Best Decorative Lantern Set

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1. Flameless Lanterns Copper Batteries Included

Flameless Lanterns Copper Batteries Included

The package has a metal candlestick holder. These lanterns feature copper wire fairy lights. The dimensions are 4 inch L x 4 inch W x 9 inch H. The auto timer is used. The built-in timer option will turn the lanterns on and off at the same time each day, which will save energy and battery power. The white hair is warm. Each lantern has a strand of fairy light. It's perfect for setting up a baby girl's nursery room or a wedding reception. The color temperature is 2700 kelvin. There are batteries included. The lanterns are powered by 3 batteries hidden in the base of the lantern. Purchase includes all batteries. There is a warranty on this. LampLust is looking for your satisfaction. There is a 90-day warranty on the Rose Gold Fairy Light Lanterns. Also, note: Rain or high humidity should not affect the design of lanterns.

Brand: Lamplust

👤I love these lanterns! They are strong. It is beautiful. The packaging was very safe. There are no damages. Excellent! I will be buying more in the future.

👤The lanterns were poorly made. The lanterns had glass falling out of them. There were little glass shards where the package was opened. The battery bit on the bottom is loose. I paid for it and I don't think it's worth it. There is a I received a replacement for the item and it was clearly someone else's. The lanterns were all in pieces and the batteries were scattered at the bottom of the box. I have had a bad experience with this product.

👤I rushed to review an order I loved so much that I couldn't remember the last time. I love lanterns. The photos don't do them justice, they are the perfect touch to accent a hallway table in my home. There is a The lanterns were packaged well to prevent damage in transit. The instructions to install batteries are easy to follow once out of the package. Styrofoam protects the string lights in transit when you open the lantern door. The lights are on a wire string, which will help keep them in place once you arrange them properly. I slowly fed the string back into the lantern after pulling it out. The little lights look like they are floating inside because of the natural arrangement. I set the timer for the lanterns and it worked. The hallway of my bedroom suite is where the table they are on is, and it was the perfect nightlight early in the evening and turned off by themselves. I can't believe how beautiful these are. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I thought the price was great for two lanterns and the lights, but I noticed the cheap quality and they are not very big. The lantern was poorly constructed from the battery compartment to the way the glass sides were held in place. It would be worth it if the cost was only fifteen dollars. It is not worth the high price charged.

👤The batteries last long, and the rose/gold is gorgeous, but only because the unit where you turn it on is the only one that can break the wired lights.

👤I bought these for my mother in law as a Christmas gift. They are pretty in person and look great when the lights are on. They are a great addition to her Christmas decorations. I think they are priced fairly for the quality of what you get. I recommend!

👤Today, I received lanterns. The item was not the same color as the picture shows. Only one of the lanterns worked. I tried to put in new batteries to see if it would work. This purchase was disappointing. I will be back!

👤These are gorgeous! I have them on a shelf in my apartment. You can set them on a timer, which is a great feature. I have mine set to come on a couple of hours after the sun goes down, and they will turn themselves off in four hours. They look like lanterns filled with lightning bugs. The only problem I have found is that the batteries burn out quickly. I get praise on them all the time.

2. Black Metal Glass Decorative Lanterns

Black Metal Glass Decorative Lanterns

If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours. There are three uniquely-sized, decorative lanterns in this set: Small lantern, medium lantern and large lantern. The lanterns have rustic finish and elegant mission style. Endless options include display with wax or electric candles, fill with seashells, stones, flowers, or any combination of items to accent your space. Hangable: With vented tops to keep air flowing and reduce smoke build-up, hoops for hanging inside or outside your home. Candle holders are great for inside and outside use, and can be used on the porch, deck, patio, or any room inside that needs more lighting. Candle holders are great for inside and outside use, and can be used on the porch, deck, patio, or any room inside that needs more lighting.

Brand: Melrose

👤Each lantern comes with an extra piece of glass so that you have the means to replace it if it breaks. It was very thoughtful and mine came intact. They are larger than I expected, making them a perfect choice for a covered porch as well. I added battery-powered candles to complete the effect, and mine are permanently on the mantle. You could fill them with seasonal silk flowers or plants.

👤Some reviewers thought the quality was poor, and others thought all was good. These were perfect for me. All arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the double boxed items, which included plastic bubble wrap, styrofoam and cardboard. I was very happy with the packaging. I think they are just fine, not designed for tough barn use going out to milk the cows, but I think they will do just fine, since they are under a protected porch and decorative. You need to take a bit of extra time to unwrap and negotiate the packing and sharp edges so that you don't wound yourself. I wore surgical gloves as the vendor recommended to guard against the glass edges during the minimal assembly, but neither are you getting less than good value for the cost. I am very happy. The lanterns do not include candles. I used the artificial ones that allowed for a remotetimer function.

👤It was cute and held up well on my porch. It was a nice surprise to have an extra glass panel for each lantern. Assembly was easy. The frame is strong but the metal pieces that cross the glass are thin and can cause problems. They are heavy. Strong winds are fairly common in our area. These were never moved or tipped. I don't have a covered porch so I didn't want to leave them out when we had rain or snow, and I haven't had time to know if the paint will fade in the sun. I believe they would be safe under the porch. I would buy them again.

👤Absolutely terrible quality. I would return in a heartbeat if I didn't need them so much. There is silver metal in the paint. I had to fix the wires. The glass was broken and made me feel bad. They are cheap and terrible.

👤The small lantern was broken Ali g with one price for the medium one. I have asked for it to be replaced and have not heard anything. I like them because I want what I paid for to last.

👤It is required but simple. It worked well for me.

👤The candle was purchased separately. The lanterns look great. The size that I was looking for. They were a little pricey but worth it.

👤The lanterns were very good for the price. Each lantern has an extra piece of glass just in case. Absolutely would rate these A+++.

3. JHY DESIGN Decorative Lanterns Parities

JHY DESIGN Decorative Lanterns Parities

The lantern has measures of 4w x 4d x 8.7h. The vintage candle lantern has a glass top and pattern frame distressed by white powdering, which creates an aura of old world charm. It's universal size for most areas. It uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles. The tall with a loop is 22 1/2 feet tall, and the tall with a single loop is 14 1/2 feet tall. Both iron and glass. A hanging ring for easy hanging, or sitting on a flat surface, is lightweight, convenient to carry around, and makes a great home décor accent or centerpiece for many different styles and themes. Four clear glass panes are great for reducing the damage of glass when lanterns are in transportation and for protecting lanterns from external changes. The metal frames are strong and well welded. It's ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Jhy Design

👤The set of two lanterns was purchased for $69.99. I expected better work for the price. I will need to glue and paint over some of the small boards. The quality of the lantern I purchased at Lowes was much better than the one I bought at Walmart. I was a little disappointed that it took so long to get them.

👤These lanterns are beautiful. The price was reasonable compared to the ones in the stores, and I really like them. It was very well made.

👤These are a nice size and well made. I like it a lot.

👤This piece is better than expected.

👤The lanterns were well packed and I received them very quickly. They go nicely with my decor. Would buy again.

👤There are no remotes. Very cute. It was well made.

👤Unfastening the top of the lantern is necessary. I would have liked a door that was fastened.

4. Evermore Light Batteries Flameless Decorative Candles Lanterns

Evermore Light Batteries Flameless Decorative Candles Lanterns

The Bronze coating creates an aura of old world charm and will be an attractive decorative lantern. The prop is eye-catching. A great choice for a wedding, birthday party, Halloween or Christmas. Timer will let you know when it's time to take your lantern with you. There is a switch at the bottom of the lantern base. If you want the lantern to turn on at the same time every day, you can switch to the timer function, which will turn the lantern off for 20 hours and on again at the same time the previous day. You can add a soft luminance to your home at the same time every day. It was penetrated. There is a glass of pantyhose. The big pillar candle is surrounded by 4 sturdy and clear glass. The glass panel was made more reliable after high temperature processing. The metallic bronze coating on the frames and cross grids of the lantern will reduce the damage to the lantern. There are candle holders with water resistance. You can enjoy the candle lighting without the danger of an open flame. The poly foam package and mail box will protect the lantern when in transportation. It's convenient to carry around wireless and lightweight. You can hang the lantern with the "O" ring as a hanging lantern or sit on a flat surface. They value your feedback and feedback is appreciated, and their friendly customer service professionals are always standing by to help. They will give you feedback in 24 hours if you found a problem with their lantern.

Brand: Evermore Light

👤The lanterns are what I needed on the porch. I dropped one trying to hang it and it didn't break. I like the 4 hour timer. I haven't had a long battery life. I didn't leave that blank. I can't seem to keep my porch light on. This is perfect, fast delivery as well. I may have to buy another set.

👤I love those lanterns. The timer works perfectly for about a week since I got them, they turn on at 10pm sharp and shut down at 2 am. I don't know what the little screwdriver is. It is for the lantern, spare batteries, a couple screws, and a spare back. It's all plastic, not real glass and metal, and they are very light. They are great for creating the vibe I wanted. Definitely recommend, so far so good.

👤I used this on my front porch for fall and Christmas decor. I put Christmas pieces inside after taking off the top. It looked very cute. The lantern lets off just enough light. I am just going to buy a second one at this low price. I don't have to change the decor. It is worth it.

👤This seems to be a good buy for $18.88. It works perfectly after I arrived today. The company included a mini-screwdriver to replace the candle if you lose one, and extra screws if you do. It was unexpected and appreciated. The front porch is beautiful.

👤I bought lanterns for my wedding. They look great. I like that they are plastic. They are both lightweight and glass. I don't think they can be beat for the price. It has a warm glow and the top can be removed.

👤I bought two lanterns to use outside. The bad news is that they are unattractive. The good news is that the light they give off is very dim, so it isn't enough to illuminate an outdoor table where people are sitting. The bad news is that they break easily. The first time I hung one outside, I dropped it into some soft dirt and it broke off a piece of the frame. The hanging ring on the second one broke, so it can no longer be hung. The price may be correct, but you get what you pay for. You will be okay if you treat them very fragile. I can't comment on the timer function because I didn't use it.

👤The timer function works well. It's very nice looking on my table at night. I have 3 in different places. Three of them bought lights for their porches, but never had them before I bought mine. How this works?

👤The lattern and candle look nice. If the candle was brighter, I would give it a 5 star. The candle light was dim.

5. Vintage Wood Lantern Rustic Distressed

Vintage Wood Lantern Rustic Distressed

A rustic lantern is made of distressed white wood, distressed metal top, and brass latch. The tower top has a floral pattern and is distressed. Sturdy decorative candle lantern, the small size is also perfect for wall hanging or sitting on a shepherd's hook. You can use it indoors and outdoors, and place it on your shelf, entryway, porch, patio table, backyard, fireplace mantle, or hanging in tree. The candle holders for pillar candles are available in two sizes.

Brand: Romadedi

👤These are what I was looking for. It's perfect for adding some seasonal decorations. They look great!

👤One of the glass panels of the larger lantern broke when it arrived, but the lanterns were very nice looking. There was an extra glass panel in the box for the smaller lantern. They must know that the panels break. Better packaging might be a possibility.

👤I was very upset because they arrived shattered.

👤The look is beautiful and I love it. They are perfect for my wedding. The flameless candles look beautiful.

👤The piece was broken when it arrived.

👤The glass is fragile and the candle is very cute.

👤Lamentablemente el producto llego en mala condicin.

👤An extra glass was also received.

👤Well packed, no damage. Each piece had extra glass.

👤It was in pieces. There was glass everywhere. Would not recommend.

👤Glass was smashed. How do I get it replaced?

6. Zkee Flickering Included Decorative Christmas

Zkee Flickering Included Decorative Christmas

There are 8 golden brushed Mini candle lanterns with a yellow tea light candle inside. A graceful marriage of beauty and practicality adds a beautiful touch. The mini lanterns are an attractive home decoration. The ring is changing. The small Lantern has a hanging ring at the top which adds to its function as it allows you to hang it on a Christmas tree or hook. Give your living room more options. There is battery included. The lantern was powered by a CR2032 button cell and you could turn it on or off. Without the danger of open flame, you can enjoy the ambiance safe. A great gift idea for any occasion. The decorative lantern has a flicker that is like a mini candle and safe. They offer a 3 month quality guarantee in order to improve their products and service. If you have a problem with their lantern, please contact them and they will give you a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Zkee

👤I used these for table décor. I love the flicker function on the lights, they are very cute. I took off the little key ring on the lanterns because they were bronze. They looked better without and worked well for the decor. They were used for my wedding reception. If you're looking for bigger, stronger lanterns, they're plastic and light, so wouldn't order them.

👤The lamps are well packaged. None of them were damaged or broken. I am happy with the lamps.

👤The Mexican themed birthday dinner we had made a great addition to our tablescape. The flame on the lanterns creates a very soothing amberglow. They are plastic. They look like metal. They are light and allow you to hang them.

👤Small and delicate. It's used for decorations on tables.

👤I made a wedding reception centerpiece with these. These are a value item and are not perfect. I didn't see anything wrong with them. The rings they hang from are ugly. I changed them to match our colors.

👤I got these today. I was happy to unwrap them, but one of the lantern's flame is not working, it's burning in the wrong spot, and I'm not happy about it. I wanted to do a set up with all of them, but I'm sad about that. I'm not sure if I'll return them or not because the other 7 are working, but I wish I'd paid for it.

👤It was a good purchase. I got a lot of praise for these lantern.

👤They are small, but cute. I didn't see a timer function, but will look again. I put one of the lights in the middle of my backyard to see how bright the small light was. I kept them because they are cute.

7. NITIME Decorative Lanterns Flameless Tealight

NITIME Decorative Lanterns Flameless Tealight

If you are unhappy with the product, just let them know and they will fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers. Lanterns measure approx. 4 The door opening measure is 3 1/2”W x 3 1/2”H and weighs approx 0.8 pounds. The flat bottom of decorative candle lanterns work well for placing a flameless tealight candle. Home decor: lantern decorative. Nitime lanterns are cute candle holders. It is an ideal knacks home decor for you, as it is small shelf decor, farmhouse decor and beach decor to decorate the living room, bathroom and bedroom. White lantern replace bridesmaid bouquets and as aisle decorations for wedding ceremony. It is unique and impressive to have bulk lanterns for a wedding. Nitime lanterns are a great table centerpiece for your wedding reception and holidays. The Nitime hanging lantern with iron handle is a good choice for front porch, balcony, trees, fence and wall. The insulated bottom of the lantern makes it safe and pretty as decorative candles lanterns for patio, deck and outdoor table. The tealight candle emits warm and charming glow to add a relaxing atmosphere. The original hexagonal star pattern, thick metal with smooth touch, clear andremovable glass, three layers of wrap to prevent damage, and the lantern candle holders are the Sincere Choice. Nitime lanterns are an excellent gift for woman, anniversary gift for her and adorable gift for girlfriend. A warm decor makes you happy.

Brand: Nitime

👤It was a perfect size.

👤The lantern is for weddings. I think this is more of a special event lantern than a regular lantern, because of the product description. One of the glass doors opens so you can put a candle inside. The candle that comes with it uses hearing aid batteries. It's the cheapest kind of candle. There is a It would be nice to have a table outside for a cookout, but don't expect to use them every year.

👤The farmhouse style living room has a lantern in it. It is a functional piece of decor that adds a rustic feel, and fits perfectly on a shelf, making it very versatile when it comes to finding a place to display it. It comes with a battery operated candle that can be accessed via a swinging door on the lantern. The candle can be taken out and replaced with anything you want. It gives off good light as well. Highly recommend this piece of decor.

👤The white lantern exceeded my expectations. The lantern is charming. It comes with an electric candle that is not a regular wax candle. I don't think there would be a problem with that. It is under supervision. There is a This lantern is a good fit for a lot of different decoration ideas. Every day is cozy feelings from holidays, birthdays, or just every day. The quality of the item was very good.

👤My spouse saw this lamp and had to have it. It arrived quickly after I ordered it through the program. The lamp is made from metal and glass. The candle is battery operated and does not flicker. It is an average product in my opinion. I hope my review and photos help you. Thank you.

👤The lantern is cute and would make a great wedding or event decor. It can be hung. The candle is small and cheap, but it is not as sturdy as I hoped. The candle can slide about inside if it is not kept in place.

8. Lantern Fixtures Powered Stainless Hanging

Lantern Fixtures Powered Stainless Hanging

Security solar glass lantern fixture The security features long lasting lights and solar panels. It can illuminate for up to 10 hours. Heavy Glass andStainless Material A high quality glass construction and decorative case will give you beautiful accent lighting around your home. Installation is easy. Installation with no wiring is quick. The included installation brackets can be mounted virtually anywhere. Each lantern has a unique hanging design that allows it to function as portable lights. The off sensor is auto on. The solar lamp can be placed in the sun to charge the battery. The sensor will keep the light off during the day while charging and will light up at night. The weatherproof is made of heavy glass and black. The outdoor is waterproof and anti-snow. Can be used all year long. The weatherproof is made of heavy glass and black. The outdoor is waterproof and anti-snow. Can be used all year long.

Brand: Deraysion

👤I bought 2 sets of Solar Lanterns on April 7th. At the beginning, he worked well and had no problems. In August of 2021. I have a malfunctioning one. My return date was May 11th 2021. Looking to solve a problem of my own. I've been looking for solar batteries for this item. That has led me to a dead end for these types of batteries. I bought a set of solar lantern lights that I wanted to use for a few good years, but they won't last or even be compatible with replacement solar batteries, so I'm left with no choice but to buy another set. Not a happy customer.

👤The company reached out to us and offered to send us a new set of lights after I wrote my review. Excellent customer service and cool that they wanted to make it right. They are working perfectly after we got them. There is a One of the two that got these on March 24th, 2021 is already not holding a charge by the end of May, 2021. I've tried to find new batteries. The on-line items were too big. They don't carry that size because they asked for an exchange and included a picture of the correct size. If I had thought they wouldn't last, I wouldn't have bought them.

👤I loved those! Exactly what I wanted. They are solar lights. They don't last the whole night, which is normal. They are sold out so I wanted to buy more. If you have more in stock, please contact me. There is a I keep buying more and more.

👤These were okay. They look nice, are easy to hang, and provide a pleasant glow. They are not bright enough to light a path. They are more of a decorative accent. The batteries died quickly as other reviewers commented. One of the lanterns was no longer lit for more than a couple of hours after dark. The other was followed by the third month. This was not a problem because Rechargeable batteries are easy to come by. There is a One of the lanterns fell apart while hanging from a post. There was no wind at the time. The bottom half has the decorative steel frame and the glass separated from the top half. The steel frame broke into multiple pieces, so it was unsalvageable. I only had them for 3.5 months.

👤I wanted these lights because they were bright. I use them near my fish pond because they throw enough light so my goldfish are not in complete darkness at night.

👤The lights are perfect. We hung them outside on our porch, but we forget to turn on the porch light, and we have to savesay is a synonym for " savesay" The solar lights put out a lot of light. They look great. We have good things to say about them.

👤The design is simple and I don't have a problem with the battery life, however, these lanterns don't throw much light. I wanted to hang 4 of them in my courtyard. The light from each is about 1.5 feet from the lamp max. If you are going to light a large area, it's not a good choice. The look of 8 or 10 around my courtyard would look over the top. I'm not sure what you would use them for, but they need to be hung because they can't stand on their own. I wouldn't recommend much. I'm not sure what the other reviews are saying, but mine are glowing-duds. I live in the desert where it is very dark, but I would expect these lanterns to be a little more powerful for the price.

9. Kate Aspen Decorative Lanterns Centerpiece

Kate Aspen Decorative Lanterns Centerpiece

Perfect wedding. The metal candle lanterns with distressed finish andremovable lid are perfect for decorating your home or for weddings or other events. A set of 6 lanterns! The set of 6 tabletop lanterns is a great way to decorate multiple tables or create a nautical theme. The lantern is 2.5” x 2.5” x 4.5” without a handle. These lanterns make a great home décor accent or centerpiece for many different styles and themes such as rustic, beach, nautical, coastal, or farmhouse. It is easy to light and replace the candle with their wedding table lanterns.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤These lanterns are very cute. I thought they would be a little bigger but that is not an issue. The issue is the condition they came in. Half of the lanterns arrived with broken glass and were packaged in individual boxes. Talk about a danger. I removed all the panes because I don't need the glass. The lanterns are a bit bent, but it looks fine without it. The candles were almost completely melted, which isn't a big deal to me. I was going to replace the tea lights at my venue with battery operated tea lights. They were packaged so the wax wouldn't melt on the lanterns. If you need these to arrive completely intact, be aware that the venue we are using will be fine for centerpieces.

👤The lanterns worked well as center pieces once I added them a bit. Some of the panels had small breaks that were not noticeable, but two of them were shattered completely. It's cute, but wish two weren't broken, and definitely pay attention to the dimensions as they seem larger than they actually are. timer and remote control are not functions of this...

👤Most of the glass pieces on the lanterns were broken. 3 were in good condition. I decided to take the glass out. I am sure this was a shipping issue, so maybe mark the box as fragile. The box was not marked to be careful.

👤The lanterns had broken glass.

👤It was used for a future daughter-in-law wedding shower. The tea lights on gave each table a beautiful vibe. The guest has lived there.

👤It's perfect for our shower.

👤A case of 12 was ordered. The first 2 opened were shattered. Will be back.

👤The candles were melted. No use.

10. Decorative Lanterns Flameless Lighted Weddings

Decorative Lanterns Flameless Lighted Weddings

We value your feedback and feedback is appreciated, and their friendly customer service professionals are always standing by to help. They will give you feedback in 24 hours if you found a problem with their lantern. There are 10 decorative outdoor lanterns with a flameless led lighted candle and a timer. It's perfect for your home, garden, patio or weddings. There is a vintage design with restrained clothing. The lanterns are made with plastic that is waterproof so they can be used outdoors. The side panels are made of glass. If they are hanging, they will sit flat on any surface, unless they have a Convenient Carry Ring attached to top. You don't have to remember to turn the lanterns off if you set the auto timer for 5 hours. The lanterns have a manual ON/OFF switch. They will never get too hot because of their L E D lights. Each Lantern requires 3 batteries, however with it's powerful extra long lasting L E D and Unique Patented Design, you can purchase your choice of batteries that last an extra long. There is aTERN size of 10 high x 4 wide and additional 1 high round loop.

Brand: The Nifty Nook

👤I bought these for a party. The outdoor part was canceled because of a strong front. After the front, I put a few back outside in the house. I absolutely adore them! They were put on timer mode the night of the party. Each night they come on at the same time and turn themselves off around midnight. Two weeks have passed since the party and they are still doing their thing. They have a gentle flicker that is not annoying. I'll probably use them every year from now on. Great find!

👤It's very lightweight and works well for my application of running them down a fence line on hooks. If you put them to timer, they will run for 6 hours and then turn off, but they will turn back on nightly if you don't turn them off. These are not something that puts out a lot of light. They look cute on the fence line but no real lighting is available. I bought a dozen and am happy with them.

👤I've ordered the sets of 12 lanterns many times and have always been happy, until this last order. Two of the twelve did not work. When the switch on the battery compartment was turned, it started smoking. The batteries were very hot when they were removed. I can tell these were different from other's I've ordered, the tag was different, and there was a screw in the battery compartment cover. I'm hesitant to order again.

👤The Lantern would be taller than I thought. We have used other lanterns which were twice the height and that is what I had expected even though the description indicated about 10 inches in height. I was disappointed that with the use ofAAA batteries, the battery life is only about a month. They are cute. They are good for small decorations.

👤We ordered them for the wedding. We want a lit pathway to the reception. Just barely, these will work for that. I decided to go ahead and order even though I was skeptical of their quality. We are going to use them, but be aware that if you wanted these for a home setting they would be too cheap. They will be fine for the pathway since they are on the ground.

👤The batteries in the lantern did not turn on. The batteries were hot to the touch and smelled of burning. When the batteries were put in the control circuit smoke rose from it. The control circuit had a solder joint that was making contact with one of the battery terminals. The solder joint and battery terminal are pictured. I separated the two points to make it easier to see the gap.

👤We bought these for our wedding and only 8/12 worked after we put the batteries in. Only 6 of the 8 had bottoms that stayed on, the black battery covers kept falling off, and the lanterns turned off. These are not worth the price. I would rather spend a bit more and get a quality set, then continue to fiddle with getting them to work. Will definitely return!

11. Glitzhome Farmhouse Lantern Candlestick Holders

Glitzhome Farmhouse Lantern Candlestick Holders

A candle lantern is a great idea for a table, shelf, stairs, pathway, wall, patio, porch, or any other area. Hanging lanterns can be hung on a tree or hook. The white metal coating creates an attractive farmhouse style for weddings, parties, Halloween and Christmas. The ship was from the USA and had a lightweight candle. A gift is an invention. It's perfect to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings and many more. You will want to keep it at home. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds. There are different types of decorative candle lanterns, such as industrial style lanterns, farmhouse style lanterns, etc. You can sneak a peek at most popular decorative home candle lanterns by checking their store.

Brand: Glitzhome

👤The large and small candle holders were great. They add a rustic charm to the patio area. They are the stars of the room and offer a calm and relaxing feel. The height of each is large. I put these together with a set of gray candles from Amazon. These candle holders are very similar to the farmhouse style. I would buy it back.

👤These lanterns are what I was looking for. Simple, elegant and beautiful, but not too country. It was the right amount of distressing. The metal is of great quality and has a nice weight. I ordered a large one and a small one and they are perfect for my buffet. I highly recommend these lanterns to anyone looking for something unique, made with top-quality materials and a reasonable price.

👤This was what I was looking for. A nice piece for my fireplace mantle. I only used the larger one after buying the small and large. I would have kept it if I had another spot for the small one. It is very sturdy and has that worn farmhouse look. Would definitely recommend!

👤I love this piece. I got a side table and a few other pieces from Amazon and they look great. Pictures don't do justice.

👤I have ordered lanterns for myself and my daughter before and I was happy with them. They were on sale recently. The small and large lantern were ordered by me. The delivery time was good but the small lantern was not. The small lantern was on sale for $24.98. The lantern is 5 x 5 x 16 inches. Very disappointed.

👤I don't know how many times these lanterns popped up on my page, but I didn't think they would look good in my living room. One day, I took a liking to it. When it arrived, I ordered the large one. It's perfect for anyone who likes the farmhouse theme. I bought the small one as well. Thank you for a great experience!

👤The candle holder is Farmhouse style and can be used in any area of the home. I thought it came with the wood piece that it sits on, but it is only an item atop and no candle. I will order more items in this style. Thank you!

👤A piece for my piano. The candle base is rustic and can be used in any style. I will use it as an accent piece at my daughter's wedding. I read other reviews before I put in a flameless candle. Good idea.


What is the best product for decorative lantern set?

Decorative lantern set products from Lamplust. In this article about decorative lantern set you can see why people choose the product. Melrose and Jhy Design are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lantern set.

What are the best brands for decorative lantern set?

Lamplust, Melrose and Jhy Design are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lantern set. Find the detail in this article. Evermore Light, Romadedi and Zkee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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