Best Decorative Led Light Bulbs Outdoor

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1. Equivalent Ascher Decorative Filament Non Dimmable

Equivalent Ascher Decorative Filament Non Dimmable

The pack of 12 units E26 bulbs replace 60 watt incandescent bulbs with 6 watt led bulbs, saving over 90 percent on electricity bill of lighting. Also, note: Please don't use the E26 bulb with a dimmer switch. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: The design of traditional light bulbs is preserved by this vintage bulb. It turns on at full brightness with a Daylight White light. The lifespan of low power consumption is over 20,000 hours. MULTI-FUNCTION: They fit into the E26 screw base. It's suitable for chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor. It's used for home or commercial decoration. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant ECO-FRIENDLY: High quality light bulbs are listed to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard. Ascher is dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction and is committed to providing customers with high quality products. Customers can receive 18 months of service from their company. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. Ascher is dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction and is committed to providing customers with high quality products. Customers can receive 18 months of service from their company. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤I bought these lightbulbs for a pendant light in my kitchen, and they were not kidding about the brightness. I feel like I am walking into the afterlife when I grab a soda. You could paint the walls with a single bulb. The light goes all the way to my door. I have to look in the direction of my light fixture with sunglasses on. There is a If you want to light a gallery or shine a light in someone's face, these bulbs will work great.

👤These are bright. Good luck if you're using them as an exposed light. I would recommend looking for a 40w or a 30w. I recently got a 30w at walmart and it is a major improvement. There is a You will be seeing spots for 30 minutes after using them.

👤Absolutely in love with these. They are bright but not harsh. I use them in my office. I think I will order more exposed bulbs for the house.

👤Beautiful lights! I would stick to the warmer option. Natural looking, much better.

👤The round bulbs in the bathroom of the new house were dim soft yellow instead of bright white, and they were new. There is a We don't want a yellow bathroom that makes our skin look good. If you are getting ready to go outside, to a bright store, or to a party with lights on, you don't want to be deceived by dim yellow. There is a All of the bathroom vanities use light bulbs. 3 of these bulbs are perfect brightness and the 4000k looks better for getting dressed and putting on makeup than it does for being romantic. The last home I lived in had 6 bulbs over the bathroom sink, but 3 of them are not too bright. There is a I just ordered 2 more for the other bathroom and kitchen island after trying one pack, they are so perfect. The basic round bulbs look a bit dull, but the Edison bulbs look more elegant.

👤The day light bulbs are bright. I use the GE Stik Soft White bulbs in my house and they have the perfect combination of daylight and warmth. I got a new light fixture in the living room, but the bulbs it came with were very warm. I tried the soft white bulbs, but they didn't bring the airiness to the living room that I wanted. I use three original warm bulbs and three of these daylight bulbs in order to achieve the desired combination of daylight/warmth light in the room, otherwise 6 of these daylights bulbs become too bright and the rest of the rooms on the floor look too dark.

👤The light fixture we bought for our main bath was made with the style of bulbs used in the movies. The off white walls of the bathroom looked green because of the yellow cast on the bulbs. The white light from these bulbs was more suited for our bathroom. The three lights in the master bath will be replaced with the same light fixture and three extra bulbs, which will be included in the package. The color of light from these bulbs depends on the temperature of the bulb. The light at 5,000K will be brilliant white while the light at 2,700K will be yellow. Make sure you choose the right bulb for your needs because this company has different light temperatures.

2. Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

The average lifespan of the E26 light bulb is 20,000 hours. Replacing a 60 watt bulb with a 6 watt one will save you over 90% on your lighting bill. SMOOTH DIMMING CONTROL: The dimmer switch is compatible with the dimmer switch and has the lowest brightness at 10%. Being able to change the light brightness in your room is a must. No mercury, no UV, no dazzling, flicker-free design. The design of traditional light bulbs is preserved by this vintage bulb. The light is full brightness with 700 lumens and a soft Warm White light. This bulb is crash proof and has fine outer glass. MULTI-FUNCTION: They fit into the E26 screw base. It's suitable for chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor. It's used for home or commercial decoration. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤Just put all new light fixture in the house, and you will get the Edison bulbs with them. I installed the packs after I purchased them. I have another fixture without a dimmer and 2 of the bulbs are flickering right out of the box, even though they work well on a dimmer switch. These are cheap and not built to last. I was disappointed! The flickering bulbs had to be replaced. The gold logo on the bulbs is not as beautiful as it could be. There are now 4 bulbs that flicker. There are no replacements for me. My kids think they see lightning. If you are planning on using a lot, I would steer clear of these. If you only need one or two bulbs, you have more to spare.

👤I wanted to use an old style bulb for our new light fixture after we renovated our bathroom. I was not sure which brand of bulb to get, but I am very happy with these. There is a The temperature is perfect for a bathroom. We have a small master bath with a double Vanity and a shower that is 80 sq ft. It is not harsh in any way. It's good for makeup. The bathroom looks fresh. I cannot stress enough how not harsh this light is. The bulbs look great. Highly recommended! There is a If you need to remove a bulb after it's been on for a long time, the LEDs are cool to the touch.

👤I like the bulbs, but I have a bulb that keeps flickering, which is driving me nuts, since these aren't cheap to purchase. Will see if the others start doing it as well.

👤A brand name light fixture is on the dimmer switch. The only difference I had made was that the bulbs were on the warm side of the scale. I wanted some daylight bulbs to fix the yellow room. These were affordable and had great reviews. A clear winner. There is a They were packaged without damage to a single bulb and showed up as fast as any other Prime item. They were definitely white after installation. They made the room look very clinical. Somewhat like a hospital or doctor's office. I knew when I bought them that they were supposed to be that way, so I'm not docking them for that. It wasn't working for the room and that's okay. There is a I decided to use 3 of my old warm-toned bulbs and 3 of these bulbs. I noticed that the new ones weren't working with the dimmer switch after a week. They were stuck on their dimmest setting, no matter how high I set the switch to. It was only the bulbs that were doing it. The warmer-toned bulbs that were right next to them were working great. I made sure to double-check that I bought the dimmable version of the lights. I suppose it's true that they're dimmable, but I'd like them to not be stuck on the dim setting. There is a Anyway. The listing is correct and they looked really good, so I'm leaving a couple stars. We have to go through the hassle of returning them because they didn't work out. I'm happy that we were able to identify the problem and not the rest of the fixture, because that would've been a lot more expensive. If you have a fixture with a dimmer switch, you may want to look at another brand or at least be okay with a return if it happens to you.

3. Replacement Shatterproof Candelabra Sockets Dimmable

Replacement Shatterproof Candelabra Sockets Dimmable

The G40 led bulb has a candelabra screw base that fits c7 and e12 sockets. 5 watt traditional incandescent bulbs are equivalent to 120v 1w. There are waterproof bulbs for indoor and outdoor use. The led light bulb is safe. The led g40 clear bulbs are shatterproof and made of plastic. 1.5 inch globe led light bulbs. 25 count led bulbs. A round light bulb. The plastic bulbs cast a white glow. Dimmable edison light bulbs are an excellent way to illuminate your garden, backyard and balcony terrace. The G40 light bulbs are easy to install, you just need to screw the bulbs into the empty sockets. The lifespan is 20000h and it is 833 days for steady and bright serving. The lifespan is 20000h and it is 833 days for steady and bright serving.

Brand: Brightown

👤I don't know why the string lights are more expensive than the bulbs. I replace the bulbs in the string lights with the more energy efficient ones and it's less expensive than buying the more expensive ones. It makes no sense. I don't want the glass bulbs over the deck so I have 11 boxes of incandescent bulbs that I don't use.

👤I replaced regular, incandescent, bulbs on a string of lights with 2 sets of these bulbs. I replaced some of the old incandescent bulbs that had burnt out and discovered that some of the new bulbs had water inside the clear plastic globe. It's only a matter of time before the water adds up to where it will cause a short circuit in the bulb. Around 5 of the 50 bulbs had some condensation in them and 2 or 3 had a lot of water in them. I think I'm going to try another manufacturer.

👤I am not sure if the light tech is legit. I've tried a lot of the lights up until recently. I called them buzzy little burnouts. The light quality was terrible. These defeats all of the expectations. I received one hundred bulbs and all of them work. It is amazing! They've been running for 10 to 14 hours a day since December 14th. More amazing! The One Hundred bulbs are burning at 64 watt, compared to the former's 1,060 watt. Superb! There is a The Mediocre is pretty good. To truly adjust their dim, you need to turn the dimmer on and slide it down to your desired level. There are funky voltage requirements for LEDs. I've found their values range from 2400K to 4200K, depending on the bulb, dim setting, and other factors. One of the biggest challenges for that industry is the control of the color temperature. I wouldn't recommend them for outdoors without the plastic bulb being sealed to the base better.

👤I bought 18 strands of lights from Brightown to illuminate a large concrete surface. They were pretty for a while, but then they started to take on water, grow mold, and have multiple bulbs stop working altogether. The product is marketed as suitable for outdoor use. I waited too long to contact them about the issue and the warranty was only for one year. I tried to work with them on sending some replacement bulbs at a discounted price, but their customer service team was very unresponsive, so I decided not to work with them. I was able to get a 20% discount on 500 replacement bulbs for over $500 but the offer code expired in a matter of hours and I was unable to get them to respond further. They have stopped responding to me. If there is a problem with this company, be careful in dealing with them.

👤Very impressed. It was a good excuse to go to LEDs after my house was painted. I installed 66 of these and they are great, even though I was worried about dimming or bulb lots not matching. The dim range is fantastic, and it's brighter than the old ones. I locked the exposure to the camera to make it dim for pictures. They are brighter in person. Hope they hold up. I have lost about 8 out of the 75 I bought. The defect rate is over 10%. I was hoping that replacing the incandescents would last longer since they run at a very low level all night. I'll reach out to the vendor to get a resolution, but I'm running out of spare parts.

4. Sunco Lighting Candelabra Daylight Decorative

Sunco Lighting Candelabra Daylight Decorative

These light bulbs are made of high-strength clear glass and have a retro style and wide application. The B11 led frosted candelabra bulb is top rated. DUSK TO. Sunco's B11 LED Dusk to Dawn bulb powers on automatically when the sun goes down. The photocell sensor can detect light levels. Leave the sensor on when you turn it on. The B11 bulbs are suitable for outdoor applications in enclosed lighting. You don't need to worry about bumping into things to find the switch if you accidentally leave the lights on. You can lower your energy consumption by converting to LEDs. Title 20 and UL. All of their products are tested for optimal performance and safety. Their auto on/off B11 lights deliver instant start up with no warm up and no buzzing or flickering for maximum eye comfort. The bulb is non-dimmable. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices. 5-year warranty on Sunco benefits. Sunco is based in the USA and offers quality products at affordable prices.

Brand: Sunco Lighting

👤Two lanterns at the garage, a post lamp at the front door porch, and a hanging lamp at the front door were replaced. The post light is the only one with its own light sensor. How can the others go on at night and off at daylight? I could have put a light sensor device on them and drilled holes in them. I researched the comments on the bulbs that have a sensor. I was not sure if any could work because you would think the light from more than one bulb would make the other turn off. I found that to be a common complaint on other manufacturers' reviews, but not on the Sunco B11 candelabra bulbs. After installing them, they turned on at dusk and then off this morning. Excellent. They work as advertised and don't need to install light sensors. Good thing the bulbs come with a 5-year warranty.

👤Works well. I have them in the outdoor light with three bulbs. When there are more than one bulb in a fixture, the light of other bulbs will affect some of the others. Light is bright. Only one complaint is that the entire bulb does not light. There is a device in the bottom half that makes the bulb light. I have 5 stars for longevity, but have not had time to know how long they will last. I didn't want to give a low rating because J was happy with the product. Highly recommended.

👤The auto shut off works well. I would call it "dark" an hour before the lights come on. Maybe that is "dusk"? Low energy consumption is not a big deal. The white coating on the bulbs does a great job of blocking out the light's glare, even when looking right at the lights. The bulbs are larger than your standard "candelabra" style bulb. It's barely fit inside my wall lamp. The bulb shape was too tall and fat to fit in the fixture over my porch.

👤I like the light fixture I have. They are standard on with the bulbs. In the Florida sun, I have had bad experiences with Dusk til Dawn fixitures as the switches would break and could not be set. I was able to have dusk til dawn without changing the fixture or adjusting a timer, because of the bulbs like these. They work well. They don't look as nice as traditional bulbs, but when lit and enclosed in a glass case, no one can tell. The usage of energy is great. I was using 9 bulbs at 40W each for the three fixtures. I'm using 5W per bulb. In areas prone to hurricanes, where generators need to save energy to lighten the load but still provide funcationality, this is helpful. Also, I was worried. When one bulb pops on it will keep the others from doing so. Nope! Within a minute of each other, they all pop on. I have not seen "warm white" bulbs on the market, and I have not seen "cool white" bulbs on the market. See the pictures for doing a reasearch. I have found that cool white is a little less yellow than soft white, but that my bulbs look just fine with the soft white landscape lights. Light conditions before they kick on, right after they kick on, and just before dark night, on a very rainy Florida day, are included in the pictures. They make a big difference in the reflection off the house. I think they work well. The package was well packed and there were no duds. Highly recommended.

5. Vintage Equivalent 1400Lumens Filament Non Dimmable

Vintage Equivalent 1400Lumens Filament Non Dimmable

It's perfect for lawn wedding venues, outdoor patios, bars, bistro, restaurants, front porches, gazebos, pergolas and any decorative place. Their standard E26 base bulbs give off 3000K warm white light at 1400Lumen, a perfect replacement for old 100W incandescent bulbs. The combination of CCT and brightness is great for families. The bulbs give out little heat, so you don't need to worry about overheating. The 90+ high color rendering index can bring back the natural color of all objects, without any color fading or changing. It is possible to bring a bright, wonderful and unique atmosphere to your space. Brightever is committed to designing the best lighting for consumers and bringing them an impressive lighting experience. Their bulbs are mercury and lead free and do not produce harmful ultraviolet or IR radiation. The bulbs emit stable light that protects you and your family from flickering or strobe lights. You don't need to worry about buying bulbs for replacement frequently anymore because of the long lifespan. Bright bulbs are your best lighting partner. Their ST64 led bulbs are equivalent to 100W incandescent bulbs with only 8W needed. It means that the bulbs can help you save at least 90% of your electricity bills. They can help you reduce energy consumption which is better for the environment. Their ST64 led bulbs are equivalent to 100W incandescent bulbs with only 8W needed. It means that the bulbs can help you save at least 90% of your electricity bills. They can help you reduce energy consumption which is better for the environment.

Brand: Brightever

👤I was looking for decorative led lights to illuminate my kitchen dining area. I was interested in the light efficacy rating. The majority of existing light bulbs use 13-16 watt. That is a rating of around 100 per watt, which is typical right now. The lights were supposed to put out 175 lumens per watt. I thought, what the heck. I would give them a try. The bulbs seem to be high quality and I'm very happy with the light color and the light's consistency. I could tell from looking at them that they aren't putting out as much light as they could. My light fixture has open top globes so this level of light should almost be blinding when looking at the tops of the bulbs. I took out my light meter and did some measuring. The seller is advertising more than half of what the bulbs are capable of. I used online calculator to convert both Footcandles and LUX. I think the light output is similar to a 60w to 75w bulb. I'm keeping them because I'm actually getting what I thought I would get. Seeing 1,400 lumens would have been a nice bonus.

👤I had an original bulb in my dining room. It was good for a show, but not enough light to hold dinner under it. I decided to change them with more light and they made the room look better. The package arrived first and the bulbs were in their cases. The value for money is great.

👤These will light up the room in a way that is not like the work of Thomas Jefferson. I had to remove a few bulbs from the fixture because it was too bright. I had to look away from the lights. I bought some with a lower output to see if they are similar to the one I use. The product seems to work. The bulbs are too bright.

👤We are remodeling and replacing our old light fixture with cool farmhouse looking lights and I bought the soft style bulbs. The bulbs are soft and bright, even though they are called that. I don't think the bulbs labeled "regular" or "bright" would be blinding indoors. I'm glad I went with soft first because these came well-packed and I'm sure I'll stick with this seller/bulb style when it's time to order again. I bought these during the Prime Day sale, but I can't remember what I paid. I'll try to buy more of these bulbs on Black Friday.

👤When compared to their counterparts in the incandescent bulb family, the LEDs are more energy efficient. These lights are unique and give a unique flavor to any decor. The soft white bulbs have an orange brown glow. The 5000 watt Daylight version of this bulb is best used in outlying spaces like closets, laundry rooms and entry foyers. You can mix and match soft and daylight bulbs, as I have to get what I consider the best of both worlds. There is a The illuminated strips through the clear real glass bulb is the best part of the bulb. These lights are bright and seem to be the most bright of all. Check the output in Lumen's for the exact brightness numbers for each bulb type. I decorate my home based on what I like not what is current in style, despite the fact that interior design experts say that Edison Bulbs are pass'se. For me, the timeless beauty of the Edison bulbs is what makes them my go to. My house is designed to show off the beauty of the bulb. There is a If you're looking for a vintage look and shape, then the Edison bulbs are a great choice. I have had some of these bulbs for a year and they have not burned out.

6. Pack BlueX Blue Light Bulb

Pack BlueX Blue Light Bulb

The bulb is energy saving. Enjoy pure blue lighting without the high electric bills. The 9W non Dimmable bulb uses less energy and lasts longer than similar products, making it the perfect replacement for an incandescent light. The lighting effects are artistic. Replacing a boring white light with a blue-colored light bulb will bring any party to life. These bulbs are great for Halloween parties, special occasions and as a nightlight. It is high- performance. Easy to install with an E26 base, each blue light bulb emits a whopping 850-lumen blue light to create a relaxing atmosphere. The bulb has true blue LEDs. It is a safe alternative. There's no need to worry if a bulb breaks. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, the LEDs do not contain mercury and won't release hazardous gases into the air. Long life span. Change bulbs in your light fixture can cost you money, and you can save it by saving money on replacement costs. Each bulb can last up to 10,000 hours, making it virtually maintenance-free. Long life span. Change bulbs in your light fixture can cost you money, and you can save it by saving money on replacement costs. Each bulb can last up to 10,000 hours, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Brand: Bluex Bulbs

👤I was worried because half of the bulb was white. They are perfect. They are being used as a salute to our police. I have a nephew who is second line SWAT and it's pretty scary. Thanks for the help.

👤The bulb is being used as a porch light to show support for the police dept. It is very visible. The lighting is energy efficient, but can't say anything about longevity.

👤It's perfect for honoring our Veterans.

👤These are bright and work well, but they have an orange cast which is disappointing. These aren't red if you're looking for it. I'm going to order the red lights from the store.

👤These are decent bulbs. Solid construction, good amount of light, and an ok price. They are not very purple. It is a white bulb with a hint of purple.

👤It has been a week. We forget to turn them off during the day in the Florida heat. They are still going strong. It's a good thing. I was a bit freaked out that the part of the bulb where the blue light should come from is white and the base is blue. I thought it wouldn't be as blue because of that, but it is. I can't speak on the energy efficieny, but I don't think it's bad. Would buy again.

👤I added these two to the two I already have. I usually have them on while I watch TV. It was much more calm and smooth. They provided the light that I was looking for. If you get up during the night, blue light is a good night light as it doesn't wake you and provides just enough light to make it to the bathroom or the refrigerator, depending on your nighttime requirements.

👤The lights are great. It was a perfect purple color. I worked on my timers. The Ravens did not make it to the playoffs. Always next year... Great bulbs!

👤I needed orange so I ordered 20 of them. It's hard to find. The boxes clearly say NON-DIM. Feel a bit cheated by the high price. There is a The price is high for what you are getting. If you use it in multiple light setup like we are, will you be able to match the color again if they die, because they are double to price with no name brand to really know how long they will last?

👤The led bulbs are hard to find at box stores. I will give a 5 star but will wait to see how long they last outside.

👤These have the best blue light effect of any other blue lights I have purchased.

👤It should be darker to be effective.

👤The dimming effect is fine with no flickering at all.

7. GE Lighting 25043 Decorative Replacement

GE Lighting 25043 Decorative Replacement

The Squirrel Cage Bulbs have a warm colour temperature of 2200K. There are light bulbs. The GE light bulbs are dimmable and decorative. Light bulbs are being replaced. The traditional 40-Watt incandescent light bulbs are replaced by the 4-WattsLED lights. It is long-lasting. The 13 year rating for the light bulbs is based on how long they last. The GE chandelier light bulbs are long lasting. Saving money is achieved by the fact that the dimmable light bulbs save $59 on energy costs per light bulb. The long life and low energy use of these bulbs will help you save money. There are led lights with dimmers. Most dimmer switches work with these decorative light bulbs. There are led lights with dimmers. Most dimmer switches work with these decorative light bulbs.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤I ordered 16 of them. I like the color of light they put off more than the yellow light of most bulbs, unless you can find a "bright white" bulb, in the 3000K-4000K range. A lot of these flicker. Sitting in a room at night, with these in the overhead chandelier providing the only light, gives you a horror movie/ headachesy flicker. I have a chandelier with 12 lights and some of them flicker very loudly.

👤The package says GE HD+ reveal bulbs. They are regular GE led's which should be much cheaper. Not revealing. I've ordered these 6 times and only once has it said what it says on the box. If you care about the light color, look elsewhere. Not sure if this is a scam or not. I'm giving up on these.

👤We bought these bulbs for the carriage lights. They were great. There was a lot of lighting added to the area. The light was bright and the color was nice. There is a Two years of consistent daily use caused one of the bulbs to break. I bought the same bulb for a new one. I was reminded by Amazon that I bought the item in February. The bulbs arrived quickly. The package is slightly taller but the information is the same as before. We were stunned by the difference between the old and new bulbs when we put the new bulb in. This is not the same bulb. The light from the new bulb is not as bright as the old bulb. It casts a weak light even though the package claims 500 lumens. The light on the packages is warm white. The light color of the new bulb has a strange pink hue. The bulb is not adequate for outdoor use. I can't recommend it as GE has decided to make a different product and represent it as the same product as the earlier iteration. I don't mind paying extra for the pleasing light because I love GE reveal lighting. I will be returning to Amazon.

👤We bought these bulbs because of good reviews for GE Lighting products, and uncertainty about the Chinese products, which are less expensive. I bought eight bulbs and needed six. The six that were selected were in service for a month in our ceiling fans. The light is neutral and enjoyable. There is a The bulbs that we didn't select were shown in the picture. I don't know if this is a real problem, but I think they are not first quality. Imagine the decision to approve the shipment. It would be helpful if GE Lighting chimed in.

👤I bought these light bulbs on August 27th. They failed on Sept 22nd. This is the most expensive version of the bulb I have ever purchased. They have failed less than a month later. I've had a problem with the bulbs failing earlier than expected, but never this fast. I have other GE bulbs that have been in place for over 3 years without any problems. What is happening? I will try another brand.

8. Dimmable Candelabra Incandescent Equivalent Decorative

Dimmable Candelabra Incandescent Equivalent Decorative

MATCHES existing incadescent bulbs in appearance, brightness and color. No flicker or strobe, no UV, clear glass with high transmittance, high-grade electric source and chip set minimize the light pollution like glare and strobo flash and protect your eyes from stimulation. Dimming allows you to control the brightness of your chandelier light bulbs. Set your e12 tube light bulbs according to your mood and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The 60W candelabra bulb is non-flicker and no buzzing to protect your family's eyesight. The T6 candelabra light bulbs have the same appeal as the traditional edison bulb, with the added benefit of lower energy use. Use these with your chandeliers, ceiling fans, lamp post, lanterns, porch, entryway, dining room, bathroom, or any home lighting fixture with a small e12 base sockets. There is a warranty. SANSI products include a full 2-year warranty, a 30-day refund or replacement, and free lifetime technical support, you can surely buy with confidence. There is a warranty. SANSI products include a full 2-year warranty, a 30-day refund or replacement, and free lifetime technical support, you can surely buy with confidence.

Brand: Lvye

👤Two of the four I bought have died. These light bulbs are not for sale. Very bad quality. Not worth anything. The first one went out a month ago. All of them will fail very soon. They agreed to send me 2 new bulbs under warranty. I am impressed. Maybe their products are okay. There are issues with shipping the new bulbs. They will credit me for the cost after I receive four more. There is a What!? You should order them and ship them. I am not buying more stuff from you under a fake promise to reimburse me. You can pay for them for me. SCAM - SCAM.

👤Only four are working now. I bought a replacement box so that my chandelier isn't half-lit, and of those six, only four are flickering. Skip these! The seller doesn't have to replace the ones that don't work. I bought two boxes of these and if twelve of them are still working six months later, that's the original review. It was very sad. I would like to ask for a replacement, but I don't know how to do that. They look good, the light is bright, but didn't last as long as a regular old incandescent would have!

👤The lights are perfect for a chandelier. They produce a soft white color. The gold base is a great touch for a Chandelier with gold accents. I love them! Great value!

👤This is not a frosted bulb. You will see what I mean when you look at the picture I uploaded. There are yellow strands through the frosted glass. I bought frosted bulbs so they wouldn't be visible. Will be returning them to Amazon.

👤I don't recommend them. I bought 24 bulbs. I have installed 9 bulbs so far. 5 of the 9 bulbs don't work. The bulbs work when they are first installed. They fail from 5 minutes to 24 hours. 30 days is the return window. You are stuck with them after that. I didn't know the quality was bad until the return window closed. If they are the same quality as the ones that failed, it does me no good. I wanted to return the whole order.

👤I like them a lot. I have purchased various other Edison type bulbs from the local home improvement centers for more money and less product. They have a nice glow and are a great deal. Not a brain flash effect. I have had people hurt my eyes. This is a great choice.

👤This set is more expensive than others, but it provides excellent light quality and very bright. The light in the set was not very natural. One of the bulbs started flickering. The set is doing well for a month now. I'm happy with the lights and would buy them again.

👤I'm happy with the bulbs. The "pointy" ends give that classic look. There is a The bulbs were well packaged in plastic containers and cardboard boxes. They can't break during shipping. There is a It's too early to tell about longevity but at least they don't flicker like some of the other LEDs.

9. Dimmable Vintage Edison Bulbs Antique

Dimmable Vintage Edison Bulbs Antique

There are 4 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their 4W Thomas Edison's original light bulbs have a warm white 2200k light temperature and look great in vintage lighting. The amber glass design of their decorative light bulbs give them a warm, soft glow while being a classic yet tinted look. Their decorative gold tint light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting that has a non dimmable ability and can be used for any kind of setting or environment. Their 40 Watt light bulbs fit into any E26 or E 27 screw base, as well as any pendant light fixture. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤I like the look of the bulb and it seems to have good quality. Works well with dimmer. The bulbs don't hang down straight when screwed in because the screw base is crooked. It's not a huge deal but it's annoying to look at. I will see if I can get some replacements for the bad batches. They put off a very bright color which seems to match the advertised temperature. Which is what we wanted. The bulbs are really nice. I wish they were not crooked. I contacted Hudson Lighting about the crooked light bulbs. They immediately sent replacements. The new bulbs had the same problem. The screw base is not aligned with the bulb so it hangs at an angle. It looks odd since our fixtures are clear. I will have to look for different bulbs. I really like the light these bulbs produce and the color temperature is great. Hudson Lighting has good customer service. I am not impressed with their quality control.

👤The bulbs are very soft and bright and are worth every penny. I bought several boxes and only had one broken bulb, and the seller sent me a replacement without any issues. They were unable to locate a single bulb to send me for a replacement so they would be sending me a full package replacement. I have a few spare parts on hand and it arrived in perfect condition. This company will be my go-to for all of my light bulb needs in the future.

👤The lightbulbs are great. Life got in the way and these bulbs deserved a review. Why? They made my woman happy. I don't consider myself a lighting expert, other than buzzy fluorescents which I dislike. Miss thang has worked in the lighting business. It's not an easy girl to please. I like the look of the lights, but they're expensive and hot. Here we have a product that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient to operate, and reasonably priced. Everybody is happy, that's a beautiful thing. The product arrived quickly and safely.

👤I bought six different vintage edison bulbs to use as primary lighting without a dimmer. The amber coating has an effect on lighting. There is a I think Dsane st58 are 2200k and are the lightest yellow. The light is eerie, like a film noir or a Halloween effect. It's nice to see a single open bulb. Can be used to accent, but not as a primary lighting. The bulb string is supposed to have a longer usage life than the bulbs. The lighting in my apartment is perfect. 2300k is not as bright as the simbia, and there is no eerie lighting. Simbia st21- were the most yellow, yet I found them very pleasing and warm, just not what I was looking for, just a shade or two lighter in color than the bulb string/hudson. The whitest of the bulbs was dicuno vintage. Without yellow. I believe the companies did not put enough tint on the bulbs. The dicuno seemed to be similar to the ascher in color. The ascher did not have enough tint needed to be pleasing to the eye. The bulbs are more around 2500k. The style of these bulbs is the same, but there are some differences such as the size of the bulb, the amount of amber coating applied to the bulb, and the led lighting element within the bulb. This type of led within the bulb produces the most lumens of any style and range between 600- 700, with darker bulbs tending to produce less.

10. Lights Photocell Sensor Incandescent Replacement

Lights Photocell Sensor Incandescent Replacement

You can expand your lighting system with accessories such as a Dimmer switch, tap, or motion sensor. Pair it with your existing smart home devices. A dusk to dawn sensor light bulb has an extra photocell adaptor or sockets. The sensor bulb with built in photocell sensor parts will detect the light intensity and will turn on at night and off in the daytime. The built-in light sensor parts are the same shape as a traditional bulb, they don't ask for any installation direction to detect light, and they are invisible. The same style vintage Edison bulb, no extra heat sink or body, E26 screw base, and clear cover make the dusk to dawn light easy to install. The dusk to dawn led light bulb is 85% less energy efficient and will last 15000 hours over 10 times longer than the traditional bulb. 7 x 24 hours customer service, 60 days money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty are not risky. When requesting 6 bulbs, please search: B07YTZQ4QW. 7 x 24 hours customer service, 60 days money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty are not risky. When requesting 6 bulbs, please search: B07YTZQ4QW.

Brand: Spolico

👤The bulbs arrived quickly. There was no damage to the packaging. One of the bulbs seems to be having convulsions when it is on. The connection is secure. The bulb looks good. The other bulb is working perfectly and is installed in a fixture exactly the same as the other one. The update was made on June 11/2020. The previous order had a broken bulb. I needed two bulbs. One of the bulbs was shattered when this shipment arrived. The packaging looked great. The company needs to figure out a way to protect the bulbs in shipping instead of throwing the box in a big box so that it can break. Will never buy again after this.

👤The more expensive your lanterns, the more likely they are not to have dusk to dawn features. It has been the case for us. We have to ask a neighbor to turn on/off our porch lighting when we are away. We thought we would install an outlet timer, but the lack of neutral wires and light bulbs made that impossible. We decided to try to find anLED bulb that had a sensor built into it. It seems to work just fine, we chose it. You can only have one active bulb in amber/Edison style, as when one is activated it cancels out the others. The porch lights come on at dusk and go off at dawn. Happy to have that happen! Someone asked if they were UL.

👤I have these installed in outdoor column-top light fixtures with seeded glass, and they operate as expected, usually within a minute or two of other light fixtures with dusk-to-dawn sensors built in. I was concerned that the light output would be weak through the glass, but it's fine. It doesn't show up at night without being glaring. We are happy with them so far.

👤They lasted six weeks and are dead now. The light bulbs look good. One bulb stayed on in broad daylight. They said they would set up a return that didn't arrive, so I bought two more. Product 5 stars Customer service 0 stars Quality 0 stars.

👤The product has been in use for several months and works well as a dawn to dusk bulb. I was happy to be able to make any lamp mount into a dawn to dusk light. The bulb is not as durable as first thought. The light sensor on my first bulb seems to have failed, causing the bulb to not turn on. The bulb is listed in the packaging as lasting for 22 years. My first bulb undershot this longevity, but maybe I got a bad one. The second one will hopefully work.

👤Going strong for a year. The light bulbs turn off the dusk-to-dawn feature. They are very classy in the style of the Edison. They are great for porch lights because they put out a lot of light, but they look natural even though they are LEDs.

👤The items started to fail a little over a month ago. They would turn on/off at different times. I got them in February 2020. They all malfunctioned. I will contact the company tomorrow, however I thought they would last at least a year. I'll update the review after I get a response from customer service.

11. Dimmable Equivalent 1200Lumens Filament Daylight

Dimmable Equivalent 1200Lumens Filament Daylight

Their vintage 100 watt amber led bulbs are compatible with 90% dimmers and allow you to dim the brightness from zero to 100% stable. Super energy saving and less bills. Do you want a stylish vintage edison bulb, but not happy with its high power consumption and short lifespan? The 8W dimmable light bulb is ideal. The average lifespan of this bulb is 22 years, it has no heat output, and it saves you money on your electricity bills. The retro look E26 vintage led bulb is designed with squirrel cage and high strength with brown glass, and it can be turned on even when not in use. The standard e26 base can be used in a wide range of light fixture applications. It was tested for hundreds of times and finally here it was a high quality, no flicker or strobe, no buzzing amber led bulbs. It glows with 1200lm super bright equivalent to 100 watt incandescent equivalent and a 5000K daylight white can light up your whole space with no darkness area. It is wonderful for ambient or decorative lighting in bedroom, living room, outdoor or commercial use. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment.

Brand: Tobusa

👤I only have two bulbs in my bathroom, and wouldn't find them at the store. I wanted this design, but in a 100W since there are only two bulbs, because I have a metal fixture where the bulbs fully show. These are perfect! If you liked my review, I paid full price for the item.

👤The bulbs are not worth the money. Within a month of installation, all but two of the 8 bulbs failed. As the power supply circuitry in the base burns out, the flickering gets worse and worse. Culminating in the light bulb. I contacted the customer service. The seller of this bulb has a 2 year warranty. There was one email that offered to replace the burnt out bulbs. I have begun to replace these bulbs with brand name bulbs. Disappointed in the longevity of the bulbs. They should last at least 2 years with the warranty. There is a The light they give is nice, but they stopped working quickly. Don't buy these and save your money.

👤The lights are not flickering or making noise. They make a loud noise and flicker at a low level. I bought these mostly for their brightness outdoors.

👤Within an hour of installation, 2 of the 4 bulbs broke. The glass broke when I applied a minute amount of pressure to turn the first bulb. I left the kitchen area and heard the tinkling of shattered glass after I replaced the two bulbs in the kitchen fixture. The second bulb was all over the floor. No one was cut by either bulbs failure, but this is crazy. Don't buy if you're warned. The bulbs are vulnerable to break without warning. I will look for a different product in the future. The manufacturer reached out to address my issue. I received a new package of bulbs for free. The first impression may have been bad. I have to give them credit for their customer service.

👤I dropped these bulbs to 1 star because they were burning out. I haven't had them in a month and already 2 of them have died. It was cheap! I won't buy again. There is a The bulbs are bright and nice. The bulbs do not hum and are dimmable. Each bulb has 1200 lumens. If you are using two in the same lamb, you should use three. A medium sized room will be filled with brilliant light. 5000k day light white bulbs give off a slight blue-ish color in the spectrum. The lights don't emit a light that isangish. These are for people who are looking for daylight brightness for reading. Should I need them again, I will buy them again. Great bulbs!

👤I thought it was a great purchase. They worked well with my dimmers and provided a good dimming range, nice look, good color temperature and decent brightness, although it was nowhere near the 100W they advertised. I distributed the bulbs throughout the house. I liked these bulbs for a while. I had a single bulb in a 5 bulb chandelier that flickered at the 3 month mark. I had bulbs flickering in the house for about 4 months. I thought it was a case of a bad bulb in the batches. I used the extra bulbs to replace the flickering bulbs. The issue was temporarily solved by that. I replaced every bulb I pulled out with high quality bulbs from either Feit orPhillips by 9 months. There is a Buying these bulbs was a waste of time and money and they ended up in a landfill. I regret buying it. If you are still going to buy these bulbs, please keep this in mind. Purchase one quality. Compare the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from a manufacturer likePhillips to the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from another manufacturer. The bulbs are closer to 40W.


What is the best product for decorative led light bulbs outdoor?

Decorative led light bulbs outdoor products from Ascher. In this article about decorative led light bulbs outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Brightown and Sunco Lighting are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative led light bulbs outdoor.

What are the best brands for decorative led light bulbs outdoor?

Ascher, Brightown and Sunco Lighting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative led light bulbs outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Brightever, Bluex Bulbs and Ge Lighting are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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