Best Decorative Lights for Home Decor

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1. SEMILITS Solar String Lights Decorations

SEMILITS Solar String Lights Decorations

Solar string lights with 20LEDs look like some real honey bees in your garden. Solar string lights powered by solar, operated by rechargable battery, no wire and no electricity needed, can lower a lot cost for your family. High simulation honey bees of the solar string lights are made of strong plastic, waterproof, and not easy to break. The honey bees string lights are great for garden decorations, outdoor Xmas decorations and tree/flower decoration. You will get 1 set of solar honey bee string light, 1 piece ground spike, and a user manual. You will get 1 set of solar honey bee string light, 1 piece ground spike, and a user manual.

Brand: Semilits

👤I love bees! They are cute. I am very happy with them.

👤The solar string light is the most cool of them all. These bees look real. You can set it for either a steady light or a flashing light. The bees are small and the string is green so you can hide it. It's awesome to string in trees or bushes. I need more. This is a winner and I love it.

👤I have had these lights for 3.5 years and they finally broke after running for all those years. I think my dog caught the solar panel because it was detached from the wire. I'm ordering a replacement for the price and quality. These things are still going strong after a year of use. They have been outside all year and look new. I'm blown away by the price. I get a lot of praise for my bee lights. I recommend! I am very pleased with how these have held up. They charge even in partial sun and hold it for 3-4 hours. The bee's orange body is something I don't like. Think orange. It looks good at night, but during the day they look like halloween lights.

👤I love these! They are pretty in person. I'm going to have to buy several sets so that I can drape them over my cabinet at night. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I bought these for the nature display. The are strong and bright. I thought they might be too large, but they are not, as people will see them from a distance. I have them next to some solar flowers for a size comparison.

👤It gets really dark around my home. I like solar lights because they give me some illumination to my yard, and they're affordable and easy to place. The design will be appealing to the householder as well as the passersby.

👤These lights are fun and bring warmth to my plants. The solar panel only lasts about 6 or 7 hours and usually dies by 1am. The solar panel has a long cord from the first bee to it. They are a lot of fun. The bee lights are recommended by me. Save the bees!

👤They've been out all summer and had a quick start to the winter, but it snowed. I thought they were done for. They were back to shinning after the sun came out again. It's not hard to just pop it back on when a bee pops off.

👤It was to go around a bathroom mirror at night. It was made in China. I asked for a refund but got no reply.

👤The package I received was half the length that was advertised.

2. Impress Life Decorative Operated Christmas

Impress Life Decorative Operated Christmas

The Christmas lights can make a warm glow, gorgeous and soft, and can be viewed from all directions. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree. You can give it to your family. It is a fun Christmas gift. Adding warmth to their Christmas. Battery-operated string decorative lights can be used indoors and outdoors. This string light is safe for children and pets. The Sea glass is made of high quality, almost unbreakable, and safer than real glass. The icons are 1.25x 0.75 inch. Automatic shut off is provided by the build-in timer. If you turn it on at 3PM, it will turn off at 9PM and then on again at 3PM the next day. Multiple flick options are offered by the remote control. You can control the speed of the flick or the light. If you don't like the hassle of changing batteries, you could use the extrausb cord included in the package. The lights will work consistently if you use a power bank or a charger. It has a soft blue and white light and will give you a comfortable color vision. All products here were designed and manufactured by the same company. Creativity and quality are the keys to their strength. They will never stop evolving and presenting you the delicate life you have never seen with your support.

Brand: Impress Life

👤I really like the second string of these lights. The colors look soft and pretty with the lights behind them, and the beach glass seems to be made of real glass, so has a bit of weight to it. The lights will turn on at the same time every day and be on for as long as you choose, if you set the remote for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 or 8 hours. I always have some on hand, the lights do suck down the batteries, but I get about a weeks worth of good shine from batteries, but I am on subscribe and save for the Amazon basics, so always have some. The first string that I drape on the fireplace mantle adds some light to the living room, and the new set I got from Pottery Barn is a cool glass shell that I use in my bedroom as a night light. There is a Update 5/3/17. I don't want anyone to think I'm lying, I get a shorter battery life on my lights than most people, I have mine coming on at about 6pm for either 8 or 6 hours every evening. Winters here get dark early and there is extra mood lighting in my place. You might do better with shorter times. A few years ago, I broke my ankle and decided a little light at night is better than surgery, so I took a photo of the newest strand in the glass shell in my bedroom.

👤I was happy with these. I'm not now. They turn off on their own. I checked to make sure they weren't set to timer mode. They will stop shutting off on their own. I have them plugged into the wall and it's not due to low batteries. This was a huge waste of money. I was surprised by how bright these are. I love seaglass so I had to get these. The remote is very helpful and they look cute in my kitchen. I use the timer as on/off control and adjust the dimness. I don't have to use batteries because the lights come with ausb adapter. It was a pleasant surprise that this was not advertised for. I would rather use an outlet than go through batteries.

👤I put these up in my bathroom, which has a rainy seaside theme. If you don't look closely, they look realistic. There is a I didn't know they had a remote when I ordered them, but it's a nice feature. I like that I can change the lights in my bathtub. I like to use them as a nightlight in the bathroom, it's nice if anyone needs to make a late night visit, and I like that I can put them on a timer so they aren't on all night long. There is a The flicker mode is just blinking. The blue tint of the lights is not something I am happy about. It kind of overwhelms the color of the individual pieces when they're on, because there's a nice color variety. A neutral light would show off the white or rosy bits instead of making them look blue. Pros perform well for the price, and overwhelm the cons for me. I thought I'd mention the caveat for anyone else considering a purchase.

3. Home Zone Security Lantern Lights

Home Zone Security Lantern Lights

The product is made from stamped steel. The height is 4 7/8" and the width is 3 1/8". SOLAR POWERED: Home Zone Security has solar outdoor wall mounted light fixtures that are long lasting and have built-in solar panels. BUILT TO LAST: High quality aluminum and glass construction for long lasting strength and beauty to provide beautiful accent lighting around your home. Any location: Installation is quick and painless with no wiring required. Each lantern has a unique hanging design that allows it to function as portable lights. lanterns can receive up to 8 hours of direct sunlight during the day, so please place in area where lanterns can receive up to 8 hours of sunlight. An auto-on sensor can keep light off during the day while charging and automatically turn it off at night. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Their 1-year no hassle product warranty is for outdoor weather resistance. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Their 1-year no hassle product warranty is for outdoor weather resistance.

Brand: Home Zone

👤I ordered 2 sets of these to hang outside. The lights are bright. No issues when charged up in the sun. The problems now. The light came down with the mounting plate broken, and the LEDs broke. 3 of them came down in the wind, and one of them broke the light. The heavy duty cages did not stay attached, leaving the light emitting device essentially protected. I had them up a week ago. I'll probably replace the broken ones and come up with my own solutions. There is an update on 11/26. I used steel wire to loop the light cage. I hot-glued the light to the cage. There is a The two lights worked well. I bought another pair and made the same changes. One of the hook/mounting plates that I just replaced failed with poor welds around a week later. To blame again. I was able to repair the broken light because it was on one end. There is a 30% failure rate on their hook/mounting plates so far. There is a The lights can be hung with the hoop. The hoops are very thin and do not penetrate far into the light top. I will not be buying any more of these poor quality products.

👤These lanterns are great. I put them on either side of the door. I'm planning to buy more for my barn.

👤I bought 3 pairs of these lights to hang on my fence and they look great. The first set has been up for a couple of weeks. I don't know how they will perform long term. When the sun is out, they charge and turn on. These aren't super bright but are perfect for a little extra light in the back yard.

👤My she shed has lanterns on it. I will clarify that the picture appears brighter if the sun comes out to charge them. Since I got them, it has been overcast or foggy. Not sure of the actual brightness.

👤I was excited about the lamps for the first week or so. They glowed all night and are very pretty. We've had them for about a month and a half now and they barely glow until midnight and are dim in the early evening. I don't think they will make it through the winter. It was very disappointing.

👤I believe they were painted aluminum and glass. The price was expecting some plastic. They look great. I don't know if the hanger will last long term as it looks like the weld point will break over time. There is a I wish they had a timer on them, like battery powered house candles you buy that run for only 4 or 6 hours at a time. On cloudy days, the light will only be bright for 1-2 hours, which is an issue with under powered solar panels. If it was cloudy the next day, it would still have enough juice to power it the next evening. They will run out of juice every night if they are allowed to run all night. There is a If you don't consider price, these are only 5 stars.

4. Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Each strand contains E26 based hanging sockets, which are shatterproof. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The outdoor lighting is ideal. The market lights are weatherproof and heavy-duty. They are listed as a commercial. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. The heavy duty light cord is rubbery, flexible, and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can leave these ultra-durable string lights on display year round. A dimmer switch that is compatible to set the right mood is a must for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. Yard / outside lighting can be connected with another simply use grounded cord plugs. You can link up to 30 strands. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Addlon

👤I only had the light for two days, so I can't comment on the product's longevity. I was very happy with my choice. I use paracord for my installation as the lights have a hole in the top for screws, and using a cord or cable will keep the tension off the electrical cord. Before you install the bulbs, you should run your cord or cable through the lights and string them on the high side.

👤3x sets were bought for installation in the back patio, but only 2x were installed. First impression is that they are bright. The light from the bulb is not as warm as I had expected, but it's not really an issue. It has only been up for a few days and has not received any major precipitation. I had one bulb that didn't light the second time I turned them on, but it was not properly installed. The flicker that occurs in all LED bulbs, but it's usually not noticeable, is due to the bulbs being LEDs. My only recommendation is to get a dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness. There is a I've had the lights up for over a year and have had no issues. The bulbs are exposed to rain, wind, snow, and ice. The dimmer I added made a huge difference. I'm going to raise my rating to 5 stars.

👤The string lights make any outdoor area feel special. The wire and fixture are of good quality. If you put up your lights without the bulbs, it will be less likely to be damaged. If you are happy with the positioning, you can add the bulbs.

👤I was looking forward to it. Quality construction, and packaging were what these looked like. The good things stopped there. This is advertised as two important things to me. Dimmable and over 3000k. A warm Edison type glow is given by 3000k or lower. These are not under 3000k. They seem to be more light than I think. To make sure I took out the 3000k light source, and what a difference it made. They need to be less than 3000k, but these are not close. These lights are not dimmable. I have not found a dimmer that dims the one build by the same company that is typically ordered with this item. Unless you are talking about a stage that goes off. It doesn't dim or have anything in between full on and then off. This is a losing choice because there are fewer bulbs per ft. There is an update. If you pull more than 15 bulbs from the pack, these lights are not dimmable. The color of the lights and the fact that they wouldn't dim made me dislike them. I got replacement bulbs that pull more power. The dimming function works for the LEDs when one bulb is put into the system. I've seen it before where you need a certain amount of "Draw" before they can sense or work. The smaller 15 bulb system does not dim. If you use a longer chain or swap one bulb out for a regular bulb, this will dim. It would be perfect if the lights were 2200k.

5. Home Lighting Christmas Decorative Decoration

Home Lighting Christmas Decorative Decoration

The 66ft Christmas string lights have 200 warm white individual LEDs. You can connect up to 4 sets together to illuminate a wider range of lights. There are 8 lighting functions. Their string lights have 8 lighting modes, which include combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/ flash, and steady on. Fit different occasions, moods, anniversaries, holidays, festivals, feelings, etc. Pressing the round button will change the lighting mode. After lighting up for hours, the green wire string lights can keep at a low temperature. Plug it in directly and you'll get power on and off. The first light is 17 feet long and the total length is 83 feet. The string lights are made of strong construction and waterproof, which makes them perfect for outdoor decorations, such as Christmas, wedding, party, home, bedroom, wall, garden or balcony decorations. The string lights are made of strong construction and waterproof, which makes them perfect for outdoor decorations, such as Christmas, wedding, party, home, bedroom, wall, garden or balcony decorations.

Brand: Home Lighting

👤When I bought these, the box said the transformer must be kept indoors at all times. Plug them in inside the house and run the lights outside. The plug is huge. No using it outside, hiding it behind a piece of furniture, or moving the furniture way out from the wall. I would like the cord to be more green so it would blend in with the tree. The multi function options look nice. I haven't used the timer function yet, but will try to update when I do. The lights are warm white. There are a lot of them. I didn't need this many but I thought I would get these. The price was good and they arrived quickly.

👤If possible, I would leave no stars. I hung the lights in the room I was going to use them in after removing the string of lights from the package. They stayed lit for about 20 seconds, then quit and haven't worked since. I plugged them into multiple outlets and pushed a button that would change the light mode multiple times. The person is dead. The package opening took under an hour. They cost more than the string of lights I bought at the drugstore at Christmastime, which are still working just fine, but they didn't cost much. I am not happy.

👤This year, we bought these to wrap around the rail of our porch. The wires seem to have been poorly spliced about a third of the way down from the plug, with bare wire visible and little spikes of solder that scratched my hand. This is a fire and electrocution hazard because there was no attempt to cover the splices with any kind of rubber coating. I gave this three stars because I didn't find any issues in the second box. The other set has a thin wire that can connect multiple strands end to end. There are multiple different flash/blink/fade effects. The color of the photos does not match the color in the real world. The female end of the light is not compatible with a different brand of lights. It's hard to tell what setting you're on. I would probably buy again, but I would inspect every string and send them back if they are not up to par.

👤I bought these lights for outdoor decorations. The box said the lights can be outside but the transformer has to remain indoors. Is that really true?

👤I don't know how much money I have wasted on warm lights. They are not actually warm when Michaels is used to get them out of the box. A couple strings are enough for an 8 foot tree. If you like less, even one is enough. I really like them. I switch between colored and white lights every year and I am glad I found some that are pretty and not blindingly bright.

👤These are good until you get to the remote. My daughter loves them so we bought them to go around the ceiling of her room. They look great. The plug could use a better design. The box that comes out of the outlet is called the plug. The outlet in her room is behind her bed, so it stinks. They would have been better off if they had used a flat plug. It would make sense that they would have put a timer on the plug boxes, but they didn't. It's not bad for the price.

6. 200LEDs Waterproof Ambiance Lighting Included

200LEDs Waterproof Ambiance Lighting Included

The waterproof and bendable copper wire could be shaped into any symbol. They are durable, work in synergy to offer greater coverage, and give off a light fairy effect in night without overheating. You can use the string light with theusb port to apply the lights with the power bank or computer. The 12APM starry fairy lights are cost effective and energy efficient, they use premium quality LEDs and cast with golden copper wires, which are more resistant to break than other string lights. There is a bonus with the power adapter for string lights. It is backed by a quality warranty of 1 years. The string light has 66 feet of copper wire with a plated and 5 feet power cord which is more capable and shapeable for daily applications. The string light has 66 feet of copper wire with a plated and 5 feet power cord which is more capable and shapeable for daily applications.

Brand: 12apm

👤My room is now so peaceful because of these. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I hung mine with the thumbtacks. It was very easy. The white is true to color.

👤These lights are wonderful. These lights fill the room with a nice dim and warm white light and I like them. I didn't rate them with a 5th star because they flicker on occasion, depending on the way she is sitting. It's not really a problem! There is a The picture shows a 66 ft. string running along the wall next to my bed. They are the only lights in a dark room.

👤66 feet long. Smaller package than I expected and was a little tedious, probably because of the margaritas. The lighting is easy to put up. If I can find a place to put them, I will probably buy more.

👤I love these lights. I only bought one strand because I wanted to. It turned out to be a million times cooler than expected. They're very simple and have some cute little fairies on them. I live in a dark attic bedroom and it provides perfect ambient lighting, so I attach them to my ceiling. They were so cool that I had to buy another one. If you want to hang pictures from them with clothespins or something, they are sturdy enough to clip. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants cute subtle lights on their walls or ceiling. I used my old laptop for the picture. I have 2 strands that are 66 feet long connected together. Since they're copper wiring, they don't connect together, but they look seamless when put end to end. The beginning of my second strand was where my first strand ended.

👤I decided to buy this set for my daughter after reading tons of reviews and looking at different types of lights. They arrived quickly, were small, and didn't look the way I had 888-276-5932 When my daughter put them up, they looked pretty. I am her wall. Within a few days, they started to fail. If you didn't have the right cord, the different settings would stop working and they wouldn't stay on. In less than a month. I have a teenager who is very disappointed. I will buy a new set for her.

👤I wasn't expecting anything spectacular with how inexpensive these lights are. I assumed that they'd get the job done and look pretty but that they wouldn't be very durable and that I'd probably experience a few deadbulbs. There is a I am shocked by the quality of these lights, after owning them for a little while. They are the perfect color to add some warmth to my apartment and I have been getting tons of compliment whenever someone new comes over. The wire is thin and resistant, and I have not experienced any damage to my lights because I have bent it every which way. At one point, I woke up to find my cat chewing on the wire as if it was a toy, and I had changed the setup. I chose these lights because they're waterproof, so my cat won't be killed when she pulls them down. I took a close look at where she had been gnawing and I didn't see a single sign of wear and tear. I'm positive I'll be using these for many years. There is a I will definitely purchase a second set of these lights if I move into a bigger apartment.

7. MYHH LITES Outdoor Connectable Weather Resistant Backyard

MYHH LITES Outdoor Connectable Weather Resistant Backyard

Your satisfaction is their primary goal. If you have a question about this vintage rustic string lights, please contact them on the Q&A page, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. 10 Mini-Bulbs with Brown Wire; Warm Ambiance Light for your outdoor patio, garden, entertainment, and all out-building settings. The beaded copper wire ball style covers are stylish and modern. The evening garden has an exciting mood. The total length is 8.5 feet, the lead cord is 24 inches, the bulb spacing is 8 inches, and the tail is 6 inches. It is weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Wattage: 120V Power, U.S. listed, has a power output of 0.96W per bulb. Four extra mini bulbs are included. A quality guarantee for one year. If there is a quality issue, please contact the seller. Four extra mini bulbs are included. A quality guarantee for one year. If there is a quality issue, please contact the seller.

Brand: Zhongxin

👤I found them in my craft closet when I bought mine. They give the perfect amount of light, because I placed them in the perfect spot. The beads shimmer when the fan hits them. I searched the internet to see if they were still being sold. I bought them for my neighbor's tree because I was so happy to find them. We love them so much.

👤The strings we installed were perfect. The end string went out. We tried to get it to work but couldn't. I decided to try one string again. It went out in 3 days after it was installed. If one light goes out, you have to find which one to pull out. Everybody loves them. They're not fun to replace.

👤It is a string of white "christmas lights" with a glass bulb shaped cover and metal around that. It is good. I thought I was buying a real bulb when it was actually a fake. We like the look of it. The light is dim. Every glass "bulb" has a small hole on the end. I showed everything I could. Five stars for overall unique look and seems more stable than other glass bulb/globe strings that can break quickly. It seems like it will last longer. My husband is a musician, he is a drummer. These are nice and dim lights to add to his other small lights. It was perfect.

👤There is an update onJUNK. Don't waste your money. There is a They are pretty and match the decor I want. I had to buy a second strand after these arrived, I wish they were spacing them apart a little more. I'm happy with my purchase so far. There is an update 1/19. The second string of lights arrived today. When I unplugged the first one, it didn't work again. I have to figure out what happened. I only had it for a couple days. There is an update on 2-21. We unplugged the second string of lights and plugged them back in. The cut-off for returns was 3 days after this. These are not worth much.

👤They look great. Our patio is perfect. We got them up on Saturday.

👤I read reviews to find the perfect patio lights. I am deeply disappointed that the lights arrived today, but I trusted the reviews. The string of lights doesn't reach across the entire length of the patio. What a waste of money.

👤The light I bought for the holidays was put atop the bathroom mirror. The design is neutral on all days. It's perfect to give a subtle glow for a relaxing bath or to light the way at night instead of a night light. It's a light that doesn't make you sleepy in the morning. We will keep it up year after year.

👤I found these lights several years ago at Fred Meyer, but could not find them anymore. I paid triple the price, but I really like these. When the sun shines, the copper beads sparkle. Nice! Even though I had to pay more for these lights, I am still very pleased with them. The shipping speed was amazing. I highly recommend.

8. HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

The crackle globe string lights look like they are made of glass and are popular for decorative projects such as wedding center pieces, home lighting decor, Christmas lighting, outdoor garden, etc. 10 ft wires with 30 leds are made from high quality silver plated copper that is thin and flexible, and can be in plant, window, furniture, and wait for surroundings to bend easily model; wires and led are waterproof, but do not immerse the battery case in water. The small battery pack is easy to hide and makes the lights portable, it has a simple on and off function and can last many hours with brand new batteries. The ball string lights are a great gift for kids and adults. There are beautiful fairy lights for home, garden, patio, bedroom, living room, cafe, bar, hotel, villa, wedding, party, church, castle and more.

Brand: Hutools

👤I wanted cute lights like this, but they plugged in. I bought these because I couldn't find them. They are used in my 5 year old's room as a night light. On the first day or two, fresh AA batteries make them super bright. As they drain the batteries, they fade. They are very faint but still light up a month later. These are amazing if you don't mind spending a few bucks on batteries every month.

👤I was very pleased with the lights. The lights were what I was looking for. The string is a flexible wire that can be manipulated to different degrees. I was really looking for that. The lights are around a glass material. I don't think it's glass, but it has a beautiful look and design. The battery pack holder was very nice. The batteries fit so snug inside the pack that it was sturdy and not flimsy. I will use this light all year long and I recommend it to anyone.

👤These lights are perfect for my pup-tent. I wanted something to add to the look of my pups bed. They are the same size as the pompons and look adorable. I like the look of thecrackle and the wire they are attached to is easy to manipulate so I could arrange them to my liking. Great product!

👤These are only 1/2” in diameter and not 1” as the description suggests. I used them to dress up the mantle. They are bright when they are on, even though I don't like the "flashing" mode. I think you could see more of the crackle detail if they were 1”

👤I'm not sure why it's asking me to rate the remote control. It works with three AA batteries. It's bright, at least 5,000k, and it's white. The "warm" light is closer to 1,900k. It's blinding to look at the bright Christmas lights. Not useful.

👤The lights are being used as Christmas decor on the tv stand. They are easy to set up. You can bend the wire if you want it to stay in place. The lights are on or off. The lights are a great idea for photo props.

👤The only reason I bought this product was because of the pictures. The string was not bright outside. It glowed in a dark room. I got a different product for a third of the price that came with a remote and timer. The set was not larger and more visible outside.

👤The lights are shown to have a golden color. They are not golden. The photo is misleading.

👤After one morning of rain, we decided to pack them away for our next camping trip, and the pink flowers came off. Our hands and towels were stained bright pink. I hope the paint isn't toxic. They look pretty on our awning.

👤I almost threw them away. The box was small and included a larger order. The lights were tangled up. Not what I was expecting. I only needed them for photography. You could get better for the same amount of money.

9. Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

10 ft wires with 30 LEDs, the size of icon is 1.5x1.25 inch, seen clearly from a distance. Silver-plated copper is a thin and flexible material. It could be bended and shaped around things. You could control it with a remote if you chose battery powered. You could use the cord included in the package to save yourself from the hassle of changing batteries. The batteries from the box should be taken out when using the power supply. This string light is safe for children and pets. The wire and light bulb is water resistant and can work in a humid environment. 3D Costal Starfish Sea Horse Sand Dollar lights for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration are the Cutest 3D Under the Sea Creature with lots of details. It's a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom, dinner centerpiece, dorm, table display and back to school décor. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue.

Brand: Impress Life

👤Cute little lights illuminate the stairway to the nautical themed bedroom. It's easy to use the remote.

👤These are great. It was better than I imagined. I hung them on the tree. They are strung on thin silver wire which makes it easy to manipulate how they are hung and they look like ornaments on the tree. They are a great touch to my tree. They have a remote control that can turn them on and off and they have a "candle feature" that makes the lights look like they are glowing but not actually blinking. These lights have features that I love. The colors make for a soft coastal look.

👤The nautical lights were very nice. I used them to make a wreath.

👤Beautiful! Bright or dim. The remote is cool. Adds a touch of coastal art. The wire strung beachy ornaments allow creativity. Do it!

👤There were a lot of bad reviews about these lights. I decided after hesitating. They're only fifteen dollars. Lesson learned if they don't work. The way these little lights look and perform has made me very happy. You have to be very gentle when taking them out of their packaging. I am not surprised that some people who said they didn't work pinched the wire or handled them in a way that was too similar. They are very delicate. The remote is tucked up on the mantle over the stove, so it is not visible from the street. I was not sure if it would work far from the control. In the picture, they are turned up to medium brightness. They look lovely in the evening. I can't comment on the other features because I haven't used them. I am very happy I took a chance on these lights. They are doing a great job and making my kitchen look better. Doesn't she look happy? That's right! Remember to be very gentle when handling them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that this comes with a remote control, there's a built-in timer, and the battery pack is easy to open while still latched. My kids want the lights to be on when they sleep. The room is pretty and cozy. I'm happy with them.

👤Cute and well-made lights! The packaging they came in was very good. I love them.

👤Very bright. A candle feature makes them flicker or steady. You can dim them and put on a timer with the remote. There are starfish, crabs, shells and seahorses. The light is very bright. I used them to make a beachy wreath. Really cute.

👤Tena un led desconectado that impeda la continuidad. voy a volver a pedir, pero tuve, regresar. Ahora es un encendido.

👤It was great for the price. I wish they were warm white and not fluorescent bright, but they work for adding some cute decor.

👤Me gusto mucho, tienes arbol de navidad alternativo, se vea super bonito.

👤These are unique and great.

👤Mi arbol de navigation, mas perfectas.

10. Waterproof Operated Decoration Christmas Holiday

Waterproof Operated Decoration Christmas Holiday

The led string lights can be bended and shaped to fit your needs. 10 feet long fairy lights with 30 super bright led lights with battery operated string lights are 4 inches away from the light bulbs. Christmas, Halloween, other parties, weddings, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping centers, bedrooms, courtyards, gardens, decks, porches, and lawns are all available indoors and outdoors. This led string light with silver wire is waterproof and very safe for hand touch. The battery box of string lights is not waterproof. The battery box is the newest indoors and outdoors. This led outdoor/indoor string lights with ON /OFF feature is easy to hide and requires 3 AA batteries. The box has locking clips that make it easy to open and close it. Customer service is provided. If you are dissatisfied with their light, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Xinkaite

👤My wife and I used a lot of these lights in our Christmas decorations. Since they use 3 double A batteries, you probably wouldn't want to leave them on around the clock, otherwise you will be going through a lot of batteries. We used a single set of batteries for each strand and turned them on at dusk and off at night. These lights are very good.

👤The lights are bright and colorful. When ordering, keep in mind that they are only a slightly warm white, not a very warm white. The batteries are not included.

👤It wasn't easy to open the box. The remote control doesn't work. The battery must be removed to turn off lights. Poor quality control and manufacturing is probably why. The box made it hard to get to the wires without damaging the box. Will be back. The lights are bright.

👤I like the lights. They are not a "cold" white light, they are a warm mellow yellow which gives a nicer cozier feel. The battery case is my only complaint. That can't be helped. I had to remove it. I will take a photo to add to the review. Check the length. I wish we're longer. Since a few inches extending from the battery pack... There is no lights.

👤These are great and I bought them for a project. The batteries last a long time before I had to change them. I left them running for 3 and a half days to see what the batter life was like. As the battery depletes, they get dimmer. Excellent item for projects. I used mine to make a night light for my kids.

👤I ordered the lights to be strung on my wreath. The wire was very thin and easy to work with. I will be ordering more for other areas.

👤The picture gave the impression that the wire was gold, but it's actually silver. You can't see the wire when lit. It doesn't make a difference. I wanted to add a little sparkle to my christmas decor. I got them the day before Thanksgiving and it was amazing. I'll probably use them after christmas because I love them so much. Would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought these for my Christmas tree and the lights seemed to have gotten dimmer than before, I had them for about a week or so. Mind you. I put new batteries inside when I turn it off. They were nice and bright for the first few days, but now you can barely tell they are on.

👤No se calienta por lo, color para adornar ofrendas con una luz tenue. No hay peligro de dejarla encendida.

👤Estan, son un fragiles, se daan a menos de la semana de uso, cabe resaltar.

👤The same can be purchased at the dollar store. Another online consumer took advantage of you during these times.

👤Me sorprendieron, pero no servirian.

11. Twinkle Waterproof Extendable Bedroom Wedding

Twinkle Waterproof Extendable Bedroom Wedding

Premium quality. The total length of this indoor string star led light is 43 feet. The light is made of translucent PC plastic that won't be easily broken or overheated. There are 8 modes and they are extendable. Waves, slo star, slow fade, twinkle and flash, steady on. The power off memory function was equiped. The Male and Female Safe Plug can be connected to multiple sets. It is waterproof and Ecofriendly. The star string lights are protected under the protection of the internet protocol. It is more energy saving than other products because of the leading technology. Wide application. This led fairy string light can be used in a lot of places. It is a good choice as a Festive atmosphere lights. Good service and easy to install. You can use the star string lights directly. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them. Within 24 hours, their support team will be able to provide a solution. Good service and easy to install. You can use the star string lights directly. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them. Within 24 hours, their support team will be able to provide a solution.

Brand: Tofu

👤They are very bright and amazing quality, and they add a lot of happiness to the Christmas season.

👤These lights are wonderful for my daughter's room. They add a touch of magic to a room. The settings set the mood.

👤The soft glow is perfect. There are different settings for the lights. Slow fade from just on to twinkling.

👤I was excited when they came. The stars started showering off when I took them out of the package. They were not fully attached. I thought for the price I would attach them more securely. I was missing multiple stars after spending the time re-sucing dozens of stars. What else could I do? Repackaged and returned. I couldn't recommend these.

👤These are beautiful. They were hung in our daughter's room and it looks great. There was one light out. I wrapped the next light around it to cover it up. The remote is on the plug. There is one button that filters through the different modes. We were hoping that they were dim enough to use as a nightlight replacement, but they aren't and none of the modes make them dimmer. It's probably a good thing that they are bright. I'm going to get another set for our other daughter for her star first birthday and then in her room as well. Would definitely recommend!

👤If you've found yourself scrolling through these reviews hoping to find some reassurance, you're getting a good ol quality deal if you click on the previous page button. The lights fell apart in 42 hours. There is a The stars were moving in opposite directions. I had to tape the wires to the patio because they were damaged. The lights did not turn on the following morning. There is a They are not durable.

👤I bought these to go on the front porch. I love them so much... The way my front porch light is, it has a plug in and a plug out, so I connected the two to the end of it, and strung them throughout my front porch, when I flip the switch. There are many different light settings. It was bright enough to light up the porch, but not too bright. They make my porch peaceful and pretty.

👤We needed a quick fix to add some light to our living room because our lights died this year. Our Christmas decor was perfect with these lights. The stars are the perfect size and a beautiful style whether they are on or off, with the soft yellow lights creating the perfect glow. They are compact and easy to store until next year because they connect easily. The product has added a glow to our Christmas season.


What is the best product for decorative lights for home decor?

Decorative lights for home decor products from Semilits. In this article about decorative lights for home decor you can see why people choose the product. Impress Life and Home Zone are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lights for home decor.

What are the best brands for decorative lights for home decor?

Semilits, Impress Life and Home Zone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lights for home decor. Find the detail in this article. Addlon, Home Lighting and 12apm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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