Best Decorative Magnets for Fridge

Magnets 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Magnets Refrigerator Calendar Whiteboard Decorative

Magnets Refrigerator Calendar Whiteboard Decorative

If you have questions after you receive your fridge magnet, you can contact them via email and they'll get back to you within 24 hours. Customer's satisfaction is their primary goal. A set of cute and fun fridge magnets. Refrigerator Magnets are 0.75 x 0.75 inch. Attach them in a way you like. It can be applied to any metal or magnetic surface, such as fridges, air conditioners, washing machines,magnetic board and iron office files. It's great as souvenirs or decorations. Adults and kids will love them. They will add to the look of the room.

Brand: Hystyle

👤The original picture was of all Mario items. The current picture has a cloud and rainbow. The note asking me to reach out if I had an issue was cute, but they didn't respond to the two messages sent. The items are cute and I almost bought a second set because my son wanted to expand the Mario offering on our refrigerator, but lack of response and fear the picture would change again after purchase will keep me from reordering. The quality and color of what we received was excellent. It was replaced with a cloud and rainbow because it lacked the cube and mushroom in the original picture. When I contacted them, there was no response to either inquiry.

👤The magnets are adorable. The paint quality is not terrible. I think they are not licensed since they were wrapped in Saran Wrap and not in a package.

👤My son received these as a gift. He loved them! He plays out scenes from his favorite video game. It's hilarious and cute. It's a fun way to play. It's great for all ages. Every day has a different configuration.

👤Cute but small, very disappointed. They are a present to a big Mario fan. I am sure they will like them because they are cute. I was disappointed about the size since they cost so much.

👤I expected them to be larger. The quality is good but not great. I don't think they will hold a piece of paper to a fridge, but the look is cute and are fun to rearrange into different scenes.

👤My son received these magnets. He plays with them on a board. One of the magnets fell out when we took it out of the bag, but my only complaint is that one came without a magnet.

👤I gave these as a little add-on gift, but they quickly became his favorite gift. They are very detailed. They are fun to rearrange and design. Cute!

👤Since there is no real high quality real version, this is still a cool gift for mario fans.

👤Kleiner ist gedacht und der Inhalt ist etwas. There is a Da etwas scharfkantig is Magnete.

👤I am encantaron. No le doy las 5 estrellas solo porque. I solo me.

👤Blickfang am Khlschrank ist.

2. COSOW Strong Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker

COSOW Strong Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker

Perfect gift choice comes with 12 different colorful patterns, eye-catching, beautiful and colorful, great gift ideas for holiday. What you will get is glass with decorative magnets. There are 12 round glass refrigerator magnets with a diameter of 1.2 inch in the set. They are strong magnets. You don't have to worry about it not being able to fixate the paper because it's able to hold at least 8pcs sticky note. It will not scratch any surface because of the high quality materials and clear glass. Fridge magnets are works of art and decorations, and can be used to store photos, documents, pictures or children's artwork. There will be no marks on the side of the sticky whiteboard magnet. Cute locker magnets for boys, girls and toddlers can be applied to metal or magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase boards, iron office documents and other household items. Creative and unique images, cute and interesting art refrigerator decorative magnets, is a great gift choice for vacation, home and kitchen. If you have questions after you receive your fridge magnet, you can contact them via email and they'll get back to you within 24 hours. Customer's satisfaction is their primary goal.

Brand: Cosow

👤I can't think of a better compliment than the person who said these are so good that you could make them a gift for someone. They're pretty. My kids noticed a moose on the fridge, even though they wouldn't notice a moose in the kitchen. The magnets are enough to hold up notes, coupons, art, and other things that go up on a fridge.

👤The magnets are strong enough to hold several pieces of paper. I like the colors and the small photos of my favorite art. A purchase will make a great gift.

👤They have to be aware that glass is a bad material. The magnetic part is not strong. Dropped and shattered. It's dangerous. Don't buy glass magnets, that's what I learned.

👤I put these on the child's board. My child loved the trees, but the magnets are not very strong. They do not have anything laminated or made of cardstock. If you want to hang up thicker items, I would choose a different set.

👤These magnets are beautiful. I thought it was over an inch in diameter. I wouldn't call them strong magnets. They will have a photograph on my fridge. I was disappointed that I was not able to find magnets that could hold two or three at a time. They are not strong. Average as far as decent refrigerator magnets go. They are absolutely beautiful. They came in a cute little gift box set that was made of foam so they wouldn't rattle around. It looked like a nice gift.

👤I was expecting the magnets to be in a bag. The magnets were placed in a piece of foam in the gift box. I showed my husband how well they arrived. The magnets are pretty. I will keep some at home and some at camp. I like magnets. The quality is outstanding.

👤The magnets have good strength. They are easy to grab. They are less likely to be knocked off the fridge. They feel like glass. Very nice magnets. Great gifts for people who love magnets. I will probably order more for myself. It's true!

👤These are pretty with vivid colors, but I would like to see more variety in the designs and color combinations. They are not super strong. I wouldn't be able to keep them in the fridge. The sheets of paper, fliers, etc. give a nice touch of class to the notice area.

3. Refrigerator Magnets Decoration Whiteboards Suitable

Refrigerator Magnets Decoration Whiteboards Suitable

Cool locker Succulent Magnets can be used to decorate your kitchen's refrigerator, office white boards, school and classroom lockers. Refridgerator magnets can be used to fix photos on a metal surface. Save the date sticky clip magnets to pin note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc. The thickness of the fridge magnet is 0.4 cm. It doesn't seem to take up too much space. It is perfect for home decor. Their team has always presented the best quality to you. They have shown that fridge magnets can stick to 6 A4 sheets. Magnets that are corrosive. The fridge magnets can be used to paste receipts, plans, documents, instructions, children's artwork and family photos on iron surfaces. Art magnets are the perfect gift for your partners, friends, colleagues and art lovers. Please note. The fridge magnets are not a toy. It's not suitable for children under 3 years old. The operation of the pacemaker can be interfered with by these fridges magnets.

Brand: Ubaoxin

👤The magnets are strong enough to hold two Christmas postcards and a photo in a plastic sleeve. The magnets are large. They are pretty, but they need to be oriented in a way that makes sense to the viewer. I will probably buy more.

👤The magnets are cute. They hold up well to the fridge. Not as well as some magnets. They'll probably hold photos or two sheets of paper. I like the pictures a lot and that's the main reason I bought them. I should have looked at the size as they are a little smaller than I thought. I would buy more.

👤I was worried they would be cheap prints. They look great. I assume the print is made of a substance called resin. The pictures are clear. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I love the detail and the intensity of the magnet. The colors are true. Can hold the weight of an envelope with a greeting card inside. I would go bigger than three sheets of note paper. I hope that is correct.


👤These magnets hold up well and I love them! I have them keep multiple pieces of paper on my fridge. These things feel like they are made to last because of the vibrant colors. It's perfect for art lovers.

👤Good value for money, strong fridge magnets, and can hold more than a page or two up against the fridge without falling.

👤I went to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago and bought these magnets online. It's very durable, so reasonably priced. I put them on my fridge and enjoy them.

4. Dishwasher Decoration Appliances Decorative Refrigerator

Dishwasher Decoration Appliances Decorative Refrigerator

The dimensions are: 24 x 15 x 1.18". The board/gate will fit with the screws attached to it. The black flower is like the waves of the sea. The pattern is unique and hard to get dirty. The Dishwasher Magnet cover can be stuck to the front of the dishwasher to give it a different look. The dishwasher cover decals are made from Magnet sheet, printed vinyl and lamination. It is scratch resistant and tear resistant. Make sure the dishwasher panel is magnetic. The dishwasher door cover decals sheet is 26 inches wide. The magnets are easy to apply, adjust and remove, which makes them suitable for any metal surface, such as a car, van, truck, garage door, refrigerator, mailbox, metal desk, metal door, mini fridge, school locker, school bus, dry. On Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, and other holidays, make a wonderful gift for your friends, elders, and yourself. The dishwasher sticker on the kitchen stove is durable and can be used to hide flaws, scratches, dents or other marks on the dishwasher.

Brand: Mlgb

👤Our dishwasher has some drips on it that kept coming back and forth. I ordered this because I didn't want to spend $200 on a new front panel. It was easy to cut to size and looks great. It works well with my other appliances.

👤It could have been great. It seems that someone in the packing dept at Amazon wanted to fit it in a medium box. It arrived all bent in the middle, with bubbles and lifting areas right in the middle, and the top of the item. I waited a few days to see if it would fix itself. This one has to go back even though it looked great.

👤This is a cover up when you live on a cement slab and your water heater is in the kitchen. When people walked into my kitchen, they saw a stop sign, directions, manufacturer information, and more. I found this and thought it might work. My family and friends compliment me on it a lot. They all think I am smart for doing this. I stumbled upon this product and will buy more to represent the different holidays and charge them out accordingly.

👤I was surprised by how thick the dishwasher cover is. I hope it will stay on as I leave to help the ends stay down. The grooves on the cover sheet have been left by the small and tight rubber bands used to keep the tight roll in package. I'm hopeful that they will come out after laying down. The rubber bands should not have been used to roll up the cover. The price is in line with others but not as happy with the grooves left by the rubber bands.

👤I should have listened to the reviews that said the rubber bands leave a crease in the product and it won't lay flat. I tried flattening it for a few days and it was still bumpy. It won't fit in my dishwasher. You can see the bumps and crease. It's cheap and thin for so much money. I'm shocked that it's almost paper thin. I'm not happy. Don't buy it. Don't even try. Listen to the bad reviews. I would have liked to have.

👤I had it for two months and it did fall off once, but not again. Several people have ordered for themselves because everyone comments on how great it looks. I didn't cut it because it was quarter inch longer than my dishwasher. You can't notice it. I would change out one in a different style.

👤I bought this to cover my dishwasher. I didn't know how much I would notice the difference. It made a huge difference in our kit hen. I am going to paint the Handel with black chalk paint until I can afford a black car. There is a This is the way to go if you want to add a bit of flair to your kitchen.

👤I like the dishwasher cover. It is well made. It takes time to lay flat since it is rolled up.

5. 12 Pack Magnets Refrigerator Decoration Whiteboard

12 Pack Magnets Refrigerator Decoration Whiteboard

100% guarantee. There is no color difference in what you get. You can return them and get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like them. It is absolutely safe for kids to play with high quality food magnets. There are 12 fridge magnets in this package. It will be great to decorate your kitchen with them. Large and Super strong magnets. Their kitchen fridge magnets have strong magnetism, they can hold up to 4 photos or 6-7 pieces of A4 paper, and it will not let papers fall. You can decorate your kitchen's refrigerator. The fridge stickers look like real delicious foods that make you want to eat and are in a 12-pack. There are funny fridge magnets in your kitchen. It's a perfect gift for everyone in your life. Cute magnets can pin your notes, but they can also be a beautiful decoration. A white board magnets, funny magnets for office, magnets for fridge,decorative magnets, cool magnets, kitchen fridge magnets, small refrigerator,office magnets, cute cartoon magnets,cute fridge magnets 100% guarantee. There is no color difference in what you get. You can return them and get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like them.

Brand: Favensen

👤I was surprised by how well these are made. Excellent quality. The painting is very well done, the material is good quality, not cheap plastic, it feels like stone to the touch. They're large too. The larger ones are about the same size. The strongest magnets in the biggest ones are a good strength. Smaller magnets are still strong enough for a photo or a piece of paper, and some of the smaller ones are not so good.

👤I decided on these because we needed more fridge magnets. The designs are nice and they are a good size. I don't think they look real. It is a decent quality for an okay price. There is a My baby is becoming more mobile recently and he loves magnets and how they stick to certain surfaces. They can break even if they are dropped from a height of 1.5 feet. I didn't like that. I recommend these for households with no mischievous pets or children because the chances of them breaking are much higher than with a human dropping them on accident.

👤These magnets are cute and detailed. They are very strong. I put a few of these under the dry erase board to hold it up because it keeps sliding down. That's how strong they are. I love the cute magnets.

👤I absolutely adore these! The magnets on the back are very strong, so they stick to the fridge, and the designs are cute. Unfortunately one of them was broken, but it's nothing a little glue couldn't fix. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I think the price is right for these magnets, they look good above my stove.

👤They are very cute and well made, and they give my kitchen the extra pop it needs.

👤My mom loves refrigerator magnets and I bought these for her. She was happy with them. Good weight. There are good sized magnets for bigger pieces. Good size pieces. I didn't think they made this kind of magnets anymore. Absolutely, order more!

👤These are quality magnets. The package only had 10 magnets, which were cute and in good shape. I was disappointed to pay $20 and not receive the 12 I paid for.

6. Inspirational Motivational Refrigerator Whiteboard Dishwasher

Inspirational Motivational Refrigerator Whiteboard Dishwasher

If you need them, please contact them freely, they will always stand by you. There are 10 pieces of fridge magnets in different styles. Proper size and quantity can satisfy your needs. The fridge magnets are made of glass and Magnet, with clear patterns, nice magnetism and smooth surfaces, can provide you with a long time of usage. The fridge magnets have different designs and look adorable and delicate in appearance, so they make your fridge full of personality and eye-catching charms. Motivational fridge magnets can be applied to metal or magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerator, locker, whiteboard, kitchen, office and school classroom or other places, adding more colors and fun. These refrigerator magnets are a nice present for boys and girls, your family, friends, colleagues and other people.

Brand: Weewooday

👤The magnets are great. My daughter liked them for her board. She leaves quotes around the house. She now has magnets that say the same thing.

👤Love is love. Definitely a must have item. The magnets are a gem and give peace. They are sturdy and easy to read.

👤It said it would work on a dry erase board. These don't stick to the board. If I had not held on to them, the glass would have fallen off and shattered. I was sad that they were not what I was looking for.

👤The pictures were nicely done and colorful.

👤They're perfect for white board.

👤It's a great gift for anyone who wants to improve their self care.

7. Joyzy Refrigerator Magnets Decorative Kitchen

Joyzy Refrigerator Magnets Decorative Kitchen

It's great as souvenirs or decorations. Adults and kids will love them. They will add to the look of the room. There is a set of 24. The measurement is 0.6 0.6 0.4 inch. Pin notes, photos, postcards, menu, recipes, artworks, documents on fridge door, cabinet, locker, whiteboard, or other magnetic surface. There is a white backing and a magnet at the back. It looks like crystal. They don't cover up what they put on the fridge. Things should be neat. It was a great gift for a first apartment for a high school graduate.

Brand: Joyzy

👤The magnets have a magnetic pull that is strong enough to hold items. The price is right for multiple uses.

👤They are very cute. They look like tiny ice cubes. They only need 1 cube to hold the card up. I like the look with 4. Many come in a pack and don't take up much space.

👤Smaller than I thought. Kind of frosted. The magnets are strong and I like them.

👤The magnets are cute and won't overwhelm your fridge. Excellent quality.

👤The magnets have a nice grip on them.

👤They are strong magnets for their size, they look exactly like the picture. I was looking for a place to keep my bills, cards, and pictures.

👤These magnets are awesome. Some of the ones I bought were more colorful, but they held up a piece of paper on my board. One of these magnets can hold a greeting card or several pieces of paper. Great purchase!

👤Work is great and easy to do. It was what I wanted.

8. Inspirational Magnets Fridge Decorative Refrigerator

Inspirational Magnets Fridge Decorative Refrigerator

The perfect gift is a variety of refrigerator stickers, which can be used to give gifts to friends and family, as well as important holidays such as New Year and Christmas. PREMIUM QUALITY round clear glasses with strong magnets! The magnets for the fridge are made of glass and are 0.38" thick. 12 PCs colored motivational stickers are included with the glass decorative magnets for refrigerator set. Girls and boys can use strong and heavy duty glass locker magnets made of crystal clear glass that won't scratch any surfaces. A cute motivational magnets set can hold a lot of things. There is a funny whiteboard magnet side. There is a wide application. There are cute fridge magnets for kitchen and office that can be applied to metal, STAINLESS steel or magnetic surface, such as refrigerator, microwave, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files and other household items, office cabinet, whiteboard, photos, shopping lists etc. Perfect gift ideas! Gifts for mother day, father day, thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, birthday gifts, must have gifts, present first home gifts, and more are available with decorative colored magnets for whiteboard and fridge. Cool locker magnets for girls and boys can be used to decorate a variety of things. The funny whiteboard magnets can be used to fix pictures on a metal surface. Save the date sticky clip magnets to pin note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc.

Brand: X-bet Magnet

👤I like the sayings. My son stops to read them almost everyday. They are a nice set and do their job.

👤My son can talk about his day with the help of these fridge magnets. He will grow into them over time, even though he is a little more advanced. Great idea!

👤The Magnets at X-Bet Magnet are very nice. They have good messages on them. There is a Thank you Rusian.

👤Two academics are appreciative of the gift.

👤They were easy to read and my daughter-in-law loves them. The package arrived in time. Good value for money.

👤My co workers love them, I put them on our walk-in fridge door.

👤They look good on my fridge.

👤Cute and inspiring. Would buy again.

9. Magnetic Refrigerator Magnets OGIS Whiteboard

Magnetic Refrigerator Magnets OGIS Whiteboard

It's perfect for use on fridge door, cabinet, whiteboard. Adding beauty to your decoration is done with pretty patterns. Do not be fooled by these cute magnets. One tiny magnet can hold up to 12 pieces of paper. The magnetism makes it possible to use them in the kitchen. The push pin design is easy to hold and each magnet is finished in brushed nickel to protect your fridge from scratches. It's ideal for holding printer paper, notes, photos, posters and cards on whiteboards, fridge, bulletin boards, magnetic maps, calendars, lockers, file cabinets and other magnetic surfaces. There are 16 magnets in a box. Each magnet has a size of 0.43 in. If you're not impressed by their product, you can return it for a 100% refund.

Brand: Buvunt

👤The magnetic pins have a good feel to them. I wanted them to hang more small items from them on my range hood. The papers are on the fridge. They work well for strainers, steaming racks, and more. I use magnetic swivel hooks for larger items. There is a They're good for hanging microfiber cloths from the fridge, because I use a couple tacks per cloth, for added strength. There is a These magnets are strong. Magnets are only as strong as the surface you're trying to attach them to. If the metal has a low iron content, it won't hold a magnet. Many varieties of steel only weakly hold a magnet. thickness, surface texture, and paint all affect magnetic gripping properties of metal. It's important that position is also important. Magnets' vertical holding force is only a third of their horizontal gripping force, because of the pull force being perpendicular to their surface. There is a There is a tip. The easiest way to disengage a magnet from a surface is to tilt the pin toward one of its sides, rather than pulling straight away.

👤I wanted to write a review for these because they exceeded my expectations. They're great little magnets that have a nice metal finish. I don't think they can support 5 pounds, as the description says. They're not quite magnetic. I'm about to buy a second pack because they're ridiculously expensive at nearly a dollar a piece.

👤The magnets were ordered to help with the project. I was expecting them to be good magnets. It took me forever to open the container. I tried with bare hands, but could not open the container. I had to use a couple of different screwdrivers to pry the top open. I could not help but damage the lid. The magnets need to be packaged in a slightly larger container. The magnets held the lid down so tightly that it was not possible to open it without a tool.

👤These little magnets are the size of push pins. I thought they would be bigger, but they are called push pin magnets, so that's correct. The metal hat they were packed in was the biggest problem. We had to destroy the tin with a hammer and awl in order to open it, so unless you're willing to do that, I wouldn't buy these.

👤The push pin sticks are so strong that they can be used with the nonmagnetic end of the magnets.

👤I threw away all of my old fridge magnets when I took them out of the box. These are perfect. So strong and small. They're about the size of thumb tacks and can hold a lot of stuff. I bought 2 boxes after seeing a review that said he wanted to get another box. They're worth it. If you want to keep them out of the way of metal things, you can put them in a storage box.

👤The push pins are small, but strong, and I have finally found them. You will never need anything else.

10. Glass Inspirational Magnets Fridge Refrigerator

Glass Inspirational Magnets Fridge Refrigerator

Please let them know if the refrigerator magnets don't live up to your expectations. They will give you a replacement or a refund. You don't take any risk when you purchase with them. Premium quality cute clear glasses with strong decorative magnets. The magnets for the fridge are made of glass and measure about 1.28" diameter x 0.34" thick. 12 PCs clear glass magnets for fridge are included in the set. Strong and heavy duty decorative magnets for whiteboard made of durable crystal clear glass with a powerful magnet that won't scratch any surfaces. A fridge magnets set can hold a lot of things. There are no marks on the sticky whiteboard magnet side. locker magnets for boys and girls can be applied to a wide range of objects, such as fridge, microwave, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files and other household items. Perfect gift ideas! The Decorative Inspirational Magnets for fridge and whiteboard are a great gift choice for holiday and home. locker magnets can be used to decorate a variety of objects. A round refrigerator magnets can be used to fix pictures on a metal surface. Save the date sticky magnets to pin to note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc.

Brand: X-bet Magnet

👤When I was looking for quality refrigerator magnets, I read the reviews carefully. The magnets covered the entire back surface and the words of inspiration were the consensus. I'm happy to report that as well. I'm happy I chose this set.

👤They are not as strong as they say. I have a small light foam star with my daughters picture in it, but it won't stick through it. If you want to have some cute magnets, you can hang regular papers. They are cute.

👤I used this product to make an inspiration board. I applied the motivational magnets after covering the panel with left-over wallpaper.

👤I put the pictures I've had on my phone up on my fridge because of the magnets. I took pictures with the kids while travelling the world. The magnets are very strong. Every time I walk into my kitchen, I see all the kind words and warm memories. It should spark joy when you invest in an item. Thank you!

👤Very inspiring. Simple words can say a lot. There is a Love it.

👤I wanted something to amuse me while I hung my meal plans and to-do lists. These are perfect. They have motivational quotes on them that I hope will help keep me on track.

👤I bought these glass magnets for my out of town nieces' birthdays. They have fun quotes on them. I thought they could use them in their school lockers or home fridge door. They were divided up between the three of them after they arrived. They liked the idea of getting these instead of birthday cards. They are easy to read and sturdy. Thanks for the cute gift on Amazon and for the excellent service with the delivery.

👤I wish they were bigger, they are a little larger than a quarter. I am able to place magnets and stickers in various places to remind me when I need it. I put magnets on my fridge, locker, and daily planner, as well as on my laptop. There is a The magnets are very strong.

👤It is pretty and pretty good. I like it a lot. It's worth buying.

👤My daughter loved the magnets. It's cute and inspiring.

👤It arrived quickly and undamaged. I found a plastic quote on the floor and a magnet on the fridge after 15 minutes of putting them there. It's an easy fix with a bit of Gorilla glue, but I feel like I have to keep an eye out for any more that may fall.

11. Muliticolor Refrigerator Whiteboards Decorative Decoration

Muliticolor Refrigerator Whiteboards Decorative Decoration

It's perfect for use in the home or office as a map, calendar, whiteboard, or refrigerator magnets. Attach notes, photos, artwork, or cards on the fridge door, magnetic board, or any magnetic surface securely with strong magnets. Multicolor is suitable for many places, such as the office, school, or home. For kids, toddlers, and adults. The polishing process of the 20 different colors of the resin makes it look smooth and beautiful, with strong magnets inside. The refrigerator sticker from VNthings will be as good as the listing description. The refrigerator sticker from VNthings will be as good as the listing description.

Brand: Vnthings

👤These used to be powerful and beautiful, but now they have a different design. The weaker attraction is caused by the magnet being inside the case. The magnet was on the inside of the case. I contacted the seller and they said that this would result in an inferior product because the magnet wouldn't be as easy to remove. These used to be great magnets.

👤These magnets can't hold cards. Very disappointed in strength. They should be able to hold up single pages of newspaper or printer paper if you only need it. I like the colors. I needed strong magnets.

👤These are very cute. They look like gumballs with strong magnets. I wish they came in bigger sizes. Can't go wrong with the colors. Highly recommended.

👤They are cute and as expected. The ceiling collapsed in my kitchen. Most of them stayed on.

👤These magnets are really nice. I ordered a second pack after liking them so much. They look like small marbles on my fridge. I replaced all my magnets with marble ones because I have so many pictures. It's strong enough for photos. Very happy.

👤These are cute. They are strong because they are small. They hold up a maximum of 8 sheets of paper. Any more than that. You can use multiple to hold up a larger stack. The colors shown are what you get. I was hoping to use them for a homemade metal calendar board, but they are really good quality.

👤These magnets are small but strong, they look great on my fridge, holding up pictures and artwork from my wonderful grandkids. Don't look any further if you're looking for a decor magnet. They look great and you will love them.

👤I needed magnets for the fridge and grand baby. The magnets are embedded in the resin, not in the flat back as many other frig magnets describe. The color, magnetic strength, and the little bag for storage made me very happy.

👤These are great. They're strong. I have a magnet that holds up three pieces of paper. They are small and don't cover up their things. You don't have to peel off your nails when you want to move them. I was a little worried when I saw the review where the lady said they'd scratched her fridge, butji checked the bottoms of each one as I put them up and they're all nice and smooth.

👤I have a whiteboard that is glass and magnetic, and I thought they should work on it, but they can only barely stick to the board, and with a thin post under them, they don't stick. It would be good for sellers of magnets to be clear if their product can work on whiteboards as I am sure they will get a lot of sales. The magnets are nicely packed, but they are not used for my purpose.

👤These are very pretty little magnets. They had a lovely bag and a tiny note. Highly recommended.

👤They are small and strong so they don't take up a lot of space on the notice board. I'm not allowed to steal them from my daughter, who uses them for her magnetic board, so I'm going to get some more for the fridge to clean up the mess. Can highly recommend.


What is the best product for decorative magnets for fridge?

Decorative magnets for fridge products from Hystyle. In this article about decorative magnets for fridge you can see why people choose the product. Cosow and Ubaoxin are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative magnets for fridge.

What are the best brands for decorative magnets for fridge?

Hystyle, Cosow and Ubaoxin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative magnets for fridge. Find the detail in this article. Mlgb, Favensen and Weewooday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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