Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs 100 Watt Equivalent

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1. Equivalent Eye Friendly Decorative Droplight Non Dimmable

Equivalent Eye Friendly Decorative Droplight Non Dimmable

5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California. The globe can save you money on your electricity bill. 5W (60 watt bulb equivalent) daylight bulbs are available. High lighting efficacy and little heat generation make it a perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. It takes less maintenance than a tungsten lamp and lasts more than 30,000 hours. The LEDs are silent. It's safe for you and your family. 5000K day. The high color rendering index (Ra>80) is safe to work with and the voltage is AC 85-265V. It can be used in any room. The Standard American E26 screw base is very easy to install. Their light bulbs are instant on. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a reply in 24 hours if you have a product problem. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a reply in 24 hours if you have a product problem.

Brand: Hansang

👤I'm not sure how useful my video will be, but here goes. These are bright. I replaced the bulbs in my bathroom. Some people may not like their bathroom bright. I think this is perfect if you apply makeup. They're bright and the perfect shade of white makes your makeup look great. They are. It was a bit of a shock in the morning, but that's good for me. I'm sure I'm awake. I like them because they have made my bathroom look less like a cave. They are perfect for makeup application. I just got these bulbs three days ago and there isn't really a warmth to them, so I can't really rate the longevity or warmth that Amazon is prompting me to mention. They're not warm because they're light on the whiteness scale, so not really any warmth there either.

👤I'm getting compensated for this review. I will give an honest review of the Hansang G25 Globe Light Bulbs. There is a The light bulbs are bright. They are bright. The pathetic bulbs I had in there before are not as bad as the ones I have now. Night and day are different. It takes some getting used to, best to close your eyes until they adjust. I only received four bulbs, which was less than I expected. This is due to dumdassery on my part, for not thoroughly reading the description. I will be ordering more soon.

👤The 60W 4000K model is reviewed. I originally ordered the 5000K and love them, but my sons don't use the mirror for applying makeup, so they felt that they were too bright for them. I put 5000K in my bathroom and 4000K in their bathroom. It was perfect! They love them too. It was bright but not overpowering. They don't get hot to the touch like my previous clear globe LEDs, yet they put off more light. The first impressions of the bulbs are good. I will never go to the store to buy bulbs again. Shipping was fast and the packaging was good.

👤We decided to try these out because they were reasonably priced. The bulb functions exactly as it was described on Amazon. They use less power and heat than incandescent lights.

👤The bathroom is much brighter but the light on the eyes is softer. It's a daily task to wash up and shave with a light.

👤I received these lights today and they seem to be working. The biggest problem is that the bulbs don't have anything on them. No company name, no technical information, no way to contact the manufacturer. The photos in Amazon look different with brand name, technical detail on the bulb and so on. Bulb is light and flimsy. I want to understand why there is so much difference between what is shown in the Amazon site and what I got. Did I get a genuine one? I received Picture 1 and 2 and Picture 3 in the mail. I can't believe that what I got is legit.

2. Sylvania Equivalent Efficient 14 5W Temperature

Sylvania Equivalent Efficient 14 5W Temperature

There is a wide application. The candle flame design with candelabra base is easy to install. It is the same as old incandescent bulbs with a fire tip, and it works well with a variety of applications. The 100 watt incandescent replacement bulb is an energy efficient replacement and substitute for standard 100 watt incandescent lamps. It has a daytime output of 1450 and a temperature of 2700K. These bulbs have a lifespan of up to 7 years, making them a great energy-saving replacement for old bulbs. You won't have to change your lightbulbs often anymore. Energy-saving light bulbs can save you money on your energy bill. Functions: These long- lasting, energy efficient light bulbs are ideal for special occasions as decorative and accent lighting in residential and commercial applications. There is a clear difference with a color rendering of 80 CRI. The lamps are ideal for use in family and living rooms, kitchens, floor lamps, and children's rooms. Does not ship to California. Does not ship to California.

Brand: Ledvance

👤I was looking forward to a great product, but these bulbs are not. They flicker like crazy. Walmart brand led bulbs are better. What do you expect when they close down American plants and move everything to communist China?

👤I bought these light bulbs because I wanted to look for a good deal on Amazon, but am pretty disappointed. I was pretty hopeful that the first bulb would work. The same brightness is achieved at other 100 watt equivalent LEDs. The second bulb was only 32% bright. It would leave and return. I thought it would kick in, but I walked into the room and it was out. I screwed it back in and it went back on at 33%. I grabbed another bulb from the pack and it didn't work. I thought my light fixture was broken. I tried the bulb in another light fixture and it didn't work. I grabbed another bulb from the pack and it works. There is a Only 2 of the first 4 bulbs worked well. I think I should consider the price more than Amazon suggests. I have 2 more bulbs to try and buy, but I'm not sure if the rest will work.

👤Some of the reviews on these bulbs were complex. The bulbs are as advertised. Every single bulb has a stamp on them from the Sylvania company. There is no doubt that these are genuine bulbs. There is a There are three boxes inside the large box that you will receive. There are 8 light bulbs in each box. They look like they are made of plastic. This is a typical example of anLED bulb. Plastic is safer than ever. I love the light that these bulbs give off. The light is bright. I had a lamp that was brighter. The white light is perfect for me. I like the way the lighting is. I only had the light for 2 weeks in my fixture, so I can't say anything about its longevity. I absolutely love them!

👤The outer Brown Box says Soft White but all the bulbs inside are Daylight.

👤60w 5000k daylight is what we want. A lot of light is blocked by fixture globes. When new, they were comparable with others. Within 90 days, 4 or so had quit completely, and the remaining bulbs were getting dimmer. I have to replace them 5 months later. The brightness is the same as 25w bulbs. We've had this problem with bulbs from discount store brands. The bulbs I bought before the beginning of the year are still burning bright, at least five years old. I bought some at the Dollar Tree. Not ordering again, trying another brand, hoping for the best. These are a great value for the price of the bulbs and they do save on energy costs. I will save the remaining bulbs for table lamps.

👤The light is bright white and is packaged well. I like the fact that led lights don't heat your house up and they save on electricity. White lights in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway seem to be brighter. I prefer a yellow light in the bedroom or living room. It feels like home. They didn't work in one of my lamps. No led light will work with this lamp, but that's no fault of the lamp. Excellent buy!

3. GEZEE Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier Non Dimmable

GEZEE Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier Non Dimmable

The daylight rendering effect is a high color rendering index. The light is full-angle and strobe-free. The traditional bulbs have less power. A 120 watt traditional bulb can be replaced by a 15 watt led bulb. The light diffuses to a larger area and is brighter. No harmful lead or mercury is eco-friendly. There is no harmful radiation. The ceramic chip base and aluminum block are used for raw materials. The aluminum makes the bulb easier to heat up. Over 30,000 hours life span is provided by high brightness and low power consumption. The perfect decoration choice for indoors is bars, coffee bars, restaurant, bedroom, showrooms, clubs, dining room, showcase, malls, art rooms, museums and galleries. 2 years replace rather than repairing what you get is 3x15 watt led bulbs. 2 years replace rather than repairing what you get is 3x15 watt led bulbs.

Brand: Gezee

👤I use these outside as my porch lights use the E12 type bulbs. I've never seen that before on a home, so finding the right size bulbs that can be used outside was a challenge. I have covered them with a glass enclosure and they work well. The little lights are bright. The problem is that the lights seem to burn out quickly. I had to replace 9 in a year. They are still useful. They lose the brightness that I like. I have pictures to help you make a decision. Hope this helps.

👤The seller is aware that the light bulbs are not near the specifications listed in the product description, but still counts on users not being able to measure them. The lights might be 500lm but not close to 1500. I measured against the identically shaped bulbs and they came up half the brightness of an 800 LumenLED. 10 watt bulbs are more appropriate for their actual intensity than competitors. I measured all 3 bulbs in the same package. I didn't check the color accuracy because of the dimness, but I think it's close to the measurement.

👤The small bulbs give a very even illumination pattern and will fit in tricky fixtures. I've seen flickering in two separate fixtures on regular circuits, but they are not in a dimmed fixture. There is not a chance that these bulbs will output 1500 lumens. They are about as bright as a typical lamp. This was a huge letdown as we were hoping to liven up a fixture with these and they were not different from the ones we had before. Buying a 100W equivalent from a local store made things brighter. The bulb had listed less than 1500lm. I wonder if they meant 500lm for the three bulbs. Disappointing. The size is great if you want to put anLED bulb in a tricky place.

👤These bulbs are wonderful. They completely changed the lighting in my living room. I had no overhead light for years because the light kit was made to accent the fan. It was a night light. A dim orange light is cast over the room at night by the seven 7W bulbs. They were worthless during the day. I tried some candelabras. They were better, but they took a long time to warm up, and the light produced felt like a single 25W bulb. Next, I tried seven 680lm light bulbs. We were getting somewhere, but it still didn't feel like enough light, and the bulbs were a little bulky for my fan. The GEZEE is entered. Corn Bulbs are 1200lm. Yes! At last! The overhead light in my Living Room is beautiful. The size, intensity, and color of these bulbs are wonderful. They were an answer to the years of searching for an affordable lighting solution.

👤The living room is lit by a ceiling fan. We were using bright light. They were dim and yellow. The brightness and color temperature were improved by replacing them with these bulbs. The claimed "1350 lumens" is highly questionable. The picture on the container is a candelabra-type bulb, but they are an E26 base.

4. Linkind Dimmable Equivalent Lumens Certified

Linkind Dimmable Equivalent Lumens Certified

The pack comes with 6 bulbs, each with 1600 lumens of light output. They provide you with a close-to- sunlight quality light. Installation is easy with the medium screw base. Money saving and long lasting are related. The Linkind A19 light bulbs can last for 13 years. It provides up to 85% energy saving by replacing 100W with 15.5W. SMOOTH & DIMMABLE: Smooth dimming can be achieved with 10% to 100%. The white was soft and warm. To control the look and feel of your space, Dim to create your favorite brightness. No buzzing, no humming, and no flickering. There is a wide application. It turns on instantly, no warm up time, 120V, 230 beam angle, perfectly and widely used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, offices, hospital, schools, factories and more, depending on your personal preference. Quality and safety are guaranteed by FCC certification. There was no mercury. You can use Linkind's products. Quality and safety are guaranteed by FCC certification. There was no mercury. You can use Linkind's products.

Brand: Linkind

👤I hope this can help other people. The 100 watt version was the one that I purchased. I don't like the bright blue of the cooler led's. I have a lot of dimmers throughout the house. I discovered the warm glow dimmable bulbs from thePhilips. Thewarmer the color becomes when you dim. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They spent a lot of money. Have had a few failures but have been satisfied. I like bright light. The 60, 75 and 100 watt bulbs were used. The rub is here. You increase the size of the bulb as you increase wattage. It appears to be a cooling issue. The base is larger. There are overhead fixtures with glass covers. Sometimes I need bright light in these areas. It is a tight squeeze and I can't get anything over 60 watt. A nice warm yellow glow was missing. I was looking for higher watt standard size bulbs. It is thanks to another reviewer that the size and product description can be verified. The bulbs have a warm yellow light. They become cooler as you dim. They look like a regular led at 50% and below. It's a shame. The opposite of the Warmglow. They fit in my fixture because they are the same size as a standard 60 w led. There is a These are perfect in the areas where I need a bright light more often than a dim one. The laundry room has a shower. I like the option to dim, but I need to see what I am shaving before I treat it. I will use these for that advantage. The aesthetic of trading is for function. If you don't mind the blue hue, these are fine dimmed. It's warm when it's at maximum brightness. When I want a dim light for a bedside table or something without size restrictions, I prefer the Philips as it is warm at lower brightness, but I can ramp it up when needed. There is a My husband verified that I am a picky control freak. According to old art teachers and the dudes at the paint store, I see a wider variety of colors and hues than the average Joe. I think too much about inconsequential stuff. Hope this helps you like me. There is a I am pleased that I can come in at a little under 3 bucks each, but I can not speak to longevity. Yes, they held that warmth at a lower brightness. It's a good thing.

👤These are not Energy Star Certified. They don't have a logo on the packaging, and they don't produce any results on

👤I was not happy with the bulbs I bought for the bathroom renovation. I purchased them because they said they were "dimmable" without flickering. When I put these bulbs into a new 4 outlet light, they wouldn't even turn on until the switch was close to the top, and then they flickered badly with my Leviton dimmer switches. I decided to buy some Amazon Basics 60 watt equivalent dimmable led bulbs and they work perfectly. The Leviton dimmer switches have a smooth increase in brightness. The bulbs from Amazon are very good. The Linkind bulbs are not good for dimming.

5. Dimmable Equivalent 1200Lumens Filament Daylight

Dimmable Equivalent 1200Lumens Filament Daylight

Their vintage 100 watt amber led bulbs are compatible with 90% dimmers and allow you to dim the brightness from zero to 100% stable. Super energy saving and less bills. Do you want a stylish vintage edison bulb, but not happy with its high power consumption and short lifespan? The 8W dimmable light bulb is ideal. The average lifespan of this bulb is 22 years, it has no heat output, and it saves you money on your electricity bills. The retro look E26 vintage led bulb is designed with squirrel cage and high strength with brown glass, and it can be turned on even when not in use. The standard e26 base can be used in a wide range of light fixture applications. It was tested for hundreds of times and finally here it was a high quality, no flicker or strobe, no buzzing amber led bulbs. It glows with 1200lm super bright equivalent to 100 watt incandescent equivalent and a 5000K daylight white can light up your whole space with no darkness area. It is wonderful for ambient or decorative lighting in bedroom, living room, outdoor or commercial use. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment.

Brand: Tobusa

👤I only have two bulbs in my bathroom, and wouldn't find them at the store. I wanted this design, but in a 100W since there are only two bulbs, because I have a metal fixture where the bulbs fully show. These are perfect! If you liked my review, I paid full price for the item.

👤The bulbs are not worth the money. Within a month of installation, all but two of the 8 bulbs failed. As the power supply circuitry in the base burns out, the flickering gets worse and worse. Culminating in the light bulb. I contacted the customer service. The seller of this bulb has a 2 year warranty. There was one email that offered to replace the burnt out bulbs. I have begun to replace these bulbs with brand name bulbs. Disappointed in the longevity of the bulbs. They should last at least 2 years with the warranty. There is a The light they give is nice, but they stopped working quickly. Don't buy these and save your money.

👤The lights are not flickering or making noise. They make a loud noise and flicker at a low level. I bought these mostly for their brightness outdoors.

👤Within an hour of installation, 2 of the 4 bulbs broke. The glass broke when I applied a minute amount of pressure to turn the first bulb. I left the kitchen area and heard the tinkling of shattered glass after I replaced the two bulbs in the kitchen fixture. The second bulb was all over the floor. No one was cut by either bulbs failure, but this is crazy. Don't buy if you're warned. The bulbs are vulnerable to break without warning. I will look for a different product in the future. The manufacturer reached out to address my issue. I received a new package of bulbs for free. The first impression may have been bad. I have to give them credit for their customer service.

👤I dropped these bulbs to 1 star because they were burning out. I haven't had them in a month and already 2 of them have died. It was cheap! I won't buy again. There is a The bulbs are bright and nice. The bulbs do not hum and are dimmable. Each bulb has 1200 lumens. If you are using two in the same lamb, you should use three. A medium sized room will be filled with brilliant light. 5000k day light white bulbs give off a slight blue-ish color in the spectrum. The lights don't emit a light that isangish. These are for people who are looking for daylight brightness for reading. Should I need them again, I will buy them again. Great bulbs!

👤I thought it was a great purchase. They worked well with my dimmers and provided a good dimming range, nice look, good color temperature and decent brightness, although it was nowhere near the 100W they advertised. I distributed the bulbs throughout the house. I liked these bulbs for a while. I had a single bulb in a 5 bulb chandelier that flickered at the 3 month mark. I had bulbs flickering in the house for about 4 months. I thought it was a case of a bad bulb in the batches. I used the extra bulbs to replace the flickering bulbs. The issue was temporarily solved by that. I replaced every bulb I pulled out with high quality bulbs from either Feit orPhillips by 9 months. There is a Buying these bulbs was a waste of time and money and they ended up in a landfill. I regret buying it. If you are still going to buy these bulbs, please keep this in mind. Purchase one quality. Compare the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from a manufacturer likePhillips to the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from another manufacturer. The bulbs are closer to 40W.

6. Sunco Lighting Dimmable Daylight Bathroom

Sunco Lighting Dimmable Daylight Bathroom

The Dimmable G25 Globe Light Bulb has a screw base. Dimming is seamless to suit any mood or decor. The G25 globes offer a sunlight-like quality. Pendant ceiling fixture in kitchens or any room in your home are ideal applications. It's also great for makeup mirrors. You can save energy instantly by converting to a light emitting device. Sunco's LEDs have a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs to reduce maintenance. The highest standards are upheld by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. The G25 bulbs have no warm up. They have no flickering or buzzing. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California.

Brand: Sunco Lighting

👤I was hesitant to write a review because I didn't want to give the product a bad review. I was hoping to give a positive review, but the lights are only a year old. I have a bathroom with six above it and a room with four in it. Three of the four in the barn have failed. I would try to rationalize this with the hot weather here in Tennessee, but all of my other outdoor installed lights by a different manufacturer continue to work magnificently after two years of service. I am not happy with the quality of the bulbs. It has been over a year since the lights in the bathroom failed. I am curious to see how well this product backs up its warranty.

👤The bathroom in my apartment had energy-wasting bulbs. I was looking for a switch to LEDs after one burned out. I tried some that were clear and had a 5000k color temp. The light was too harsh and blue. I tried the soft white bulbs and they looked orange. Yuck. I found these bulbs. They are not too warm or cool at 4,000k. The plastic ball is better than the clear glass. I think the covering helps diffuse the light. I only have one complaint, that they take too long to turn on. It takes a second for the bulbs to turn on when you turn on the switch. The lag is kind of annoying, since they don't need to warm up, but they do turn on at full brightness. I thought it was the dimmer switch I was using. The bulbs do the same thing even though I switched to a TP-Link. I have no issues with flickering or dimming. I don't like the delay and I really like these bulbs.

👤My bulbs were purchased in August. There is a The warranty is 3 years. The 2 bulbs died recently. I am not sure how to handle this since my return window has closed. I will give the seller a chance to make the right decision. There is a Update on you. 9 of 12 are dead after a year. Sunco didn't reply about the warranty.

👤Product was packaged in a way that was safe. True daylight bulbs are all intact. The bulbs make a buzzing sound when turned on. The bulbs are not as pictured. I would not have purchased these bulbs if I knew they had so much writing around the neck. The items are not as pictured. When the bulbs are plugged in, the text is taken away from the look. I use a new Inpressions Hollywood glow Xl 2.0. This specific type of bulb is rated for the Vanity. The bulbs are loud.

👤I installed the 12 bulbs in our master bath. So far...great! There is a The 12 bulbs work on our sliding dimmer switch and we've always used the 12 incandescent 25w Vanity lights. We wanted to get rid of those money wasters. There is a The first two photos don't show the full brightness they are, but with 12 bulbs, it's really bright. We won't usually have them there all the time. The wall is painted in a sort of almond color. There is a The night light on the counter causes the shadows from the bulbs to be due to it. There is a We didn't think going higher on the kelvins would make sense for this bathroom with 12 bulbs. You might be different. There is a Some may think that the style of chrome Vanity light fixture is outdated, but it works fine for us and until we find another style we like...this is fine. We have two other bathrooms with the same plumbing. The three have dimmer switches. The bulbs should arrive today. There is a The dimmer switch in the master bath is newer than the other two. We installed it about five years ago, and it's not buzzing from the bulbs or the switch. No flickering either. I ordered another set of 12 bulbs, but only in the 2700k. I want to change the bulbs in the master and the two other bathrooms so that they use less bulbs. There is a I will update this review if there is any buzzing after I install those bulbs. ... We're quite impressed with these bulbs. There is an update on 8-12-18. The bulbs arrived on Sunday. I put the 3000k bulbs in the master bathroom and moved the rest to the other two. There is a The 3000k is almost the same as the 2700k. You can barely notice the difference. There are 12 bulbs in one room. It's enough to make it a little bit less rambunctious. The 4th photo shows the 3000k bulbs on the left and the 2700k bulbs on the right, all the way to the master bathroom, and the 5th photo shows them dimmed down. There were no problems with the dimmers in our other two bathroom. No buzzing, no flickering. The dimmers are 20 years old. There is a We were going to change to a different type of knob, but for now, they are working fine. The 3000k and 2700k Sunco bulbs are perfect for those who are transitioning from incandescents to LEDs and want a comparable warm/ soft light that is a little brighter than an old fashioned white lighting fixture. There is a If you want a lot more bright light, you might want the 5000k or 4000k dimmer. We've noticed that the 2700k bulbs in a couple of different brands seem to be the same color as the 60 watt bulbs. If you're looking for brighter lights in single applications, consider a higher kelvin "warmth"

7. DORESshop Dimmable Filament Equivalent Squirrel Cage

DORESshop Dimmable Filament Equivalent Squirrel Cage

Only 10W power is consumed. Led edison bulbs use a fraction of the power conventional bulbs use, and they are great replacements for actual 100W incandescent lights. The nice look of the bulbs is maintained without the heat. A bright and classic look with a soft white color temp is perfect for more commercial or industrial environments. The full glass body has a good 330 degree illumination. You can see the bulb through the glass in the bathroom fixture, ceiling fan fixture, and a few lanterns. The style is vintage antique. This Antique Style Led is a combination of modern Led squirrel cage, classic teardrop top and ultra-thin clear glass, and serves as unique retro decorations for both indoors and outdoors. Attach the fixture of E26 medium base directly to the wall, chandelier, pendant, or other light fixture with an exposed bulb. No flickering, no dazzling, with 1000 Lumens. Eliminating eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional bulbs protects your family's eyesight. It is bright and comfortable to use in the evening. They brightened the room without the dark areas. Customer service. If there is a problem with the st64 Led Edion Bulb, please contact them via Amazon message box or email them, they will help to make it right for you. Customer service. If there is a problem with the st64 Led Edion Bulb, please contact them via Amazon message box or email them, they will help to make it right for you.

Brand: Doresshop

👤The "30,000 average" hour life was a stretch. After about 300 hours of use, we have had one burn out. We are past the one years warranty mark. We will have to see how the other three bulbs do.

👤The lights flicker on the dimmer switch. The power gradually goes from 0 to last brightness setting with my GE Z-wave dimmer. It would flicker when you turned it on and off. It makes it difficult to use. It doesn't dim to a low level without massive flickering if you put it on another dimmer. The brand of light that didn't have this issue was used. I'm not sure if it's due to the design or the fact that there are different energy requirements for 10w and 8w.

👤These are large. They won't fit in just any light fixture so pay attention to the size. They were too long for my bathroom light covers, but they worked in a lamp or a lot of fixture.

👤The bulbs that say "no dimmable" have less circuitry inside than the dimmable bulbs. People who want to listen to distant AM or short wave radio will appreciate this. The non-dimmable bulbs are less likely to be interfered with. This is the only Amazon seller that has non-dimmable bulbs. These won't work in some solid state on/off switches. Because they can run on very low current, and many solid state switches have some current flowing while they are "off", these bulbs just go dim. The switch has to be a relay or manual.

👤If you are looking for a retro style bulb, these are the ones to get. It's still bright but warm and inviting. It's great to work in chandeliers for Arts and Crafts houses.

👤Great bulbs. Our exterior lights look great. Soft glow gives a nice touch to the outdoors.

👤The bulbs look good in a fixture where they are visible. One of the 8 purchased died within a week or two of regular operation. I received all the new bulbs after I returned one. The new bulbs had the same description, but the color was different from the original order. The bulbs from the batches were all different colors. If the bulbs were hidden from view, this would not be a problem. There is a I have to figure out how to get a correct replacement for the faulty one.

👤We replaced our motion/dawn to dusk lights. I thought the bulbs would give it a nice look. The only choice I had was a light bulb made from LEDs. First of all, one didn't last a week, and second, they flicker in my lights. We don't sit on the deck after dark, but if I had to see that, it would drive me crazy. I will not order again once these go out.

👤Excellent! Love them. The other bulbs are yellow, but this one is bright and not.

👤There is a bright white light with an orange shape.

8. CP3 Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier Decorative

CP3 Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier Decorative

The candelabra led bulbs are dimmable and give you smooth and extended dimming, without flickering or humming. Take delight in a pleasant atmosphere when you set your candle bulb according to your mood. Standard American Led bulb candelabra E12 base is easy to install. Led candelabra bulbs are perfect for chandeliers, ceiling fan, wall sconces, pendant light, foyer light, utility room, living room, entryway, porch. Long life and money saving. The candelabra bulbs are built with top quality materials and comply with electrical criteria. Replacing your old 40W incandescent bulbs with 4W LED B11 bulbs will save you money on bulb replacements. The E12 candelabra bulbs give off a uniform beam angle and are made of clear and transparent glass. The led chandelier bulb produces an even light of 400 lumens in all directions, uniform color consistency, no strobe, and it protects your family's eyesight. CP3 is committed to providing customers with high quality products, and they are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction. Their company will provide a 24 months warranty for this bulb. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Cp3

👤The bulbs are bright. They are having a conversation with the person. They are very durable and long lasting. I'm not sure if they are made from a different material or not, but they don't break if you drop them. The value is great.

👤The bulbs last a long time. I thought the price of the bulbs would make them burn out quickly, but I was wrong. I replaced these with a bigger pack, but the same ones are still burning brightly in my chandelier. They can be used to control the power on and off. The lights look good in my chandelier. The value is great.

👤The front of the house is lit by nine power house bulbs. The front door and lamp post both have three in them. For the last 4 months, I have been burning all night without raising the electric bill.

👤I wanted a candelabra bulb. The bulbs I got were 4 watt. I went back to the ad and saw that the bulbs were 40 watt equivalents. I bought night lights. The description should state that there are 4 watt bulbs. Mentioning 40 watt first is deceptive.

👤The light on the ceramic Christmas tree did not work. There was a light going to the tree. I replaced the wiring so I could use a candelabra bulb. This bulb lights the whole tree and it looks great.

👤The led dots give a beautiful light effect through the chandelier and are really of good quality. One bulb is dead on arrival, so it has been reduced to one star.

👤It's cool to use omnidirectional lights, they are bright and economical.

👤These are bright white light. I bought three boxes and replaced my lights.

9. Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Non Dimmable Chandelier

Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Non Dimmable Chandelier

Quality and safety are guaranteed by FCC certification. There was no mercury. You can use Linkind's products. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: A 5000k and 1200 watt bulb is a perfect replacement for a 100 watt bulb. Saving over 85% on electricity bill of lightning in a long time is achieved through the long lifespan. The nature light is non-flickering and has a relaxing light for your eyes. Top safety. With fireproofing and flame-resistant PC material, you can protect yourself from the situation where the bulb breaks out of nowhere. The daylight rendering effect is a high color rendering index. The light is full-angle and strobe-free. The daylight rendering effect is a high color rendering index. The light is full-angle and strobe-free.

Brand: Ldszm

👤I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get rooms with fan lights that are bright enough to see. The problem is that the old fan fixture had many bulbs in them that lit a room up very well. The fan fixture only has 2 or 3 bulbs. I've tried everything. This is what I have learned. The best color is 3000K. This is the color we used to get with the old bulbs. You think aliens have come to abduct you if you are over 5000k. Also important is the size of the lms. An old fan light fixture with 5 watt bulbs had over 4 thousand hours of use. The fan fixture has only 2 or 3 bulbs. The 1200 watt bulbs are not as bright as 4250. The old fan fixture gave a max of 2400 lumens, but a 2 bulb fixture only gives 2400. If you want good lighting, you just need more lamps in the room. These are the best bulbs for a fan fixture. They are the same as a 100 watt bulb. Which is the most you can get. The overhead fixture we used had 4 or 5 bulbs, but we didn't use 100 watt in them. These bulbs are the highest you can get with only 2 or 3 bulbs. They are 3000 K but not area 51. There is a note to manufacturers of light fixture. We don't want to get bumped into large pieces of furniture because we don't want just enough light. We need enough light to find an earring. We need more light. The LEDs are quite good if you only have 3 bulbs.

👤I went searching for brighter bulbs after I found that my ceiling fixture didn't provide enough lighting for a room. I picked up a set of these because they were cheap and the specifications said they were three times brighter than the ones I had. I wasn't able to see a difference in the room's brightness after I swapped the Hue bulbs for these. I was expecting at least twice as much light, and this was very disappointing. I assume that the specifications are misleading because they list the combined lumens for all three bulbs. I couldn't see a difference between these bulbs and my existing Hue bulbs, which are 450lm per bulb, because IDividing the stated lumens by the number of bulbs correlated with 400lm per bulb. The light switch emits a whine while the lights are on. I thought it might be caused by the lights being put into a ceiling fan, but the lights and the fan are wired independently and controlled via separate switches on the wall. There is a I reinstalled the original Hue bulbs after removing these bulbs. I can't say anything about their longevity because they were installed for a short time. The price may seem attractive, but there are many alternatives that do not have the same specifications.

👤If you're like me, you have a ceiling fan in a room that only accepts small candelabra base bulbs. The bulbs of this size don't put out a lot of light. The highest candle power rating is available for these bulbs. I have not had a burn out so far, and they illuminate my room well. I will be happy with this purchase if they last as long as they say. I am satisfied with the light output and the light color, but I am not sure about longevity. If you only have candelabra sockets, I recommend you try these.

10. Dimmable Vintage Equivalent Filament Chandelier

Dimmable Vintage Equivalent Filament Chandelier

Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment. 5000K-4000K neutral white and 500 watt medium base led bulbs provide 500 watt lighting in your home. Vintage Style: This amber tinted finished glass cover Edison light bulbs comes with a retro and stylish appearance, creating a soft whtie and romantic atmosphere. These bulbs can be used for lighting, but they can also be used for decorations. Smooth Dimming The dimmer switch is compatible with the dimmer switch and has the lowest brightness at 10%. There was no flicker or glare. The 6 watt E26 light bulbs are equivalent to 60 watt incandescent bulbs and save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. The lifespan of low power consumption is over 25,000 hours. The safety of the product during transportation is ensured by the well packed, wrapped foam in box of the LEDs. The safety of the product during transportation is ensured by the well packed, wrapped foam in box of the LEDs.

Brand: Brightown

👤A new light fixture was bought for our kitchen island. The glass on the four sides of the bulbs is clear. We wanted something that showed the fixture and the bulbs. The bulbs exceeded expectations. They have a vintage look but are very bright when lit. I love them!

👤The Lutron dimmer was used in our bathroom. Lutron is one of the largest providers of dimmer switches in the USA. The first bulb flickered when we tried another from the same box. We tried a standard dimmable bulb and it worked well. The supplier told us that the dimmable bulbs wouldn't work with the Lutron dimmer. Lutron is a major supplier of dimmer switches, so this info should have been in the product description. I went to Wal-mart and bought a different bulb. We bought these bulbs a couple months early so we are out of the return period. I'm not sure where I'll need these bulbs.

👤I bought this product to go with my new industrial modern light fixture, which is above my mid-century modern style tulip table and ghost chairs. The light fixture has a dimmer that makes it dimmability, and the light is perfect. I have only light-colored bulbs in my home. The bulbs are brilliant. What did I do there? I am very happy with my purchase and I will be back again. I appreciate the high quality bulbs that fit my style.

👤I bought these bulbs to update my chandelier without spending a lot of money and to add brightness to a dark room. I replaced the glass shades with the amber ones. I love them! There is a The chandelier looks better without the glass shades. I would like to take a photo while the shades are still up. Our house is always on the dark side because we live in an area with tons of trees and shrubs. I have to turn on this chandelier every day. The amber glass gives the room a nice brightness.

👤I wanted these bulbs for my table. The flickering element was fine from the start since our fixture only needed 5 blubs. A few days later the bulb is out completely, after a week when another bulb started to flicker. I had high hopes for these, but it seems we will need to get new ones. If you plan on using this type of bulb, I would recommend shopping around.

👤I love these and have ordered them before. I replaced the bulbs around my bathroom mirror. The lights are great for make up application.

👤They are white. Are you a fan of the sickly amber color of the Edison bulbs? These are the answers. I was sad to see the amber color when I took them out of the package. Same as my amber bulbs. I put it in the sockets and turned it on. White. It was perfect. Thank you so much!

👤Initially, these looked nice. The life of the product is advertised as a tenth of what they failed to achieve. The fixture was installed by a licensed electrician. I know that's not the issue. The bulbs are not working right in the same place. The manufacturer told me that the bulbs are out of warranty and wouldn't replace them.

11. Equivalent Candelabra Chandelier Decorative Non Dimmable

Equivalent Candelabra Chandelier Decorative Non Dimmable

The safety of the product during transportation is ensured by the well packed, wrapped foam in box of the LEDs. High quality led bulbs can reduce replacing frequencies and save on electricity bill of lightning in a long time. Excellent replacement bulb. The Hullovota e12 led bulbs light 6000k and 1500k. The non-flickering nature light offers a comfortable and relaxing light for your eyes. The top flame-resistant PC material is less heat generation, so it protects you from the situation where the bulb breaks out of nowhere. The E12 bulb is not recommended for use in ceiling fan lights and dimming devices for the motor will interfere with the light bulbs. Not for outside. The E12 bulb is not recommended for use in ceiling fan lights and dimming devices for the motor will interfere with the light bulbs. Not for outside.

Brand: Hullovota

👤Cheap because they are not made to the specifications. The bulb wattage is overstated. The bulbs were tested at a lower watt than 15W. Since there is no independent testing of the bulbs, all of the specifications are suspect, especially since China is the country of manufacture. The E12 bulb has an exaggerated wattage (15W, not!), but it doesn't have full specifications. If they were shown, they'd be suspect, but no testing authority stamp was present. I returned them because I wouldn't accept false advertising. Not recommended.

👤I bought these because they were short. The ceiling fan dome has a weak bulb and doesn't have much clearance. I was hoping to use these to make the room brighter, but it turns out they are a huge disappointment. The power draw is a little over half of what they claim. I have included two pictures of the home I am remodeling. Side by side, these corn bulbs appear dimmer and bluer than the other side, because they have an Ecosmart 100w equivalent 6000k bulb. They are also dimmer than the ecosmart ones. The right side of the picture was taken while inside the room with the corn bulbs and they still don't come close to being as bright. I tried to switch out the bulbs if they were bad, but no. They are all just as bad.

👤I have only had these bulbs for about a week, but they have been on for about 12 hours a night as a security measure, and I can review what I have seen thus far. The size of the bulbs is very nice. I didn't think they were great, but they all worked, so I guess it is. . Okay. There is a The outdoor fixture they are replacing has a rating of 625 lumens. I was very impressed with the brightness of the bulbs when they were turned on in the dark. It is not possible for them to be equal to a 150W incandescent, more like 100W, which is perfect for me. I knew that this would be close to a 100W incandescent, and I was perfectly fine with that. The 6000k color is nice for outdoors, but a 5000k bulb would have been better. No big deal. I am very happy. I will be happy if they last as long as they say. 5 out of 5 stars!

👤Within a week of receiving 8 bulbs, 3 went dark, 2 kept flickering and the other 3 were on the verge of going flicker. The difference between 100W equivalent and 150W equivalent is called luminance.

👤These are very bright and shine from the end of the cylindrical shape to the base. It's easy to believe that they're equivalent to 150 Watt incandescent bulbs, even though I have no way of measuring the light output. I wish they were 3000K, but I'm getting used to that. They get four stars because of the fact that they are not recommended for use in ceiling fan lights. There is a One of them is dead four months later. The second one died a month later. When they say "not for ceiling fans", believe them!


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent?

Decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent products from Hansang. In this article about decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent you can see why people choose the product. Ledvance and Gezee are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent?

Hansang, Ledvance and Gezee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs 100 watt equivalent. Find the detail in this article. Linkind, Tobusa and Sunco Lighting are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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