Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs Dimmable

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1. GE Lighting 42173 Decorative Replacement

GE Lighting 42173 Decorative Replacement

The light bulbs are white. The candle light bulbs emit a white light. The GE light bulbs are perfect for use in chandeliers, sconces and fixture where the bulb is visible. These Vintage light bulbs are dimmable and provide a warm candlelight glow and recreate the retro look of old fashioned incandescent bulbs. Traditional 40-Watt incandescent light bulbs are replaced by GE's Vintage Edison light bulb which uses 4.5-Watts. The GE Vintage led light bulbs are rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours of daily use. The GE Vintage led light bulbs are rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours of daily use.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤The lamp has a glass shade. I had a jar of German christmas candy on the shelf, but the lamp didn't stick, and it fell onto the jar. It was expected to shatter immediately. The bulbs are fine and still burn. Light bulbs became a product that burned out in a year or had thin glass, and it was made from thick well made glass. You're finally doing the right thing when selling bulbs. I give you a thumbs up even though you made bulbs that died out in a year. To make more money but also to save the precious metal. You can have incandescent bulbs for a long time. These vintage bulbs look the same as the ones I remember. I give GE a thumbs up. The lighting at the Kmart job I hated for 6 months reminded me of the lighting in the mid to late 2000s. I would like to see you guys make colored ones, which are the only ones I see.

👤The envelope has a good warm color. My wife approves. Since it seems like every time I find a good replacement, they stop making them after a few years, and I have to switch the whole set out, I'm hoping that they will continue to make them.

👤The Arts & Crafts-style home we have out in the forest has these bulbs that make it look great on the wraparound veranda. The dimmable feature allows for the ideal mood setting for those summer dinners on the porch. I'm hoping that they don't blow easily as they are a bit pricey.

👤It's a good source of light in a dark room. I needed an unusual amber bulb for my exposed lamp by my bedside table and this fit the bill! There were scratches and finger prints on the bulb when it was taken out of the box. You wouldn't notice them unless the bulb was on and you were very close to it. There is a I would buy this again.

👤The 3-inch amber colored globes were perfect for the 5-light chandelier I recently restored. There is a These are bright and dim.

👤The bulbs have lasted all summer. I burned them all summer. I was worried they wouldn't be as good as the high quality brand at major home retailers. They were better than before. The pergola was illuminated with the right amount of light. The best investment for my sanctuary was these.

👤The look is vintage/mid-century modern and the energy consumption is low. Over all: If you're going for a vintage look, it's important that the chandelier is elevated. I use my chandeliers and ceiling lights happily.

👤The exposed bulb on my lamp looks really nice. It came with small scratches on the bulbs, but they are not noticeable when you are close. You can't tell when it's on. Good bulbs for a good price. After several months, I still use the lamp nightly.

👤The bulb flickers when the hot water is turned on and off, but the lights are all wired together, and we have two electric water heaters. The issue is caused by the big draw. There is no problem with old-style bulbs.

2. AmazonBasics Equivalent Non Dimmable Lifetime 6 Pack

AmazonBasics Equivalent Non Dimmable Lifetime 6 Pack

Good performance, with a beam angle of 362 degrees, overload protection, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection. Over 30,000 hours life span is provided by high brightness and low power consumption. The bulb will last 9 years based on 3 hours of use each day. It provides 450 light hours with no waiting time to warm up. The bulb has a correlated color temperature of 2700Kelvin, which makes it a soft white light. This light bulb uses only 6 watt of energy, saving up to $37.40 over the life of the bulb, which is based on 3 hours/day, 11 cents/kWh. The bulb costs only $0.72 per year to operate, making it an economical alternative to the incandescent bulbs. Not eligible for shipments to California. Not eligible for shipments to California.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is for warm white bulbs that are 1500 lumens. It was obvious to me when I installed the first one that it wasn't as bright as a 100W bulb. I took the light meter app on my phone and measured a 100 watt bulb and got a reading of 1430 lumens and a color temperature of 2900 Kelvin. The color temperature of the bulbs was 2800 and the light reading was just 950. I tried a few out of the box of 16 and got very similar readings. I went to the local big box store and bought a name brand 100W equivalent led bulb. The light output was 1470 lumens at 2900K color temperature, and it was a bigger bulb. I was disappointed that this was what I expected from the bulbs. I checked the markings on the bulbs to make sure I didn't get the 75W equivalent, and they were supposed to be 100W equivalent. There is a This is the first product that I have been disappointed in because they did not quality test the bulbs before branding them and selling them.

👤I put them in the kitchen. They are not the same as my usual golden color. They made the room look white/blue bright, very awful aura and not comfortable for me, and took them right out. I don't know what I did wrong. I am putting them in the outdoors. Not a comforting light for me. California will not ship to me in this state. There is a new law. Maybe the 100 watt is too much. I want my warm light back. Where are you warm? I wish I could change the politicians in California.

👤The bulbs don't last long. I had to replace 3 of them. I bought this product at the end of June and it is the beginning of September. There is a A pack of six has just arrived. Good quality and simple.

👤The money was wasted. Within a few days, 2 of the 6 bulbs burned out. I would give a better review if they were more reliable, since I think the price is reasonable and I like the color. A defect rate of 33% within a few days is not acceptable.

👤It was the first time I tried the bulbs. I put them in the living room. I was a little worried that the LEDs would be too direct, but that's not an issue, the living room lights up great. I ordered soft white because I was worried the Daylight would be too blue for me, but these are a little too bright on the yellow side. The bulbs are warm to the touch after two hours. I ordered more of the same bulbs to see which one I like the best. I think I'm going to convert all of the bulbs in the house. There is a Just got the 100 watt bulbs. They can be improved here. Soft White and Daylight are the only colors available for these bulbs. There needs to be a Bright White in the middle. The 60 watt bulbs I got were too bright for me. The 100 watt bulbs I got were too bright for me. It's either 5000 K or 2700 K. I ordered some bulbs from Amazon and hope they are right.

3. Vintage Incandescent Edison Bulb Set

Vintage Incandescent Edison Bulb Set

Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them. There are 4 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their original squirrel cage bulb is from Thomas Edison. A warm white light temperature and antique look is perfect for vintage lighting. Their decorative light bulbs have a tear drop design that gives them a warm, soft glow, and are designed in the reflection of an original edison light bulb. Their decorative light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting with a dimmable ability that allows for setting the mood and brightness to go with any kind of setting. Their vintage light bulbs fit into standard home lighting sockets. The pendant light fixture is perfect for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤I like the way the light bulbs look. They give off a warm glow, however they don't give off enough light to see. If you are looking for a light bulb to light up a passage way or a room to do a lot of work, this bulb won't work. I have to be honest. If you just want to set a mood, then this bulb can do that, because you can't read with them. It gives a beautiful warm glow, but I don't think it's a great bulb to light up any area. I put this in a lamp in my living room and feel like it's useless as a light. It might work better in the bedroom if you don't want a light on, but just want the effect of a pretty light. It was almost like candle light.

👤I wanted to like the bulbs. I put it away because I was afraid it would burn, after using it for a month in a desk lamp. I noticed that a second one, which I used for a few hours to test a lamp, also had a yellow tint after that. Is this just a bad bunch of bulbs that I got by chance, or is it something else? Is it possible to have a new vendor? They had a great customer service.

👤I didn't get the box until I returned to the beach a month ago. I was very excited to switch out the old bulbs in my kitchen ceiling lighting fixture for the new, brighter ones. The glass part cannot be removed from the third bulb because it disconnected from the metal screw. The metal bends when I try to move. I need to have an electrician come and take the part. I can't return the bulbs or get my money back because I only oped the box after the 30 return window. I tried to remove myself. I couldn't find a way to talk to Hudson privately. Ambient lighting is not for full illumination. It was still dull despite the fact that 3 bulbs were lit. I don't think the 4th bulb will change much, so I need a stronger dimmable bulb and you will too, if you are used in a work area. I want bright to work and soft to not.

👤I was worried that these wouldn't be bright enough for my kitchen table, but I listened to other reviews and am happy I did. They look great and are bright. They have an amber hue to them, which is similar to white or yellow, but they still provide a good amount of light. One bulb burned out after a few hours of use. Hudson Lighting was quick to get me a replacement bulb after I contacted them. I will order these bulbs again from this company because of the great product and great customer service.

👤The bulbs were exactly what they were expected to be. The wire cage bulbs have a warm glow. All arrived undamaged in individual boxes in internal plastic cases, packaged four to a larger box, and then packed in an Amazon box with additional air bubble padding.

4. GE Lighting 31541 Decorative Replacement

GE Lighting 31541 Decorative Replacement

The bulb costs only $0.12 per year to operate, making it an economical alternative to incandescent bulbs. Relax HD light bulbs have a warm, soft white light that is perfect for comfortable moments and cozy spaces. Relax HD light bulbs can be used in bedrooms, family rooms and dining rooms. The GE Relax HD light bulbs are dimmable and decorative. These light bulbs only use 4.5 watt and are replacements for traditional 40 watt light bulbs. The GE light bulbs are rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours of daily use. The energy costs for GE light bulbs are $58 less per light bulb than for a 40-Watt incandescent light bulb. The energy costs for GE light bulbs are $58 less per light bulb than for a 40-Watt incandescent light bulb.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤We have a Vanity with 8 light bulbs above it and every bulb I have tried putting in makes the light so glaringly bright or dim. The bulbs were perfect. They put out nice ambient light and it wasn't too dim or bright. Finally!

👤I bought a set to replace an older one. The bulbs are revealed. Daylight bulbs with high CRI are better for a bathroom than the original reveal bulbs. They are bright, but not as bright as 60W equivalents. Sometimes the light from the bulbs is much brighter than the light from the counter parts. I bought two more sets to replace my old bulbs with the "Buy Again" button, but they were not the same as the one I bought the first time. They sent an older model in a different packaging. I had to return them for a full refund. Make sure the seller is Amazon. They won't try to pass off crummy old bulbs as the ones listed and pictured, but they will probably have to manually select from the list.

👤I was amazed at the improvement in lighting. I was having trouble finding replacements for the GE Reveal incandescent lights that I had been using. I ordered the lights with the reveal property. The new lights use less electricity than the old ones. The carton claims that the light will last several years, which is great as the bulbs are used in the bathroom and the frequent use results in the bulbs lasting less than a year. The operating cost will be lower, except for the initial cost. I worried about the 160 watt (4 x 40 W bulbs) on all night when my elderly mother leaves the bathroom light on. The 3.5 watt of electricity used by the bulb is less than the heat generated. The bulbs have only been used for 2 days so I can't comment on their longevity. I am tempted to replace the similar bulbs in the other bathroom. Most of the lightbulbs in our apartment have been converted to LEDs and I am familiar with the advantages of them. I still have a few bulbs that I use occasionally, but I'll switch to all the LEDs for a treat.

👤The end of each bulb has a diffusely darkened area where less light is emitted. The end of these bulbs is usually visible when installed, and this makes them less attractive, especially when installed next to other bulbs that don't have this issue. I wouldn't buy again for this reason.

👤I have had a hard time finding them. Six large type bulbs are required for a dated bathroom setup. I would find some others size and wattage. None worked. The odd bulb in the GE brand worked for me.

👤The name of the bulb is relax. The light quality and brightness are perfect, and I use them in my office. I like that they are not as bright on the top of the bulb as I had before. When I looked down on the lamp where the bulb was visible under the shade, they were too bright. The middle of the bulb is the perfect place for these to have their brightness higher.

5. Chrome Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Reflected

Chrome Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Reflected

The Half Gold tipped top illuminate well and block glare. Cut the glare with this mirrored led light bulbs. Dimmable light bulb. Dimmable has a soft white color and can be adjusted to meet your needs. The chrome dipped light bulb can be used for a lot of things. 6000 watt light output, 6 watt led (60 watt equivalent) and 2700 kelvin bulb life. These half mirror led light bulbs are not as bright as modern bulbs of the same wattage and are not recommended for exposed sockets. The gold bottom light bulb is a cool light source that won't get warm, and you can install it to any light fixture. All KarlunKoy items come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product. All KarlunKoy items come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product.

Brand: Karlunkoy

👤The round shape of these bulbs makes me happy. We have a bathroom that has regular bulbs that cause your eyes to burn whenever they are turned on. I was looking for gold dipped bulbs. I had to purchase these to create a practical use of the mirror without stressing the eyes, and also add a design detail that ties into the brass fixture throughout.

👤I like this bulb because it's ideal for the kind of fixture that uses exposed bulbs that would otherwise be glaring into your eyes. They are prone to defects occasionally. I had a problem with flickering in one of the bulbs in a 2-pack I ordered, but the other bulb was fine. The one that flickered quickly burned out. I reported the problem to Amazon and they set me up with a new unit. It was neat. There is a I have to warn users about Amazon's service. I got an email a month later telling me that they were still waiting for me to send my return, with a link to a return label. I discarded the dead bulb because I was told I didn't have to. If I don't send my return by such-and-such date, my card will be charged. I guess I'm screwed since I can't send the return now. Keep an eye out for potential communication issues with Amazon.

👤This was what I needed. I got a cute open frame table lamp from Target that I could use at night to help me see my way back to the bed from the bathroom, but I didn't use much of it. The lack of lamp shade made them a little too bright to continue the momentum. The bulbs did the trick. It gave me a nice warm glow when it brought the light down to the floor. The gold is a beautiful accent to the wood and plants theme. This vendor was the only one that sold gold and not just silver. I'm curious to see how long it lasts, and will update my review if the quality isn't up to par.

👤I used these bulbs in a TV room so there was no glare on the screen and they are a beautiful addition to any light fixture.

👤These are pretty but not very bright. I returned it because I ordered it above my kitchen sink. These would be a good option if you need no light at all.

👤I have a lamp with a shade. The bulb that came with it was too bright. This works well, but not blinding. The lamp and it are both beautiful.

👤I received a box of these light bulbs. Dimmable light bulb G80/G25 Globe Shape Decora. There was no work in my bathroom fixture. It worked in my living room fixture. The bathroom has a normal connection. The design of the screw-in portion is not quite right, and something prevented the bulb from working. The bathroom fixture has all the other bulbs. I got the "Feit Electric G2520/CHR/ They work well. There is a Scott.

6. Tenergy Dimmable Filament Equivalent Decorative

Tenergy Dimmable Filament Equivalent Decorative

We have retained the shapes and appearance of the classic light bulb, and the golf ball design with smooth lamp finishing is perfect for your fixture. Tenergy 6 Pack of dimmable edison bulbs and Antique Vintage Style ST64 light bulbs are designed to revive the beautiful classic home decor styles of the 19th century. A combination of old and new technology. Dimmable bulbs are compatible with a dimmer switch and offer smooth dimming control. Not all dimmers are designed to work with dimmable light bulbs. 5W of power is all that is needed to light up a 5W vintage light bulb, which is equivalent to 40 Watts of power. Non-flickering light and zero harsh glares help you avoid eye fatigue and provide you with a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. The warm white LEDs are ideal for homes, restaurants, coffee bars, retail shops, hotels, and many more. The warranty is 3 years and is built with premium materials. Tenergy bulbs are certified by the strictest standards. Eco-friendly light bulbs have no breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals. There is a special 3 year warranty. The warranty is 3 years and is built with premium materials. Tenergy bulbs are certified by the strictest standards. Eco-friendly light bulbs have no breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals. There is a special 3 year warranty.

Brand: Tenergy

👤There is a label on the side of the bulb that can't be removed and it's obvious. Having a logo and a bunch of text on the side of a traditional bulb is not something that should be done. It's very deceptive that the product you are getting is not what you see in the photos. Rub off the printing with rubbing alcohol and elbow grease.

👤I was unhappy with the light from the bulbs I could find at the hardware store, after I installed new light fixture in my kitchen. Went shopping on Amazon and saw the reviews for these. The color is bright but not blue. Not yellow. I just ordered a new fixture for my dining room, so I'm about to order more of these bulbs.

👤These are the right colors and brightness for most home light fixture. They're the same color as the other "soft white" bulbs I've purchased. I put these in two light fixture in my hallway that have clear glass shades and two pendants that have fully enclosed clear glass shades. It's nice to have some cool looking bulbs since they're visible, but also nice that they're light-colored, and I don't want to do it often because the ones in the hallway require a ladder to replace. I installed these about 3 months ago because I heard that it's not ideal to put the transformer in the base of the bulb in a completely enclosed fixture, but the ones in the fully enclosed fixture are still going fine. When you flip your switch, there is no "warm up period" or flickering. I've put 5 of the 6 in fixtures so far and haven't had any duds or early burnouts. I tried the 6th in a fixture and decided I wanted a higher wattage for that area. The advantages of being an LEDs is that it works just like a normal light bulb.

👤These are some of the best lightbulbs around. Each bulb was packed in a plastic sheath with a thumb opening and then packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The quality is better than any other I have ever bought. Each bulb has a UL listed on it.

👤I am a light bulb freak. These are amazing, they are perfect color temp, great look, and they are even dimmable with an old school lutron dimmer. I only take off one star because of the thin scratches on the surface of the bulbs, and I need to buy them.

👤I expected them to be smaller. They are the same size as 150w bulbs. They fit in a standard base sockets, but won't work in some closed fixture made for 40/60w bulbs. They seem brighter than 40w equivalents, but that may be because they are clear. They protrude and look disproportionate when I put them in a ceiling fan with clear open bell-shaped sockets. I will keep them because they are bright enough to use in the frosted open bowl ceiling fixture that I have now. They arrived quickly and are individually boxed for easy storage. Any reference to their size was not clearly visible. I don't have a dimmer, so I can't comment on how they function.

7. BRIMAX Filament Porch Light Outdoor

BRIMAX Filament Porch Light Outdoor

Many indoor occasions like restaurant, bedroom, living room and so on can be applied. Full SPECIFICATION F15 Candelabra dimmable led light bulbs, E26 standard medium base, 8W to replace 80 watt or 75 watt old incandescent bulbs. AC 120V/130V input, 2700K soft grow, a vintage looking design, great forUpgrading e26 candelabra based pendant lighting fixture. The E26 8W led post light bulbs are over 30,000 hours of work time, no need to climb up and down a ladder frequently to replace dead bulbs. Customers can message them for free replacement or fees back if they need it, no matter what happened during the first two years. There is an application for led porch light bulbs. The room and kitchen light fixture have multiple bulbs, like chandelier, ceiling fan, pendant light, sputnik light, mason jar ceiling light, bathroom Vanity lighting and other decorative lamps. The led technology works 10 times longer than old incandescent bulbs. After long time lighting, the surface temperature is only 45C, while incandescent bulbs can go over 120C. It's better to use led in hot summer days to save energy and reduce stress on the air-conditioner. No lead, mercury, or UV radiation is included in the product. Overload protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection. No lead, mercury, or UV radiation is included in the product. Overload protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection.

Brand: Brimax

👤I ordered a set of 4 of these bulbs, they were exactly what I wanted, and the only LEDs I could find were in this style. There is a When I screwed them in, two of them twisted off of the base because of the light amount of friction. There is a I have to get up on a ladder and figure out how to remove the bases from my light fixture. There is a The company that sells these sent me an email to ask for a review and said they care about the customer's shopping experience. There is a If you have a question or have a problem, please contact us. There is a We will try to help you. I asked about getting replacement bulbs after I responded to their message, but never got a response. There is a If you buy these bulbs, you should lubricate your light fixture sockets as they are extremely fragile.

👤I have an old style Mediterranean living room with wall sconces and 40 watt bulbs. I hated that there was never enough light in the cave, but I also hated that I was using so much electricity there. I was looking for bulbs that would be more efficient, provide more light, and still look good. The previous flame style bulbs had white bases and were really ugly. I was very happy to find these. I bought a few to see how they would do and then bought more to finish the room. Sometimes they flicker, but they work with my dimmer. There is a They give me 50% more light, but use 20% of the electricity of the old bulbs.

👤I had been buying 75 watt GE bulbs that were discontinued so I needed to find a replacement. After reading some of the reviews, I decided to take a chance and use one of the bulbs for one night, and it works well with my post light and gives me the look I wanted. The bulb is bright and nice. I would buy these bulbs in the future.

👤I am disappointed to report that the F15 bulbs dim over time as the LEDs fail to illuminate one-by-one. There are 8 light emitting devices with a string of diodes. I now have 6 failed filaments and 2 that are operating at 30% brightness. I only have one affected in the 4 bulbs I bought. The cost to replace this product is more than the electricity savings over the course of a year. Very unfortunate. Attached is a photo.

👤Two of the 1 bulb dead are in disco mode. If you can find out which of the three light bulbs is the one with the green light, that would be great. It's a little warmer than a soft-warm 40W incandescent, so it's number one. It's not certain if this one can be called a 75W-80W bulb. One can see the bright/dark lines on the wall with some eye- skills. If my kids leave the lights on in the bath room, I care less.

8. JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier

JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier

No defected bulbs will be delivered to you. Great value, top quality, excellent performance, but costs less than other brands. All of the Mastery Mart's bulbs are certified by Energy Star. If their light bulb doesn't satisfy you, you can return money for a full refund. Excellent performance. The chandelier light bulb has a warm white light that is gentle on the skin. JandCase 6w led bulbs can be used to replace 60w incandescent bulbs. It is a 10%- 100% dimmable bulb that is designed to meet all your needs for room brightness. It's compatible with the dimmers. Simply install the bulb into the light fixture from the standard E12 base. No delay, instant on. There was no buzzing or humming. Candle shape light bulbs are perfect for ceiling fan, chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamp, bedroom or living room and kitchen. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Jandcase

👤These bulbs are wonderful. I can dim the colors when my eyes hurt and use them for a night light, the multi colored flash gives it a party feel.

👤I had trouble finding an e12 rgb bulb that was also bright, so I ordered this product. I ordered a set of 3w bulbs from somewhere else. I was very disappointed in the lack of light. These aren't as fancy as the ones, but didn't need them for that. I'm happy with the remote color options, the brightness at the 5w rating, and being able to get what I wanted quickly. I took out my ceiling fan light fixture. I'm happy with them. I ordered a new set of the fancy ones, but they were only 4w and less. With these, I can change the brightness up or down with a remote, and get plenty of light. I didn't want to have to have a phone app to do it. I didn't want to use a cell app to change my color from turquoise to bright white, or set a timer to dim.

👤They say they aren't weather proof, but they are inside a light fixture. I like that I have the ability to change the colors. I have three fixtures that take two bulbs each. I can make them all green for St. Patty's Day, I have Red-Green-Red for Christmas. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran's Day will be made Red-White-Blue by me. I'm happy I bought them. One remote works for all of them.

👤I was hoping this would fit in my selenite rock lamp, but it doesn't, it sits off the base. It seems to be ok so far. You can't tell unless you look and prop it up onto something. You can see how the lamp sits on the base.

👤I think these bulbs are good for a kids night light. Two of them put off barely enough light to make the edges of furniture visible in a small, dark RV bedroom. If you dim them, you don't get enough light to see the bulb and its enclosure. Disappointed in the performance. These 6W bulbs are not worth buying unless you are looking for a very low-light bulb or you want a decorative bulb.

👤I bought 6 of these to use on my two outside lanterns at Christmas. Within the first few weeks of use, two of them became useless. The remote would no longer be able to control them. I needed to buy a pair of bad lantern positions for Christmas this year, so I bought another pair. One on them would change color. It was a real PITA to keep doing this because it would respond to the remote to get it back to its original color. I inquired about the warranty. I was told I would be given a resolution after a lot of questions. They haven't heard from them in a couple months. Don't buy these. The company will not honor their warranty because they are unreliable. The lifetime is BS. Another Chinese company has no honor or commercial integrity.

9. Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

The average lifespan of the E26 light bulb is 20,000 hours. Replacing a 60 watt bulb with a 6 watt one will save you over 90% on your lighting bill. SMOOTH DIMMING CONTROL: The dimmer switch is compatible with the dimmer switch and has the lowest brightness at 10%. Being able to change the light brightness in your room is a must. No mercury, no UV, no dazzling, flicker-free design. The design of traditional light bulbs is preserved by this vintage bulb. The light is full brightness with 700 lumens and a soft Warm White light. This bulb is crash proof and has fine outer glass. MULTI-FUNCTION: They fit into the E26 screw base. It's suitable for chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor. It's used for home or commercial decoration. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤Just put all new light fixture in the house, and you will get the Edison bulbs with them. I installed the packs after I purchased them. I have another fixture without a dimmer and 2 of the bulbs are flickering right out of the box, even though they work well on a dimmer switch. These are cheap and not built to last. I was disappointed! The flickering bulbs had to be replaced. The gold logo on the bulbs is not as beautiful as it could be. There are now 4 bulbs that flicker. There are no replacements for me. My kids think they see lightning. If you are planning on using a lot, I would steer clear of these. If you only need one or two bulbs, you have more to spare.

👤I wanted to use an old style bulb for our new light fixture after we renovated our bathroom. I was not sure which brand of bulb to get, but I am very happy with these. There is a The temperature is perfect for a bathroom. We have a small master bath with a double Vanity and a shower that is 80 sq ft. It is not harsh in any way. It's good for makeup. The bathroom looks fresh. I cannot stress enough how not harsh this light is. The bulbs look great. Highly recommended! There is a If you need to remove a bulb after it's been on for a long time, the LEDs are cool to the touch.

👤I like the bulbs, but I have a bulb that keeps flickering, which is driving me nuts, since these aren't cheap to purchase. Will see if the others start doing it as well.

👤A brand name light fixture is on the dimmer switch. The only difference I had made was that the bulbs were on the warm side of the scale. I wanted some daylight bulbs to fix the yellow room. These were affordable and had great reviews. A clear winner. There is a They were packaged without damage to a single bulb and showed up as fast as any other Prime item. They were definitely white after installation. They made the room look very clinical. Somewhat like a hospital or doctor's office. I knew when I bought them that they were supposed to be that way, so I'm not docking them for that. It wasn't working for the room and that's okay. There is a I decided to use 3 of my old warm-toned bulbs and 3 of these bulbs. I noticed that the new ones weren't working with the dimmer switch after a week. They were stuck on their dimmest setting, no matter how high I set the switch to. It was only the bulbs that were doing it. The warmer-toned bulbs that were right next to them were working great. I made sure to double-check that I bought the dimmable version of the lights. I suppose it's true that they're dimmable, but I'd like them to not be stuck on the dim setting. There is a Anyway. The listing is correct and they looked really good, so I'm leaving a couple stars. We have to go through the hassle of returning them because they didn't work out. I'm happy that we were able to identify the problem and not the rest of the fixture, because that would've been a lot more expensive. If you have a fixture with a dimmer switch, you may want to look at another brand or at least be okay with a return if it happens to you.

10. GE Lighting 25043 Decorative Replacement

GE Lighting 25043 Decorative Replacement

The Squirrel Cage Bulbs have a warm colour temperature of 2200K. There are light bulbs. The GE light bulbs are dimmable and decorative. Light bulbs are being replaced. The traditional 40-Watt incandescent light bulbs are replaced by the 4-WattsLED lights. It is long-lasting. The 13 year rating for the light bulbs is based on how long they last. The GE chandelier light bulbs are long lasting. Saving money is achieved by the fact that the dimmable light bulbs save $59 on energy costs per light bulb. The long life and low energy use of these bulbs will help you save money. There are led lights with dimmers. Most dimmer switches work with these decorative light bulbs. There are led lights with dimmers. Most dimmer switches work with these decorative light bulbs.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤I ordered 16 of them. I like the color of light they put off more than the yellow light of most bulbs, unless you can find a "bright white" bulb, in the 3000K-4000K range. A lot of these flicker. Sitting in a room at night, with these in the overhead chandelier providing the only light, gives you a horror movie/ headachesy flicker. I have a chandelier with 12 lights and some of them flicker very loudly.

👤The package says GE HD+ reveal bulbs. They are regular GE led's which should be much cheaper. Not revealing. I've ordered these 6 times and only once has it said what it says on the box. If you care about the light color, look elsewhere. Not sure if this is a scam or not. I'm giving up on these.

👤We bought these bulbs for the carriage lights. They were great. There was a lot of lighting added to the area. The light was bright and the color was nice. There is a Two years of consistent daily use caused one of the bulbs to break. I bought the same bulb for a new one. I was reminded by Amazon that I bought the item in February. The bulbs arrived quickly. The package is slightly taller but the information is the same as before. We were stunned by the difference between the old and new bulbs when we put the new bulb in. This is not the same bulb. The light from the new bulb is not as bright as the old bulb. It casts a weak light even though the package claims 500 lumens. The light on the packages is warm white. The light color of the new bulb has a strange pink hue. The bulb is not adequate for outdoor use. I can't recommend it as GE has decided to make a different product and represent it as the same product as the earlier iteration. I don't mind paying extra for the pleasing light because I love GE reveal lighting. I will be returning to Amazon.

👤We bought these bulbs because of good reviews for GE Lighting products, and uncertainty about the Chinese products, which are less expensive. I bought eight bulbs and needed six. The six that were selected were in service for a month in our ceiling fans. The light is neutral and enjoyable. There is a The bulbs that we didn't select were shown in the picture. I don't know if this is a real problem, but I think they are not first quality. Imagine the decision to approve the shipment. It would be helpful if GE Lighting chimed in.

👤I bought these light bulbs on August 27th. They failed on Sept 22nd. This is the most expensive version of the bulb I have ever purchased. They have failed less than a month later. I've had a problem with the bulbs failing earlier than expected, but never this fast. I have other GE bulbs that have been in place for over 3 years without any problems. What is happening? I will try another brand.

11. SunLake Lighting Standard Light Multiple

SunLake Lighting Standard Light Multiple

The 10 year warranty is the best in the lighting industry. The company is based in the US. The 75 Watt Replacement Led light bulb is certified as Energy-Star rated. These light bulbs are replacements for standard light bulbs. It's great in any outdoor light fixture. The light bulb is E26 A19 has a standard base. The 75 watt light bulbs only use 12 watt of power. The lifetime savings of $173 over conventional bulbs is offered by the 12W draw with 75W equivalency that produces 1100 lumens. There are tons of applications for the light bulbs. The light bulb has a damp-rated rating. It's great for all indoor and outdoor uses. Daylight and warm white are available in a variety of colors. The lighting is beautiful. There are tons of applications for the light bulbs. The light bulb has a damp-rated rating. It's great for all indoor and outdoor uses. Daylight and warm white are available in a variety of colors. The lighting is beautiful.

Brand: Sunlake Lighting

👤The 75 watt equivalent bulbs in the 4000k hue were purchased to replace the 6 incandescents above the bathroom Vanity. The 5000k is too glaring and the 3000k is too yellow, so I prefer the 4000k hue. The 4000k is not yellow or white, so we are changing all the bulbs in our house to it. The room is a lot brighter now that 6 of these are over the Vanity. I noticed that the fixture is getting old, so I don't know if it's a problem with the fixture or the bulb, but I did notice a slight hesitation in one bulb when I turned on the fixture. The bulb is no longer visible after I tightened it. Another bulb is not immediately on. I am giving these bulbs the benefit of the doubt and at the same time blaming the old fixture. It is barely noticeable. I keep the bulbs because I like them and I am happy to have them in this combination of 75W and 4000k. I read reviews myself and write honest ones to help others. I know how helpful they can be. I hope my review helped you.

👤I bought the 12 watt 1100 lumen 4000k dimmable led bulbs because I wanted them. I wanted a bright light at turn-on. I didn't want a blue tint so I wanted a 4,000k color temp. This requirement reduced my choices. I wanted the output to be high so that I could see the full spectrum of light. The dimming was smooth and there was no buzzing or flickering. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. There is a The bulbs hit the mark on every point, but only time will tell if the 10 year warranty will be needed.

👤I put the bulbs in the 10 pack. Some of them had flickering issues. I contacted the manufacturer on their website three weeks ago and have yet to hear back. Good customer service isn't part of their operations. The company contacted me on January 22. They apologized for the late response and sent me a replacement pack. They also gave me a refund. I'm very appreciative of their efforts to correct my issue. Not all companies would do that. My rating has been upgraded from one star to five stars.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. The bulbs were in the box. They seem to have issues with internet. They stop working when they are stationary. You can get them back on if you fiddle with them, but some intermittently lose their connection to the sockets. This has happened in ceiling fixture and table lamps. We've tried many installations. I sat here and typed, and one just turned itself back on that had been out all morning in my overhead ceiling fixture. It's not what you want in a light bulb.

👤If you don't need a dimmer option, the light bulb is great. The color works well in the bathroom. It was bright and light. These bulbs don't work with my dimmers. I tried to install them in my dining room but was not happy with the color. It was too cool for my taste, and since there are dimmers in the dining room, I couldn't use them. I think it's the low wattage. It says 9w. I used a brand of bulbs that were 9.5w and they were properly dimmed. There are four bulbs in the light fixture.


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs dimmable?

Decorative led light bulbs dimmable products from Ge Lighting. In this article about decorative led light bulbs dimmable you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Hudson Bulb Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs dimmable.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs dimmable?

Ge Lighting, Amazon Basics and Hudson Bulb Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs dimmable. Find the detail in this article. Ge Lighting, Karlunkoy and Tenergy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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