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1. Brighton Living Reclaimed Decorative Succulent

Brighton Living Reclaimed Decorative Succulent

The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone. Handmade rustic farmhouse-style storage box by artisans using authentic reclaimed solid wood. Storage and display construction is strong. Every box is unique, no two will look the same, and each box is made from different reclaimed wood pieces. Store and display items in the bathroom, kitchen, home office, living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen counter tops and shelves can be used to hold plants. Random colors are given with each order, from reclaimed materials available, their crafters select and match colors for optimal aesthetic and harmony, each box is created to have its own unique character and color. They do their best to help if you are not satisfied with the boxes, but they know you will love them. They do their best to help if you are not satisfied with the boxes, but they know you will love them.

Brand: Brighton Living

👤It was perfect! The item is the same as described. I bought this to use as a holder for my cat grass and it looks great! Well made, and just the right degree of rustic. Very versatile. It can be used in many different ways. I was very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this seller.

👤This old bathroom has a green color and seems sturdy. I didn't have a place in the bathroom to put things like face cleanser. It helps me avoid my nightmare of products falling into the toilet.

👤The bathroom storage boxes are the best of the bunch. It doesn't have to be crammed in without fitting. It is not too deep for sitting on the toilet lid or shelf. Well made and very sturdy.

👤This box is wonderful! I used it to store toilet paper in the bathroom. A versatile piece.

👤I was looking for an item to add to my bathroom. It matches up with the other decor because it sits in the bathroom. Love it. I would buy it again.

👤The appearance may vary, which I liked and understood, since it's reclaimed wood. The wood that I got had a green tint and did not fit my decor at all. It was covered with old paint that made it look dirty.

👤I needed something to put on the ledge behind my couch. It fits everything perfectly and is very stylish.

👤I use the product for storage in my bathroom. It fits a lot of items. I grabbed another one after I loved it.

👤The boxes were perfect for what we wanted. We love that they are subtly different and not just a clone. If you have any storage needs that you want to be seen from the outside, we recommend these boxes.

2. Adhesive Match Striker Paper Stickers

Adhesive Match Striker Paper Stickers

The strips are 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. May be trimmed with scissors. The match strikers are fully functional and will serve as the igniter for "strike anywhere" or "safety" matches. The strikers have a black pattern that makes them look good. Peel and stick these strips on glass, porcelain, plastic, paper or cardboard boxes, glass bottles, and more!

Brand: Winecraft

👤Only works for a few strikes.

👤What magic is this? You can light the match with one flick of the wrist, thanks to these strips. The burner pilot is the best thing for a busy cook who still has to light it.

3. Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

Round Adhesive Match Striker Stickers

The dots are 1 inch in diameter. May be trimmed with scissors. The match strikers are fully functional and will serve as the igniter for "safety" matches. The light brown honeycomb pattern of the strikers will bring a sense of style to any craft project. ADHESIVE - Peel and stick these dots on a variety of surfaces.

Brand: Winecraft

👤I like these. I still can't believe how well the match lights with these.

👤In the future, will order again.

4. Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

Skeem Design Fireplace Cloche Bottle

The cloche container has a cork stopper in the bottom. The dimensions of the Cloche are 7 by 3. 120 4-inch matches were included. The Strike-on-Bottle flint is easy to use. It's ideal for hostess gifts, home-decor lovers, holiday festivities, or any special occasion. The style was inspired by a vintage glass cloche. The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone.

Brand: Skeem Design

👤It was sent without a cork. They put tape at the bottom and sent them a replacement cork. There is a I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service.

👤Looks cute! It's packaged up like precious cargo. I'm very happy with the smoke color of the glass, it matches my candle, and it has no flaws. There's a strike on the back of the ball. I thought it would be a cute decoration next to my candle, but I don't plan on using it a lot. I didn't want that triangle sticker on it and it's easy to peel off. The sticker didn't leave any glue behind. So happy with this match!

👤I love my smoked match cloche. It is the perfect accessory for my coffee table. The smoke color gives it a nice vibe. The back of the cloche is a stripe to light the match. The product was worth it. I love it so much.

👤It looks great. The seller is very responsive and helpful after I had an issue with the item. The issue was solved without any problems.

👤This piece is so beautiful and cool to have in your home. I was surprised that the smaller one was a lot larger than I thought. I really like it!

👤This is sitting at my fireplace. It would be great to use it to light a fire.

👤It appeared in my Amazon suggestions after I saw it in an online catalog. Coincidence? Either way, I ordered it. It is pretty cool to look at. I would give this to the person with everything.

👤The seller was great to work with. The first cloche was broken in a million pieces. They sent a replacement after they responded to my email. The seller made the replacement process painless and the cloche is beautiful, I was happy that this was a gift. It's a great way to keep your matches close to your candles.

5. Creative DF2376 Decorative Galvanized Accents

Creative DF2376 Decorative Galvanized Accents

The canisters should be washed. The combination of silver and gold is gorgeous. Lock not included, can easily lock contents inside. The vintage décor has a heavily distressed finish. The small is 4. 75"L x 4"W Medium is 6. 25"L x 6"W x 3. 5"H.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤I was very excited to receive this set, but I only received 2 boxes instead of 3. I displayed them but was disappointed that I only received 2. The complete set would be appreciated by me.

👤A nice set of nested galvanized boxes. They are functional boxes that can be used to store items as well. We need a way to keep the receipts out of view. We used smaller boxes to keep things accessible, but we wanted to avoid the messy look. They are well built and should hold up for a long time.

👤I bought this for our bathroom so that we don't have to display items that we don't want people to see. I think it was a good buy, but I don't know what I'm going to do with the smaller sizes. The items are strong.

👤These are cute. The set was bought to hide the remotes. They are very well made.

👤Was hoping for a more distressed look. These are shiny.

👤It's great for small storage needs. Can they be displayed while providing a function. Their finish works with a lot of different decor styles.

👤I wanted to keep items in my kitchen. Great size and cute. The top of the largest does not close well. The looks were nice.

👤These little boxes are cute. I use one to put my key in so the metal won't transfer to my car outside my home.

6. Jolitac Decorative Pattern Invisible Magnetic

Jolitac Decorative Pattern Invisible Magnetic

There are three faux book boxes. This set of 3 boxes with the appearance of vintage books is perfect for hiding your treasures. Theurdy Material: The books are bound with faux leather and made of Medium Density Fiberboard. There is a secret compartment. A secret hollow compartment is hidden by a magnetic closure and is perfect for hiding jewelry, keys, cash, credit cards, and other small valuables. Storage book box size Medium: 8.7 x 6.7 x 2.25 inches; Small: 7 x 5 x 1.75 inches. There are 14 different styles of book boxes, with different decorative effects, there is always a match for your needs. Don't hesitate.

Brand: Jolitac

👤The book boxes are sturdy. Some of them are really bad weed, like someone kept them for a long time. I left them open to air out for 3 weeks and the smell is still there. I was able to fix the peeling cover with superglue. The boxes are sturdy and pretty, but they would be better used for something else.

👤The boxes are described as looking and quality the same way. They look great on the shelf and are not flimsy. I would never consider buying from them, they're real jerks of POT! The boxes stunk up our entire living room for 4 days. I'm not joking. It was very unexpected and not welcome. You want a new product to smell good. These were in a room where someone was smoking pot in excess and they were saturated. Not pleased with that front.

👤I was excited to get these to add to our book case for hidden storage. The magnetic closing won't keep it closed, and they Stink! The smell stinks up our entire office, so I keep hoping it will go away. They should have returned them. I don't know what I can do to get rid of the smell. Not worth it! Yuck!

👤I wanted to use these boxes to store small things in my dining room. They arrive and are a decent looking but they smell of glue or epoxy. The fumes got worse when I opened the boxes. I wasn't thrilled, but I was not worried as usually these things will go away after they have been unwrapped. I put them on a shelf to do their thing. I reached one of them down and the fumes were just as strong as ever. I'm not sure if these are safe to have. I received them on July 23rd.

👤I own a lot of books. I found these little boxes to be a perfect addition to my room. They are used to store my jewelry. The boxes are sturdy and well made. I recommend!

👤The boxes are very good. These are an incredible value after looking at similar ones in retail stores. The textured covers give them a more authentic look. The inside is lined with a black textured fabric. Great purchase! Very happy!

👤I hid the candies at my desk. There's an odd chemical smell that I can't scrub away, but they came in a timely manner and looked exactly like the photo. I've washed them with soap and water, sprayed them with cleaner, and stuffed them with coffee grounds and newspapers. I don't want to keep peanut butter cups in them for fear of the taste being contaminated.

👤I love these! I bought them for my escape room. They were more expensive than anything I could find in the stores. They look great and are more sturdy than I thought. They had little magnets on the lids to keep them closed. It was a great addition to standard use. I will be securing them shut for my puzzle.

7. Demis Home Match Striker White

Demis Home Match Striker White

The Black Matte Ceramic Match Holder and Striker is perfect size. The matches are not included. Make a strike and grab a match. A classy way to hold and light up your matches. Matchbooks and lighters are no longer lying around. Light up your standard matches by applying the included match strike paper to the bottom of the match holder. An amazing addition to your coffee table, floating shelf, bathroom, or fireplace mantle is a cute decorative piece of pottery. Set of two! One match strikers is not enough. If you have many candles that need a companion, you may want to keep one for yourself and gift the other to your loved ones. A hostess gift, Christmas gift, or housewarming gift is possible. The two-piece set comes in a nice packaging that adds to its charm and is ready to be gifted. The perfect size to hold your matches. The accent piece is 1.9” in length and is available in four colors: white, black, pink and green. The perfect size to hold your matches. The accent piece is 1.9” in length and is available in four colors: white, black, pink and green.

Brand: Demi's Home

👤I can count the number of reviews I have done. I was compelled to write this because of the package it came in. The craftsmanship is excellent. I was surprised by how small the jars are, because the photos make it look larger. I shouldn't have expected the jars to be larger because matches are small. They are sturdy and adorable. I got the white ones. They came with stickers to be able to use them without the strike anywhere matches and a ceramic magnet as a gift. The attention to detail is appreciated the most by the purchaser.

👤I purchase candles for my school and we use a lot of candles in our daily meals and story times. The match strikers look nice, but they don't look as nice as the boxes of matches that wear out quickly. The match has to light on the first try to keep things moving in the classroom and it can ruin the mood if the teacher has to try many times to light the candle for a snack or story, according to teachers. The mood is not good. This is something new, and it seems to be a match strikers. I searched high and low for something like this a few years ago, and now they are plentiful. The one by Demi's Home is very good and very cheap. You get two per package with a gift magnet as a thank you. The matches are a half inch above the strikers lip. The pink glaze is very natural and goes well with the decor of our Kindergarten and Nursery school classrooms. I use strike anywhere matches, but the enclosed sandpaper discs will work well with any other kind of match. I am very happy to get a cute, well designed item which I needed. The box says it was made in China.

👤I was very excited for this to come and it did not disappoint. I was not impressed with the reviews on the one from Anthropologie, I was looking for something like this to replace the ugly plastic lighters. This is a set of 2 for less money and it is great! It worked perfectly with my strike. If that is what you have instead, they also included a glue for safety matches. A fancy candle would make a great gift. There is an adorable little bag. 10/10!

👤It took me a while to get used to hitting the match on the bottom of the holder. To the seller's credit, they give specific directions which address all of the concerns other reviewers mentioned, and they also give a piece of paper to affix to the bottom of the holder if you want to use safety matches. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is a little small, but the cuteness factor overrules the fussiness.

👤The pots are small, which is fine for their purpose, but not much room for striking because of the small size. The striking surface curves away from you as you strike it. Striking in a diagonal way helps. It's difficult to do and will usually require multiple attempts.

8. MDesign Organizer Decorative Bathroom Countertops

MDesign Organizer Decorative Bathroom Countertops

The hinged lid and modern clean lines elevate this storage box, which is a smart storage solution to keep bathroom clutter under control. This storage box has clean lines and an attached lid with invisible hinges that opens with ease, it is both stylish and functional, and it is a beautiful, modern storage accessory for the bathroom countertops, bedroom dressers, and makeup tables. The box looks lovely as a gift box and can be used for storage. Functions and quotient: It's perfect for storing all of your makeup and beauty items. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water, do not place in dishwasher - is made of durable shatter-resistant plastic, and has a strong, durable metal plated on both sides. It's measures 2 x 4 x 2 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I needed something that would protect my brushes. The box works well to just lay them in. I didn't want my brushes to get out of shape because I don't use all my brushes all the time. The brushes were kept from being flattened against the box by adding in dyi holders. I had foam packing tubing, which I cut in half lengths. Carefully mark out a place for each brush. The brushes will not get flattened. I can take each layer out if I need to. This makes it easier to access the bottom layer.

👤You are over priced for what you are receiving. The rose gold peel has come off multiple times. Since it seemed flimsy from the beginning, I have had minimal contact. The price verse quality was really disappointing.

👤A messy problem was solved by a box. The 4 x 8 x 2 size is perfect for holding jars of powder. The lid should be flipped down to keep the powder clean. Even took pictures to make a nice review. One of the hinges popped out within a month. The box is pretty, but not very strong. This would be a 5-star item if the hinge issue was solved. Now look for a more robust cousin from another manufacturer.

👤I like it, but one came with the pin off. I had to fix it. The pin broke after a few weeks of use.

👤The box looks like glass. They sent me two that I ordered, but both of them were broken. It works well for my make up brushes. I like that. There is a The top of the box has a shirt on. The box at the end is very fragile because it looks like glass. I am happy that I can protect my brushes.

👤After reading some of the negative reviews, I tried to give it a try but the item was damaged and not due to shipping. I try to avoid writing negative reviews but this should have never been sent. It had a lot of damage to the top and was scratched and tarnished on 3 of the sides. It looked terrible.

👤I had to have an item replaced because they came pretty scratched up, cracked, and discolored, but I love that this has a cover to keep dust out. When the replacement came, I picked the best one. It would be nice if there were no flaws. Shipping and replacement were fast.

👤I like this little box. Not cheap like some have claimed, actually very good quality for the price. I will definitely buy another one if the one I have wears out. I wish there was a bigger size for my makeup, primer, and bottles. I have to lay them on their sides to fit.

👤The boxes are heavy and well designed. I ordered 2 for mine. It is a nice touch that they have a mirror type lid. I use one box for eyebrow pencils and mascara. Other for my make up. There is a You don't have to use them for just make up, it would make a nice little jewellery box with a piece of felt or velvet in the bottom. There is a A good trinket box made well and value for your money took a little while to arrive but is worth waiting for.

9. Lumen Match Holder Striker Decorative

Lumen Match Holder Striker Decorative

The cloche can be used to display a specimen once the matches are gone. Make those places even more special with this adorable jar of matches. Candles and incense can be lit in your meditation room. A cute matches holder is a great gift idea. Please note. Due to safety regulations, matches are not included. It affects every room. Home decor, room decor, bathroom decor, office decor... You name it. It looks beautiful. The matches holder is gorgeous and can be used to enhance the looks of your favorite spaces. This is what your bookshelf needs. It makes a different gift idea, it's the perfect wedding favors, hostess gift, home decor gifts, bohemian gifts, party favors... It's a great gift for candle and incense lovers. There are gifts under 20 dollars that are perfect for you. All matches are welcome. Strike-Anywhere matches, any matches, safety matches, and any matches. All of them will work. It's easy to clean. A soft cloth can be used to clean any stain left by striking matches. It looks good all the time. Its size is convenient. The saucer is 3.5 inches wide and the match holder is 2 inches tall. It is perfect in your hand.

Brand: Lumen Design

👤It's a little bit smaller than I thought, but it's what I needed to make my candles. The strikers look like they will last a long time.

👤This is something that I love. It is small and pretty and looks great with my candles.

👤The strikers stickers are not durable and wear quickly, even with the included replacements.

👤The teacup playset is really small.

👤It was well packaged. My friend loved it and I gave it as a gift.

10. Rustic Galvanized Metal Storage Wooden

Rustic Galvanized Metal Storage Wooden

We do their best to help if you are not satisfied with the boxes, but they know you will love them. The Rustic Storage Box adds a bit of nostalgia to your home decor. It's perfect for storing and organizing a wide range of items. The galvanized metal is long lasting and beautiful. The wooden lid has a twine handle. The dimensions are 12W x 6.5"D x 5.5"H.

Brand: Red Co.

👤I have a hot curling iron. I can put it in while it's still hot and hide it immediately, because it's roomy enough for the iron and cord. It keeps my bathroom neat.

👤The first one had no lid. The second one had the lid shut and was inside the container. I had to remove the lid with scissors. The lid should be put on the sticks. It is hard to remove. It is cute, good quality, but not sure if it is worth $30.

👤The piece is pretty and I like how it looks, but the top just sits on top and doesn't really close, if that's a consideration. It's pretty and sturdy.

👤I am getting my kitchen renovated and I was tired of having my plasticware on the counter. The box I bought was for storing plastic containers. The new counter looks great. The back of the house is being worked on now. It doesn't take a lot of space. If I want it out of the way, I put it in the built in shelf of my kitchen table.

👤The box was nice. It has a strong odor. I had to put it outside. It has gotten better but still has a strong smell.

👤The walls are thin so you can pack more stuff than you can with a wooden box. It's so attractive that I get complimentary comments from visitors. The people who designed and made this gem are very happy.

👤It was spacious! My husband keeps his medication in this. It is durable. Different. I love things like this.

👤I bought this box to hold my lighters and fireplace matches. It's perfect!

11. Ladorr Match Holder Striker Decorative

Ladorr Match Holder Striker Decorative

There is a very cute match holder. A matchstick jar with a strikers works great to light up matches. It can be used in your bathroom, living room, floating shelf, coffee table or fireplace decor. The matches are not included. Hold up your match holder and light up your matches. The match paper is at the bottom. Their match strikers work great with all matches, including safety matches and strike anywhere matches. Their jar of matches has a mini strikers and extra match strike paper. It's perfect for all sacramentals. A matchstick holder is a great Christmas gift. Can also be used for kitchen match holder. The Black Matte Ceramic Match Holder and Striker is perfect size. The matches are not included.

Brand: Ladorr

👤The strike plate on the bottom of the match holder was falling off when I received it. I returned it. How would I light the match if the thin sticker fell off?

👤I was annoyed. This looks gross and is not like the picture. It is rough and doesn't come with pink matches.

👤Does not include matches. It would cost them 25 cents to include.

👤The matchstick holder is short. Nothing special about it.

👤A cute match stick holder. There is a forward on the bottom. Strike anywhere and strike on a box. I put an extra forward to the side of the match holder to make it easier to hit.

👤It looks great in my bathroom. It is small enough to sit on the back of the toilet. It was easy to use.

👤Simple design. A lot of matches. It works well. It looks nice in my bathroom.

👤I bought these as a gift and realized they didn't come with matches. I would assume they did.


What is the best product for decorative matches small boxes?

Decorative matches small boxes products from Brighton Living. In this article about decorative matches small boxes you can see why people choose the product. Winecraft and Skeem Design are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative matches small boxes.

What are the best brands for decorative matches small boxes?

Brighton Living, Winecraft and Skeem Design are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative matches small boxes. Find the detail in this article. Creative Co-op, Jolitac and Demi's Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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