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1. Juvale Pepper Shakers Stainless Steel

Juvale Pepper Shakers Stainless Steel

A smart gift idea is a set of candles or a fire for anyone who loves candles or lighting a fire during the cold winter months. The high quality of the STAINLESS STEEL Salt and Pepper Shakers set makes them easy to use, and the glass bottom makes it easy to remove the cap when you need a dash of seasoning. The salt and pepper shaker gift set is perfect for a wedding present or housewarming gift. The design is modern. The top of the screw-off caps are adorned with classy S and P lettering and the seasoning shaker is labeled in an elegant way. The cute salt and pepper shakers set is 4 inches tall and holds about 4 ounces. It's easy to clean, just hand wash the salt pepper set and refill it with your favorite condiments.

Brand: Juvale

👤During the first monsoon season, the lid fell apart because of the rusty steel. If you really dislike someone, gift them this and watch as their meal is ruined. I've had the pepper break. This is not a one-off. Do not buy them.

👤There is a warning that is not listed in the description. This product is known to be made of things that cause cancer. They mention that it is free of the harmful substance. Don't buy. I'm going to return it.

👤These are very nice looking. There is a design flaw. Salt and pepper can leak around the threads of the salt and pepper shakers because they don't seal. The picture shows the aftermath. The quality of the product could be improved by the manufacturer. The mess they cause is more of a nuisance. They will become a table decoration because I can't return them. The feedback will help the manufacturer and Amazon customers.

👤You would think that a pepper shaker is just a pepper, but not this one. The pepper shaker is a dinner ruiner due to shoddy assembly. The screw off top isn't the only way this one opens. Boo! It's takeout tonight!

👤These can't be returned. The pepper and salt are in the shakers. The holes are too large. They could not be returned until they tried. The customer service was poor.

👤After 8 months of use, the pepper shaker lid starts to fall off. The black plastic was cracked in two places. We were told the warranty was only 30 days. I wanted to make sure others were aware of the warranty and customer service issues, because I don't like to leave negative reviews.

👤I wanted to like them. I loved the look from the photos, but I didn't see the fact that the caps are not aligned with the words on the base, making them look ascue. This wouldn't be an issue if they left the words off the base and put the basic holes on the top. The base of the shaker can be seen if it's salt or pepper. Why do we need the words or the S&P on top? Also... I found the holes too large to be able to control the amount of seasoning that I wanted. I can't review them because they're going back before I use them.

👤I was excited when I received my order, but I was disappointed. I'm going to write a review to make it easier for other people to buy them. The purpose of the shaker is lost because the tops did not stay screwed on. It looks like it's going in the trash. Will be looking for a better alternative.

👤If only the salt and pepper shakers had holes on their lids that were normal British size, they would be great, but they are not worth anything as you need to be very careful when using it as the salt just pours out.

👤The item arrived on time and felt sturdy, but not impressed with the printing. I work in the printing industry and know that this shouldn't have left quality control. I'm not happy to receive one with dodgey print because this product looks very high end. A replacement would be appreciated.

2. Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

The dots are 1 inch in diameter. May be trimmed with scissors. The match strikers are fully functional and will serve as the igniter for "safety" matches. The light brown honeycomb pattern of the strikers will bring a sense of style to any craft project. ADHESIVE - Peel and stick these dots on a variety of surfaces.

Brand: Winecraft

👤I like these. I still can't believe how well the match lights with these.

👤In the future, will order again.

3. Boxes Wooden Kitchen Matches Total

Boxes Wooden Kitchen Matches Total

Peel and stick these strips on glass, porcelain, plastic, paper or cardboard boxes, glass bottles and more. Kitchen safety matches made of wood.

Brand: Unknown

👤The product is described. It arrived very quickly. The matches are very good. Excellent purchase. Great seller.

👤These matches are sturdy. They quickly sent the matches and told me to keep the unrelated items after they sent me the wrong item. Customer service is appreciated.

👤I enjoy candles. It is difficult to get the wicks lit with regular matches when they burn down. The wooden matches took care of the problem.

👤Almost half of the time, wooden matches break with use, even if you hold them in a different way. Two photos should be noted. A merchant gave a refund.

👤Total waste of money. They only wear out the box abrasive after a dozen matches. You can throw the rest away if you only have a half dozen each side.

👤You strike the green ones. The red ones burn long enough to start a fire.

👤Money should be better spent on rubber sticks.

4. D Home Ceramic Match Holder

D Home Ceramic Match Holder

Please use caution and keep children away from you. The best way to apply stickers is with a pair of tweezers. After applying stickers, wash your hands. You can add a little fairy tale to your home with this unusual decorative jar. It will look great on your coffee table, shelf or fireplace mantle. The match is between a older person and a younger one. It holds over 100 matches. Match strikers jar has the ideal size to hold your matches in one place, making it even more convenient. Their jar for matches with strikers is suitable for any kind of match, not only for safety matches but also for strike anywhere matches. There are no matches included. Light it up like a normal match without having to use matchbooks or cigar lighters. Take your matches holder, grab a match, and strike it against the paper at the bottom. 2 jars in a set includes two match holders and 2 extra pieces of match strike paper as a bonus. A beautiful box with all of this can be a perfect Christmas gift.

Brand: D.home

👤The dimensions are small. The box that two come in is listed. They do not accept returns. Beware!

👤They are small. I can't return it. They are small and not worth the money.

👤I expected matches to come with these, but they are nice.

👤It is very small.

5. Skeem Design Glass Helix Cloche

Skeem Design Glass Helix Cloche

The cloche container is hand blown clear and ribbed. The dimensions of the Cloche are 7 by 3. 120 4-inch matches were included. The Strike-on-Bottle flint is easy to use. It's ideal for hostess gifts, home-decor lovers, holiday festivities, or any special occasion. The style was inspired by a vintage glass cloche. The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone.

Brand: Skeem Design

👤I love everything about this. It works well. The matches light up. It would be a nice gift.

👤It was very stylish and as described. The glass is thin but still has its beauty and usefulness. Would purchase the larger version again and complete the set.

👤Very nice looking! The glass is thin so it would break easily if I bumped it into my other decor, but it is a great looking Cloche.

👤I bought this for my son because it's simple and beautiful. It's a nice match holder.

👤The match holder is beautiful. It was well protected and arrived quickly. The cork on the bottom makes it easy to get to matches. It's easy to hit matches. It was perfect!

👤Product was well packed and beautiful. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It was supposed to be clear glass with black match heads. The thing is purple with white match heads. It was larger in the picture.

👤I am glad I bought this. It's a nice addition to our fireplace mantle.

6. Lumen Match Holder Striker Decorative

Lumen Match Holder Striker Decorative

The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone. Make those places even more special with this adorable jar of matches. Candles and incense can be lit in your meditation room. A cute matches holder is a great gift idea. Please note. Due to safety regulations, matches are not included. It affects every room. Home decor, room decor, bathroom decor, office decor... You name it. It looks beautiful. The matches holder is gorgeous and can be used to enhance the looks of your favorite spaces. This is what your bookshelf needs. It makes a different gift idea, it's the perfect wedding favors, hostess gift, home decor gifts, bohemian gifts, party favors... It's a great gift for candle and incense lovers. There are gifts under 20 dollars that are perfect for you. All matches are welcome. Strike-Anywhere matches, any matches, safety matches, and any matches. All of them will work. It's easy to clean. A soft cloth can be used to clean any stain left by striking matches. It looks good all the time. Its size is convenient. The saucer is 3.5 inches wide and the match holder is 2 inches tall. It is perfect in your hand.

Brand: Lumen Design

👤It's a little bit smaller than I thought, but it's what I needed to make my candles. The strikers look like they will last a long time.

👤This is something that I love. It is small and pretty and looks great with my candles.

👤The strikers stickers are not durable and wear quickly, even with the included replacements.

👤The teacup playset is really small.

👤It was well packaged. My friend loved it and I gave it as a gift.

7. Tissues Countertop Leather Decorative Matches

Tissues Countertop Leather Decorative Matches

The material is preliminary. The plants are made of synthetic materials. The stem is made of high quality plastic and iron wire. The square / cube shape is compatible with all popular tissue boxes. There's enough room at the top for most tissue box hold. The Kleenex Tissue cube box is compatible with the Kulusion Tissue box cover. Simple and decorative. The tissue boxes cover is designed with a simple shape and clean, peaceful color, and is perfect for home and commercial use. It's a noble element for home, office, etc. The open bottom makes it easy for tissue box replacement. Perfect for square facial tissue box, baby tissue paper box, etc., it's sturdy and secure. Just wipe with a wet towel. Please avoid sharp items. It's perfect for home, office, car, commercial use. This tissue holder can be placed in a lot of places. It will be a great gift for anyone. The tissue box holder are made of quality PU leather and are odorless, reliable and durable. It can be folded to make it easier to carry.

Brand: Kulusion

👤A creative way to cover up a tissue box. The material is easy to assemble and soft. The color choice matches my bathroom. I used the 2nd one in my bedroom because gray is a neutral color. I no longer have to look for the right boxes to match my decor.

👤Tissue box holders are not heavy. If you grab a kleenex, you have to hold the cover and tissue box in order for the box to stay in place. The covers are nice.

👤The color, texture, and price is great, but the size is a sloppy loose fit, the slit is too narrow, and you have to hold the cover in a headlock position to pull out a tissue. Bad design.

👤Our bedroom area has an awesome design for tissues.

👤I knew I had to have this when I saw it my interior designer friend had. I ordered the white. It looks like real leather. It has a leather look. I was worried about ordering from this seller because they had no reviews. I thought I could return the item if it wasn't good. I'm pleased with the quality and price and I'm happy I went ahead. This is exactly what I needed in a tissue box, it's a staple in my home. This item is very good. The only negative is that they are delivered flat. I have a weird chemical smell to the material it's made out of, but neither issue was bad enough to keep me from enjoying the item.

👤I had to use a scissor to cut the top open because I love the way tese look. It was too narrow and was tearing tissues. There is a I used a scissor and it was easy to cut, and we are happy with it. The top hole looks a little off but it works and the box is covered.

8. Hayley Cherie Christmas Birthdays Holidays

Hayley Cherie Christmas Birthdays Holidays

It's easy to clean, just hand wash the salt pepper set and refill it with your favorite condiments. Great value. A set of gift boxes with unique designs and matching ribbons. These boxes are an inexpensive way to decorate homemade gifts. It isdurable: The treat boxes are made with a thick 400gsm cardboard. The height is 3.8 and the square base is 5.8. You don't need to worry about breaking when packing heavier items. It'sTILE: These boxes are the perfect way to present gifts. They are perfect for small gifts and add a personalized touch. They are a larger size than most favor boxes so you have more space to fill them up for a variety of occasions. Beautiful. Every set contains five unique designs. These treat boxes are fun and festive for many occasions. You can mix and match the ribbons in four different colors, because they are all purple, orange, blue and pink. Easy assembly. The gift boxes are easy to fold into shape with an "automatic lock box" design. The base will lock into position when you pull the sides into shape. There is no need for additional preparation or glue.

Brand: Hayley Cherie

👤I love these! They're beautiful, great quality, and pop together easily. I am able to fit a few dozen handmade candies in each box. I highly recommend taping the seams in the bottom or using a piece of sturdy cardboard to make sure the box stays flat.

👤I used them for a baby shower. We were about to make final baby shower plans when everything stopped. We came up with the idea of giving the shower to the guests. The boxes were so sweet and I chose them to send the items in. They were constructed well and not flimsy. I did not have any issues with the box being one box. I moved them from place of assembly to another room for safe keeping and finally to car for delivery, they were packed with flower strands, fairy lites, a real plant, a large cookie, tea bag, balloons, and confetti. There was some stuff in there. The bottoms were sturdy and I never felt that my stuff was in danger. I was proud to give them the package that they made. Everything from Amazon, except for the cookie. A real baby shower would probably cost more. There are no games!

👤This product blew me away and I don't usually write reviews. I wanted a container to fit the occasion and sent Easter goodies to my grown grandchildren. The boxes look like a touch of spring and are sturdy. There are 12 large cookies in each. They were packed with ribbons. Couldn't be happier!

👤They were great, just don't push too hard or you might rip them apart by accident, just gently assemble and push with your palm in the bottom, it will help them shape up.

👤The boxes were perfect for presentation. I made lotus flowers for the staff at my daughter's daycare, which ended up falling in line with Teacher Appreciation week. Being an essential worker meant a lot to me that they were able to stay open and running. The lotus flower is a symbol of strength and perseverance, so I thought it would be fitting to have something other than food. There is a The box design was floral and it was an added bonus. The dimensions were easy to construct and looked beautiful. The quality and look of the cardboard is very professional. I wish I could have gotten a smaller amount since I only needed 6 but I am happy that more were included because I have leftovers for gifts in the future. Great purchase!

👤It's always a pleasure to see Hayley Cherie. Sturdy gift boxes with matching ribbons are always good quality. There are price fluctuations and availability. If you are not in a rush, keep an eye on the price multiple times a day. The cheapest price I have found is $1 per box. Within hours of each price change, prices can go up or down. I'm obsessed with buying these boxes and I'm waiting for the right price.

👤I have ordered these boxes before. The boxes are beautiful, easy to put together, and I love them. I put tape on the bottom to make sure they stay put. I had a little trouble with ripping when trying to close the box but once I realized what I was doing wrong it was a breeze. I package a gift set in these boxes and INRDeals I will continue to use these boxes. I love them.

9. Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

The cloche container has a cork stopper in the bottom. The dimensions of the Cloche are 7 by 3. 120 4-inch matches were included. The Strike-on-Bottle flint is easy to use. It's ideal for hostess gifts, home-decor lovers, holiday festivities, or any special occasion. The style was inspired by a vintage glass cloche. The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone.

Brand: Skeem Design

👤It was sent without a cork. They put tape at the bottom and sent them a replacement cork. There is a I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service.

👤Looks cute! It's packaged up like precious cargo. I'm very happy with the smoke color of the glass, it matches my candle, and it has no flaws. There's a strike on the back of the ball. I thought it would be a cute decoration next to my candle, but I don't plan on using it a lot. I didn't want that triangle sticker on it and it's easy to peel off. The sticker didn't leave any glue behind. So happy with this match!

👤I love my smoked match cloche. It is the perfect accessory for my coffee table. The smoke color gives it a nice vibe. The back of the cloche is a stripe to light the match. The product was worth it. I love it so much.

👤It looks great. The seller is very responsive and helpful after I had an issue with the item. The issue was solved without any problems.

👤This piece is so beautiful and cool to have in your home. I was surprised that the smaller one was a lot larger than I thought. I really like it!

👤This is sitting at my fireplace. It would be great to use it to light a fire.

👤It appeared in my Amazon suggestions after I saw it in an online catalog. Coincidence? Either way, I ordered it. It is pretty cool to look at. I would give this to the person with everything.

👤The seller was great to work with. The first cloche was broken in a million pieces. They sent a replacement after they responded to my email. The seller made the replacement process painless and the cloche is beautiful, I was happy that this was a gift. It's a great way to keep your matches close to your candles.

10. Seville Classics 5 Piece Storage Organizer

Seville Classics 5 Piece Storage Organizer

It's measures 2 x 4 x 2 high. There are a variety of sizes of bamboo organizer boxes that fit your life exactly. The set includes 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, and 1 extra-small box. Individual boxes are 10.5" x 7",7" x7",3" x7", and6" x7". The boxes measure 2. The H is 5. The bamboo construction isdurable and attractive. Bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainable building material that can be used as décor in the home. You can use them to organize junk around the house, organize jewelry, organize cosmetics, organize needles, thread, and bobbins, or keep pens, paperclips, and drawers organized in an office drawer. Minimum drawer clearance is 13 W, 19 L, 3.25" H. Minimum drawer clearance is 13 W, 19 L, 3.25" H.

Brand: Seville Classics

👤I bought these on 1/7/19. I came back a week later and they had raised the price to $24.99. They are not worth much, even though I paid fifteen dollars for them. I get price increases, but not always. Very sturdy and nice. The dimensions were correct. The brand I bought was broken. I am buying more of those and returning them. I would definitely recommend them.

👤These bamboo boxes are one of the best things I have ever purchased. I was trying to figure out what I have accumulated thanks to the free samples I have received. I didn't have good organizers. I used tupperware until I found these. When you're trying to organize things, these boxes are great because they fit nicely together and can accommodate different sizes and lengths. They are made with beautiful bamboo and are very smooth so you don't have to worry about splinters. I used 5 of these in one drawer and the other in my junk drawer, and it was a nice change of feeling to open up a clean, organized drawer instead of a giant ball of disorganized stuff. I will be buying another set of these because they are so nicely made and can be used to hold a lot of things. Highly recommended.

👤Not 18x10 The 18x10 drawer set on Amazon is not the right size for the drawer I ordered it for. I ordered the dividers for our batheo drawer because they are good sizes for bathroom and desk items, but they won't fit in the drawer.

👤I purchased another set after buying a set that I loved so much. The construction seems good and there are great sizes. It had a slight smell when first purchased. It went away quickly, could it be the smell of bamboo wrapped up? Not sure. I recommend this to anyone who wants to talk about organization. This was a high quality alternative to the cheap plastic organizers that our family doesn't use. One reviewer said this is solid bamboo and I researched it as much as possible and I agree with him. There are cheaper bamboo organizers that are not solid bamboo.

👤These weren't quite right for my drawers. I had to sand down one of the edges. I'm not sure if that was the fault of the products or if my drawer was a little too small. You have to sacrifice a lot of space. There is a It's a good product, and I was happy to find something that was wooden instead of plastic. I would make the walls of the boxes thinner to give you more space inside the boxes.

👤There was a drawer in the china cabinet. I am enjoying the orderly display of the contents. There is a I enjoy reaching for the match box.

👤These boxes are great for organizing the kitchen. They are more elegant and permanent looking than the cheap plastic ones I found at my local stores, and they come in different sizes which I use to store different sized kitchen things. I use several sets of these in my office, and also in other places. They are functional, have multiple uses, and look smart. I would definitely recommend it. A+.

11. VLN Keepsake Locking Treasure Keepsakes

VLN Keepsake Locking Treasure Keepsakes

You can put a lot of things, make beautiful storage containers for small items, and even hold cosmetics and candy in display containers. A wooden jewelry box for women can be used with their large wooden gift box. You can securely store jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklace, grandma gifts, toys, small gifts, ornaments and much more. Heavy Duty and Unique Design. The box has heavy duty hinges. The box has a lock and key. The box color matches the décor. The rustic wooden color makes it more attractive. You can use patterns on the surface to make a box. This box has many uses. You can use the locking box as a storage box, as well as a memory box for art and crafts. The size is L x W x H. It is durable and provides you with more storage space. Vision Lance is a small business that sells home and office décor products. The box is wooden. They take pride in serving their buyers. Vision Lance has the highest level of customer service. Vision Lance is a small business that sells home and office décor products. The box is wooden. They take pride in serving their buyers. Vision Lance has the highest level of customer service.

Brand: Vln

👤The box is cute but I don't think it's worth the money. The latched object was placed in a different way. I could still use it for the purpose, so I didn't return it. I spray painted it because I didn't like the color. It is light in weight and can easily be broken. The interior is not finished.

👤The clasp broke on the first use. I got it for the first time and it didn't shut right away.

👤I like how well it is made.

👤The lock is difficult to lock and has a lot of waste of money.

👤Love it. It has a lock system.


What is the best product for decorative matches in box?

Decorative matches in box products from Juvale. In this article about decorative matches in box you can see why people choose the product. Winecraft and Unknown are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative matches in box.

What are the best brands for decorative matches in box?

Juvale, Winecraft and Unknown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative matches in box. Find the detail in this article. D.home, Skeem Design and Lumen Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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