Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs 60 Watt

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1. Comzler Daylight Equivalent Decorative Non Dimmable

Comzler Daylight Equivalent Decorative Non Dimmable

Each E26 base bulb is only 6 Watt, but can replace your current 60 watt fluorescent light bulbs, which consume 10% of energy, and save up to 90% electricity bill. Product features include a high color rendering index and a high light intensity chip. It is good for your eyes to have a frosted PC cover with high transmittance. Eco-friendly: no UV/IR radiation, no mercury, and good for your children and family. If their ceiling fan light bulbs fail to meet your needs, they are sure to make it right for you, quick and friendly customer service will be provided. If their ceiling fan light bulbs fail to meet your needs, they are sure to make it right for you, quick and friendly customer service will be provided.

Brand: Comzler

👤Still can't beat either of them. I only use LEDs in places where I leave lights on for long periods of time. Even the cheapest bulbs have not been touched by a light. I keep reading reviews that say that LEDs don't work. If you like the gentle glow of real light bulbs, then you are sensitive to this stuff. Or something else. You will not be happy. You won't. Anyone who says they will is either blind or not sensitive enough. There is a Now. I haven't tried the ones that look like those old school ones with exposed fillaments. I'm a bit skeptical. I compared the led bulbs at home to what they looked like in the store.

👤The overhead ceiling light we used was powered by these bulbs. Four bulbs were used. The light was white, which is what we wanted. The light was bright near the bulb but dimmer closer to the table. We have high ceilings, and believe that was the problem. There is a These light bulbs are great for a table lamp or a ceiling light in a small room.

👤The A19 light bulb is about the same size as these, but has about the same amount of brightness. The screw on the bottom is the same size as the normal bulb. My fiancée likes that these sit near the center of the bulb cover. I can't speak to their longevity, but so far I'm fully satisfied. The color is warm. It's a pretty spot on. These are good, even though they seem to be over 3000K. There was no flickering so far.

👤I am sensitive to lighting and these lights are very easy to use. I use them in a couple of different places. They provide the exact type of light I was looking for two months. They are bright but not unbearable, they do not flicker, and they are a warm white. I recommend these for daily use. They are good for general applications.

👤I am editing my initial review because of a great response from the seller. The seller reached out to me after I posted my review to let me know they had a warm color version of the bulb that they would be happy to ship to me. I received the new bulbs. The bulbs are perfect for color warmth. I'm quite satisfied with the product, but I'm even more happy to know a seller that gives great customer service. I am very impressed with the seller. The bulb is low profile and I liked it for the two funky ceiling fan light fixture. The light is bright, but it looks fake. The light color is unnatural.

👤Most of the conversion bulbs I've bought start fading after a couple years, but I can't comment on longevity. Only time will tell if these will last longer. There is a The ceiling fan light came with a lot of bulbs. They fit and look good. The color is better than the original bulbs. The originals were 3k soft white, and these are advertised as 4k daylight, which is much more pure white or natural daylight. There is a The new bulbs have the same wattage printed on the base, which makes the room appear brighter.

2. Brightown LED Light Bulb 3500K 4000K

Brightown LED Light Bulb 3500K 4000K

5000K-4000K neutral white and 500 watt medium base led bulbs provide 500 watt lighting in your home. Vintage Style: This amber tinted finished glass cover Edison light bulbs comes with a retro and stylish appearance, creating a soft whtie and romantic atmosphere. These bulbs can be used for lighting, but they can also be used for decorations. Smooth Dimming The dimmer switch is compatible with the dimmer switch and has the lowest brightness at 10%. There was no flicker or glare. The 6 watt E26 light bulbs are equivalent to 60 watt incandescent bulbs and save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. The lifespan of low power consumption is over 25,000 hours. The safety of the product during transportation is ensured by the well packed, wrapped foam in box of the LEDs. The safety of the product during transportation is ensured by the well packed, wrapped foam in box of the LEDs.

Brand: Brightown

👤The bulbs give off light. The amber glow bulbs were for the sit in kitchen, so I bought the soft white bulbs. I didn't want the area to have an orangish glow. The light is a tad harsh, but it may be that it is an open fixture with no shade. Time will tell how long they will last. There is a All six bulbs received intact, the packaging was nice.

👤I ordered these lights as LEDs, but when I received them, they were just regular incandescent bulbs that were very hot. This is not a true description of the product.

👤I have not installed the dimmer for those exterior patio lamps, so no score on that, a pleasant appearance when both off and on, amber glass ages the product a bit, brightness as expected with no particular pattern shed, all in a good product so far.

👤The look of the lights is gorgeous. There is a I ordered another set of lights because I loved them so much that I was going to use different sized bulbs in the fixture, but I decided to use them all in these!

👤There is a surface on the outside of the bulb. Very big when on. Not a yellow color when the lights are on. If you are looking for a warm low light, these bulbs are not for you. A nice bulb.

👤These bulbs are wonderful. They are very pretty with my chandelier. They have a bright light and look great!

👤These light bulbs are bright and look great, I'm glad you can dim them when needed. The size was perfect for the lighting in my home. The bulbs are only 2 weeks old so I didn't rate them 5 stars. The cost of these light bulbs is higher than the average light bulb. I was happy with the 1 year warranty.

👤These will make you happy if you are looking for dimmable bulbs. They were exactly what I wanted for my bathroom. I will happily purchase them again. I've only had them for a few weeks, so I can't speak to their energy efficiency or longevity, but I'm hoping both will be just as advertised. I'm very happy with this purchase.

3. Simba Lighting Incandescent Equivalent Non Dimmable

Simba Lighting Incandescent Equivalent Non Dimmable

The high output light is 7 Watts and has an Incandescent Equivalent of 60 Watts. The average household energy costs are only $0.8 per year. Excellent and safe lighting. The chip is high quality. The beam angle is wide. 5000K Daylight is bright white. There is no UV/IR light. Not Dimmable. There are many lighting applications. Candle shape light bulbs are great for accent lighting. Standard size of aluminum with white frosted PolyCarbonate. The diameter is 1.76” (37mm), the length is 3.0” (101mm), and the base is E12 candelabra. Pack of 6 Life span of 30,000 hours, 27 years with 3 hour daily use is the 2 year warranty. The warranty is 2 years. Both CE and RoHS are present. It is compliant. Life span of 30,000 hours, 27 years with 3 hour daily use is the 2 year warranty. The warranty is 2 years. Both CE and RoHS are present. It is compliant.

Brand: Simba Lighting

👤The bulb is bright and fluorescent. Daylight is what I found out. I was hoping for something better in the living room. Everyone blinks and says they feel like they're at the doctor now. Hope this helps someone else. I'm going to look for a different bulb.

👤These bulbs do not fit the Christmas candle lights that you put in your window, but they do fit a candlestick lamp that I have. One bulb is holding up well, and it stays on 24 hours a day. It's probably a lifetime supply, and that's fine. The single bulbs at the big box store are more expensive than these. Happy with my purchase, after all!

👤The bulbs were bright and clear. I only used lights on the fan as a night light. There is a I don't need the fluorescent over the sink anymore. These are super and don't use a lot of juice. It is not bad to have a good price. It is well worth the money. Would buy them again.

👤Fantastic bulbs for my chandelier. I replaced all my bulbs. It was perfect for my needs.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered others that gave off a yellow tint, but this is a great color and brightness.

👤I use an outdoor yard light that is on at night and off at dawn. Four bulbs really light up the area in my fixture. Very happy.

👤These were purchased in August of 2019. The last one to burn was tonight. Purchase another brand if you want to save money.

👤The lights give off a white light. I bought them for the outdoor fixture.

4. Dimmable Replacement Equivalent Filament Chandelier

Dimmable Replacement Equivalent Filament Chandelier

The lifespan is an average of 30,000 hours. If you have a question, please contact them. There are 6 pieces in the multi piece set. The e26 medium base light fixture can use the 120v and 6w power of the vintage light bulbs. It has a warm white light. An average of 25000 hours of lifespan is offered by long lasting and dimmable. The best lighting effect is achieved by using the Edison bulbs to adjust the brightness to suit any setting and meet different lighting needs. The edison led bulbs are safe to touch. The light is stable, does not flicker, does not hurt the eyes, provides excellent lighting and decorative effects, and makes your room more warm. The light bulb is made of high quality material and comes with an amber colored glass cover. It is a perfect match for modern furniture. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging. 6w led e26 bulbs are equivalent to 60w incandescent bulbs in energy efficiency. The retro light bulb is beautiful and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations, such as lamp chandelier, Vanity lighting fixture, pendant lighting, wall sconces, ceiling light, room. 6w led e26 bulbs are equivalent to 60w incandescent bulbs in energy efficiency. The retro light bulb is beautiful and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations, such as lamp chandelier, Vanity lighting fixture, pendant lighting, wall sconces, ceiling light, room.

Brand: Brightown

👤I was so excited to get this hanging light to go with my lamp shade. When I plugged it in, it started blinking randomly and going very bright and then dim, and I bought a dimmer switch that will turn it off when you turn it off. In spurts, does this. The hanging string pendant light wiring is not correct. I am very disappointed. I was so excited to get this and move into our new condo and add to my room but I feel like the ring is not safe for me or my son. If this is a fire or a blaze, then it's a fowl ring. If you want to take that chance with the younger kids and family be aware of this future buyers. The company will keep their products and send new ones. I wanted to buy the 3 BULB LIGHT, but I am very disappointed. At this point. The review will be updated after I am contacted by the seller. DEFINITELY looks pretty good, but can't recommend at this time.

👤The bulbs are in the cage lamps in my owner's bathroom. The bulb flickered about 3 months after installation. The bathroom has plenty of natural lighting during the day, so it was not a heavy use. The flickering started with one element but spread to other elements within the bulb. The entire bulb flickered on and off in less than 9 months of occasional use. The other bulbs are still working. Still, makes me question the quality control for the bulbs.

👤The bulbs were well packaged and seem to be of good quality. They are not amber. They have a tint to the glass but the light is cold. They're too cold for the living room, so I'll use them in my bathroom.

👤These bulbs are brighter than I thought they would be. I was expecting more of an amber tone. They're warmer than traditional bulbs, but they're not as bright as the photos depict.

👤These bulbs are really nice. One of the original 4 peach packs failed about 5 months into use and the other failed about 9 months into use, which is the only issue I have with them. They are in a room that is lighted for 2 hours a day, so they failed earlier than they were advertised.

👤Warm amber lights. How long they last will have to be seen in the style of the man. The box it comes in states that the package contains 6 bulbs. Only 4 bulbs are included.

👤I think we should have got the 40 watt. The wife likes the 60 watt light so it's perfect. There are no florescent lights in the kitchen. The way these bulbs are shipped is great. Unless something huge is dropped on them, there is no way of breaking them. Brightown got them here quickly, doing a kitchen remodel.

👤These are great looking bulbs. It instantly adds warmth to my living area and makes me feel better. It was not as bright as I would have liked, but it was still great and energy efficient. It was well packaged and there were no broken items.

5. Equivalent Eye Friendly Decorative Droplight Non Dimmable

Equivalent Eye Friendly Decorative Droplight Non Dimmable

5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California. The globe can save you money on your electricity bill. 5W (60 watt bulb equivalent) daylight bulbs are available. High lighting efficacy and little heat generation make it a perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. It takes less maintenance than a tungsten lamp and lasts more than 30,000 hours. The LEDs are silent. It's safe for you and your family. 5000K day. The high color rendering index (Ra>80) is safe to work with and the voltage is AC 85-265V. It can be used in any room. The Standard American E26 screw base is very easy to install. Their light bulbs are instant on. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a reply in 24 hours if you have a product problem. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a reply in 24 hours if you have a product problem.

Brand: Hansang

👤I'm not sure how useful my video will be, but here goes. These are bright. I replaced the bulbs in my bathroom. Some people may not like their bathroom bright. I think this is perfect if you apply makeup. They're bright and the perfect shade of white makes your makeup look great. They are. It was a bit of a shock in the morning, but that's good for me. I'm sure I'm awake. I like them because they have made my bathroom look less like a cave. They are perfect for makeup application. I just got these bulbs three days ago and there isn't really a warmth to them, so I can't really rate the longevity or warmth that Amazon is prompting me to mention. They're not warm because they're light on the whiteness scale, so not really any warmth there either.

👤I'm getting compensated for this review. I will give an honest review of the Hansang G25 Globe Light Bulbs. There is a The light bulbs are bright. They are bright. The pathetic bulbs I had in there before are not as bad as the ones I have now. Night and day are different. It takes some getting used to, best to close your eyes until they adjust. I only received four bulbs, which was less than I expected. This is due to dumdassery on my part, for not thoroughly reading the description. I will be ordering more soon.

👤The 60W 4000K model is reviewed. I originally ordered the 5000K and love them, but my sons don't use the mirror for applying makeup, so they felt that they were too bright for them. I put 5000K in my bathroom and 4000K in their bathroom. It was perfect! They love them too. It was bright but not overpowering. They don't get hot to the touch like my previous clear globe LEDs, yet they put off more light. The first impressions of the bulbs are good. I will never go to the store to buy bulbs again. Shipping was fast and the packaging was good.

👤We decided to try these out because they were reasonably priced. The bulb functions exactly as it was described on Amazon. They use less power and heat than incandescent lights.

👤The bathroom is much brighter but the light on the eyes is softer. It's a daily task to wash up and shave with a light.

👤I received these lights today and they seem to be working. The biggest problem is that the bulbs don't have anything on them. No company name, no technical information, no way to contact the manufacturer. The photos in Amazon look different with brand name, technical detail on the bulb and so on. Bulb is light and flimsy. I want to understand why there is so much difference between what is shown in the Amazon site and what I got. Did I get a genuine one? I received Picture 1 and 2 and Picture 3 in the mail. I can't believe that what I got is legit.

6. Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier Non Dimmable

Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier Non Dimmable

The energy saving is happening. It is equivalent to 60 watt incandescent light. High safety and long lifespan. Maintenance cost can be reduced by 30,000 hours. The light in high level safety stardard is ensured by the use of insulated heat conducted housing. Uniformity color and high color rendering index. The light color uniformity is very high and the people will not feel any pain from it. The color rendering index has an excellent performance in Ra80, which takes them realistic color of all objects. Wide application,istic appearance. It can be used for different purposes. They offer a 3 year warranty for their quality problem. They offer a 3 year warranty for their quality problem.

Brand: Hansang

👤I have no complaints about the bulbs. I ordered replacements for the bulbs in the chandelier. A few weeks after purchase, one bulb started to make a crackling noise. When the bulb started flickering and blinking, we knew it was the bulb, even though we thought we had a mouse. I told Hansang that it would be difficult to send the entire pack back for a faulty bulb. They sent me a replacement. They sent me a full 6 pack of replacement bulbs. Customer service and support is excellent. I will purchase Hansang if I need more bulbs in the future.

👤The 6 bulbs were put in a kitchen light fixture. The circuit breaker kicked off when the light switch was turned on. Since the coffee pot is on the same circuit, turn it off. The bulb burned out when the switch was turned on again. The bulb was charred and black when I took it out. There is a short between "+" and " +-". I removed all of the other bulbs because I was not happy with the short circuit issue and potential fire hazard. I got a credit for submitting a return for the bulbs, but they are a "returnless" product. Do not use the remaining bulbs.

👤The bulbs are bright. I know KED bulbs run brighter than other bulbs, but the lamp we bought for has 5 sockets and when all 5 are on they light up my whole kitchen/living room area like it is daylight outside. If you put these outside, you could land planes with them. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The lights were a good value and were able to replace some old lights that went out in the bedroom. The light was a bit brighter than I expected, but the smell that they emit when turned on was the most noticeable and undesirable aspect of these. It's a bit of a sharp plastic smell which has dissipated a little, but not too much since about a month after purchase. If your lights and fan are located in a larger, open room where they will be used frequently, these bulbs would be perfect. I would look for a different brand if I wanted to avoid the smell.

👤We like bright light in all of our rooms, but they were too bright for our dining room chandelier, which unfortunately does not have a dimmer. The return fee was almost half the price of the bulbs, so I am giving 5 stars instead of 4.

👤These are energy efficient. I was unsure at the time of purchase how bright they would be, but they have been great! They're brighter than I could have hoped for, but it's better to be on that side than it is to be too dark in the room. There is a The white surface of the bulb provides better brightness than a clear surface, and these bulbs definitely provide "cool" sun-type light. If you are expecting a warm yellow light, do not get these. This is a light. The price is excellent because the 6-pack will likely last me for the next decade.

7. Equivalent Protection Daylight Filament Non Dimmable

Equivalent Protection Daylight Filament Non Dimmable

The high color rendering index is used. The Ascher High CRI is 95+). The quality of light output will remain stable throughout the lifetime of the bulb, meaning you will enjoy beautiful light and natural colors for years to come. Thecher Pack of 4 Units E26 High CRI LED Filament bulbs replace 60W incandescent bulb by 6W LED, save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. The lifespan of low power consumption is over 20,000 hours. The design of traditional light bulbs is preserved by this Standard American E26 base bulb. It turns on at full brightness with a Daylight White light. Also, note: Please don't use the E26 bulb with a dimmer switch. No flicker or strobe is eco-friendly. The High CRI(95+) led light bulb can protect your family's eyesight by eliminating eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional light bulbs. There was no UV or IR. It's good to your family. High quality light bulbs are listed to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard. cher is committed to providing customers with high quality products, they are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. cher is committed to providing customers with high quality products, they are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤I bought these when I changed my light fixture. I need a bright color for the quilts I cut out on the kitchen island. It is awesome that there is no yellow tint and no heat. I can see things I need to clean.

👤The non-dimmable bulbs were purchased by me. These are bright! I'll upgrade my light switch later. They look nice and give our fixture a industrial look. Very happy with these! One has decided to begin to flicker 7 months later. I will contact the seller and see what they have to say. We will see, it states they give customers 18 months of service. We have another bulb that is going out. The last time this happened, the seller credited me for one bulb because they don't send out single bulb replacements. I have two bulbs that no longer function correctly. These are a bust. Buyers use your judgement better. I'll spend the extra money on something that's better quality. Today is 11/27. I wrote a second update a few days ago. I have a third bulb that is flickering.

👤A green/blue hue is cast. I accidentally ordered the 4000k which is bright and blue. The 2700K, pictured on the left, was reordered to match the existing bulbs in the kitchen. It's difficult to take a picture in the kitchen because of the strange hue. To make sure I didn't see anything, I put a smaller bulb from a different brand into the one I had. Will be returning both sets and looking for a new brand.

👤It's perfect to provide bright natural light for my bathroom. On the warm side of white light, but not as warm as the incandescent style bulbs. These are not your bulb if you are looking for a dim golden glow. If you want a nod to vintage, but light to shave or apply makeup, these are for you. It's perfect for our bathroom renovation.

👤I used these to replace some bulbs. These have the same look. They're not the same because of the led filament. They give off less heat and make the area look better.

👤We just installed these bulbs and they are beautiful, but I can't speak on efficiency or longevity. I have a pair of lamps that I have an older style bulb in, but they weren't bright enough. I bought 2 ceiling lights to replace mis matched ones in a hallway. I was a little concerned, but these are brighter than the older style ones I have, and bright enough.

👤I like the look of edison bulbs. I am not a fan of the yellow tint they give off. I thought I would give this set a try. I am very happy that I did. The ones you find in store are brighter and whiter than the ones you see in person. There is a I will save the link for future purchases.

👤I can't speak to the claimed life of the bulbs since I have only used them for a few days, but so far so good. They give a nice and bright light without being too harsh, and the color temperature seems to be accurate based on my estimation. I don't have a way to measure the claimed CRI.

8. Dimmable LED Edison Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED Edison Light Bulbs

There are 6 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their 6W Thomas Edison's original light bulbs have a warm white 2200k light color temperature and are perfect for vintage lighting. Their decorative light bulbs are designed with amber glass that gives them a warm, soft glow while still giving a classic yet tinted look. Their decorative gold tint light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting that has a non dimmable ability and can be used for any kind of setting or environment. Their vintage 60 Watt light bulbs fit into any E26 or E 27 screw base, as well as any pendant light fixture. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. The antique bulbs have a glow and will last. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. The antique bulbs have a glow and will last.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤I like the look of the bulb and it seems to have good quality. Works well with dimmer. The bulbs don't hang down straight when screwed in because the screw base is crooked. It's not a huge deal but it's annoying to look at. I will see if I can get some replacements for the bad batches. They put off a very bright color which seems to match the advertised temperature. Which is what we wanted. The bulbs are really nice. I wish they were not crooked. I contacted Hudson Lighting about the crooked light bulbs. They immediately sent replacements. The new bulbs had the same problem. The screw base is not aligned with the bulb so it hangs at an angle. It looks odd since our fixtures are clear. I will have to look for different bulbs. I really like the light these bulbs produce and the color temperature is great. Hudson Lighting has good customer service. I am not impressed with their quality control.

👤The bulbs are very soft and bright and are worth every penny. I bought several boxes and only had one broken bulb, and the seller sent me a replacement without any issues. They were unable to locate a single bulb to send me for a replacement so they would be sending me a full package replacement. I have a few spare parts on hand and it arrived in perfect condition. This company will be my go-to for all of my light bulb needs in the future.

👤The lightbulbs are great. Life got in the way and these bulbs deserved a review. Why? They made my woman happy. I don't consider myself a lighting expert, other than buzzy fluorescents which I dislike. Miss thang has worked in the lighting business. It's not an easy girl to please. I like the look of the lights, but they're expensive and hot. Here we have a product that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient to operate, and reasonably priced. Everybody is happy, that's a beautiful thing. The product arrived quickly and safely.

👤I bought six different vintage edison bulbs to use as primary lighting without a dimmer. The amber coating has an effect on lighting. There is a I think Dsane st58 are 2200k and are the lightest yellow. The light is eerie, like a film noir or a Halloween effect. It's nice to see a single open bulb. Can be used to accent, but not as a primary lighting. The bulb string is supposed to have a longer usage life than the bulbs. The lighting in my apartment is perfect. 2300k is not as bright as the simbia, and there is no eerie lighting. Simbia st21- were the most yellow, yet I found them very pleasing and warm, just not what I was looking for, just a shade or two lighter in color than the bulb string/hudson. The whitest of the bulbs was dicuno vintage. Without yellow. I believe the companies did not put enough tint on the bulbs. The dicuno seemed to be similar to the ascher in color. The ascher did not have enough tint needed to be pleasing to the eye. The bulbs are more around 2500k. The style of these bulbs is the same, but there are some differences such as the size of the bulb, the amount of amber coating applied to the bulb, and the led lighting element within the bulb. This type of led within the bulb produces the most lumens of any style and range between 600- 700, with darker bulbs tending to produce less.

9. JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Daylight Decorative

JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Daylight Decorative

If their ceiling fan light bulbs fail to meet your needs, they are sure to make it right for you, quick and friendly customer service will be provided. Excellent performance. The 5000K daylight white light is nice and bright. JandCase 6w led bulbs can be used to replace 60w incandescent bulbs. It is a 10%- 100% dimmable bulb that is designed to meet all your needs for room brightness. It's compatible with the dimmers. Simply install the bulb into the light fixture from the standard E12 base. No delay, instant on. There was no buzzing or humming. Candle shape light bulbs are perfect for ceiling fan, chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamp, bedroom or living room and kitchen. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Jandcase

👤These bulbs are wonderful. I can dim the colors when my eyes hurt and use them for a night light, the multi colored flash gives it a party feel.

👤I had trouble finding an e12 rgb bulb that was also bright, so I ordered this product. I ordered a set of 3w bulbs from somewhere else. I was very disappointed in the lack of light. These aren't as fancy as the ones, but didn't need them for that. I'm happy with the remote color options, the brightness at the 5w rating, and being able to get what I wanted quickly. I took out my ceiling fan light fixture. I'm happy with them. I ordered a new set of the fancy ones, but they were only 4w and less. With these, I can change the brightness up or down with a remote, and get plenty of light. I didn't want to have to have a phone app to do it. I didn't want to use a cell app to change my color from turquoise to bright white, or set a timer to dim.

👤They say they aren't weather proof, but they are inside a light fixture. I like that I have the ability to change the colors. I have three fixtures that take two bulbs each. I can make them all green for St. Patty's Day, I have Red-Green-Red for Christmas. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran's Day will be made Red-White-Blue by me. I'm happy I bought them. One remote works for all of them.

👤I was hoping this would fit in my selenite rock lamp, but it doesn't, it sits off the base. It seems to be ok so far. You can't tell unless you look and prop it up onto something. You can see how the lamp sits on the base.

👤I think these bulbs are good for a kids night light. Two of them put off barely enough light to make the edges of furniture visible in a small, dark RV bedroom. If you dim them, you don't get enough light to see the bulb and its enclosure. Disappointed in the performance. These 6W bulbs are not worth buying unless you are looking for a very low-light bulb or you want a decorative bulb.

👤I bought 6 of these to use on my two outside lanterns at Christmas. Within the first few weeks of use, two of them became useless. The remote would no longer be able to control them. I needed to buy a pair of bad lantern positions for Christmas this year, so I bought another pair. One on them would change color. It was a real PITA to keep doing this because it would respond to the remote to get it back to its original color. I inquired about the warranty. I was told I would be given a resolution after a lot of questions. They haven't heard from them in a couple months. Don't buy these. The company will not honor their warranty because they are unreliable. The lifetime is BS. Another Chinese company has no honor or commercial integrity.

10. Dimmable Candelabra Incandescent Equivalent Decorative

Dimmable Candelabra Incandescent Equivalent Decorative

MATCHES existing incadescent bulbs in appearance, brightness and color. No flicker or strobe, no UV, clear glass with high transmittance, high-grade electric source and chip set minimize the light pollution like glare and strobo flash and protect your eyes from stimulation. Dimming allows you to control the brightness of your chandelier light bulbs. Set your e12 tube light bulbs according to your mood and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The 60W candelabra bulb is non-flicker and no buzzing to protect your family's eyesight. The T6 candelabra light bulbs have the same appeal as the traditional edison bulb, with the added benefit of lower energy use. Use these with your chandeliers, ceiling fans, lamp post, lanterns, porch, entryway, dining room, bathroom, or any home lighting fixture with a small e12 base sockets. There is a warranty. SANSI products include a full 2-year warranty, a 30-day refund or replacement, and free lifetime technical support, you can surely buy with confidence. There is a warranty. SANSI products include a full 2-year warranty, a 30-day refund or replacement, and free lifetime technical support, you can surely buy with confidence.

Brand: Lvye

👤Two of the four I bought have died. These light bulbs are not for sale. Very bad quality. Not worth anything. The first one went out a month ago. All of them will fail very soon. They agreed to send me 2 new bulbs under warranty. I am impressed. Maybe their products are okay. There are issues with shipping the new bulbs. They will credit me for the cost after I receive four more. There is a What!? You should order them and ship them. I am not buying more stuff from you under a fake promise to reimburse me. You can pay for them for me. SCAM - SCAM.

👤Only four are working now. I bought a replacement box so that my chandelier isn't half-lit, and of those six, only four are flickering. Skip these! The seller doesn't have to replace the ones that don't work. I bought two boxes of these and if twelve of them are still working six months later, that's the original review. It was very sad. I would like to ask for a replacement, but I don't know how to do that. They look good, the light is bright, but didn't last as long as a regular old incandescent would have!

👤The lights are perfect for a chandelier. They produce a soft white color. The gold base is a great touch for a Chandelier with gold accents. I love them! Great value!

👤This is not a frosted bulb. You will see what I mean when you look at the picture I uploaded. There are yellow strands through the frosted glass. I bought frosted bulbs so they wouldn't be visible. Will be returning them to Amazon.

👤I don't recommend them. I bought 24 bulbs. I have installed 9 bulbs so far. 5 of the 9 bulbs don't work. The bulbs work when they are first installed. They fail from 5 minutes to 24 hours. 30 days is the return window. You are stuck with them after that. I didn't know the quality was bad until the return window closed. If they are the same quality as the ones that failed, it does me no good. I wanted to return the whole order.

👤I like them a lot. I have purchased various other Edison type bulbs from the local home improvement centers for more money and less product. They have a nice glow and are a great deal. Not a brain flash effect. I have had people hurt my eyes. This is a great choice.

👤This set is more expensive than others, but it provides excellent light quality and very bright. The light in the set was not very natural. One of the bulbs started flickering. The set is doing well for a month now. I'm happy with the lights and would buy them again.

👤I'm happy with the bulbs. The "pointy" ends give that classic look. There is a The bulbs were well packaged in plastic containers and cardboard boxes. They can't break during shipping. There is a It's too early to tell about longevity but at least they don't flicker like some of the other LEDs.

11. Equivalent Candelabra Daylight Decorative Dimmable

Equivalent Candelabra Daylight Decorative Dimmable

Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. High efficiency In the 120V environment, cooperate with 600LM. The lighting is instant. The Hansang E12 bulb is on immediately. Average 30000 hours life span is long Durability. 6 watt (60w Equivalent) 5000K Daylight,RA>83,86-265VAC. When products are still under warranty, there is a guarantee to make a replacement or refund. When products are still under warranty, there is a guarantee to make a replacement or refund.

Brand: Hansang

👤We have a couple of weird ceiling fans that use small base bulbs and they have to light up a 20x15 ft room. The fans had four 40w bulbs and it looked dim. The 80 watt more light output on each fan is a big improvement. The living room and dinning room are not like a cave anymore. I can't figure out why ceiling fan manufacturers started using smaller light sockets. It's the most difficult thing to find a decent watt bulb for these light fixture. There is a high equivalent dimmable LED bulb that fits these ceiling fans.

👤I am not sure what type of bulb to buy for a lamp with a small narrow base. I ordered the warm light because they were a perfect fit for the light coming from them and they were not harsh or too bright for a bedroom. The product is good and the deal is good.

👤I like Hansang bulbs. It is amazing that they fit in a three bulb floor lamp and deliver a bright light with only 3 6 watt bulbs. I bought this lamp to replace a 10 watt ceiling light that is 21 feet above the floor.

👤I fit my overhead fans and lights perfectly. I thought they might be small. A good amount of light and brightness. The original 40w bulbs used a lot of energy. We appreciate the 60w bulbs' brightness. We were considering getting new ceiling fans but don't need them now.

👤The pictures need to be updated to reflect what you see. I saw Hansang advertised on the bulbs, but they were not marked and had the wrong voltage. There is a problem with false advertised items on Amazon. Un branded light bulbs are dangerous. Why don't you brand your product? Is it possible to avoid liability? Buying cheap bulbs will endanger your home. Unless you are an electrician, I would stick with branded bulbs.

👤After trying to replace ceiling fan lights at Lowe's, I decided to purchase them on Amazon. The base lights fit my fan perfectly. They were packaged in a small box with 6 bulbs. One box had a coupon for a free night light. I will be ordering a new light bulb.

👤The LOHAS bulb that I bought on Amazon is no longer available. I have two lamps. I replaced the one that was burned out. Even though my prior bulbs were also 2700K, I noticed that this one was warmer. I replaced the 3 still functioning bulbs with new ones. The effect was nice. There is a The extra light from these 600 watt bulbs is noticeable, even though they are only 50 watt brighter than my older bulbs. There is a I was expecting something to be a commodity, but I was pleasantly surprised.

👤The bulbs seemed to work well in ceiling fans where the lights were turned on and off periodically. We left the lights in the kitchen area on continuously this week. One began strobing after four days. On the next day, another person did the same thing. I'm waiting to see if the other two bulbs follow suit. I think they do. They look nice and solid, but they don't last. I will not be ordering any more Hansung LEDs.


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs 60 watt?

Decorative led light bulbs 60 watt products from Comzler. In this article about decorative led light bulbs 60 watt you can see why people choose the product. Brightown and Simba Lighting are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs 60 watt.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs 60 watt?

Comzler, Brightown and Simba Lighting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs 60 watt. Find the detail in this article. Hansang, Hansang and Ascher are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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