Best Decorative Matches Box for Candles

Matches 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Adhesive Match Striker Paper Stickers

Adhesive Match Striker Paper Stickers

The strips are 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. May be trimmed with scissors. The match strikers are fully functional and will serve as the igniter for "strike anywhere" or "safety" matches. The strikers have a black pattern that makes them look good. Peel and stick these strips on glass, porcelain, plastic, paper or cardboard boxes, glass bottles, and more!

Brand: Winecraft

👤Only works for a few strikes.

👤What magic is this? You can light the match with one flick of the wrist, thanks to these strips. The burner pilot is the best thing for a busy cook who still has to light it.

2. Lumen Artistic Match Holder Striker

Lumen Artistic Match Holder Striker

There are three sizes available. There are three sizes: small, medium and large, each with different options for more or less, longer or shorter matches or toothpicks. DIMENSIONS The small is 2 x 3.82. Medium is 2.97 x 5. The large is 3.07 x 5.67. The tiny matchstick jar with strikers will make those places even more special. It will add a touch of color to your home decorations. Candles and incense can be lit in your meditation room. A cute matches holder is a great gift idea. Please note. Due to safety regulations, matches are not included. It's perfect for all home décor. Home decor, mantel decor, room decor, fireplace decor, rustic bathroom decor, office decor... You name it. It looks beautiful. The matches holder is gorgeous and can be used to enhance the looks of your favorite spaces. This is what your bookshelf needs. Are you in a traditional home? Are there rustic bathroom decor, rustic kitchen decor, or vintage room decor? It's near a candle holder. This is a great gift idea for those who love candles and incense. All matches are welcome. You can fill your matchstick holder with any matches. All of them will work. Try it with different colors. They are the perfect combination for your decorations. You will get 2 match keepers and 4 strikers. The match holder is only 1.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It is perfect in your hand.

Brand: Lumen Design

👤These met my needs. After a few uses, the strike patch is starting to wear off.

👤I was looking for a larger jar but it was a bit small for the price.

👤Useful in restrooms.

👤Comply with the seller's description. There are cute match holders. They were well protected and came in a small box. It would be great to hold small earrings or wood toothpicks.

👤These are so cute, I can't wait to use them. Totally satisfied.

👤The match holders are cute. You're not surprised by how small they are. I don't know if the strikers will last, but they work well initially. I can cut the strike paper from a large match box and glue it to the bottom of the ceramics when the strikers stop working.

3. Wit Gifts WT103132 Cactus Matches

Wit Gifts WT103132 Cactus Matches

Cardboard matches are not strong. Wood matches are where it is. The match box matches the color tip. It's open closed. The box is the best place to store your matches, but once they are gone, use the box for other small items. The fun matches are a great gift for a candle. It's good for home or on the go. You can keep it in your car, bag, kitchen drawer, wherever you want.

Brand: Wit Gifts

👤Match head flyaways are caused by brittle matches. The striking surface is insufficient because they do not light easily. The box is cute.

👤I like to store matches in this tin. It's a good idea to have a strike pad on the back. The matches burn very quickly. I can get one or two candles lit before the flame gets too close to my fingers.

👤I wanted to give this little tin box to a friend that likes small knick-knacks, but it has bumps and dents on both sides, sadly it is a small box. I don't recommend.

👤The metal box is nice, but the matches are not. They burn the wood sticks too fast. If that's the case, only 1-2 wicks a match.

👤It does not light well. The matches are hard to see.

👤Tin is cheap. The matches are garbage. The strikers strip on the back wears out before most of the matches are played. You have a $5 metal tin.

👤I am giving them as a gift at Christmas and I know my friends will love them.

4. Barnwood Decorative Display Authentic Reclaimed

Barnwood Decorative Display Authentic Reclaimed

The perfect size to hold your matches. The accent piece is 1.9” in length and is available in four colors: white, black, pink and green. It is made from 100% reclaimed wood. It is common to find nail holes, knots, and flaws in wood. Comes completely assembled. It was made in Oklahoma. The inside is 11.25L x 5W x 2.5H. It was made in the USA. Be advised that the wood is very primitive.

Brand: Barnwood Decor Of Okc

👤It was complete with cobwebs. It fits perfectly on the back of my toilet.

👤It is perfect for mason jars. It has a hole on one side, but it's rustic. It is nice for a rustic look and I believe it should be a bit cheaper.

👤Happy with the box. Three normal size mason jars fit perfectly inside. Is the wood good? No. I did not expect it to be or want it to be.

👤Terrible! I took it out of the package. So disappointed.

👤It was bought for decor. Very strong. I love it.

👤I have a lot of mason jar products in my house, and I wanted to use them. Absolutely not. One of the boxes has the wood broken off. If this person wants to stay in business, he/she needs to put together better things. Will be making my own from now on.

👤I am very pleased with the box. The use of reclaimed wood gives it a farmhouse style. I have it on my kitchen counter with three mason jars inside. I might have to get another one.

👤I painted this for my sister in law. She loves it! I saw a review where someone complained about a splinter and another where they were upset that it had old wood. It is imperfect because it has splinters and is reclaimed. We loved it! It's perfect for the farmhouse look all year round.

5. Ladorr Match Holder Striker Decorative

Ladorr Match Holder Striker Decorative

There is a very cute match holder. A matchstick jar with a strikers works great to light up matches. It can be used in your bathroom, living room, floating shelf, coffee table or fireplace decor. The matches are not included. Hold up your match holder and light up your matches. The match paper is at the bottom. Their match strikers work great with all matches, including safety matches and strike anywhere matches. Their jar of matches has a mini strikers and extra match strike paper. It's perfect for all sacramentals. A matchstick holder is a great Christmas gift. Can also be used for kitchen match holder. The Black Matte Ceramic Match Holder and Striker is perfect size. The matches are not included.

Brand: Ladorr

👤The strike plate on the bottom of the match holder was falling off when I received it. I returned it. How would I light the match if the thin sticker fell off?

👤I was annoyed. This looks gross and is not like the picture. It is rough and doesn't come with pink matches.

👤Does not include matches. It would cost them 25 cents to include.

👤The matchstick holder is short. Nothing special about it.

👤A cute match stick holder. There is a forward on the bottom. Strike anywhere and strike on a box. I put an extra forward to the side of the match holder to make it easier to hit.

👤It looks great in my bathroom. It is small enough to sit on the back of the toilet. It was easy to use.

👤Simple design. A lot of matches. It works well. It looks nice in my bathroom.

👤I bought these as a gift and realized they didn't come with matches. I would assume they did.

6. Striker Ceramic Decorative Bathroom Designed MATCH STRIKER HOUSE MATCH HOLDER

Striker Ceramic Decorative Bathroom Designed MATCH STRIKER HOUSE MATCH HOLDER

Each scented candle has a frosted glass bottle. The simple design of the cup makes it suitable for all ages and can be used to make candle holders, plant holders, or other crafts. Functional & Geometric - It's called "Home Decor With a Purpose". The matches should be kept in the body of the house. Strike your match under the roof and then enjoy the mouse hole in the back to cool it off. There are no burn marks on your furniture. The Match Striker House is an upgrade from a cardboard box. The bonus is the mouse hole in the back, which will allow you to keep your hot matches inside. There are no abdicated taps. Any type of easily found regular matches can be used with an undercoat. Special strike is not required. There are matches included. This stylish little house can be used as a toothpick holder, cotton swab holder or jewelry holder. This handmade accessory can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. The black and white design is great for home decor. It's an original and multi-use gift that makes a perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, wedding gift, Mother's day gift, hostess gift, teacher gift or real estate agent gift. Place this decorative fireplace match holder into a Christmas village, on a coffee table, a fireplace mantel, and use it to store your fancy matches in your bathroom decor or kitchen decor. The Divacheli unique handmade ceramic match container is engineered and designed in the USA. It's innovative design makes it a functional home decor item for any style of home. A glass match holder and matches in glass jar is a modern invention.

Brand: Divacheli

👤The little house is on my mantle. I can't wait to put the rest of my Christmas decorations out, it will fit perfectly. As soon as I have a photo, I will update the review. The matches are easy to strike. It is nice to have a safe place to put them.

👤I am very pleased with this house. It's convenient to have everything I need right where my candles are, and it matches my Christmas decor. My previous strikers would waste a lot of matches before finally lighting up. I have never had to do more than one strike to get a match lit. I will give a few more as Christmas gifts.

👤This is going to be a functional piece of decor in my mountain home. It is so small that it will fit on my mantle. Having a stock of matches stored up and out of sight is going to be perfect because I always run out of my liquid lighter without realizing. The little house is very solid in construction. I have already been using it.

👤Cute match starter. I keep it in my study so I can light my candles. It's a great gift and I feel safe using it in that room.

👤The match strikers house is a great addition to our home decor. You can toss the matches once used underneath. The suggestions for the house use are great.

👤The matchbox is a great addition to the mantel. It adds a bit of charm to our living space and is practical for when we want to light our candles. We are very happy to have one of these for this season.

👤Very happy with this! It's cute and handy. It is very well made.

👤A lovely gift for a candle lover. I gave this to myself. I like the look, but more the function. The mouse hole is very helpful. It makes me happy when I look at it.

7. Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

The dots are 1 inch in diameter. May be trimmed with scissors. The match strikers are fully functional and will serve as the igniter for "safety" matches. The light brown honeycomb pattern of the strikers will bring a sense of style to any craft project. ADHESIVE - Peel and stick these dots on a variety of surfaces.

Brand: Winecraft

👤I like these. I still can't believe how well the match lights with these.

👤In the future, will order again.

8. Ceramic Match Holder Striker Decorative

Ceramic Match Holder Striker Decorative

The premium matchstick holders are designed to fit all your matches and are easy to reach for when lighting a fireplace, candles, bbq, or even a fire pit. Please note: MATCHES are not included due to safety regulations. VERTICAL CERAMIC STRIKER ON SIDE works only with STRIKEWHERE ANY MATCHES The underside of their matches holder has a high-quality strikers, complete with extra strikers, so you can light all kinds of cute matches almost anywhere. It's perfect for lighting things quickly. Each one of the match holders with strikers has a unique flair and style and is hand-crafted with superior ceramic materials. Those who value originality have an important aspect. There are slight differences in each piece of art. The 2-piece match sticks holder set comes with one speckled white and one black match holder which makes them a smart choice for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and more. It is a great way to use it. A smart gift idea is a set of candles or a fire for anyone who loves candles or lighting a fire during the cold winter months.

Brand: Amarcado

👤This set of two match holders is a great buy. There is a The quality is top notch, as shown in the pictures. There is a They received a quality box. The items and box were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. There is a A personal note thanking us for our support was sent to us. There is a The holders have two extra pads if needed. There is a Considering the poor quality matches we have on hand, we are thrilled that we have had 100% light-up with each strike. There is a They are small enough to be discreet, but still have a nice touch. This set is perfect for a person who has everything. There is a We will be buying more for our home.

👤The side of the set that is supposed to light the matches does not work at all. We tried several times and thought the matches were not good, but then we tried the same piece and it worked. This does not include matches. I wouldn't buy it. We got a refund from Amazon because it was bad.

👤It's cute, but overpriced, and priced way too high without matches included.

👤The products are cute. It comes with 4 pads and they work great.

👤I loved these. We are perfect, smaller than I expected. I might buy more.

👤The strikers work well. I did it and I want you to be careful so you don't do it again.

9. Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

The cloche container has a cork stopper in the bottom. The dimensions of the Cloche are 7 by 3. 120 4-inch matches were included. The Strike-on-Bottle flint is easy to use. It's ideal for hostess gifts, home-decor lovers, holiday festivities, or any special occasion. The style was inspired by a vintage glass cloche. The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone.

Brand: Skeem Design

👤It was sent without a cork. They put tape at the bottom and sent them a replacement cork. There is a I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service.

👤Looks cute! It's packaged up like precious cargo. I'm very happy with the smoke color of the glass, it matches my candle, and it has no flaws. There's a strike on the back of the ball. I thought it would be a cute decoration next to my candle, but I don't plan on using it a lot. I didn't want that triangle sticker on it and it's easy to peel off. The sticker didn't leave any glue behind. So happy with this match!

👤I love my smoked match cloche. It is the perfect accessory for my coffee table. The smoke color gives it a nice vibe. The back of the cloche is a stripe to light the match. The product was worth it. I love it so much.

👤It looks great. The seller is very responsive and helpful after I had an issue with the item. The issue was solved without any problems.

👤This piece is so beautiful and cool to have in your home. I was surprised that the smaller one was a lot larger than I thought. I really like it!

👤This is sitting at my fireplace. It would be great to use it to light a fire.

👤It appeared in my Amazon suggestions after I saw it in an online catalog. Coincidence? Either way, I ordered it. It is pretty cool to look at. I would give this to the person with everything.

👤The seller was great to work with. The first cloche was broken in a million pieces. They sent a replacement after they responded to my email. The seller made the replacement process painless and the cloche is beautiful, I was happy that this was a gift. It's a great way to keep your matches close to your candles.

10. Fulton 44B Match Box

Fulton 44B Match Box

Stonebriar Collection features artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes and bold colors that will add interest to any room.

Brand: Fulton

👤The only hole for mounting is practical. The box is pushed away when the pressure is applied to the match. I have to hold the box to light the match. It could be firmly attached to the wall if it had 2 mounting holes.

👤It tried to be like the ones I was raised with, but congress had two big design flaws. 1st It requires you to hold it while striking a match or modifying it because it only has one place to mount a screw. An extra screw was placed on both sides to stop the swinging. 2nd A standard box of matches has to be large front to back and short top to bottom. The box isn't well suited. It works. It's not the best, but it's all on the market and will do the job. I never would've thought these things would be so hard to find. I'm grateful that I was able to give one because they were everywhere when I was a kid and it's mostly functional.

👤This match holder is very nice. We used to light Mom's gas stove when we were kids. We had a stove in the camper. I knew I needed this when we moved to the country. I couldn't find one in traditional big box stores or with camping supplies. I found it on Amazon. It has a nice powder coat finish. It has a gig box of stick matches. Just perfect! There is a You ask why we need matches for a gas stove. Like your grill, modern stoves have electronic ignitors. If the power goes out, you need to light it with a match. Small boxes of matches get lost and paper matches get burnt. There are big boxes of matches. Put a metal matchbox on the wall near the stove and away from children. I love mine!

👤The matchbox was incomplete and shoddy. If there was an opportunity to post pics, I would, but I am not given that choice. The seller should be embarrassed to sell it. I would have bought an antique if I wanted junk.

👤I researched the reviews and got what I expected from this item. It was delivered undamaged. The traditional design and the slot in the side expose the striking surface. It is not a very heavy gauge steel compared to similar items made in the past. It would be helpful to have a second screw at the bottom to keep it from moving. I plan to paint the head black and drill a hole for a second screw. The item seems to be manufactured by one company. I was eligible for free shipping and it evened out. I think that this item is overpriced regardless of where it is purchased. A simple, thin sheet metal item such as this should not cost more than $10, even if it is. Since this is the design that I was looking for, and there seems to be only one manufacturer making them, it came down to a question of "how badly do you want it?" I wanted it so bad that I would pay the $12.95. I would probably buy it again. I received exactly what I was expecting.

11. Boxes Fireplace Matches Reach Total

Boxes Fireplace Matches Reach Total

It was made in the USA. Be advised that the wood is very primitive. 40 matches per box There are long wooden matches. Strike-On-Box type for safety will not self-ignite. Fireplaces, barbeques, campfires, furnaces, stove, candles, fireworks, etc.

Brand: Quality Home

👤I can't think of another word to describe these matches. I tried to hit them on the end of the box, but the majority of the matches broke. It would be great if the full side of the box had a strike-able area, instead of just the small end panel.

👤I had a video of me striking them and they didn't work. The strike pad was horrible, so we broke at least 7 matches in half.

👤I think you get what you pay for, even though these were a good price. I bought a four box offer and it was full of matches. Some of the matches have no match head because of trying to get them apart. I believe that this is a manufacturing problem since the match heads were protected with plastic wrap.

👤I needed a fire to light my kitchen burners. All matches lit upon striking, held finger close to the match head for a sure strike, and stayed lit while traveling to the burner, are very cheap. Con: The wood is warped and splintered, and the box is flimsy, not presentable as a gift, get an expensive Diamond brand matches for that.

👤I wanted them to be a compliment to the vase I have. The red tips bring out my artwork and they are the right length. My husband loves to light the fireplace. There is a The email stated that the package had been delivered. I ran to the mailbox and found nothing. I sent an email to the Retailer stating that I was disappointed that the order was not delivered. The Retailer sent me another order. He left me a message with my contact information. I recommend anyone in the market for these awesome matches to do so because he was awesome. I have a lot of confidence in them. The package may have been left in the wrong mailbox. You can find a line up of mailboxes on the road to your mailbox on the ranch where I live. It could have been an easy mistake for the mailman. This Retailer made it right. Thank you so much!

👤The sticks broke when pulled apart and the red tops were missing.

👤These are great for lighting the fireplace starter. They are long enough to light that sucker up. Hold it close to the match head when striking. The stick may break and shorten your match. The burnt fingers were leading to. Good matches will buy again.

👤These were bought to start fire in our fire pit, but other than burning the wooden stem, they are useless. Strike, flare, and immediately burn out, cannot even get to the starter before flare out, and tend to break at top. Will not buy this product again.


What is the best product for decorative matches box for candles?

Decorative matches box for candles products from Winecraft. In this article about decorative matches box for candles you can see why people choose the product. Lumen Design and Wit Gifts are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative matches box for candles.

What are the best brands for decorative matches box for candles?

Winecraft, Lumen Design and Wit Gifts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative matches box for candles. Find the detail in this article. Barnwood Decor Of Okc, Ladorr and Divacheli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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