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1. Cordinate Fixtures Management Installation Champagne

Cordinate Fixtures Management Installation Champagne

The safety technology built into the outlets keeps foreign objects out of the outlets and eliminates potential electrical dangers to you and your family. The maximum electrical rating makes this unit perfect for indoors. The fabric cover has a hook and loop for easy installation. It's great for hiding cords to lamps, electronics, chandeliers, charging cables and more. Use the cord covers for ultimate cable management to take control of your cables. Premium nylon material is sure to hold up over time. You can hide your cords with the cover's 6 ft length.

Brand: Cordinate

👤I bought a chandelier plug. The cord was not chained just a black one that ate away at my soul. I found your cord cover because I couldn't take it. You don't know how much I love this. The whole look has been changed. Drab to honey. I want to do any cords in my house. Thank you.

👤I wanted something that would match my wall color. This worked well. It was easy to put on. It seems like it is durable. It was long enough to cover the cords. Would purchase again.

👤The cord cover has a hook and loop all the way down, and is very tight by the plug. Would buy again.

👤I think it is great for certain situations. It is a little darker than my walls. I will get a second one now that I know I will use them. I chose to use them because the house we bought had satellite tv installed with the cords not going in the bottom of the walls. I don't want to mount the tv to cover the wires because the tv would be at a higher level than I like, and I find mounting larger tv's is difficult. There is a The cord covers are the best option for my house.

👤The product is easy to use. I had to get the tv wires out of the roomba. It matches my beige walls perfectly. I chose a product with a zip up instead of a product with a zip up. I was able to cut the sleeve into two pieces. The wires can be joined at various points with the help of the velcro. There are four wires in the sleeve. I hid the wires behind the tv and along the floor from the roomba.

👤I made this type of cord cover to hide the chain on the chandelier that I hated. I was delighted to find these premade when I was looking to hide the cords in my office. They are wide enough to hold a lot of cords at the same time and are easy to apply. I was able to hide cords from different directions. No measuring or attaching to the walls. The gray one matched my walls exactly. My cords are out of sight. Heaven knows that I've already had to access the cord covers to move things around, so each and every cord is very easy to reach. I love them!

👤This product does what it says it will do. It was easy to apply once I rounded up all the cords. I went from having five cords that looked like they were hanging out to one that looked like an accessory.

👤I wanted to hide the ugly cords that hang from the shelf in my bedroom. It is the first thing you see when you walk into my room. The champagne color is perfect for my gold wall. The color is not what it looks like here. It is more yellow/gold than champagne. The material is not very good if you are expecting it to be soft or elegant. It works for me, it matches my wall color, and I get 4 stars.

2. Creative Hobbies 708N1 Replacement Christmas

Creative Hobbies 708N1 Replacement Christmas

The cord is perfect for lighting ceramic houses. The 6 foot long white cord is ready to use. The C7 Candelabra base is used for the sockets and they clip into any hole up to 1 inch in diameter. A 40W candelabra base bulb takes up a metal lined sockets. There are components listed.

Brand: Creative Hobbies

👤The description said this one could handle a brighter bulb, so I bought it to replace the light that came with our ceramic Christmas tree. The original cord was made for a 15 watt bulb. We tried a 40 watt bulb and it blew out. We have been using this cord for about a month and it makes the tree look brighter and it has handled the higher wattage just fine.

👤Shipping was fast. This was to be a replacement for a light fixture and cord. A 40 watt regular bulb was taken by the ceramic tree. There was no way I could fit a 40 watt bulb in the fixture. I had to use a small bulb that is used in wax candle warmers to fit it. It is not as bright as I would like it to be. The clip was meant for a 40 watt light bulb. It was said in the description that it would work on up to 40 watt. This one will suffice since I haven't been able to find one that I really need.

👤I have my spirit back! It was a snap!

👤The lamp is small enough to fit in my salt lamp. It has an easy to use dimmer switch. I was surprised by the quality I received. If you love salt lamps, this is a must.

👤The power cord/light fixture is an excellent value. The seller advertised the product. The power cord/light can be used for a variety of wattages. The variable wattage feature of this light cord can't be found in local craft retail stores. The seller provided a fast and easy way to get the product to you. The high quality of the product and the fast delivery made me order the product 2X.

👤They were as fast as they could be, and are much better than the Village Houses. This item has metal in it. The ones replaced an item that had flash lights and sharp lights. In were. I used an electrical tap and a zip to remove the bad rasp. These are the things. In place with the Adaptered Plug and VOILA...power straight to the point!

👤My favorite purchase ever was from Amazon. I have a nightlight that my family has had since I can remember. A few weeks ago, it no longer worked. I tried to change out the old bulb with the new one, but the base that you screw the bulb into on the chord just crumbled into pieces. I was sad to think that the heirloom would not work anymore. I found this. I couldn't find anything like that in the area. It made me emotional when I was able to turn that light back on. Thank you so much!

👤These lights are very bright. I have used other replacement light cords, but the construction is superior. The plastic bulb sockets are sturdy and easy to use. The plastic sockets make it difficult to screw in the bulbs, and they won't go in straight and keep going crooked. Very pleased!

3. Lighting Fixtures Flexibly Adjustable Decorative

Lighting Fixtures Flexibly Adjustable Decorative

The 4-light track lighting is made of high-quality metal with matt nickel design, baking paint, no fading, corrosion resistance, no cracking, take fashionable. 4 track heads offer enough illumination to create a warm and soft atmosphere. Size: (L) 26.3in * (H) 6.5in. The 3000K eye-care warm light AC86-265V can be used with other color temperature GU10 bulbs. You can adjust the lights and arms to different angles, including a V shape, side to side, and up and down. The kitchen track light fixture has a large lighting angle. The ceiling spotlights have a focused beam. Perfect ceiling lights for any shaped room. They provide a 12-month warranty and professional customer service with quick response and solutions for the track lighting fixture. They provide a 12-month warranty and professional customer service with quick response and solutions for the track lighting fixture.

Brand: Dinglilighting

👤I'm using a light fixture in my blue screen studio. It creates enough light to make the room look better, and the individual spot lights can be focused on a specific area. I'm using them to illuminate the upper half of my screen. There are two light bars that can be adjusted to cover any part of the room. The only thing I didn't like about the fixture was the small box in the center. I had to get an additional piece of metal to mount to the light box I had in the ceiling. The light box was in the ceiling and it was not wide enough to cover it. Many of you will have one of the newer light boxes that have two different width screw holes in it. The light box in my ceiling is one of the older models that has a wide setting. Most people are unlikely to have this problem, so I didn't make my rating lower.

👤I like the track lighting kit. It was installed on the ceiling in our closet. The cover plate of the light kit was smaller than my outlet opening. I added some mud to the opening to fit the cover. No problem! There is a One of the light bulbs had a broken edge. It still lights up. I didn't need to get a new bulb, but Tracy was very nice and professional to offer one. She had a great after sales service. Thanks.

👤This was installed into a bakelite box. The box was not covered by the light base. I installed new Carlon boxes. It wasn't able to fit around the box. The blue box was left showing. The ceiling is ugly.

👤A very good product. The cup shaped ceiling plate is too small to cover a US electrical box. I will have to make something to finish the job. It should be at least an inch in diameter.

👤The arms are independent so you can shine the lights where you want. It's perfect for a small space. The ceiling box needs screws.

👤I bought this awhile ago and it is very nice. I put it up this past weekend and I really like it. The lighting is too bright for me. I bought a dimmer and I think it will work as I want it.

👤After receiving this nonsense, the procedure was started. The ceiling plate is not the correct size. Remarkable that they are still selling this. Can you guess where it was made? They must have small electrical boxes there. Not even close is a waste of time. NotRECOMMENDED.

👤It did the job, I had read in other reviews that it was too small to cover the electrical opening, but it didn't look terrible and the price was good. We left it. The light is not as bright as I would have liked, but the job is done.

👤Before and after pictures show it works well. The 4 led bulbs are low on electricity consumption and have a longer lifespan than the pear shaped bulbs. The manual gives step by step instructions for setting up the box, screws, bulbs, and other parts. Bars can be adjusted up/down. Four lamp heads point in different directions. I have a stove, sink, and prep in my kitchen. There is an area and a fridge. The unit can be used for many things. Installation can be horizontal or vertical. The arms are in total length. There is a Bulb can be changed with a warm white 3 W, motion sensor, dimmable bulbs, and a smart dimmer for efficiency. The point. Add the bulbs after the arms first. Try diff.angles of the bulbs and arm combinations. It was bright. Before installation, turn off the light switch. I think that's correct. Light bulbs with a wider projection angle are more dispersed. With your lower electric bill, you can enjoy the brightness of the room. I read and write others' reviews. Hope this helped.

4. Cordinate Extension Protection Low Profile 37916

Cordinate Extension Protection Low Profile 37916

The Bulb requirements are 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb. The Cordinate 3-Outlet Extension Cord is designed to extend your style into the future. The charm of your space is only enhanced by the unique designer cable, which only distracts from the décor. The 10ft. woven tan and white chevron fabric cord cover is a must have for your home or work setup. The extra layer of fabric keeps the cord from being bent and tangled. The extension cord is constructed thoughtfully. Surge protection is built into the unit to protect your equipment from short spikes in voltage that can be harmful to your devices. peace of mind is provided by a hassle-free replacement policy. The braided fabric power cord is tan and white and can be used to add a personalized touch to your home décor or office space. The white finish on the plug and outlets accentuates the color scheme. Keep furniture and media close to the wall with the flat plug extension cord. The surge protector can be plugged into the receptacle without blocking the other outlet. The safety technology built into the outlets keeps foreign objects out of the outlets and eliminates potential electrical dangers to you and your family. The maximum electrical rating makes this unit perfect for indoors.

Brand: Cordinate

👤When I plug it into the wall, it emits a big zap and smoke.

👤Cute extension cord. I got it with a short in it. Would have to hold it in a certain way, but it has stopped working completely. I want a replacement so I can give a better review.

👤If you don't want your phone to die overnight or for stuff to stop working as you use it, don't use these. I bought three at the beginning. I tried a different cord to make sure I didn't get a faulty one. Disappointed. After three months, my extension cord stopped working. I woke up late because my phone died. I tested the products on the outlet and they worked well. It's the worst thing in the world that it starts working again and you start trusting again, only to have it go out unexpectedly. I bought three of them for my apartment and wanted them to work.

👤The braided cord in the product pictures is the same as your normal charging cables. It is very thick, about an inch in diameter. There is no built-in ceiling lighting in my apartment. I also have to deal with lighting rooms exclusively by lamps, which is an incredibly vexing design challenge. I bought this extension cord to run from the wall to the sofa. The goal is to provide outlets for console table/buffet lamps and a charging cable for phones from under the sofa. I bought this cable to blend with the carpet. There is a It's going to be obvious if you don't match the color of the cord to your flooring, you'll need clear clips to pin it down to the baseboards and a rug on top. There is a I think you're better off with a traditional extension cord. They are very thin and lie flat. This one is square. I will be using a traditional extension cord in my living room. The hassle to return this item is not worth it. I will use it in a bedroom or office. It seems to be sturdy. Again, not suitable as a design solution.

👤This thing worked for a while then stopped. If you like useless E-Waste, then I will not buy you anything.

👤It's pretty but some circuits can't be plugged in.

👤After 6 months of normal use, the outlet end cracked open. This device is extremely dangerous because of the cracked seam. The device was simply unplugged when the crack occurred. This unit is unsafe for normal use due to a design or manufacturing flaw. It is not clear how to contact the company for a warranty claim. This is disappointing, as this was one of the only true tamper-resistant extension cords I've been able to find.

👤Ahora ha funcionado perfecto, tengo conectada. It is durable.

👤No tiene una tpica extensin, pero no tiene mucho dentro de mi casa. Me encant el dseo, la textura del cable. Se ve una funciona.

👤LLeg bastante rpido, ya deca, aprox 5 das en mandarlo, me llego en 3 das. Incluso con una estampa de original. La calidad is super buena. El enchufe. I ha resultado una extensin, pero no pesa tanto. El color est increble, me encanta. No, no, no VALE LA PENA!

5. Yard Master 992382 Outdoor 40 Foot

Yard Master 992382 Outdoor 40 Foot

There are components listed. White color blends in with the patio and deck. 13A rating at 125V, 16/3-gauge. It's intended for use with outdoor appliances, spas, electric grills, decorative lighting, holiday displays, and more. The jacket resists a lot of things. 3-pronged outlets and grounded plug for convenience, with super flexible cord meaning less tangles when used. 3-pronged outlets and grounded plug for convenience, with super flexible cord meaning less tangles when used.

Brand: Yard Master

👤I like the extension cord. It's exactly what you would expect from the description-- a solid outdoor three-prong extension cord. It's not a heavy-duty cord, it's 16 gauge wire, and so on. If you're running a lot of power through it, you'll want a lower gauge, but it's fine for most outdoor use. There is a It's not black. If you're looking for a cord to use with tools, orange is a good choice. This isn't a great color for cords. If you're careful, you can still use this for a gardening emergency if you want, because it's likely to be hidden. There is a It is 40'. Make sure you use the right length for your application. If we weren't paying attention to the length and expected something similar, we would be disappointed. If you're not sure, measure where you'll use it. There is a The ideal use for this is for decorative outdoor electrical needs. It's fine for indoor use in places where you won't trip over the cord.

👤The cord fried in under a week and caused over $200 in repair costs. The cord was marketed as an outdoor one, but it was in water. Right box.

👤I ordered 15 white chords to blend in with the white trim of our house for a Christmas light display. It was possible that half of them were white, the rest were dingy ivory colors. We were stuck with our lights because we were not given enough time to put them up for the holiday event. They work if you don't care about hiding. I paid for the white ones. I need 15 white chords.

👤I've been using it for 5 months and it's all good. The plugs and sockets fit snug and the length is suited for light yard duty and car battery charging. The cord white color makes them easy to spot on the walkways and driveway. In areas with foot traffic, their insulation is heavier than average. These work great and will probably last for a long time if you don't run over the plug ends with your cars and trucks.

👤An electrician is speaking. This is not a cord for a construction site, for walking on, for dragging around, for greater than 8 Amps, or for power motors greater than 1 HP. There is a It's very nice, within the limitations. The ends have thick brass contacts. It will serve you well if you put it in place out of the way.

👤We needed an extension cord to use to fill the double height air mattress in our tent. In the campsites we use, we had to either drive up next to the tent or get an extension that was long enough to reach from the parking spot. It was pleased with cost, durability and length.

👤A device that is similar to one from another manufacturer allows me to extend the reach of my electric leaf blowers to all corners of the yard. It works and does not break.

6. Globe Electric 1 Light Pendant 60435

Globe Electric 1 Light Pendant 60435

The pack includes 2x D-Line 0.78" (W) x 0.39" (H) x 39" Half Round Beige Cord Hider Lengths. A neat appearance is always maintained with single piece 39" raceway lengths. Each pack has a 78" D-Line Cord cover. A frosted plastic shade and dark bronze accent are perfect to add a timeless sophistication and vintage charm to any space. ACENT LIGHT is an elegant update for traditional and modern homes. The minimum hanging length is 8 and the maximum hanging length is 189. Installation can be done on a sloped or vaulted ceiling. The Bulb requirements are 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb. The Bulb requirements are 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb.

Brand: Globe Electric

👤I ordered this Globe electronic lighting because my bathroom light was malfunctioning. The globe was working fine at first, but then it stopped working. It lasted a couple of weeks. It began to flicker. I thought the switch knob was loose. It worked again after I taped it. Not for a while. It won't turn on now. I can see sparks flying. Maybe I received a faulty product or it ran its course, but it is not functioning properly. I'm afraid it will cause a fire. I added a video for the sake of this review.

👤I hang it over my kitchen table. It's held by a hook that is screwed into the ceiling because it's so light. I found something that I wouldn't need an electrician to do. The wireless wall switch I bought was suggested by Amazon and it looks great. There is a I'm adding a note after a week. This is inexpensive but not attractive. It does the job I hoped for and I have had many positive comments. There is a We like to work jigsaw puzzles and this provides the correct light.

👤I returned the one I ordered because it wasn't right in the box and asked for a new one. Guess what? The problem with the second was the same. I am returning it and not ordering anymore of them. I trust the reviews.

👤I have been out of the 30 day window since I ordered it two months ago. We have no electrical issues that could cause this, it was installed properly and used inside. It wasn't a dangerous fire risk. It's very lightweight and easy to hang. The frosted plastic shade is similar to a plastic food bowl, but at a distance it looks like glass. Plug-in swag lights are clunky, tacky, retro, or littered with crystals, and could blend in with nearly any look. .... Without the danger of sparking near the cord switch, we would still be using it today. Had no choice but to throw it away as there was no problem. If you buy this, be careful. If I was a buyer, I would keep an eye on it.

👤I should have known. Reviewers mentioned that they had damaged ones. I was hoping it was not a real thing. It was caved in on one side after I got mine. I have to go back to Amazon to deal with that. The light looks ridiculous. There is a side of my kitchen that is not lit. I'm not daring enough to try and install my own overhead light. I bought this for that purpose. Reviewers said it looked great in person, but it looked cheap in the picture. I have seen it in person and I think it is very cheap, but perhaps when it is on the ceiling, you won't notice it. Will update review if a good one is received. I put a light in it for a short time and it was hot, but the unit seemed fine. It has all the fire code stickers on it. I will know the cause of the fire if it burns down. There is a The company has poor quality assurance and packaging. The shipping box was in perfect condition, so it was obvious that it was smashed on one side.

7. Accessory Cord One Light Bulb

Accessory Cord One Light Bulb

Their accessory cord with lights will let your craft to be surrounded by bright lights, creating a peaceful atmosphere for you. The cord is safe and durable. You will never like a festival without lights decoration. This accessory cord can be used for many occasions. It's a great way to add or replace lights. Simply use the attached clip to fix each bulb in a ceramic hole. The bulb temperature is up to 90C, so please keep them away from fire. You can add a unique touch to your home by creating your own handmade creations with their accessory cord. Each of the two pack accessory codes has one light bulb and an on/off switch. The light is warm. They use 80% less energy than the traditional bulbs, and they have a cool touch. Each of the two pack accessory codes has one light bulb and an on/off switch. The light is warm. They use 80% less energy than the traditional bulbs, and they have a cool touch.

Brand: Brightown

👤I needed four more light cords to complete the lighting ceremony of the homes and busnesses that I inherited from my grandmother. These were shipped in a secured box with styrofoam over the bulbs. 10 minutes after receiving them, I have a village that is ready to go.

👤I went to a store two years ago to buy electric cords. No one had anything. I didn't put the village up last year. I thought I needed to put up a village this year. All of a sudden I thought about Amazon. They had all types of cords. The double pack had led bulbs. They were well packaged. I'm going to order more. Happy holidays.

👤The lamp sets work the same as they should: plug it in, turn it off, and it will light up. Considering you get two of them, this is a good product. There is a I would have liked for the switch to be closer to the plug. It's close to the middle of the cord. It's hard to explain why this is inconvenient, but once you try it, you realize it is. The switch is always out of reach. It's possible that it's well- placed for other lamps or lighting set-ups, but for me, it's not the best. There is not enough of a problem to dock a star.

👤I use a light to illuminate a ceramic Christmas village. The metal fins on the sockets make them too wide for an opening. After using a pair of needle nose pliers, I was able to bend the fins to get the light in. It took me more than 30 minutes to put the light in the ceramic piece. I don't know if I could ever get the light out of it.

👤I bought these for the old salt lamp enclosure that I found. I don't believe in the healing powers of salt lights, so I didn't want to waste electricity on heat, so these do exactly what I want: make a nice light. I didn't know what I was going to do with the second one, but when I put it under the shelves, it made a nice light.

👤It worked well for the pumpkins we made. It's a good idea to have it on hand to figure out how large a hole to make for the light clip.

👤The extra replacement cord fit perfectly. It was easy to place. It came with a bright light bulb. It was well packaged when it arrived. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I have been wanting to add a light to my nativity scene for a long time. I had considered rigging something using a night light and cord, but found this instead. Even though the instructions don't specify, drill a 1” hole with a drill bit and the spring clip will fit perfectly and hold the bulb in place. The project was done in under 10 minutes. The in-line switch is an added bonus.

👤This product is part of the electrical rebuild for the building. There is a second benefit to this product. Some of the porcelain buildings are dark in colour and do not sparkle as they should. The problem has been solved at 3 watt output with no heat. Many thanks to Amazon... Rick Rodd is from Canada.

8. PEESIN Pendant Industrial Lighting Extension

PEESIN Pendant Industrial Lighting Extension

Plug and Play prepares 3 ceiling hooks, 3 cord hooks and an installation manual for hanging. It's easy to use, just need to put in a bulb and click the high quality On/Off switch. The plug in pendant light is made from high quality natural hemp. The light sockets and cord are certified by theUL. Safety of customers is the most basic avouchment. You can use it as a mini chandelier pendant lamp, but also as a nice table lamp or wall light, which is perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. Bring a feeling of nature to any area. You can add a retro looking lamp shade to this hanging light cord, which is compatible with standard E26 E27 light/LED/CFL bulb. If you need assistance, please contact them directly. Technical support is provided by them. The construction lasts over 10 years. If you need assistance, please contact them directly. Technical support is provided by them. The construction lasts over 10 years.

Brand: Peesin

👤I use this in my nautical deck with a wooden minnie ladder, 3 wire baskets from dollar tree, and it's long enough to wrap around a beam or log.

👤It functions like it should. I like the longer cord, it fits better with my decor.

👤The lamp cord has a high quality look and feel. It is very easy to install. It was a good length to do it yourself. There is a switch to turn it off. Absolutely recommend it.

👤The lights were what I needed. The fact that they come with mounting hardware is a bonus. There is a It is well built and attractive. It has a quality feel to it. The cord lengths are not easy to adjust, so I bundled them up and tied them together with twine, and then used some fake ivy to cover it up. The results are pretty good. There is a It takes a bit of time to install it and figure out a way to hide the excess cord, but once done it's very nice.

👤The switch is too close to the plug, meaning I have to have it stretched and held up to avoid crawling under the table to turn it on, and the loop hooks that come with it to hang are too small to get over the hook a previous time. I had to use some carabiners because I didn't have any S hooks. I looped the rope 4 times on the hook because it was so much rope to the light. It looks bad, but it works. I put a light on the end.

👤I assumed this was the same thing I have used in the past that can be disassembled and reassembled when through the hole. I am able to wire and reprogram electrical switches and outlets, and used to be able to order cords that could be disassembled and put through pottery shades to make a hanging fixture. I can't figure out how to get it through the hole without cutting the cord because it doesn't seem to want to come apart. It's really hard. I really hate returning things, so I hope someone can respond.

👤I want to make a change to my review. I hang this on my son's bed. He has been using it for a while. The lights flickered and went off for 2 months. The cords had an electrical issue. I told my son not to use it. There is a One day I decided to give it a try and heard a loud noise and a smoke coming from the cords. I pulled it off the plug and it started to smoke. The little spark died down after I covered the cord. There is a If my son was using this alone and I didn't warn him not to, it would cause a house fire. There is a This product is not safe. If you have it in your home, please be careful. There is a If I had not been aware and careful, it would have burned my house down.

9. RTSU Dimmable Nightlight Atmosphere Decorative

RTSU Dimmable Nightlight Atmosphere Decorative

A night lamp is a must have. For breastfeeding new mothers, as newborn or infant nursery light, baby feeding light, crib light, changing table light, caring baby night light, toddler night light. Night lights for children to help them sleep easily. It is a nightstand safe bedside light. For anyone, portable night light or night light for adults, to move around in the dark without a bright bedroom light to bother. Powerful Features Touch lamp -- Touch control; Wireless; Stepless customizable dimming; Previous brightness memory; warm white light color 4000K encourages better sleep; eye-caring non-flicker power-saving anti-blue light bright; Matt lamp shade producing gentle soft light. It's suitable for almost anywhere lighting. It's easy to use the touch light. A short touch on the night light for power on-off and long press on the light for brighter or dimmer. The push light will remember the brightness when you turn on the lamp, no need to adjust it every time. Smart one-touch for all operations is what the Nursery Lamp is designed for. The baby light is more stable because of the flat cylinder shape. It's very easy to find or feel in the dark with a round concave on top. The baby lamp is concise because it hides theusb port on the bottom, which makes it safer for kids, elders, or tired mothers to use it as a nursing light. The built-in battery frees you from outlets. The cable is universal. Depending on usage, 1.5 hours can be charged for hours to months of lighting. No need to replace battery, no extra costs, no messy cords, and it's safer than plug-in night lights. -- They will resolve the issues on this lamp. The built-in battery frees you from outlets. The cable is universal. Depending on usage, 1.5 hours can be charged for hours to months of lighting. No need to replace battery, no extra costs, no messy cords, and it's safer than plug-in night lights. -- They will resolve the issues on this lamp.

Brand: Rtsu

👤I bought this product as a night light for our newborn and for diaper changes and breastfeeding. The Vava "egg" night light is unstable if you are setting it in on a bed for illumination, and I was easily frustrated by it because of its inconsistent touch technology and lack of a wide base. There is a wider and more stable flat base and the top button is easier to find with the RTSU Bedside Lamp. This is the "go to" nightlight.

👤It is perfect for nighttime breastfeeding and diaper changes. You can adjust the amount of light based on your needs. I need more light while breastfeeding to make sure the baby is latched, but I can keep it dim during diaper changes to keep the baby awake. The lamp is small. It doesn't take up a lot of room on the nightstand. It works well. It is a good value for the money.

👤This portable little light is perfect for night time feedings and is portable enough to fit in my pocket. The battery lasts almost 3 full nights. It can be on when it's charging. It has a regular microusb to charge it. To dim the light, simply tap and hold your finger down. This seems to be hard to figure out. There is a Update. I have to keep this light plugged in because it dies within 6 hours of being continuously on. It lasted 2.5 hours before dying, now it's just hours.

👤I was looking for a nightlight that I didn't have to plug into the wall for a toddler's room, and this item has been the answer! It's light weight, easy to dim or lighten, and easy on and off. It doesn't use batteries and can be charged. We have used it for a few nights, all night long, on the lowest setting, and only charged it once so far. I bought two of these night lights. The first one stopped charging at a year. Not bad. The 2nd one stopped holding a charge at 6 months. I won't be ordering a 3rd one. I was hoping it would last for a while. The night light is pretty neat.

👤My son is 3 weeks old and I have bought 4 nursing lights. It is the one you are looking for. I would have liked to have started with this. It's easy to turn it on when you're at 3am. I didn't know how much it would bother me to misplace a light during the night. The tap on/off switch makes this the best because it's bright enough to change diapers and see the latch. I bought a stupid hatch, just get this! It's cheap, high quality and does what you want.

👤These are great for when you need a bit of light to see what you're doing, like in the bathroom, or when you want a bright light to wake you up. I like these things so much that I got a few more as stocking stuffers, they come in handy and are easy to turn on/off with a finger tap. I read one star reviews first and have never experienced any issues with battery life, these last for weeks on a charge, not a generator. The charging port should be on the side, not the bottom, and the switch to micro-usb should be on the side. These are killers.

10. Lifeholder Bedside Nightstand Bedroom Cylinder

Lifeholder Bedside Nightstand Bedroom Cylinder

It's important to caution. The edges of the wall plate may be sharp. Handle with care. The shade is double-layered and has a diameter of 6 and a height of 10. The table lamp is 12.5 inches high and has an anti-slip pedestal. You can choose between a warm white or cool white bulb, depending on the brightness you want. The distance between the ON/OFF switch and the lamp base makes it easy to use. This desk lamp has a smooth wooden texture base with a cylinder linen fabric shade and is a perfect addition to your room. This desk lamp has a smooth wooden texture base with a cylinder linen fabric shade and is a perfect addition to your room.

Brand: Lifeholder

👤I saw this lamp. I was looking for an accent lamp for a table in the corner of our living room when I heard about it. The beige-like color of the lamp shade should match almost any color scheme. I like the shade as it is sturdy and blends into the living room rather than being a distraction, but that feature is not visible, which is good. The table where it was placed was about 12 inches in height. The requirement for a lamp bulb base is not confusing. That is a normal light bulb. If you are going to use it as a reading lamp, I would use either a 25 watt bulb or 40 watt bulb. It is protected in plastic wrap when it arrives. It has a solid base and a small gap between it and the shade adds to it's attractiveness. The lamp is pretty and the price is good. I try to review everything I buy. I am very happy with the lamp and I enjoyed this review.

👤She is amazing. She is bigger than I thought. I love a big girl. She is easy to assemble. My girl lights up a room when she's bright. I love her! The bottle is for size.

👤The bright lights in my apartment have been bothering me, so I'm in the process of changing them. The shade of the lamp made me choose it. It seemed to offer the warmer look I was looking for, once it was coupled with the right bulb. The lamp itself and the shade made it look like the light was evenly distributed in the room. It's perfect for our bedroom. The vintage edison bulb gives off a warm glow. White light is fine if you prefer it. You're golden if you pair it with a bright bulb. There is a It's a very cute lamp. I love it!

👤I love this lamp. It's a good size for an accent table. The bamboo wood shade with a black base is unique and adds an elegant touch to any room. Takes standard sized bulbs. The base and shade are strong. The photos speak for themselves. Excellent quality, would highly recommend!

👤This lamp is a delight and I cannot praise it enough. Reading at night in bed was so bad that a glaring bulb was staring down from the head board. The last straw was placing a sheer scarf over the lamp shade in an attempt to make it look less glaring. The scarf slipped and fell when I turned the lamp on, but I bought the lamp. The click switch on the cord allows you to turn the lamp off when you're ready to sleep. The shade of the bulb gives off a mellow light. The shade material is quite fragile, one good poke and you could put a hole through it, so I would recommend this lamp to everyone, but if you use it in a child's room keep it out of their hands.

11. Industrial Vintage Dimmer Included Lighting

Industrial Vintage Dimmer Included Lighting

Safety design. The industrial table lamp has a metal shade to protect the light bulb and has a industrial look to it. The LAMP base size is 4.8"(L)*4.8"(W)*1.0"(H). The desk lamp has a plug-in power cord and dimmable switch. The industrial desk lamp is made of high quality metal. The black cage metal shade adds a touch of aesthetic to any room. There is a bag included. The lamp has a bulb. The small table lamp is compatible with a variety of E26 light bulbs. You can choose any kind of E26 bulbs you want. The classic and vintage style industrial edison lamp could catch the eye. Small lamp is suitable for small spaces. The desk lamp is perfect for your living room, bedroom, office, dining room, loft apartment. The classic and vintage style industrial edison lamp could catch the eye. Small lamp is suitable for small spaces. The desk lamp is perfect for your living room, bedroom, office, dining room, loft apartment.

Brand: Omisun

👤This was a great find. The frame around the bulb is very sturdy, and the size was perfect. With realistic reservations and expectations that for this price, I might not get something to suffice, I bought this with the idea of placing something over 10 lbs atop the frame. This met my needs and I was wrong. There is a Sturdy, no wobbles, consistent lighting, and a great set up. My outlets are far apart in an older house, so only an improvement would have been a longer cord. I made a simple "gasket" kind of protection out of Silicone caulking and put it under the frame. This has been in use for a month and is doing great.

👤If your intent is to make your room look better, then you shouldn't buy this light. The lights are better suited for brightness. This lamp is stylish in its own way. I bought it for a room with mission style furnishings and pet bowls. I use the dimmer control to give me the right amount of light to see food and water bowls. The amber glow the bulb provides is really nice. There are multiple loops of the bulb. It is its own right. It sits on top of a side table near an entrance door which provides some welcome light for us returning humans as well. I believe that no one will have trouble finding replacement bulbs in other stores since my local Lowes big box store sells replacement bulbs. This has a dimmer knob so you can adjust the brightness of your chosing. It's not a high medium low clicky switch, but rather a volume control for the level of brightness so you dial your own brightness. I'm very happy. It's large, not flimsy at all. There is a wire cage on the base. The opening at the top is where the bulb enters.

👤I loved this lamp from the beginning. Simple and solid! The bulb and dimmer switch made this a perfect accent lamp. My man cave has calm lighting added to it. The dollar store junk is very well made and the cage around the bulb is real metal.

👤Great lamp! It was surprising that Plus comes with a bulb. I still used a Led bulb. It works perfectly with the dimmer. Awesome stuff. 10/10 would recommend it.

👤That is not the best picture of the lamp, but it looks nice. It is. I needed some lighting but it was too big for my China cabinet. This fit the bill. You won't be sorry, I get a lot of compliment on it.

👤I didn't like this. I should have listened to other reviews that said this is not a lamp at all. I'm still giving it four stars. Why? It came with a bulb, and might be a nice decorative piece. It took up too much space for me to just keep around for decoration. I needed a lamp that could light up a dark room.

👤I got this for my nightstand, but it is excellent as a table lamp. The dimmer works great, it goes from a nightlight to a soft ambient brightness. It's not a good reading lamp, it's more of a good accent light. I needed the switch to be on the cord, but it wasn't enough to reach as far as I wanted. The style, size, and dimming capability are what I was looking for. It's a good quality lamp.


What is the best product for decorative lamp cord?

Decorative lamp cord products from Cordinate. In this article about decorative lamp cord you can see why people choose the product. Creative Hobbies and Dinglilighting are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lamp cord.

What are the best brands for decorative lamp cord?

Cordinate, Creative Hobbies and Dinglilighting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lamp cord. Find the detail in this article. Yard Master, Globe Electric and Brightown are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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