Best Decorative Mason Jars with Lids

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1. Regular Airtight Quilted Crystal Food Grade

Regular Airtight Quilted Crystal Food Grade

The dimensions are Large - 11.0 H x 4.8 Diameter, Medium - 9.5 H x 4.3 Diameter, and Small - 9.0 H x 4.5 Diameter. Outstanding dependability is something that is outSTANDING. Their mason jars are great for storing food. They can be used to organize your kitchen by storing snacks, leftovers, candy, herbs, and spices. They are great for beverages, jams, and jellies, and will make great decorative elements for housing flowers or candles. There is an effective navy leash. Unlike glass storage containers with split-type lids that leak and allow unwanted air and humidity in, their spice containers have a high-quality metal screw band with tight-fitting lids. The seal on your food increases shelf life, locks in vitamins, and preserves freshness. These glass storage jars are made from the highest quality crystal clear, crack-proof glass with a quilted design exterior finish. They are easy to fill and empty because of their wide mouth design. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, and easy to clean when the metal lid is removed. It is easy to clean. The smooth interior of the glass jars with lids makes them easy to clean. You can wash and rinse them under the water. They are easy to handle and perfect for busy kitchens. The ideal gift is their mini mason jars, which are a great all-occasion gift. They are perfect for people who love their kitchens and want to add an amazing aesthetic to their kitchen. It's perfect for anyone with an imagination. You can get a set of 12 today. The ideal gift is their mini mason jars, which are a great all-occasion gift. They are perfect for people who love their kitchens and want to add an amazing aesthetic to their kitchen. It's perfect for anyone with an imagination. You can get a set of 12 today.

Brand: Asani

👤I received these jars a few days ago and they are really good. I like the size of jars that can be used for things like candles or spices in the kitchen. They can be used for storage or party favors. The mini jars are small enough to serve desert. I like the build quality of the jar and think it's a great item for the price. I would buy it.

👤First, very packed. Each jar is encased in a squishy foam pocket and has a layer of foam on top. My package was for "Amazon Day." The box was in with other stuff, but it was completely safe. These are the perfect size for my instant pot made yogurt, homemade hummus, and jelly. There are so many uses. They send a pen with labels.

👤The jars are cute and can be used many different ways. They are not too small. They're perfect for making candles or hand scrubs. The lid can be put on with labels. It would be great if they could be put on the side, but the sides are decorative and don't offer a flat surface. It makes the jars look fancy. They are a good value.

👤The small mason jars are the perfect size for many different things from homemade salad dressing to cut veggies and are perfect for lunch. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and are great for storage of glitter, beads, and desk supplies. I would definitely recommend it.

👤These jars are great value for the price. You can personalize the labels on each jar. The jars are lightweight and can be used for a lot of things. If you are looking for a small gift to give to a friend or family member, these jars are a perfect fit and dishwasher safe, which is a major plus.

👤The jars are the perfect size for small projects with kids or I had a friend who used this size to make jelly to give away at her daughters wedding with a note that said spread the love. The labels and marker are cute and can be used to mark the jars or as a separate project idea. The jars were very nice. Can't wait to use them.

👤You can use a small jar for just a little bit of something, and it's great for buttons, candy, and desk items. They are sitting on a desk. I painted mine. I'm sure I'll find many used for these tiny mini mason jars.

👤These are the most versatile little dishes ever. They are not just for canning. They are the perfect size for individual desserts, salad topping, spices, salsa, etc. and can be washed in the dishwasher. We use them more than small plastic containers.

2. KooK Mason Regular Secure Silver

KooK Mason Regular Secure Silver

Dishwasher The regular mouth mason jar lids are easy to clean. Being dishwasher safe, the metal canning lids can also be refrigerating. Keep it fresh! These are great for storing sauces, spices, jams or even dinner leftovers. Airtight and leakproof are designed to fit standard mouth mason jars. The seal is sealed with silicone and stays fresh for weeks. The lids are made from strong rust resistant material that is microwave and freezer safe. Can be used for canning up to 190 degrees. Colorful and Bright : make any jar into a fun kitchen piece. The jar lids add a pop of style to the pantry or fridge. It comes in cherry, marshmallows, gold and silver. The Kook promise is that each set is packaged with custom cardboard molds to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Brand: Kook

👤The lids don't clean well. I'm not happy with the material that seals the inside circular edges. The whole purpose of buying this was to prevent food particles from sticking to it.

👤These are what I need. We use mason jars for everything in our house. These are better than the white plastic ones. It's nice not to have a separate ring and discs. I have not used these for actual seal, just as basic lids. When we pour coffee into jars and put it in the fridge for iced coffee later. We add creamer and shake the next morning. They don't leak! It is wonderful.

👤I have used this style of lid before. I like them for jams and condiments because the product may not be used when the jar is opened. It's much easier to close the 2 piece lids. They were available for a few years in the 70s, but then vanished. I decided to try these out because of the short supply of regular lids. So far, so good. I had some doubts. It was difficult to know if the description text was intended for canning. I used 7 of them yesterday and they all sealed, but it takes longer to complete the seal. When the jar seals, I didn't notice the usual pop. The tester bubble on the top was the same as the 2 piece lids. I don't think I would use them for pressure canning or even tomatoes because there's not much you can do with jars that son to seal. Jam and condiments can be kept cool. If they don't stay sealed, I will update the review.

👤I bought these and the larger size because my mother and I had a lot of unused mason jars from previous jam making, but weren't planning to make anything new anytime soon. We decided to put the old jars to use because we needed some dry goods storage in the kitchen. The lids are great for tea, a little less for things that can get old, but that's to be expected. They fit on the jars great and look cute, even though I haven't bothered using any wet ingredients.

👤I store spices and herbs in mason jars. I'm trying to get away from storing food in plastic and glass looks better. I think that's correct. I find the 2-piece lid/ring combo to be a pain. These lids look great. I have not stored liquid with these lids, so I can't speak to that quality, but I highly recommend them for dry goods.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. There is a one-piece that is offered in perfect colors. White, red, black, and unfinished. White is me. There is a The amount included in the purchase is a great value. The old metal lids cause black (and probably toxic) residual around the rim of the glass when they start to corrode. If you are not using this for food or liquid, this is meaningless. It will leak liquid if you don't twist the lid in a certain way. These jars do not have the same vacuum seal lids as the standard 2-piece jars.

3. VERONES Canning Wedding Favors Shower

VERONES Canning Wedding Favors Shower

The glass is made in America. The lid is made in China. The set includes a case of Mason Jars and Silver Lids. The glass jar set is designed for convenience. The food grade is high. Food grade materials are used to make the mason jar. It's great for food storage. High quality. The material of the mason jars is certified safety standards. TILE & MULTIPURPOSE: These vintage style, attractive, quilted Jelly jars are ideal for shower gifts. Make a Thoughtful Gift, fill with Preserves, Spices, Jams, candle, or Honey, and decorate with string, ribbon, Bows, or Twine to create One-of-a-Kind Wedding Favors. It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year.

Brand: Verones

👤They arrived well packed and undamaged, but I discovered that they are not standard size rings. The rings won't work on Kerr or Ball jars. I will not be buying them again.

👤You can bake in them and freeze them. Everyone loves them. I will order again.

👤I love these jars. I will order more. I give bottle jams at Christmas. I use a lot of jars. The lid is made of black vinyl. The white chalk pen looks great on them. The jars came out sparkling after being removed from the hot water bath. All of the jars were sealed. I have been using steam to seal jars in the instapot. Not being a Kerr or Mason jar was a reason for not being a Kerr or Mason jar. I was happy to purchase these. Good performance and less expensive.

👤The jars are great but the lids are not. I cleaned them and tried again, but half of them didn't seal. The second time, no seal. I went to the store and bought ball lids that were sealed. I wasted time, gas and money to buy extra lids. There was no white pen to write on the labels.

👤These are cute little mason jars, that are typical of a mason jar. The seller will help you if you have an issue. My daughter used them to make favors for her birthday party, and she stuffed them with candy. They were very cute. I think these would be good for overnight oats.

👤Because of Covid, canning supplies were hard to find this year so I ordered these Verones jars from Amazon rather than buying my usual Ball/Mason jars. The jars are well packaged and arrived on time. They seem to be a normal weight. If you have the time to hand write you jar labels, they came with nice black lid labels. The standard 30 day warranty and extended 1 year warranty that was included was something that I hadn't seen before, and it needed to be completed within 21 days of purchase. The glass jars seem to last forever and the food is usually at least a year old when canned. The standard warranty only lasts 30 days. As I prepared to sterilize the jars, the issues really began. The rings were difficult to remove from the large lids. I found one of the jars cracked in half after unboxing and washing it. I've never had this happen before in the years of canning, but the jar was undamaged. I was down one jar, not a catastrophe, but an irritation. It was a challenge to screw the ring onto the slightly oversized lids during the canning process. This was more of a problem because the jars are filled with hot preserves and you have to use oven gloves to screw on the lid. The process was slowed down because the jars could slip, fall, and break in the process. Ball/Mason jars will be more readily available once the epidemic is over. I really like the 6 oz. jar of Verones. The size option is available. I don't want to use this brand again.

4. Anchor Hocking Montana Sealed Gallon

Anchor Hocking Montana Sealed Gallon

Also included: The jar set contains 2. The jar has a black metal lid. A tighter seal for food. All-clear glass. It isdurable: These glass jars are thick walled and wide mouthed to make it easier to scoop and to protect what you buy. It's safe. The jars of Anchor Hocking are healthier than plastic and metal. Cannisters are hand wash recommended and designed so they won't warp, stain, retain smells, or cause dangerous chemicals to enter food. These glass jars are perfect to hold all kinds of dry goods, including flour, cookies, rice, coffee, spices, candy, and much more. The glass is made in America. The lid is made in China.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤Wow. I didn't realize how big a 2 and 2.5 gallon storage canister would be. Its bigger than my head. I don't care. I still love them. I plan to use the 2.5 gallon for laundry detergent since it is larger than what I was looking for. I use the 2 gallon for flour. I bake. A lot. It's perfect for my flour needs. I got into the canister with a partial 10lb bag and a full 5lb of flour. They hold a ton of flour, but I had to push and compress it a bit. Have to get 2 more for sugar and brown sugar. It's a good thing. There have been no complaints so far. The glass is thick. Heavy work. It's more secure than folding the bag sides, but could be a little tighter in regards to the seal. I don't have any complaints. Happy buyer!

👤The jar I received was intact despite not having any packaging foam. The jar is a reject and would not sell in a store. It has a large stripe of metal or carbon smeared in the glass, glass chunks are sticking off and the bottom of the glass is not aligned properly. Not something I would want to give as a gift, and not likely to use. There is an update 2020: This is used to brew kombucha, and it is hidden in a dark corner of our kitchen. We're careful with the glass because it's still intact. If the price is right, you could find a good use for it. Otherwise I would look elsewhere.

👤I use this for dog food because ants got into the jar. I wanted the silver lid version, but when I saw the silver lid version in the store, it was definitely not airtight. I ordered the black lid because they didn't have this size in the store. The opening is small but I can easily scoop food out of it. There is a seam in the middle of the jar. It is too early to tell how strong this product is. Overall, I like it. The dog food is better sealed.

👤I like the jar. I was looking for a place to store my bath bomb collection. I had room to spare after I put all my bath bombs into the jar. The lid to my jar has a factory defect where the round knob on top is off center, and it looks like it will break off at any moment. Being someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders makes me crazy because it looks a little weird.

👤The original storage container was too small for my puppy, who now eats 4 cups of kibble a day. I gave up on plastic containers because they become rancid over time. I was able to make room for the large jar on the counter because it was not visually overwhelming. It is easy to get into with a cup measure. I am opening it 3X a day and I will be interested to see how it holds up over time. I am currently buying 18# bags of dog food and this container holds just a bit less than half the bag, which is small enough to fit in a cupboard. I will figure out how to store larger bags when the puppy is grown. I will probably keep this jar and just find a place to put the un-decanted portion.

5. Silver Canning Storage Pickling Pickles

Silver Canning Storage Pickling Pickles

The Kook promise is that each set is packaged with custom cardboard molds to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Rainforce canning jar is made of thick glass that resists cracking and breaking. The glass of the mason jars is food safe and lead-free. The small jars are dishwasher safe for convenience. The design is classic. The smooth design of these glass jars makes it easy to see the contents inside. The metal screw-on lid with plastisol liner ensures that the jars are sealed and will keep beverages fresh. ClassIFIED STORAGE is a type of storage. These 30 jars come with 30 free labels, which will make them an ideal classified organizational tool for everything from homemade pickles and jams to spices and herbs to cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for preserving and canning. 1/2 quart jars are useful for canning, storing, and decorative purposes. Small glass jars are perfect for a variety of settings, from your pantry to the world of experimental cuisine, and they are also great for decorations for arts and crafts, wedding and party favors, and other do-it-yourself projects. It is easy to use and clean. The mouth jam jars have a small opening for trouble-free filling of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. The wide opening makes it easy to get to the bottom of the jar for a thorough cleaning without the need for a sponge or dishwasher. It is easy to use and clean. The mouth jam jars have a small opening for trouble-free filling of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. The wide opening makes it easy to get to the bottom of the jar for a thorough cleaning without the need for a sponge or dishwasher.

Brand: Rainforce

👤The jars have no branding. The lids are made of solid screw top. They seal very well. The set was 30ct 8oz. The Prime box was very sturdy. It has flaps on the lid that make it easy to repack them, instead of a box that requires you to cut it open. I love the jars themselves and their packaging. There are two sets of jars on top of each other. Each jar is encased in a thick and firm foam and placed in a well-defined location. It is a perfect protection for transportation. This product exceeded my expectations and I will be ordering from this company in the future.

👤I told my mom about the package when I opened it, because she would always complain about not having enough jars for all the spices she buys. Due to his health conditions, my dad is not allowed to eat more than he should, but he was able to limit himself to eat the right amount of food when he stores food items in the Mason jars. There is a You don't need to worry about breaking these jars if you smash them on the ground, I accidentally dropped it on the ground and it didn't break. I was surprised by how durable these jars are compared to glass containers which can break into pieces and potentially hurt you. There is a Since they are glass, you can heat them in a microwave safe, and you can wash them, since they are easy to store.

👤I don't do canning yet. Meal prep was what these jars were used for. I froze them in the oven, then put them in the microwave and dishwasher. They took what I threw at them and stayed strong. The Kerr jars are not as good as the Ball jars because they don't last as long without cracking. I can't say for sure, but these jars feel a little thicker. I like that they are smooth and food doesn't stick as much. These jars will work with regular mouth rings. There is a They should have come in wide mouth. I can handle the regular mouth because of the good price and the fact that canning jars are hard to come by. I didn't use the stickers.

👤The knock-offs are a poor alternative to the Anchor Hocking jars. They were unsafe as 8 out of 30 jars had cracks that made them unsafe to use and had to be thrown out of the box. Those with no cracks had walls that were very even, and the glass had obvious markings that made them poor vessels for gift giving or display. Poor quality product and good packaging. How would poor quality glass hold up in daily use? Will not purchase again.

👤These little jars are adorable. I like wide mouth jars because they are easier to fill and clean and I tried canning my jam for the first time in these and they all popped! None of them were broken. It was well packaged and didn't break when it was heating up in the water bath. Will definitely need more of these.

6. OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

The Kook promise is that each set is packaged with custom cardboard molds to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. A rubber gasket is included in the set of 4 wire top glass jars to ensure a leak proof seal. Glass is a better choice for storage than plastic. Glass doesn't oxidize, retain smells, or make food smell bad. The mason jars are made from the highest quality glass and have superior resistance to breakage. The jar has a unique design that is perfect for every home and business. Use the container to serve coffee, tea, cocktails or create art, place fairy lights in it and turn it into a light fixture, or store and showcase any ingredient for a unique decoration. Each set of 4 hinged glass jars includes 8 chalkboard labels, a plastic scoop, 4 replacement gasket seals and a chalk marker. You will never have to play the guessing game if you have each jar labeled with its contents. The bottle is covered with pearl cotton. The bottles should be protected in good condition. According to their buyers' reports of glass bottles leaking, they have made a lot of improvements, not only working with higher quality factories, but also adding 4 replaceable gasket seals. They will pay attention to the voices of buyers and try to improve the products. They hope that the OAMCEG Team will not let down everyone.

Brand: Oamceg

👤The statement says "leakproof rubber gasket", but I used these jars for canning. They leak. The flimsy gromits that hold the lid in place look cheap and I am worried about the possibility of my vegetables being contaminated by oxygen.

👤It was packed well and arrived in tact. These jars have labels and a marker in them. They are not air tight, so I knocked off a star. You can test this by partially filling with water, locking the lid and turning it upside down. It's still a good deal if you don't need air tight.

👤What do you want these for? To seal out the air and put food in it. There is a I've never seen a product like this before. chrome is thin and non-existent in places so they are guaranteed to rust. The seals are very thin, low quality, and do not work well. The lid moves around easily when it's "clamped" down. The lids do not seal well even when they are perfectly centered. I put water in these, made sure the lids were centered, and when I tilt them out, the water flow out was about 50% of the rate of a pitcher. I tried covering the top with plastic. On top of that. Same deal. I'm sure these are great if you want to store a child's marbles. If you want to store food or use these for other purposes, forget it!

👤The food was being stored in theses and they fell into it. A piece of glass embedded in my couch caused a cut on my finger. When I reached for something, I cut my finger and realized it was from the jar I was eating from. Imagine if I cut my throat by mixing it with the breakfast food. A piece of glass was floating in my boiling water last year and I had pasta in another jar. The quality at the rim is terrible. The glass is slowly chipping away and you can hear it when I open them.

👤I was looking for jars. Excellent quality and affordable. The service after the sale was perfect. They responded quickly to a small issue. I am very satisfied with the entire transaction. I assure you that you will be making the right decision if you purchase this product. A+.

👤The price and size were perfect. I just needed 1 for sourdough starter, but these were less expensive. The clips are perfect, the glass is good, and they are cute. I will order again when I need more.

👤I was struggling with my pantry storage because ants kept getting in my sugar and oatmeal, but no more after I got these!

👤I'm very impressed with these. I don't know if they're leak-proof, but I use the rest of them for dry stuff, and my chilli oil well is held by them. It seems to work well. Feels strong. It's easy to clean. All the parts are easy to remove and reassemble. I might buy more in the future.

7. Mason Jar Bathroom Vanity Organizer

Mason Jar Bathroom Vanity Organizer

The wide mouth mason jar qtip holder is perfect for your bath-room. Cute and simple! No screw. It's great for cotton balls, cotton rounds, hair bands, and any other bathroom necessities. Premium quality qtip dispensers are functional and decorative. The Wide Mouth jars are not sealed so you can easily access the items inside. The lid is made from stain-less steel. It can be used as a bathroom Vanity organizer or a kitchen organizer. It's a great gift idea for any occasion, from wedding to Mother's Day, and it's perfect for anyone. If you are not satisfied, you will get 30-Day Money Back. If you have a custom request or a different variation in mind, please email me.

Brand: Amolliar

👤I was excited to get these but was disappointed. I was looking for a glass jar with a black metal lid. I did not expect these to be so small. Holds very little, even though they were fifteen dollars. I might have dealt with that, but I don't like that the lid doesn't fit in. It feels like a dollar store purchase. I will be returning the mason jar style with black lid that I have been looking for.

👤These were undamaged when they arrived. They were well packaged. I am happy with my purchase. Older people who may have difficulty opening a lid are better off with the lids sitting on top of the jars. They had labels for cotton balls and swabs that were chalkboard looking.

👤I love these! I was looking for mason jar qtip holders that didn't have designs on them. When I found these, I was very excited. The quality is beyond amazing and they look adorable. I have had these for a couple of months now and they are free of rust. I am glad these are rust proof because my husband loves taking hot showers and leaving the restroom super steamy.

👤These are very cute. They are very easy to understand. I like the way they look and the size. The lids are not very secure. They are easy to take off. I was expecting them to be a little tighter. They don't screw on. The jars have little stickers on them that say q tips or cotton balls. I did not use them. I thought that was nice. I am so happy that I bought these, and I will probably buy another set for my other bathroom.

👤The mason jar containers are perfect for my bathroom. The cotton balls and q-tips are on the labels. You can use them or not. It's easy to remove the lids. Look great!

👤Very functional. Nice design. The lid is easy to lift with one hand, and it doesn't need to be changed. The stickers look nice. One for hair ties and the other for Q-tips. It's nice because you can leave them out in the open for easy access and the jars don't look out of place but fit in with other decor.

👤These are so cute and fit my bathroom perfectly, they also come with label stickers that look like little chalkboards, it's a nice touch! If you are willing to wipe that top down every 3 days, I would recommend them. The black metal has a lot of dust on it.

👤The cotton balls are a good size, but they are a tad smaller than I expected. The kids don't twist on, they just rest on the top, which can be either positive or negative depending on what you are using them for. I didn't know they came with cotton balls and cotton swabs.

👤Ich hatte lange, die beispielsweise passenden. Allerdings liegen die Deckel locker. Keine Ahnung warum bei der Aussengewinde. Alles in allem. 3Sterne wert, aus dem.

8. Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Comes in either pink or blue. It's perfect for baby showers and gender reveals. 30 glass pudding Jars with 2.8” W 3.4” H come with food-safe, corrosive resistant lids, which meet certified safety standards. A great way to store pudding,milk,yogurt,cookies,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, small dessert and more. Food grade and heavy duty glass is perfectly satisfying. Preservative and high temperature resistance are leak proof. It looks bright. You can keep your food fresh by using these yogurt jars. It is the same with storage tanks that you can put anything you want. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled.

Brand: Brajttt

👤love it... It's perfect for my candle making.

👤I am very satisfied with the jars I bought for candle making. I've gotten a lot of questions about where I got these. I can't hold that against the producer because this product wasn't made for candle making and I was only able to see the sides of the jar. The product was well packaged and the glass was thick and durable. I recommend buying this product for what you need.

👤The jars were perfect for what I was looking for. Everything came in one piece.

👤I love these. The glass is strong and large. If you push em down hard enough, most of the corks will stay in place. Some people don't like to stay. I haven't had an issue with it. I use them for dried herbs, bath salts, and gifts. It's a great deal for the price, they're a great size and stinkin cute. I will buy these in the future.

👤I buy frequently. One box out of two always has jars smashed. It's frustrating that they take a while to arrive. They are pretty cool for those that aren't smashed. If you want to get a whole bunch of 30, make sure you ask for a refund of broken jars, because they are more often broken than not. No way to get a refund for smashed bottles without the whole package being returned. It was frustrating as hell.

👤The glass is heavier than I expected and the cork lid is thick and durable. There are rope twine and labels. The packaging is insulated to protect the glass, which is extra supported by being placed into cutouts and each piece is placed in individual slots that are snug and contained in foam! I want to need more and come back for these.

👤The wife wanted to make her own candles. Everything you need is in the box.

👤We use the jars to store tobacco. It is perfect for our needs. Jars are easy to open and close. They were pretty strong after falling from 3 feet. We have them on top of the other and in the row. They are very helpful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wanted to have a nice spicerack with all my spices in the same jars, so I bought two packs of 30. I was worried that the cork wouldn't fit well enough to block air, but it turns out they are perfect. The look is exactly what I wanted it to be.

👤The jars are cute. They were not packed well in the box and a couple broke it. This is very frustrating as they are expensive. They need to have packing material on top of the top layer to prevent this.

9. Vintage Canister Storage Livejun Sunflower

Vintage Canister Storage Livejun Sunflower

It's perfect for weddings, candy buffets, home bathroom kitchen décor, and also as a gift for friends and family. Their glass candy jars are ideal for any event and are durable for daily use. The cookie jars are made from thick glass which is safer than plastic. It is recommended to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The food containers have PP gasket around the press glass caps, which ensures that your food can be fresh for a long time. It can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. You can use these jars to store cookies, coffee, flour, sugar, rice or any other food items. The container can hold all kinds of snacks. There are dried flowers, such as lavender and rosebuds. The glass storage bottle can be used to store items, as well as being a stylish adornment for all styles of home decoration, as well as being suitable for decorating kitchens, restaurants, hotel, bar,exhibitions, and any other occasions. Net Weight:460g. This glass is a great gift for most people. Net Weight:460g. This glass is a great gift for most people.

Brand: Livejun

👤I will update later when I can tell if they are durable. I love the pattern but I wish they had a color that would make the flowers stand out more. The glass is thick and has a tight seal that is not sure how long it will last. I am happy with them so far.

👤Will be using these to hold bath salts.

👤The jar is thick and perfect for candles.

👤These are very cute. I thought they would have been bigger but I didn't read the description better. I still love them.

👤It's perfect for holding candles and mints for a guest. They should come in a variety of sizes.

👤Over the moon, have had a million positive comments. Would buy again.

10. Canister Airtight Sotrage Decorative Container

Canister Airtight Sotrage Decorative Container

The straight jar with natural color cork is a decorative ornament and can be used as a useful container. It is a perfect gift for your family and friends who are enthusiastic about kitchen/pantry organization. FANTESTICRYAN Petal Glass Storage Canister is made of high borosilicate glass and is easy to use. Make sure it is a small jar. The Glass Container is unique in that it can be used as a home and kitchen decor jar, as well as a storage jar. Please care for fragile items. The glass jar has a capacity of 23 FL Oz. It is a great place to store and display dry foods such as coffee beans, tea, homemade chocolate, candy and more. The sealed design can keep food fresh longer. Oval Glass Jars have a dimensions of 4.5'' 9 cm is 3.5'' The Conical Glass Jar is 11.5 cm. 11 cm. Weight: 260g opening for both Jar: 8.5 cm. Fantastic Ryan has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your glass product was damaged during delivery, please contact their customer service. Thank you for understanding. Fantastic Ryan has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your glass product was damaged during delivery, please contact their customer service. Thank you for understanding.

Brand: Fantesticryan

👤The jar can be used for many things. The ribbed design makes it different from your standard glass storage container. I am using the candle holder as a candle holder with a flameless candle because the lid has a nice seal. Simple, yet makes a statement. It doesn't come in different sizes, that's my only complaint.

👤This is pretty. I bought it as a bathroom storage container for q-tips or cotton rounds, but it didn't fit in my bathroom tray. It looks great in our kitchen. You can see the size of it compared to a standard coffee mug in my video. The gold accent on it is very nice. I'm going to buy a spoon that will be used as a sugar container at the coffee station.

👤If you have kids involved in using or cleaning these, it might not last. They're cute. I use one for peanuts at my husband's table. It's great for that. The glad r is not as big as I thought. There were no problems. It is possible that a careless or rough person might break them.

👤I needed a candy jar for my tray and this worked out perfectly. It looks very expensive.

👤The Jars are very easy to clean. Everyone should get them because the lid closes tightly.

👤The lift ring helps open the lid. It has a seal that keeps the contents fresh. The ability to see the contents of the glass is something I like.

👤If you are looking for a container for nuts or coffee, the container is very nice. This came up when I put in the cookie jar. I did not pay attention to the description.

👤There are cute canisters. The counter has a great look on it. I will buy more.

👤They are pretty. My dining table was lit up.

👤I love the shape and detail of this bathroom, I use bath salts in it.

👤I like the look and everything. I wanted a thicker glass. It feels like a small object could easily shatter it. The cap is sturdy and well made. I don't recommend putting something heavy in it. It's ideal for things like tea and cotton balls.

👤Le couvercle est foncé et malheureusement.

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It surpasses my expectations. It is a container for coffee. I use it for sugar because I go through a lot of it. It is more than I expected. Five stars.

11. Wooden Mason Jar Lids Compatible

Wooden Mason Jar Lids Compatible

We value your customer experience and will take you as their precious guest after service. If you have any problems, please contact them. They are always at your service before or after you place the order. Isn't it annoying when the lids are loose and leak? The metric measures used for LIDS are different from theSAE style measures used on the JAR. 3D custom mold their seal from actual Mason canning jars. The only surprise you will get when you open yours is how fresh everything is. They have seen those wide mouth lids. You know the cork lids that get grimy and two-piece bamboo lids that split. If you need a little more style than that, you will appreciate their selection of REAL wood tops. The wide-mouth jar is used for ball and Harr Jars. If you need regular mouth mason jar lids, see their other options, because they are not included. It is 1 inch high and fits perfectly to your 3 quarter inch. Mason Storage Jar brands include Wide Mouth Ball Jars, Kerr Jars and other brands. Also, note: It is not suitable for preserving. Is it possible to see the threads inside the Mason Jar tops? It is made from plastic. Unlike wooden threads, theABS creates an airtight seal. There is a thin layer of foam. It is food safe, easy to clean, and helps jar tops stay fresh. TheIDS that last! Don't put your lids in the dishwasher because they will fit perfectly for a long time. Simply wipe clean with a dry cloth, like all real wood products. If you find a Mason lid that isn't in this set, you can get a 30-Day Replace orRefund Guarantee. They have regular and wide mouth sizes.

Brand: Kitchen Charisma

👤The wood lids are amazing. There is a They look ten times more sophisticated than regular metal lids and rings and are perfect for my kitchen pantry upgrade. I am an avid freeze drying expert and author and also store basic dry goods in them. I can place these over the tops of my jars that hold my freeze dried food. This is important in order to keep the seal for a long time. There is a When using these on vacuum sealed lids for freeze dried foods, be careful not to twist too hard or try to force on. Some of the lids work better than others. I am not sure if there is a difference in ball/Kerr jars smooth or normal, but one of my food jars came open when I tried to screw it up, so it was not weird for the photo shown in the book cover. You will have to reseal the jar or eat it if it catches on the edge. There is a If the vacuum seal is broken on these freeze dried foods and meals, the oxidation and breakdown would begin as soon as the oxygen and humidity were introduced. I wanted to have a look that was different from everyone else's because these are open shelves and not hidden, which is another reason to look good. There is a mix of regular and wide mouth in both wood.

👤I wanted glass jars with wood lids for my pantry, but it can cost a lot and most of them are made of thin glass and they break easily. I had to think of something else. I used to have a lot of empty mason jars at home and they were perfect for food storage.

👤I'm starting to store my food in Ball jars and the wood lid makes them look special. There is a They are easy to clean and light. I wash mine. I don't think you can use the dish washer.

👤It's silly to spend this amount of money on cute things. They are difficult to screw on and leak a lot. Unless you screw them on so tightly that you can't get them off without a rubbery thing in both hands, and you screw up your face hideously as you attempt to give it your best shot, then you can't get them off. If you plan to only fill once these are fine, then these are not the lids you are looking for.

👤The wooden lid on my teal blue mason jars is beautiful. They are large. It's nice that the plastic underside protects the wood from mold. East to clean. The insert can be washed. I think it makes the lids leak proof. I haven't tested them for leaks because I only use them on ice cream. My hand is small, so it can be hard to open it when it's tight, but I guess it means that it has a good seal. I don't think it detracts from the product. A person with a large hand wouldn't have a problem. The standard mason jar lids can rust, but these are nicer. They would look great on your shelf, as well as being very practical and reuseable.


What is the best product for decorative mason jars with lids?

Decorative mason jars with lids products from Asani. In this article about decorative mason jars with lids you can see why people choose the product. Kook and Verones are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mason jars with lids.

What are the best brands for decorative mason jars with lids?

Asani, Kook and Verones are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mason jars with lids. Find the detail in this article. Anchor Hocking, Rainforce and Oamceg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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