Best Decorative Mason Jars with Flowers

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1. Sconces Decorative Hydrangea Wrought Decoration

Sconces Decorative Hydrangea Wrought Decoration

These mason jar sconces have the perfect combination of contemporary and farmhouse style that gives your home a shabby chic look. Hang this decor wall set in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, between mirrors or painting and enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from the light and silky flowers of hydrangea. Premium materials are put together to make these wall mason jar decor. Each reclaimed wood has hooks that support the weight of the mason jars and they added lights and silk that make a beautiful decorative piece. Give these decorative wall mason jars as a perfect gift. Their rustic wall decor can make Thanksgiving and Christmas days warm and welcoming for your guests. They can be placed in the kitchen, dining room wall, or anywhere you think looks great. Customer satisfaction is their priority and that's why they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. The mason jars are backed by a 12-month warranty. Contact them if you have any issues.

Brand: Gbtroo

👤I was worried but I love the reviews. They look great and are great quality.

👤These are good for the price. The mine were delivered quickly. Some reviewers mentioned getting the fairy lights, but mine used AA batteries. They don't require much to put together, but they will not come out of the box ready to put on the wall. The mason jar and plaque have the twine tied to them so you don't have to do anything else. The stem is too long but you don't have to bend or cut it to fit. I recommend putting the flowers together and then putting a few stems behind the string holding the jar on the plaque. This makes it look bigger and better. I will probably buy another set for family and friends.

👤It is almost exactly as pictured, a kit you put together with all its components packaged up nicely so they don't get broken. It is easy to put together, and uses AA batteries for the lights. The flowers looked very fake and plain with no leaves, but I painted them with a brown sharpie. You could use lavender or gray pink light blue to give the flowers a pop against a white wall or mix in other flowers. I am happy with this purchase.

👤If you know how to handle it, I recommend this. There is a It came in perfect conditions. If you know how to make it work, you will love it. This product is cheap and good looking and it is not going to bother you. One of the lights doesn't want to work, but it's only because the metal isn't connected when it arrives. I fixed it. You don't need to cut it, you just need to watch the video of the instructions. 2 AA for each light is what you need.

👤These are worth the money. The lights are not timer. They stay on all night. If you want timer lights, don't buy them.

👤The price from this seller was better than others. They didn't let us down. Good quality. Recommended.

👤I decided to take a chance after reading the reviews and seeing they were mixed. 10/10 would buy again. I love these on my wall. The only complaint is that the lights don't have batteries. I use these without the lights and it still looks great, so that's not an issue for me. I bent the flower stem to the height I wanted, it was no big deal. This is an unbeatable value compared to the other ones. I don't think buying a different, more expensive version of this would give me anything worth it. The product is a nice one, just be aware of the couple things others didn't expect, and you'll be happy with it.

👤The master bedroom has a simple decor. I recently redecorated and these made a great finishing touch. I found that the battery cases could be tucked right into the back of the wooden pieces, since there are three small pieces of wood that jut out in the back. The batter case is more snug in one of them than the other, so it helps to hide them. I think purchasing these is a good idea. When the lights are off, they are gorgeous, even though my camera doesn't do them justice.

2. Diamond Star Flower Decorative Bottles

Diamond Star Flower Decorative Bottles

We planned to launch this listing in April but were delayed due to the Pandemic. They can use your suggestions for new productions. The Caddy is 7.5L x 2.5W x 4.5H in. The weight is 0.87lb. It is made of iron and glass. The set of 3 milk bottles with caddy is a fun way to decorate. There are three vintage style mini glass bottles in the basket. You can fill these bottles with flowers from the garden for a country garden centerpiece. The package includes a caddy and vases. Plants and small items in jars are not included in listing because they are for display purposes. If the glass bottles are broken during transportation, please contact them and they will provide you with a replacement at the first opportunity. If the glass bottles are broken during transportation, please contact them and they will provide you with a replacement at the first opportunity.

Brand: Diamond Star

👤I thought it was smaller, but I love it!

👤They are great for a rustic room. They are small and will fit anywhere.

👤It was nice for the price point. The metal carrier was broken when it arrived. The item is just a cardboard box and shipped. I received a credit from Amazon and ordered a new one.

👤Cute display but too small for flowers. The ad is not accurate.

👤Thought they were bigger bottles, but they were perfect for the space.

👤Cute. It is used for decoration on floating shelves.

👤It's super cute. Shipping was fast and the price was great. Great deal!

3. Piece) Foaming Dispenser Toothbrush Countertop Organizer

Piece%EF%BC%89 Foaming Dispenser Toothbrush Countertop Organizer

There are luxury bathroom accessory sets. One 16oz mason jar with a white foaming soap dispensers, one 16oz mason jar with a 304stainless steel pump toothbrush holder, and two beautiful waterproof label stickers are all included. The mason jar bathroom set is a great addition to your home and bathroom. The premium pump isdurable. The mason jar lid is made of durable steel. The mason jars will last a long time. It adds style and function to the bathroom kitchen with its beautiful pattern and durable material. The glass ball mason jar is genuine. It will get the job done. MULTIFUNCTIONAL MASON JARS: The toothbrush holder is great for storing toothbrush, makeup brushes,razors,flossers and more. Save counter space. You can organize your home office, art room, bathroom, and more. The mason jar is a great addition to your bathroom. It's a great gift idea for a wedding, a new home,birthday,warming, mother's day,valentine's day,thanks giving day, Christmas day, or just about anyone to use. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied. They will give you a satisfaction. If you aren't satisfied, you can get 30-Day Money Back.

Brand: Andrew & Sarah

👤My first package got lost and I had been waiting a while to get this. I was expecting a distressed mason jar that looked like it had been painted, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was just solid white. It still matches my bathroom, so I wasn't picky about that. I was a little disappointed that only one of the jars had a yarn bow on it. I had something similar in my arts and crafts drawer. I received three jars and one bow from the picture. The picture did not show an extra soap nozzle which I thought was helpful because sometimes, after a while, the soap nozzles get clogged, or don't pump correctly so having an extra was awesome. The jars are not exactly what the picture shows, but they are still a 5 stars in sturdiness, easy to clean, and definitely worth the money. It doesn't look like the picture or come with everything as shown, so I gave it 4 stars. It's super cute. I love it.

👤Poor quality. Paint coming off jars, cheap plastic pump that doesn't work with paint flaking off, and rust around pump and down from the first day of use! The note card said to contact us for a refund. Still trying to reach the company...

👤My son told me that this item has been broken over a month and that I bought it on September 12 so it did not last at all. I can't even return it now.

👤I love these jars. They look great in my bathroom. I will probably buy more for my other bathroom and gifts. They were packaged and handled with care, they looked exactly like advertised. I can't say enough good things about them.

👤When I saw these, I was so excited. They were shattered when they arrived. The replacement was shattered when I returned it. It would have looked so cute in my bathroom, I need to work on the packaging.

👤The toothbrush holder broke. I wrote the seller and ordered it again. The second time, it was perfect. I love it!

👤One of them had a scratch on the bow, like what's on the picture. It looks like it might be easy. The rustic look will be okay.

👤I love the set, but the soap dispensers are faulty and I had a replacement. I purchase another one from Marshalls.

4. TJ MOREE Seasonal Interchangeable Farmhouse Decoration

TJ MOREE Seasonal Interchangeable Farmhouse Decoration

ORDERHABM WITH CONFIDENCE Quality assurance guarantees are included in the HABOM home décor. You have that right. The wood plank mason jar sconces have a 100% lifetime guarantee. Add rustic charm to any design with these antique mason jar sconces. They complement your home with a light that evokes peace and harmony, and can be put in a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, near the TV, or by pictures or paintings. Their mason jar sconces complement your walls with their farmhouse style. A pull chain switch makes it easier to use. You don't need a complicated installation process when you receive the product, just stick the switch box on the board and use it immediately. A perfect gift for your friends and family. These are great offerings for a birthday, Christmas, or housewarming party. A mason jar is a great decoration for weddings, bridal showers, or any other occasion. A box package is an easy gift. They only use the finest materials to make Rustic Wall Decor. 2 mason jars, 2 reclaimed wood backings, 2 strips of LED lights box, and 2 bunches of faux gypsophila are included in the hanging decoration. If any part of your has been less than perfect, you will get a rest assured purchase. They will solve the problem within 24 hours. They will do everything they can to meet your experience. If any part of your has been less than perfect, you will get a rest assured purchase. They will solve the problem within 24 hours. They will do everything they can to meet your experience.

Brand: Tj.moree

👤I love it! You just need to buy more batteries.

👤I threw the flowers in the trash can. The jar collar and wood were added with hot glue. I put some plastic bumper circles on the back of my house. The hanging string was doubled so it wasn't long. Those other people aren't careful, so put a big clear drywall anchor in the wall. I attached the leaves to the jar mouth with hot glue. It was enough to keep the flower from falling into the trash can. I absolutely adore it!

👤It makes my home feel warm and comfy. They are exactly as pictured and packaged well. The only two things I can say is that the flowers smell like storage and that I just sprayed some perfume on them to make them smell better. They were probably sitting in a warehouse for a while. The strings are not perfectly aligned on my wall because they are longer. If I had noticed prior, I could have just cut them. I would buy them again if I had to. Very cute.

👤I love these! It's simply beautiful! It was easy to set up. You can leave the flowers or change them out. I added a few sunflowers to make them stand out. I brought two sets for myself and my sister fell in love with them. I got some for her birthday. The price was great and I promise you will be disappointed.

👤Very cute! It's easy to assemble. It all says 2 for $30. I like them. The wood is strong. I took out the pink and purple flowers, but left the white ones. I might switch them out for some sort of plant. You can play with them. The lights are bright, not dim as I 888-276-5932s predicted. * The lights ended up glowing instead of being fluorescent. I'm not sure if the battery just went off after a couple weeks. The flower bulbs come off easily, so watch out for littles getting a hold of them, if you have them somewhere reachable. My toddler got a flower up her nose for the first time in 3 years, so we are doing well.

👤I was going to make my own but I didn't think I could have made them cheaper than I did. They are cute on my wall. The room is so cozy because of the fairy lights. I like the rustic look of wood and anything mason jars work for me. I was very happy with my purchase and would recommend these to anyone that loves this type of thing. These are cute and look pretty on the wall. I like them in the hallway because it has enough light to see where you are going. Would purchase again.

👤There are a couple of mason jar wall sconces. I like that I can change out the Autumn leaf for different flowers depending on the season. The only thing I don't like about these sconces is that they are too cool for my liking, and the light strings are too warm for my liking. I gave the product four stars and not five because of this. I really like the sconces. I would buy them again for myself or as a gift for someone.

5. DOGAR Premium Mason Jar Lights

DOGAR Premium Mason Jar Lights

All Cdong vintage wall hanging sconces are backed by a 12-month warranty. Let them know if rustic wall sconces can be fixed or replaced, they will send you a replacement. The mason jars are a perfect addition to your home décor and can be placed in the hallway, bedroom, kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom and dining room. The farmhouse decorations are a perfect gift for any occasion, from mom to daughter, family, friends and for birthday, bridal shower, anniversary and house warming parties. If you love vintage home decor style, then their mason jars wall decor is the perfect choice. They are designed to add a fashion statement to any wall and will give you peace and calm. There is a package included. Their hanging mason jar decor includes 2 rustic wooden boards, 2 mason jars, 2 silk hydrangea, 2 strips of warm white LEDs, 2 hooks and battery. An instruction manual is included for your assistance. Automatic timer that can be used for 6 hours. It has an automatic timer. It will light up the same time every day for 6 hours if you set a timer. 100% QUALITY SATISFACTION: They make sure to give you the highest quality product and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If the product doesn't meet your requirements, return it to them and they will replace it for you. 100% QUALITY SATISFACTION: They make sure to give you the highest quality product and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If the product doesn't meet your requirements, return it to them and they will replace it for you.

Brand: Dogar

👤Why is this so cute? It is disassembled. It took me three minutes to put them together. They are very cute. 2 AA batteries are not included. I'm going to order more for Christmas gifts. I would be proud of her. There is a I make stuff like this for fun, but I can't make two of them for the same price. It costs about $10 to make one for me. It's worth it.

👤These are gorgeous! I was going to make some, but it was easier to buy them already made. The flowers are nice, but you can change them out if you want. The only thing I did not change was the lights because they need to be turned on and off manually. I bought two strings of fairy lights. I don't have to take them down to turn them on and off manually.

👤The product is not safe. I turned the batteries on and turned them off. I smelled something burning and looked at the plastic case and it was melting. The batteries were very hot when I took them out. I don't recommend anyone to buy it.

👤I picked up the lights. They were put together and hung on the wall. It was packed well and easy to put together. Love them.

👤I like these. They look great in my hallway. I can use the lights to light up my hallway at night since the directions do not say so, and I can turn on the timer after a while since I know which setting it is.

👤This set is cute. The flowers arrived a bit smashed and didn't look very good so I used others. It's still a good value. They can be switched up to accommodate holidays. The automatic light feature is similar.

👤My daughter got an Amazon gift card for her birthday and she used it to buy these. We got them hung up and she loved them. A simple thing can make a huge difference. She likes that they're on a timer. She's looking forward to sleeping with them. I'll fix the battery behind the wood instead of in the jar.

👤I was upset when I got these because they were a reasonable price. I knew where I was going to put them. When I opened the box, pieces were falling from it and I realized they were broken beyond repair. I didn't want to order another set, so I sent them back. They were really cute, so maybe you will have better luck.

6. Mkono Centerpiece Decorations Farmhouse Centerpieces

Mkono Centerpiece Decorations Farmhouse Centerpieces

Caution: The artificial flower have stem that are bent in half for shipping, but are easy to straightened out. The table centerpiece is made of distressed jars and transparent mason jars with a soft gorgeous color and artificial flowers for a unique decorative effect. It's so cute as a table centerpiece, bathroom countertop, kitchen utensil holder and so on. It's perfect in modern or rustic home decor. The lighted mason jar set is a great centerpiece for your home. It will make your space look more rustic. The jar has string lights. You can put the battery box in the middle jar. Great to them at night. Box and mason jars can be used in a variety of ways. You can use as cooking utensils storage holder for kitchen to organize the flip, stir, spoon, fork and knife. The Lighted Floral Mason Jar Centerpiece is a great gift. Birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, housewarming, graduation, thanks giving, Christmas decor gifts are perfect gifts. The package includes a wood box, jars, fake flowers, and a light string. The inside measurement is about 10L 3.6W, the light string is 5M, and the wooden box is 11L 4.6W. The package includes a wood box, jars, fake flowers, and a light string. The inside measurement is about 10L 3.6W, the light string is 5M, and the wooden box is 11L 4.6W.

Brand: Mkono

👤The set is cute. It works well with my office decor. The lights are useless and you have to come up with a clever way to hide the battery pack. I paid for what I got, but will keep it.

👤I received my jars with the flowers yesterday and they are packaged well so that they don't break. The flowers are pretty. I only received one set of lights. I will be buying another set of lights so that I can light up the jars.

👤The quality is very nice and looks cute. Not cheap or tiny, as some online items are. I will use the picture of the head table as a template to decorate it.

👤I wish there was more space to hide the battery box. I have to keep it out of the tray. The product is beautiful.

👤The fairy lights didn't have a timer.

👤It was easy to put together. The flowers were wrapped individually. It was cheap and not as nice as the picture showed.

👤I used to have a dining room table centerpiece. The lights add that extra touch. Beautiful.

7. Sconces Decoration Rustic Interior Lighting

Sconces Decoration Rustic Interior Lighting

This Mason canned lamp has warm white lighting, green fake plants and perfect color matching, making your home look more warm and beautiful. It is suitable for a beautiful gift to friends and family. Their Mason cans are made from high quality glass, wood, green fake plants, and safe and harmless light strings. High quality, safe. The Mason can lamp is suitable for many scenes, such as living room, bedroom, garden, party, wedding, birthday party, all are perfect decoration. If you have any problems, you can email them. They will be online to help you with your doubts. If you have any problems, you can email them. They will be online to help you with your doubts.

Brand: Ecty

👤The mason jar scones are about 15 in by 15 in and hang from the bottom of the board. It is of a decent quality, made with a lot of thought to detail, and is pretty. The assembly was difficult because you have to weave the light strand through two holes in the back to hide the battery. The battery will need to be slid into place for a snug fit. Once the light strand is through the front hole, gently wind it back around your fingers to form the spiral, which you will glide down into the jar so it fills from bottom to top. Then hang the plastic leaf bundles. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I would like to give this 0 stars. I knew I had to put these together and I am very clever. The strings on the jars were too long. The rope on the boards was not straight. The greenery was long and cheap. I trashed the greenery because it looked like it came from the dollar tree. I had to cut the rope. The greenery had to be replaced. The batteries do not stay put. I took over an hour to make these presentable. You should just buy the materials and build them yourself.

👤I needed something to cover my fireplace mantel. The mason jar sconces were the trick. They were easy to put together. They were fighting with Styrofoam. When the fairy lights are on, they are just as nice as when they are off. I was surprised to see the glass jars had the word "Home" lightly imprinted on them. I'm looking forward to adding some leaves and red berries to the greenery for the holidays. You can't beat these for the price. They were great for my budget and space.

👤I was really underwhelmed. I could have made better ones for $25. The plants are very thin, not much volume, and they were smaller than expected. I thought the lights would be remote controlled. You have to get up and turn them off every time. It was annoying.

👤The light is nice. The sting makes the plant hang lower than the board. I wrapped the string around the hook to make it shorter than the board. I didn't have a remote to turn on the star.

👤There is no piece of metal that holds the jar to the wood. Jar has rope around it that hangs from a hook in the wood. The wood isn't finished and is much lighter than the picture shows. You would have to use the switch on the battery portion of the lights to use the remote. There is no way to hide the battery in the clear jar. Greenery is small and not pictured. Not worth $26 when I can do it myself.

👤We are remodeling and I ordered the sconces. The plant doesn't look as full as I would like, because they arrived early. I think it will look good when I work with it. We're still in the process of painting and remodeling so I haven't put them up yet. I didn't know they were in pairs. I only needed 3 lights. I now have 6. I don't know what to do with the extras. I'll save them if one of them gets broken.

8. Ball Aqua Canning Regular Mouth

Ball Aqua Canning Regular Mouth

You can fill mason jars with fruit, sand, dried flowers, shells, pebbles, berry and seasonal things by making your own Mason Jar Crafts. Everyone around you should give a thumbs up to your idea. There are 4 pack canning jars. It is safe for canning, preserving, and fermenting fruits and veggies that can be canned and sealed for up to 18 months. The jars come in secure packaging and are perfect for dry food storage. The sturdy glassware consecration is made in the USA of soda-lime glass and is USDA approved and toxin-free. Water bath canning is heat-tempered and protects against UV rays. The blue color blocks UV light. The microwave and dishwasher are safe. The air-tight seal with each lid is a quality air-tight seal. Store up to 1 year and test with dull sounds for the best seal, with lid and bands. Food presentation If you want to enjoy drinks indoors or take your morning iced coffee on the go outside, you can create and serve them. Crafts and curiosities: The look of old fashioned rustic vintage style designs from 1910-1923 can be gained by decorating and crafting with the beautiful blue color. It's perfect for any occasion or party and is a unique gift such as a centerpiece with fresh cut flowers, storage for open cabinets, window display, candles, outdoor lighting. Also ideal for kids.

Brand: Sewanta

👤These jars are great. The color is beautiful. I only give this a 1 star for the price. The mason jars I found at Target were identical in packaging. This price is ridiculous.

👤These are the best vintage mason jars. The delivery was on time and well cared for. I use these for my at home drinks at parties. I use these daily for my at home shake. I like to feel fancy with my shake and why not, but this mason jar is beautiful and you won't be disappointed with it in what you use it for.

👤The wood pantry looks great. Not heavy enough to weigh down shelves. The color is very light, perfect for looks. Again, ordering again. The tops are rustic.

👤My father told us to divide his ashes into 3 jars for his children to use as they please. These are pretty. After we pour the ashes, we use these as flower vases.

👤You can't go wrong with Ball. There is absolutely air tight, smell tight, and I believe the blue glass blocks UV, I could be wrong, but brown and blue seem to block UV. There are also beautiful bottles. The price is very good.

👤They are well packed and well made, and they have a nice surprise in the jar opener.

👤I like the jars. The color is nice to look at. These jars are used to store cut up lettuce and veggies. I've tried other ways to store lettuce, but they last a lot longer. They wash well in my dishwasher. I haven't tried freezing them yet. The price is the downside. I found the same Jars at my local supermarket for half the price.

👤One jar broke and left small shards everywhere in the box, not happy also cut my finger badly!

👤I have two broken and cracked ones, and one looks weird.

9. BeSuerte Centerpiece Decor Decorative Thankful Housewarming

BeSuerte Centerpiece Decor Decorative Thankful Housewarming

We are confident that you will love the beautiful dining table centerpiece decor and return your money. If you are not satisfied, they will get you covered! If there is a problem with their products, you can return them to them for a refund or replacement. The design is by Shayb Chic. There are cute and small mason jar centerpiece with two side printing wording "Thankful" on a panel of a rustic centerpiece for a dining table. Each wood centerpiece box is unique and rustic with two twines tied to the side of the dining centerpiece for tables. Matching with 2 rustic blue painted mason jars and 2 bunches of artificial rose bouquets give room for a soft and rustic look. The BeSuerte farmhouse planter box is made of quality pine wood, all of their dining centerpiece farmhouses are non-toxic and durable. The Mason jar is 5"H x 3D(16oz) and the grey wooden base is 9.4"L4.3"W. This set of kitchen table decor centerpiece is perfect to display on dining table, coffee table, office desk, nightstand, shelves, windowsill, fireplace mantel, or bookcase to make any space refreshingly inviting. These rustic centerpiece decor for tables are great for decorating your home, office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, apartment, cafe, classroom, etc. It fits perfectly in a modern rustic setting. Birthday, baby shower, anniversary, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding, housewarming, new home gift, graduation, thank you, any holiday to congratulate is perfect for BeSuerte farmhouse style mason jars with flowers and box. There is a guarantee of unsatisfactory SATISFACTION. Their customers always get a lot of praise for having a farmhouse mason jar table centerpiece, and they believe it will happen to you as well. Their country centerpiece for coffee table is backed by a 12-month warranty for quality related issues. There is a guarantee of unsatisfactory SATISFACTION. Their customers always get a lot of praise for having a farmhouse mason jar table centerpiece, and they believe it will happen to you as well. Their country centerpiece for coffee table is backed by a 12-month warranty for quality related issues.

Brand: Besuerte

👤It's perfect for my table.

👤It was shipped quickly and got a day early. It was wrapped tightly so it wouldn't break. You can see the comparison in height by taking a picture with my hydro flask. All you have to do is take a picture of the floral arrangement and put it in the jar.

👤I needed this item to complete my table. It was very easy to set up. The box was decorative. You don't notice that the jars have a few freckles of paint. It was easy to bring flowers back to life. I am very happy with this.

👤I can't have plants in my house with cats. With this display, I can. This is pretty and fancy looking. I added fairy lights to make it stand out.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. If it was white, it would stand out more. I had to mess with the flowers. I tried using a hair dryer. A couple were not normal. The 4 stars are what they are. I would buy again.

👤The centerpiece was very nice. The light aqua jars, the grayish tray, and the beige yellow flowers. It's perfect for my table.

👤I bought a white and blue set. I didn't care for the color. I changed out two of the white for blue. My hair dryer fluffed the flowers. You can change flowers to suit the season.

10. Kate Aspen Mason Lids Flower

Kate Aspen Mason Lids Flower

It's perfect for iced tea or lemonade to add a little flair to the table décor. They make great party favors. For a unique look, fill them with small items. If you want to add a little lift to your home décor, fill it with candles, tea lights, store bought or homemade potpourri and make beautiful air fresheners and a beautiful ambiance. Functions - multi function. The holes in the top are decorative and great for pouring, so try filling with seasonings, cleaning supplies or any dry materials to create your own shakers. It's great for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, and baby showers. The top of the jar is open when placed on the cut-out lids, but a secondary seal is not included. It fits on Kate Aspen's clear, pink, and blue mason jars and other jars as well. 13th in. Across the bottom, 2 1/2 in. The center hole is 6/16th in. It is long and wide, and fits most standard straws. It fits on Kate Aspen's clear, pink, and blue mason jars and other jars as well. 13th in. Across the bottom, 2 1/2 in. The center hole is 6/16th in. It is long and wide, and fits most standard straws.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤I have Ball and Kerr jars. I tried every one out of the bag, but the first 4 that I tried wouldn't fit in my jars. It's like the threading is off enough to cause a problem. Not worth the money.

👤I tried them on all the jars and they were not compatible with any brand. Ball, Kerr, off brands, etc. The threading is off. Don't get it, how come people are posting pictures of themselves that are being used. I'm the lucky one, I must have had a bad shipment. They're going back!

👤The Ladies Spring Tea was an Iced Tea. The ladies had a drink for their party. I used the regular mouth 16oz Ball canning jars. The lids looked great. The jars and straws were purchased at Walmart. They fit perfectly. I washed everything. It took me a while to dry them all because I bought 7 doz and had to hand dry them all. It was wiped off right away. I thought the price was reasonable. I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product. They were a huge hit at our tea party. Thank you! There is a I noticed that some reviews had trouble finding straws. I wanted to add a straw pic and comment to help with straw concerns. I used a regular size straw from the restaurant. The straw from Michael's fits perfectly, can be put at a very slight angle & moves freely around allowing for stirring in needed. The jar on the right has a disposable straw from a bunch of straws that I use at home. The disposable straw can be put into the Michael's straw. It is shorter and thinner. There is a hole in the lid for a straw. The holes for a straw are too small. They may be the size of a coffee stick. The holes are decorative. The disposable straw does not fit in the petals. Hope this helps.

👤These are cute. They fit on a mason jar. The lids have a nice country look. I have used these lids to make room fresheners that allow for the scent to get out while also reducing the amount of water that gets into the room. I use these for baking soda in the fridge. I will buy these again. The Kate Aspen Mason Jar Lids, Flower, Set of 12 was purchased from Kate Aspen. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I used these to make a homemade baking soda scrub. They're cute. I thought they would be perfect as a top. The standard mason jars don't fit the lids. I tried multiple jars, but no luck. The screw top grooves don't line up with the grooves of the jar. It was very strange. If they don't screw onto the top of the jar, that's a problem.

👤I bought these once before and they fit perfectly. I can't use my air fee to pay for my kids.

👤I use these on top of my fancy mason jars to catch gnats in the summer. It is much better than the ugly store bought gnat catchers.

11. Mkono Centerpiece Decorative Farmhouse Utensils

Mkono Centerpiece Decorative Farmhouse Utensils

100% SATISFACTION: They are confident that you will love the mason jar sconces. They will be online 24 hours a day to solve your doubts if you contact them directly. The distressed jars and transparent mason jar are combined with a soft yet gorgeous color, lighted and artificial flowers for a unique decorative effect. Adding mason jars decoraion to your room is a great idea. It's cute for a table centerpiece on the coffee table, fireplace hearth, bathroom countertop, kitchen utensil holder and so on. It works well in a modern or rustic setting. Birthday, Mother's Day, baby shower, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, retirement, thanks giving, Christmas decor gifts, any holiday to congratulate is a perfect gift. The mason jar flower decor will add some rustic beauty to your bathroom, powder room,dining room,office and so on. You can use mason jars to hold things in the bathroom. Also can organize utensils for kitchen or office use. You can add rustic style to your home. Box and jars can be used together or separately for different purposes. You can use as cooking utensils storage holder for kitchen to organize the flip, stir, spoon, fork and knife. You can grow your own herbs by giving that green thumb a workout. There is nothing quite like growing your own herbs and cooking. The package includes a wodden base, jar, and fake flowers. The wooden base is 116W2H, the box inside is 10 3.6W, and jars are 3W. 16oz. The light string is 5 M. The package includes a wodden base, jar, and fake flowers. The wooden base is 116W2H, the box inside is 10 3.6W, and jars are 3W. 16oz. The light string is 5 M.

Brand: Mkono

👤I like this jar. I was looking forward to receiving it. I made mine a bit different. I painted the tray grey and replaced the white flowers with teal ones to match the rest of the room. I wish the lights had a timer or remote control that I could use to turn them off instead of reaching for my hand in the jar. That is annoying. I ordered some lights with a remote. I will change them out. It was an investment to alter it. It is exactly how I wanted it. I like it.

👤The lights on my house are dim with a new battery and the switch in the control is broken, but it's a pretty item. I will need to look for more lights. It's a pretty idea. I hid my remote in the white jar.

👤I didn't go in with high expectations, but I really liked these! I don't like fake flowers, but I kill plants on accident too much. That's right! They look good if you fluff them out a little. I am happy with my centerpiece. It is simple but pretty.

👤The seller packaged it well. The glass is very fragile and there is no way that it would break. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. You can buy flowers in any color you want. Two jugs of flowers. It is the same as pictured. So pretty on the table at night.

👤I received this today. It is a beautiful centerpiece for the Shesham table. I like it. The battery pack does not fit inside the box.

👤The lights are useless because the little spring is not in the battery department. The jars are adorable. We'll take a picture of the whole set up once we figure out how to replace the spring.

👤The jars, tray, and flowers only came with one set of lights and no controller. A video on how to put the lights in would be great. I will have to buy lights with a remote for both jars because I won't return.

👤These are very cute. The jars were filled with blue glass pebbles from the dollar tree. The dining room was lit up by the fairy light. I use them elsewhere now. It's funny.


What is the best product for decorative mason jars with flowers?

Decorative mason jars with flowers products from Gbtroo. In this article about decorative mason jars with flowers you can see why people choose the product. Diamond Star and Andrew & Sarah are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mason jars with flowers.

What are the best brands for decorative mason jars with flowers?

Gbtroo, Diamond Star and Andrew & Sarah are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mason jars with flowers. Find the detail in this article. Tj.moree, Dogar and Mkono are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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