Best Decorative Light Bulb Dimmable

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1. JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier

JandCase Candelabra Equivalent Decorative Chandelier

No defected bulbs will be delivered to you. Great value, top quality, excellent performance, but costs less than other brands. All of the Mastery Mart's bulbs are certified by Energy Star. If their light bulb doesn't satisfy you, you can return money for a full refund. Excellent performance. The chandelier light bulb has a warm white light that is gentle on the skin. JandCase 6w led bulbs can be used to replace 60w incandescent bulbs. It is a 10%- 100% dimmable bulb that is designed to meet all your needs for room brightness. It's compatible with the dimmers. Simply install the bulb into the light fixture from the standard E12 base. No delay, instant on. There was no buzzing or humming. Candle shape light bulbs are perfect for ceiling fan, chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamp, bedroom or living room and kitchen. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They are committed to providing their customers with high quality products and exceptional service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Jandcase

👤These bulbs are wonderful. I can dim the colors when my eyes hurt and use them for a night light, the multi colored flash gives it a party feel.

👤I had trouble finding an e12 rgb bulb that was also bright, so I ordered this product. I ordered a set of 3w bulbs from somewhere else. I was very disappointed in the lack of light. These aren't as fancy as the ones, but didn't need them for that. I'm happy with the remote color options, the brightness at the 5w rating, and being able to get what I wanted quickly. I took out my ceiling fan light fixture. I'm happy with them. I ordered a new set of the fancy ones, but they were only 4w and less. With these, I can change the brightness up or down with a remote, and get plenty of light. I didn't want to have to have a phone app to do it. I didn't want to use a cell app to change my color from turquoise to bright white, or set a timer to dim.

👤They say they aren't weather proof, but they are inside a light fixture. I like that I have the ability to change the colors. I have three fixtures that take two bulbs each. I can make them all green for St. Patty's Day, I have Red-Green-Red for Christmas. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran's Day will be made Red-White-Blue by me. I'm happy I bought them. One remote works for all of them.

👤I was hoping this would fit in my selenite rock lamp, but it doesn't, it sits off the base. It seems to be ok so far. You can't tell unless you look and prop it up onto something. You can see how the lamp sits on the base.

👤I think these bulbs are good for a kids night light. Two of them put off barely enough light to make the edges of furniture visible in a small, dark RV bedroom. If you dim them, you don't get enough light to see the bulb and its enclosure. Disappointed in the performance. These 6W bulbs are not worth buying unless you are looking for a very low-light bulb or you want a decorative bulb.

👤I bought 6 of these to use on my two outside lanterns at Christmas. Within the first few weeks of use, two of them became useless. The remote would no longer be able to control them. I needed to buy a pair of bad lantern positions for Christmas this year, so I bought another pair. One on them would change color. It was a real PITA to keep doing this because it would respond to the remote to get it back to its original color. I inquired about the warranty. I was told I would be given a resolution after a lot of questions. They haven't heard from them in a couple months. Don't buy these. The company will not honor their warranty because they are unreliable. The lifetime is BS. Another Chinese company has no honor or commercial integrity.

2. Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

Incandescent Equivalent Decorative Bathroom Non Dimmable

The energy efficient bulb can save you money on your electricity bill. The bulbs have a 500 watt light output. High lighting efficacy and little heat generation make it a perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. It takes less maintenance than a tungsten lamp, and it has a long lasting life. The LEDs are not flicker, dazzle, or buzzing. It's safe for you and your family. Work safely and the voltage is AC 85-265V, best match with your table lamps,Ceiling fan light,Wall lamps, and pendant fixture. It can be used in any room, including the living rooms, the reading room,bedrooms,offices, and hallways. The Standard American E26 screw base is very easy to install. Their light bulbs are instant on. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them. Long lifeSPAN and warranty. They will be responsible for any quality problem. They will give you a satisfactory reply in 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Hansang

👤I have previously used fluorescent lights. The Hansang Model was purchased by me. The most effective way to not attract night flying insects is with the yellow lights. The UV and bluish range is attractive for insects, but the light emitted by the incandescent and CFL lights was not as effective as it could have been. LEDs are a type of light emitting device that is limited to a very narrow range of wavelength and can also be used as an insect attractant. There is a I have not seen many insects drawn to the light since installing the Hansang LEDs. The Hansang bulbs are the best for attracting moths because of their light. The brown marmorated stinkbug swarms before winter in my region. They aren't drawn by the light. The A19 bulb should fit most of the fixtures. I have not used these lights as an indoor nightlight, but the elimination of blue light is generally recommended as a light for sleep preparation and reducing eye glare on computer and phone screens. I was able to make an inquiry of their customer service dept, their reply was quick and courteous.

👤I thought I received the wrong bulbs. I ordered yellow. I opened the box. They were all white. They shine yellow when you turn the light on. Ta da! They work well.

👤I was very happy after installing a bulb in the outside light. A big black spider built a web that reached from the top of the awning down the side of the door and across to the mailbox. It was knocked down every day, but came back the next day as a nightmare for me. I tried to light a bulb. There were no spider webs or visible bugs.

👤Our entire home is fitted with bulbs from several manufacturers. They are comparable in quality and weight. They provide the brightness needed for lighting the video created by motion and are installed on outside security lights. The design and color of the lights go much better with the fact that they are white until lit. It was only a matter of weeks before bugs caught in webs obscured part of the camera lens, so these are a must in places where nighttime insects are a problem.

👤It was a replacement in the bathroom Vanity. The light is very bright. Not too cold or warm. The product was well packaged and shipped quickly. No buzzing sounds like leds. Can't beat these for the price. Would buy again.

👤I ordered 2nd. Set. A great bug light and living light. As the sun is out, it is comforting on the eyes and cheerful.

👤The bulbs are an excellent value buy. They turn on instantly, are bright, and most important are the correct color. Since they are not glass, you cannot tell from looking at them if they are plastic or not, that is a good thing. I installed all four of them in a bathroom fixture and they work great. If you want bright, these are for you, as they are four x 60 and have a brightness of 240w. If they work like most LEDs, it will be a long time before I have to replace them. One thing to remember is that the lifespan of the lights is very long and they use less energy than the other lights. These are great value for money.

3. Brightown Incandescent Dimmable Decorative Filament

Brightown Incandescent Dimmable Decorative Filament

These large edison light bulbs with stable lights do not flicker, do not hurt the eyes, and are dimmable. The Dimmable Edison lamp gives a more relaxing night's sleep and makes your room cozier. The medium E26 base is the most common light bulb base. 120 V, 60 watt, 178 watt, E26 base, amber glass, warm white light bulbs are the specifications. Vintage style is back in lighting with the stylish edison light bulbs. The first choice for decorative lighting is the spiral cage bulbs. The design of this bulb is perfect for accessorizing vintage or replica fixture of Victorian, steampunk, and other early turn-of-the-century properties. Modern homes can use these inspired incandescent light bulbs to their advantage and combine cleanly-lined fixture with ornate, complex filament designs. Place these light bulbs on the Kitchen Island, living room, room, restaurant, wall sconces, ceiling, pendant. The 60 watt light bulbs are made of high-quality material and come with an amber glass cover. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging. The 60 watt light bulbs are made of high-quality material and come with an amber glass cover. The safety of product transportation is ensured by the use of carton and box foam packaging.

Brand: Brightown

👤Excellent decorative bulbs at a fair price. They were well packaged and arrived quickly. I would buy them again. The bulbs are straight up and down, not in a round spiral. There is a glare from the glass shade when writing this review in the daytime. It is a good idea to read at night.

👤These have a warm amber glow. It's easy on the eyes. I would prefer these over white bulbs. There are a couple of negatives. They aren't energy efficient, they don't last long, and they're made of glass, but I'm sure you've already assessed that last one.

👤The lights were perfect for my Farmhouse Beam Rope lights. They work well and give the room a "rustic" look.

👤I tried burning it out within 24 hours. The second bulb seems to be working. Consistency and quality are issues. My husband thinks they are bright.

👤The lights look great. They are perfect. The only issue is the wattage. The brightness was very bright. I was expecting more for how much power was being drawn. The amount of time the life span is rated for is not great.

👤Two of the bulbs burned out. One turned black and the other white. The price was very disappointing. Customer service is great, sending replacement bulbs with an easy call and email.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying anything, and there were a lot of bad ones for these bulbs, talking about how they broke, or that they stopped working. I have had no problems with these bulbs for a month. I don't know if I'll have problems in the long run. They both work well. I like them a lot and recommend them, they were exactly what I was looking for.

👤We needed a light to act as a nightlight for our buffet table and the bulbs give the right amount of light and look great with the lamp I ordered. I was looking for a steam punk vibe.

4. Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

Dimmable Ascher Vintage Equivalent Filament

The average lifespan of the E26 light bulb is 20,000 hours. Replacing a 60 watt bulb with a 6 watt one will save you over 90% on your lighting bill. SMOOTH DIMMING CONTROL: The dimmer switch is compatible with the dimmer switch and has the lowest brightness at 10%. Being able to change the light brightness in your room is a must. No mercury, no UV, no dazzling, flicker-free design. The design of traditional light bulbs is preserved by this vintage bulb. The light is full brightness with 700 lumens and a soft Warm White light. This bulb is crash proof and has fine outer glass. MULTI-FUNCTION: They fit into the E26 screw base. It's suitable for chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor. It's used for home or commercial decoration. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. Customers can receive service for 18 months. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤Just put all new light fixture in the house, and you will get the Edison bulbs with them. I installed the packs after I purchased them. I have another fixture without a dimmer and 2 of the bulbs are flickering right out of the box, even though they work well on a dimmer switch. These are cheap and not built to last. I was disappointed! The flickering bulbs had to be replaced. The gold logo on the bulbs is not as beautiful as it could be. There are now 4 bulbs that flicker. There are no replacements for me. My kids think they see lightning. If you are planning on using a lot, I would steer clear of these. If you only need one or two bulbs, you have more to spare.

👤I wanted to use an old style bulb for our new light fixture after we renovated our bathroom. I was not sure which brand of bulb to get, but I am very happy with these. There is a The temperature is perfect for a bathroom. We have a small master bath with a double Vanity and a shower that is 80 sq ft. It is not harsh in any way. It's good for makeup. The bathroom looks fresh. I cannot stress enough how not harsh this light is. The bulbs look great. Highly recommended! There is a If you need to remove a bulb after it's been on for a long time, the LEDs are cool to the touch.

👤I like the bulbs, but I have a bulb that keeps flickering, which is driving me nuts, since these aren't cheap to purchase. Will see if the others start doing it as well.

👤A brand name light fixture is on the dimmer switch. The only difference I had made was that the bulbs were on the warm side of the scale. I wanted some daylight bulbs to fix the yellow room. These were affordable and had great reviews. A clear winner. There is a They were packaged without damage to a single bulb and showed up as fast as any other Prime item. They were definitely white after installation. They made the room look very clinical. Somewhat like a hospital or doctor's office. I knew when I bought them that they were supposed to be that way, so I'm not docking them for that. It wasn't working for the room and that's okay. There is a I decided to use 3 of my old warm-toned bulbs and 3 of these bulbs. I noticed that the new ones weren't working with the dimmer switch after a week. They were stuck on their dimmest setting, no matter how high I set the switch to. It was only the bulbs that were doing it. The warmer-toned bulbs that were right next to them were working great. I made sure to double-check that I bought the dimmable version of the lights. I suppose it's true that they're dimmable, but I'd like them to not be stuck on the dim setting. There is a Anyway. The listing is correct and they looked really good, so I'm leaving a couple stars. We have to go through the hassle of returning them because they didn't work out. I'm happy that we were able to identify the problem and not the rest of the fixture, because that would've been a lot more expensive. If you have a fixture with a dimmer switch, you may want to look at another brand or at least be okay with a return if it happens to you.

5. FadimiKoo Dimmable Squirrel Filament Decorative

FadimiKoo Dimmable Squirrel Filament Decorative

Measures 4.5"H. 2.36"W. The long life edison light bulbs are perfect for giving a modern but rustic touch to the space. The edison lights are suitable for pendant lighting, wall sconces, indoor or outdoor. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bar, coffee shop, restaurant... They created a shatterproof packaging to make sure the vintage edison bulbs get to you in a perfect condition. Use their amber light bulbs to create a romantic light ray to comfort your surrounding feelings. Don't tire your eyes with bright light! The edison bulb 60w lights can be dimmable with a dimmer switch. If you need the energy-saving led, these might not be a good choice. The edison bulb 60w lights can be dimmable with a dimmer switch. If you need the energy-saving led, these might not be a good choice.

Brand: Fadimikoo

👤I was looking for an amber, soft glow for 4 exterior wall fixture at the front of my house and these bulbs really did the trick! The soft and warm glow I was looking for was achieved with the addition of a dimmer switch and the excellent bulbs. The seller immediately ordered a replacement for one of the bulbs. The service was great and the bulbs were great. I think this product is very good.

👤Nice. I haven't used them much yet. Some are clear and some are amber. I would prefer the clear, they were all one color.

👤I use 5000k and 2700k for my work. The lights are not nearly as bright as the ones pictured, but they are the same brightness and cast as the ones pictured. I would go for 2200k. They don't get hot even after hours of Texas outdoor heat, so I would recommend for kids areas, wherever you have antique looking fixtures will be great.

👤I don't care about the broken one, the bulbs are so sweet that I don't care at all. We don't like bright lights. The bulbs we replaced with are 400 lumens. They are better on the eyes. If you're a lighting freak, get these now.

👤I didn't know I missed this light so much. My head feels lighter. Somehow brings a sense of relief. I wanted them to be used as a heat source outside. I want to replace all the soul-sucking, brain-burning, eye-popping, good-for-nothing curlie-q lights in my home. No worries about them breaking.

👤I love these! We didn't want it to be too bright, so these are a perfect glow. I was a little concerned about ordering bulbs online. The packaging was perfect. Not a single issue was published. The filaments in these are pretty cool, not a generic, straight one, but enough of a twist to get your attention. We use them in the bathroom for a relaxing glow. There is a You will not be disappointed if that is your goal.

👤I lost 2 lamps because of this bulb. Don't buy it if your country's volt is different than the one in this bulb, the lamp won't work anymore. I cannot use the rest of the bulbs.

👤Really beautiful. The golden finish on the glass makes the light look warm and soft. I have a problem with led lights, they hurt my eyes and cause headaches and even depression. I absolutely recommend.

6. Dimmable LED Edison Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED Edison Light Bulbs

There are 6 pack of vintage inspired bulbs. Their 6W Thomas Edison's original light bulbs have a warm white temperature and antique look that are perfect for vintage lighting. The design of their light bulbs is reminiscent of the style of the classic light bulb, with a clear glass design that gives them a classic look while emitting daylight white. Their decorative light bulbs have omnidirectional lighting with a dimmable ability that allows for setting the mood and brightness to go with any kind of setting. Their vintage 60 Watt light bulbs fit into any E26 or E 27 screw base, as well as any pendant light fixture. These vintage bulbs are the perfect choice for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixture, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. The antique bulbs have a glow and will last. Hudson Bulb Co. makes each bulb with the highest quality components. The antique bulbs have a glow and will last.

Brand: Hudson Bulb Co.

👤My wife bought these pirate-ship pendants and I have been looking for white lights to illuminate them. I couldn't find round or vintage amber-colored light bulbs in the big box. I like to see my food when I cook. There are a lot of good things about these bulbs. I thought I was getting 3 for $22. I knew I would have to buy another package, but I thought I would try them out and see if I like them. There were 6 bulbs when the package arrived. 6 bulbs for $22 is a great deal. They are bright and stylish. These bulbs will not make you disappointed. The company is made in the USA.

👤The brightness is the reason these didn't start. Within a day the light exploded or the glass dome came loose and crashed down on the island in my brand new home. When we heard the crash from the other room, the light was on for 10 minutes but not on. I'm happy there wasn't anyone underneath it when the glass fell. These bulbs are dangerous. Especially for kitchen/dinning room use where there is a good chance they will be hanging over a seating area. I never got in touch with the seller. The option didn't exist, so I had to buy a new set. If they replaced the bulbs that failed right away, there wouldn't be any problems anymore.

👤Who knew there would be so many edison bulbs? This is the third set I have ordered. I'm happy. The bulbs cast a nice bright light, dim without making noise, and the glass is clear. It was what I wanted. The company will replace damaged bulbs. There are no issues here. Other sets I ordered were different brand bulbs. The soft white was very bright in my room, because I had 6 bulbs in one fixture. I would have gotten the brighter daylight bulbs if it was a 1 or 2 bulb fixture.

👤When we renovated our kitchen, I bought these bulbs for my pendant lighting. I didn't know how much heat the incandescent bulbs put off. We are very pleased with the purchase of these LEDs. We can sit in the kitchen and not have to worry about the heat lamps. The bulbs work well. They come on right away. Since I put them in within the last 2 weeks, I can't speak to the energy efficiency or longevity. They have a warranty as well. I was impressed with that. The company's integrity is something that I speak to.

👤Two different rooms had these burned out one-by-one. When the majority of the reviews have been written, they will be great. The bulb will only work about 5% brightness after you notice one flicker, and then the flicker will get more prominent. Over the course of 3 months, this happened to six bulbs. Don't buy them. They are not sanitary.

👤I like the look they add to my fixture as well as the brightness. There is a The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because I tested all bulbs in a lamp before messing with the steps. I put them in my ceiling light fixture after they were tested. One bulb started filling with smoke. I had to open a window and turn on my attic fan to get out of the hallway before the smoke detector went off. Something stunk! I took the bulb out and replaced it with another one from the same pack. There is a faulty bulb in the pack. I'm not going to take apart all the light fixture they're in, pack them up, and then return them because of one bulb. It's more work than it's worth. The 6th bulb was going to be my back up. I paid for 6 bulbs. I would give a star to each bulb if there was a 6 star rating. It's funny. All bulbs should be tested right away. If there is a problem, you have time to return them.

7. Mastery Mart Dimmable Equivalent Decorative

Mastery Mart Dimmable Equivalent Decorative

It's perfect for lawn wedding venues, outdoor patios, bars, bistro, restaurants, front porches, gazebos, pergolas and any decorative place. There is a pack of 10. Warm white with amber glass. 400 lumens, 5.5 watt. Dimmable. The Energy Star is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The beam angle is 300 degrees. Replacing 60- watt with 5.5 watt will save you up to 91% energy and your bill. The brightness is the same, but the cost is 10%. Light bulbs last at least 11 years. Excellent color consistency and flexibility are Dimmable. Warm white 2200K with amber glass. Depending on your personal preference, the perfect fit for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways in your table and floor lamps, pendant fixture or ceiling fixture can be different. The standard st21 model is available across North America. All medium screw base fixtures can be installed with these Bulbs. These bulbs are free of mercury and UV. They conducted 100% full inspection for world class quality. No defects will be delivered to you. Excellent performance but costs less than other brands. All of the Mastery Mart's bulbs are certified by the safety company. If their light bulbs don't satisfy you, you can return your money for a full refund.

Brand: Mastery Mart

👤We bought new bathroom fixtures that use Vintage/Edison bulbs. There were 8 needed between the two games. The highlight of the fixture is the bulbs, so I researched on Amazon for options. We did not want "Warm White" because of what the builder put in our home. I could put in a dimmer, but we wanted "daylight" for the bathroom. We like the ones that had a unique looking light source. These fit the bill at a great price. These are 60W. Daylight bulbs are just right for our application. Some other bulbs and their reviews are not "humming". Came quickly, well packaged.

👤The bulbs look nice and provide a warm light. I replaced a bunch of 28 watt Halogen bulbs with these that give 500 lumens at only 5.5 watt. I'm getting 15% more light for 20% of the power. It is difficult to take good pictures of light on a cell phone because the bulbs on the left are the new ones and the ones on the right are the old ones. You can see that they are much brighter. They dim well with my dimmer switch.

👤The light bulbs were chosen for a number of reasons. These bulbs have the shape and dimple on the bottom making them look like authentic Edison bulbs with a more realistic filament and cast a whiter light. Our fixture has eight lights and is used for full lighting or ambient lighting, so we needed dimmable light bulbs. Our ceiling is 19-20 feet high and requires scaffolding to change bulbs. There were no damaged in shipping. There is a Photos were eaten in daylight with lights off. We are using them in other games as well.

👤Love the color! The first two pictures are the soft white that I ordered, and the regular yellow colored bulb. The yellow ones made my kitchen dingy, and the soft white ones really brightened it up.

👤The bulbs are very nice. These are smaller than most of the other vintage bulbs. The color is more similar to 3000K than 2200K. They are a bit brighter white than the bulbs I buy. That's 27500K. The room is nice and bright. The bulbs are great and the price is great.

👤Very bright. It was too bright for my dining room. They were put in the fixture with clear glass. I couldn't see them. It doesn't seem like the right shade of light for a dining room if it is put in fixture with clouded glass. They are better for a fixture with clear glass than the soft white ones I sent back.

👤The 2200K were installed in my dining room fixture. Light amber tint on the glass. They are bright. They still have a warm tone, but not as warm as the ones I was using. The power consumption difference is over 10x power savings. There is a I use a dimmable RF controller. The dimmability of the same controller is the biggest downside compared to the dimmability of incandescent bulbs. It still looks pretty bright. I can live with it. I will update again once I have an idea of the longevity of the bulbs.

8. Dimmable Equivalent Vintage Filament Bathroom

Dimmable Equivalent Vintage Filament Bathroom

Their vintage 100 watt equivalent amber led bulbs are compatible with 90% dimmers and allow you to dim the brightness from zero to 100%. Super energy saving and less bills. Do you want a stylish vintage edison bulb, but not happy with its high power consumption and short lifespan? The 8W dimmable light bulb is ideal. The average lifespan of this bulb is 22 years, it has no heat output, and it saves you money on your electricity bills. The retro look E26 vintage led bulb is designed with squirrel cage and high strength with brown glass, and it can be turned on even when not in use. The standard e26 base can be used in a wide range of light fixture applications. It was tested for hundreds of times and finally here it was a high quality, no flicker or strobe, no buzzing amber led bulbs. It glows with 1200lm super bright equivalent to 100 watt incandescent, light up your whole space with no darkness area, a cozy relaxing 2700K warm light can protect your family's eyesight better. It is gorgeous for ambient or decorative lighting in bedroom, living room, outdoor or commercial use. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment. Made of high strength transparent glass with no mercury, no UV, no hum, and no flicker. These type of light bulbs are eco-friendly and won't release hazardous gases when broken. You won't worry about the health of your family or the environment.

Brand: Tobusa

👤I only have two bulbs in my bathroom, and wouldn't find them at the store. I wanted this design, but in a 100W since there are only two bulbs, because I have a metal fixture where the bulbs fully show. These are perfect! If you liked my review, I paid full price for the item.

👤The bulbs are not worth the money. Within a month of installation, all but two of the 8 bulbs failed. As the power supply circuitry in the base burns out, the flickering gets worse and worse. Culminating in the light bulb. I contacted the customer service. The seller of this bulb has a 2 year warranty. There was one email that offered to replace the burnt out bulbs. I have begun to replace these bulbs with brand name bulbs. Disappointed in the longevity of the bulbs. They should last at least 2 years with the warranty. There is a The light they give is nice, but they stopped working quickly. Don't buy these and save your money.

👤The lights are not flickering or making noise. They make a loud noise and flicker at a low level. I bought these mostly for their brightness outdoors.

👤Within an hour of installation, 2 of the 4 bulbs broke. The glass broke when I applied a minute amount of pressure to turn the first bulb. I left the kitchen area and heard the tinkling of shattered glass after I replaced the two bulbs in the kitchen fixture. The second bulb was all over the floor. No one was cut by either bulbs failure, but this is crazy. Don't buy if you're warned. The bulbs are vulnerable to break without warning. I will look for a different product in the future. The manufacturer reached out to address my issue. I received a new package of bulbs for free. The first impression may have been bad. I have to give them credit for their customer service.

👤I dropped these bulbs to 1 star because they were burning out. I haven't had them in a month and already 2 of them have died. It was cheap! I won't buy again. There is a The bulbs are bright and nice. The bulbs do not hum and are dimmable. Each bulb has 1200 lumens. If you are using two in the same lamb, you should use three. A medium sized room will be filled with brilliant light. 5000k day light white bulbs give off a slight blue-ish color in the spectrum. The lights don't emit a light that isangish. These are for people who are looking for daylight brightness for reading. Should I need them again, I will buy them again. Great bulbs!

👤I thought it was a great purchase. They worked well with my dimmers and provided a good dimming range, nice look, good color temperature and decent brightness, although it was nowhere near the 100W they advertised. I distributed the bulbs throughout the house. I liked these bulbs for a while. I had a single bulb in a 5 bulb chandelier that flickered at the 3 month mark. I had bulbs flickering in the house for about 4 months. I thought it was a case of a bad bulb in the batches. I used the extra bulbs to replace the flickering bulbs. The issue was temporarily solved by that. I replaced every bulb I pulled out with high quality bulbs from either Feit orPhillips by 9 months. There is a Buying these bulbs was a waste of time and money and they ended up in a landfill. I regret buying it. If you are still going to buy these bulbs, please keep this in mind. Purchase one quality. Compare the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from a manufacturer likePhillips to the 100W (equivalent)LED bulb from another manufacturer. The bulbs are closer to 40W.

9. LANGREE Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Filament

LANGREE Equivalent Dimmable Decorative Filament

Not eligible for shipments to California. You can save up to 90% on the electricity bill by using the high quality. The led Edison light bulbs feature an extremely long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, using 3 hours per day, and top quality materials can reduce the replacing Frequency. 700lm amber warm light can be equivalent to 60 watt incandescent led bulb, but not blinding, and it can be very warm feeling and atmosphere. The bulb is not dimmable. The led bulb is easy to install and can eliminate eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional light bulbs. The 5-pack e26 antique vintage Light Bulbs are designed with a shiny E26 metal base and no orangish hue like the ordinary 5000K bulb. It's a perfect choice for that nostalgic look. Up to 18 months warranty can be sent under warranty. If you have any questions about your order, please contact them. Up to 18 months warranty can be sent under warranty. If you have any questions about your order, please contact them.

Brand: Langree

👤The Soft White color was purchased for my slightly upgraded guest bath's light fixture. They were yellow. I bought Daylight White, but I just wish there was something else in the middle. These are really cool lights. They have a classic style of bulb, but they are not traditional. The only reason I took off 1 star was because they are so painful to stare at and leave a trail when you look away. I am pleased with the purchase. Please let me know if you found this review helpful in making a decision about purchasing this item.

👤I am fresh out of the "rookie mistakes" phase now that I have gotten into video. I was losing my sense of humor about my gaffes. Video! affes! Get it? HAR! See? I can make a joke like that. I was using daylight cool 6500K LEDs for my videos, like everyone said to do. I felt like I was about to have open heart surgery because the video came out the way I wanted it to. I had a brown towel on my head. How are you, brown towel? I spent 2.31 human lifetimes learning everything I could about white balance and angles and key lights and video editing and backdrops and color theory to address the issue of hair color on video. All my issues were resolved when I bought these. My hair looks like fire on video. I don't feel like I'm about to have open heart surgery. I'm going to switch my lights to these. These are the lights that you want when you have a scurvy. There is a I have a box full of unused cool daylights but no regrets, I learned a lot from stubbornness and a lack of effectiveness, I would have tried warm lighting in the beginning, but I didn't like it. Penn Jillette says the hard way is the easy way. Great experience. I'm so thankful I found these. I'll never use cool light again if Greyskull has the power.

👤I love these bulbs. The bathroom was bright and cheery. I painted my old brass fixture and was trying to update it to the 21st century, but I also bought wire cages and bulbs from Amazon, and they look great together! The bulbs are not hot and you can touch them while they are on. It keeps the small room cooler for me. It's a great value and it's beautiful.

👤I started with the traditional antique-style bulbs, but they were too yellow. I read all of the reviews for these bulbs and wanted to get something that wasn't yellow, but didn't look like Walmart. I was astray because of the reviews. I love a well-lit home, and these are too bright. I am worried that the next option in these bulbs is too warm, but the bright daylight tone is not flattering or homey. There isn't anything in between. There is a In these photos, you can see that the canned lighting next to our foyer is cool-toned, one notch above the cool tone setting, but they look very warm-toned next to the light bulbs. The lights for our bedroom chandelier are not appropriate for a cozy bedroom setting.

10. Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Changing Control Dimmable Decorative Timing

Replacement or refunds can be sent during the worry-free period. Let them know if you have any questions. The color of the light. Changing Light Bulb has 5W,40W Equivalent,500LM, E26 Screw Base decorative light bulbs with remote control. It is very easy to use and provide bright illumination. It has warm white for daily illumination and has 12 different colors. It also comes with a 90-day-refund guarantee. You can set the light bulbs to turn on and off at the same time every day, or only once. It makes life more convenient by changing their lives outside. There are two different types of light bulbs, which can be used to create a stage effect when you are hosting a party. You can adjust the rhythm by yourself in smooth mode. There are 12 popular colors that can be brightened or dimmed. Color changing with memory and sync. When you turn off the led light bulb, it will remember your last setting. When you turn on the rgb bulb, it will be green again. One remote control can control all bulbs. Mood led light bulb will make your room full of color and will adjust the rhythm in your room. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical. If you miss your remote, you can open the wall switch to turn on the colored bulbs, it will be the color before you turn off the lights. One-button night light function can provide darker lights to meet sleep needs. If you get this bulb, you will get a night light, green light bulbs, red light bulbs, pink light bulb, blue light bulb and so on. This is more practical and economical.

Brand: Rayh

👤I don't know why. I was expecting one for the price, but I was surprised to get four. Each bulb comes with a remote that is easy to use. I have two types of lamps. The bulb has a sleep timer on it which is very convenient. You can either blink or fade the colors. My favorite fades. The remote works from a distance.

👤This is a four pack and it is worth the money. I will admit that I was Leary, as another reviewer stated that these could not be set and remain on one color. Their statement is not true. I bought these to highlight the current seasons decorations. I was surprised to find that I can choose one color and have it stay all night. I like the color changing options. It can be either dramatic or subtle. The ambient light they produce is fantastic, even though I wouldn't buy them to add bright light to a room. I'll be buying a few more sets, one to keep, and others to gift.

👤I decided to get the light bulbs for the night light to make it less scary for my kids because I was looking for every possible way to make them sleep in their room. They like it, we set on the fast and slow modes. We pick colors and it can be a white light. Comes with a remote. I put them in my night stands lamps. Kids love playing in the room, but they won't sleep in it.

👤I got these bulbs because I like my Teckin smart bulbs and wanted to try something different, but I wouldn't use my phone or Amazon to control them. I returned the 4-pack I bought from another brand because they were unpleasant in the white color, and got these instead. The bulbs/remotes/packaging are the same, but I was hoping for a warm white one. There is a I usually have them on a color setting since that's what I bought them for. I'm experimenting with back lighting for my work station, and so far I'm very pleased with the results. I like the fact that I have the ability to angle these in any way I want, and my setup has enough room behind the monitors to allow for these kinds of lamps. The office has a few nooks that don't get enough light from windows and overhead lights, and these bulbs fill in those spaces with color or regular white light. I plugged the lamps with the smart plugs into them and now I can control the power on/off function with the remote and change colors with it. I can say "Alexa, turn on office lights" and they will turn on. The stored memory feature means that they retain whatever setting they're on the next time they're powered on. Even if you only use wi fi/zigbee bulbs, I think they have a place in a smart lighting setup. It's nice to be able to press a button.

11. Bioluz LED Candelabra Dimmable Filament

Bioluz LED Candelabra Dimmable Filament

Please note. The bulbs have a base similar to a traditional light bulb. If you need a small base for this bulb, please search B01.KITZURU. Energy saving saves over $550 per package. 5 watt bulbs are used to replace 60 watt bulbs. Same light pattern as Incandescent Bulbs, all glass, Torpedo shape Bullet Top, Warm White 2700K, 500 Lumens, and 360 degree beam angle. DIMMABLE Led Filament Candle C37, E12 Candelabra Base. MATCHES existing incadescent bulbs in appearance, brightness and color. MATCHES existing incadescent bulbs in appearance, brightness and color.

Brand: Bioluz Led

👤The load for the Lutron 7 step digital dimmer was not enough. There are two Bioluz LEDs in the video and photos. Despite the photos' overexposure, you can see that the color temp is a great match for the incandescent. There is a photo for each of the levels. You can see in the photos and videos that the lights do not dim below step 3 of 7. They do dim, even with an incandescent dimmer, even without a flicker. I'll be buying a dimmer that's a bit lower level to see if that's the case. I don't think it will dim lower than it is now. It is worth a try. I want to use these three in the ceiling fan. I need a new switch because the 3 LD had no output on any setting. That is a factor of the combo. I have 3 of 6 lights in an equivalent fixture in a room with no dimmer and they all work well.

👤I wanted to replace the existing bulbs in the ceiling fan. When I first screwed them in, they both lit, but they wouldn't turn on at the switch the next morning. I screwed them back in after taking them out, but they wouldn't light the next day. If one of the bulbs was a regular incandescent and the other was an LED, I could get them to light up. I know it is odd that they don't work consistently, but they say they are compatible with existing incandescent fixture, and explicitly mention fans. Weird. 2 of the 3 types of bulbs work every time, but 2 of them won't work.

👤It's a toss up if you get a specific wattage and color temperature for the LEDs. The 60W equivalent is 3000K color temp. You get a lot of light from the rated wattage. They are perfect for ceiling fans. Being dimmable is a bonus. The work is as advertised.

👤I only needed one bulb to light up the room, but the others were not as long-lived as I had in the other locations. I bought this on June 25 and it is dimmer than the others. I think it has no better brightness than a 10 watt bulb. It looked good when first installed, and the next one in the batches now that I swapped them. I think the rest will be not much better so I'll look elsewhere next time.

👤I bought these to solve a problem with the equivalent bulb made by the same company, but it doesn't work in a few of my sconces. The Bioluz bulbs look similar to the Philips. They are a big disappointment when dimmed, they lose their warmth and get a hardLED tint, which is not good for a candle bulb. I will use them to replace the ones I have issues with, but will have to keep them at full output. It is hard to find good quality torpedo shapes with E23 medium bases.

👤I replaced 40 watt incandescents in bathroom fixtures with 60 LEDs to improve luminosity without creating more heat. They work well. They are not as bright as they could be, but they are not as hot as they could be. The color temperature is not as warm as the bulbs they replace, but they are not far off. The price was correct.


What is the best product for decorative light bulb dimmable?

Decorative light bulb dimmable products from Jandcase. In this article about decorative light bulb dimmable you can see why people choose the product. Hansang and Brightown are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative light bulb dimmable.

What are the best brands for decorative light bulb dimmable?

Jandcase, Hansang and Brightown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative light bulb dimmable. Find the detail in this article. Ascher, Fadimikoo and Hudson Bulb Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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