Best Decorative Metal Panels 36x48

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1. ElmdorDry Wall Access Door 14

ElmdorDry Wall Access Door 14

These stylish 3D designs are great for ceiling or wall decoration. The opening is 14 78" wide and 24 78" high. The prime coat is suitable for painting. 3 x Screwdriver operated camlatches. The piano hinge is continuous.

Brand: Elmdor

👤It was used for an attic access. Attached are pics of measurements, but not sure why info is all over the place. The interior frame is 14 3/8” x 24 5/16” and the exterior frame is 15 5/8” This fit perfectly between the OC studs. Hope the pics clear up the confusion.

👤The door will not close naturally. You have to force it to shut. It was mounted crooked. I think it's crooked. The size of the gap between one side and the next is shown in the attached pics. I know it's crazy. Who is shipping this? They are not checking the door before shipping. What a disaster. There is a door that is crooked. What is the purpose of an access panel? Garbage. It's total crap. I believe they have people making these doors who are blind.

👤It's just an access door. It works perfectly, was packaged well and functions exactly as intended. There is a hatch in my ceiling. The one I chose has cam locks. I think I could have had other types of locks on the package. It would have been nice to know that before I ordered, so I could have gotten one that was secured, but it shouldn't be a problem for my application.

👤The 14x 24” access door was perfect for my project, it fit between 16” on the center studs, but it did not align well with the frame, allowing a visible gap. There is a My original plan was to hide it behind a wall.

👤The 2x4's are in my wall. Had to add more wood to it.

👤This is 14 x 24 but it is only 14 inches wide. If you need this to fit between 2x studs, buy something else. It looks to be well constructed. It would have been perfect if it had fit.

👤When we got our first shipment, it was ruined because of a problem in the shipping. After I took pictures of it and sent it to the company, they had another one delivered to me within 48 hours. My son had it installed quickly. It was made very well and well worth the cost.

👤I used this to get into my dryer and it worked great. Also, held a coat of paint.

2. Midwest Hearth Fireplace Curtain Panels

Midwest Hearth Fireplace Curtain Panels

There is safety. The fire should be kept inside the fireplace. The mesh curtains help prevent sparks from damaging your carpet. Adding a beautiful Midwest Hearth fireplace screen to your home will add a touch of beauty. Your look is complete with an elegant weave and designer finish. Heavy duty. 19 gauge wire is woven into panels. The wire is woven in the USA. There is a protection for swollen skin. The zincphosphate undercoat is for maximum protection. Two (2) panels are included. The panels are 24 inches wide and include rings and screen pulls. The hanging rod and valance are not sold together.

Brand: Midwest Hearth

👤The screen I used was over 30 years old. I replaced the old one after I realized I needed to remove a sheet metal screw to free the rod. I would have done it years ago if I'd known it was so easy. Great product!

👤I've wanted a new fireplace screen for a long time, but never got around to it. I had a bit of time with the Pandemic. This did not take as long as I thought it would. All you have to do is bend the bar a little bit, take the old screens off, and put the bar in. If I want to shorten it, I can just cut the bottom with wire shears. I used my old handles because they are a little better. The price was much cheaper than I thought it would be.

👤I built a custom fireplace heat exchanger. I am happy I took the time to get the right size. When it arrived, it looked better than I expected, and it was a bit confusing with the selection process. It doesn't come with mounting hardware, which is fine for me. When ordering for your project, just note that. The wife loves the screen and thinks I spent a lot more to get it. If I had to order again, I would give up.

👤The inside walls of our fireplace were cracked and had to be replaced. We decided to replace the metal curtains. Carefully measure! I had to bring them back one inch longer. These were easy to install. My husband keeps commenting on how well they work, how nice they are, and how nicely they fit. The mesh is tighter than our originals. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend this product.

👤The curtain is made of metal. It is very well-made, sturdy, and sells for a reasonable price. I bought this to make the electric logs look less fake and dress up a fake fireplace. I used a cheap curtain rod to hold it in place. A sash rod is strong enough to support the weight of the screen and small enough to fit on the curtain, which is a plus. The mounting clips that came with the rod were discarded. I placed the hooks under the lip of the mantel and rested the rod on the hooks. It was perfect! It's easy to adjust everything. It is important to measure accurately and account for the exact rod position. You want the curtain to hang without touching at the bottom and drag. If you want a perfect fit, buy a shorter one. It's important to caution. Don't use this method if you're using the screen on a real fireplace with real fire, and buy the proper hanging setup for use inside.

👤18 years ago, we bought the house and the fireplace screen was old and dusty. Dust flew everywhere when we opened the screen on the fireplace. I inquired about a new one at a store in town and they were a bit pricey. I learned the right way to measure the size and ordered it on Amazon. It was easy to install, and the fireplace looks better. We can close the screen without the dust flying.

3. M D Building Products 57042 Cloverleaf

M D Building Products 57042 Cloverleaf

Matching napkins in additional sizes from Boston International are easy to cook with and can be used when celebrating Easter, birthdays, Mother's Day, bridal showers, luncheons and everyday dining. Mill finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin snips. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I was looking for something that would make our dog proof. I put a grille on the door. I couldn't find any for the sides. I cut the aluminum sheet and installed it. It works well. The dog can't jump through the screen. They didn't have the aluminum sheet in black. I think that would have looked better. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Would recommend.

👤I got what I was expecting, but it is very sharp when cut, so be careful. I stapled it to hold it in place after cutting mine to size. The metal didn't have any texture on it, which is fine with me, I like it more. Some reviewers said theirs came in messed up, mine was packaged in 2 boxes very carefully. The sheet of Tin was $10 cheaper on Amazon.

👤The metal was packaged well. I like the pattern and it looks better in person. The metal was the perfect thickness. It was good in the earring holder my husband and I made. It is really light. Not heavy at all. The frame will be mounted to the wall. The holes in the frame made it easy to staple it. I would order it again if I needed it for another project.

👤It's an attractive and easy way to protect your pet from breaking through the screen door on an RV or even at home. There is a It is a light weight sheet. It can be easily trimmed with tin snips and secured with self tapping screws and a washer. It took me 5 minutes to trim and mount it.

👤This came with 3 sheets of aluminum. 3 sheets is a great deal compared to Lowe's Home Depot and other stores, so I thought I was only getting one. The packaging could be improved. The corners were bent. I only needed a third of the sheet so I was able to work around that, but if I had the whole sheet, I would be upset. I needed a replacement for a door on a media stand. I think I will find some other projects to do with the extra sheets.

👤This material is very good. It is easy to cut. It's easy to work with. Came in good shape. There are no dents, bends, or blemishes. It's cheaper than the big box stores. It looks great as a replacement for a cabinet in our new house. There is still a lot of material to use. Highly recommended.

👤It is smooth, unlike the picture. It looks better. It was damaged as with other people who ordered it. It was in a single box which showed some trauma and could only have been repaired with tape. This was in a bigger box. The box was left with a big hole in the metal. I only needed one side for my project, but I would just buy it from Home Depot or Lowes, so that you can see the piece before buying.

👤Installation on the bottom of storm doors is very good. I put one over the glass panels of my back door to make it harder for someone to open it. It is very decorative.

4. Curtains Kitchen Window Curtain Treatment

Curtains Kitchen Window Curtain Treatment

Two (2) panels are included. The panels are 24 inches wide and include rings and screen pulls. The hanging rod and valance are not sold together. The curtains are ready made. Each size has a total width of 52 inches. Basic Natural Color design is just enough to make a window frame look better without blocking natural light. The kitchen window curtains cover the lower portion of the windows to give you privacy. It's perfect for a kitchen, laundry room or guest bathroom. The 1.5 inch Rod pocket construct fits most rods in the market for easy hanging. It is easy to care for the gentle cycle machine.

Brand: Jinchan

👤They are sheer but not see-through. I wanted a cafe style in my kitchen. You can't beat the price.

👤These are perfect. They are not so thick that you feel like you are in a cave of darkness. They look high end and classy. I hunted for months before getting these.

👤The curtains have enough linen in the mix to make them look good. They were washed well. They are not sheer but allow plenty of light, perfect for what I was looking for. I went outside to see if I could define a body image after I hung them because we didn't want sheer. We were not able to see anyone. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Provide good coverage so you can't see through them, but still allow natural light in. Nice to feel like them.

👤This curtain fit my expectations. It was difficult to find a curtain that would fit my bathroom window. I wanted something that would let in light, but also keep privacy. Thank you so much for the ideal material. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the same color as my towels, they had different names. I received my product within the promised time. Excellent service. I gave it four stars instead of five because it could have been better if it was made in a size between 24 and 36 inches.

👤One of the curtains is longer than the other. The tops seams are not even. The curtain was tight and the other was long. Very disappointed.

👤The linen color and pattern is lovely. I need to steam them. They were the color I was looking for to complement my bathroom color scheme. I only give 4 stars because they are a tad more sheer than I thought they would be. It's not enough for me to return them, but enough for me to include pictures and daytime lights so people can see the sheerness. The window is frosted so the curtains are just for show, but if it helps someone on the fence due to sheerness, these are a little more sheer. I can't see anything from the outside of my window so they seem to provide adequate privacy. The curtains seem to be good quality.

👤These were bought to complement our traditional farmhouse bathroom windows. The goal was to allow light in while still enjoying the old window style. I was able to find a minimum price of $50 for one set. I wanted something with a nice fabric, but I was hesitant to buy these. I am so happy I got them. The price is unbeatable and the fabric is soft and natural. I think the pinstripes could be a little more laid back, but it isn't a deal breaker. I will be ordering some in the crude color for other windows.

👤They arrived virtually undamaged. A sort of woven look fabric. It's perfect for country house decor. The panels are obscure and you can't really see them. Good for privacy.

5. Summer Infant Multi Use Walk Thru Bronze

Summer Infant Multi Use Walk Thru Bronze

Most openings are aCCOMODATED. Between doorways and stairways can be used the Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate for Baby. The baby gate is 36” tall and fits openings up to 48” wide. Easy installation. The included kit can be used to install the baby gate on the stairways. Hardware mounting requires tools. Use mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface. The auto- close feature. The safety gate has an auto- close feature that closes the door behind you and a hold-open feature that keeps the door open. Summer's Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru baby gate is safe and secure. The door can't be opened from the stairs. There is a baby gate. This extra tall baby gate is made of metal and bronze and can be child proof. It is perfect for use with small pets and toddlers. Also, note: Extra security is needed at the top of stairs. It requires drilling holes. Also, note: Extra security is needed at the top of stairs. It requires drilling holes.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤For everyone who just wants to know if this is a good buy and worth the money, yes it is. It is very sturdy and looks nice. There is a For those who would like a more detailed review, here we go! The gate is more like a tiny garden gate than a baby gate. We use it on the stairs so that the dogs don't find themselves with a fancy new potty spot or a new pair of underwear when we're away. This gate is not the traditional lightweight wooden and white plastic baby gate, it is STURDY and has a door for a reason. It requires an easy installation. If you're going to take a gate up and down, it would be too cumbersome to buy one. Although we don't have to worry about tiny hands trying to open the gate door, I'm sure that's the reason many of you are interested in this product, and I'll tell you it is really well designed for that function. It has three different childproof mechanisms, the first is that you have to slide a tab over at the top of the gate to open the door, the second is that you have to lift the door itself to open it, and the third is that it is childproof. The first two mechanisms are added in a way that doesn't add any visual bulk to the gate, and the third one is a concern to me. This is the reason it lost a star, as I said it really does have a large force behind the spring, and this thing will shut down. It wouldn't end well, and as unlikely as it may be with the first two precautions, trouble like that just seems to follow kids around so you might as well take it into consideration. There is a The product gets 4 stars. I would recommend it for its sturdy construction and the way it blends into our home, without looking like a cheap baby gate. If you don't hold and close the door behind you, the spring loaded door return will make a loud slam when you go through it. I'm glad we bought this because it's definitely the best thing going as far as its function and design. Did my review help you? I hope so! If you have a question, use the comments section below.

👤I can only assume that people who aren't using all of the extensions wrote the positive reviews. I had to use all of the included extension pieces to cover my opening. The mounting points need to be applied with a lot of pressure to align the gate latch and to make sure that the gate is held in place. The gate assembly buckled/bowed when all of the extensions were installed and the pressure was applied at the mounting points. Two pictures have been included. In the first picture, I use my foot to hold the gate in place and prevent it from collapsing. You can see how badly my foot bowed in the second picture. I returned it. It is a bummer, but it is useless with the extensions.

6. Summer Infant Modern Decorative Pressure

Summer Infant Modern Decorative Pressure

Most openings are aCCOMODATED. Between rooms and stairways, the Summer Modern Home Decorative Walk-Thru Gate for Baby can be used. The baby gate is 30” tall and fits openings up to 42” wide. Easy installation. The included kit can be used to install the baby gate on the stairways. Hardware mounting requires tools. The auto- close feature. The Modern Home Safety Gate has an auto- close feature that closes the door behind you, as well as a hold-open mechanism that keeps the door open. This high-quality baby gate from Summer is made out of durable steel and is safe and secure. There is a baby gate. The baby gate is made of metal with a bronze finish and has a decorative arched door, so you can child proof your home. It's ideal for use with small pets and toddlers. Also, note: Extra security is needed at the top of stairs. It requires drilling holes. Also, note: Extra security is needed at the top of stairs. It requires drilling holes.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤It looks like most of the one star reviews didn't read the directions on how to put it together or the packaging on the front. As you tighten it in the doorway, it closes. It is right there in the very easy to read instructions, not to mention on a sign when you first say it is suppose to be that way. I don't have doors in a loft style place. I wanted to keep my dog out of my closet, but I didn't want him to be seen. The gate is beautiful and perfect. It is easy to follow instructions even if you have a migraines. I want to keep him out of my bedroom, so I will be getting another one. I was very pleased with how sturdy it is.

👤I loved the look of this gate. My Diva cats didn't want to jump the dog unless it was coming, even though I only kept the dog out of the room. I was close to buying a gate that had a pet door. The only type that had a swinging pet door was over $100. I was worried that the gate would be pushed shut. They wouldn't be able to get out. We tried to install our own cat door instead of spending more money. It was installed so that it was perfectly lined up with the cat door. You can buy it for $5-$10. I had an extra one and it worked perfectly. I didn't have to worry about my cats being trapped.

👤We own a lot of baby gates between our puppies and kids. I'm a little disappointed in the gate. Part of my fault is that I didn't research it better. I assumed the whole thing would be metal when the description said a metal gate. The gate is made of plastic. I don't think it will work for a toddler. It will accomplish what I need it to, but sadly it will need to be replaced sooner than later.

👤We love this gate. The cheap wood and plastic gate from Walmart has to be taken up and down, so I bought this to replace it. We have a large dog that is older and likes to separate himself from our toddler, so it was starting to be difficult to let him in and out of our room. I wanted a gate that was strong. 1. The door was fixed. 2. The door could swing both ways. 3. It could be opened with one hand. 4. I stayed open if I wanted. All of those boxes were met by this. There is a It is hard to open, not the lever, but it is taught so it is hard to swing it open. I can do it with my baby in the other arm. The plastic piece that screws on to the frame was removed in order for it to swing both ways. Really easy. It might have taken my husband about 20 minutes to install. We didn't need the extensions. The door is plastic, but we have never had a problem with the other gate between the toddler and dog. The rest is made of metal. There is a cardboard tag that says that the door is supposed to be that way in order to properly function, in reference to those who have complained that their door is unaligned or warped. See the pictures.

7. MTB Folding Overall Landscape Decorative

MTB Folding Overall Landscape Decorative

Coordinate with the clip rings. A pack of 5 sets. If you received the package in the wrong quantity, please contact them for a replacement. The garden fence is easy to assemble. No tools or soil digging are required to install. The shiny metal coating is rust-free and resists weatherworn damage. Tools or soil digging are not required for high visibility and decoration. Plants and flower beds are protected with wire border fencing. The arch is self-supporting and suited for various landscaping projects. Define and protect your garden, paths and landscapes to make a landscape border around a tree, a plant bed,decor picket edging, lawn.

Brand: Mtb Supply

👤I ordered the fencing for the pet barrier. My dog impaled her foot on a metal hook. She is on pain medication, antibiotics and cannot go outside for two weeks after an expensive hospital visit. If you have pets or children, don't buy. I have scratches on my legs when I remove it from my yard.

👤The product is advertised as a 5 pack of fencing for 50 feet. The total length of the 5 sections is 30 feet, which is 30 feet longer than 50 feet. This should be corrected in the item description.

👤These little border fences are easy to use and inexpensive. I am lucky that my dogs respect borders, and so far, they have kept them at bay. I know some dogs could easily hop over, but my plants stay just fine. They have not, but mine are large enough to do so. You can see the plants behind them, but not much is focused on the border fence. Thank you.

👤This type of fencing is better quality than most of the others. It was used to keep our dogs from running through the plants. I had purchased a different type of fencing and it was falling apart right out of the box, and the wire wasn't nearly as sturdy. I would recommend it. I am buying another set today.

👤If you have soft soil and the gap between each section is okay, they have already assembled them with. You have to disassemble each section and fit them back together, which is a big pain in the butt. If the ground is firm, you will have sections break off. I sent them back. If you leave them assembled and just want a simple garden fencing with worked soil, then it should work for you.

👤I just wanted to keep the dogs out of the garden bed, you get what you pay for. I ended up parenting them more. The thing is difficult to install because of its poor quality, but once I got it in it, I was surprised it stayed put. I had to relocate it temporarily and it fell apart once I removed it from the ground, so it seems this product is a one-and-done deal.

👤Over the years, I have purchased a number of the same border in white and green. This is the best quality I have ever seen. When I opened the box, I couldn't believe it. It is twice as thick as any other I have ever seen for sale, and much, much stronger.

👤The fence is high enough to keep our golden retriever out of the yard. If you have a very determined dog, the fencing can bend. The fencing is thin so it doesn't stand out in the garden. Does the job!

👤You can't put in any ground as you push them. I can't use them where I want.

👤I bought these for my parents. I needed something to hang the Christmas string lights on, not laying on the ground. The perfect solution was the Green Garden Border Folding Fence. During the warmer months, my parents can use them for other things. There is a The quality of the build is amazing.



DIMENSIONS The metal storage caddy holders are in the pack. The large and small holders are 15 and 13 feet tall, respectively. Attach the organizers to your wall. There is mounting hardware included. Adding beauty to your new or existing fence, deck, gates, and walls with this decorative black cast aluminum is simple. The Nuvo Iron accessory will impress anyone who sees it. It's important to showcase it in a place where others can see it. Have a boring wall that needs to be changed? Use this accessory to make your outdoor space pop. It is made from strong Cast aluminum and can be used to build many things. The decorative gate insert is easy to install. It comes in two pieces. The dimensions are: 24 x 15 x 1.18". The board/gate will fit with the screws attached to it.

Brand: Nuvo Iron

👤The insert I received was bowed in the middle by 1/2 inch, so I would caution against using this item. I'm not sure if the screws will hold because of the amount of tension that was required to bring the four corners of the casting flush with the surround wood. There is a I would have given it five stars if it weren't for the fact that I was bent. There is a The P.s Gate handle is from Amazon. The handle for interior and exterior Gates and Doors is black.

👤I felt lucky to find this iron insert that would make my gate shine. The quality and design of this addition are amazing and I am very proud of it. My contractor says it is better than other brands he has used. Love my gate!

👤The neighbors put in a nice new fence which made me step up my game and make something like a gate. I picked this thing. It's pretty cool. Many other neighbors have stopped and looked at them. Looks great. Next to my gate, my neighbors' fence looks invisible. Win. There is a I have no idea what sheerness is in the reviews.

👤The fit of this piece is sub par, however it is a beautiful piece for a gate. I was able to get the front in with some encouragement, but the back piece wouldn't fit. The frame does not sit flush on one side because of a third cut. The longer screws don't fit the holes in the gate. Measure and cut the piece instead of using an un closed template.

👤I bought an iron grate to make a pet gate. There is a It was easy to install and worked out better than I thought. There is a I don't have any carpentry skills. I put this together in 2 days. There is a The template that comes with the insert was very helpful. It is two sides. The full piece is on one side. The frame screws to the full piece. There is a It would look great anywhere. I would buy again.

👤I like the look of this, but it was a little harder to install than other reviewers. I had to trim the hole several times to get the template to work. The two sides were not straight, like several other comments I read before writing my post. I had a lot of time to adjust to the fact that the middle of the insert bowed out on the shorter sides. The gate I built looks gorgeous, and it will all work out fine.

👤These things make your gate go from nice to amazing. There are additions to my double gates. The instructions could be better since you are cutting a hole in the center of the door, but other than that, it was a great experience. They look great. These decorative inserts are very good.

👤This is a clam shell that screws together. There is a hole in the fence and you can hold it into it. The outer dimensions are 1/2 to 1 inch wider in both directions. There is a The dimensions of the hole are stated. That's what it said. This is really beautiful. Nuvo Iron is the only company that makes something like this. Couldn't be happier.

9. M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

Black finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤Excellent for what it is being used for. There is a The front panel of my computer case was changed. It worked out perfectly. It is very easy to cut and bend with scissors and pliers. There is a The front panel of my computer was made of acrylic plastic, instead of mesh, and it worked better than I expected. There is air flow in the case. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤This was sold at a local big box orange store that was bent up and a mess. We've ordered these 3 times and used them for remodeling on in RV, taking out glass in cabinet doors and using this product. Only thing. I would like to see the company offer in different thicknesses.

👤The material is good. It was shipped in the same box as a trailer hitch receiver. The sheet goods weren't as good as the receiver. I salvaged enough to complete the project I bought it for. I wouldn't buy it again at the same time I buy a hitch.

👤We ordered it twice. The first one was bent and had half of the paint missing. Returned it and ordered a new screen, which was bent and creased. The quality was very disappointing. Went to a local store to buy something.

👤They had one style and the price was better than the warehouse store.

👤The item is as expected. Bubble wrap and a box were used to protect the item. It wasn't bent. There is a You have to be careful with the bubble wrap because it is glue to the metal.

👤There are small holes in the front of the computer. It is easy to cut and work with.

10. Summer Infant Extra Tall Safety

Summer Infant Extra Tall Safety

Extra time. And wide. The Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Gate for Baby is perfect for doorways, stairs, and wide spaces. The wide door and extra tall gate make it easier to walk through. Easy installation. The included kit can be used to install the baby gate on the stairways. Hardware mounting requires tools. 3 extension frames are included. The auto- close feature. The Extra Tall & Wide Safety Gate has a hold-open mechanism that keeps the door open when needed for convenience, as well as an auto- close feature that gently closes the door behind you. The baby gate from Summer is safe and secure, so have peace of mind. The built-in door stop will stop the gate from swinging open. There is a baby gate. The gray metal frame of the baby gate is child proof, so you can keep your kids out of it. It is suitable for use with toddlers and pets. There is a baby gate. The gray metal frame of the baby gate is child proof, so you can keep your kids out of it. It is suitable for use with toddlers and pets.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤It's super sturdy. I have dogs. I have a lot of gates. This is the best gate I have ever purchased.

👤I ordered a matching gate, but it was slightly wider for another area that needed to be baby-free, because I like the finish of the gate. I have 2 different gates in gray and bronze, and both are taller than 53", because Amazon doesn't sell a bronze version. There is a The 53" one is a complete garbage because it doesn't seem to be secure, and it bends because there are too manyremovable parts. If you tighten it too much, the hinge between the non-movable part and the movable one will get stuck and it will be hard to open the gate. The screws that you place towards the wall are soft and not as secure as the 48" version, therefore, it's soft and not as secure as plastic. They said no when they called customer service and asked for the same screws. I think the gate isn't as secure as 48 inch because of the rubber part. If you are gate shopping, be aware that my twins are only 8 months old, but only God knows how strong they will be when they are older. Cheers.

👤It's easy to install. My 2 year old is a genius. He would either climb over the baby gates or push them out of the wall and we had to ditch the standard gates. He is an escape artist who is constantly trying to leave the house. My next attempt was for something to prevent him from getting to the doors, because door locks of any kind are not the same. He hasn't figured out how to open it yet, after we had it for a week or two. He hasn't tried to climb over it and hasn't been able to uninstall it. He was able to open the door of the living room within 20 minutes of having the baby gate installed. This is the real deal and works well for the busiest and most clever toddlers.

👤It took 3 of us and some cardboard to get it, and it would sit flush if we put it at the bottom. I love it when we have it situated. I have a hallway on the other side of the gate since my puppy can scale it to get over, and I am always worried that my dogs will hurt themselves falling over there. If they want to go play on the stairs they have to wait until I am ready so I can watch them. It is extremely disorderly! My puppy was throwing herself against it and trying to knock it down, but it stayed up.

👤I did not use the wall pieces that were supposed to be screwed into the wall. This is for my dog. The ends of the fence are strong enough for us. I like the style. I would've ordered white. If the gate is open all the way, it is open for you. The edges of the fence need to be tight on the wall for the gate to be installed and latched. You have not installed your product correctly if it won'tlatch.

11. Top Finel Curtains Embroidered Treatment

Top Finel Curtains Embroidered Treatment

If you want to win the appreciation of your friend or relative, order this amazing decorative piece for yourself or as a unique housewarming gift. You can use the wall centerpiece both vertically and horizontally for a nice effect. There are two panels per package. The curtain is 54 inch x 84 inch and has 8 silver grommets. The faux linen curtains are made of 100% high quality polyester and are resistant to tearing and draped well. Light can get through curtains and lighten up the room while keeping a bit of privacy. White sheer curtains can be hung with a rich look. White sheer curtains can be used to add a pretty soft and natural look to your windows. It's suitable for bedroom, living room and kitchen. The curtains are machine washed in cold water.

Brand: Top Finel

👤The drape is beautiful and I love the sheer fabric. You can't tell from looking at them that they're made from polyester. It's a huge plus that you can just throw in the washer and dryer. 96 inch curtains are a great value. I'm very happy! There are two sets in the picture. There are one full sets on each end.

👤I like that these curtains are lightweight and have paid attention to detail. They are not the same length. The attention to detail went up. I bought the 84” and they are a little shorter. I can deal with it because my curtains are hidden behind my couch and a side table, but for those who will be using in a dining room or somewhere open, you might want to look for another product. This is the gray.

👤The curtains are exactly what I was looking for, for a contemporary look in my master's bedroom. The item is light and well done. It is about 2 inches shorter than the 72 inch curtains that I have always purchased for the same door in my master's bedroom, but it is measured from the curtain rod holes to the bottom. It's good to keep this in mind if you need your curtains to touch the floor. The design and effect of the room made up for it. The curtains are well made and the material is perfect for spring through summer.

👤The design doesn't go all the way to the top of the curtains. They are going back after I got the 95 inch size. Maybe the 84 is better. Amazon wouldn't post my first review.

👤Beautiful! It's just beautiful! I like these crinkles! They changed the look of my house. I love the quality of the diamonds, they look elegant and fresh. I am very happy.

👤I love my curtains. They are the same as pictured. The teal look great in my room. I was expecting more color to them, but they look so nice, crisp and more expensive than they were, that I'm not disappointed. I would buy again from this company.

👤Light and elegant looking! The curtain is made of nickel finish and has a diamond pattern. I thought it was the top. I love them! White is true. It only took four to cover my living room window, which is 54” wide.

👤Absolutely delighted with the curtains. The curtains added a touch of class and elegance to my sliding glass doors and looked natural and not overstated in my kitchen. Pure loveliness. I was able to smooth out package wrinkling with a damp towel. Hang, unpackage and tumble. It's fabulous!

👤The quality is amazing. I want to tell you to buy one bit. The best buy for the price. My house is nice.

👤I love them! The living room is very dark. I wanted curtains that let a lot of light in but also offered some privacy. You can see through it, but not as much as curtains. My cat likes to watch the birds through the curtains. She is happy about how see-through they are. Light material looks more expensive than it is. It hides a hole in the wall, and that is what I wanted.


What is the best product for decorative metal panels 36x48?

Decorative metal panels 36x48 products from Elmdor. In this article about decorative metal panels 36x48 you can see why people choose the product. Midwest Hearth and M-d Building Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative metal panels 36x48.

What are the best brands for decorative metal panels 36x48?

Elmdor, Midwest Hearth and M-d Building Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative metal panels 36x48. Find the detail in this article. Jinchan, Summer Infant and Mtb Supply are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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