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1. Upgrade Rotating HXWEIYE 9 8x9 8Ft Decorative

Upgrade Rotating HXWEIYE 9 8x9 8Ft Decorative

All lights string sold by them have a 1 year warranty. If you meet any issues or have advice, please contact them via the Amazon message box. The extra long power cord is a better choice to the sockets farther away. Hooks were included for the main strand and 10 drop strings. The S-shape copper wire drop strings are flexible and easy to hang. Do the shape you like. The curtain is not included. The hook can be hung at any angle, it can be used for hooking on curtains, and has a design that is 180 degrees. The curtain light can be hung on a variety of flat walls, glass, porches, eaves, and other places, thanks to the two clips and 15 Novel Hooks. There is a small hole in the middle of the Novel Hooks on Wall that can be fixed with a 1-inch iron nail. You can adjust the brightness of the lights by pressing "dim+" or "dim-", and you can choose from 8 different flash modes. Aim the wireless remote at the receiving direction when you press the button. 6 hours On and 18 hours Off are done automatically every 24 hours. There are more choices for you. The safety guarantee and waterproof. It will not get overheated, and will not cause any electric shock or fire hazard. It is very safe to touch. There are waterproof fairy lights for indoor and outdoor decorations. It is easy to untangle with no tangles. The safety guarantee and waterproof. It will not get overheated, and will not cause any electric shock or fire hazard. It is very safe to touch. There are waterproof fairy lights for indoor and outdoor decorations. It is easy to untangle with no tangles.

Brand: Hxweiye

👤Only 3 strands work for a long period of time the other 7 turn off and stop working, and when they do turn on the brightness on those 7 let you know it's because it's dead and the lights are dying. They didn't work after we hung them. They got tangled in the coil they were put in and it was a nightmare to untangle them. The remote would be better if it had color options on the controls. I am very disappointed that they don't work.

👤They are small. I bought three sets and they were put in a box that was too small. Each package was open. The person was missing the hooks and stickers. Two sets did not have remotes. I am very dissatisfied. People don't take the time to do things right.

👤I have never done a review online. I love this product. It comes with hooks. The other curtain didn't come with the accessories, so my life is easier now that I have this brand. You will not be disappointed if you buy these.

👤The color is pretty. They're easy to hang. I was happy for about 10 hours. They started flashing at different times. We tried a lot of things, but still they flash at random intervals. Unless we want them on, we keep them unplugged. So silly. I'm looking for something that isn't so unpredictable.

👤They don't have a plug, so you have to buy one. They are not waterproof because of the clicker on the plug. I tried wrapping the plugs in electrical tape and the remote wouldn't work. You have to have power to them all the time in order to get a 6 hour timer. They won't come on if you can't plug into a regular timer. These should only be used indoors. And need to buy an accessory. I have tried to get them to work but have failed. Will not buy again.

👤It's easy to set up, you have to nail them in place. Uncoil each strand one by one. My kids tangle them all the time. I grab each strand and recoil. It has worked for the past two months and it is definitely impressed with quality. All the lights are still working, and the remote is a nice feature to have. It was a gift for my daughter and she loved it. Good value for money. There is a If using push pins, the new pic showsremovable hooks.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item after reading the reviews. I'm glad I took the risk of buying it. I bought 4 sets and I love them. They bring out my room. I was able to stick over the window with no problem because they came with hooks. That was a plus for me. I recommend this product.

👤I bought 2 of these in 2 months and one just stopped working and I will never buy them again.

2. Firework Decorative Starburst Decoration Warmwhite

Firework Decorative Starburst Decoration Warmwhite

2 x fairy lights, 2 x remote control. The fireworks decorative lights include 120 LEDs and 60 branches of copper wire. Perfect for birthday, led fairy string lights, led christmas lights, and party lights, the Starburst lights are easy to bend and make into any shape. There are battery operated string lights. 4 x AA batteries are required for the battery powered string lights. The fairy lights with remote control have a support for up to 10 meters effective receiving range to control 10 brightness and 8 different modes. The battery fairy lights will be on for 6 hours on and 18 hours off per day if you set a timer. Hanging lights for party, bedroom, Christmas tree, bar, windows, etc. Firework lights are waterproof, the battery case is waterproof, and there are hooks on it. The outdoor string lights are perfect for twinkling fairy lights. If you have a problem with the firework lights, please contact them via the customer service email and they will be able to help you within a day.

Brand: Fooing

👤A mini fireworks display is beautiful. Our patio is wonderful.

👤The side of our cabin has a walkway. There are many options on the remote control.

👤I love that I can turn on the remote and hang them up.

👤These weren't exactly what I was expecting but I liked them a lot and came to like them. I made my porch sparkle.

👤I hung this product on my porch for Christmas because I usually have plants hanging in the summer. It was great! There are many options of display: flickering, always on, soft strobe, etc. I ordered more and put some inside. The batteries lasted for a long time after I put them in. It's just amazing. I had four outside, this picture shows one with our lit outside tree beyond.

👤There was an issue with one of the lights. The holder started to melt as I loaded the batteries. The other lights are working. I would have given this purchase a 5 star rating if it wasn't for one of the 4 lights being useless and ruining 4 batteries.

👤These lights are easy to set up. Quite the eye catcher!

👤These are great! Put them inside from the blinds. The battery pack makes them a little heavy but still light enough to hang from my window blinds. Each remote has a different function, but they all come with one. I ordered two packs.

👤No luz clida, me llego de colores.

👤Brullan tiene muchas formas.

👤I love it! They look so festive because they are so easy to install.

3. BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

BOHON Fluorite Operated Decorative Christmas

Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc. The string lights are made of natural Fluorite and have a size of 2 - 4 cm. They combine natural and artificial fluorite by using various techniques. Finally, create an amazing string lights ornament effect. 20 beautiful 3D Real Fluorite stones for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration is a perfect gift. A hint of luxury is added to the room. This string light is powered by a low voltage and will stay cool. Perfect decoration and unique romantic gift for all occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, Home Wedding, Party and other occasions. It can be hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, Pianos, gardens and more. The items are waterproof and portable. You can place the led lights anywhere you please with the small waterproof battery box. 3 AA batteries could last 30 hours. It was included in the package. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. It can be used to make a unique present for your family or friends.

Brand: Bohon

👤I bought medium, large, and large amethysts. 1. The medium is gorgeous. It was perfect in every way. 40 lights and 10 feet. The color is gorgeous when lit. 2. The large fluorite is larger than the large amethyst, which is a very odd color when lit. If you are using this string of lights in a large area, pass them on. They look great in a jar or small basket. There are 30 lights. 3. The large fluorite are gorgeous. There are 20 lights and 5 lights. They had 30 lights, but they were 888-270-6611 There is a The large fluorite and medium amethyst are the prettiest. The large amethyst are not appealing.

👤I bought these lights because I thought they were going to be small, but they are very nice and the quality is amazing, I thought they were going to be small, but I was wrong, they are genuine amethysts stones and perfectly sized, and the price is amazing, I was wrong I would definitely buy again for myself or gift them, I am a fan of these now.

👤My zen has increased by 460% since I put up the lights. 10/10

👤Put these in my daughter's big girl room to keep her out of the house at night. I found a small piece of glass on her bed as I was laying them out to stick onto the wall. I am a bit nervous. I put them up well and will get better hooks later, so they are not over her bed. There is a She will play with them. I am concerned she may cut herself. It is okay for tonight.

👤The fairy lights have genuine illuminating stones. A lavender white light is cast. The Easter tree is covered in unique egg lights. There is a remote for different light sequences. I love the lights.

👤The wires are not secured in a well manner, which makes them barely work. Cheaply made. They would look better if it was made better. The few that work are well lit.

👤My child's Frozen 2 birthday décor was intended for the Birch Tree that I purchased to add blue color. They look great. I was a little worried that the fluorite crystals would break in shipping but they are in great condition with beautiful and natural variations. The product comes with a variety of light function, but I didn't notice it, since I was mostly going for a color theme. The lights were easy to position on the little tree. I will likely use the lights in the house even after the birthday celebrations are over.

👤It has a beautiful raw amethyst and a cool remote, but mine doesn't work very well. If you touch the wire, it will turn off. I got a dud that is wired poorly but it would be beautiful if it wasn't so sensitive. They would make a great gift.

4. HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

The crackle globe string lights look like they are made of glass and are popular for decorative projects such as wedding center pieces, home lighting decor, Christmas lighting, outdoor garden, etc. 10 ft wires with 30 leds are made from high quality silver plated copper that is thin and flexible, and can be in plant, window, furniture, and wait for surroundings to bend easily model; wires and led are waterproof, but do not immerse the battery case in water. The small battery pack is easy to hide and makes the lights portable, it has a simple on and off function and can last many hours with brand new batteries. The ball string lights are a great gift for kids and adults. There are beautiful fairy lights for home, garden, patio, bedroom, living room, cafe, bar, hotel, villa, wedding, party, church, castle and more.

Brand: Hutools

👤I wanted cute lights like this, but they plugged in. I bought these because I couldn't find them. They are used in my 5 year old's room as a night light. On the first day or two, fresh AA batteries make them super bright. As they drain the batteries, they fade. They are very faint but still light up a month later. These are amazing if you don't mind spending a few bucks on batteries every month.

👤I was very pleased with the lights. The lights were what I was looking for. The string is a flexible wire that can be manipulated to different degrees. I was really looking for that. The lights are around a glass material. I don't think it's glass, but it has a beautiful look and design. The battery pack holder was very nice. The batteries fit so snug inside the pack that it was sturdy and not flimsy. I will use this light all year long and I recommend it to anyone.

👤These lights are perfect for my pup-tent. I wanted something to add to the look of my pups bed. They are the same size as the pompons and look adorable. I like the look of thecrackle and the wire they are attached to is easy to manipulate so I could arrange them to my liking. Great product!

👤These are only 1/2” in diameter and not 1” as the description suggests. I used them to dress up the mantle. They are bright when they are on, even though I don't like the "flashing" mode. I think you could see more of the crackle detail if they were 1”

👤I'm not sure why it's asking me to rate the remote control. It works with three AA batteries. It's bright, at least 5,000k, and it's white. The "warm" light is closer to 1,900k. It's blinding to look at the bright Christmas lights. Not useful.

👤The lights are being used as Christmas decor on the tv stand. They are easy to set up. You can bend the wire if you want it to stay in place. The lights are on or off. The lights are a great idea for photo props.

👤The only reason I bought this product was because of the pictures. The string was not bright outside. It glowed in a dark room. I got a different product for a third of the price that came with a remote and timer. The set was not larger and more visible outside.

👤The lights are shown to have a golden color. They are not golden. The photo is misleading.

👤After one morning of rain, we decided to pack them away for our next camping trip, and the pink flowers came off. Our hands and towels were stained bright pink. I hope the paint isn't toxic. They look pretty on our awning.

👤I almost threw them away. The box was small and included a larger order. The lights were tangled up. Not what I was expecting. I only needed them for photography. You could get better for the same amount of money.

5. HYAL LUZ Christmas Decoration Decorative

HYAL LUZ Christmas Decoration Decorative

string lights are ideal for outdoor decorations like garden, balcony, patio for wedding, birthday, holiday, party, Christmas and so on. The ideal decorative light is high brightness and quality 20LED natural rattan ball string lights with 16.4ft lead cable, it is perfect for indoor decorations. The light is lightweight and not easy to break. These ball string lights are perfect for decorating your place. It's perfect for Halloween, a party, a wedding, home decor, window, bedroom, curtain decor, etc. The firefly light comes with a remote control and a timer, which allows you to enjoy 8 different light effects, such as flickering, chase, steady on, etc. Everything is in your control. It adds a romantic atmosphere to your evening with your family and friends. If you don't need the lights for a long time, you can use 1.5V AA batteries instead of the 3 AA batteries. The bulbs remain cool after long hours of use. Come with 30 days of worry-free money back. If you have any questions after your purchase, please contact them. Their service team would be happy to help.

Brand: Hyal Luz

👤These lights are fun and cute. I was happy with them until I realized how quickly they burn through batteries. I had them on for 5 times and the batteries were dead after 3 hours. I used the good batteries, but they weren't at the bright light. They don't last more than 72 hours before a change. The lights will keep costing you money. I am going to buy lights that plug into the wall. The amount of money you will spend on batteries is not worth the convenience of placing these wherever. Forget it.

👤Brand new batteries died within 2 days of using the lights. When I changed them, battery acid spilled in the boxes of the lights. The temperature is not a factor in my house.

👤I am enjoying them and they look nice. I wish they were plugged in as the batteries wear down quickly, I would say with a few hours of use. It's inconvenient to change batteries up and down, but I use rechargeable batteries. I have not been able to figure out how to use the timer because the instructions weren't included with the lights.

👤I ordered the lights for my sister's wedding. I put them on the refreshment cart. They were perfect! The effect was amazing. My sister brought them on her honeymoon and hung them in their bridal suite. They are decorating their new home. Great purchase. More than happy.

👤If you use rechargeable batteries, these are almost pointless to buy because you have to change them out so often. I don't think the batteries lasted through my work week. It is just annoying. If you don't mind having extra batteries on hand and changing them often, then they're fine. I have one exposed light because one of the lanterns was missing. There are so many other string light options without this problem.

👤The lights are beautiful, but they are not as bright as I thought and won't light up a room, but they have a golden glow. They add interest and texture to a tree or room. These strands are flexible because they are battery operated. You can put them anywhere.

👤The lights are beautiful. After one use, batteries in the battery pack die quickly. 3 sets of brand new batteries were used for about 3 months. I would rather have something that plugs into the wall.

👤The batteries need to be changed frequently.

👤The wire snapped half way along. I like the look of the lights and I was happy to be able to rewire. After a week the controls are all messed up and you can't change them. I looked into returning but it was a hassle now.

👤Light and bright, they light up a dark corner.

👤The product is smaller than anticipated and has a weird finish on the balls. I will be painting them. The balls are small. Maybe I didn't read it right.

6. ANJAYLIA Christmas Battery Operated Decorations

ANJAYLIA Christmas Battery Operated Decorations

If you have a problem with the firework lights, please contact them via the customer service email and they will be able to help you within a day. Warm white star shaped string lights help to make a great ambience for every normal thing, bring an excellent illumination and a romantic atmosphere for your home, bedroom, dorm, wedding, party, patio, etc. The star string lights are 10 feet long and have 20 twinkle star lights. Little star string lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights. Little star string lights with low heat and power consumption which is battery operated 3 x AA batteries, you don't need to worry about the wall charger, easily carry and place the led fairy lights anywhere you like. Steady on and flash are the two lighting modes that are available, they are quite interesting and can be used for different lighting needs. 100% SATISFACTION! If you have a question, please let them know and their customer service team will help you get your money back.

Brand: Anjaylia

👤My daughter likes these in her room. She used to sleep with a lamp on. She can turn it off now, but not too bright. I hope this will help her fall asleep faster with dimmer lighting in her room to tell her brain it is night time.

👤I didn't have high expectations. These lights have been great. They are a typical string of fairy lights. The light is warm and has a battery pack. The lights will stay bright for days without me ever turning them off, even though I thought I'd be changing batteries constantly. Great purchase! They were used for Christmas on the fireplace mantle.

👤These are not bad lights. There was a problem opening the battery pack. The case is not a hinged one. It opens. I had to revise my review today, 9/11, I've had them outside since I received them. They are supposed to be indoors. I tried to turn them on today but the plastic switch broke so they are useless and I will not order again.

👤It is bright and perfect for what we are doing.

👤It was very difficult to open the battery case. Even though it was cracked and I was trying to open it with a knife, I was still careful. I tried to hang it but it kept getting more and more tangled and I couldn't get it to hang. I was calm until I lost it and it ended up in the trash. It was easy to break. It would have been easy to break if I hadn't gotten frustrated. The cost was too much for how flimsy it was.

👤These little lights are wonderful. The stars are a bit bigger than a quarter coin. I thought they were gold colored, but when they arrived, they were clear plastic. I was disappointed because I wanted gold stars. After putting them on the tree, they showed up with gold just like I wanted. I gave them a try. They are pretty on our tree and fill it out to look amazing.

👤I use them for my cage and they are adorable.

👤They wrapped the metal bed's headboard. My husband loves them. The control box is on the side of the bed and it's nice when you're relaxing in bed and don't want a lot of bright light. The batteries have just started going dim, and we use them every night for 2 months. I am glad I got them.

7. CYLAPEX 3 3feet Battery Christmas Decorations

CYLAPEX 3 3feet Battery Christmas Decorations

The starry light is safe to use for many hours. The main image shows the strands in the vase. The batteries of the fairy lights need to be replaced when the lights get dim. Flexible copper wire is 3.3 feet/1m extra thin and bright. The cable between the battery box and the first LEDs is 7.87in. 2 x CR2032 batteries are easy to replace, small battery pack is on/off switch so it is easy to hide, and 21 hours continuous battery life is longer if used with breaks. The string lights can be bended easily and are perfect to decorate a wedding, shop, restaurant, or any other place where lighting is used. What you get? There is a pack of 6units of lights. The waterproof lights string can last 50,000 hours.

Brand: Cylapex

👤The battery problem was solved. One time use was the first review. They didn't last long on the batteries they came with, which is fine, bought expensive replacement batteries and they still wouldn't work. Very disappointing. Good reviews confused me. There is a The batteries need to alternate after the second review. When I opened it, I was just looking at the batteries. If the batteries were switched correctly, they might last longer. It's a wonder they work. Very strange. I was glad I had a second look at it. The new batteries do work, just make sure you put them in the right way.

👤My son wanted to be a spooky ghost so I sewed these into his costume. I put four of these in the hem and one around his neckline and switched them all on with an old bed sheet and a lazy afternoon of sewing. They looked great! It was the perfect accent for my son's Halloween costume, as it made him more visible while trick-or-treating. I use the lights in my Christmas decorations, including a dimmable dining room chandelier, a Christmas wreath, and a railing where I hang our stockings. They're a decent length for what you pay, and the light is warm. I like them a lot.

👤It's perfect for craft projects. I have a bright bow tie and these lights are flexible. There was no clip on that. I made a bow tie and the switch fits in my folded collar. I will be ordering more colors and a dedicated space for the switch housing in the next iteration of the bow tie. If Cylapex made a button switch variant, it would be so much more possibilities. Great product.

👤The exhibit would be up for 6 weeks. I was impressed by the brightness of the lights when I checked them. I decided to use 1 string for the exhibit because I needed 2 strings. The product image showed a full pack of 6 in a jar. I knew I would have to replace the batteries. I waited until after the gallery opened to turn on the lights, trying to save as much battery power as possible. The lights were very strong when they first turned on, but soon began to dim. They stayed on, but they were gone by Friday. I had a lot of strings to change the batteries with. There are 4 screws in the battery pack. Each pack has a small screwdriver. I tried to loosen the screws, but they were tight. You have to remove the screws completely to get to the batteries. You have to screw the tiny batteries back in to close it. The process took about 5 minutes per pack. The screws were unfastened most of the time. The bright lights were dim within the first hour after I replaced the batteries. Each string has two CR2032 batteries. That is stated in the description. The exhibit lights are inefficient due to the short life of the batteries and the need to replace them so often. I would use them for something that won't require them to be on for more than a few days. The lights in the exhibit are lovely. They are short-lived. It's more expensive because of the time and expense involved in changing batteries.

8. Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated

Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated

The fairy lights have 16 single colors and a total of 132 modes. There are 8 lighting modes for each of the 16 single colors. It has 4 multicolor modes that are suitable for all kinds of festival and home decor. Each strand of lights has 3 high-quality insulated silver wires. It can be twisted into any shape. You can put them in a vase or bottle, hang them, wrap them around various places, and make a beautiful centerpiece. The outdoor string lights come with a waterproof battery box and ausb cable. It can be used by 3 AA batteries, but also run via a power bank or computer, which provides more possibilities and is suitable for more occasions. Dimmable and remote Timers are used. The remote can be used to turn on/off, adjust the brightness, easily adjust modes, and choose the color you want. 6 hours off the timing function is provided. It is possible to make every night light you desire, add soothing and dreamy ambiance for bedroom sleep, party, wedding and more. The waterproof silver wire is perfect for outdoor decorations. The firefly lights are light-weight and easy to install, which makes them suitable for garden, camping, balcony, outdoor party, Halloween, Christmas tree, etc. The waterproof silver wire is perfect for outdoor decorations. The firefly lights are light-weight and easy to install, which makes them suitable for garden, camping, balcony, outdoor party, Halloween, Christmas tree, etc.

Brand: Omika

👤Our daughter's room has these lights. She was excited to see so many combinations. The remote can be used to control the LEDs. I will be uploading a small video of how these work.

👤These work well. I ordered 3 sets and put them up under my home and around my front door to use as red, white, and green Christmas lights, but because the cords are very fine and the LEDs are tiny, they disappear during the daytime and when not lit. I set them with team colors when there are football games on TV for my favorite teams as well as on other holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and St. Patricks Day. I can pick colors that are appropriate for each use. I like the fact that I can set them to go on and off automatically for 6 hours and that I can control everything from the remote. The only cons are that the instructions for buttons on the remote could be better and that they used a dark gray background on buttons for function settings. I need a flashlight to see what the buttons do in a dark room, even with some light in the area, because the contrast is so bad. The red and green lights under the roof in the photo are plenty bright, but you can adjust the brightness if you want. When you set them to flash, fade, jump, etc., you could do that for a single color. The functions only work for alternating between all the colors and the directions are not very detailed. Overall, very satisfied and recommend these!

👤When I first tried it, the yellow color worked, but now yellow is getting mixed with green. Some led bulbs will be yellow and others will be greenish. It doesn't look right when orange is mixed in with yellow. I'm pretty sure it's a defect that could be found in these products. I think this is a good choice compared to the other options. I accidentally used the fairy lights remote to change colors when I used the led strips behind my TV, so I think you can use it if you have similar strips. The remotes are the same size and have the same options, but they look different. One remote controls all! I think that's correct.

👤I bought these lights on Jan 27, 2022. They worked well. I liked the different light settings. They were no longer working as they should after a few nights. The seller asked if I was satisfied with my purchase. They offered me two options for a refund or replacement after I explained the defect. I was not able to meet their 2 options. I threw out the packaging because I couldn't provide a photo of the package label. 2. I couldn't return it because the mail station that takes Amazon returns was temporarily closed due to Covid infections, and I couldn't get into town to the post office since I don't drive. I was willing to accept the loss and look for something else. I was not expecting a full refund from the seller. Their excellent and professional customer service is what keeps my 5 Star rating the same. They wanted to make things right and they cared about their customer. Thank you very much. I used a metal lantern with glass panels to illuminate thebby Lobby and they looked pretty. The range of colors and patterns is what I love. The remote is easy to use. I always have batteries when I need them. If you have a few other fairy lights throughout your room, this was a good investment because you go through regular batteries too quickly. It's a good thing. I'm very happy with the purchase. There is a Rechargeable batteries with charger on Amazon.

9. Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

The bulbs have a dia of 0.7 inch. The string lights have 80 Super Bright crystal globes. The globes have a diameter of more than 17mm, which is larger than the others. What is the difference? You can get more beautiful lighting effects. Unlike other black wire fairy light, this battery string lights use transparent tube to wrap string, which is not weird, it is consistent with the crystal ball style. There are 8 different lighting modes to choose from, including combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chase/ flash, and Twinkle/Flash. When you set the white lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off with a timer, you will get the current lighting mode. It's a nice idea for a bedroom, fireplace, dorm, living room. There are outdoor lightings that have battery-operated lighting. Plug-in string lights and solar string lights do not provide high brightness lighting and are not safe. The Christmas lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and have a low 4.5V low voltage that is free to touch and provides high brightness. The string lights are waterproof and can be immersed into water, the battery case is waterproof and can resist the rain. The led firefly light could be used all year long. Awesome outdoor decorative lights. Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc.

Brand: Metaku

👤The size of the globe/bulb is much smaller than the pictures make it look, so beware. They are the size of a large marble. The plastic of the globe shimmers. They look pretty in the daytime. The length is longer than most battery operated lights, which made it easier to hang, and the lights looked better. They have several options for lighting effects, which is a nice added feature, and it's easy to switch up with the remote. The remote won't work if the battery box isn't easy to access. We tried to hide it in a tree, but it was too far away for the remote to work.

👤The deck has decorative lights on it. They don't produce a lot of light, but they help create a fun atmosphere. The remote control works well, but you need a direct line of sight since it uses IR. 6 hours on, 18 off is how long the timer function is. The brightness settings don't make much of a difference. There are 8 different modes that are worth playing with. There is a If you are looking for lighting, look elsewhere. These aren't bright enough to replace the lights. These will do just fine if you're looking at a decoration.

👤It is very easy to use. Put the first set on the patio and the second set in the living room. Would buy again and recommend. A few weeks later... I have used this for a few weeks. The energy draw is high, but still an awesome product. It only lasts for 6 hours at a time per day in the time mode. Each set of batteries lasted less than a day. They are lasting less time every time I change them. Since I have no place to plug anything in on my balcony, they are battery operated and can be used for a while. It kills the batteries faster if you put it in the modes where they change color. The lights are still pretty but are better suited for special occasions.

👤It was perfect on my umbrella. I live in Western Australia. It's raining and sun is shining. I only had these for a couple months but they are still going strong.

👤I had to replace batteries twice in a week because the lights are colorful and lovely. It takes 3 AA batteries to work so returning it can't spend on batteries.

👤Not really outdoor lights when it rains.

👤I was expecting the bulbs to be on the small side but one person's large marble is another person's small marble. These are the size of a marble. Period. They look nice after you hang them. I used them in my outdoor dining area, and now it looks like we are dining on the patio of our local Italian restaurant. I like the look. Time will tell how long they will last. I'll update my review after the misters in the same area have worked for the season, and the outdoor creatures have time to run over them.

10. ZOUTOG Operated Controller Decorative Christmas

ZOUTOG Operated Controller Decorative Christmas

100% SATISFACTION! If you have a question, please let them know and their customer service team will help you get your money back. The battery powered wire can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The distance between the lights is small. The battery powered wire can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The distance between the lights is small. The high quality wire can keep the lights cool to touch, it's water resistant. They are bright to create a warm, joyful, romantic sentiment.

Brand: Zoutog

👤The battery operated means you can place these anywhere without an extension cord, and the remote control makes me feel like a high-end Apple device. The dimmer switch turns off the lights completely and then back on. - I was expecting a warm yellow, with an orange tint. I got a blue-ish yellow that ended up with a greenish cast. They are definitely yellow, but not warm. There is a I liked the shape and construction of these lights, and I love that they have a remote. I don't like the color and will never use them. It was a waste of money. Someone else who isn't bothered by a greenish cast may enjoy these lights.

👤These mini global lights are amazing. I got them on a whim to add some light to my backyard deck, and have really enjoyed using them, especially at night. When I opened the box after the set arrived, I found a lot of neatly packed white bulbs, which looked like a nest filled to the brim with eggs. The bulbs are thick and durable and the perfect size, making them easy to hang anywhere without being weighted down. The lights are strung together with flexible wiring that is triple twisted for extra strength and durability. The string lights are wired to a heavy duty battery powered box that can be controlled manually or with a handheld remote that comes with it, and can operate 8 different modes. The materials in this set are of the highest quality. I enjoy playing with the different modes to change the patterns and brightness, and also enjoy looking at them and enjoying the mood they create.

👤It's easy to hang. These lights are not easy to untangle. It doesn't look like Christmas lights. It is long and durable. They are lightweight enough to use on command hooks. It came with a remote so I can turn it on from my couch.

👤These are cute and I put them around my trailer. The lighting is soft.

👤The light bulbs are hard on the outside. Excellent quality. The remote control helps a lazy person turn it off. There is a I have it on every day. It makes my room feel very romantic. I love it so much. I just bought more string lights to decorate my room because of its effects.

👤Absolutely love it. It was purchased for a camping trip to add light and ambience to the bungalow. It exceeded my expectations. The light bulbs are hard plastic. My husband would have been in the woods right now if he hadn't left the remote on the battery pack portion. I would purchase again if they were a bit brighter. The pictures are sideways. You get the whole story. There is a I've used these lights on multiple camping trips and they were wrapped around the rope that the tarp was attached to. There was no water damage. We made a small case to hold it in our packs when we go back to country. It's been a year now. We are in back country and we are about to order two more but not soft white. Highly recommended.

11. WSgift Battery Operated Waterproof Firefly

WSgift Battery Operated Waterproof Firefly

Customer service from myCozyLite is available for 12 hours fast email reply, 15 months warranty and 45 days return service. The small waterproof battery box makes it easy to carry and place the led fairy lights. You can set a timer to make sure you don't forget to turn off the lights. 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours. You can do a control easily with this function. Easy operation. You can change the lighting mode through the remote with 13 keys. The application is wide for indoors and outdoors. The fairy lights are waterproof and are perfect for setting the mood for Christmas or Halloween. It's great for use in a restaurant or small business. All lights string sold by them have a 1 year warranty. If you meet any issues or have advice, please contact them via the Amazon message box. All lights string sold by them have a 1 year warranty. If you meet any issues or have advice, please contact them via the Amazon message box.

Brand: Wsgift

👤I didn't have an electrical outlet on my balcony, so I was hoping that the light could be used to read by. I put one strand in a glass jar as a decorative touch. The control device acts as a dimmer, which allows you to change frequencies. The strand of lighting is very thin and small. It is encased in plastic and may be waterproof, but I haven't tested that. I may try to add the other strand, but it isn't enough to be ready by. I would recommend a soft decorative touch as shown in the seller description, gathered together in a clear vessel. Light is stretched out of the wire. I tried to video at night, but the glare made it impossible. Pictures and video were added.

👤Use the timer to replace batteries once a week. If you only have them on for an hour every other day, it's ok. The lights are not warm white. The timer function stays on for a long time which really depletes the batteries. When you have to replace batteries constantly, the inexpensive price of these lights doesn't save you any money. Will not buy again.

👤It's perfect for my lantern. The lantern is hidden on the battery pack. My old lantern has a new look and I like the multiple light options.

👤I wanted a short string of fairy lights. These are terrible. One of the sets didn't work out, so it's a good thing. I put them in place and the other one worked intermittently. A bit of wigggling got it to work. I don't think it's a good idea to have half the lights on while the other half goes off. Maybe alternate flashing. The price is low, but not much for a single string that doesn't do what I want. The remote and timer are on the upside. Work well.

👤On a romantic weekend away, we bought these to yake. We ate dinner on the deck at night and wrapped them up on the railing. The added charm and twinkle was what we were hoping for. It was perfect! Inexpensive and portable. We can take these to add warmth and sparkle.

👤These lights are what I needed. I still love them even though they weren't the color I ordered. These lights are bright and can light up a room.

👤The light is great, but you have to have a remote on top of them to work, so what is the point of a remote? One of my strands got caught in the box. It went in the garbage after 2 hours of trying to untangle Mathusalas hair. It was a bad deal. It would have gone back, but one came out okay. I needed it for a holiday party. I probably wouldn't buy again. A note to the seller. How much would it cost to put the string lights on a spool?

👤The colored glass lanterns have lovely lights. I like that I can choose the mode. The remotes are usually reliable. The range of the remotes is short, as noted by other reviewers. The purpose of a remote is to work, so it's important that you're close to the battery pack in order to do that. A good product, 4 stars.


What is the best product for decorative lights battery operated?

Decorative lights battery operated products from Hxweiye. In this article about decorative lights battery operated you can see why people choose the product. Fooing and Bohon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lights battery operated.

What are the best brands for decorative lights battery operated?

Hxweiye, Fooing and Bohon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lights battery operated. Find the detail in this article. Hutools, Hyal Luz and Anjaylia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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