Best Decorative Metal Panels 24 X 36

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1. Amagabeli Wrought Fireplace Decorative Accessories

Amagabeli Wrought Fireplace Decorative Accessories

Sturdy construction and protection are provided by the table fireplace screen constructed with solid iron frame and flexible hinges. A thick mesh guard protects you and the living room from open flames and embers, making it a safer environment for children, pets, and your floor. It is 50 inches in width and 28.9 inches in height. The foldable fire screens cover has 2 welded hinges that can stretch to fit different openings. Keep the fireplace cover screen in place in an ideal angle so that it won't break down, and you can keep the fireplace screens for stable standing and holding. Solid iron helps maintain quality and stability. The quality fire place screens hold up to the ground. Simply place this screen in front of your fireplace, unfold the fireplace screens to your liking, and then enjoy the warm time. A warm and inviting feeling is added to the living room by the elegant crafted with simple, straight lines and antique finish. The classic look of the fire place is enhanced by the use of wrought iron and powder-coated finish. It's safe and conscientious. The iron leaf patterns on the fireplace cover screen add a warm breath of life. Fireplace curtain cover matches with your home decor, gas fireplace, fireplace tools, fireplace grate and holders accessories. The fire place with standing is a good place to keep your kids and puppies away from the fireplace. CUSTOmer care Customer care is provided. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today!

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤The Fireplace Screen is sturdy. It's a plus because it's fully assembled. I highly recommend this Fireplace Screen if you are looking for a screen.

👤I have a puppy who is interested in the fireplace and reviews Amagabeli fireplace screen. She has been carrying the lava rock around the house as chew toys and sometimes she has as many as 10 scattered amongst her toys. I put a folding table and a stuffed dinosaur in front of the fireplace to help her get used to it. I decided to check out Amazon for a fireplace screen. I bought it because it looked nice and it was rated well. I am happy with how it looks and the fact that it is made of iron. It is not flimsy and is a nice pewter color. My puppy will need to find a new hobby now that my fireplace looks nicer.

👤I am very happy with this screen. The leaf detail is beautiful. It was very well made. I got the idea from another reviewer that it should be drilled in to keep the littles out. Instead of drilling into the screen, we used screws with bands from Home Depot. We used cable ties for the corners to keep it from swaying back and forth. This isn't changing.

👤We don't use the fireplace, but we recently adopted a cat that gets the zoomies. He was all over the place on his first night, including inside the fireplace, which took a couple of weeks to get rid of the ash. I decided that a screen would be a good idea. I was worried that it would be too cluttered, but it looks great! The construction is sturdy and the design is nice. No more cat ears that are ashy. I'm not sure how it holds up if it's moved a lot to accommodate fireplace activity, because I can't tell you how it works when a fire is going. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤I bought a screen to keep my dog from burning himself. The screen is good. It looks nice. It fits my fireplace perfectly. It serves its purpose and is sturdy. This screen keeps my dog away from me. The screen doesn't seem to get hot. Even if my dog bumped into the screen, he wouldn't burn himself. The manufacturer included a coupon for 10% off of my next purchase if I gave this product a five-star review. My review is based on the merits of the fireplace screen, not on any financial incentives. I already discarded the coupon.

👤The fireplace screen was a single unit with twowings attached. The only thing you have to do is take the screen out of the box and open the two wings to fit your fireplace opening. Just open the box and set it up. The screen adds a nice depth to the fireplace and disappears when you start a fire. The screen was listed as a top ten item on one website based on quality of workmanship, appearance and price, making it a great bargain. I think it has made that distinction across the board.

2. Sunnydaze Border Decorative Fencing Overall

Sunnydaze Border Decorative Fencing Overall

The total span is 147.5in wide and 25in tall. The ideal size for a garden. The metal fence panels are 22 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and 9 feet in length when connected together. They have stake legs with 18 inches between them and an in-ground height of 11 inches. The fence panels weigh 1.5 pounds and are great for landscaping in lawn, yard, patio or backyard. The garden fence edging panel is made from 0.25-inch thick black powder-coated steel for long- lasting strength. The distance between each slat is 7.5 inches tall. This set is easy to install and protects more of your garden. Each section can be joined together with hooks on the sides. These garden fence panels are a great way to protect your plants from the elements. The product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from Sunnydaze Decor. The product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from Sunnydaze Decor.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤This is a huge pain to install. As soon as you try to sink them, they come apart, making aligning them very difficult. There is a I found a solution. One by one, join them and bend the pins with pliers or a mallet. If you bend in line with the fence, they won't hinge. You can sink them into the ground once they are all connected. I recommend two people for that. There is a I would get this again, but only because I figured this out. It would be better if the pins were longer.

👤I am very pleased with the product I purchased. It is very good for what we used it for. We put it on the top ledge of the courtyard enclosure to keep the neighbor's cat from jumping into our courtyard. The enclosures were over 6 feet in height with pointed edges. It looks great. The brand was made better than other brands that were thinner and easier to scratch. It was easy to install. Highly desirable. This product is recommended by me.

👤The fence looks great. I thought it was more difficult to install than I thought. It was difficult to get the top and bottom hooks to hook at the same time. We had to dig a trench to get enough room to attach the fence. We had to fill in the trench. 80% of the hardship would have been eliminated if the bottom was longer than the top. The finials break off easily. You have to be careful when you tap them. I used a rubber mallet and tapped lightly, but still lost 2 finials. It's not a big deal. It is pretty. I'm glad I bought it.

👤The fencing is sturdy for it's size once you get it together. It is difficult to put together. The first two panels fall apart when you try to attach the third. Once the fence was installed, I removed the connections by taping them together with painters tape. I was also told that the finials were easy to break. I haven't found this yet. I received one panel with a broken finial, but I bought 4 packages. I contacted the company's customer service to see if I could get a replacement. I haven't heard from them yet. There is a I will probably order more if the company replaces the broken panel.

👤I wanted to keep my dog out of the flower beds. The plastic border fence panels began to bend forward or backward after a month or two. Some of the outer pieces broke when I tripped on them. I decided to buy the metal panels because I was tired of looking at the un-evenness of the plastic panels. I bought a few metal panels from a big-box store and loved them. I found this seller on Amazon at a lower price than the big-box store, because I needed to buy more to complete the fencing. The panels are sturdy and can't be emphasized enough. It's hard to chip. The metal feet are much harder to stick in the ground than the plastic ones. The seller shipped these right out, and the order arrived in 3 separate boxes, with no damage.

3. Amagabeli 24inx10ft Decorative Rustproof Landscape

Amagabeli 24inx10ft Decorative Rustproof Landscape

The product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from Sunnydaze Decor. A garden fence with a single panel size of 24 high x 24 wide is made of metal. The black iron flower bed fencing panels for front yard are rustproof and weather resistant, and the black iron fencing animal barrier is also rustproof and weather resistant. DURABLE FENCE: THICKEDN. The main frame is made of 0. This border fence is a decorative element for your garden and adds more delights to your life with 4inch thick wire. The metal fence is simple but stylish and can be seen in your garden or walkway. The garden wire fence is made of vinyl rustproof coated and is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy. It's easy to use, foldable and portable, and there's no need for additional tools to install this patio landscape edging fence. You can extend the metal fence panels to different shapes according to your special use of the path edging fence. Amagabeli patio steel picket folding fencing is foldable and easy to store. There are no additional tools to remove the temporary wire garden fencing for pets. Pull the pointed legs of the flower garden border fencing out from the ground and then install a vegetable garden fence. Customer care is important. They offer premium products that exceed industry standards and thoughtful customer care.

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤The design is flawed. It is extremely difficult to line up and the welds are poor. Have had to use cable ties. I can't recommend this product. You just get voice mail and there is no customer service. Don't buy this product if you are deceived. I would give zero stars.

👤rust proof is false advertising as these are so pretty. I went to put them in a week ago and now see many of the sections are rusty. They are not inexpensive. I spent a lot of time looking at and comparing things on Amazon. Going to have to come back, what a greatamarole!

👤They looked pretty, but they are not. Trying to line them up while installing will make you question your sanity, as pieces were breaking off right out of the box.

👤The panels were alright. They are strong. They don't keep a determined animal in or out, but they do discourage my dogs from wandering into my flower beds. The measurement says they are 24 wide, but with the little hook and eye connection, you have 25. It may not seem like much, but over time you can save a panel here and there. I was able to return one box after changing my plan. I think these panels are a good investment because of the long-term durability.

👤I think the fence looks great around my flowers. The reason for only 4 stars is that the paint coverage was not very good around the welds and on the top of the fence, which would cause it to rust. I put the spray paint around the flowers after applying it to the fence. I only used 3 pieces of the fence. I may need to buy another set to add the other panels to the one I already have. It keeps my golden dog out of this area.

👤I ordered two sets of fencing for the purpose of putting across my side yard where my corgi likes to escape towards the street. The sections have pointed ends to allow them to be inserted into the ground. The sets I received did not have pointed ends. The hook and eye connection of each section requires perfect alignment for the upper hook and eye with a lower hook and eye to connect each panel. If you happen to do that, the whole thing comes apart and you have to start over. This design is more trouble than it is worth.

👤The initial intention was to keep the dogs away from my garden. There is a The small investment is something I recommend. It was easy to install them. There is a I suggest that you use a flathead screwdriver to adjust L's for better alignment with O's and be prepared to get a little frustrated. You have this! This is a one person job. Save your marriage and don't allow your spouse to help with the install. There is a * The ends sink into the ground, even though they are not pointed at.

4. MTB Decorative Folding Overall Fencing

MTB Decorative Folding Overall Fencing

20 years production experience, import to USA enterprises, now retail to consumers directly. Best quality assuring and best service assuring. Each set of panels has a high x 10' long size. The total length of the packs is 20. The black powder coated surface is resistant to weatherworn damage. It is easy to use and store. Simply stick and secure the fence legs stake into the ground with no additional tools required. It is easy to fold flat. The decorative little fence can be used as a garen edging landscaping garden fence patio landscape edging fence, such as the garden bed fencing barrier, tree guard, flowerbed border, vegetable border fencing and path or lawn edging. The metal garden fence is easy to install.

Brand: Mtb Supply

👤The fencing is easy to install, and I had high hopes for it. It is easy to apply, but the fencing is flimsy and doesn't align correctly. You end up with a lot of sections that don't match up. I missed my return window by a week and am stuck with $80 wires and not being able to use them.

👤The portable garden fencing is perfect for keeping dogs out of a garden and for protecting a tree trunk. I have 5 very active large dogs and after a few years of plowing through them, I tend to bye new ones, but they are a great price and they work.

👤These borders are decorative. The design is attractive. The wire is a bit thin, but serves our purpose. This will keep the Yorky from chasing bugs and getting dirt on his face. I used small pieces of metal for support and tied them to the border fence. It is very sturdy then. The metal or wood rod will suffice. The chicken wire was attached to the base to keep the Yorky out. If you only use the ground for decorative purposes, you don't need to worry about reinforement.

👤I bought this fence to remind my golden retriever to stay out of the planter. I didn't expect it to be strong, but the bars on the fence are so wide that my golden can fit through them. I have a fence similar to the one I bought that has a diamond pattern and is not for small or big dogs. I have to find a way to keep my dogs out of that space. Installation of the fence was easy. I noticed that the fence I received had been used and returned because there was some dirt on the spikes. Maybe they found the same problem after installation.

👤The metal is flexible. My small dogs can't stay out of the garden because of the large spaces. I will return this.

👤The fence is easy to install by folding out and linking it together. It's not big and sturdy, but it's very affordable to get trick or treaters out of the flower beds.

👤It's easy to install. Good quality at a good price. It's easy to add or remove panels to fit the space. I have used these around flowers to deter my dog from digging them up.

👤I wanted to keep my dog from digging in the grass that I've been working hard to grow and spread.

5. M D Building Products 56008 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56008 020 Inch

Use outdoors or indoors. It is easy to cut, form and fabricate. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤Product is thin enough to be cut with scissors. I put this in the cabinet door to house my modem and wireless router. If you have an imagination, this is a quality product.

👤The product is great, and it was shipped in a way that kept it from getting damaged. The problem is that the description reads 12 x 24. It may have been a mistake, but be aware that you might get something smaller than you need.

👤They were used for our bedroom door. The dogs kept scratching at the screen so we replaced it twice. They haven't been able to get to the screen with these, but they look better than the normal screen saver. They were stuck on with double stick tape. Works well!

👤This was wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a larger box. The corner was bent over. Having it arrive perfectly is important since it is a craft piece. I did not need the whole length for my project, but I would have sent this back. I attached a pick of my new air register to the frame and should be good to go. There is a The perfect thickness is 0.02". You can cut it with scissors.

👤The cat broke out the screen to the crawl space. I couldn't just replace it with a new one because of the new vinyl siding. I had to come up with something new. I made a cute screen to replace the old one. The cat has not come back.

👤It was pricey considering the small size. I had to cover the electric wall heater.

👤I ordered four of them. Each one was wrapped in bubble wrap. They were all in perfect condition.

👤We used these doors in our tiny house. It fit perfectly. The packaging was great. During transport, no bents. Great job!

6. Midwest Hearth Fireplace Curtain Panels

Midwest Hearth Fireplace Curtain Panels

There is safety. The fire should be kept inside the fireplace. The mesh curtains help prevent sparks from damaging your carpet. Adding a beautiful Midwest Hearth fireplace screen to your home will add a touch of beauty. Your look is complete with an elegant weave and designer finish. Heavy duty. 19 gauge wire is woven into panels. The wire is woven in the USA. There is a protection for swollen skin. The zincphosphate undercoat is for maximum protection. Two (2) panels are included. The panels are 24 inches wide and include rings and screen pulls. The hanging rod and valance are not sold together.

Brand: Midwest Hearth

👤The screen I used was over 30 years old. I replaced the old one after I realized I needed to remove a sheet metal screw to free the rod. I would have done it years ago if I'd known it was so easy. Great product!

👤I've wanted a new fireplace screen for a long time, but never got around to it. I had a bit of time with the Pandemic. This did not take as long as I thought it would. All you have to do is bend the bar a little bit, take the old screens off, and put the bar in. If I want to shorten it, I can just cut the bottom with wire shears. I used my old handles because they are a little better. The price was much cheaper than I thought it would be.

👤I built a custom fireplace heat exchanger. I am happy I took the time to get the right size. When it arrived, it looked better than I expected, and it was a bit confusing with the selection process. It doesn't come with mounting hardware, which is fine for me. When ordering for your project, just note that. The wife loves the screen and thinks I spent a lot more to get it. If I had to order again, I would give up.

👤The inside walls of our fireplace were cracked and had to be replaced. We decided to replace the metal curtains. Carefully measure! I had to bring them back one inch longer. These were easy to install. My husband keeps commenting on how well they work, how nice they are, and how nicely they fit. The mesh is tighter than our originals. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend this product.

👤The curtain is made of metal. It is very well-made, sturdy, and sells for a reasonable price. I bought this to make the electric logs look less fake and dress up a fake fireplace. I used a cheap curtain rod to hold it in place. A sash rod is strong enough to support the weight of the screen and small enough to fit on the curtain, which is a plus. The mounting clips that came with the rod were discarded. I placed the hooks under the lip of the mantel and rested the rod on the hooks. It was perfect! It's easy to adjust everything. It is important to measure accurately and account for the exact rod position. You want the curtain to hang without touching at the bottom and drag. If you want a perfect fit, buy a shorter one. It's important to caution. Don't use this method if you're using the screen on a real fireplace with real fire, and buy the proper hanging setup for use inside.

👤18 years ago, we bought the house and the fireplace screen was old and dusty. Dust flew everywhere when we opened the screen on the fireplace. I inquired about a new one at a store in town and they were a bit pricey. I learned the right way to measure the size and ordered it on Amazon. It was easy to install, and the fireplace looks better. We can close the screen without the dust flying.

7. Deco 79 96077 Wood Panel

Deco 79 96077 Wood Panel

It is highly durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It's suitable to be used as decorative items. It is manufactured in India. Wall mount

Brand: Deco 79

👤I ordered two panels. The other panel was not the same as the beautifully crafted one. One had a beautiful edge while the other had a straight edge. The stain colors were not the same. One was great and the other looked like someone was throwing a ball. I had to send both back because they couldn't send me a match for the good one.

👤I was very pleased with this wall panel. It should be hung above the window.

👤I was looking for a wood wall panel. Most of them were too expensive or didn't get the best reviews. I ordered 4 of them and am pleasantly surprised. I need a piece of wall art and they fit that need. I was most impressed by how well they were wrapped. Two boxes are put in another box. They were in great shape. I'm not sure if I want to add color highlights to them but there is a finish so I'm not sure. I had to let them go for a day.

👤The bottom portion of the item is discolored. It has a rank smell like it was sitting in a damp basement. Too much trouble to return. Will try to fix it. The smell will disappear in time.

👤It was made of pressed paper and not wood.

👤The wooden panels are beautiful. The scroll design is beautiful and they are a quality product. Make sure you have the right size nails or wall screws for these because they are a bit heavy. I would pay close attention to the size. These are large.

👤The back and sides are white and there are chips, scratches, and white paint all over the front. I will return it.

👤It is beautiful. I painted it silver to match my house.

8. M D Hobby Craft 573 50 Colored

M D Hobby Craft 573 50 Colored

A microfiber towel. 30-day returns for a risk-free purchase are guaranteed. You can create your own projects. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It's perfect for lamp shades, a tool caddy, jewelry organizers, candles and more. The package contains a silver colored metal sheet.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤The pattern is easy to spraypaint. I made a cover to cover the doorbell.

👤I put it on the side table to replace the broken glass top. It's too flimsy for that. It looked good until it got bent out of shape. It would be good for other projects.

👤This metal sheet can be used for many art projects. It is easy to cut and shape without being too hard on my hands. It would have been better if it had been packed flat. It was easy to fix it again.

👤The item serves the purpose I intended, to hide a fan blade, but the manufacturer's shipping method resulted in a star being deducted. There is a crease in the upper right corner.

👤It was delivered quickly. The metal grate was perfect for a jewelry rack. I used an Ikea RIBBA frame to complete my project and didn't need to cut the metal.

👤The product is great for an affordable price. I made a earring holder using this metal sheet, and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be. There is a It's not soft or thick, it's perfect! There is a I wanted to point out that this wasn't long enough to wrap around my B&BW 3 wick candle, so you might need a bigger size for that.

👤It is a thin piece of aluminum that is flexible and can be used for many things.

👤This is much smaller than I thought. It's easy to crease. I am using for artwork because I am tired of frames. The artwork isn't sticking. Goop was used by me.

👤The old vent hole was covered perfectly.

9. Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi Permanent

Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi Permanent

Customer care is important. They offer premium products that exceed industry standards and thoughtful customer care. The fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear. The fence can be easily removed. It's easy to assemble and install, just insert the pointed stakes into the ground or use a drill and a bit in hard ground. It's made with weather resistant vinyl that won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot and has a 10 year warranty. It is not recommended for large dogs.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤The measurements are not accurate. Each panel is 92in wide, they say. You will be receiving a total of 184in wide fence if you combine both panels. This is not true. Both panels are 92inch wide.

👤We are very pleased with the product. Everything serves our purpose. We wanted to fence in our small dog (20lb Corgi) and make a barrier for the kids to get used to. Is it a fence? Not a chance. Is it breakable? Definitely, with a lot of effort. Is it beautiful? Yes. My husband sacrificed 3 full weekends to install the fence on his own. He put cement in the gate posts. There are two areas where fence panels had to be cut down to fit the gates. Hire a fence company if you are not a handy-man type person. We saved a lot of money going this route. We definitely got the look we were after and so far it's serving its purpose.

👤It is nice looking and serves our purpose perfectly. We were only looking for something decorative and this is what we found. The panels were installed in less than two hours. There is a We attached one end to our existing chainlink and purchased an additional treated lumber post and a white vinyl sleeve kit for the end of the run. This added a little more strength to the look. We had to pre-dig the holes for the posts. My husband used a piece of pipe to make the holes. It worked out well. The fence was put in the holes and back filled. The end post was an issue, but we were able to retrofit the hangers that came with the post kit so that the fence could be screwed directly to the post. The new fence is very cute and our neighbors have commented on how nice it is.

👤I was looking for fencing that was easy to install and attractive, and that was afforadable. I lost a large mango tree in the hurricanes and needed to add something to give curb appeal. I found the Manchester Vinyl Fence online. I compared other fence options and settled on this one. Everything was included in the kit when it was delivered. I ordered four panels and they arrived quickly. I am a 56 year old lady who built and installed them in the front of my house. I love them! I can sit out front with semi-privacy and enjoy a cup of coffee, my medium size dog can now join me as well! I've gotten praise from my neighbors. It makes the trees pop with the white picket fence background. This fence product is very good. I am a very nice person. I called the company and spoke with Chris who was very concerned about me as a customer and was quick to answer my inquiry. I would order again from this company. I want to add another project to my front yard. Before and after pictures have been attached.

10. M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

It is easy to cut, form and fabricate. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I bought a decorative metal sheet to use as an earring holder and I am very happy with it. I put the hooks on the bathroom mirror and arranged them with other black jewelry pieces I found on Amazon. It's the perfect size to fit my earrings and the metal is nice. If the earring is a stud style and the back is a large clear circle, you need to remove the earring back and put the earring through the metal hole to make it fit through the holes. The metal is lightweight and I have it hanging on a mirror to keep it in perspective. I love how it turned out.

👤A standard return cover is not as attractive as this option. It is easy to cut down to size. The metal was thinner than I anticipated.

👤This is what I ordered and wanted, but it is near impossible to remove without damaging the finish, so please find a way to use a different sticker to label this product.

👤This was used to cover an air return.

👤It's perfect for our stereo speakers.

11. Barrette Outdoor Living 73030565 Decorative

Barrette Outdoor Living 73030565 Decorative

A professional manufacturer. Retail to consumers directly is the result of over ten years of production experience. Best quality assuring and best service assuring. To provide a perfect mirror, drop test, strong packing, and aim. Decorative screens can be used to enhance a space. The 2 ft x 4 ft size is heavy-duty. Low thermal expansion and contraction. Paintable to complement any d├ęcor. It's easy to install, durable and long- lasting. There are two ways to get the coordinating fastenings for your desired installation: Sold separately or as a package. Work U.S. Des. Pat. No. D843,608. Work U.S. Des. Pat. No. D843,608.

Brand: Barrette Outdoor Living

👤These panels are used to protect my window screens. My cat leaves them alone and doesn't try to climb them or stick his paw through if they were taller. In the summer, I get a lot of air. Very strong. They look cute. It was perfect!

👤These are great for hanging. It was much more sturdy than I expected. It's easy to hang with a hook. Love them.

👤It's easy to install a iron fence for privacy.


What is the best product for decorative metal panels 24 x 36?

Decorative metal panels 24 x 36 products from Amagabeli Garden & Home. In this article about decorative metal panels 24 x 36 you can see why people choose the product. Sunnydaze and Amagabeli Garden & Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative metal panels 24 x 36.

What are the best brands for decorative metal panels 24 x 36?

Amagabeli Garden & Home, Sunnydaze and Amagabeli Garden & Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative metal panels 24 x 36. Find the detail in this article. Mtb Supply, M-d Building Products and Midwest Hearth are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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