Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs E26

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1. Sunco Lighting Dimmable Daylight Bathroom

Sunco Lighting Dimmable Daylight Bathroom

The Dimmable G25 Globe Light Bulb has a screw base. Dimming is seamless to suit any mood or decor. The G25 globes offer a sunlight-like quality. Pendant ceiling fixture in kitchens or any room in your home are ideal applications. It's also great for makeup mirrors. You can save energy instantly by converting to a light emitting device. Sunco's LEDs have a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs to reduce maintenance. The highest standards are upheld by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. The G25 bulbs have no warm up. They have no flickering or buzzing. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. Not for sale in California.

Brand: Sunco Lighting

👤I was hesitant to write a review because I didn't want to give the product a bad review. I was hoping to give a positive review, but the lights are only a year old. I have a bathroom with six above it and a room with four in it. Three of the four in the barn have failed. I would try to rationalize this with the hot weather here in Tennessee, but all of my other outdoor installed lights by a different manufacturer continue to work magnificently after two years of service. I am not happy with the quality of the bulbs. It has been over a year since the lights in the bathroom failed. I am curious to see how well this product backs up its warranty.

👤The bathroom in my apartment had energy-wasting bulbs. I was looking for a switch to LEDs after one burned out. I tried some that were clear and had a 5000k color temp. The light was too harsh and blue. I tried the soft white bulbs and they looked orange. Yuck. I found these bulbs. They are not too warm or cool at 4,000k. The plastic ball is better than the clear glass. I think the covering helps diffuse the light. I only have one complaint, that they take too long to turn on. It takes a second for the bulbs to turn on when you turn on the switch. The lag is kind of annoying, since they don't need to warm up, but they do turn on at full brightness. I thought it was the dimmer switch I was using. The bulbs do the same thing even though I switched to a TP-Link. I have no issues with flickering or dimming. I don't like the delay and I really like these bulbs.

👤My bulbs were purchased in August. There is a The warranty is 3 years. The 2 bulbs died recently. I am not sure how to handle this since my return window has closed. I will give the seller a chance to make the right decision. There is a Update on you. 9 of 12 are dead after a year. Sunco didn't reply about the warranty.

👤Product was packaged in a way that was safe. True daylight bulbs are all intact. The bulbs make a buzzing sound when turned on. The bulbs are not as pictured. I would not have purchased these bulbs if I knew they had so much writing around the neck. The items are not as pictured. When the bulbs are plugged in, the text is taken away from the look. I use a new Inpressions Hollywood glow Xl 2.0. This specific type of bulb is rated for the Vanity. The bulbs are loud.

👤I installed the 12 bulbs in our master bath. So far...great! There is a The 12 bulbs work on our sliding dimmer switch and we've always used the 12 incandescent 25w Vanity lights. We wanted to get rid of those money wasters. There is a The first two photos don't show the full brightness they are, but with 12 bulbs, it's really bright. We won't usually have them there all the time. The wall is painted in a sort of almond color. There is a The night light on the counter causes the shadows from the bulbs to be due to it. There is a We didn't think going higher on the kelvins would make sense for this bathroom with 12 bulbs. You might be different. There is a Some may think that the style of chrome Vanity light fixture is outdated, but it works fine for us and until we find another style we like...this is fine. We have two other bathrooms with the same plumbing. The three have dimmer switches. The bulbs should arrive today. There is a The dimmer switch in the master bath is newer than the other two. We installed it about five years ago, and it's not buzzing from the bulbs or the switch. No flickering either. I ordered another set of 12 bulbs, but only in the 2700k. I want to change the bulbs in the master and the two other bathrooms so that they use less bulbs. There is a I will update this review if there is any buzzing after I install those bulbs. ... We're quite impressed with these bulbs. There is an update on 8-12-18. The bulbs arrived on Sunday. I put the 3000k bulbs in the master bathroom and moved the rest to the other two. There is a The 3000k is almost the same as the 2700k. You can barely notice the difference. There are 12 bulbs in one room. It's enough to make it a little bit less rambunctious. The 4th photo shows the 3000k bulbs on the left and the 2700k bulbs on the right, all the way to the master bathroom, and the 5th photo shows them dimmed down. There were no problems with the dimmers in our other two bathroom. No buzzing, no flickering. The dimmers are 20 years old. There is a We were going to change to a different type of knob, but for now, they are working fine. The 3000k and 2700k Sunco bulbs are perfect for those who are transitioning from incandescents to LEDs and want a comparable warm/ soft light that is a little brighter than an old fashioned white lighting fixture. There is a If you want a lot more bright light, you might want the 5000k or 4000k dimmer. We've noticed that the 2700k bulbs in a couple of different brands seem to be the same color as the 60 watt bulbs. If you're looking for brighter lights in single applications, consider a higher kelvin "warmth"

2. Equivalent 800Lumens Dimmable Filament Brightness

Equivalent 800Lumens Dimmable Filament Brightness

The upgraded dimming function of the LEDs allows you to create the exact lighting effect you want for different occasions. They are compatible with most dimmers. The product description has recommended dimmer models listed. These antique led light bulbs are equivalent to 60 watt incandescent light bulbs with only 7 watt energy used, providing you with brightness up to 800 watt. They have a lifespan of over 25,000 hours, meaning 22 years of service life. It's a hassle to replace light bulbs frequently. It's healthy and Flicker-Free. The light bulbs emit stable light without flickering, buzzing or harsh glare. You and your family should be protected. 5000K light is similar to daylight. If you want to stay focused, it makes your room bright and clear. These light bulbs are made of high-strength clear glass and have a retro style and wide application. These light bulbs are made of high-strength clear glass and have a retro style and wide application.

Brand: Beslowe

👤I liked the price and the brightness. Five of the twelve broke at the base when they were removed from the sockets. They all broke the same way and in the same place. I have never had a problem with a new light bulb. May was a bad month but didn't return because they waited too long to use them. I bought two twelve packs. The seller gave me a full refund after I contacted them and explained my issue with the bulbs. The return window had expired. Customer service is great. I bought 4 of the 12 packs. I found broken bulbs and some that wouldn't work correctly, along with the first issue I reported. The boxes were undamaged. There is a I hope the seller can work out the issues with the manufacturer.

👤These light bulbs are very attractive. They have a short life. The first bulb went out in under 30 days after I bought these. I went through 6 more bulbs after I thought I got a bad one. They would last longer since they were led. Won't buy again.

👤I bought these because they said they work with Lutron. If the description changes, I will quote it. Lutron: DVCL-153P, DVCL-603P, D They are between 100 and 30%. I have other bulbs that I got for less than $2 and they dim all the way down. The turn off is early. 3 dimmer taps early. There is a There is no/less turn-on delay in some bulbs. There is a delay, so no stars off for it, but my other bulbs turn on faster. There is a That's the bad, what's the good? These turn off. They turn off too early. It's really bad that some LEDs won't turn off with a dimmer switch. They have a warm color temperature and are bright. I could live with these issues, but I'm not sure I want to live with them. I don't know if I'll return them or not.

👤One of the bulbs installed in the bedroom can't turn on to full glow after just a few nights. No luck when swapped with other games. A couple of hours of use so far. I don't think the rest will last. Just past the return window.

👤They failed within 2 weeks of installation. Began to flicker, flash on and off. I contacted the company and they sent me a new case with an apology, unfortunately, the new ones are doing the same thing. I have a light fixture that takes 6 bulbs and has gone through 15 bulbs in 3 months. They don't last, so I can't recommend them.

👤When lit, they look like antique bulbs, but when off, they are not as bright. They still look nice and match my house. The color and brightness look good. Two of the twelve-pack went bad in a week. The company replaced them quickly. The rest are fine after 7 weeks of being on bright occasionally and dim all night. They can be dimmed by my old dimmer from the 1970s, which is a little tricky to adjust, but no big deal.

3. Replacement FLSNT Shatterproof Waterproof Non Dimmable

Replacement FLSNT Shatterproof Waterproof Non Dimmable

There is a note. When dimming the brightness, the average color temperature is 2300K. The information on the box is 2300K or 2200K, it's not mislabeled, please don't worry. S14 plastic edison replacement bulbs are shatterproof and waterproof. The plastic housing is glowing off the same as glass light bulbs. Saving energy and your cost is what energy efficiency is about. The S14 light bulbs are less energy efficient than the traditional incandescent lamp. High lighting efficacy and low heat dispersion. The E26 regular base is easy to install. Before installation, please cut off the power. There are 24 pack/box. The S14 edison style has 100 Lumens per bulb. The 2200K warm white lighting is ideal for use in lanterns or applications where the bulb is in open view. It's perfect for lawn wedding venues, outdoor patios, bars, bistro, restaurants, front porches, gazebos, pergolas and any decorative place. It's perfect for lawn wedding venues, outdoor patios, bars, bistro, restaurants, front porches, gazebos, pergolas and any decorative place.

Brand: Flsnt

👤The bulbs are plastic and there is a lot of condensation in them. I had to drill relief holes in the bottom of the bulbs in order to allow theAccumulation to escape. Something with water and electricity.

👤I used these bulbs to replace the glass bulbs in my lights. They fit. The whole strand of lights has fallen twice due to high winds, but no bulbs have broken. There is no one. They hit a hard surface. These are a good replacement for your incandescent bulbs.

👤I would like to ask the company. It does not seem to be a way, but the yellow bulbs are clear reruns. I need a different color. It would be nice if it was yellow. The writing on the bulbs is the same as the presentation. The picture was taken from left to right Regular incandescent, Red, Their Clear, "Yellow", Blue, and Green. If you are going to do color, clear, color etc, you don't need to buy a colored set as the yellow one can be your clear bulb. The color is nice and a bit brighter than my original bulbs, as far as the others are concerned. I don't know how long they will last. Outside of Amazon, I found other colored bulbs, including yellow, which will likely give them a chance.

👤The 15- watt bulbs that I had on my lights string were replaced by these. The difference is that I don't hesitate to plug these in, even if it's just for 48 of the old incandescent bulbs. The string of 48 bulbs pulls 64 watt, which is 1.33 watt per bulb, if you use a 1- watt rating. They draw more power than they are supposed to. One of the bulbs I ordered was missing the metal end, which was a defect. The bulb worked after I added the missing metal tip. I wouldn't give 5 stars for that bulb.

👤It took me a long time to get them to work, so I rated them a 2 star. I was happy that they were light. I tried about 1/3 of the bulbs in one box, but none of them worked. The boxes were returned by me. If the new boxes didn't work, I could return all 4 boxes. The new boxes didn't work. I called my electrician friend. We looked at the GFI. I was asked to put a regular light bulb in. I did. I tightened it more because it didn't work. I screwed the lights in to the point I thought they would burst in my hand, but they worked. I paid for the other 2 boxes instead of returning all the money. If the bulbs don't work give them an extra 2 twists after you think you've screwed them in tightly. When putting the new bulbs in, turn on the lights. You will know when the bulb turns on. It will show you how tight you have to be to turn the bulb. Good luck!

👤They are not bright. It was more like a 5 watt bulb. They are for outdoor accent string lighting. It was nice that the color warmth was consistent with 2200k. It is a good value, but looks terrible. The plastic bulbs look cheap and the plastic is dirty, smudged and can be seen from 10 feet away. I guess you get what you pay for because they were cheap. If I did it again. I would pay an extra $10 to get glass bulbs from the preferred supplier.

4. GEZEE Dimmable Decorative Colored Tubular

GEZEE Dimmable Decorative Colored Tubular

The designer long tube shape and warm white 2200k bulbs are cool retro looking. Similar to Incandescent Bulbs. Eco-Friendly Bulbs There is a amber colored vintage style. Save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting by replacing 40 watt Incandescent Bulb with 4 watt led bulb. Application The style is industrial vintage. It is suitable for metal wire cylinder cage for pendant style lamps, black pendant lighting,wall sconces, indoor or outdoor home or commercial decoration, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. Application The style is industrial vintage. It is suitable for metal wire cylinder cage for pendant style lamps, black pendant lighting,wall sconces, indoor or outdoor home or commercial decoration, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.

Brand: Gezee

👤I replaced my ceiling pendants with these because they came with T10 edison bulbs. 2 more lights died in the next week and the order was DOA. A custom foam case was used to hold the GEZEE T10 They are beautiful with their spiral pattern. There are three in a pack. All the bulbs were the same. The bulbs were straight. Lower end products can be off center. There were no negatives. I will purchase this product again to replace my existing pendant lights. 5 stars.

👤The lamps work well. It's leaning to the side like the tower of pisa. The lamps in the box had the same lean. We tried different sockets. I have other bulbs and a tubular lamp that are straight. They have an awesome spiral led design and make great light.

👤The island pendants needed a longer bulb. The light details with the spiral bulb are perfect. The gold tint seems to help the reflection of the light. We don't have a dimmer so I can't verify that performance. The packaging was well made and there were no quality issues. We would buy them again.

👤Really like the look of these, but sadly one of the three has a loose coil. The result is two pretty bulbs and one ugly one. I am disappointed in the lack of quality control.

👤We love them! A bright warm accent can be made from the spiralLEDFade. We had an extra in a pack that we added to the side table light.

👤It wasn't the bright light but a secondary light source. I was looking for warmth. I am very happy with the purchase, it matches the bulbs I bought.

👤Both quality and beauty. I bought these bulbs to compliment the carriage gas lights in the outdoor entryway and to install in an antique fixture in my kitchen. The things came together better than expected.

👤The light is in perfect condition. It's not very bright so it's better for dim ambiance.

5. DORESshop Vintage Incandescent Fixtures Decorative

DORESshop Vintage Incandescent Fixtures Decorative

The Vintage Antique Light Bulbs with Tubular (T45) shape are a great way to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations, such as lamp chandelier, Vanity lighting fixture, pendant lighting, wall sconces, ceiling light, room. A colored bulb. The light bulbs have a warm white design. The light is stable, does not flicker, does not hurt the eyes, provides excellent lighting and decorative effects, and makes your room more warm. It is very convenient and practical to use these bulbs to adjust the brightness to suit any setting and meet different lighting needs. The 40- watt novelty bulb is a stylish way to bring the nostalgia of the 1900s to your modern fixture. These bulbs are great for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light or discreet lighting. These bulbs are great for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light or discreet lighting.

Brand: Doresshop

👤These bulbs are beautiful and have a long life. They were ordered for a bathroom light fixture that had a rustic look. The light they shed is not ideal. They are called "warm white", that's not true. The light that these bulbs would offer would be similar to a warm white christmas light, but without the cool blue tones that are often present with LEDs. The tint on these bulbs is so deep that they give off more of a yellow or amber toned light. It feels a bit darker than similar clear bulbs and makes the path seem a bit old fashioned. The bathroom felt too dim and dark with these bulbs. They look great, were shipped quickly and the style is great. They are going to throw less light than you might think, and it will be amber toned.

👤I'm in love. Any room in the home will benefit from the addition of these bulbs. I bought these bulbs for my lamps. They're a great addition to my bedroom. These bulbs are definitely recommended. My bedside table lamps have dimmer levels. The bulbs work on all three levels.

👤What do you think about this product? It looks cool and when it worked it gave off a warm light. There is a What do you think about this product? It lasted 9 days. The bulb burning out after 9 days has greatly affected it's brightness. I can only give 1 star. 9 days is the longevity. Wow. Terrible longevity. I would not be able to fit in 10 hours of run time. I might be generous and give a quarter star. There is a See the title for value. 1 out of 5 stars.

👤I bought these for my desk. They are really cool. The light is warm, not fluorescent. They were on for a few minutes and started to feel a bit of heat.

👤I was excited to get these bulbs. They opened them and tested them out. It was a disappointment. There is a double bulb in the pictures. The pictures lead you to believe that mine is cool, but it is not. Time and money are wasted. Don't look at the picture, it definitely isn't like the one you're seeing.

👤I can't speak much for the longevity yet. I like them. I took the globes off of my pendant lights in my new house because I love how they look exposed. They cast a very warm, amber glow that sets an incredible mood of relaxation and awe. I'm satisfied and looking forward to seeing how long they last. My new home has a touch of personal preference.

👤The reviews should have been listened to. It was difficult because some people had said the product was as advertised, but it was also difficult because Amazon can be tricky, sometimes they give out the real product and then after a while they switch it out for a cheaper product. The bulbs I received are small, about half the size of a normal bulb, for a standard table or standing lamp. Even though they're small, they can't light up the smallest room with a candle or a nightlight. The interwoven design is not the same as in the pictures it is just to lines woven together and you get what you pay for.

6. Chrome Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Reflected

Chrome Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Reflected

The Half Gold tipped top illuminate well and block glare. Cut the glare with this mirrored led light bulbs. Dimmable light bulb. Dimmable has a soft white color and can be adjusted to meet your needs. The chrome dipped light bulb can be used for a lot of things. 6000 watt light output, 6 watt led (60 watt equivalent) and 2700 kelvin bulb life. These half mirror led light bulbs are not as bright as modern bulbs of the same wattage and are not recommended for exposed sockets. The gold bottom light bulb is a cool light source that won't get warm, and you can install it to any light fixture. All KarlunKoy items come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product. All KarlunKoy items come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product.

Brand: Karlunkoy

👤The round shape of these bulbs makes me happy. We have a bathroom that has regular bulbs that cause your eyes to burn whenever they are turned on. I was looking for gold dipped bulbs. I had to purchase these to create a practical use of the mirror without stressing the eyes, and also add a design detail that ties into the brass fixture throughout.

👤I like this bulb because it's ideal for the kind of fixture that uses exposed bulbs that would otherwise be glaring into your eyes. They are prone to defects occasionally. I had a problem with flickering in one of the bulbs in a 2-pack I ordered, but the other bulb was fine. The one that flickered quickly burned out. I reported the problem to Amazon and they set me up with a new unit. It was neat. There is a I have to warn users about Amazon's service. I got an email a month later telling me that they were still waiting for me to send my return, with a link to a return label. I discarded the dead bulb because I was told I didn't have to. If I don't send my return by such-and-such date, my card will be charged. I guess I'm screwed since I can't send the return now. Keep an eye out for potential communication issues with Amazon.

👤This was what I needed. I got a cute open frame table lamp from Target that I could use at night to help me see my way back to the bed from the bathroom, but I didn't use much of it. The lack of lamp shade made them a little too bright to continue the momentum. The bulbs did the trick. It gave me a nice warm glow when it brought the light down to the floor. The gold is a beautiful accent to the wood and plants theme. This vendor was the only one that sold gold and not just silver. I'm curious to see how long it lasts, and will update my review if the quality isn't up to par.

👤I used these bulbs in a TV room so there was no glare on the screen and they are a beautiful addition to any light fixture.

👤These are pretty but not very bright. I returned it because I ordered it above my kitchen sink. These would be a good option if you need no light at all.

👤I have a lamp with a shade. The bulb that came with it was too bright. This works well, but not blinding. The lamp and it are both beautiful.

👤I received a box of these light bulbs. Dimmable light bulb G80/G25 Globe Shape Decora. There was no work in my bathroom fixture. It worked in my living room fixture. The bathroom has a normal connection. The design of the screw-in portion is not quite right, and something prevented the bulb from working. The bathroom fixture has all the other bulbs. I got the "Feit Electric G2520/CHR/ They work well. There is a Scott.

7. Vintage Equivalent Squirrel Filament Dimmable

Vintage Equivalent Squirrel Filament Dimmable

Save money by replacing standard G25 bulbs with LEDs. 40W incandescent bulb equivalent, save 90% on electricity bills, and last longer than incandescent bulbs, no longer need to replace the vintage led bulb frequently. The quality guarantee is for the packaging design of the bulb. You have a two years warranty. If you want to add soft layers of light to your space, use the Edison decorative bulb. No flicker and safe to use, no mercury, no UV, no hum, no flicker, effectively protecting your family's eyesight. The Squirrel Cage Bulbs have a warm colour temperature of 2200K. The Squirrel Cage Bulbs have a warm colour temperature of 2200K.

Brand: Hession

👤They are brighter than expected. The box says 2200k, while the description says 2300k.

👤The retro bulb was purchased for my bathroom renovation. The edison leds have a warm golden glow above the mirror. These are not required for photos or makeup, but they are decent length and shape. This is a great deal because of the dollar per bulb price.

👤Great bulbs! It's just right. I like the amber coating.

👤The clear globes and slightly amber finish of the bulbs are not too harsh on the eyes.

👤I ordered these to be put in a new light fixture with exposed bulbs. I like the look of them and they give the right amount of light.

👤There were two different colors in the six bulbs that I received. If I want my bathroom lights to look consistent, I will have to order additional lights.

👤We needed 40 watt bulbs for the desk lamps. These are a bit pricey, but they look great. They will share the extras with friends, but I wish they came in a 2 or 4-pack.

👤After 2 months of using these bulbs, one will flicker non stop and go out. We're down to 5 working bulbs, and next one will start flickering. Not worth the money.

8. FLSNT Decorative Dimmable Filament Equivalent

FLSNT Decorative Dimmable Filament Equivalent

5. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. iSoptox is committed to providing high quality products and services to its customers. If you have a problem, please contact them. If you have any issues with the bulbs, they will respond in 48 hours. The 150 Lumens of light immediately to full brightness is perfect for accent lighting. 5000K will create a glow similar to Daylight early 20th century lighting and a look of more real color. Smooth dimming for 10%- 100% brings your soft white light and provides you any brightness as your preference without flicker and buzzing. Most types of dimmers are compatible. Saving energy and your cost is what energy efficiency is about. The 4W light bulb is less energy efficient than the traditional 40 watt bulb. The lifespan is 15000 hours. High lighting efficacy and low heat dispersion. The E26 medium base is easy to install. Make sure the bulb base is touched with the lamp sockets before installation. There is a wide application of indoor lighting for home, commercial and residential. There is a wide application of indoor lighting for home, commercial and residential.

Brand: Flsnt

👤It is definitely cheaper than the FEIT version of Home Depot. There was a bulb with rattling mystery material inside. I have a fixture that uses two bulbs next to each other, and the first two I plugged in were slightly different colors. I swapped the bulb for a different one that was more similar. I bought one of the $9 ones for an upstairs lamp, so we'll see about longevity, but I guess it's worth the price difference.

👤I've never been excited about a light bulb before. You can see the full effect of the light being dim in the picture. I tried putting them in my bathroom fixture, but they weren't bright enough for overhead lighting. They are perfect for my lamp. I've never written a review before, but these definitely deserve it. Ten out of ten would recommend.

👤After 10 minutes the glass bulb cover fell onto the floor. I decided to remove all of them because they were unsafe to use. One of the glass bulbs broke when I removed the last one. I did not screw the bulbs in tightly. The time was wasted cleaning up the mess. The customer service was great.

👤I have been wanting to order these for a long time. There is a They look good in person. My girlfriend bought a store brand at a big box store, but they power on instantly. I thought so. The 8 x 5000k 40w bulbs in my 10x12 office are not overpowering like I expected. There is a The clear bulbs came out of the box covered in dried fingerprints and had some kind of paint on them. Since this is a chandelier that shows the bulbs, it is pretty bad looking. They look bad and this is close to a desk so it is obvious. I tried cleaning the film with microfiber cloth, but it didn't work out. Is it possible that they are not supposed to look new because of the style? My office is industrial, but this doesn't look distressed in a "cool" way, just makes the chandlier look like I've been touching the clear bulbs constantly for years and they're covered in excessive skin oil or paint residual. It might not be so noticeable if these were higher up or in a bigger space. The new bulbs look the same. One picture is after trying to clean them with a microfiber cloth, but I can't tell which one is, so not much difference.

👤I tried many bulbs in the chandelier and finally found the perfect one. Since I have seven shades in my chandelier, the bulb does not get too bright. The color is perfect. I lost the effect of the globes or put off a yellow glow because the other bulbs were so bright. Both on and off, these look perfect.

👤I love the shadow light and it doesn't bother me. It takes a while to get used to. It is easy on the eyes. I have it in my bedroom and can lights in the fixture. I use the light fixture with these bulbs when I have a scurvy and I am thankful to finally have a light that doesn't cause any more pain. I have them on a dimmer to adjust as needed. I love these bulbs. They keep light in the room and are great for watching tv. It is a strange light. I love them.

9. Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Replacement or refunds can be sent during the worry-free period. Let them know if you have any questions. The color of the light. Changing Light Bulb has 5W,40W Equivalent,500LM, E26 Screw Base decorative light bulbs with remote control. It is very easy to use and provide bright illumination. It has warm white for daily illumination and has 12 different colors. It also comes with a 90-day-refund guarantee. You can set the light bulbs to turn on and off at the same time every day, or only once. It makes life more convenient by changing their lives outside. There are two different types of light bulbs, which can be used to create a stage effect when you are hosting a party. You can adjust the rhythm by yourself in smooth mode. There are 12 popular colors that can be brightened or dimmed. Color changing with memory and sync. When you turn off the led light bulb, it will remember your last setting. When you turn on the rgb bulb, it will be green again. One remote control can control all bulbs. Mood led light bulb will make your room full of color and will adjust the rhythm in your room. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical.

Brand: Rayh

👤I don't know why. I was expecting one for the price, but I was surprised to get four. Each bulb comes with a remote that is easy to use. I have two types of lamps. The bulb has a sleep timer on it which is very convenient. You can either blink or fade the colors. My favorite fades. The remote works from a distance.

👤This is a four pack and it is worth the money. I will admit that I was Leary, as another reviewer stated that these could not be set and remain on one color. Their statement is not true. I bought these to highlight the current seasons decorations. I was surprised to find that I can choose one color and have it stay all night. I like the color changing options. It can be either dramatic or subtle. The ambient light they produce is fantastic, even though I wouldn't buy them to add bright light to a room. I'll be buying a few more sets, one to keep, and others to gift.

👤I decided to get the light bulbs for the night light to make it less scary for my kids because I was looking for every possible way to make them sleep in their room. They like it, we set on the fast and slow modes. We pick colors and it can be a white light. Comes with a remote. I put them in my night stands lamps. Kids love playing in the room, but they won't sleep in it.

👤I got these bulbs because I like my Teckin smart bulbs and wanted to try something different, but I wouldn't use my phone or Amazon to control them. I returned the 4-pack I bought from another brand because they were unpleasant in the white color, and got these instead. The bulbs/remotes/packaging are the same, but I was hoping for a warm white one. There is a I usually have them on a color setting since that's what I bought them for. I'm experimenting with back lighting for my work station, and so far I'm very pleased with the results. I like the fact that I have the ability to angle these in any way I want, and my setup has enough room behind the monitors to allow for these kinds of lamps. The office has a few nooks that don't get enough light from windows and overhead lights, and these bulbs fill in those spaces with color or regular white light. I plugged the lamps with the smart plugs into them and now I can control the power on/off function with the remote and change colors with it. I can say "Alexa, turn on office lights" and they will turn on. The stored memory feature means that they retain whatever setting they're on the next time they're powered on. Even if you only use wi fi/zigbee bulbs, I think they have a place in a smart lighting setup. It's nice to be able to press a button.

10. Vintage Incandescent Edison Light Bulbs

Vintage Incandescent Edison Light Bulbs

There are 4 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their original squirrel cage bulb is from Thomas Edison. A warm white light temperature and antique look is perfect for vintage lighting. Their decorative light bulbs have a clear glass bulge design that gives them a warm, soft glow. Their decorative light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting with a dimmable ability that allows for setting the mood and brightness to go with any kind of setting. Their vintage 60 Watt light bulbs fit into any E26 or E 27 screw base, as well as any pendant light fixture. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. Each of their antique bulbs has a glow that will last. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. Each of their antique bulbs has a glow that will last.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤I was very excited to open them. Exactly what I wanted. They are made cheaply. I only used this bulb a few times and it fell apart when I tried to change it into a new lamp. The company contacted me after I posted my review and told me they would like to send me a new one. The customer service was very good. I like to support family owned businesses and I will be ordering replacement bulbs from them in the future.

👤I have light triggered pheeler and it affects me. Light changes cause me issues when I go in a store. The light strips give me issues, but the led lights are strong. These lights feature a warm old style color and feel like they are at sunset. I can leave the lights on and not have an issue. I can actually have a good day in my home now that Incandescent light bulbs have been allowed to be made again. There is a The light bulbs are a work of art and look great on and off. I'm more than pleased with my week with them. I wish they would make more styles of Incandescent bulbs. A shorter version would be nice. The bulbs arrived undamaged and no issues were reported with them. If you suffer from light s seizure, try these.

👤The product is exactly what it is described as. The lightbulbs last for a long time after being packaged very well. I use it in one of the industrial style lamps that has an exposed bulb and a clear cylinder glass around it, and it's very attractive. I would recommend this product. The base is the same size as normal light bulbs. The bulbs are larger than normal bulbs, but they would fit in most lamps that fit normal bulbs. They give off a warm light. I like these. Will purchase again.

👤The product has a clear glass shell and a white-ish glow, which is not orange. This is what I was looking for. I don't like the fact that most of the lights at the big box stores are advertised as "amber" glowing. Thank you Hudson Lighting for providing a quality light product.

👤The bulb is perfect. It is packaged in a professional way. The bulb is a work of art. I have a dimmer. It goes from a nice bright to an intense warm. If you are looking for the best in lighting, this is it. The glass looks great when off. In my opinion, the best of everything is the price. I've tried about 5 brands of bulbs. The bulb is a clear winner.

👤The light bulb is a good looking one, but I have a problem with the light being too yellow in my kitchen. It would be a great bulb if it were not in the kitchen, but in the family room bedroom. I will use them around the house. The white cool light bulb that I ordered is very similar to the one that you can find in your kitchen or reading area.

11. Vintage Equivalent 1400Lumens Filament Non Dimmable

Vintage Equivalent 1400Lumens Filament Non Dimmable

It's perfect for lawn wedding venues, outdoor patios, bars, bistro, restaurants, front porches, gazebos, pergolas and any decorative place. Their standard E26 base bulbs give off 3000K warm white light at 1400Lumen, a perfect replacement for old 100W incandescent bulbs. The combination of CCT and brightness is great for families. The bulbs give out little heat, so you don't need to worry about overheating. The 90+ high color rendering index can bring back the natural color of all objects, without any color fading or changing. It is possible to bring a bright, wonderful and unique atmosphere to your space. Brightever is committed to designing the best lighting for consumers and bringing them an impressive lighting experience. Their bulbs are mercury and lead free and do not produce harmful ultraviolet or IR radiation. The bulbs emit stable light that protects you and your family from flickering or strobe lights. You don't need to worry about buying bulbs for replacement frequently anymore because of the long lifespan. Bright bulbs are your best lighting partner. Their ST64 led bulbs are equivalent to 100W incandescent bulbs with only 8W needed. It means that the bulbs can help you save at least 90% of your electricity bills. They can help you reduce energy consumption which is better for the environment. Their ST64 led bulbs are equivalent to 100W incandescent bulbs with only 8W needed. It means that the bulbs can help you save at least 90% of your electricity bills. They can help you reduce energy consumption which is better for the environment.

Brand: Brightever

👤I was looking for decorative led lights to illuminate my kitchen dining area. I was interested in the light efficacy rating. The majority of existing light bulbs use 13-16 watt. That is a rating of around 100 per watt, which is typical right now. The lights were supposed to put out 175 lumens per watt. I thought, what the heck. I would give them a try. The bulbs seem to be high quality and I'm very happy with the light color and the light's consistency. I could tell from looking at them that they aren't putting out as much light as they could. My light fixture has open top globes so this level of light should almost be blinding when looking at the tops of the bulbs. I took out my light meter and did some measuring. The seller is advertising more than half of what the bulbs are capable of. I used online calculator to convert both Footcandles and LUX. I think the light output is similar to a 60w to 75w bulb. I'm keeping them because I'm actually getting what I thought I would get. Seeing 1,400 lumens would have been a nice bonus.

👤I had an original bulb in my dining room. It was good for a show, but not enough light to hold dinner under it. I decided to change them with more light and they made the room look better. The package arrived first and the bulbs were in their cases. The value for money is great.

👤These will light up the room in a way that is not like the work of Thomas Jefferson. I had to remove a few bulbs from the fixture because it was too bright. I had to look away from the lights. I bought some with a lower output to see if they are similar to the one I use. The product seems to work. The bulbs are too bright.

👤We are remodeling and replacing our old light fixture with cool farmhouse looking lights and I bought the soft style bulbs. The bulbs are soft and bright, even though they are called that. I don't think the bulbs labeled "regular" or "bright" would be blinding indoors. I'm glad I went with soft first because these came well-packed and I'm sure I'll stick with this seller/bulb style when it's time to order again. I bought these during the Prime Day sale, but I can't remember what I paid. I'll try to buy more of these bulbs on Black Friday.

👤When compared to their counterparts in the incandescent bulb family, the LEDs are more energy efficient. These lights are unique and give a unique flavor to any decor. The soft white bulbs have an orange brown glow. The 5000 watt Daylight version of this bulb is best used in outlying spaces like closets, laundry rooms and entry foyers. You can mix and match soft and daylight bulbs, as I have to get what I consider the best of both worlds. There is a The illuminated strips through the clear real glass bulb is the best part of the bulb. These lights are bright and seem to be the most bright of all. Check the output in Lumen's for the exact brightness numbers for each bulb type. I decorate my home based on what I like not what is current in style, despite the fact that interior design experts say that Edison Bulbs are pass'se. For me, the timeless beauty of the Edison bulbs is what makes them my go to. My house is designed to show off the beauty of the bulb. There is a If you're looking for a vintage look and shape, then the Edison bulbs are a great choice. I have had some of these bulbs for a year and they have not burned out.


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs e26?

Decorative led light bulbs e26 products from Sunco Lighting. In this article about decorative led light bulbs e26 you can see why people choose the product. Beslowe and Flsnt are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs e26.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs e26?

Sunco Lighting, Beslowe and Flsnt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs e26. Find the detail in this article. Gezee, Doresshop and Karlunkoy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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