Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs 40 Watt Equivalent

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1. DORESshop Vintage Incandescent Fixtures Decorative

DORESshop Vintage Incandescent Fixtures Decorative

The Vintage Antique Light Bulbs with Tubular (T45) shape are a great way to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations, such as lamp chandelier, Vanity lighting fixture, pendant lighting, wall sconces, ceiling light, room. A colored bulb. The light bulbs have a warm white design. The light is stable, does not flicker, does not hurt the eyes, provides excellent lighting and decorative effects, and makes your room more warm. It is very convenient and practical to use these bulbs to adjust the brightness to suit any setting and meet different lighting needs. The 40- watt novelty bulb is a stylish way to bring the nostalgia of the 1900s to your modern fixture. These bulbs are great for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light or discreet lighting. These bulbs are great for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light or discreet lighting.

Brand: Doresshop

👤These bulbs are beautiful and have a long life. They were ordered for a bathroom light fixture that had a rustic look. The light they shed is not ideal. They are called "warm white", that's not true. The light that these bulbs would offer would be similar to a warm white christmas light, but without the cool blue tones that are often present with LEDs. The tint on these bulbs is so deep that they give off more of a yellow or amber toned light. It feels a bit darker than similar clear bulbs and makes the path seem a bit old fashioned. The bathroom felt too dim and dark with these bulbs. They look great, were shipped quickly and the style is great. They are going to throw less light than you might think, and it will be amber toned.

👤I'm in love. Any room in the home will benefit from the addition of these bulbs. I bought these bulbs for my lamps. They're a great addition to my bedroom. These bulbs are definitely recommended. My bedside table lamps have dimmer levels. The bulbs work on all three levels.

👤What do you think about this product? It looks cool and when it worked it gave off a warm light. There is a What do you think about this product? It lasted 9 days. The bulb burning out after 9 days has greatly affected it's brightness. I can only give 1 star. 9 days is the longevity. Wow. Terrible longevity. I would not be able to fit in 10 hours of run time. I might be generous and give a quarter star. There is a See the title for value. 1 out of 5 stars.

👤I bought these for my desk. They are really cool. The light is warm, not fluorescent. They were on for a few minutes and started to feel a bit of heat.

👤I was excited to get these bulbs. They opened them and tested them out. It was a disappointment. There is a double bulb in the pictures. The pictures lead you to believe that mine is cool, but it is not. Time and money are wasted. Don't look at the picture, it definitely isn't like the one you're seeing.

👤I can't speak much for the longevity yet. I like them. I took the globes off of my pendant lights in my new house because I love how they look exposed. They cast a very warm, amber glow that sets an incredible mood of relaxation and awe. I'm satisfied and looking forward to seeing how long they last. My new home has a touch of personal preference.

👤The reviews should have been listened to. It was difficult because some people had said the product was as advertised, but it was also difficult because Amazon can be tricky, sometimes they give out the real product and then after a while they switch it out for a cheaper product. The bulbs I received are small, about half the size of a normal bulb, for a standard table or standing lamp. Even though they're small, they can't light up the smallest room with a candle or a nightlight. The interwoven design is not the same as in the pictures it is just to lines woven together and you get what you pay for.

2. Equivalent Filament Daylight Vintage Fixtures

Equivalent Filament Daylight Vintage Fixtures

Daylight. A bulb with a white lighting effect creates a lighting environment. 40w is equivalent to 450lm. Conclusions 1. The bulb is not dimmable, please do not connect with dimmers or 3-step dimming. There are 2 tips. The medium base is used for the operating voltage. There are 3 tips. The edison bulb is not shatterproof and is made of glass. The edison style lights are suitable for bathroom, porch lighting, wall light, garden light fixture, and just remember do not expose directly to water. The temperature was -13 to +113 F. Buy with confidence because of the 2 years warranty. They will reply your mail in 24 hours if you click on the right side and ask a question. Buy with confidence because of the 2 years warranty. They will reply your mail in 24 hours if you click on the right side and ask a question.

Brand: Winsaled

👤I installed these light bulbs less than 2 months ago, but one already wasn't working. I lightly grabbed the bulb because I thought it needed a slight adjustment. I didn't apply enough pressure to turn the bulb before the glass broke and came off in my hands. I have to remove this bulb. It decided to light up a few minutes after this happened.

👤These are perfect! We went through a lot of bulbs. I wanted soft light bulbs for the kitchen. Wanted them bright, but not artificial light that feels cold. We tried the amber, the smoky, and the blue. These were perfect! Good quality arrived intact. You can't beat the price. These were cheaper than all of the ones we tried.

👤I received the correct bulbs, but with the wrong color rating. The box was labelled as containing 3000K bulbs, but they were not. The supplier replaced my box for free, and it is in order now. I don't have any complaints. The bulbs work well.

👤It produces a white light that does a great job of lightening our hallway. Our ceiling light fixture has a vintage design.

👤My parents are decorating a new house. I couldn't find this size and color in the area. I bought these. They are beautiful.

👤The qn ultra white bulb was showing a lot of dirt in the kitchen so I went with the qn ultra white bulbs and they both look good.

👤The 12 pack arrived with a missing bulb, no broken glass just missing...quality control at the manufacturer should have at least counted them before shipping out... they are nice bulbs and would order again...won't return for one missing bulb.

👤I love that these bulbs add a nice touch to my re painted light fixture, they look like they are on even during the day.

3. Tenergy Dimmable Filament Equivalent Decorative

Tenergy Dimmable Filament Equivalent Decorative

We have retained the shapes and appearance of the classic light bulb, and the golf ball design with smooth lamp finishing is perfect for your fixture. Tenergy 6 Pack of dimmable edison bulbs and Antique Vintage Style ST64 light bulbs are designed to revive the beautiful classic home decor styles of the 19th century. A combination of old and new technology. Dimmable bulbs are compatible with a dimmer switch and offer smooth dimming control. Not all dimmers are designed to work with dimmable light bulbs. 5W of power is all that is needed to light up a 5W vintage light bulb, which is equivalent to 40 Watts of power. Non-flickering light and zero harsh glares help you avoid eye fatigue and provide you with a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. The warm white LEDs are ideal for homes, restaurants, coffee bars, retail shops, hotels, and many more. The warranty is 3 years and is built with premium materials. Tenergy bulbs are certified by the strictest standards. Eco-friendly light bulbs have no breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals. There is a special 3 year warranty. The warranty is 3 years and is built with premium materials. Tenergy bulbs are certified by the strictest standards. Eco-friendly light bulbs have no breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals. There is a special 3 year warranty.

Brand: Tenergy

👤There is a label on the side of the bulb that can't be removed and it's obvious. Having a logo and a bunch of text on the side of a traditional bulb is not something that should be done. It's very deceptive that the product you are getting is not what you see in the photos. Rub off the printing with rubbing alcohol and elbow grease.

👤I was unhappy with the light from the bulbs I could find at the hardware store, after I installed new light fixture in my kitchen. Went shopping on Amazon and saw the reviews for these. The color is bright but not blue. Not yellow. I just ordered a new fixture for my dining room, so I'm about to order more of these bulbs.

👤These are the right colors and brightness for most home light fixture. They're the same color as the other "soft white" bulbs I've purchased. I put these in two light fixture in my hallway that have clear glass shades and two pendants that have fully enclosed clear glass shades. It's nice to have some cool looking bulbs since they're visible, but also nice that they're light-colored, and I don't want to do it often because the ones in the hallway require a ladder to replace. I installed these about 3 months ago because I heard that it's not ideal to put the transformer in the base of the bulb in a completely enclosed fixture, but the ones in the fully enclosed fixture are still going fine. When you flip your switch, there is no "warm up period" or flickering. I've put 5 of the 6 in fixtures so far and haven't had any duds or early burnouts. I tried the 6th in a fixture and decided I wanted a higher wattage for that area. The advantages of being an LEDs is that it works just like a normal light bulb.

👤These are some of the best lightbulbs around. Each bulb was packed in a plastic sheath with a thumb opening and then packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The quality is better than any other I have ever bought. Each bulb has a UL listed on it.

👤I am a light bulb freak. These are amazing, they are perfect color temp, great look, and they are even dimmable with an old school lutron dimmer. I only take off one star because of the thin scratches on the surface of the bulbs, and I need to buy them.

👤I expected them to be smaller. They are the same size as 150w bulbs. They fit in a standard base sockets, but won't work in some closed fixture made for 40/60w bulbs. They seem brighter than 40w equivalents, but that may be because they are clear. They protrude and look disproportionate when I put them in a ceiling fan with clear open bell-shaped sockets. I will keep them because they are bright enough to use in the frosted open bowl ceiling fixture that I have now. They arrived quickly and are individually boxed for easy storage. Any reference to their size was not clearly visible. I don't have a dimmer, so I can't comment on how they function.

4. Dimmable Vintage Edison Bulbs Antique

Dimmable Vintage Edison Bulbs Antique

There are 4 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their 4W Thomas Edison's original light bulbs have a warm white 2200k light temperature and look great in vintage lighting. The amber glass design of their decorative light bulbs give them a warm, soft glow while being a classic yet tinted look. Their decorative gold tint light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting that has a non dimmable ability and can be used for any kind of setting or environment. Their 40 Watt light bulbs fit into any E26 or E 27 screw base, as well as any pendant light fixture. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤I like the look of the bulb and it seems to have good quality. Works well with dimmer. The bulbs don't hang down straight when screwed in because the screw base is crooked. It's not a huge deal but it's annoying to look at. I will see if I can get some replacements for the bad batches. They put off a very bright color which seems to match the advertised temperature. Which is what we wanted. The bulbs are really nice. I wish they were not crooked. I contacted Hudson Lighting about the crooked light bulbs. They immediately sent replacements. The new bulbs had the same problem. The screw base is not aligned with the bulb so it hangs at an angle. It looks odd since our fixtures are clear. I will have to look for different bulbs. I really like the light these bulbs produce and the color temperature is great. Hudson Lighting has good customer service. I am not impressed with their quality control.

👤The bulbs are very soft and bright and are worth every penny. I bought several boxes and only had one broken bulb, and the seller sent me a replacement without any issues. They were unable to locate a single bulb to send me for a replacement so they would be sending me a full package replacement. I have a few spare parts on hand and it arrived in perfect condition. This company will be my go-to for all of my light bulb needs in the future.

👤The lightbulbs are great. Life got in the way and these bulbs deserved a review. Why? They made my woman happy. I don't consider myself a lighting expert, other than buzzy fluorescents which I dislike. Miss thang has worked in the lighting business. It's not an easy girl to please. I like the look of the lights, but they're expensive and hot. Here we have a product that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient to operate, and reasonably priced. Everybody is happy, that's a beautiful thing. The product arrived quickly and safely.

👤I bought six different vintage edison bulbs to use as primary lighting without a dimmer. The amber coating has an effect on lighting. There is a I think Dsane st58 are 2200k and are the lightest yellow. The light is eerie, like a film noir or a Halloween effect. It's nice to see a single open bulb. Can be used to accent, but not as a primary lighting. The bulb string is supposed to have a longer usage life than the bulbs. The lighting in my apartment is perfect. 2300k is not as bright as the simbia, and there is no eerie lighting. Simbia st21- were the most yellow, yet I found them very pleasing and warm, just not what I was looking for, just a shade or two lighter in color than the bulb string/hudson. The whitest of the bulbs was dicuno vintage. Without yellow. I believe the companies did not put enough tint on the bulbs. The dicuno seemed to be similar to the ascher in color. The ascher did not have enough tint needed to be pleasing to the eye. The bulbs are more around 2500k. The style of these bulbs is the same, but there are some differences such as the size of the bulb, the amount of amber coating applied to the bulb, and the led lighting element within the bulb. This type of led within the bulb produces the most lumens of any style and range between 600- 700, with darker bulbs tending to produce less.

5. Bioluz Filament Candelabra LED Efficiency

Bioluz Filament Candelabra LED Efficiency

The 6 pack and 3 year warranty will save you $594 in energy costs. 40 WATT Candelabra uses 4 Watts. Less energy and heat! The electricity cost is only $0.48 per year. Non-Dimmable Clear Filament Bulbs look great indoors and outdoors. The 40W bulbs are in appearance, brightness and color. The 40W bulbs are in appearance, brightness and color.

Brand: Bioluz Led

👤We replaced all of the ceiling light fixture in our house with 3 different orders of these bulbs. The look and lighting provided by the bulbs were very nice. Some of the bulbs around the house started flickering. When we replaced the flickering bulbs with a new one, they were quite warm. We will be replacing all of the bulbs again because we are concerned about the safety of them. The purchase of our entire house was an investment for us. We have used other brands of bulbs for years without any problems so I conclude that the bulbs we use are poor long-term quality.

👤I've been waiting for the clear lights that are LEDs to arrive so I can complete my transition to LEDs. The last remnants of the power hogs and heat generators were on the outside. I wanted replacements for the ones that were in the fixture. They needed to be appealing to the eye and not have a lot of plastic base and mold. The base had to be screwed into the socked so that contact could be made. The bulbs did that. I replaced 27 of the 60 watt incandescent bulbs with the LEDs. 60 watt per bulb is not a good fit for a light. These are instantaneous compared to the other types. Highly recommend these bulbs. There is a The opinions found here were mine and not influenced. The claims in this review are based on the product's quality, suitability to the task at hand, and the potential of the product to perform over its lifetime. Why did I give this review? I am an avid Amazon buyer and depend on the reviews provided on the products I am considering for purchase. I feel that I can give back to the Amazon community by providing and unbiased review of products I purchase so as to assist others in their decision making process. If this has helped you in your shopping experience on Amazon, please leave a review.

👤I will get my grievances out of the way first, as this is the only issue I have. When they are 40w equivalents, they are listed at 60w equivalent. See below for more explanation. The positive points are next. The first thing you notice about these bulbs is that they don't look like your typical LEDs, in that there is no visible heatsink. The bottom half of the bulb is used for a heatsink. The heat dispersion device blocks the spread of the light, so it is less universal. The bulbs lack the normal heatsink and produce a nice, even light spread, similar to the ones used in incandescent bulbs. The appearance of the elements in these bulbs is similar to that of the bulb in an incandescent. More similar to other bulbs. The long, visible strips of light-colored light They produce about 350 lumens and the color is comparable to the 2700k color rating, which is why they are on par with 40 watt bulbs. If that were true, I would expect them to produce at least 500 lumens, even though they are advertised as 60w equivalents. I have other 40w equivalent bulbs that produce the same amount of light. I mentioned in the online guides that a 40W equivalent should produce 450 lumens. That is for a full-size bulb. 350 lumens is correct for candelabra bulbs. I've seen many 40w equivalents that state between 300 and 350 lumens. The candelabra will usually state 500 lumens. There is a I recommend these candelabra bulbs, but only as 40w replacements. As far as longevity... We will have to wait and see.

6. LOHAS LED Equivalent Brightness Non Dimmable

LOHAS LED Equivalent Brightness Non Dimmable

The perfect mirror light is the G25 globe bulb. Perfect lighting for home or commercial decoration. The LOHAS G25 light bulb has a low consumption of 6 watt of power. Soft white 3000k with the lumious flux of 500lm, 270 degree beam angle, produces a comfortable and relaxing lighting. It is non-dimmable. The standard E26 screw base makes it easy to install this light bulb. Only supports 120V. The quality is high. The plastic shell materials are high quality. There are certifications for CE and RoHS. If you have a question, please contact them. The quality is high. The plastic shell materials are high quality. There are certifications for CE and RoHS. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: L Lohas Led

👤We didn't know how dark the bathroom was until one of the standard bulbs burned out and we replaced all of the bulbs with the new ones. I can now see how close my shave is. I did not rate the longevity because this is a recent purchase, but I think they will last a long time. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I can't stand those bulbs that have a color that is not normal. I don't like it. I'm all for the use of light emitting devices. I use these in my bathroom, where I have an 8 bulb lighting strip above my bathroom mirror. I looked up the dead bulbs the other day. I was impressed when I bought these. A bright white light is not blinding. It was instant on. There were no shadows on the end of the bulbs. I ordered more replacements for the other globes. These are better. I have replaced all of my old light bulbs with the new ones, except for the frig light and the oven light. I would buy it again. I bought a pack of globes, but will look at their other offerings as well.

👤I just bought a second box to replace the 1 year old builder bulbs in my bathroom. The bulbs are plastic, but I love them. Dust does not collect on the bulbs when using an exhaust fan. You have light when you turn on the light switch. No more waiting for the glass to warm up. The light quality in the bathroom is similar to outdoor/white light. I don't feel like I'm in a tunnel anymore. I received my second box after having the first set for six months and having no flickering. There is a The bathroom with no window has been added. There is paperwork in the box along with the warranty info from my purchase. The bulbs are in strip lights.

👤I like the brightness of these bulbs and they don't get hot, but I have had two different sets where they stopped working. I thought the first set might have been faulty and exchanged them for a new set, but the second set had two bulbs that stopped working after a week or two. These bulbs are not good for lighting a bathroom with a shower. We think the problem was the humidity. I was horrified to see that the packaging states "Use only in a dry location..." The product photos show them being used in a bathroom with a shower. This information should be listed on the product page. There is a It's too late for me to return them. The manufacturer has a 1 year warranty so I'll be contacting them to replace them. I won't be buying them again.

👤I use the best lighting in my bathroom. I replaced burned out bulbs with the good ones. The brightness makes it possible to see things you can't.

👤The brightness of the bulbs I had was not comparable. They made my bathroom feel better. I was very pleased with the bulbs. Tena es incomparable! Iluminador, ningn otro. Muy contenta!

7. Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

The energy efficient bulb can save you money on your electricity bill. The bulbs have a 500 watt light output. High lighting efficacy and little heat generation make it a perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. It takes less maintenance than a tungsten lamp, and it has a long lasting life. The LEDs are not flicker, dazzle, or buzzing. It's safe for you and your family. Work safely and the voltage is AC 85-265V, best match with your table lamps,Ceiling fan light,Wall lamps, and pendant fixture. It can be used in any room, including the living rooms, the reading room,bedrooms,offices, and hallways. The Standard American E26 screw base is very easy to install. Their light bulbs are instant on. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Hansang

👤I have previously used fluorescent lights. The Hansang Model was purchased by me. The most effective way to not attract night flying insects is with the yellow lights. The UV and bluish range is attractive for insects, but the light emitted by the incandescent and CFL lights was not as effective as it could have been. LEDs are a type of light emitting device that is limited to a very narrow range of wavelength and can also be used as an insect attractant. There is a I have not seen many insects drawn to the light since installing the Hansang LEDs. The Hansang bulbs are the best for attracting moths because of their light. The brown marmorated stinkbug swarms before winter in my region. They aren't drawn by the light. The A19 bulb should fit most of the fixtures. I have not used these lights as an indoor nightlight, but the elimination of blue light is generally recommended as a light for sleep preparation and reducing eye glare on computer and phone screens. I was able to make an inquiry of their customer service dept, their reply was quick and courteous.

👤I thought I received the wrong bulbs. I ordered yellow. I opened the box. They were all white. They shine yellow when you turn the light on. Ta da! They work well.

👤I was very happy after installing a bulb in the outside light. A big black spider built a web that reached from the top of the awning down the side of the door and across to the mailbox. It was knocked down every day, but came back the next day as a nightmare for me. I tried to light a bulb. There were no spider webs or visible bugs.

👤Our entire home is fitted with bulbs from several manufacturers. They are comparable in quality and weight. They provide the brightness needed for lighting the video created by motion and are installed on outside security lights. The design and color of the lights go much better with the fact that they are white until lit. It was only a matter of weeks before bugs caught in webs obscured part of the camera lens, so these are a must in places where nighttime insects are a problem.

👤It was a replacement in the bathroom Vanity. The light is very bright. Not too cold or warm. The product was well packaged and shipped quickly. No buzzing sounds like leds. Can't beat these for the price. Would buy again.

👤I ordered 2nd. Set. A great bug light and living light. As the sun is out, it is comforting on the eyes and cheerful.

👤The bulbs are an excellent value buy. They turn on instantly, are bright, and most important are the correct color. Since they are not glass, you cannot tell from looking at them if they are plastic or not, that is a good thing. I installed all four of them in a bathroom fixture and they work great. If you want bright, these are for you, as they are four x 60 and have a brightness of 240w. If they work like most LEDs, it will be a long time before I have to replace them. One thing to remember is that the lifespan of the lights is very long and they use less energy than the other lights. These are great value for money.

8. Candelabra Equivalent Dimmable Chandelier Decorative

Candelabra Equivalent Dimmable Chandelier Decorative

We are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. High-end designed. Dimming Solutions tested the led candelabra bulb to work with most dimmers without flickering, buzzing, or humming. Their candelabra bulbs are compatible with most dimmers. The dimming is more precise than other bulbs. The candle bulb with flame tip and clear glass is attractive and makes the lamp look great. The Perfect LED Bulbs are suitable for chandeliers, ceiling fan, wall sconces, pendant light, foyer light in dining room, utility room, living room, hallway, entryway, etc. It is applied in all E12 Lighting Fixtures. The bright and warm glow of the 2700K candle bulb is easy to see and not too bright. The light from the chandelier bulb is 500lm in all directions, uniform color consistency, no strobe, and it protects your family's eyesight. Saving & Safety's B10 candelabra bulbs are dimmable and save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. Re-lamp frequencies are reduced by 15,000 hours. The E12 candelabra bulb base is approved by the U.S. government. Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Over Temperature Protection are some of the things that are protected. There was no lead or mercury. E12 small base candelabra bulbs for traditional halogen like chandelier, sputnik light, pendant light, wall sconces, mason jar ceiling light, bathroom Vanity lighting and other inside or outdoor decorative lamps are easy to install. You don't need to do anything else to get the bulbs into the sockets. There is more natural and vivid light. E12 small base candelabra bulbs for traditional halogen like chandelier, sputnik light, pendant light, wall sconces, mason jar ceiling light, bathroom Vanity lighting and other inside or outdoor decorative lamps are easy to install. You don't need to do anything else to get the bulbs into the sockets. There is more natural and vivid light.

Brand: Sengled

👤We moved into a house with a chandelier and it had some old bulbs. They didn't put out that much light, and only half of them were working. I found out that I bought some other LEDs at Walmart. They were not dimmable. The light output was not good. I went to look for some LEDs that would check the boxes for us. I put the bulbs in to see if they worked. The room lit up after some initial flickering. The dimming knob was moved a few times to make sure it worked. I don't know if I could find better bulbs at this price point. I think they last longer than the amount of time we live in this house.

👤I have to climb an 8 foot step ladder to change light bulbs in our upstairs bedrooms because they have high vaulted ceilings. Not very convenient. When 2 of the 3 old bulbs burned out, I swapped out for these. You can see the difference right away. The light is brighter than the little bulbs. The longevity will hopefully hold up in these, like the other LEDs I have swapped out for. When we moved in 3 years ago, I replaced every bulb in the house with an energy efficient one, and not a single one has failed yet. It is definitely a good investment. There is a pro tip. You should use gloves or a rag when you screw in the bulbs to keep the oil out of the glass. This will prevent the bulb from being evenly heating.

👤The bulbs were of good quality. All of them were successful. I bought these to use in a chandelier with no shade or glass. The bulbs are exposed. The writing on the bulbs detracted from the fixture appearance when the light was off. I will return them.

👤I ordered these bulbs to replace the standard Incandescent bulbs in my chandelier. They are perfect! The light is yellow and white. Exactly what I was looking for. They can be turned on and off. The seller could not be any better because they seem to be constructed of very high quality materials.

👤These were bought to replace the dim bulbs in the dining room. It would be easier to work throughout the day if the light was brought up. An old dial type dimmer works great with the dimming function. The lights do not flicker at all, even at very low illumination levels. Great purchase!

👤These lights look great, but I can't comment on the longevity. They were in good condition when they arrived. They were ordered for my other chandelier.

👤The old 60 watt incandescent lamps use 4.5 watt. When you dim them, the light from the lamp becomes more and more orange in color, and when you turn the light off, the light becomes white. These bulbs are very good. The old bulbs look worse when turned on.

👤The dimmable lights are wonderful. They are used in ceiling fan light kits. There is a The look of the bulb is very appealing to the eye. A change in style! The promotional offer for a free Smart Bulb is deceptive.

9. Sunco Lighting Dimmable Bathroom Vanity

Sunco Lighting Dimmable Bathroom Vanity

Their G9 led bulb has a new design with good ceramic heat dissipation, which can ensure a service life of 30,000 hours. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions about the G9 bulb. Within 12 hours, their professional after-sales team will provide you with a satisfactory solution. The Dimmable G25 Globe Light Bulb has a screw base. Dimming is seamless to suit any mood or decor. The G25 globes offer a sunlight-like quality. Pendant ceiling fixture in kitchens or any room in your home are ideal applications. It's also great for makeup mirrors. You can save energy instantly by converting to a light emitting device. Sunco's LEDs have a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs to reduce maintenance. The highest standards are upheld by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. The G25 bulbs have no warm up. They have no flickering or buzzing. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California.

Brand: Sunco Lighting

👤These are the bathroom sinks I use. They replaced conventional bulbs. The light fixture have 8 bulbs in them and are controlled with a dimmer switch. I am very happy with the color of the bulbs, it looks almost identical to the original bulbs, and there is a 10x power savings. The bulbs work well with a dimmer. I would recommend these bulbs to others.

👤My spouse is a cosmetologist so the lighting in the bathroom must be right. This lighting is great for a bathroom. The light is straight white. It covers an excellent range for that feature as well. The light switch should be rated for just this type of bulb. I liked the lights so much that I bought another set to replace the ones that weren't doing as well.

👤I needed some Globe bulbs for my bathroom. I tried another brand bulb, but I didn't like the color, it was too bright and white, like a hospital. I tried the 500 watt bulb, but it was too bright. I returned them. I tried the Sunco 3000K globe bulbs and they were right. There is a There is a slight negative. I think it will take about a quarter of a second between when you flip the switch and the light goes off. I can live with it, but I wish it was quicker.

👤It's exactly what we needed and it gives us the right amount of lighting for our bathroom.

👤Therobe effect. I ordered four of these boxes and they all have a strobe light effect which is not what I wanted. I don't have it on a dimmer and have brand new bathroom fixtures. These things are not very good.

👤The aesthetic look and feel of our kitchen space has changed after we found this awesome Sunco lighting 8 pack. There is a We have been using it for 3 weeks and still love it. Highly recommended.

👤The work is great and the dimming is smooth. Some of the other LEDs reacted like normal bulbs. I bought a second set already.

👤The material y luminosidad was excelente.

10. Tenergy Dimmable Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier

Tenergy Dimmable Candelabra Equivalent Chandelier

6w led e26 bulbs are equivalent to 60w incandescent bulbs in energy efficiency. The retro light bulb is beautiful and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations, such as lamp chandelier, Vanity lighting fixture, pendant lighting, wall sconces, ceiling light, room. The design was vintage. The decor styles of 19th century homes were revived with the Tenergy dimmable LED candle bulbs. A combination of old and new technology. Dimmable. dimmable down to 10% brightness, Tenergy candelabra light bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches. Not all dimmers are designed to work with light bulbs. The Tenergy bulbs light up immediately when powered on, providing perfect illumination equivalent to 40-Watt incandescent light bulbs while only consuming 4W of power. It is estimated to consume 85% less energy and last up to 20 times longer. The non-flickering light and zero harsh glares of the candle bulb prevent eye fatigue and provide a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. Tenergy E12 bulbs have a 3 years warranty. There is a special 3 years warranty. Tenergy E12 bulbs have a 3 years warranty. There is a special 3 years warranty.

Brand: Tenergy

👤I used these for a low hanging chandelier where the bulbs will be exposed near eye level and the orange stripe looks bad when the bulbs are not lit. The bulbs were working. I had to order more to get one more bulb because there was no way to get a single bulb sent.

👤There is a small complaint with the great bulbs, they have writing in the middle of the glass body. It's very visible when the bulb is off and ugly when it's in a chandelier.

👤The bulbs were a good value and seemed to have the desired amount of brightness when I tested them, but the base of the bulb sticks up above my fixture and there is writing on the outside of the bulb. I will have to come back.

👤It was perfect for the look I was going for. I bought a light fixture on another website and the recommended light bulbs were $60 for a pack of four. These are the same effect as the others. It was perfect for the atmosphere I was going for. I love the details of the bulb. I can't tell if the other reviews mention writing on the bulbs. It's so beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought a pack of 6 in November of last year. By August of this year, 4 of them have burned out. Even if they were on all the time, this would be unacceptable. It's terrible longevity to have that many hours. It's less than 1000 hours because the fixture only takes 3 bulbs. If they don't last, they aren't worth buying. They do not meet their claim of being equivalent to a 40w incandescent, more like 30w. I was willing to sacrifice the lower light output for the energy savings, but they need to last a lot longer than they did to be worth the premium price.

👤The product would have been 5 stars. One of the bulbs was not straight. I used these on my dining room light. I only needed 5 bulbs because the shade on that one was crooked. I have an older dimmer that they don't go down to the dimmest light on. I've read that they don't flicker because of the old dimmer. They work well for us. Came sooner than expected.

👤I have used a regular dimmer for years and it works well with the old bulbs. The new LEF bulbs flickered pretty bad from start to finish. I bought a brand new electronic dimmer switch ($50) and the LEDs work better but still flicker when dimmed 70% to off. Not impressed. Will probably send these bulbs back because they don't work right. I have a dimmer in my house that works well with other light emitting devices. I give them 3 stars because they are cheap and look great. They are pretty cool even after a while. They don't dim well.

👤The ceiling fans in my house required a special size. With a three year warranty, I thought this would be a good upgrade to make me a little green. Four of them flickered and are not usable. Over the next two years, another 10 stopped working. I contacted the warranty department after 14/18 failed. They took several weeks to get back to me and said that they were delayed due to covidence and never returned my email. I am no longer covered by the warranty and will be replacing the 2 bulbs that failed with brand new ones. The ones that are left provide warm and even lighting. Shame.

11. Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Replacement or refunds can be sent during the worry-free period. Let them know if you have any questions. The color of the light. Changing Light Bulb has 5W,40W Equivalent,500LM, E26 Screw Base decorative light bulbs with remote control. It is very easy to use and provide bright illumination. It has warm white for daily illumination and has 12 different colors. It also comes with a 90-day-refund guarantee. You can set the light bulbs to turn on and off at the same time every day, or only once. It makes life more convenient by changing their lives outside. There are two different types of light bulbs, which can be used to create a stage effect when you are hosting a party. You can adjust the rhythm by yourself in smooth mode. There are 12 popular colors that can be brightened or dimmed. Color changing with memory and sync. When you turn off the led light bulb, it will remember your last setting. When you turn on the rgb bulb, it will be green again. One remote control can control all bulbs. Mood led light bulb will make your room full of color and will adjust the rhythm in your room. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical.

Brand: Rayh

👤I don't know why. I was expecting one for the price, but I was surprised to get four. Each bulb comes with a remote that is easy to use. I have two types of lamps. The bulb has a sleep timer on it which is very convenient. You can either blink or fade the colors. My favorite fades. The remote works from a distance.

👤This is a four pack and it is worth the money. I will admit that I was Leary, as another reviewer stated that these could not be set and remain on one color. Their statement is not true. I bought these to highlight the current seasons decorations. I was surprised to find that I can choose one color and have it stay all night. I like the color changing options. It can be either dramatic or subtle. The ambient light they produce is fantastic, even though I wouldn't buy them to add bright light to a room. I'll be buying a few more sets, one to keep, and others to gift.

👤I decided to get the light bulbs for the night light to make it less scary for my kids because I was looking for every possible way to make them sleep in their room. They like it, we set on the fast and slow modes. We pick colors and it can be a white light. Comes with a remote. I put them in my night stands lamps. Kids love playing in the room, but they won't sleep in it.

👤I got these bulbs because I like my Teckin smart bulbs and wanted to try something different, but I wouldn't use my phone or Amazon to control them. I returned the 4-pack I bought from another brand because they were unpleasant in the white color, and got these instead. The bulbs/remotes/packaging are the same, but I was hoping for a warm white one. There is a I usually have them on a color setting since that's what I bought them for. I'm experimenting with back lighting for my work station, and so far I'm very pleased with the results. I like the fact that I have the ability to angle these in any way I want, and my setup has enough room behind the monitors to allow for these kinds of lamps. The office has a few nooks that don't get enough light from windows and overhead lights, and these bulbs fill in those spaces with color or regular white light. I plugged the lamps with the smart plugs into them and now I can control the power on/off function with the remote and change colors with it. I can say "Alexa, turn on office lights" and they will turn on. The stored memory feature means that they retain whatever setting they're on the next time they're powered on. Even if you only use wi fi/zigbee bulbs, I think they have a place in a smart lighting setup. It's nice to be able to press a button.


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent?

Decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent products from Doresshop. In this article about decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent you can see why people choose the product. Winsaled and Tenergy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent?

Doresshop, Winsaled and Tenergy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs 40 watt equivalent. Find the detail in this article. Hudson Bulb Co., Bioluz Led and L Lohas Led are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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