Best Decorative Magnets for Magnetic Board

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1. 17 5 11 5 Magnetic Board Bulletin

17 5 11 5 Magnetic Board Bulletin

45Pcs and a Storage Case are included in their package and come with a plastic case for easy storage, which also avoids damage and loss of the magnets during the transportation. There is a tip. Please keep your children and pets away from this product because it is small. The flat magnetic board is made from high quality steel and powder coated in a grey colour. It is approximately 1.5 MM thick. It's important to note that this isn't STAINLESS steel. Their magnet board is ideal for use with all sorts of magnets, from magnetic poetry to letters to spice jars to photos and more. It's a great alternative to cork bulletin boards. The large magnetic bulletin board is perfect for display in the home, kitchen, dorm, office or classroom, it's ideal for parents, teachers and students. There are 4 screws for vertical or horizontal mounting. It's great for use on the wall, fridge, cubicle, etc. Their board is great for holding photos, important notes, and even spices that can be held up by a magnet.

Brand: Impresa Products

👤We have a small bathroom with no counter space and I have used magnets to hold my toothbrush. The bathroom was de-cluttered. We couldn't screw it in the wall because there weren't any studs in that area. We found that double sided tape worked well.

👤They were used to make a magnetic rack. I put magnetics on the jars to hold them on the boards.

👤The magnetic board I bought was for a toddler class. It was definitely still usable when it arrived. I mentioned the dents in the board after I received an email asking how I liked the product. A new board arrived two days later. It was wonderful customer service. The product is perfect for my needs, and this was an excellent company to do business with. I will definitely recommend this board to other teachers. I love it! Thank you so much!

👤I bought this board because my new fridge had a shiny front and my magnets wouldn't stick to it. I put it on a cupboard door. I love it! It looks like a collection of my magnets. Highly recommended!

👤The mounting screws are the only problem with the magnet board. The flat headed wood screws are a poor choice for this board as they are both unattractive and allow the screws to get on clothing. The best way to mount the board is with a round headed wood screw. I would give the board a rating of 5 stars, with the included screws, for a total of 3 stars. I have to go to a hardware store and buy replacement screws when this is obvious and simple to fix.

👤Well done, but simple. I have a magnetic board that is nicely framed. The magnets don't stick because of a thick coating. Not the case with these. It seems baked on and very durable. It looks like a steel.

👤I am trying to find a better way to store my spices and I thought I had come up with my own idea, but it turned out that my idea was not original. I did it anyways. I put it behind my stove top because I was worried it would collect grease and dust from cooking. It hasn't! I love it! I used sailor rope as a border. I have very limited cabinet space in my home and this is the only thing that is left in my cabinet. I store the big containers of spices in the pantry because I fill the magnetic jars after I buy them. I'm trying to make the dungeon better. I usually refill once a month, which is less than I thought.

👤I used hanging strips instead of nails to hang this on my wall. The board's size and weight is perfect for the purpose, but it arrived with a bent corner and the board is slightly curved so it doesn't lay flat on the wall. The product would have been perfect, but the condition in which it arrived defeats the purpose of my purchase.

2. Rustic Whitewashed Magnetic Chalkboard Framed

Rustic Whitewashed Magnetic Chalkboard Framed

The rustic wall mounted chalkboard is beautiful and will look great in your home, business, or event. Russian Pine Wood is used to make their chalkboard frames. You can get started immediately with the free chalk and eraser in the set. Attach pictures, notes and lists right onto the writing area. Their framed chalkboards are made with high quality porcelain steel. This is the perfect size for weddings, announcements, home and office use, as the writing area is approximately 15" x 21" and the frame is 18 x 24. The board has hanging hardware attached to it for both vertical and horizontal use. They've also included screws and a mini level for convenience. The perfect board was designed to work with both chalk markers and traditional chalk. They recommend using chalk markers.

Brand: Hbcy Creations

👤I was looking for a magnetic board to display my travel magnets, instead ofcluttering up the refrigerator. The magnetic board is perfect. The magnets look really nice.

👤I love the idea of a chalkboard in a home. The wooden frame is beautiful. You can smell the wood when you open the package. It smells good. The board is both classy and rustic. It looks better in person. The weight and feel of the board can tell you if it's quality made. Some people had problems with the hangers. I have a board on the wall for at least two weeks. I write on it every day. The board I bought works well with both the Neon colors and the pin-like magnets. The board looks new when wiped off. Instructions on how to "prime" the product will be found when you receive it. Even though I wouldn't be using regular chalk on this board, I used regular chalk just in case. I researched different types of magnetic boards. I took a chance. The larger size is perfect for me. The quality is good. It's beautiful no matter what home you have. If you don't want your photos on the fridge, it's just what you need to hang them. I'm happy with my choice.

👤At first, this board worked well. I used the recommended versa chalk and natural versa chalk removal. I have erased it four times. The fifth time I tried to remove my board with the recommended chalk spray, the remover took off a piece of the board and left some other chalk behind. There is a quarter sized hole on my board. The board might come with your chalk writing if you remove it. I still have some that won't come off. This has been a difficult experience.

👤The issue was resolved by the person who reached out. I was happy and pleasant to deal with, even after I gave a harsh review, which I was a bit impatient and unfair. I got a new board and they gave me an extra bonus. I want to say thank you to everyone at HCBY for their great work, my mind and beliefs have changed for the better.

👤I have to say that I am very happy to work with the company. I didn't like the chalkboard I received. The wood was splintery and some of it was splitting. Nick answered my email immediately. He said he would send me a new board and let me know when it was received and if I liked it. I loved it! I was looking for a rustic vibe. I would buy from them. They are behind their product.

👤The reviews on this one made me take the leap after looking for the perfect whiteboard for 2 days. Some of the reviews said the markers didn't wipe off easily, whereas the same brand markers did. I wiped the markers off the board after testing it with them. You cannot tell that I wrote all over it and then cleaned it in the picture I posted. It still looks new.

3. Premium Surface Magnetic Perfect Markers

Premium Surface Magnetic Perfect Markers

Write on your large framed magnetic chalkboard without worry about stains. The chalk board will never stain or ghost and it will erase every time. There is a premium magnetic surface for notes, geisha list and photos. The 21.5" x 33.5" magnetic surface can be used to hang photos, grocery lists, notes, romantic messages, bills, or anything else you want. Hang your board in the middle of the floor. The magnetic chalkboard can be hung vertically or horizontally using the hanging hardware. There are no special skills needed to hang a blackboard. Take your home, kitchen, or bedroom to the next level by adding a personal touch to your living room with their rustic chalk magnetic board. The white frame and blackboard are very similar. Surprise your loved ones with a unique house gift, such as a magnetic chalk board for wall, and give them a special present.

Brand: Loddie Doddie

👤I hung this chalkboard in my kitchen for my kids to draw on. Make sure you season any new chalkboard by covering it with chalk and laying a stick of chalk on its side. Let the rag dry and wipe with a damp cloth. If you write on the unseasoned surface, you will see dark ghost images of that forever.

👤The chalk board works well, but the frame is particle board with a rustic wood sticker covering. I didn't read enough to know that it wasn't real wood. The sticker was already peeling on the corners.

👤The surface is wrinkled. There is a scratch on the wood frame. The quality is not there for the price. I will return it.

👤I have mixed feelings about this board. There is a It works well with regular chalk. It works well with magnets. Looks good. It is easy to hang. There is a The vinyl covered particle board is actually rustic wood. There is a The board is light and bounces when you write on it. I had to mount it with double sided tape. There is a It does fit the bill and looks good, but I feel a bit put out by the cheapness of the frame at $60.

👤We went on a camping vacation in 5 states and 7 national parks. We bought a lot of magnets. I didn't want to put them on the fridge because I knew we'd have to move them every time we clean it, but I also wanted a way to keep them out. I ordered two more magnetic blackboards after I found a way to display them, I love them so much that I'm going to put my other magnets on. The 11 x 14 size fit perfectly on the front of my pantry door. I wanted to use the screws provided to screw up my cabinets, but they were light enough to use little nails, and they are what I was looking for. The magnets we purchased are displayed in a way that makes them easy to see.

👤It was a perfect choice. My husband and I own a shop. We opened our shop at the end of May this year and our menu was on a white board. The boards are great. The menu looks clean and fun to make. The board is of good quality. Very pleased with our purchase.

👤I've seen and used various white-/chalk-/bulletin boards for years, but mostly out of necessity. The chalk signs are versatile and attractive. You will come up with reasons to use it, because it is so simple and well-made. You can feel the quality when you open the box. It was packaged well and got here through normal shipping without any issues. It's easy to write on the smooth surface of the wood. It shines with chalk markers. It is easy to erase as often as you please. You can attach other media to it, because it's magnetic. There is a A family board that everyone in the house can write on, a nice big surface for leading a group or teaching, a noticeboard or sign in a community space, and a huge area for kids to draw on are just some of the things that can be done with this board. We'll use it to keep track of vacation funds, and still have room left over. It doesn't protrude from the wall more than an inch. It has its own mounting hardware, which is easy to use. I would recommend it to everyone. You'll love it if you have a specific use for it. If you can't think of a use, you'll find one.

4. Glass Inspirational Magnets Fridge Refrigerator

Glass Inspirational Magnets Fridge Refrigerator

Please let them know if the refrigerator magnets don't live up to your expectations. They will give you a replacement or a refund. You don't take any risk when you purchase with them. Premium quality cute clear glasses with strong decorative magnets. The magnets for the fridge are made of glass and measure about 1.28" diameter x 0.34" thick. 12 PCs clear glass magnets for fridge are included in the set. Strong and heavy duty decorative magnets for whiteboard made of durable crystal clear glass with a powerful magnet that won't scratch any surfaces. A fridge magnets set can hold a lot of things. There are no marks on the sticky whiteboard magnet side. locker magnets for boys and girls can be applied to a wide range of objects, such as fridge, microwave, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files and other household items. Perfect gift ideas! The Decorative Inspirational Magnets for fridge and whiteboard are a great gift choice for holiday and home. locker magnets can be used to decorate a variety of objects. A round refrigerator magnets can be used to fix pictures on a metal surface. Save the date sticky magnets to pin to note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc.

Brand: X-bet Magnet

👤When I was looking for quality refrigerator magnets, I read the reviews carefully. The magnets covered the entire back surface and the words of inspiration were the consensus. I'm happy to report that as well. I'm happy I chose this set.

👤They are not as strong as they say. I have a small light foam star with my daughters picture in it, but it won't stick through it. If you want to have some cute magnets, you can hang regular papers. They are cute.

👤I used this product to make an inspiration board. I applied the motivational magnets after covering the panel with left-over wallpaper.

👤I put the pictures I've had on my phone up on my fridge because of the magnets. I took pictures with the kids while travelling the world. The magnets are very strong. Every time I walk into my kitchen, I see all the kind words and warm memories. It should spark joy when you invest in an item. Thank you!

👤Very inspiring. Simple words can say a lot. There is a Love it.

👤I wanted something to amuse me while I hung my meal plans and to-do lists. These are perfect. They have motivational quotes on them that I hope will help keep me on track.

👤I bought these glass magnets for my out of town nieces' birthdays. They have fun quotes on them. I thought they could use them in their school lockers or home fridge door. They were divided up between the three of them after they arrived. They liked the idea of getting these instead of birthday cards. They are easy to read and sturdy. Thanks for the cute gift on Amazon and for the excellent service with the delivery.

👤I wish they were bigger, they are a little larger than a quarter. I am able to place magnets and stickers in various places to remind me when I need it. I put magnets on my fridge, locker, and daily planner, as well as on my laptop. There is a The magnets are very strong.

👤It is pretty and pretty good. I like it a lot. It's worth buying.

👤My daughter loved the magnets. It's cute and inspiring.

👤It arrived quickly and undamaged. I found a plastic quote on the floor and a magnet on the fridge after 15 minutes of putting them there. It's an easy fix with a bit of Gorilla glue, but I feel like I have to keep an eye out for any more that may fall.

5. Magnets Transparent Crystal Perfect Whiteboard

Magnets Transparent Crystal Perfect Whiteboard

Their board is great for holding photos, important notes, and even spices that can be held up by a magnet. Humanistic design. There's a bright and comfortable shape plastic on the back that fits your hand very well. It's easy to use. In function: Richard. The cute push pin magnets are great for magnets. Please pay attention. The magnets should be kept away from the child. The shape is lovely and bright. They can be used by children. If you have any questions about the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. They can help you solve the problem quickly. There are variable sizes. If you need to buy more sizes of magnets, please look for LOVIMAG brand. LOVIMAG offers professional design and consultation service.

Brand: Lovimag

👤The magnets are strong. I was able to hold 8 printed pages on my fridge. They can hold up a holiday card. I've told everyone I know about these. It's a real life hack to have a lot of fridge magnets. It's even better that they're small.

👤This type of magnet is used for a whiteboard. They do a good job, and I can hold several think index cards with a single magnet. I knocked off a couple stars because I had 6 magnets that were faulty, four of which couldn't hold a single think index card and two of which couldn't hold their own weight. I'm annoyed that almost 10% of the magnets ended up in the trash, but the price is low and I like it. There is a I would recommend them.

👤It's a pretty good product. Not perfect. Magnetism: Many complained about this, but I found only one of my 120 did not hold up. It fell off the metal surface after a light touch. There is a They are adequate. The ones that are working hold up well. If you're not examining them closely, it's not noticeable that they aren't perfectly molded. Push Pin on the left is a yellow magnet picture. There is a I received 120 magnets, with 15 of each of the colors except purple and black, and the package had 16 black and 14 purple. I have only 13 working purples since one of the 14 didn't stick. Some magnets have the same polarization. Some of the poles have the north pole facing out. Some attract others one way and others another way. The green and yellow magnets are in my video. This doesn't affect how well it sticks to a metal surface or how close the magnets can be placed. They are in a packet. See my package picture. There is a The colors are vibrant and barely different from other brands. Push Pins on the top is a color comparison picture. There is a The 8 colors are better than the 4 colors for more users on the chart, and we use them for marking tasks complete on a chart, so they work perfectly for our purposes. I can survive with the packet being short 2 purples since I only need 12 of each for 6 days. One not working and one purple swapped out for a black brings it to 4 stars for me. I expect them to stick to metal. I think they are magnets.

👤My mom and sister will get 9 packs. Some pins were missing from every pack. I feel like they cheaped out to make sure every pack was the same amount. It's like they just hope you don't count them, and a lot of times people don't. The magnets don't hold a lot of them. It won't stick to any metal by itself. They don't quality control this stuff before sending it out. Not worth the price. Very disappointed.

👤36 pieces of the 120 lot do not perform.

6. SMARTAKE Refrigerator Magnets Multi Use Whiteboard

SMARTAKE Refrigerator Magnets Multi Use Whiteboard

It is guaranteed that ship flat to avoid being bent and curled. There was no rolling packed. They will serve you well if you contact them freely. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to them. They could be used as refrigerator magnets, whiteboard magnets, billboard magnets, and apply to anything else magnetic. They can help fix things like charging cables, fountain pens and sticky notes, which are very useful in home, office or school. Their magnets are made of high-quality neodymium metal, which is resistant to oxidation, and they have a long service life. Despite of its small size, each magnet is able to hold at least 15 sticky notes. It's not able to fixate the paper. The magnets will leave no marks or stains after being removed from your fridge or board. You don't need to worry that it will scratch your fridge or table. 45Pcs and a Storage Case are included in their package and come with a plastic case for easy storage, which also avoids damage and loss of the magnets during the transportation. There is a tip. Please keep your children and pets away from this product because it is small.

Brand: Smartake

👤I am very pleased with the purchase of the set of 45 10mm 3mm SMARTAKE. What can I tell you about that? There is a They are strong. I can't imagine how I could break one without being intentional. They are strong for their size. I use them to hold family photos on the refrigerator, a job they are way over qualified for. There is a I would say that the magnets are too strong for a basic use. I can't put them in place without removing them. I hang my car keys from one and they hold up. There is a The small plastic container they came in was damaged in shipping and all of the magnets fell out, but due to their strength, they all found each other in the Amazon box and formed a stack of 45 magnets. I don't understand how the manufacturer expected them to stay inside the container. They underestimate the strength of their product. There is a * There were a couple of warnings. I wouldn't order these with electronics that are sensitive to magnetic fields. There is a * I would keep these away from small children. If they were to find each other in the stomach it could cause a big problem. For a more detailed explanation, research the temporary ban on Buckyballs.

👤The box was broken, but they are strong for how small they are. They are a bit bigger than a pencil eraser. There is a I bought a smaller magnet for the small bottles that I used to glue 2 magnets on the bottom of the bigger bottles.

👤I used them to hold a curtain. I cannot put screws in the walls of my apartment. The magnets stick to the metal corners. I used less than half of the pack. There are still magnets on my fridge holding art, calendar and bills. I am happy with this purchase. The package arrived in 2 days and will probably buy again.

👤I am glad I didn't notice the size of the magnets that people posted on the internet, I might not have believed them. They are small and look like part of the advertisement, which is why I purchased them. I love the plastic carrying case because I'm sure they'd be sticking to random things without it. Yes, they are strong. I'm a fan.

👤The button is slightly thicker. It is very brittle for neodymium. Not strong, but small, and difficult to pull off a fridge. To the edge is where you should slide. The little guys are grouped together and only one 1.26”x 0.125” neodymium magnet has a stronger pull. Go bigger. You will not be disappointed.

👤The size of these magnets is not something you should be fooled by. They are strong. I keep my spices in small cans on the side of the fridge. For the last few years, I have been using magnets from the craft store that I have spent a lot of money on, but they weren't very strong. Cans would fall to the floor from a good bumped can. The magnets would come off and roll under someone. There is a I turned to Amazon to find more magnets. I was worried because they are so small, the largest one is the size of a hearing aid battery. I am really happy I got them. The one with the most staying power is the one in the craft store. My spices are back up where they belong, and they are not going anywhere this time.

7. Fridge Magnets Decorative Whiteboard Refrigerator

Fridge Magnets Decorative Whiteboard Refrigerator

Please use on the surface with high iron content if you want to refer to the specific size in image. Their fridge magnets compliment any surface you put them on. Your kids arts should be displayed in a cute way. The wooden clothespins have strong magnets on them that make them durable and unbreakable. The 8 clothespins in this set have their own unique style and are a perfect low budget gift for women, boys and girls. The extra is that you get a powerful magnetic hook with a 19 Lbs direct pull power and 6 lbs side pull, which is great for hanging your car keys, a small pan or whatever you choose to. If you are less than 200% satisfied with their decorative magnets set return you will get a full refund.

Brand: Treats&smiles

👤These are small but strong. You know those grade school construction paper projects? One clip holds them up. No sliding down. Some people think they are flimsy. The mechanism of clothes pins can sometimes slide, but you just push it back. A full size run of the mill clothes pin is the same thing. They are adorable, don't take up valuable fridge real estate, and work as they should.

👤These will serve my purpose, but I wouldn't recommend or buy them again. The item quality is low. Most of them are loose and crooked because they aren't put together well. I have to use two because the magnets are not strong and the large wrap pulls them down. I will have to find a new solution because I don't think they will last long. I am not happy with the price for the quality.

👤The clothespins magnets are cute. Clothespins are photo holders. I brought these with me to my job so I could give them to my cabinets. These are small enough to fit in a wallet. I'm sure it would work on bigger papers. There is a The bonus hook is strong. I was going to apply it to my cabinet as well. I was sucked in. You can hang heavier items with the hook. I love the clothespins magnets. They are cute. I think I will get some for my child's locker.

👤I wanted to make my own area with cork, dry erase and magnetic boards. They went back to the store. I found a black magnetic board that is perfect for what we need in our space. I would like to thank you for the simple and functional design of my modern home. It's perfect because we put many things on it, but it's just for our vision boards for 2020.

👤I really wanted to like these magnets, but they aren't as strong as I wanted them to be. They look cute, but the clips themselves feel as though they may fall apart, and they only hold very light paper weight. I am not entirely disappointed in the product, but I wish they were more durable.

👤The clips are a little larger than I thought. I thought they would be the same size as regular clothes pins. I really like them. They are strong enough to hold photos and are colorful.

👤The cabinets and drawers are so magnetic that I use them around my office cubicle. I keep these with me when I hang up notes or cards. I love the purple and pink design of the set I purchased. The magnetic hook is very strong and perfect for my use. I keep it against my cabinet drawers below the desktop and keep my charging cables nicely wrapped out of the way.

👤My kids' important school papers and cool crafts can be seen easily in view on our fridge or magnetic white board, thanks to these adorable magnets. The papers are well held by the clips. The mini clothespins seem to be attached to each other, even though the artistic designs on them would easily peel off and feel like plastic. I have attached a heavy duty hook to the oven and put a hand towel on it, now it stays put, which is better than having it hanging over the oven door handle.

8. COSOW Strong Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker

COSOW Strong Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker

Magnetic board, dormitory, maps, refrigerators, air conditioners, lockers, washing machines, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files, display memos, photos, are some of the things that can be Magnetized. What you will get is glass with decorative magnets. There are 12 round glass refrigerator magnets with a diameter of 1.2 inch in the set. They are strong magnets. You don't have to worry about it not being able to fixate the paper because it's able to hold at least 8pcs sticky note. It will not scratch any surface because of the high quality materials and clear glass. Fridge magnets are works of art and decorations, and can be used to store photos, documents, pictures or children's artwork. There will be no marks on the side of the sticky whiteboard magnet. Cute locker magnets for boys, girls and toddlers can be applied to metal or magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase boards, iron office documents and other household items. Creative and unique images, cute and interesting art refrigerator decorative magnets, is a great gift choice for vacation, home and kitchen. If you have questions after you receive your fridge magnet, you can contact them via email and they'll get back to you within 24 hours. Customer's satisfaction is their primary goal.

Brand: Cosow

👤I can't think of a better compliment than the person who said these are so good that you could make them a gift for someone. They're pretty. My kids noticed a moose on the fridge, even though they wouldn't notice a moose in the kitchen. The magnets are enough to hold up notes, coupons, art, and other things that go up on a fridge.

👤The magnets are strong enough to hold several pieces of paper. I like the colors and the small photos of my favorite art. A purchase will make a great gift.

👤They have to be aware that glass is a bad material. The magnetic part is not strong. Dropped and shattered. It's dangerous. Don't buy glass magnets, that's what I learned.

👤I put these on the child's board. My child loved the trees, but the magnets are not very strong. They do not have anything laminated or made of cardstock. If you want to hang up thicker items, I would choose a different set.

👤These magnets are beautiful. I thought it was over an inch in diameter. I wouldn't call them strong magnets. They will have a photograph on my fridge. I was disappointed that I was not able to find magnets that could hold two or three at a time. They are not strong. Average as far as decent refrigerator magnets go. They are absolutely beautiful. They came in a cute little gift box set that was made of foam so they wouldn't rattle around. It looked like a nice gift.

👤I was expecting the magnets to be in a bag. The magnets were placed in a piece of foam in the gift box. I showed my husband how well they arrived. The magnets are pretty. I will keep some at home and some at camp. I like magnets. The quality is outstanding.

👤The magnets have good strength. They are easy to grab. They are less likely to be knocked off the fridge. They feel like glass. Very nice magnets. Great gifts for people who love magnets. I will probably order more for myself. It's true!

👤These are pretty with vivid colors, but I would like to see more variety in the designs and color combinations. They are not super strong. I wouldn't be able to keep them in the fridge. The sheets of paper, fliers, etc. give a nice touch of class to the notice area.

9. Bulletin Board Decorative Cork Veneer

Bulletin Board Decorative Cork Veneer

The boards are 11 x 17 inches and lightweight. 20PCS multi-color map thumbtacks. The bulletin board is made with a decorative natural cork surface and an extra thick fiberboard backing. The board now has a set of Command Strips. It's perfect for schools offices or the home. The board can be mounted vertically or horizontally with the dimensions of 20 inches x 15 inches and 1/2 inch thick. Natural and sustainable materials include renewable cork and domestic wood fibers.

Brand: Jelinek Cork Group

👤The look of the board is striking. The cork veneer is an upgrade over the boring look of a standard bulletin board. It looks great in the kitchen. It seems like it will hold the push pins securely, but only time will tell. There is a The board I received was not flat. The opposite edge was at least a few feet away from the wall. It wasn't worth the risk of trying the 3M strips because of the rough surface of the backing and the force required to flatten the cork board against the wall. If the board fell off the wall, there's a chance of a damaged corner or edge. I chose to screw the board to the wall because I wanted a more permanent installation. I only needed 2 wall inserts because the edge was lined up perfectly. I used finishing washers to prevent the screw head from going below the cork. The bronze colored screws that I had in my collection look better than the standard black ones. There is a We will see how well board holds up during normal use.

👤I wanted to put something up on my bedroom wall that looked decent and not too cliché. This is perfect. It comes with four 3m Command strips to hang, but I swapped them out for the Command strips that have the velcro to make it easier to remove when the time comes. This board is very nice. The cork has a nice texture. It's working well for what I need.

👤I loved the bulletin board when I first looked at it. I tried to install it with the command strips. It's really hard! Nope, that's not happening! The back of the board is cheap and easy to use, so the command strips should not be used at all. I made it work by putting squares of poster board on the back of the bulletin board. The command strips they sent were useless as they had partial board all over them. I was able to hang my bulletin board. Be careful with the buyer.

👤I ordered this because the picture on the internet looks really nice, but when I opened the package it was less impressive. I might have bought one for less than $10 in the local area. The edges are wrapped over like a canvas, but they are actually rough cut and all the edges are exposed. The front surface was peeling off when I rubbed my finger on it.

👤The finish on the bulletin board is not like ordinary cork, which is why I like it. The 3M product brand strips were used to hang it. The problem with mine is that the finish on the underside of the corkboard wasn't good enough. I was going to return it. I still have it even though I forgot to drop it off. I had to glue the edges down all around the bulletin board in order to use it. I was not happy that I had to do any repair work or finish constructing it when it arrived. I don't know if all of the boards sent to other people have arrived. This was my experience.

10. Black Metal Magnet Board Magnetic

Black Metal Magnet Board Magnetic

3 pack 6inch black metal display stands can be used to stand painted tiles, decorative plates, photo frames, pictures, postcards, book, canvas, etc. This metal board is great for displaying anything magnetic. A non-magnetic refrigerator is turned into a useful surface. There is a warning! Magnets stick to the board, but regular metal does not. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, or RV walls, home offices, refrigerator doors, classroom, or cubicles. You can choose whether to drill or not with the dual lock tape and screw set. You can peel and stick the strips in the corners of your board. The rating for the glue is to hold over 5 pounds. The coating is scratch resistant. Kids are safe with smooth edges. It is packaged to prevent dents, ding, and bent corners. The glossy black surface makes your souvenirs, magnets, and family photos stand out.

Brand: Rayliad

👤I have a bunch of fridge magnets and I wanted to hang a board for them. Well... Many of them. Magnets just slide off the board. I can not return it because it is a piece of garbage and on top of a heap of trash. It is notflammable nor does it contain gas. The manufacture, seller, and Amazon were all to blame. Buy.

👤I bought two packs for four boards. The four boards were mounted in a square configuration, which made them fit over the center of my desk. There is a The boards have a smooth finish and are painted to look like metal. There is a The boards are finished and sturdy. They have a thin profile because they are mounted directly onto the wall. There is a There is a small gap when you butt the edges together.

👤I needed to put my collection of magnets somewhere because my fridge is not designed with a magnetic material. I used dual lock tape to install the board after I bought it. It lasted about a week and a half, and one day I arrived home to find all my magnets in the floor as the dual tape had stopped working. I regret buying one of these boards as I lost some of the magnets I had bought when traveling to other countries.

👤My RV fridge has plastic doors. Magnets stick well. They don't move when the doors are open. I use command strips to hold the metal panels in place so I don't have to use glue.

👤We had to put the board up in a way that didn't cause any damage to the wall. We woke up to a crash. We have collected them over the years.

👤The front of our refrigerator is not magnetic. Where will we show off our children's artwork? The board is the perfect solution. It is too small. So far, we have two. May you get a few more. We love looking at family pictures and have them on the wall next to the fridge.

👤I made an activity board for my great-grandson and used this blackboard as part of it. He was able to grasp and move the letters and numbers. He loves it!

👤I got these boards because I do in- home tutoring and the other boards I have only had a year to wear down. I got 2 boards because they seemed perfect. I tried out my normal dry-erase markers on one of the boards, but the board kept streaks of the ink even after I washed it. Not good for markers.

👤The delivery was on time.

11. Hanging Standing Magnet Bulletin Chalkboard

Hanging Standing Magnet Bulletin Chalkboard

The porcelain steel writing surface of the Bulletin Board is perfect for displaying magnets, bulletin boards or even writing on it. You can hang the chalkboard on your wall with their legs, which can be moved from freestanding on your table to hanging on your wall in seconds. Their patented design allows it to hang or stand vertically. The back of the frame is magnetic, which means that the writing surface on the board is magnetic. The frame will stick to your fridge. Their chalkboard is non-porous and will wipe clean every time. You won't need to worry about liquid chalk marker stains again. Premium chalkboards are built to last and are handcrafted from real pine wood. The writing surface of the board is 8.5”x11” and the actual measurement is 10.75”x13.25”

Brand: Tenxvi Designs

👤There's a reason there are no negative reviews. The board is beautiful. I was not expecting much for a chalkboard. The legs are magnetic. It is easy to put back on for use after being removed. This is my first marker. The wood is strong. I put it on the door. I expected it to slow down. The board was still in it's original location in the morning. The chalkboard is magnetic. I was expecting it to be weak. I was pleasantly surprised that the magnetic was strong. There is a There are no instructions for cleaning. This would be the only negative comment I could make. I used markers from Arteza. There were some good reviews on them. I would have to agree. I researched before buying to find out how to clean liquid chalk off and how to use diaper type wipes. As soon as the board and markers arrived, I tested them. I quickly followed up with the wipes and wrote all over the board, but I was afraid to let the markers dry, so I waited a few minutes and used the wipes. I followed with a wet cloth after removing most of the wipes. This time I grabbed one that had been used before. A green hue appeared on the board. I freaked and looked for instructions, but didn't see anything. She suggested I try magic eraser after a few emails. The seller believed the board could stand up to abuse. Everyone else likes magic eraser... I don't. They are tough on items. I knew I wanted a second board. The board still functioned like it was supposed to even with the green hue. There is a The seller was very nice and kept in touch, but it sometimes took many hours, maybe they are in a different time zone or just busy, but they will answer emails so be patient if you need to reach out to them. If I buy magic eraser, I will have to update this review to see if it worked or not. I think it will do more damage. Unless it gets worse, I probably won't touch it. I already have a second board in my cart. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤The chalkboard is flexible. I can put it on the fridge for a shopping list or on the counter for cute sayings.

👤The new magnetic chalkboards are easy to clean. They have a sturdy appearance. The magnets on the back of the stand are not strong enough to hold the metal pieces of the board in place. If the board is put in an upright position, the stand pieces will slide and the board will fall. We fixed this by attaching a stop to the back of the board. It is a shame to have to fix a brand-new item. The seller tried to reach me through a comment to my review after I contacted them about the problem. The stands have a lip that holds them in place. They shipped me new stands overnight, and they worked perfectly. I hope to be able to buy from this company again. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for decorative magnets for magnetic board?

Decorative magnets for magnetic board products from Impresa Products. In this article about decorative magnets for magnetic board you can see why people choose the product. Hbcy Creations and Loddie Doddie are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative magnets for magnetic board.

What are the best brands for decorative magnets for magnetic board?

Impresa Products, Hbcy Creations and Loddie Doddie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative magnets for magnetic board. Find the detail in this article. X-bet Magnet, Lovimag and Smartake are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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