRU Collection.

Brand: Vasagle

👤Everything I was looking for was on this shelf. I would like to give it more stars. The package was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. The wood shelves look better than I thought. You can see the grain. There were no nicks on the wood shelves. All the holes were lined up. I read a lot of reviews before buying this shelf and it was very helpful to know to keep the X holes on the back of the frame. If the lower back legs are facing the wrong way, you have to redo the assembly. My daughter and I built it in 30 minutes. I like the sleek frame which connects smoothly, unlike other ladder shelves which have screws showing at the joints. Very strong! Even though it is sturdy, I wouldn't put anything that is not necessary on it. I love that it is helping me with extra space for my plant addiction, it is exactly in the spot I wanted. Can't wait to style it with more accessories. It fit my budget. I love it so much and recommend it. My friend also got one. We will be enjoying this purchase for a long time. This is the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon.

👤It's sturdy and fits nicely in our kitchen corner. We have potted plants of different sizes on it, and it does not shake or fall apart, and the max weight is 11 lbs for the bottom few shelves. Make sure you tether it to the wall because it is tall. I had a slow down on assembly. When I put it together, I forgot that the side legs were cut at a slant on the top. If you can't get the shelves or unit to be level, check your side legs to make sure the slanted cut is at the top.

👤I was a bit hesitant about buying this product, but I am glad I did because it was still worth it! It was a workout putting it together because top metal parts seemed not to be fitting properly the bottom metal parts, but in the end I finally made it, that is the only reason I give it 4 or 5. Don't hesitate to buy it! You will not regret it, just prepare to sweat in order to put it together.

👤Okay. I'm not sure about this bookshelf. There are a few things that led me to give this a less than favorable review. You can't screw in the screws without an electric screwdriver. The little tool they give is not very good at cutting it. I've purchased other furniture where the tool works great, but not this one. I have other black metal furniture that I bought the same color as this one, but the metal is more dark grey than black. It looks off from the rest of the furniture. To keep the shelf stable, you have to bolt it to the wall. I am a renter and cannot bolt the shelf to the wall. If you have an electric screwdriver, don't mind that it is not pitch black metal, and don't mind bolting it to the wall, this shelf will be great for you.

10. SpringSun 4 Tier Ladder Flower Storage

SpringSun 4 Tier Ladder Flower Storage

100% service and factory. Customer service will be provided by them before and after purchase. If you have a problem, please let them know by e-mail and they will give you a solution within 24 hours. SpringSun ladder bookshelf is constructed with a rust proof square steel tube frame and selected chipboard. The bookshelf is more stable because of the structure. The bookcase has a sturdy structure. The charm of classic and modern furniture styles are combined in the 4-tier ladder bookshelf. The SpringSun ladder bookshelf can be used to create a calm and fresh atmosphere in your room. A bookcase that combines decorative and functional purposes is very good. There is enough space for storing green plants, ornaments, clusters of collecting curios, potted plants and ornaments. It will keep your essentials organized. It's perfect for living room, cafe and balcony. Detailed instructions and all required accessories are included in the easy to set up package. You can come with free tools. You can assemble the table in 30 minutes. The total shelf is 20.3x18.9x57.5 inches. The height between the layers is more than 14 inches. The maximum safe load of each shelf is 50 Lbs. It's large enough to hold everything you want. The table has a weight of 23.9 lbs. The table can be moved easily.

Brand: Springsun

👤The shelf stand is sturdy. It was kind of a pain. A second pair of hands will be helpful. I sat on the floor and used my legs and hands to hold it together. I liked it afterwards.

👤If it wasn't so hard to put together, I'd send it back, but I don't want to take it apart. It looks cheaper and worse than the advertisement shows, there are no holes on my pieces, and there is a weird gray and black sludge all over the items I spent a while scraper off.

👤The holes were not on the same side. We had to drill our own holes. It took nearly 2 hours to assemble. The parts they sent were for one side. I am using it in the office, not in the family or living room.

👤The first step of the instructions tells me that this thing is cheap. Two of the main pieces are designed in a way that the screws don't fit into the main frame. The screws don't fit in the holes. I had my own. I put it together without using a lot of the 40mm screws because they don't align with the backs. I think it is sturdy, but we will see how long it lasts!

👤I am responsible for not checking the dimensions because it was smaller than expected. I have had a similar shelf for a couple of years and it still looks good. I kept it because it gives the room a little more character and it looks intentional. It was easy to assemble. It took me about an hour and a half to get all the parts.

👤I love this shelf. It is the perfect place for my plants. Getting the metal sides put together by myself was difficult, so I recommend having a second pair of hands. I think it is a little overpriced, but I love it. Highly recommended.

👤I was looking for a shelving unit that could hold both my collection and my boyfriend. I was worried about the weight limit of the shelves, but they are stronger than I thought. It was annoying that some of the holes were slightly off, but it wasn't that big of a deal. It is very sturdy once you tighten all the screws.

👤This product was hard to build. The way it was made was terrible. There were holes in the wood but they were missing. I don't understand this. It makes me cringe.

11. VASAGLE Industrial Bookshelf Kitchen ULLS43BX

VASAGLE Industrial Bookshelf Kitchen ULLS43BX

The shelf is reminiscent of a ladder and was created by Vaagle's creative designers. They created a piece of furniture with a touch of rustic charm. The unique sloping design of this shelf gives off a leaning appearance, but it is firmly attached to the wall with screws at the top, ensuring maximum stability and that all shelf layers lean against the wall at a 90 angle. It's been done faithfully on. There are so many levels. You can place decorations, plants or other objects up to 88 on the bookshelf. 2 lbs. 40 lbs. Excellent support can be provided by the iron frame (20 x 40mm perimeter). There is no need for noisy-free assembly. The ladder shelf can be assembled with the help of the tool supplied, thanks to the detailed instructions and clearly defined components. Don't wait any longer, add VASAGLE to your home and you'll get professional customer service both before and after your purchase. Don't wait any longer, add VASAGLE to your home and you'll get professional customer service both before and after your purchase.

Brand: Vasagle

👤I love the product. If you have to assemble it yourself, I recommend drinking and listening to Hozier. My favorite bookshelf is probably mine. Very happy.

👤It was easy to put it together if you don't take the plastic covers off until you use them. I was confused for a few minutes because I didn't know they were lettered. This product doesn't have stickers, which is usually the case with actual products. I made a mistake and it was easy to put together. It matches my decor. It is very strong as well.

👤It isn't appreciated. I was going to buy two more but decided against it after seeing the price had increased and the quality control had dropped. There is a I was expecting a small shelf. It is beautiful. The shelf unit takes up less space than the shelves. It took 10 minutes to assemble. It is light. I bought another one because I loved this shelf so much, and I plan to buy a few more.

👤The lowest price is for the best quality. I took a risk buying this. I didn't know what to expect, but I love it! The material is strong and modern.

👤I love it! It is exactly what I was looking for. I did it myself and it would be nice to have someone else help. I took the bottom shelf out to fit a litter box underneath, but it is very cute and sturdy.

👤This is a good shelf. I have an off-brand shelf that I got from a local retailer, and then saw this one on Amazon. It matched my theme perfectly. It was very easy to assemble, I did it by myself. The packaging is labeled for the legs instead of a sticker on the actual part, which is the only criticism I have. I had to arrange the items in the pictures to make it work because I experienced some slight annoyance that I had to unwrap. Oh! It's a lot taller than I thought it would be, but it fit in the location that I chose. I just bought the bigger shelf, which is a very stylish, sturdy one to hold my books and knick-knacks.

👤It was difficult to tell which way each bar was meant to be in the direction pictures. I was able to assemble in the end and was very pleased with the look.

👤This is the worst thing I have ever assembled. I am pretty darn. Good at making things. incomprehensible directions. Not a fan. The bookcase I bought from Amazon was a piece of cake. This thing? Forget about it. It was terribly displeased.

👤I was very impressed with the quality of this shelf. It was very easy to assemble. I would order again and recommend it. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I bought it because it looked nice. It looks good, but it looks like I got bad parts. I tried my best to assemble it, but I can not get it to sit against the wall. One of the screw holes on the second wood board (C) is loose and I can't screw in at all. I wouldn't recommend to a friend, but I don't know. There is a I don't want to dig a hole in the wall, maybe I'm blind. I wouldn't have bought that product if I had known about it. It would be great if it came with anti slip pads. It would be great to get a replacement wood board, but I might be better off getting another shelf.


What is the best product for decorative ladder shelf?

Decorative ladder shelf products from Kiera Grace. In this article about decorative ladder shelf you can see why people choose the product. Barnyard Designs and Bunot are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ladder shelf.

What are the best brands for decorative ladder shelf?

Kiera Grace, Barnyard Designs and Bunot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ladder shelf. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Funme and Rolanstar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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