Best Decorative Light Bulb 60 Watt

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1. GE Lighting 76239 650 Lumen Candelabra

GE Lighting 76239 650 Lumen Candelabra

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. GE chandelier candelabra light bulbs are the perfect decorative light bulbs that fit most chandeliers, sconces, or fixture where the bulb is visible. The candelabra light bulbs use 60-Watts. The light bulbs are long lasting and can be used for up to 3 hours a day. The candelabra light bulb costs $7.23 annually to operate, based on 3 hours per day use. The candelabra candle light bulbs are warm. The candelabra candle light bulbs are warm.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤One year life is what the package says. None of the 16 bulbs lasted a year. I documented when they were installed and how I replaced them. Three months, 10 days, four months, and two days are how long the bulbs have lasted. Three months and 20 days. There is a The lights are only on in the evening in my living room. These are the bulbs that you can change frequently. I wouldn't buy these bulbs from General Electric.

👤I am confused by this product. Why would a manufacturer think it was a good idea to print something on a clear glass bulb? You can see the words when the lights are on in my dining room chandelier, but you can't see them during the day. These are only used under a shade or behind frosted glass. It is a strange thing.

👤The bulbs fit. Work well. Why one star? There is a The side of each and every bulb has the words "360 LUMENS" written on it. I thought it was a sticker. Nope. It is gold lettering and shows up clearly. Our dining room has a nice candelabra bulb, but instead of sharing information, we have bulbs that share information no one cares about. It's not a big deal. If your light bulbs are hidden under a globe or something similar, it's not a big deal. There is a If the bulbs themselves are seen in your fixture, it is a design flaw that is annoying enough for you to order different bulbs.

👤I used these for lamps. The first one out of the box did not work. I tried them in lamps that have been used without issue for a few years. The first bulb was undamaged when looked at in bright light. It simply did not work. They showed they were damaged from the start. Those that did work are still working. 4 out of 12 kaputz? Not a good deal. Make sure you need the tall candle flame size, because they do light up well when working. One of my lamps should have used a shorter bulb. The 40 watt bulbs are ok. They looked to be well made. I'm not an expert. Hope this helps someone make a decision.

👤I regret ordering these online because they are hard to find in stores and fit in my chandelier in the dining room. There is a The box we received was labeled "contractor grade". " Several were broken out of the box. The price was still not bad and I was not too worried. A few of the good ones burned out immediately after turning on. This has never been the case with the other bulbs we have used. I am not sure if this was caused in shipping or not. I order a lot from Amazon, but something as fragile as these small, older bulbs that depend on a thin piece of filament to be intact are probably something I'll look for in a store nearby in the future.

2. Brightown Incandescent Dimmable Decorative Filament

Brightown Incandescent Dimmable Decorative Filament

These large edison light bulbs with stable lights do not flicker, do not hurt the eyes, and are dimmable. The Dimmable Edison lamp gives a more relaxing night's sleep and makes your room cozier. The medium E26 base is the most common light bulb base. 120 V, 60 watt, 178 watt, E26 base, amber glass, warm white light bulbs are the specifications. Vintage style is back in lighting with the stylish edison light bulbs. The first choice for decorative lighting is the spiral cage bulbs. The design of this bulb is perfect for accessorizing vintage or replica fixture of Victorian, steampunk, and other early turn-of-the-century properties. Modern homes can use these inspired incandescent light bulbs to their advantage and combine cleanly-lined fixture with ornate, complex filament designs. Place these light bulbs on the Kitchen Island, living room, room, restaurant, wall sconces, ceiling, pendant. The 60 watt light bulbs are made of high-quality material and come with an amber glass cover. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging. The 60 watt light bulbs are made of high-quality material and come with an amber glass cover. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging.

Brand: Brightown

👤Excellent decorative bulbs at a fair price. They were well packaged and arrived quickly. I would buy them again. The bulbs are straight up and down, not in a round spiral. There is a glare from the glass shade when writing this review in the daytime. It is a good idea to read at night.

👤These have a warm amber glow. It's easy on the eyes. I would prefer these over white bulbs. There are a couple of negatives. They aren't energy efficient, they don't last long, and they're made of glass, but I'm sure you've already assessed that last one.

👤The lights were perfect for my Farmhouse Beam Rope lights. They work well and give the room a "rustic" look.

👤I tried burning it out within 24 hours. The second bulb seems to be working. Consistency and quality are issues. My husband thinks they are bright.

👤The lights look great. They are perfect. The only issue is the wattage. The brightness was very bright. I was expecting more for how much power was being drawn. The amount of time the life span is rated for is not great.

👤Two of the bulbs burned out. One turned black and the other white. The price was very disappointing. Customer service is great, sending replacement bulbs with an easy call and email.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying anything, and there were a lot of bad ones for these bulbs, talking about how they broke, or that they stopped working. I have had no problems with these bulbs for a month. I don't know if I'll have problems in the long run. They both work well. I like them a lot and recommend them, they were exactly what I was looking for.

👤We needed a light to act as a nightlight for our buffet table and the bulbs give the right amount of light and look great with the lamp I ordered. I was looking for a steam punk vibe.

3. Equivalent 850Lumens Daylight Filament Non Dimmable

Equivalent 850Lumens Daylight Filament Non Dimmable

Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. Each of their bulbs has a glow that will last. Super 850LM brightness. Their standard E26 base bulbs emit 5000K daylight white light at 850Lumen with a view angle of 180 degrees, a perfect replacement for traditional 60W incandescent bulbs. The combination of brightness and CCT creates a comfortable and cozy lighting environment, perfect for enjoying the night with your family. The bulbs give out little heat, so you don't need to worry about overheating. Vintage Look and Eye-caring Light. The E26 medium screw base works well with the ST58 led bulbs. They tested the quality of the bulbs before they were released. They are mercury and lead free and no harmful ultraviolet or IR radiation is produced. The bulbs emit stable light that protects you and your family from flicker or strobe. Their non-dimmable 90+ high color rendering index can recreate the natural color of all objects, without any color fading or changing. Everything in your space can look great. It is possible to bring your space bright, wonderful and unique for a long time. Energy-saving and long- lasting design. The same brightness can be achieved with their ST58 non-dimmable LEDs. It means the bulbs can help you save at least 90% of your electricity bill. You don't have to worry about frequent bulb replacement because of a long lifespan of 25 years. Bright bulbs are your best lighting partner. You Have Brightever's Words. They care about every feedback of you and will make you a perfect purchase experience. You Have Brightever's Words. They care about every feedback of you and will make you a perfect purchase experience.

Brand: Brightever

👤I was looking for decorative led lights to illuminate my kitchen dining area. I was interested in the light efficacy rating. The majority of existing light bulbs use 13-16 watt. That is a rating of around 100 per watt, which is typical right now. The lights were supposed to put out 175 lumens per watt. I thought, what the heck. I would give them a try. The bulbs seem to be high quality and I'm very happy with the light color and the light's consistency. I could tell from looking at them that they aren't putting out as much light as they could. My light fixture has open top globes so this level of light should almost be blinding when looking at the tops of the bulbs. I took out my light meter and did some measuring. The seller is advertising more than half of what the bulbs are capable of. I used online calculator to convert both Footcandles and LUX. I think the light output is similar to a 60w to 75w bulb. I'm keeping them because I'm actually getting what I thought I would get. Seeing 1,400 lumens would have been a nice bonus.

👤I had an original bulb in my dining room. It was good for a show, but not enough light to hold dinner under it. I decided to change them with more light and they made the room look better. The package arrived first and the bulbs were in their cases. The value for money is great.

👤These will light up the room in a way that is not like the work of Thomas Jefferson. I had to remove a few bulbs from the fixture because it was too bright. I had to look away from the lights. I bought some with a lower output to see if they are similar to the one I use. The product seems to work. The bulbs are too bright.

👤We are remodeling and replacing our old light fixture with cool farmhouse looking lights and I bought the soft style bulbs. The bulbs are soft and bright, even though they are called that. I don't think the bulbs labeled "regular" or "bright" would be blinding indoors. I'm glad I went with soft first because these came well-packed and I'm sure I'll stick with this seller/bulb style when it's time to order again. I bought these during the Prime Day sale, but I can't remember what I paid. I'll try to buy more of these bulbs on Black Friday.

👤When compared to their counterparts in the incandescent bulb family, the LEDs are more energy efficient. These lights are unique and give a unique flavor to any decor. The soft white bulbs have an orange brown glow. The 5000 watt Daylight version of this bulb is best used in outlying spaces like closets, laundry rooms and entry foyers. You can mix and match soft and daylight bulbs, as I have to get what I consider the best of both worlds. There is a The illuminated strips through the clear real glass bulb is the best part of the bulb. These lights are bright and seem to be the most bright of all. Check the output in Lumen's for the exact brightness numbers for each bulb type. I decorate my home based on what I like not what is current in style, despite the fact that interior design experts say that Edison Bulbs are pass'se. For me, the timeless beauty of the Edison bulbs is what makes them my go to. My house is designed to show off the beauty of the bulb. There is a If you're looking for a vintage look and shape, then the Edison bulbs are a great choice. I have had some of these bulbs for a year and they have not burned out.

4. Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

The energy efficient bulb can save you money on your electricity bill. The bulbs have a 500 watt light output. High lighting efficacy and little heat generation make it a perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. It takes less maintenance than a tungsten lamp, and it has a long lasting life. The LEDs are not flicker, dazzle, or buzzing. It's safe for you and your family. Work safely and the voltage is AC 85-265V, best match with your table lamps,Ceiling fan light,Wall lamps, and pendant fixture. It can be used in any room, including the living rooms, the reading room,bedrooms,offices, and hallways. The Standard American E26 screw base is very easy to install. Their light bulbs are instant on. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Hansang

👤I have previously used fluorescent lights. The Hansang Model was purchased by me. The most effective way to not attract night flying insects is with the yellow lights. The UV and bluish range is attractive for insects, but the light emitted by the incandescent and CFL lights was not as effective as it could have been. LEDs are a type of light emitting device that is limited to a very narrow range of wavelength and can also be used as an insect attractant. There is a I have not seen many insects drawn to the light since installing the Hansang LEDs. The Hansang bulbs are the best for attracting moths because of their light. The brown marmorated stinkbug swarms before winter in my region. They aren't drawn by the light. The A19 bulb should fit most of the fixtures. I have not used these lights as an indoor nightlight, but the elimination of blue light is generally recommended as a light for sleep preparation and reducing eye glare on computer and phone screens. I was able to make an inquiry of their customer service dept, their reply was quick and courteous.

👤I thought I received the wrong bulbs. I ordered yellow. I opened the box. They were all white. They shine yellow when you turn the light on. Ta da! They work well.

👤I was very happy after installing a bulb in the outside light. A big black spider built a web that reached from the top of the awning down the side of the door and across to the mailbox. It was knocked down every day, but came back the next day as a nightmare for me. I tried to light a bulb. There were no spider webs or visible bugs.

👤Our entire home is fitted with bulbs from several manufacturers. They are comparable in quality and weight. They provide the brightness needed for lighting the video created by motion and are installed on outside security lights. The design and color of the lights go much better with the fact that they are white until lit. It was only a matter of weeks before bugs caught in webs obscured part of the camera lens, so these are a must in places where nighttime insects are a problem.

👤It was a replacement in the bathroom Vanity. The light is very bright. Not too cold or warm. The product was well packaged and shipped quickly. No buzzing sounds like leds. Can't beat these for the price. Would buy again.

👤I ordered 2nd. Set. A great bug light and living light. As the sun is out, it is comforting on the eyes and cheerful.

👤The bulbs are an excellent value buy. They turn on instantly, are bright, and most important are the correct color. Since they are not glass, you cannot tell from looking at them if they are plastic or not, that is a good thing. I installed all four of them in a bathroom fixture and they work great. If you want bright, these are for you, as they are four x 60 and have a brightness of 240w. If they work like most LEDs, it will be a long time before I have to replace them. One thing to remember is that the lifespan of the lights is very long and they use less energy than the other lights. These are great value for money.

5. Candelabra Decorative Dimmable Chandelier Lights

Candelabra Decorative Dimmable Chandelier Lights

The Pack of 12 Incandescent Decorative Chandelier light bulbs have a flame shaped bent tip. The lifetime rating is 1500 hours. The candelabra is 12mm in diameter and will work with a dimmer. They are ideal for use in chandeliers, ceiling fixture, portables, vanities, and sconces, as well as other household lighting fixture or fans. The basic design of the lamp has not changed since the late 1800s, when Thomas Alva Edison produced the first electric light bulb. Oxygen can't reach the lamp's filament and cause it to evaporate on contact. The lamps are either vacuum- sealed or gas-filled. Incandescent lamp filaments are made of a metal. It is possible to operate a metal at high temperatures without it melting quickly and causing lamp failure. It's necessary to use a material that can survive extremely high temperatures becauseescent filaments only convert about 10% of the energy used into visible light. The coiled filament design is stronger and has been found to deliver better performance. Incandescent lamp filaments are made of a metal. It is possible to operate a metal at high temperatures without it melting quickly and causing lamp failure. It's necessary to use a material that can survive extremely high temperatures becauseescent filaments only convert about 10% of the energy used into visible light. The coiled filament design is stronger and has been found to deliver better performance.

Brand: Kor

👤I thought I found the E12 candelabra flame tip 60w 120v lightbulb on Amazon. I ordered 12 of these bulbs, but instead received a dozen of the "torpedo tip" bulbs. If it was 60w, I would be okay with the different style bulb. The bulbs are only 40w. I will not allow my family to eat in a dimly lit dungeon every night. Shopping for lightbulbs online is riskier than shopping in person. I will be returning these. There is an update. After returning the item which was easy, I received the item I originally ordered 3 days later. They work and look great, and all were in good shape. I can't give it 5 stars because of the mess. I am happy now that I have a customer.

👤I chose this type of light because my dimmer doesn't control the LEDs right, but it controls the older types of bulbs great. I can see everything well if I have a comfortable level of lighting. I usually leave them low to middle range. They were individually packed and lightly wrapped so it's easy to stack and store them.

👤I've tried one of the bulbs and it emits light as it is described. I'm not happy with the packaging of the bulbs, they were put into a plastic bag and then taped shut. It's amazing how they survived the shipping. Good lamps but beware of the risks. I wouldn't buy them again if Amazon paid for or replaced broken goods, and I would have to deal with that.

👤I like the lights in my living room and dining room. When I needed 12 lights for my new chandelier, one of them burned out and I had to put another light in the spot. The customer service representative gave me a credit of about a dollar, which forced me to go to my local hardware store to pick up the one bulb that I didn't want to purchase online.

👤It was very cheap and what I needed. I received my order and one bulb was crushed, but I have just written to the seller to get a response. I don't think 60 watt is enough, but they are bright and clear and I like the cool white.

👤The bulb in my wife's mirror burned out. I was going to buy a 45 watt bulb at the hardware store. I thought it would be easy to find a similar bulb with the same brightness. I found this one on Amazon after looking for about an hour. Couldn't be happier that this thing is even brighter than the original. Can't ask for more.

👤The bulbs seem to be of good quality and the price was right. There is a Each one had its own box with all the bulbs in it. A bunch of bulbs sitting in a thin package is not good. The 40 watt bulbs I was using were insufficient for additional light.

👤I installed these yesterday and the bulbs blew right away. I don't think the remaining 10 will last. I had installed 25W, but they do better than that. I lost 2.

6. Dimmable Replacement Decorative Lightbulbs Chandelier

Dimmable Replacement Decorative Lightbulbs Chandelier

The edison bulb set is multi piece and high power. The lamp base e26 medium base is suitable for the 120v and 60w power of the vintage light bulbs. It has 2200K warm white light. 2500 hours of lifespan is an average for durable and dimmer compatible. The best lighting effect is achieved by using the Edison bulbs to adjust the brightness to suit any setting and meet different lighting needs. The edison light bulbs have a power of 60 watt and a warm white light design. The light is stable, does not flicker, does not hurt the eyes, provides excellent lighting and decorative effects, and makes your room more warm. The light bulb is made of high quality material and comes with an amber colored glass cover. It is a perfect match for modern furniture. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging. The edison retro light bulb has a retro and stylish appearance, making it a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations. The edison retro light bulb has a retro and stylish appearance, making it a warm and romantic atmosphere. It can be used for both lighting and decorations.

Brand: Brightown

👤The bulbs are a nice color, don't produce too much heat, and look nice. There is a When one of these bulbs breaks or is dropped, they explode, as if under very high internal pressure. A few weeks ago, I dropped one from a fixture and tried to put it back in the original box, but the pop from the lightbulb was so strong that glass flew up and cut my arm up. The broken glass could have hit my eyes if I had been leaning in closer to it. Bad news. There is a They are nice enough bulbs. Be careful handling them. There should be a warning on the product listing.

👤I like this bulb a lot, but it gets hot. I feel like a chicken under a heat lamp after just 5 minutes of using it. A beautiful amber color. I would only recommend this for floor lamps and ceiling lights because of the heat and how warm the color temperature is. The closer the bulb is to something, the more orange it will be, so it's not the best for my use case. Cute and beautiful bulbies.

👤Absolutely GARBAGE! I bought everything I have bought from China, like the "Made in China" bulbs, and they are junk. You can see the scratches on the glass from 10 feet away, because the light illuminates the interior. There is a I strongly recommend. You don't buy the globe style bulbs from Basics Hardware. If you can imagine it, they have the same problem and worse packing.

👤These are compact and beautiful. They emit heat as soon as you turn them on. I am keeping an eye on them. I use them as reading lights in the evening, but I left one running for two hours and the wall was not warm.

👤Most people who buy this bulb buy it for its special effect, which I like to call "gourmet" light. Almost all of the bulbs in our home are LEDs, and they offer a lot more light with less energy consumption. I use this bulb in a small exposed fixture with a dimmer on the piano in my recording studio to give it a nice, warm glow. It's great for the vintage effect. It's like having the glow of a candle, but without the smoke, indoor air pollution, and fire danger. The bulb's filament is beautiful to look at. My grandparents used to have original bulbs in their homes, and it took me back to when I was a kid.

👤The bulb that comes with this lamp is not recommended by me. It's like looking into the sun. I wanted this for my bedroom, so I searched around until I found the most amber colored, NON-LED Edison bulb I could find, and it was better. The lamp is a great value for the price, heavy and well-constructed, and looks great.

👤I bought clear 75 watt bulbs from the store and they don't get hot, but I bought 60 watt amber bulbs. I might return them. I bought incandescant lights, not great for a desk lamp, but great for ceiling lights. Returned and ordered the light.

7. Ascher Equivalent Daylight Non Dimmable Bathroom

Ascher Equivalent Daylight Non Dimmable Bathroom

All KarlunKoy items come with a 1 year unlimited warranty. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product. Energy saving: Replacing traditional 60W incandescent with 6W LEDs will save you up to 90% on your electricity bill. 20,000 hours is an average of less heat output and longer life. Also, note: Please don't use the E26 bulb with a dimmer switch. Excellent performance. This globe led bulbs offer a comfortable, relaxing and safe environment. ECO-FRIENDLY: There was no lead or mercury. Long-term and stable to provide you with high-quality lighting services. Standard G25 led globe shape with E26 screw base is very easy to install. It's suitable for various lighting. Can be used as a decoration light, makeup mirror light, table lamp, wall lamp, and mirror light bulb. It's ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, etc. Professional after-sale service. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. If you face a quality problem, you can email them to get a replacement or a refund. Professional after-sale service. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. If you face a quality problem, you can email them to get a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Ascher

👤I like the shape and bulb but not the fact that there is printing on it. It was taken off very easily by the magic eraser.

👤I wanted to replace the globe bulbs on the Vanity light with LEDs but they were too expensive and I needed 8 of them for one bathroom. The prices have gone down and the technology has improved. These are brighter than the old ones, but they have a nicer appearance. I could have gone with something else, but these are fine. The reason they got 4 stars instead of 5 is because the manufacturer has printed their name and some information on the top of the bulb, so when using them uncovered, you see the writing on them. The old bulbs did not have writing on them. It is hard to notice the writing when they are on, but when they are off, it is noticeable. They are fine.

👤The 60w equivalent is brighter than the 40w bulbs that I had. These use less electricity than the original bulbs that I had. I bought a brand 40w equivalent, 2700K frequency bulbs, 4x, from the local home improvement store for another 4-bulb Vanity in the house. The bulbs were "brassy" looking and had a higher unit cost. The Ascher G25's are nice.

👤I was expecting a lot from these, but they aren't as good as I thought. It took us two seconds to notice the odd coloring of the lights and that they were dimmer than we had expected. The light on the walls of our home is a bright white hue that is almost indistinguishable from a pink hue. It's like the glass just isn't the same clear all the way around, and the "warmth factor" is controlled by coloring the glass which would explain the inconsistent coloring. I can't confirm if they are 4,000k. I feel like I need to add lamps to make our rooms brighter, they feel a bit darker than when we used 3000k or 5000k bulbs. When we looked so hard for a good 4000k bulbs we thought we'd found them, we aren't happy with this purchase. There is a The picture is the best I could get. There is more of a gradual, blended change that isn't as easily seen by a photo, because we have other rooms where more lights are used.

👤The start was nice. I bought 4 packs of Light Bulbs in July and another 4 in August. The cost savings from the LEDs was something I liked. Half of them have burned out. They will last 18 months. This is not a real advertisement. The should have lasted more than 5 times. If you want to send me 5 sets of new bulbs at no cost, change your wording in your add in order to be accurate, and be honest to the people out there in your description, please do so. You admitted that they were mad. This is the problem. America makes better products. I need a new set of bulbs asap.

8. GE Auradescent 75343 40 Watt 140 Lumen

GE Auradescent 75343 40 Watt 140 Lumen

CP3 is committed to providing customers with high quality products, and they are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction. Their company will provide a 24 months warranty for this bulb. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. GE Auradescent light bulbs can be used in chandeliers, sconces, or anywhere the bulb is visible. The 40-Watt flame tip chandelier light bulbs provide a subtle, reassuring, auradescent light. The aesthetic auradescent design and flame tip of these GE light bulbs will add a sparkle and provide a decorative touch in fixtures where the bulb is visible. Light up your home with light bulbs. The chandelier light bulbs will last about 1.5 years. The light bulbs are rugged. They are an ideal choice for use in ceiling fans. The light bulbs are rugged. They are an ideal choice for use in ceiling fans.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤The light bulbs were ordered for a floor lamp. The standard size bulb base has a candlelabra bulb. The light produced by the light is wonderful. The light bulbs arrived quickly. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤These are for a standard chandelier ceiling light. They give a soft light to a room.

👤These look pretty in my chandelier. I use them for a lot of things. I ordered many packs for my church. The person who had difficulty fitting a ladder between pews was very grateful.

👤I thought they were bad because I saw a black mark on the bub, but they all work just fine.

👤I love these bulls! I have a bathroom light that comes with an Edison bulb, that's fine if you like a bright hue to your room. It doesn't work when you have no natural light in a small half bath that's been painted pale aqua blue, and you end up with a bathroom that looks like it hasn't been painted since 1963.

👤Two of the bulbs were broken when they arrived. It would be more of a hassle to return them, so I decided not to. There is a This is a good value for money.

👤These are the kind of bulbs I needed. They fit into the chandelier in my dining room and are what I expected. I have to review the shipping experience in another part of the site, instead of in this part. I will share my thoughts about the shipping experience there.

👤Don't worry about them breaking during shipment. They packed them away.

9. 6 Pack Jslinter Dimmable Antique Vintage

6 Pack Jslinter Dimmable Antique Vintage

The light cannons are made of hydrogen. The GE energy efficient halogen light bulbs are a direct replacement for standard incandescent bulbs. This old fashioned light bulb with squirrel cage style filament is great for decorative lighting and fit all home lighting. The ST58 Edison Bulbs are rated at 60 watt and 230 lumens, and are exactly like a traditional Edison teardrop shape. They are the perfect piece for adding a timeless charm to your house because of their soft and yellow glow. It's designed in an old fashioned style and can be used for home or commercial decoration, such as chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, use at kitchen, living room, bedroom, restaurant to create warm and intimate lighting. It has 6 pack 60W. The bulbs need to be protected during transit and there is no need to worry about broken or damaged bulbs. They will make compensation if bulbs are broken or damaged. The Jslinter light bulb is made from high quality Thomas Edison style filament and outer glass. They strive to provide top quality vintage light bulb for you. The Jslinter light bulb is made from high quality Thomas Edison style filament and outer glass. They strive to provide top quality vintage light bulb for you.

Brand: Jslinter

👤2 of them broke out of the package, one exploded in a 16 month olds face, and one burned out in a month. I've used the other edison globes, but they are much thinner. The company won't refunds the purchase unless I return all 4 bulbs, which is impossible since they're in shards in the trash can. These are dangerous and should be recalled.

👤I was shopping for "Edison Style" bulbs and ended up ordering them, not realizing they were not LEDs. I assumed that when you search for something else, you should never do that. I swore the title showed it. Oh well. They are very nice. They get very hot, so be sure they are in a proper location. They are not lights.

👤It is perfect! This is a better value than other similar bulbs in big chain stores. Nothing lost in performance or looks. The whole room is changed. I just moved into my new house and it feels like home. I am buying a new chandelier and will use the other 5 bulbs. Will definitely recommend.

👤I bought these bulbs for my lamps in the bedroom. They give the perfect amount of light to make the room look better. It gives it a vintage feel.

👤All worked when received. Excellent packaging. Great product. There is a lot of bright. Use a dimmer.

👤These bulbs aren't as bright as their standard counterparts. I can't complain about that since it's the nature of these longer and thicker filaments. If it's burning hotter, you can't get the warm glow. I'm getting the light that I want with the look that I want.

👤I bought these replacements for a GE bulb that blew out after only a few days on a 4-bulb fixture. These were both cheaper and nicer than the GE bulbs. The amber glass is a shade darker and has a better amber 'glow'. I wish I had considered these before buying the more expensive GE bulbs.

👤The lights are some of the best looking I have ever bought, they are a great value, and I have a delivery problem unrelated to the seller, and they helped me with it even though it wasn't their fault. There is a It's refreshing that a lot of companies don't do that anymore.

👤The tone was orange-y. Exactly what I needed.

10. Candelabra Dimmable Equivalent Chandelier Decorative

Candelabra Dimmable Equivalent Chandelier Decorative

The lifespan is 20000h and it is 833 days for steady and bright serving. The Dimming feature of the candelabra bulb is precise and solid from high to low with the latest light source pattern. Their dimmable candelabra bulb is tested to be compatible with the dimmers. The E12 candelabra bulb has clear glass with decorative exposed filaments and a vivid flame tip, which makes it look like a candle flame. It's ideal for chandeliers, pendant light, wall sconces, dining room, hotel, restaurant, hallway, living room, etc. The right led candelabra bulb can make a difference in the atmosphere of your home. Their chandelier light bulb has a bright and natural white color that can light up each corner and allow objects to look clear. The B10 candelabra bulbs are dimmable, they save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. Re-lamp frequencies are reduced by 15,000 hours. The candelabra bulbs are approved by the U.S. government to replace the 60W incandescent bulbs. Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Over Temperature Protection are some of the things that are protected. There was no lead or mercury. The height and width of candle bulbs are easy to install. Most C7-size lamps, such as ornamental lights, residential or commercial string lights, can be lit with E12 Bases. The height and width of candle bulbs are easy to install. Most C7-size lamps, such as ornamental lights, residential or commercial string lights, can be lit with E12 Bases.

Brand: Sigalux

👤Only 6 of the 12 bulbs were delivered. The seller said it was not their problem because I used Amazon Prime. Sorry. I shouldn't have to sort it out because it was their problem. It would be a good idea to look at a different supplier.

👤I ordered these bulbs because they said they were dimmable, but the reality is that unless they are at full brightness they flicker worse than lights at a Czechnian Disco. I double checked the dimmer switch to make sure it was rated for light-colored bulbs. I would only buy them if you install them into a fixture with a simple throw switch. There is a They are more bright than the 60 watt rating and skew towards the orange/white side of the spectrum. Nice color, if only they would dim properly. There is a I will update my review if the manufacturer suggests a way to stop the flickering.

👤These bulbs have different colors on both sides. Why would I want this in my chandelier? They look bad.

👤Great product. It works well in my mom's chandelier. I was afraid of how they would look in the clear glass chandelier. They look great. These bulbs look great, even though I was worried they would not look nice. They look great, and they are dimmable. There is a * One of the bulbs doesn't work, that's my only gripe. I haven't contacted the seller yet, so I'm taking off my rating. There is a My mom's chandelier is proud of the nice product.

👤The price was great and the product was great. I began to notice blinking while I was watching TV after one week of use. I turned everything off and put the two light fixture in. Even though they're not on a dimmer, they were blinking and flashing. The longer the lights are on, the worse it gets. These are useless and not sure what the issue is. Buy something higher quality at your local store.

👤I bought the E12 candelabra bulbs. 60W Dimmable. The light bulbs are equivalent. Soft white. 12 packs of the K 500lm B10 flame tip candle bulb. I have purchased a lot of light emitting devices on Amazon and one bulb did not work in the package. The bulbs worked. The light was bright and the color was nice. Both were described. I would buy them again.

👤The little bulbs are bright. The ones I used in my pictures were dim and never lasted very long. The little size bulbs are always dim. I replaced an old burned out one with a new one to show the difference in the brightness of the bulbs. A before and after picture. I'm happy I got them.

👤On Dec 2nd, it was ordered. The bulb is barely lit. The other five are still running. The problem with the lightbulb is that I changed the sockets multiple times. Otherwise, it would be 5 stars. It is not okay to have anLED for 2 months.

11. GE Lighting 36518 Decorative Replacement

GE Lighting 36518 Decorative Replacement

90-Day warranty has a life span of 1,000 hours. The seller has a 90-Day warranty. Both are compliant with the law. The GE light bulbs are ideal for use in chandeliers, sconces and fixture where the bulb is visible. These Vintage light bulbs are dimmable and provide a warm candlelight glow and recreate the retro look of old fashioned incandescent bulbs. Traditional 60-Watt incandescent light bulbs are replaced by GE's Vintage Edison light bulb. The GE Vintage led light bulbs are long lasting and can be used for 13 years. The savings on energy costs per light bulb over the bulb's life is greater than the savings on the light bulb itself. The savings on energy costs per light bulb over the bulb's life is greater than the savings on the light bulb itself.

Brand: Ge Lighting

👤I heard a crackling sound after installing this in a lamp. The whole thing broke off when I touched it. It was a clean break and there were no shards of glasses. The lamp was not on, the bulb was not used, and the only way to make sure it worked was to flip it on. There must be a bad production run because I saw another review that described it.

👤I like these bulbs. I should have put them in on Friday when I received them, but we are on Tuesday and the bulb broke down the stairs. Excellent! It was a good price by a good lighting company. GE bulbs are not the way to go. It's definitely a hazard and a waste of money.

👤You can judge the attached photos by looking at them. I got two of the bulbs, both of which were heavily pitted and dusty inside. The quality of decorative bulbs is terrible. Even a dollar store lightbulb would have better clarity. I strongly recommend you stay away from vintage bulbs until GE addresses their quality control in their overseas factory.

👤The xtricity version has more light than the GE bulb, but it's not as bright as the GE bulb. The 7w xtricity bulb is 2w lower. I wish these had a different option. I dropped a star because of the selection at Amazon. The xtricity bulb has 4 spirals and this one has 5. I want to replace the original g40 spiral bulbs with better looking ones. There are 8 spirals in the incandescent. The GE bulb has an extra spiral, so I will probably use it.

👤When I got this bulb, I screwed it into the fixture. It was perfect for the lamp and the room. I only got to enjoy it that night because it broke in the middle of the night and I woke up to a shattered kitchen counter. There is a This product does not come with a guarantee, so unless the seller contacts me, it was a complete waste of money.

👤These bulbs are wonderful. I've been looking for a bulb that is easy to use. I bought the first set from Lowes and then 4 more from Amazon for a better price. I like the idea of edison bulbs, but I don't want to use the energy to power them. I get a lot of praise on these. The first set is doing well. The only issue is that certain dimmers can't turn them on if you dim them too low. The dimmer switch is an issue that I believe is related to the bulb.

👤It was on for two minutes and then I heard a crackling sound and it broke off. It seems to be a common issue. It is a shame because it is a nice looking bulb. I am not sure if it is bad manufacturing or if it is certain lamps. The bulb had some scratches.

👤The glass is tinted gold and the finish is clear.


What is the best product for decorative light bulb 60 watt?

Decorative light bulb 60 watt products from Ge Lighting. In this article about decorative light bulb 60 watt you can see why people choose the product. Brightown and Brightever are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative light bulb 60 watt.

What are the best brands for decorative light bulb 60 watt?

Ge Lighting, Brightown and Brightever are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative light bulb 60 watt. Find the detail in this article. Hansang, Kor and Ascher are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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