Best Decorative Magnets for Refrigerator

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1. 12 Pack Magnets Refrigerator Decoration Whiteboard

12 Pack Magnets Refrigerator Decoration Whiteboard

100% guarantee. There is no color difference in what you get. You can return them and get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like them. It is absolutely safe for kids to play with high quality food magnets. There are 12 fridge magnets in this package. It will be great to decorate your kitchen with them. Large and Super strong magnets. Their kitchen fridge magnets have strong magnetism, they can hold up to 4 photos or 6-7 pieces of A4 paper, and it will not let papers fall. You can decorate your kitchen's refrigerator. The fridge stickers look like real delicious foods that make you want to eat and are in a 12-pack. There are funny fridge magnets in your kitchen. It's a perfect gift for everyone in your life. Cute magnets can pin your notes, but they can also be a beautiful decoration. A white board magnets, funny magnets for office, magnets for fridge,decorative magnets, cool magnets, kitchen fridge magnets, small refrigerator,office magnets, cute cartoon magnets,cute fridge magnets 100% guarantee. There is no color difference in what you get. You can return them and get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like them.

Brand: Favensen

👤I was surprised by how well these are made. Excellent quality. The painting is very well done, the material is good quality, not cheap plastic, it feels like stone to the touch. They're large too. The larger ones are about the same size. The strongest magnets in the biggest ones are a good strength. Smaller magnets are still strong enough for a photo or a piece of paper, and some of the smaller ones are not so good.

👤I decided on these because we needed more fridge magnets. The designs are nice and they are a good size. I don't think they look real. It is a decent quality for an okay price. There is a My baby is becoming more mobile recently and he loves magnets and how they stick to certain surfaces. They can break even if they are dropped from a height of 1.5 feet. I didn't like that. I recommend these for households with no mischievous pets or children because the chances of them breaking are much higher than with a human dropping them on accident.

👤These magnets are cute and detailed. They are very strong. I put a few of these under the dry erase board to hold it up because it keeps sliding down. That's how strong they are. I love the cute magnets.

👤I absolutely adore these! The magnets on the back are very strong, so they stick to the fridge, and the designs are cute. Unfortunately one of them was broken, but it's nothing a little glue couldn't fix. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I think the price is right for these magnets, they look good above my stove.

👤They are very cute and well made, and they give my kitchen the extra pop it needs.

👤My mom loves refrigerator magnets and I bought these for her. She was happy with them. Good weight. There are good sized magnets for bigger pieces. Good size pieces. I didn't think they made this kind of magnets anymore. Absolutely, order more!

👤These are quality magnets. The package only had 10 magnets, which were cute and in good shape. I was disappointed to pay $20 and not receive the 12 I paid for.

2. Dishwasher Decoration Appliances Decorative Refrigerator

Dishwasher Decoration Appliances Decorative Refrigerator

The dimensions are: 24 x 15 x 1.18". The board/gate will fit with the screws attached to it. The black flower is like the waves of the sea. The pattern is unique and hard to get dirty. The Dishwasher Magnet cover can be stuck to the front of the dishwasher to give it a different look. The dishwasher cover decals are made from Magnet sheet, printed vinyl and lamination. It is scratch resistant and tear resistant. Make sure the dishwasher panel is magnetic. The dishwasher door cover decals sheet is 26 inches wide. The magnets are easy to apply, adjust and remove, which makes them suitable for any metal surface, such as a car, van, truck, garage door, refrigerator, mailbox, metal desk, metal door, mini fridge, school locker, school bus, dry. On Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, and other holidays, make a wonderful gift for your friends, elders, and yourself. The dishwasher sticker on the kitchen stove is durable and can be used to hide flaws, scratches, dents or other marks on the dishwasher.

Brand: Mlgb

👤Our dishwasher has some drips on it that kept coming back and forth. I ordered this because I didn't want to spend $200 on a new front panel. It was easy to cut to size and looks great. It works well with my other appliances.

👤It could have been great. It seems that someone in the packing dept at Amazon wanted to fit it in a medium box. It arrived all bent in the middle, with bubbles and lifting areas right in the middle, and the top of the item. I waited a few days to see if it would fix itself. This one has to go back even though it looked great.

👤This is a cover up when you live on a cement slab and your water heater is in the kitchen. When people walked into my kitchen, they saw a stop sign, directions, manufacturer information, and more. I found this and thought it might work. My family and friends compliment me on it a lot. They all think I am smart for doing this. I stumbled upon this product and will buy more to represent the different holidays and charge them out accordingly.

👤I was surprised by how thick the dishwasher cover is. I hope it will stay on as I leave to help the ends stay down. The grooves on the cover sheet have been left by the small and tight rubber bands used to keep the tight roll in package. I'm hopeful that they will come out after laying down. The rubber bands should not have been used to roll up the cover. The price is in line with others but not as happy with the grooves left by the rubber bands.

👤I should have listened to the reviews that said the rubber bands leave a crease in the product and it won't lay flat. I tried flattening it for a few days and it was still bumpy. It won't fit in my dishwasher. You can see the bumps and crease. It's cheap and thin for so much money. I'm shocked that it's almost paper thin. I'm not happy. Don't buy it. Don't even try. Listen to the bad reviews. I would have liked to have.

👤I had it for two months and it did fall off once, but not again. Several people have ordered for themselves because everyone comments on how great it looks. I didn't cut it because it was quarter inch longer than my dishwasher. You can't notice it. I would change out one in a different style.

👤I bought this to cover my dishwasher. I didn't know how much I would notice the difference. It made a huge difference in our kit hen. I am going to paint the Handel with black chalk paint until I can afford a black car. There is a This is the way to go if you want to add a bit of flair to your kitchen.

👤I like the dishwasher cover. It is well made. It takes time to lay flat since it is rolled up.

3. MORCART Pcs Emoji Magnets Fridge

MORCART Pcs Emoji Magnets Fridge

The quantity is correct and the packaging is intact when shipped. If you find that the box is damaged and the quantity is not the same, please apply for a replacement or contact them to solve the problem. The design of the emily expressions is very trendy and can be found in almost all mobile applications. They will give life to furniture, lockers, notes, and more by changing the expression of the emoji from virtual to reality. The quality is higher. The product is not easy to break because it is made of gloss film. The furniture will not be damaged by a soft magnet at the bottom. The magnets can hold 6 sheets of paper. It's oil-proof surface makes it suitable for magnetic places. Make the photos more interesting by putting the faces of family and friends in the magnets and then putting them on the fridge. There is an Exquisite Gift selection. The product was designed by the companies. The perfect gift for children's family and friends is the exquisite packaging box, which has a storage function. If the emoji magnet brings new things to your life, please let them know in the way of comments. If the emoji magnet does not meet your expectations, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: M Morcart

👤Very cute! The packaging is lovely.

👤I bought these for my grandson. He will have fun with them on his magnets board. He will share these with his friends.

👤My son's crafts are on the fridge and I need more of the emojis. I shared them with my friends because of the quantity for the price.

👤The magnets are great. The thickness is fine and they would be easier to pick up if they were a little thicker. I wanted to teach my students feelings and vocabulary. It is more difficult to deal with feelings if kids don't have words to describe them. If a student tells the teacher that he is angry, the teacher will support the student in dealing with anger, even if it is not a good idea. This is a great way to teach those words and feelings.

👤I received my order of Magnets. I used them for my white refrigerator and they looked great. There is a The magnets are strong and beautiful. They all come in a seal box, they don't fall from the refrigerator, and they are just right for what I need. They make my white refrigerator look better by making it smile. I recommend.

👤I've had this for a while. I'm guessing it's because I'm not using it as much. The magnets are strong. The different faces, the slick look of the faces, and the thickness of the magnets make me happy. I don't think I can use a lot of facial expressions. I can't make them myself. It's a good thing. I love this set. I'll buy them again for family and friends one day.

👤The magnets are cute but small. The seller arrived as scheduled. It's easy to tell if the dishes are clean or dirty by the side color. I won't reorder.

👤We do a couple of dishwasher loads at home, but not always at the same time of the day. Before we had this sticker, dishes would pile up around the benches because it was often unclear whether the load had been finished or not. There is a The sticker helps reinforce the new habits of unloading all clean and adding dirty straight into the machine so that it doesn't go past the benches. Our toddlers like to help set the wash program and then flip the sticker from the sloth with the patches on it to the one with no patches at all. The dishwasher door is stuck to the cabinet door. I'm happy to say that the extra mount for the magnet was easy to affix and it keeps the magnet in place. This is a neat reminder.

👤I thought there were at least two models, but no. They are all different, they stick to the fridge and hold papers. I really like them!

👤They are fridge magnets. I used them to put my fridge in place.

👤Vous pouvoir toutes de Vraiment. Ne respecte the description. Je ne recommanderais, qui veulent quelque chose qui adhre.

👤Someone returned the item and it was damaged. I took pictures. Don't use the broken plastic box. Only repackaged and taped. Not very happy. The quality was okay.

4. Cosylove Refrigerator Whiteboards Beautiful Decorative

Cosylove Refrigerator Whiteboards Beautiful Decorative

locker disk magnets can be used to decorate a variety of objects. Square cute decorative magnets can be used to fix photos on a metal surface. Save the date sticky magnets are perfect to pin to note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, white board, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc. Each of the 12 magnets is about 1 inch x 1 inch. Magnetic board, dormitory, maps, refrigerators, air conditioners, lockers, washing machines, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files, and also can clip photos, are some of the things that can be applied to the new arrival beautiful magnets. Creative patterns, round crystal glass, bright color, add beauty to your decoration. Safe Magnets are made of durable crystal glass, laser printed and a glossy surface after polishing, no worry about the scratches anymore. Perfect Gift Choice comes with 12 different magnets, eye-catching, beautiful and colorful, great gift ideas for holiday.

Brand: Cosylove

👤I wish I'd read the reviews, these are pretty but not as glittery as the photos show, and the magnet is a tiny weak one. It doesn't hold anything on my frig, which is a big problem. Unless you are looking for a decoration, they are useless. Will be back.

👤The cute little magnets are made of glass and have a small magnet on the back. These are mostly for decoration. Sometimes I will hold up a single sheet of paper or note, but not a picture on my fridge.

👤The magnets in these are too small to work on a glass magnetic whiteboard. So disappointing. They're cute but useless. I had to buy strong magnets for glass boards. I was not happy that I had to buy different sets of magnets.

👤The granddaughter loved them. They are not sold in stores. Magnetics are only found in department stores, but they are similar to jewelry. Love them.

👤The women on the marketing team sent each other Galentine's. I ordered the magnets so I could give one to each Galentine. The seller's fault is that they were a lot smaller than I expected. The size is in the description. I wish I had time to order more and put two in each Galentine. I would buy them again because they are beautiful and inexpensive.

👤I didn't think the magnets were strong. It arrived on time. The magnets are about the size of a quarter and have a smaller round one in the back. My pictures were held up nicely by the magnets. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The magnets are about the size of a quarter. I use them to hold my grandsons pictures on the fridge and make it look better. They are not meant for heavy displays. If you are looking for attractive magnets, I recommend them.

👤It's not realistic to expect them to hold your Sunday paper to the fridge or anything, but they do the trick and hold photos and fliers just fine. They're bright, shiny, colorful, and cheery. I dropped one when I was taking them out. There wasn't any drop damage.

👤Die Magnete ist in echt. The Rckseite has a kleiner Magnet. The Magnete liegen is eben. Auerdem ist die Farben dumpf. There is a The Preis is 1,50 and is fair.

👤Arriavati puntuali. Li ho messi sulla lavagna magnetica. Bellissimi! I magneti! I ravvivano le giornate.

👤Non come tanti magneti in vendita. Tenere un pezzo di carta A4.

👤Attaccano bene. Un po' quindi non fatele cadere!

👤The Magnete sehen toll aus. Leider was lediglich by the kleiner Magnet. Wenig aus, haftet schlecht.

5. Cosylove Refrigerator Patterns Decorative Calendars

Cosylove Refrigerator Patterns Decorative Calendars

If you're not impressed by their product, you can return it for a 100% refund. Perfect gift choice comes with 12 different ink painting patterns, eye-catching, beautiful and colorful, great gift ideas for holiday and home. There are 12 different Ink Painting patterns that add beauty to your decoration. The wooden magnetic clips have two magnets on the back side which creates a pull force. The sticker is bright and transparent and feels smooth. Magnetic board, dormitory, maps, refrigerators, air conditioners, lockers, washing machines, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files, display memos, photos, are some of the things that can be Magnetized.

Brand: Cosylove

👤Absolutely not worth my money. These clips were so flimsy that they couldn't hold a greeting car. They wanted to charge $5.99 to return them when they were only $9.99. I apologize for the fact that this product has not reached your satisfaction because the size of the clip is only 4.5 cm, so the magnet above this can only be a small one. I hope you understand that our workers have spent a lot of time in order to make a beautiful and qualified clip. There is a We will do our best to improve our clips, we will focus on your suggestions, thanks again. There is a Gelible, best regards. The company is a waste of time and I have clips that I don't use.

👤Only 11 of the 12 Clips had magnets on them. There were many stickers hanging off the edge of the clip. Not worth the money. Disappointed in the quality of the product. Seemed to be cheap.

👤These are very cute. I bought them for our refrigerator because our granddaughter brings home art projects from preschool every weekend. As most grandmothers, they immediately go to the refrigerator. The magnets are not strong enough to hold more than 1-2 sheets, so you need to use 2 for construction paper artwork. Gramma has "special" magnets for her artwork and my granddaughter was so excited that she had them. The colors of the magnets are bold. Make your kids/grandkids day and get some "special" clips for their artwork if the magnets are a bit stronger.

👤The design on these is gorgeous. My daughter received them for Christmas. We were a little disappointed that they weren't strong. If you don't guide them to stay on, they will slip off the metal clip. They were not cheap enough to be that flimsy. They should be put on metal clips.

👤There are clothes pins with stickers on the front and back. It's a cute concept but the stickers are either hanging over the edge or showing the wood, which is not straight on most of the clips. Not worth the price.

👤I am satisfied with the price of the magnetic clips. The letters pattern is not as pretty as others. I use it more for the function. These clips can hold one or two pieces of paper.

👤I have a chalkboard that they can use. I wanted to put pictures on the chalkboard. These are about an inch and a half long. They have something on them. If you needed something similar, I would recommend them.

👤I returned the item to Amazon. Without a magnifying glass, the caption is hard to read. They are adorable, but not what I had in mind. I thought they'd be bigger. Thank you for allowing me to return them. I think all dog owners would be kicked out.

6. CoCoMe Succulent Refrigerator Magnets Friends

CoCoMe Succulent Refrigerator Magnets Friends

Perfect Gift Choice comes with 12 different magnets, eye-catching, beautiful and colorful, great gift ideas for holiday. The size is 23 cm and the width is 45 cm. Succulent plants shape. There are 4 different patterns. It's perfect for use on fridge door, cabinet, whiteboard. Adding beauty to your decoration is done with pretty patterns.

Brand: Cocome

👤I was very excited to receive them. They are very well made and cute. I thought they'd be a tad larger than they are. I like how they look on my fridge. Be careful! I bought something. A new fridge. I rearranged them and one of them scratched my fridge. The back of the magnet was a little jagged. You don't want to leave these in the hands of small children who like to play with magnets. I make sure my kids don't slide these around. They have a strong grip. Some reviewers said they were weak. Not the case here! They hold up well. There is a These arrived perfect because of the great packaging from the manufacturer. I'm very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to others.

👤I didn't realize that I would only be getting 4 magnets. It is obvious to me that the product includes 4. I think I wasn't paying attention. These are lovely and of high quality. The magnets are strong. The fridges have held on because my bf tends to yank them open with too much force. Highly recommended. This would be a great gift for a coworker or stocking stuffer.

👤Before using the magnets, be sure to use strong glue. The magnets were a gift but the leaves were chipping and the magnets popped off when unpacking. I'm bad, but there's still 7 more. Put a second one on the fridge and pull it off to see if it was strong. The plant fell onto the tile floor when it was put back on the fridge. Oh my gosh! I used gorilla wood glue and put them back in the fridge. No issues since.

👤I read the reviews before I bought them and decided to take a gamble. I assume those who received broken ones broke them while opening them because they were neatly packaged in styrofoam. The magnets are strong. They are smaller than I expected. I smile when I see them in my kitchen. They do seem like they would break easily, so it wouldn't be a good idea to drop them. These are for people who are not aclutz and are looking for unique little magnets. I love them!

👤These are very cute. They're a bit smaller than I thought, but it's not bad. I'm not worried that the magnets will fall off the fridge. They're not gaudy even up close, but they can't look real.

👤I took these out of the package and put them in the fridge. I put the last one on the fridge and it fell off. The edge of the fridge's magnet broke off when the succulent fell. I had to move the one on the fridge from one spot to another because the one on the magnet came right off. I am not holding out hope that my other two will last because the Succulent are not securely adhering to the magnets. They really are pretty. Don't waste your money, don't buy these. I opened the package and it fell apart.

7. Joyzy Refrigerator Magnets Decorative Kitchen

Joyzy Refrigerator Magnets Decorative Kitchen

It's great as souvenirs or decorations. Adults and kids will love them. They will add to the look of the room. There is a set of 24. The measurement is 0.6 0.6 0.4 inch. Pin notes, photos, postcards, menu, recipes, artworks, documents on fridge door, cabinet, locker, whiteboard, or other magnetic surface. There is a white backing and a magnet at the back. It looks like crystal. They don't cover up what they put on the fridge. Things should be neat. It was a great gift for a first apartment for a high school graduate.

Brand: Joyzy

👤The magnets have a magnetic pull that is strong enough to hold items. The price is right for multiple uses.

👤They are very cute. They look like tiny ice cubes. They only need 1 cube to hold the card up. I like the look with 4. Many come in a pack and don't take up much space.

👤Smaller than I thought. Kind of frosted. The magnets are strong and I like them.

👤The magnets are cute and won't overwhelm your fridge. Excellent quality.

👤The magnets have a nice grip on them.

👤They are strong magnets for their size, they look exactly like the picture. I was looking for a place to keep my bills, cards, and pictures.

👤These magnets are awesome. Some of the ones I bought were more colorful, but they held up a piece of paper on my board. One of these magnets can hold a greeting card or several pieces of paper. Great purchase!

👤Work is great and easy to do. It was what I wanted.

8. SOSMAR Refrigerator Decorative Cabochons Whiteboards

SOSMAR Refrigerator Decorative Cabochons Whiteboards

The package includes 24 x fridge magnets with a mandala pattern, all in a box. Every piece of artwork is a work of art. The design and material is made of glass, rubber magnet and beautiful patterns. The dome shape is easy to take off. It will be a great addition to the decor in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, etc., as fun magnets for kids. The diameter of 30mm and height of 9mm ensure a high quality appearance. One magnet can hold up to 2 - 5 sheets. It's not suitable for glass magnetic board with iron content. 24 different magnets are suitable for fridge, magnetic whiteboard, notice board, and ideal as a gift to your friends.

Brand: Sosmar

👤The front and sides of my fridge are bumpy. The magnets are on the smooth front. It would take 2 or 3 people to hold a sheet of paper on the side with the bumpy ridge pattern. So... You have it. These work great on the fridge surface.

👤I bought a set of kaleidoscopes. The box was broken. I would've liked it to be intact for future storage, because it has nice separate compartments. The magnets were still there. The one in the broken compartment was moved to another compartment. The colors are bright. It took a good amount of strength to separate the two that were in the same compartment. The rubber backing is nice. The green one is off-center, which you can see in the picture. I'm not sure if it was a printing issue or a design issue. The designs are still pretty. If the plastic holder hadn't broken, the product would be a 5 stars.

👤I know they are just refrigerator magnets. Who would think that a person would be excited over a purchase of refrigerator magnets? There is a lot of colors and designs. I am very happy with them and recommend them.

👤They look cool, but aren't very powerful. It won't hold a thick piece of paper. There are good pictures on thin stock.

👤Cute for decorations, don't expect to hold things up well with just one.

👤reviews said it would hold several pages, but my experience is that it only holds one sheet. Nice looking, but not very useful for my needs.

👤These hold up small things and my grand kids artwork on my fridge.

👤I love these! Exceeded expectations! They are strong enough to hold things in the fridge.

9. Magnets Refrigerator Fridge Whiteboard Magnetic Clips

Magnets Refrigerator Fridge Whiteboard Magnetic Clips

These robust refrigerator magnets will let you put your child's work front and center. The fridge magnets are strong and rust-resistant. They can be used on both fridges and white boards. Not even when knocked. Their magnets for whiteboard and fridge have surface protecting clear stickers that are precisely measured to fit and prevent scratch marks from the metallic edges. There is a notepad included. You'll receive a 30 sheet magnetic notepad, measuring 2.75in x 2.75in, along with their whiteboard magnets, which are perfect for leaving notes for loved ones or shopping lists. A great gift is the fun magnet clips. These strong and sturdy magnets will keep your cherished items center-stage.

Brand: Papercode

👤I ordered the magnets because my kids like to hang up their artwork and papers, but within a day of use it became obvious they were not scratch-free. After looking at a few of them, the magnets are sunk behind the edge of the housing, which allows the sharp edges of the housing to scratch any surface you put them on. You will ruin whatever you use them on if you're used to sliding magnets around. My refrigerator was $2,000. Papercode has offered to make things right, and I was quickly contacted by them. The product didn't work out for me, but I can appreciate a company who stands behind their product.

👤I am glad I found these. I put a lot of paperwork on my fridge. It was nice to have these magnetic clips. I was able to put my papers on the outside of my fridge. The magnetic memo pad was an added bonus. I leave myself notes when I need reminders to get things done. Thank you for the great product! Highly recommended!

👤The manets were purchased to replace the cheap grocery store magnets. There is a They are great. They are made to last. They hold multiple papers with a strong grip. They come with plastic covers. There is a They were a good value and arrived on time.

👤It has finally been done. A fridge magnet that holds my stuff on the fridge. Not too small... Love the clip for business cards. I love them!

👤The magnets are strong and can hold a lot of weight. I would caution you that the magnets are not completely centered in the border of the clip. If you are not careful with any movement, the edge of the steel will scratch the fridge if you are not careful. I don't really care about small scratches, but if you have a really expensive fridge, then maybe you should consider this product.

👤This is the first time I've ever used magnetic clips with a scrach-proof sticker, and I've been using them for many years. It protects me when I use them on a white board. I use these on my computer/camera cords to move them out of the way so I can find them easily after moving my laptop. I use them to hold mail waiting to be delivered, posters and calendars in my classroom, and lots of different papers. I use them in my garage for small items. I can bend them as needed, but not flimsy.

👤This is a simple product and I got what I wanted. I'm inclined to write a review because this company seems to go the extra mile. I didn't know I was getting a magnetic notepad when I received the package. I will support the company again.

👤These are very strong. They are strong enough to hold a bag of chips in the fridge and free up counter space.

👤Nicht empfehlenswert, also der Kauf dieser Magnete war rausgeschmissen Geld. The problem is die Verarbeitung, der Magnet ist sitzt.

10. Refrigerator Magnets Decoration Whiteboards Suitable

Refrigerator Magnets Decoration Whiteboards Suitable

Cool locker Succulent Magnets can be used to decorate your kitchen's refrigerator, office white boards, school and classroom lockers. Refridgerator magnets can be used to fix photos on a metal surface. Save the date sticky clip magnets to pin note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc. The thickness of the fridge magnet is 0.4 cm. It doesn't seem to take up too much space. It is perfect for home decor. Their team has always presented the best quality to you. They have shown that fridge magnets can stick to 6 A4 sheets. Magnets that are corrosive. The fridge magnets can be used to paste receipts, plans, documents, instructions, children's artwork and family photos on iron surfaces. Art magnets are the perfect gift for your partners, friends, colleagues and art lovers. Please note. The fridge magnets are not a toy. It's not suitable for children under 3 years old. The operation of the pacemaker can be interfered with by these fridges magnets.

Brand: Ubaoxin

👤The magnets are strong enough to hold two Christmas postcards and a photo in a plastic sleeve. The magnets are large. They are pretty, but they need to be oriented in a way that makes sense to the viewer. I will probably buy more.

👤The magnets are cute. They hold up well to the fridge. Not as well as some magnets. They'll probably hold photos or two sheets of paper. I like the pictures a lot and that's the main reason I bought them. I should have looked at the size as they are a little smaller than I thought. I would buy more.

👤I was worried they would be cheap prints. They look great. I assume the print is made of a substance called resin. The pictures are clear. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I love the detail and the intensity of the magnet. The colors are true. Can hold the weight of an envelope with a greeting card inside. I would go bigger than three sheets of note paper. I hope that is correct.


👤These magnets hold up well and I love them! I have them keep multiple pieces of paper on my fridge. These things feel like they are made to last because of the vibrant colors. It's perfect for art lovers.

👤Good value for money, strong fridge magnets, and can hold more than a page or two up against the fridge without falling.

👤I went to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago and bought these magnets online. It's very durable, so reasonably priced. I put them on my fridge and enjoy them.

11. Planet Magnets Fridge Refrigerator Whiteboard

Planet Magnets Fridge Refrigerator Whiteboard

If the emoji magnet brings new things to your life, please let them know in the way of comments. If the emoji magnet does not meet your expectations, please contact them for a replacement. PREMIUM QUALITY cute round clear glasses with strong Succulent magnets! The magnets for the fridge are made of glass and measure 0.38" thick. 12 PCs have a funny set of glass refrigerator magnets. The locker magnets for girls and boys are made of durable crystal clear glass with a powerful magnet that will not scratch any surfaces. The magnets for the fridge set can hold a lot of things. There are no marks on the sticky whiteboard magnet side. WIDE APPLICATION: Succulent fridge magnets for kitchen and office can be applied to a wide range of objects, such as refrigerator, microwave, washing machines, lockers, magnetic dry erase board, iron office files and other household items, office cabinet, whiteboard, photos, shopping lists etc Perfect gift ideas! Cute magnets for whiteboard and fridge are a great gift choice for Christmas, mother day, father day, thanksgiving gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, must have gifts, present first home gifts! Cool locker Succulent Magnets can be used to decorate your kitchen's refrigerator, office white boards, school and classroom lockers. The colorful refrigerator magnets can be used to fix pictures on a metal surface. Save the date sticky clip magnets to pin note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, artwork, documents, project presentation on fridge door, whiteboard, locker, cabinet, chore chart, cubicle, etc.

Brand: X-bet Magnet

👤The claims that these can hold 8 pieces of paper are not true. If you blow on them, they won't hold many. If you really need strong magnets, these are not the ones that are attractive and suitable for single sheets on the fridge. They're fine for small notes and pictures. We have an art exhibition on our refrigerator, so they're subpar.

👤They are everything I could have asked for. It is giftable if you know your friends and family would like it.

👤I have small and large magnets that I received from other people. I'm happy with them. They look great in my freezer. Can't wait to get more to cover the freezer. Thank you for the great customer service. Didn't have to wait long for them.

👤We put the magnets on the fridge. We are very happy with how they are holding up. Our girls hang their artwork on the fridge and they look nice holding paper up. I've tried several different magnets at Walmart and Target, but nothing held up or looked cute. I am very happy with these.

👤These little magnets are very cute. I need some color in my apartment and these are the first things I will put in the fridge. They come in a giftable DVD box. They send you a page of stickers with the same images of the solar system. I put them on my laptop. I'll visit this company more and I'm sure you'll be happy as well.

👤Look very realistic. My children decided they wanted to become astronauts because of these magnets. The pictures are very realistic, and they pretend to be flying on a spaceship on a route made by magnets on the fridge. I'm thinking of buying a set of butterflies.

👤I was looking for a perfect item. They are the right size for my fridge. The hang is beautiful. They are bright and colorful. I love this item. Not big or small. Thank you for your prompt services.

👤There are cute images of the planets. Sticks well and holds things in the fridge. There are stickers on the magnets. Great purchase.

👤They were put on the fridge after being ordered with Prime. They look great, don't scratch my fridge, and I love them! There is a Although they look great, they won't hold anything more than 2 sheets of paper thick, so you may get away with 3 sheets thick. These aren't the magnets you want.

👤They are shiny and stick to the fridge. What more can you add? There is a One for each planet, plus two for the Earth and one for the Sun and the Moon.

👤The fridge has a Planets magnet on it. My grand daughter loves looking at the planets. The feel is very vibrant. I would recommend it.

👤These magnets are gorgeous. I am very happy with them. They're bright and shiny. I like them.

👤I bought them for my kids. They love them. Good quality and value for money.


What is the best product for decorative magnets for refrigerator?

Decorative magnets for refrigerator products from Favensen. In this article about decorative magnets for refrigerator you can see why people choose the product. Mlgb and M Morcart are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative magnets for refrigerator.

What are the best brands for decorative magnets for refrigerator?

Favensen, Mlgb and M Morcart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative magnets for refrigerator. Find the detail in this article. Cosylove, Cocome and Joyzy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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