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1. HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

HuTools Crystal Crackle Operated Valentines

The crackle globe string lights look like they are made of glass and are popular for decorative projects such as wedding center pieces, home lighting decor, Christmas lighting, outdoor garden, etc. 10 ft wires with 30 leds are made from high quality silver plated copper that is thin and flexible, and can be in plant, window, furniture, and wait for surroundings to bend easily model; wires and led are waterproof, but do not immerse the battery case in water. The small battery pack is easy to hide and makes the lights portable, it has a simple on and off function and can last many hours with brand new batteries. The ball string lights are a great gift for kids and adults. There are beautiful fairy lights for home, garden, patio, bedroom, living room, cafe, bar, hotel, villa, wedding, party, church, castle and more.

Brand: Hutools

👤I wanted cute lights like this, but they plugged in. I bought these because I couldn't find them. They are used in my 5 year old's room as a night light. On the first day or two, fresh AA batteries make them super bright. As they drain the batteries, they fade. They are very faint but still light up a month later. These are amazing if you don't mind spending a few bucks on batteries every month.

👤I was very pleased with the lights. The lights were what I was looking for. The string is a flexible wire that can be manipulated to different degrees. I was really looking for that. The lights are around a glass material. I don't think it's glass, but it has a beautiful look and design. The battery pack holder was very nice. The batteries fit so snug inside the pack that it was sturdy and not flimsy. I will use this light all year long and I recommend it to anyone.

👤These lights are perfect for my pup-tent. I wanted something to add to the look of my pups bed. They are the same size as the pompons and look adorable. I like the look of thecrackle and the wire they are attached to is easy to manipulate so I could arrange them to my liking. Great product!

👤These are only 1/2” in diameter and not 1” as the description suggests. I used them to dress up the mantle. They are bright when they are on, even though I don't like the "flashing" mode. I think you could see more of the crackle detail if they were 1”

👤I'm not sure why it's asking me to rate the remote control. It works with three AA batteries. It's bright, at least 5,000k, and it's white. The "warm" light is closer to 1,900k. It's blinding to look at the bright Christmas lights. Not useful.

👤The lights are being used as Christmas decor on the tv stand. They are easy to set up. You can bend the wire if you want it to stay in place. The lights are on or off. The lights are a great idea for photo props.

👤The only reason I bought this product was because of the pictures. The string was not bright outside. It glowed in a dark room. I got a different product for a third of the price that came with a remote and timer. The set was not larger and more visible outside.

👤The lights are shown to have a golden color. They are not golden. The photo is misleading.

👤After one morning of rain, we decided to pack them away for our next camping trip, and the pink flowers came off. Our hands and towels were stained bright pink. I hope the paint isn't toxic. They look pretty on our awning.

👤I almost threw them away. The box was small and included a larger order. The lights were tangled up. Not what I was expecting. I only needed them for photography. You could get better for the same amount of money.

2. Outdoor Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

Outdoor Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

The outdoor string lights are waterproof and heavy-duty. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. Flexible heavy-duty cord can be used indoors and outdoors. A dimmer switch can be used to set the right mood for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. The ideal outdoor lighting. Each strand has 15 E26 based hanging sockets and 11W S14 16 incandescent bulbs. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The light is bright enough to illuminate any place. It is easy to hang with hooks, guide wires, or zip ties with the hanging hook above. Simply use grounded cord plugs to connect with another. You can link up to 5 strands. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Addlon

👤I wish I'd bought them a long time ago, they are exactly what I was looking for. They are a better value now because they are more affordable than they were. It only took 15 minutes to get all 96 feet installed, because the bulb sections have holes for hooks to attach securely to a fence, and they are bright 11W. I can now see everything clearly with the right amount of ambience from the lights in my yard, because they have removed all of the dark areas. Most of my neighbors have the same heavy duty look, same spacing of bulbs, and the same style of bulbs. The lights will be turned on and off based on the schedule that I will setup, so I ordered a smart switch. Nighttime lounging in the patio is now more appealing. It's a good thing.

👤The two pics box set is 280W, which is 140W per string, so they are power hogs. If you put them in a tree or on a fence, they will kill you if you don't free hang them, and they are a fire hazard if they don't free hang. It's true.

👤My husband was able to put the lights up quickly. Command hooks and gorilla glue were used. They look great in our nighttime pool and patio area. Our overhang has become a great place to enjoy our new pool and enclosure at night. You will not be disappointed.

👤These are strong. I used one 25 ft cord in the photos. I've tried many different bulb sizes and they seem not to be as delicate.

👤I wanted to add some lights to my collection. The industry standard is 24 bulbs per 48 feet. The look is nice. It's too far between the bulbs.

👤The second picture is of the set of lights I bought for the back deck. I still love them! If I could, I would give them 10 stars. These lights are wonderful. The back porch was pitch black before. We can enjoy it all night long. These lights will last a long time. They don't come with mounting devices. I screwed the wood into the hooks I bought at Lowe's. It was very easy to install. They give us the light we need. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These lights are worth the price for two strands. Commercial grade cording. I strung one set on the back of my house and they look great. Keep in mind that there is a bit of distance between each light. Wait to add the bulbs until you get the cords strung. The extra bulb was still needed to fix the faulty one. The house should not have as much of a problem as the product. These strands and bulbs are a good deal.

👤Completely worth it and a great deal. I read several reviews about how they don't work after I purchased them. When I tried to plug the bulbs in, they didn't work. I tried to tighten them up even more and they came on and worked well. Through rain, hail, wind and sun, so far this Spring. They look great in our backyard. Warm lights give off a nice vibe. If the bulbs don't turn on the first time, you should tighten the bulbs tighter than you think. It has a heavy duty feel. It was a great purchase. The only thing I would like to see included is a remote or switch to turn on and off without having to plug in the cord all the time.

3. Buways Operated Waterproof Christmas Decoration

Buways Operated Waterproof Christmas Decoration

What you get? There is a pack of 6units of lights. The waterproof lights string can last 50,000 hours. The small size of the battery box makes it easy to carry around the fairy string light. The batteries are not included. The string lights come with a remote control that has 13 buttons, which can be used for 8 light modes. The battery box has a button that can be used in different light modes. The buttons include on, off, timer, and dimming/brightening. The silver wire string light can be bent and shaped to fit your needs, and can be used to create a joyful and festive atmosphere to delight your Christmas, holidays, birthdays, and weddings. The twinkle light is waterproof. A built in timer will set the fairy light string to 6 hours on and then turn it off to save battery during the holiday season. The remote control is included with this option. 2 x fairy lights, 2 x remote control. 2 x fairy lights, 2 x remote control.

Brand: Buways

👤I used 3 strands of these lights to light up my Halloween costume. She sewed the pockets into the costume. I used a remote to control the lights. The fabric and lights were put into my corset. They are still going and it didn't have an impact on the lights. They were perfect for my costume.

👤5 stars overall. I put a pile of leaves in the center and put lights on it to make it look like a bonfire, after I bought these for my Halloween decoration. The color of the flashing patterns was perfect, and one of them made it look like a burning fire. There are some things to know. It takes three batteries. Purchase at least a four pack. 2. There is no way to control the lights if you lose the remotes. 3. There are a few people who claim that the timer has two settings: six hours and 12 hours. The timer is only for six hours, and while it's reliable and easy, I would prefer them to have a longer time. 4. There are no instructions for the lights. 5. These are on a copper wire. It's great for shoving them into tiny spaces, but it's bad if you hate tangled messes. They're so frustrating if they get tangled, so be careful. 6. They are water-resistant. It rained a bit, but they survived. There is a So, yes. 5 stars!

👤It's perfect for a small tree. The angel lights are the perfect size for a 3 foot tree with our kid away at college. I used regular mini lights last year and they looked wrong. The batteries are battery operated but the lights are 120V. Each 50 light strand comes with a remote that will control as many strands as you want. If you want a lot of lighting on the tree, buy more strands than you think you need, as the two strands I bought were not enough to cover the whole tree. The video was taken with only two strands of light. The two more I ordered will arrive tomorrow.

👤We put the fairy lights around the umbrella. The box 2 strings came in and made us laugh. The small lights are bright. We needed 3 strings to cover our umbrella so we purchased 2 sets. The 4th string was used to tie the pole down. The lights are perfect for what we wanted and seem to be excellent quality, they are not visible from the umbrella, but they are perfect for what we wanted. The battery operated lights come with a remote control and we didn't want the lights on unless we were sitting outside, so we chose battery operated lights. The seller called to thank me for my purchase. I would purchase the lights again from Frienda-online.

👤I hung them around my drapes for Christmas. I can't bring myself to take them down now that the holidays are over. These little lights are very bright. The remotes are cool. Press the on button. Press the Timer button if you want to select one of the flashing rhythms. It will stay on for five hours. On the same day, it will come and go in five hours. Depending on how powerful your battery is, this may be a week or so. The little lights get dimmer as they run out of juice. One of the batteries may run out of juice faster than the others, so I suggest having a battery tester handy. The old batteries should be used until the lights dim again. I use the old batteries from my remote as they still have some juice left, but aren't powerful enough to keep the cable or tv remotes running. I recommend these lights to anyone who wants to make their nights brighter.

4. WSgift Honeybee Decorative Decoration Projects

WSgift Honeybee Decorative Decoration Projects

Customer service from myCozyLite is available for 12 hours fast email reply, 15 months warranty and 45 days return service. 40 honeybee warm white led lights are in the total length of 18.7ft. Every string is made from scratch. The silver copper wire is flexible and waterproof and can be used to make many shapes. It is a great choice for your decoration plans. The strings are powered by ausb interface, it is more economical, and you can use it for a long time without having to worry about running out of batteries. Eco-friendly. The honeybee strings are very special and interesting, and will lighten up your decoration occasions greatly. The lights are controlled by remote, which saves you a lot of trouble. It is easier to control with timer function. Is it cool that you have 8 different light effects?

Brand: Wsgift

👤These lights are amazing. In a good way. I love them. I live in a private room in a nursing facility. I decorate according to my liking. One strand goes across the TV shelf to the mirror. My aide uses 3M hooks. It looks beautiful during the day and even at night. I use the same hooks for both strands around my window. The remote is a life saver for me because I can't walk. There are many settings for how to display the lights. I think I'm on the remote. There are buttons for brightness, off, and timer. The timer is a great feature. The lights will stay on and off at the same time. If you turn them on at 9pm, then tap the timer button, they will go off at 3am. And every night after that. These lights are very nice. The birds are small, but thank doesn't bother me. The colors are striking. I don't think you will be disappointed. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

👤Don't buy these! There is a These are the prettiest lights ever, but don't buy them. I bought two sets for my theme. The lights only come with ausb accessory, not a real plug, as it says in the description. I cannot plug one light into the other for a longer strand of lights once I have that taken care of. I couldn't hang them in one long line so I put them on top of each other. There were many nice things to say. The lights can be programed by attaching a small box to each strand end. One strand stopped working completely after a week. The other strand lasted about 3 weeks, but it was never programmed. The control box broke when I took them down. I'm not going to discuss how difficult it is to work with lights that use a thin wire that is easy to tangle and bend. These lights were not cheap to buy. They are cheap. Junk. The little bee lights were adorable, but I wish they had worked a bit more. There was no wear and tear to the lights at my house, and they arrived perfectly packed. I did not handle them in a rough way because they were in a covered area. Friends, no go on these lights.

👤A cute product. It'll be great if you only use it for a wedding or display. We thought it would be fun to line our kitchen window box with cute bees. The first set stopped working. Wouldn't light up. The seller replaced it quickly. The second set stopped working. The lights stopped working. Permanently. It is tested for a loose wire. Nothing.

👤I had a cute night light in my bathroom. The lights in my bedroom are perfect. I love them. I leave them on all night because the remote allows dimming. I used a small set of Christmas lights, but they were too costly to replace the batteries. These plug-ins are great. The bees are adorable. Thank you! There is a The string of honey bee lights died. After a year, stop working overnight. China products are not good.

5. SUNTHIN Sockets Hanging Indoor Commercial

SUNTHIN Sockets Hanging Indoor Commercial

The starry light can work up to 14 hours after fully charged. Ip65 is waterproof. They can be used in the rain. They grew up with the traditional incandescent light bulbs, so they use them to light the patio. Most people associate warm glow with home lighting, butescent string lights emit a soft, tranquil glow to create a cozy atmosphere. The yard string light is compatible with SUNTHIN dimmer to dim the brightness to create an ideal environment for bistro dating, romantic wedding, warm family reunion, happy birthday party, various festival party etc. ft string light, 350W smart dimmer or a dimmer for 2 strands. 2 pack of heavy-duty string lights with 30 E26 hanging sockets, 30 x 11W S14 vintage edison bulbs and 6 spare bulbs are connected. There are 5 strands of 48ft string lights at maxium. You can do the string light freely with the sockets that fit the E26 bulb. Weatherproof string lights can be used for outside use in extreme weather. The string lights have waterproof sockets that wrap the bulb to improve their seal. Water can enter the hole on the tail plug. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and they are committed to making sure you're satisfied with your purchase. They will make things right if you don't like it. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and they are committed to making sure you're satisfied with your purchase. They will make things right if you don't like it.

Brand: Sunthin

👤So far, so good. It is easy to install. It would have been nice to have an extension cord for one of the strings, but I am picky. The lights are not bright, but they give a nice vibe. I bought the extra set of bulbs after reading reviews about them not working. 13 bulbs did not work when I plugged it in. I was wrong. The bulbs were not screwed in enough, which made it seem like they were installed adequately. I thought I would shatter the bulbs in my hand because it was so tight. My suggestion is to hang the lights without bulbs and then turn them on. If the bulbs are not on, twist them a little tighter into the sockets. Some sockets are more snug than others. I have more bulbs. I use a dimmer. Make sure that the dimmer you buy supports the wattage of your lights and any additional strings you want to add on.

👤Didn't work and didn't turn on. I received a second set of light bulbs that didn't work and they were broken. I bought these last year and had no problems. The bulbs were tightened this time around and worked for a couple but not all. This was what made me unhappy. I don't appreciate that the company continues to email me with offers, including a dimmer switch, replacement bulbs, and a $50 Amazon gift card, in exchange for my deletion of my review. Trying to make it right is one thing, but asking me to remove a review because I received multiple defects is not appropriate.

👤They look better than I thought. I put them along the perimeter of my fence and the warm lighting illuminates well. They reflect in my pool. They are very happy and appear to be very durable.

👤The outdoor wedding reception was decorated with the SUNTHIN 48ft string of lights. The lights are made of heavy wire. I ordered more bulbs, but they all worked out of the box. The longer strings gave us more options in how we strung them up. We were worried about what to use as poles, but we found some at Lowe's that were for the top rail of chain link fences. They painted the chain link fence black to make it look more finished. They had a loop cap that fit those poles. There were metal states that were three or four feet tall in the concrete department. The stakes and poles were driven into the ground using a post hole pounder. The zip ties and wires were held up by the looped caps. It was very sturdy, and it went together much quicker than we thought. It turned out great. There are wonderful lights for a party.

👤I had mixed feelings about this purchase since the price for these lights vary greatly and usually that also is correlated to quality but in this case I want to set the record straight. I looked at the ratings from other Amazon customers and they were good when I decided to buy these lights. The impression of this product started to change when I looked at the last 30 days. I thought I was the only one that would rate this a 1 because the lights wouldn't work. I hung the lights without the bulbs to avoid breaking them as I untangled the cords and they banged on the ground. I screwed in all the lights but not all the way after hanging them. I plugged in the cord and it didn't work. I was worried the worst because so many reviews mentioned it. I went back to Amazon and read the product information that was different from what was in the box. I screwed in the bulbs tightly and they worked. Maybe this is the same thing that happened to other people and caused them to write bad reviews. Remember, at this price, it's a gamble. These lights are double the price on both websites. The seller was helpful when I contacted him. I am happy with my lights so far, but I want to see how long they last. There is a The seller stated that there is a one year manufacturer warranty. I will update my review if there is a change in quality or operation.

6. PERFECTDAY Waterproof Powered Outdoor Decoration

PERFECTDAY Waterproof Powered Outdoor Decoration

The string lights for bedroom and other spaces are made from high-quality copper wire. The copper wire lights are weather resistant and are flexible enough to serve you for a long time. The premium quality light string is energy efficient. The sparkle lights with their mini LED lights will create a magical effect. The light string won't heat up after 14 hours of continuous working. The 66 foot long copper string lights are flexible. The decorating lights are perfect to add a spark to your decorations. The decorative light has ausb interface so that you can connect it to any power source and set it up anywhere you want. The holiday lights come with an on/off switch and a free accessory. Both indoor and outdoor. The waterproof string lights in the bedroom are perfect for an outdoor decoration. These waterproof string lights are great for decorating your bedroom, patio, garden or whatever you want. Both indoor and outdoor. The waterproof string lights in the bedroom are perfect for an outdoor decoration. These waterproof string lights are great for decorating your bedroom, patio, garden or whatever you want.

Brand: Perfectday

👤The lights are great. It was difficult to install. I did it all myself. It's a good idea to hang pictures on it. I am very happy for this purchase.

👤If you don't want to wrap anything with it like I did, this would be a great purchase. I had to unwrap the whole thing in order to start wrapping it. It was a big mess by the 20th wrap. There is no way to fix the copper string because it is 3 thinner wires. I tried for 3 hours.

👤The light is bright. I was going for a warm light, but that's fine. These are wrapped around the white Christmas lights on the wall of our bedroom. I was able to wrap these four times. I like having the warm light from the Christmas lights and the brightness of these if I choose, they have their own on/off switch. It's true that you should read enough reviews on the pain in the a$%. Take your time unraveling and unraveling them from the end that has the plug-in. I took about 15 or 20 minutes, but I didn't end up with a mess like I read about. I had to untwist a lot at the end, but with patience and taking your time it's fine.

👤I pinned these to my ceiling and around my room a year ago. I forgot to take an overall photo so you will have to deal with weird blurred photos that had the nights in the background. I added photos that were taken during the night to show what kind of light they gave off. There were 3 packs covering my ceiling. One string is fading out a year later. I had these on almost every day. I can't tell you how many of these lights were used. I think a year is good for the type of lights and the price. When the other 2 fade, I will replace them with another 3. There is a The lights are easy to work with. These are strung on the wire. If you are not careful, they will get tangled. It was a challenge to put them up. I did it. I was very happy with it. There is a The brightness is perfect for the type of light I wanted. If you are going to read a book under these lights, you need a lamp. It will be brighter if they are closer together. It is safe to say that I recommend these additions after I redid my room and reordered a year later.

👤I hung the lights on the walls of a small bedroom. The wire lights were longer than I expected, but there was a little bit of tangling that you have to be patient with. I was able to double up on half of the room. There is a The lights are not the best, but they give off a bit of an unattractive neon light glow. These were definitely worth the price, even if a softer light is more appealing to some.

7. Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

Metaku Operated Waterproof Decorative Christmas

The bulbs have a dia of 0.7 inch. The string lights have 80 Super Bright crystal globes. The globes have a diameter of more than 17mm, which is larger than the others. What is the difference? You can get more beautiful lighting effects. Unlike other black wire fairy light, this battery string lights use transparent tube to wrap string, which is not weird, it is consistent with the crystal ball style. There are 8 different lighting modes to choose from, including combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chase/ flash, and Twinkle/Flash. When you set the white lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off with a timer, you will get the current lighting mode. It's a nice idea for a bedroom, fireplace, dorm, living room. There are outdoor lightings that have battery-operated lighting. Plug-in string lights and solar string lights do not provide high brightness lighting and are not safe. The Christmas lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and have a low 4.5V low voltage that is free to touch and provides high brightness. The string lights are waterproof and can be immersed into water, the battery case is waterproof and can resist the rain. The led firefly light could be used all year long. Awesome outdoor decorative lights. Long lifeSPAN WARM WHITE. The protection of the tube will make strings last longer. Warm white lighting passes through the crystal globe and is reflected to create a dreamy lighting effect. The string light is just like the stars in the sky when the flashing mode is on. For many occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanks giving day, etc.

Brand: Metaku

👤The size of the globe/bulb is much smaller than the pictures make it look, so beware. They are the size of a large marble. The plastic of the globe shimmers. They look pretty in the daytime. The length is longer than most battery operated lights, which made it easier to hang, and the lights looked better. They have several options for lighting effects, which is a nice added feature, and it's easy to switch up with the remote. The remote won't work if the battery box isn't easy to access. We tried to hide it in a tree, but it was too far away for the remote to work.

👤The deck has decorative lights on it. They don't produce a lot of light, but they help create a fun atmosphere. The remote control works well, but you need a direct line of sight since it uses IR. 6 hours on, 18 off is how long the timer function is. The brightness settings don't make much of a difference. There are 8 different modes that are worth playing with. There is a If you are looking for lighting, look elsewhere. These aren't bright enough to replace the lights. These will do just fine if you're looking at a decoration.

👤It is very easy to use. Put the first set on the patio and the second set in the living room. Would buy again and recommend. A few weeks later... I have used this for a few weeks. The energy draw is high, but still an awesome product. It only lasts for 6 hours at a time per day in the time mode. Each set of batteries lasted less than a day. They are lasting less time every time I change them. Since I have no place to plug anything in on my balcony, they are battery operated and can be used for a while. It kills the batteries faster if you put it in the modes where they change color. The lights are still pretty but are better suited for special occasions.

👤It was perfect on my umbrella. I live in Western Australia. It's raining and sun is shining. I only had these for a couple months but they are still going strong.

👤I had to replace batteries twice in a week because the lights are colorful and lovely. It takes 3 AA batteries to work so returning it can't spend on batteries.

👤Not really outdoor lights when it rains.

👤I was expecting the bulbs to be on the small side but one person's large marble is another person's small marble. These are the size of a marble. Period. They look nice after you hang them. I used them in my outdoor dining area, and now it looks like we are dining on the patio of our local Italian restaurant. I like the look. Time will tell how long they will last. I'll update my review after the misters in the same area have worked for the season, and the outdoor creatures have time to run over them.

8. String Lights Decorative Indoor Outdoor

String Lights Decorative Indoor Outdoor

Their bulbs are compatible with dimmers. The atmosphere is enhanced by the wire lights to a dimmer switch. There is a listed for indoor and outdoor use. A string of lights creates a relaxing atmosphere. It's great to put up around a room or outside the house. The lighting solution adds elegance to both indoors and outdoors. Plug in string lights. The battery replacement is perfect. Multiple settings give more than just a'steady' light. The string lights can be used anytime of the year, not just for Christmas. The light is warm and inviting. Long lights string with perfect flexibility to drape a tree or equal. The string lights don't have to be plugged in every day like regular Christmas lights. It turns on and off at the same time each day. The lighting is festive and bright. It is easier to reach plug-ins when there is an unlighted cord. Even work as a soft nightlight that provides enough lighting without having to turn on the overhead light. 200 mini LEDs lights with 66ft clear string, nice and delicate string lights to decorate a room or outdoor screened porch to create a perfect ambiance.

Brand: Louis Choice

👤They are easier on the eyes than Christmas lights. The functions are cool. Sometimes they seem to be malfunctioning. I rarely use anything other than the twinkle or constant lights. It makes my room feel warm. The remote is three inches long and sticks out from the plug. It would be difficult to keep furniture in front of it. Since they are by my bed, I just plug them in when they are not in use.

👤All the neighbors asked me to share the link after I installed it. There's a length of wire without lights so you can get them from the outlet to wherever you want the lights to start without drawing attention to the outdoor plug. There is a The plug/transformer box is larger than typical Christmas lights so make sure you have enough room for it wherever it's getting power. Enjoy!

👤The lights are perfect for my use. I used the small command hooks to string the lights on my train display cabinet so that my Dad's trains are illuminated. They are the perfect shade of white and give the perfect amount of light. I love them! If I choose to use them somewhere else, I feel like they will work well there as well. I like the fact that this set has flashing and fading, but I prefer them to be a solid light. The lights have a timer feature that will keep them lit for 6 hours and then turn off.

👤I had to return the lights. There was no male to female connection at the end of the lights. Very disappointed.

👤I purchased these lights to use as indoor lights to hang around my common room, but it was hard to find a set of lights that worked because my school does not allowisy-chain lights. They were the perfect choice. They are bright and stay cool. They have a built in timer that is very helpful. If you push the green button on them, it turns on the 'effects mode', but it cycles through a couple of different ones, I wish I could pick which one I wanted to use. It's worth the buy in my opinion.

👤The exchange of the first set went smoothly, but that may be because of Amazon's great return policy. There is a The lights are soft white and huge, perfect for low-level lighting and really great for my application. The assembly quality is not good. The first set was returned within a week because the sections were flickering randomly and sometimes going out. The replacement set worked well for a month but just started flickering in one section. The crimping or soldering between the string segments is problematic and 2 for 2 indicates bad Quality Control at the factory. Other cons are 1. There is an auto-off feature after a few hours but there is no way to change it. 2. The flickering modes can be set. The 6 foot segments are wired in a way that makes the "chasing" effect more flashing. 3. The power adapter is a 3.5 inch block that sticks straight out from the sockets, so either you buy a 90 degree sockets adapter or it is a mistake. You can't put it behind furniture that is flush to the wall. 4. There is no remote control for this product, so I was asked to rate it. It's not acceptable if the lights fail after a few weeks of moderate usage, because the lights are perfect for my room. The wiring is only good for a short time, even though the LEDs are rated to last tens of thousands of hours.

9. Dragonfly Waterproof Decorative Christmas Multicolor

Dragonfly Waterproof Decorative Christmas Multicolor

The factory equipped solar dragonfly string lights have a 180 degree solar panel and 800mAh battery. The string lights can work for up to 10 hours at night if the NiMH battery is enough to save solar energy. It can save money. A 21 feet long string with 30 plastic simulation dragonfly. The shape of the gift light is very realistic. It will make your mood cheerful and create a harmonious atmosphere when hung up. It is suitable for bedroom, courtyard, terrace, balcony, BBQ, tent decoration. Dragonfly decor lights are waterproof and can stand any weather. The components are waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be hung on the trees and flowers of the garden. There are 8 lighting modes that you can choose from. It fades,twinkle. The light string from the dragonfly can meet your needs. You can change the modes according to your mood. There is a built in photosensitive component in the solar panel that will turn on the drangonfly lights at dusk and turn them off at dawn. It's convenient for lighting decor. There is a built in photosensitive component in the solar panel that will turn on the drangonfly lights at dusk and turn them off at dawn. It's convenient for lighting decor.

Brand: Brightown

👤The little bee lights are awesome. Exactly what I wanted. I got them to decorate my garden and they are great. The strand has a lot of lights. They are warm and bright. The mode that looks like lighting bugs fades slowly and I like it. The solar panel charges quickly and I am happy with the quality. They are sturdy and hardy. I have bought fairy lights from this company, and they are much nicer than others I have tried.

👤Oh. My. These are so cute! Ambient light and multiple settings are beautiful. They are so cute around the balcony patio. I love that they are powered by the sun, so no need to find a plug, I just have the solar box sitting on the inside of the ledge. The string is the perfect length to weave around on the fencing.

👤I bought these cute Solar Honeybee String Lights for our back patio. Although they have 8 lighting modes, my favorite is solid. They are easy to use. They do not have a remote, but there is a button to go through each mode until I find the one I want. There is a button for off. I can't wait to put these outside. We are stuck in the snow and ice, so we will be waiting a month or two. I had to purchase them now so I wouldn't miss out. They think they are very well made. I love these!

👤These solar string lights are beautiful. The colors are cheerful. There is an on/off button and a second button that will take you through the eight modes. These days,LED lights take less power to light, which makes them long- lasting. The fading modes are also nice, but my favorite is the solid on mode. These are easy to use. They're going to look great on our patio in the spring.

👤It's fun for a small amount of money. They come on at night and leave at dusk. If you want them to twinkle or stay lit, they are really sweet. Even if they only work for a few months, I would still recommend them again.

👤I've used Solar decorative lights before. They usually last one season. I don't remove these once installed because I use them around my pond for Decor as well as to prevent animal invasion. I used a hot glue gun to seal up the area after testing. The lights I threw away rotted out. I want to avoid changing these out each season. I also have a cable tie. Then glue around the pond. I have a fishing line. This combo has been used to ward off visitors who want to snack on my babies. I just replaced the set with these. The Solar collector/Battery/controll unit will have the Solar Cell top become whited out from U/V rays. The lens cleaner/restorer only held up for a few days. I will be spraying armorall U/V protectant on the Cells, I think H2O will get in. I'll try once a week. These kinds of products are made in China. I'm the kind of guy who understands this. I want to protect my installation efforts as best I can by investing in prevention techniques. I try to learn from last. The lights look very cool in a dark yard. They have a separate switch for multiple modes of flasing. The wire from the last light to the control unit is long and I needed to hide behind the pond water fall. There are two sets of firefly lights. After a sunny day, the lights stay on until morning. The batteries are decent. Will try to keep up with the latest here in the fall of 2021. Be well! All are operating well with little issue. The Solar Cell Power supplies top have an issue with becoming whited out which restricts the amount of sunlight to fully charge the batteries. I have had to clean the collector surface with sand pads. I'll keep these going all winter and post an update in the spring. Don't feed your fish in the winter.

10. 2 Pack Outdoor Upgraded Oversize Waterproof

2 Pack Outdoor Upgraded Oversize Waterproof

New Upgraded Super Bright outdoor string lights with U.S. patented largerLED beads are 3 times bigger and brighter than ordinary lamp beads. The solar lights outdoors have different lighting modes to suit your style. The string lengths are 72ft and 66ft with lights. The built-in battery has a larger capacity. The starbright solar lights have a bigger size solar panel and a high quality battery. The energy-saving and high efficiency are waterproof. This outdoor string lights are powered by solar energy and do not need to replace the battery. It can work up to 12 hours after being fully charged. There are 8 modes and an auto on/off function. There are two buttons on the twinkle lights: On/Off and Mode. You can choose from 8 different modes by pressing the mode button. There is no need to reset the last modes setting because the built-in memory chip saves it. Solar fairy lights are widely used. This solar lights outdoor decorative is a great choice for patio, garden, yard, porch, roof, tree, wedding, party, fence, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center. Solar fairy lights are widely used. This solar lights outdoor decorative is a great choice for patio, garden, yard, porch, roof, tree, wedding, party, fence, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center.

Brand: Yiqu

👤The lantern is in our garden. I used two strings and they were bright. The lantern has battery operated candles and both the lights and pillars are lit. The string lights are not shown in the other photos.

👤I was worried about buying these lights because they looked fragile. The solar lights I've bought have always had weak light. Last year I strung Christmas lights through my trees and the wires were noticeable during the day. The lights have a thin wire. They are not seen during the day. They are bright all night. I bought a few sets for a few weeks and then bought 3 more sets. The 1st set was the only issue that I have with it, because I thought they were broken a few times. I only had to press the power button once and they would start working again. I was expecting the lights to be bad but I'm happy with them. My yard will be complete if I have 2 more sets. The strand covered the tree limbs. The kit has 2 strands.

👤The rating has been lowered from 5* to 3* as one of the two strings died a month ago. The second string is out now as well. The clear plastic cover that protects the cells from the sun turned opaque and stopped allowing sunlight to come in. There is a These were great for the year that they worked. The failure mode was the same for both strings, and the failures occurred 11 days apart. If I choose the same product, it will happen again. The rating was dropped to 2*. I have two solar collectors mounted flush to the top of the fencing that runs around the vegetable garden in the back yard, and two strings of light that run around the perimeter of the garden. There is a The strings turn on when it gets dark enough outside and are still lit at 4am, which is a great length of time. There is a As we move out of summer and into the cooler months, that will change, but that's understandable. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I don't like solar powered lights because they tend to become trash very quickly. My opinions were forged over the years of working in gardens and landscapes where I'd often find dead solar lights tossed aside by homeowners, or failing to illuminate pathways but optimistically left in place, just in case they start working again with the right amount of sun, less rain, warmer temperatures There is a I decided to give these a try because of the need for supplemental exterior lighting in our driveway/parking area, which is dark after 5pm, and no place to plug anything in. It hasn't. There is a We have a rock wall along the side of the driveway that is hard to see after sundown, so I wanted to use these as a way to illuminate the wall without the lighting being obnoxious and disruptive to neighbors or wildlife, and less tacky than reflectors. I tucked them between the rocks with solar panels facing the South for maximum charge. They worked well for a few days, then one by one they died. They were all dead after 10 days. They were all switched on. It has been sunny. They were not exposed to extreme conditions. All the suggestions do nothing for them. They looked cool, but they are not worth the price.

11. Addlon Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

Addlon Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

The outdoor string lights are waterproof and heavy-duty. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. Flexible heavy-duty cord can be used indoors and outdoors. For greater mood lighting flexibility and a soft glow, a dimmer switch is not included to create the perfect atmosphere for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. The ideal outdoor lighting. Each strand has 15 hanging sockets and 11W S14 bulbs. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The light is bright enough to illuminate any place. It is easy to hang with hooks, guide wires, or zip ties with the hanging hook above. Simply use grounded cord plugs to connect with another. You can link up to 5 strands. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Addlon

👤I ordered four Strings to hang across my backyard and they looked great for about a month before my wife noticed they went out during a light rain. I found out that they blew the fuse on the outlet they were plugged into. The lights did not come back on after the switch was reset. I ordered replacement bulbs to see if they would help since I now have four dead strings. I'm not sure what has happened, but for lights intended to be hung outside they don't hold up to the elements very well.

👤I researched many lights before making a decision. I am very happy that I chose these, they give off great light and look amazing!

👤Unless you are stringing the length of your house, a 4 foot distance between bulbs is not going to do it. If you want the look they advertise in their photos, you need bulbs that are at least 10 or 12 inches apart. The effect shown in the photos is not what it appears to be. Disappointing.

👤The outdoor string lights are perfect. The light set is well made and looks heavy duty. The outdoor patio lighting is provided by the lights bulbs. The light strings can be used for more than you need. We put them on our fence and on our trellises. Our lights have never failed in the past 3 months because of our weather, which can be very hot and often very wet. We love the sets we bought and put them on a timer.

👤My backyard looks like an Oasis.

👤I had been looking to get stringed like this for a while and all the ones I found in stores looked cheap and did not offer the true look I was hoping for. When I got them in and realized the quality, I ordered a second strand. A hole above each light is a great place to hang nails, instead of using a cheap clip. I plan on ordering more this summer when I look to add some outside.

👤I bought a string from Harbor Freight Tools. When I put them up, I really liked them and wanted to buy more. I looked at local stores and they were twice the price. The price of this 48ft string was cheaper than any others I've seen. I put them up with the 24ft string to run the perimeter of my patio. They are perfect. I hung them using cup hooks or hooks with screw ends. The only problem I had was with the light bulbs. I lost the 3 extra bulbs when the box opened and I couldn't secure it. Extra came with the purchase. In the future, the company might be able to secure the box with tape.

👤Some others are less expensive but are not as sturdy as these.


What is the best product for decorative lights string?

Decorative lights string products from Hutools. In this article about decorative lights string you can see why people choose the product. Addlon and Buways are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative lights string.

What are the best brands for decorative lights string?

Hutools, Addlon and Buways are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative lights string. Find the detail in this article. Wsgift, Sunthin and Perfectday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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