Best Decorative Lights for Living Room

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1. Twinkle Star Curtain Christmas Decorations

Twinkle Star Curtain Christmas Decorations

The Lepro strip lights can be used in many places, from your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, and even on your Christmas tree. It's suitable for holiday parties. Warm white curtain lights have 200 warm white individual bulbs, which can be used to create comfortable atmospheres for various occasions. The plug has a safety rating for the human body. The size is suitable for most home curtain or wall decorations. The curtain lights can be connected up to 3 light chains with a male and female safe plug. If strings are connected, keep the mode controller on the first set so that you can control the lights with one controller. Their Christmas decorativeLED lights have 8 lighting modes: wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/ flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. The mode controller has a round button. Follow the instructions to install. Don't untie the individual string of lights until the main string is installed. You can make the lights look wonderful by adjusting the distance between the light strings. Even if it rains or snows, the Twinkle Star curtain string lights can be used indoors or outdoors. The transformer is waterproof, so it can be used outside, but not enough to put it under water.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤The product is far from what the reviewers said about it. I bought these a few days ago and noticed that there was a button on the plug to change the settings on the lights. The settings don't change if you leave them on. That is pointless and annoying.

👤The lights are my favorite part of Christmas. I was so excited to get these lights and have them up in time for Thanksgiving as we all gather out front of my house after dinner and light our Christmas lights. They looked great! I didn't realize there was a strand missing. Got out the ladder, took it down, and sent it back. I got out the ladder again and climbed back up to get them. The lights worked again. There is a For about two hours. There is a An entire portion of my house was dark after an entire string went out. Guess what? A bit later? The string went out again. I've been putting up the lights for years, but to have them die before Christmas is crazy. I am devastated. They looked at the work for a long time. These are not quality lights. My kids are not happy. If I could, I wouldn't give stars.

👤There is false advertising. The diagram shows the cord that plugs into the wall to be 5 feet long and it is impossible because someone has an outlet 9 feet up the wall. Nobody!

👤I have to write bad reviews. I bought 10 sets of Christmas lights and they are the worst I've ever had, I was so busy that I was only able to return 5 of them. It's too late. In the picture, you can see that water can easily enter and cause the little bulbs to turn brown in a few days.

👤I have been buying products on Amazon for years and never wrote reviews. I feel like I'm being misled by this purchase. I thought I was buying lights that would fit our window perfectly. There is a Our window is close to the same size. The lights stretched from the cord to the cord. The curtain of lights is only a little over 6 feet. I thought I read everything correctly. It looked like it was going to be a full curtain of lights.

👤My son's cloud lamp looked like thunder when the lights went inside the cloud. They are perfect. Love them.

👤I looked cool. I was happy for about 4 nights. They malfunctioned despite changing the setting back to normal and then stopped working. It is only good for a night or two. Not long term use.

👤Doesn't look like the pictures or the chort of plug-in chord. Akward looking.

2. The Light Garden B00H222584 Lighted

The Light Garden B00H222584 Lighted

These stringed candles are the first choice for modern decoration and can be used for many occasions. On any setting, cast a glow. They can be used for any event or just on your wall. You can bend vine into different shapes to decorate. The vine has a transformer that plugs into an outlet. The vine is made of plastic and has a lot of lights. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall.

Brand: The Light Garden

👤I hung four of them all over my living room as the primary light source. The effect was beautiful, but all four of them lost their lights quickly. I hung them in a way that didn't put pressure on them and stuck to the natural bends to avoid damaging the wires. No one was touching them after they were hung, so there was no wear and tear. After a few months, they seemed to reach a steady state where about one third to half the lights are out, but I don't seem to be losing any more. I tried to contact the seller and manufacturer, but they didn't respond. I can't recommend this because I'm four for four on break downs and zero for four on customer support. Less than half of the lights are still working.

👤This item is awesome! I was spectacle to get from reading other reviews but I didn't listen. It does not look like the picture shown is full or thin but it is in a small box. Spread the branches, stems and twig apart and be creative, it is bendable. bend here and there. When you buy a fake Christmas tree in a box, it doesn't look like a Christmas tree because it's all compact and you have to separate each branch, bristles and stem to make a tree. When the lights and branches are not in a box, they look full. Quality is great. The candle color is relaxing and not bright. It does leave a sticky mess, but it goes away after use. It is a great product and it is described and shown in a picture. Will be purchasing one more. There is a Adding cherry blossom to it is possible.

👤By June the lights were out in both sets.

👤The update says that vine sucks. Constantly losing lights. I try not to read the bad reviews as much as possible and don't read the spelling challenged ones. I took a chance. This usually works out. There are some duds that come back. I have a small vine that has been around for a long time and I wanted to get this hot potato. When I opened the box, I immediately plugged it in and made sure all the lights were on. Before unraveling. One of the branches was very sensitive when I tried to untangle it. Here's the problem, kids. One buyer stated that they should forget the stickiness and be more focused on the future. This is a delicate piece to take your time with, be gentle to it and extend branches with ease, keep power ability out of the outdoors and love on it as much as you should with beautiful light. I hope this will help anyone with patience and faith in a product that is proving to be pretty decent. I don't write many reviews but I need to stand up for products that shouldn't be punished. There is a 90 day money back guarantee notice in the box. Keep documents for purchases.

3. Bedroom Artificial Plants Flowers Decorative

Bedroom Artificial Plants Flowers Decorative

It is recommended to put in aventilated space for a few days to eliminate odors from long-distance transportation. 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by them. If you have a question, please send it to them. On any setting, cast a glow. They can be used for any event or just on your wall. You can bend vine into different shapes to decorate. The vine has a transformer that plugs into an outlet. The vine is made of plastic and has a lot of lights. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall.

Brand: Kapata

👤I didn't have pendant lights over my bar top so I used this instead. I used command rope hooks and a few black low voltage cable staplers to hold it in place.

👤I like the way it looks once it's up. It should be against the wall. We used painter's tape to hold it up until we could rearrange the trunk and branches to our liking. We worked our way from top to bottom using clear mini light clips from Command. We put up about 40 clips. I was supposed to be less of a risk. The mini-clips are strong and almost invisible. Be patient!

👤These lights are so beautiful. Getting them on the wall was not an easy task. Had I asked someone to help me, it would've been a lot simpler. It turned out great, so it was definitely worth it. There is a There are a few things worth knowing. I thought it was lighter. I had to come up with a creative way to use command hooks. It was a work out to put this thing up alone. It took me hours to do it. I haven't had any issues with it falling since it's on the wall. - The branches can be rearranged. This is a positive thing. There is a lot of room for creativity. I wanted to make sure they were secure when I hung them. I put a lot of branches on the wall. They can easily come off the wall for a more 3-dimensional look. I haven't done this because I don't want to mess with it, but mostly because the paint on my walls sadly comes off with the command hooks. There is a I highly recommend this product if you want to do a project. It pays off.

👤It's not the easiest thing to hang. I used Command Hooks. The pictures show cable clips. These were never given to me. I am not sure why they are in the photos, I don't think anyone did their reviews. I recommend these because they are sturdy and well made.

👤There is a unique set of lights. I wanted to give my room a forest vibe and these fit that bill. They are easy to install and bend into the shape you want. The wrapping around the branches is pretty much what you would expect, but it could be a little more durable.

👤I gave this as a gift to my friend on his birthday and he was very happy with them. He can't wait to use them. I would get this for myself. They are bright, you can easily manipulate them into the position that you want them to be in, they are easy to hang up, and they plug into the wall! That is cool.

👤The lights are being used to lighten the room and hallway. I used a lot of thumbtacks.

👤We put our Christmas tree next to a wall. My wife likes to wake up and drink a cup of coffee with the tree lights on. Since Christmas is over, I got this for her. She likes it a lot. I put it on a timer to make it easy to setup. I can't comment on the longevity because I just got it. 3M Command cord clips were used to affix the wall. I'm going to put pictures of the kids in frames between the branches. It did what we wanted.

4. Lightshare Cherry Blossom Adapter Included

Lightshare Cherry Blossom Adapter Included

The cherry blossom tree has Warm White LEDs that provide a warm glow. You can use it wherever you want, it's eco-friendly, energy-saving and safe, and it has built-in cherry blossoms that give off a soft, warm aura. The branches are adjusted to satisfy the need for a do-it-yourselfer. You can bend the branches and the tree into any shape you want. You can build your own exclusive tree light. It's ideal for indoor decoration or use as nightlight. It's perfect for home, bedroom, living room, balcony, balcony window, office room, children's room, restaurant, porch, pavilion, shelf, for Christmas, New Year, parties, birthday parties, wedding ceremony, dinner party decoration. Most items can be returned within 30 days. If you want to return an inquiry, please contact the seller on Amazon. Most items can be returned within 30 days. If you want to return an inquiry, please contact the seller on Amazon.

Brand: Lightshare

👤One area did not work. Four lights stayed red even though I used a different color. The problem happens for certain items, there is no way to fix it at this time, according to the service department. " Wow! There was no offer to exchange. This deserved a bad review.

👤The tree is beautiful. The tree is perfect, we purchased it with multi-color-lights. A baby's room is being used as a night light. It gives off light in many colors. We bought the 5-foot light tree from the same manufacturer. This product is very good. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤The lamp looks cheap, but I loved the idea of it. Someone rolled a bunch of duct tape around some wires. The "white" color has a bluish hue. You'd usually want a warm white tone for something like this. The closest shade is yellow which has a green tint. There is no way to control the brightness. The lamp has been on for a while. There is a Cool idea but flawed execution.

👤The quality to cost ratio is what I write about when I review items. The little tree light is five stars because it is cheap. There are branches that can be shaped. It looks great in my yoga studio.

👤This lightshare item is very nice. I also have a tree with white flowers. The holidays can change the colors of this one. The fade option scrolls through all of the colors and is one of the options it has. The timer is very useful. It will come on at the same time every day if you turn it on and hit the timer. I would recommend this item to illuminate a dark corner. The plug is not battery operated.

👤My daughter's night light is old and I wanted to replace it. I was taken back at the make when it arrived. It looks like a wrapped electrical product. It looks nice once plugged in and arranged. The lights don't get hot so that's a plus. I don't leave my lights on all day, so I still plug it in during the day.

👤Wow! It is very nice and fits where I wanted it to. Very nice. The reviews said that you had to plug it in and out, but there was an on/off power button. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I bought a tree for the office. The office looked dull when I put away my Christmas tree. We don't get enough sun light in January because the office has three big windows. I bought a tree that brought light into my office. The colors are beautiful. There are many ways of setting the lights up. I use a mode called "smooth" in which the colors slowly change from one to the other. The tree has an AC adapter which I like better than batteries. It has a switch where the lights can be set up and a remote control. If I need to take a break from work or reflect on something, I like to look at the tree. I really like it!

5. Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

Industrial Elegant Teardrop Vintage Farmhouse

There are 3 lights on the industrial floor lamp that are in 90 vertical on the tree lamp. The multi-head design provides a great solution to the harsh brightness of traditional fixture. You can fully enjoy the comfortable atmosphere under the light given off by this tall floor lamp. Their free standing lamp is made of superior metal from top to base and black. Three light cages are heavy-duty and firm. There is no swing on the pole. Base is reliable and doesn't mind falling down if there is trouble. It is safe to use for children and pets. There is a step-on switch. The lamp is easy to turn on and off. A slight step brings the light on, swift and convenient, ideal for living room, bedroom, bedside, study, etc. Never mind that your application is too short to fit. You have to make an extra lamp stand to make it taller so that you can use it better. There are 25000H 2700KST58 led bulbs included. The tall floor light fixture has 3 st58 4W led bulbs with a lifespan of 25000H, which is saving energy, money and convenience for you. This standing tree lamp is rated for 60W MAX E26 sockets light bulb, which can be changed for different styles. They suggest that you use low energy bulbs. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones. It's easy to install. The tall black standing lamp is easy to get together, just follow the right steps to install it from the top to the base, otherwise the wire may be stiff to pull. They need to remove the 3 screws that have been fixed into the holes on the pole, if the screws are missing, they need to use extra ones.

Brand: Lakumu

👤You don't put the extra cord in the main pole section. The tiny screws were removed with the allen wrench. You don't push the slack out of the cord if you untightened the screws on the arm. We pushed the plastic piece into the pole. We tightened the screws and didn't put the tiny screws back in because we wanted the lights to dangle. There is a black plastic ring inside the metal part. Take the ring off. The basket should be put on. The black plastic ring needs to be removed. Done! The instructions are horrible.

👤Everyone in my house is a fan of this lamp. It wasn't hard to assemble because one of the lamp arms didn't want to go on it's designated place. I think it took me a while. I bought different bulbs for it, as the ones it came with were too bright. If you are using this as your only source of light, they should do the trick. If you want a softer light, they are going to kill your eyeballs.

👤This was easy to put together as many other people did. It took about 30 minutes. I am not an electrician or contractor. The cord is a bit long for the stand so there was a little bit of wrestling with it. It's not bad to put together. I like the vintage look and the lights are bright but warm, but one could always change the bulb to make them more to their liking, but it was a nice touch that it came with bulbs.

👤I love the lamp. It was easy to put together. I lost one of the tiny screws, but they gave me two extra and I found the one I lost. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. It is much brighter than expected. The lamp is exactly what I needed because I have horrible lightning in my living room. The lighting is not soft and it is very bright. The package was damaged, but the lamp was undamaged. It is absolutely beautiful.

👤I tried to add the arms, but it was too difficult. There was no explanation for the tiny screws on the wrench. Why? The screws on the lamp arms are left-hand threaded. If you don't know this, you will try to screw them in by the normal direction, so the arm can't be attached. I was able to install the third arm, but only after I stripped the screws on the first two arms. I was unable to remove those 2 screws with needlenose pliers because they were stripped. I can't replace them with one of the extra screws because the manufacturer realized the original screws were not right-hand threaded. If the manufacturer is aware that the screws are threaded the wrong way, they should remove them and put the correct ones in, then notify their customer that they need to remove the installed screws and replace them with extra ones. They shouldn't just send a bunch of screws with no instructions. I'm returning the lamp because I don't feel like I should have to drill out the screws.

6. Brightech Maxwell Standing Bedrooms BoxDisplay

Brightech Maxwell Standing Bedrooms BoxDisplay

Most items can be returned within 30 days. If you want to return an inquiry, please contact the seller on Amazon. The floor lamp with the 20 year life led bulb is compatible with ALEXA. The Brightech shelf lamp has a power-saving light with 20,000-hour life. That saves you 85% of the cost. The office lamp can be used with smart outlets that are enabled to turn on/off. The smart outlet is sold separately. The shelf and storage lamp combo is triple. The tall lamp with stable structure and high loading gives a soft ambient glow to contemporary spaces while providing a 3 tiered display shelving for added convenience. A storage area for vases, books, or other items can be found in a style and function area. This floor lamp can be used in your bedroom, living room, guest room, foyer, or office. Brightech modern shelf floor lamp is made of high-quality fabric. The shade opens at the top light and creates a diffuse glow. The 3000K warm whiteLED standing lamp is a great way to warm up at night. The Versatile Contemporary Floor Lamp is a contemporary wooden design, simple and elegant appearance, classic Asian style, compatible with most living room decors. The modern floor lamp with shelves can be used to create a simple and uncluttered living space. Under the corner light stand, you can read, chat, nap and meditate. Brightech offers a full 3-year warranty on all of its products. If the floor lamp stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects, this will cover.

Brand: Brightech

👤I have purchased 7 Brightech products. Some reviewers complain about the quality, but really this is a value brand with semi-upscale looks and average-at-best quality. I have never been disappointed with what I paid. You will not get Restoration Hardware quality at Walmart prices. I ignored the instructions and the unit took about 15 minutes to assemble. It is very light. If you have this on carpet, it will make it a little odd, so you will need to weigh it down with books. There is a It is not very bright, but it is perfect for me. You could always swap a higher bulb. I use it as a nightstand. I wouldn't recommend this as a reading lamp. The multiple shelves can be used in a different way than a single level table.

👤The floor lamp is easy to assemble. I put it together by myself while I was watching TV. The legs are simple to screw in. If you want to tighten the screws, you can use a phillips screw driver. The light is soft with the shade so it is perfect for the TV room. I wanted it to light up the room. It is not flimsy. I wouldn't. There is anything heavy on it. It adds a modern flair to the room and is a nice piece to look at. The small space between my sofa and loveseat was where I needed someting to fit. This was it.

👤It was not easy to write a review for this lamp. There is a It's a cheap piece of junk. If you're the kind of person who thinks Ikea furniture is flimsy garbage, then just run away. The construction of this lamp/shelf is worse than the cheapest stuff you'll find there. I'm the kind of person who believes that a good set of flatpack furniture can range from fine to great, and I still find the materials used in this lamp to be unacceptably cheap. The veneer is inconsistent and scratches off easily, the engineered wood is flimsy, and the whole thing is too light to offer any kind of stability. It's pretty dim because the shade absorbs a lot of light. There is a On the other hand, you won't find this style of lamp much cheaper anywhere else, and the slightly pricier versions at big-box retailers have the same quality issues. It looks good from a distance. This is a good option if you want something that can act as a display case while also providing light. If you need more light, a bulb Y-splitter will increase the light level to acceptable. The instructions are clear and assembly is very easy. It's not hard to scratch the veneer or damage the poles with the cheap materials. Is it a good idea to recommend it? Yes, with some conditions. I wouldn't use it as a nightstand or end table where you'll often be messing with stuff on the shelves. It feels like you'll knock it over if you touch it. If you're going to put it on the carpet, you should get some spikes. I would recommend placing something heavy on the bottom shelf. I think the box on the second shelf is heavier than the lamp. I don't trust the pull chain so I would recommend using smart bulbs. There is a It's a nice display piece and it does look really, really good if you don't inspect it too closely. It provides nice mood lighting for a room, and with a bulb splitter it can be a decent primary light for a small space. It is not any cheaper or crappier than the lamps that cost twice as much. It's good for the price if you know what you're buying and you're okay with the flaws.

7. Progress Lighting P4346 20 Chandelier Decorative

Progress Lighting P4346 20 Chandelier Decorative

Do not Iron, wash cold, gently cycle, and do not bleach. If you have a problem with the plush accent pillow covers set, please contact them immediately. The finish is antique bronze. The candle sleeves are ivory. The size is 24 inches wide and 17 inches tall. 60-Watt candelabra bulbs are used. The largest single source for residential and commercial lighting is offered by Progress Lighting. Also, note: Refer to the user manual. Also, note: Refer to the user manual.

Brand: Progress Lighting

👤It was easy to install, no frills. It seems flimsy, but it isn't likeMiley Cyrus will swing at it. So we are doing well!

👤The only downside is that you have to buy an extra chain if you have high ceilings.

👤Great light! A traditional light. The chain is short, so if you plan to "swag", be prepared to buy a different chain. The recommended light bulbs were bright and hung over my dining room table. I just bought a lower watt. Overall, I'm very happy with this light, it looks more expensive than it is.

👤We bought this for our condo. It is what I wanted. Simple yet finished. The frosted bulbs were used since it didn't have shades. The clear ones were hard on my eye. I would recommend this to anyone who likes simplicity.

👤I think I can get the dents out of the wirers, they look the same, no white or red, just brown, and the plastic covers broke, so I think I can get the dents out. I will have to send her to a seminary because of the way this thing is.

👤I found this chandelier on Amazon for $30 less than Home Depot's website. It looks lovely and is easy to install. It was well made.

👤This was packaged well and is a nice light. The only thing I didn't like about it was the paint finish. It was dark brown and black. I painted it gold and it looks great now.

👤The chandelier is what I was looking for. There is a It gives the room a light and airy look. There is a Good, but for money.

👤I've never been one to have difficulty assembling anything, usually just refer to the directions, but this one took the cake. The directions were beyond useless and confusing. A bunch of pictures with numbered parts and a chart that was supposed to be useful. The design of the ball part on the bottom of the fixture was poor and stupid, so I had to use crazy glue to hold it in place. The time it took to put it together made it unfitting of the price. It looks decent hanging up.

👤The directions were a little confusing, so I gave them 4 stars. One of the lights needed to be fixed because of damage. All in good light for the price.

👤I bought two of them for my kitchen and dining room. They look great. Exactly as shown. I would have paid more for one that I didn't like.

👤Merci, service rapide et pice de bonne qualité.

👤The packing was poor.

8. HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

The crackle globe string lights look like they are made of glass and are popular for decorative projects such as wedding center pieces, home lighting decor, Christmas lighting, outdoor garden, etc. 10 ft wires with 30 leds are made from high quality silver plated copper that is thin and flexible, and can be in plant, window, furniture, and wait for surroundings to bend easily model; wires and led are waterproof, but do not immerse the battery case in water. The small battery pack is easy to hide and makes the lights portable, it has a simple on and off function and can last many hours with brand new batteries. The ball string lights are a great gift for kids and adults. There are beautiful fairy lights for home, garden, patio, bedroom, living room, cafe, bar, hotel, villa, wedding, party, church, castle and more.

Brand: Hutools

👤I wanted cute lights like this, but they plugged in. I bought these because I couldn't find them. They are used in my 5 year old's room as a night light. On the first day or two, fresh AA batteries make them super bright. As they drain the batteries, they fade. They are very faint but still light up a month later. These are amazing if you don't mind spending a few bucks on batteries every month.

👤I was very pleased with the lights. The lights were what I was looking for. The string is a flexible wire that can be manipulated to different degrees. I was really looking for that. The lights are around a glass material. I don't think it's glass, but it has a beautiful look and design. The battery pack holder was very nice. The batteries fit so snug inside the pack that it was sturdy and not flimsy. I will use this light all year long and I recommend it to anyone.

👤These lights are perfect for my pup-tent. I wanted something to add to the look of my pups bed. They are the same size as the pompons and look adorable. I like the look of thecrackle and the wire they are attached to is easy to manipulate so I could arrange them to my liking. Great product!

👤These are only 1/2” in diameter and not 1” as the description suggests. I used them to dress up the mantle. They are bright when they are on, even though I don't like the "flashing" mode. I think you could see more of the crackle detail if they were 1”

👤I'm not sure why it's asking me to rate the remote control. It works with three AA batteries. It's bright, at least 5,000k, and it's white. The "warm" light is closer to 1,900k. It's blinding to look at the bright Christmas lights. Not useful.

👤The lights are being used as Christmas decor on the tv stand. They are easy to set up. You can bend the wire if you want it to stay in place. The lights are on or off. The lights are a great idea for photo props.

👤The only reason I bought this product was because of the pictures. The string was not bright outside. It glowed in a dark room. I got a different product for a third of the price that came with a remote and timer. The set was not larger and more visible outside.

👤The lights are shown to have a golden color. They are not golden. The photo is misleading.

👤After one morning of rain, we decided to pack them away for our next camping trip, and the pink flowers came off. Our hands and towels were stained bright pink. I hope the paint isn't toxic. They look pretty on our awning.

👤I almost threw them away. The box was small and included a larger order. The lights were tangled up. Not what I was expecting. I only needed them for photography. You could get better for the same amount of money.

9. Lighting Fixtures Flexibly Adjustable Decorative

Lighting Fixtures Flexibly Adjustable Decorative

The 4-light track lighting is made of high-quality metal with matt nickel design, baking paint, no fading, corrosion resistance, no cracking, take fashionable. 4 track heads offer enough illumination to create a warm and soft atmosphere. Size: (L) 26.3in * (H) 6.5in. The 3000K eye-care warm light AC86-265V can be used with other color temperature GU10 bulbs. You can adjust the lights and arms to different angles, including a V shape, side to side, and up and down. The kitchen track light fixture has a large lighting angle. The ceiling spotlights have a focused beam. Perfect ceiling lights for any shaped room. They provide a 12-month warranty and professional customer service with quick response and solutions for the track lighting fixture. They provide a 12-month warranty and professional customer service with quick response and solutions for the track lighting fixture.

Brand: Dinglilighting

👤I'm using a light fixture in my blue screen studio. It creates enough light to make the room look better, and the individual spot lights can be focused on a specific area. I'm using them to illuminate the upper half of my screen. There are two light bars that can be adjusted to cover any part of the room. The only thing I didn't like about the fixture was the small box in the center. I had to get an additional piece of metal to mount to the light box I had in the ceiling. The light box was in the ceiling and it was not wide enough to cover it. Many of you will have one of the newer light boxes that have two different width screw holes in it. The light box in my ceiling is one of the older models that has a wide setting. Most people are unlikely to have this problem, so I didn't make my rating lower.

👤I like the track lighting kit. It was installed on the ceiling in our closet. The cover plate of the light kit was smaller than my outlet opening. I added some mud to the opening to fit the cover. No problem! There is a One of the light bulbs had a broken edge. It still lights up. I didn't need to get a new bulb, but Tracy was very nice and professional to offer one. She had a great after sales service. Thanks.

👤This was installed into a bakelite box. The box was not covered by the light base. I installed new Carlon boxes. It wasn't able to fit around the box. The blue box was left showing. The ceiling is ugly.

👤A very good product. The cup shaped ceiling plate is too small to cover a US electrical box. I will have to make something to finish the job. It should be at least an inch in diameter.

👤The arms are independent so you can shine the lights where you want. It's perfect for a small space. The ceiling box needs screws.

👤I bought this awhile ago and it is very nice. I put it up this past weekend and I really like it. The lighting is too bright for me. I bought a dimmer and I think it will work as I want it.

👤After receiving this nonsense, the procedure was started. The ceiling plate is not the correct size. Remarkable that they are still selling this. Can you guess where it was made? They must have small electrical boxes there. Not even close is a waste of time. NotRECOMMENDED.

👤It did the job, I had read in other reviews that it was too small to cover the electrical opening, but it didn't look terrible and the price was good. We left it. The light is not as bright as I would have liked, but the job is done.

👤Before and after pictures show it works well. The 4 led bulbs are low on electricity consumption and have a longer lifespan than the pear shaped bulbs. The manual gives step by step instructions for setting up the box, screws, bulbs, and other parts. Bars can be adjusted up/down. Four lamp heads point in different directions. I have a stove, sink, and prep in my kitchen. There is an area and a fridge. The unit can be used for many things. Installation can be horizontal or vertical. The arms are in total length. There is a Bulb can be changed with a warm white 3 W, motion sensor, dimmable bulbs, and a smart dimmer for efficiency. The point. Add the bulbs after the arms first. Try diff.angles of the bulbs and arm combinations. It was bright. Before installation, turn off the light switch. I think that's correct. Light bulbs with a wider projection angle are more dispersed. With your lower electric bill, you can enjoy the brightness of the room. I read and write others' reviews. Hope this helped.

10. Set Leaf Pendant Decorative Lamp

Set Leaf Pendant Decorative Lamp

The gold leaf pendant lamp is a beautiful addition to any space and creates an aura of old world charm. The smallest size for most areas is 3 1/8"L x 3 1/8"W x 7. H. The base is strong enough to support a desktop or a table. The lamp can be used as a night light, bedside light,bedside table lamp, coffee table light, corner table lamp, mood light, you will never be disappointed. The battery is powered by 3 x batteries. Place the lamp where you like and turn it on. Don't worry about cords and rely on it during power outages. DURABLE & ENERGY-SAVING & SAFE - Conch pendant with fairy lights combines a beautiful warm light with an extremely long lifetime - Provide energy saving while enhancing your home atmosphere - No more tangled mess of cords or searching for an outlet - Enjoy the ambiance of soft warm white light. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Jhy Design

👤This is the first negative review I have ever written. I had them for a short time before the lights went out. I got them as a descorative light piece in my home and they didn't last long. I thought it was the battery, but once the lights are out, they are out. I don't think there is a way to replace them once they are gone. This is a two star. It's giftable, but I don't know why you would want to give something that didn't last that long. It's light. The cover/top is the only thing that weighs it down. The product is not worth the amount of time I spent using it. They just sit and collect dust. The life of the lights is not good.

👤I contacted JHY Design to let them know that one of the lamps I received didn't work. They asked me to send a picture. I haven't heard from them since. It's disappointing to have only one of the two working. I would love to have another one shipped to me. There is a Thank you. Sue T.

👤There are some issues with these, but they are pretty in the evening. The description says there is a timer mode, but it's only on and off. I wanted a light that had a timer. It's difficult to get in and out of batteries. My pair was undamaged, but not packaged well. They arrived broken to some other reviewers. Wrap the shells in bubble wrap. The shells hang from cheap rings, but up close they look cheap. A few changes could make this a great product.

👤So beautiful! I didn't want to return the leaf in jar lights, but it wouldn't be practical to keep. I wanted to use it continuously in my cabinet, but within 2 days of using the new batteries, the lights faded to useless, and the batteries were quickly draining. I think this would be perfect for a party or wedding where you pop in batteries for a few hours and then have to remove them. I tried to think of a way to keep the item and add different lights, but I couldn't.

👤The light inside of these things is flimsy, but it doesn't matter because the wire is thin and the glow makes them very pretty. I used them as a centerpiece for a bridal shower and now they are in my bathroom as decor. If you want to use them for a centerpiece or one-night lighting, I would suggest you to use them as something pretty to look at, but if you need mood lighting or want to use them for something else, then I would recommend you to use them as something pretty to look at

👤Today, I received these in perfect condition. They are pretty and delicate. I'm so thankful they arrived intact. It's a miracle the glass wasn't shattered when the shells were flopping around inside. When I picked up the box from my porch, I thought it was broken because of the clanging noise I heard. It's a simple thing to wrap the shells and put them in a box. People say theirs arrived shattered. I'm glad I got them, they're going to be a gift. The soft glowing lights look beautiful at night.

11. Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Decorative

Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Decorative

The diameter of the bead is 1.6CM. There are 3 glass votive holders on a wooden plate. The rich earth tones of the candlescaping set will look great in any room. 10 x 2 inches. Tea lights are included.

Brand: Dawhud Direct

👤It is small. It is a little bigger than a cable tv remote. It is not a good idea to use it as a center piece for a large table. It makes it look dwarfed if it's bigger than a bookcase shelf or small entryway table. I didn't realize how small it was. Too much of a hassle to return it. Maybe I will give it back.

👤This candle holder is in love. I put it in a tray in the kitchen. It is definitely eye pleasing, but I won't ever put real candles in it because I wouldn't want anything to get ruined on it.

👤I bought this product to decorate our bathroom, and this is how it was shipped to me. All of the glass pieces were thrown in the same plastic bag with the rocks. Absolutely ridiculous. I am extremely disappointed, but I don't know if this is how it normally ships or if it was a mistake. I guess I won't be getting a replacement because it's no longer available.

👤Looks great! It does not come with the candles.

👤This was originally given 5 stars. It was cute and what I was looking for. It lasted 4 days. After burning the candles twice, one of the glass holders broke and I burned the little decoration wrapped around it. I was right there when the fire happened. It was very disappointing and waste of money. Don't buy it if you plan on burning candles in it. It's cute for decoration.

👤It doesn't look like a picture, but as it is shown, it is very big in the picture. The candles aren't real.

👤I need a small side table in my bedroom. The set works. The colors of the votive holders are pretty. I use votives on a timer. The set would look great on our coffee table in the living room.

👤It's a little smaller than I would have liked. It might look a little cheap up close, but I think it's beautiful. I put my candles in and lit them up. The candle holders look a little odd because two of them are more translucent than the third. I might use fake tealights instead of lighting it up a lot. There is a I'm okay with it. It's pretty and adds a little color that I haven't had before.

👤It's too expensive for the size of the centerpiece. I was expecting a lot more.

👤I thought it was larger. For a centerpiece, it was bought to small. It looks good on my TV stand. I replaced the candles with candles.

👤The dimensions of the candlescape were described. The set includes glass votive holders on a wooden plate. Why didn't I get the wooden plate tray? The candle holders are too small for me. There are 3 small glasses. That is a joke.

👤I was expecting a bigger and better product for the price. The tray is small and not what I wanted. I will keep it and put it somewhere else. I had to pay for it. I wouldn't recommend this product.


What is the best product for decorative lights for living room?

Decorative lights for living room products from Twinkle Star. In this article about decorative lights for living room you can see why people choose the product. The Light Garden and Kapata are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lights for living room.

What are the best brands for decorative lights for living room?

Twinkle Star, The Light Garden and Kapata are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lights for living room. Find the detail in this article. Lightshare, Lakumu and Brightech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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