Best Decorative Metal Panels for Cabinet Doors

Panels 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. M D Hobby Craft 57351 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57351 Aluminum

You can create your own projects. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It's perfect for lamp shades, a tool caddy, jewelry organizers, candles and more. The package contains a silver colored metal sheet.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤I hid the works of a fountain with this. The mist cascades out of the holes and onto the water and plants below as I had 888-276-5932s It won't rust because it's aluminum. I am very pleased with how it is working out.

👤I loved how easy it was. I was looking for a cheap way to hang my earrings. I made this around a glass and added ribbon. There is a It is cute and practical.

👤I was looking for a larger size for my project. I renovated my bathroom and made my own cover to fit my tastes. The quality and design of my cover is very good.

👤I wanted to buy a tv stand. The glass was broken. I stapled them together. It's working well so far! My two toddlers are constantly trying to get in. I love these! If my toddlers break it, will purchase again. Have had them up for a couple of months.

👤It's an excellent earring holder. It is easy to bend without any special tools.

👤It is easy to cut and hot glue a picture frame. It does bend easily, so be careful how you store it.

👤It's easy to make a cute earring display. There is a shadow bid frame and a choice of paper. I love it!

👤This was the only thing I needed to turn a basic hanging lamp shade into a mid century lamp.

2. M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

It is easy to cut, form and fabricate. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I bought a decorative metal sheet to use as an earring holder and I am very happy with it. I put the hooks on the bathroom mirror and arranged them with other black jewelry pieces I found on Amazon. It's the perfect size to fit my earrings and the metal is nice. If the earring is a stud style and the back is a large clear circle, you need to remove the earring back and put the earring through the metal hole to make it fit through the holes. The metal is lightweight and I have it hanging on a mirror to keep it in perspective. I love how it turned out.

👤A standard return cover is not as attractive as this option. It is easy to cut down to size. The metal was thinner than I anticipated.

👤This is what I ordered and wanted, but it is near impossible to remove without damaging the finish, so please find a way to use a different sticker to label this product.

👤This was used to cover an air return.

👤It's perfect for our stereo speakers.

3. Household Essentials 240 Magnetic Decorative

Household Essentials 240 Magnetic Decorative

Magnetic carriage door accent handles and hinges are easy to attach to steel garage doors. Magnets hold accents firmly in place. It is made of plastic that is weather resistant and UV resistant. The patent number is Us 9,534,423 b2 and it states that the hinges are 15.25 L X 2.355 W X.19 D inches.

Brand: Household Essentials

👤Yes! Just, yes! There are magnets on the back of these plastic pieces. At first glance, they don't seem heavy duty. The plastic is durable and no one is touching it. I love that they are a black. I have had these magnets for at least a year and a half and they are still as good as new. The magnets are strong and easy to install. I put them in the garage door with magnet windows. See the photos. I am very happy with our purchase. It's a great way to make a big impact on your curb appeal. There is a They are great for commitment-phobes since they are replaceable. I would. They go out of style, just take them off. I would like to order another set for the garage. Highly recommended. If the review was helpful, please click on the button below.

👤The magnets are great. I found a garage door update project onPinterest and bought magnets to complete it. I painted the windows black and used magnetic hinges to make them look like a carriage house. The before and after pictures are available. I am very impressed with this product and recommend it to everyone.

👤The price looks great. Your child could install them. Really, really fun upgrade! I didn't get out a ladder or measure tape on snowy day, but I was ready to play. Will install both on a warm day. I will use a ladder to move windows to the top of the door. When we built our house, I wanted carriage house doors. I really like the look! I couldn't justify the additional cost. We live in a place where the temperature can reach 30 below zero and windows can cause heat loss. We installed insulated garage doors. I have always hated them. There is a The windows are made of 8 1/2” x 11” sheet magnets. The garage door is 10' wide by 8' tall. The faux windows were cut to a small size that would look small on my doors. I bought the plain sheet magnets to see if they worked. Simple again, and adds a lot. The sheet magnets can be cut to the exact size you need for your garage doors. I ordered two more sets of the product after I received my order. You deserve to smile when you reach home.

👤I bought these cheeseball magnets and I don't regret it one bit. I've spent more time looking at my neighbors' garage doors than I care to admit, but I've been looking at them. I've noticed that many other people have garage door hardware, and I'm starting to wonder if they're real or fake. It's like when you get a new car, and all of a sudden, you see that someone else is driving it. I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of garage doors in my neighborhood that have hardware on them, and that the ones that are currently affixed to my garage look absolutely indistinguishable from theirs, unless I'm uncomfortably close to them. We've been 800-273-3217 I can't imagine that they will, the magnets are strong, and even taking them off to re-position them was difficult. I don't have any complaints for twelve bucks and change.

4. M D Hobby Craft 57326 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57326 Aluminum

There are applications. Their red foil sheets can be used for home decorations. It can be used in a lot of things. It's also suitable for nail art, painting, ceramics, sculpture, gilded pottery, statues, handmade gifts, slime making, photo frames, polymer clay, artistic work and stylish fashion accessories like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, crowns. Jewelry organizers can be created. Candleholders can be created. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤I used this to make the metal vent around my fireplace better. The material was easy to work with, it was cut with scissors, and it was painted with black stove paint.

👤I replaced my glass in my cabinets with this. It looks better.

👤For one fact, the product is exactly how it is presented. It has to be seen, held and touched. I would love to use this fabrication in two areas of my home, but need slightly larger sizes. I don't have an alternative: 1' x 3'. Can this product be made in these sizes?

👤It was used to make a jewelry wall hanger. It was easy to paint and cut.

👤When I received my metal piece, it was in a cardboard sleeve, but it was bent and broken in some places. I was able to cut around those parts, but I wish it had something to support it in shipping or packaging because the flat surface I wanted seems a little off. Is this something that happened in the factor? It was easy to cut and I like the design.

👤It was perfect for my needs. The old barn wood is used to make the hutch. The doors were originally screened with chicken wire, but I wanted something a little less see through. This worked well.

👤The design is beautiful. I had to cut it to fit the project. It cut easily, but still kept its shape. The project came out better than anticipated. I loved it.

👤They were all bent in different places so maybe don't order if they need to be flat. I was able to cut around the weird areas in my project.

5. Livelynine Decorative Countertops Dishwasher Refrigerator

Livelynine Decorative Countertops Dishwasher Refrigerator

Clear material can be painted and can match most walls. The paper is made ofstainless steel. TAILS: Size 15.8 X78.8 inch, total 8.65 square feet, no glue needed. The surface is made of vinyl, silver and steel. It's fully replaceable. Cut gridlines on backing paper for precise measurements, peel and stick on smooth appliances, for free. Premium painting will not cause any Fading for a long time. All-PURPOSE: Contact paper for appliances, peel and stick stainless steel for refrigerator wrap, decorative covers for fridge/dishwasher cover, heat resistant contact paper for kitchen, metal backsplash panels for kitchen, alternative to stainless steel paint. If you're not completely satisfied with their wrap within 30 days of purchase, they'll give you a full refund. The kitchen counter top, kitchen cabinets, door, pantry, dining table, desk, crafts, cupboards, drawer, closets, kitchen appliance, and the back of the dorm are all used. The kitchen counter top, kitchen cabinets, door, pantry, dining table, desk, crafts, cupboards, drawer, closets, kitchen appliance, and the back of the dorm are all used.

Brand: Livelynine

👤It was easy to work with if you know what you're doing. I told the seller because it scratches easily. I bought the paper again to do the scratched areas, and they quickly returned my money. I am going to put down a couple of layers of paste wax to make it harder to scratch. I love the look of the counter top that Ikea discontinued. You need some tools and a lot of patience to apply. Tools include windex, soft cloth, window squeegee, exacto razor knife, blow dryer, smooth/rounded edge burninshing tool, and a credit card with the edge sanded so it won't scratch the finish. Clean and rinse the surface. There was no dust, hair, or dirt. Leave your starting spot dry with windex so the paper won't slide easily. Place your paper by slowly peeling it back. Don't worry about bubbles at this point. If you want the squeegee to slide easily, lightly spray the surface with windex or water. Don't Seal the Edges while the paper is wet. Blow the bubble with a blow dryer. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface. Continue until all surface is covered and you have enough overhang for your edges to be tucked. You can butt the factory straight edges using the windex method. You should spray and squeegee along the way. After the top is complete, lightly spray the top and squeegee it down. Wait until it dries completely before doing the edges. I was waiting overnight. Pick a center-point to fold over. You will need a blow-dryer to get the edge. If you want to heat the paper up, blow warm air along a few inches of the edge and use your thumbs to work the paper over the edge corner. You can use your credit card tool to smooth out bubbles. Slow down. Decide which way you want the visible edge to go when you get to the end point. One piece goes around the corner and the other goes over it. Good luck, go slow, and you won't be disappointed.

👤I bought a new oven that didn't have as much STAINLESS as I wanted. It's the same with ovens at the lower end of the price range. I was able to use a bucket of patience and a small amount of soapy water to spray a flexible knife. You will probably go through at least one test run if you buy extra. I messed up two sheets and had enough left for the final one. There is a I wasn't able to hide the seam as much as I wanted. The colors might have matched better if I had flipped the 2nd piece differently. It was a low cost investment and I think it works well. I am not a craftsman or an artist and I am debating about the oven window. I might just let it go as it is with the heavy duty restaurant/commercial look. Recommended product!

👤I worked great for my project, I really liked this and it turned out great. Make sure your surface is smooth.

6. M D Hobby Craft 57319 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57319 Aluminum

Use outdoors or indoors. Jewelry organizers can be created. M-D Building has decorative metal sheets. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤My old Hollywood Vanity lights have been upgraded. It's easy, inexpensive, and no tools are required. Love it.

👤I am making a spice cabinet. The first piece was good quality. I am happy with my cabinet. I spray painted the metal. I like how it turned out. I updated the picture.

👤I used this to hold my computer in the back of my desk. The back of the tower compartment is visible when you walk in the room because I have an L-shaped desk. I needed something that looked good, but also soft. It worked well. I screwed it in with metal capped screws after trimming it to fit. Exactly what I wanted. It keeps my baby cool during long hours of game-time. It looks great. It was packaged perfectly. The packaging was flat and solid. My husband's desk is my priority.

👤I don't normally write reviews but this thing is flimsy, I guess it would work for other stuff if you tape it down, not good for laser cutting. I think that the money is wasted in my opinion.

👤The product is gorgeous. It was a gorgeous light shade.

👤The sheet is nice. This is the third time I have ordered it and each one has been slightly bent, no matter how it is packaged.

👤Love them. The return air vents are more attractive than the regular air vent covers.

👤The cable box was used to hide it from the cat. Throw pillows on the ground if you want to make it more attractive. It was a good buy.

👤I mounted some electronics to a power supply with exposed wiring and needed some mechanical protection, but also wanted to provide some air for a cooling fan. I bent this into a shape and used some epoxy on the seam to make a box. It would have meant more effort to cut and bend if it had been a bit more stiff.

7. Flexible Molding Ceiling Wardrobe Cabinet

Flexible Molding Ceiling Wardrobe Cabinet

The panel screen feature is multifunctional and environmentally. This trim is made of superior PVC, it can be used to change the bald white floor and wall in your house, it is both useful and beautiful. Their flexible trim can be applied to almost any surface, it's suitable for decorate your wall, floor, door, old tile, whiteboard, and auto with the minimal cost. Easy to install, everyone can make quick decoration, create an elegant and new fresh look for your house. Remove the backing film and stick it. It's bright in color, not fade or degrade over time, and will keep for a long time that is different from the traditional trim. It's easy to clean with a wet towel. Enjoy the purchase without risk with a one-year warranty or replacement. Enjoy the purchase without risk with a one-year warranty or replacement.

Brand: Gaahing

👤I bought this to add black trim to my mirror. Keeps raising. I would return it if I could, but I already cut the length.

👤It was easy to use, but the top piece didn't stay well because of the curve.

👤Don't waste your money. This doesn't stick to the glass tile. I'm going to buy some type of glue to see if I can save it.

👤It stuck to my mirror and was brought back to life. I used a utility knife and scissors to score it. Looks great!

👤My plan was to use it as a trim. I thought I was getting a black item. It was a dark blue.

👤It was just what I needed to finish the project. I will probably buy it again.

👤The images show that this is reflective. It is not! It looks cheap. I will be back.

👤It's rigide. Ne colle pas du tout. Je ne recommande.

8. M D Building 57322 Decorative Elliptical

M D Building 57322 Decorative Elliptical

Jewelry organizers can be created. Candleholders can be created. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤This is much larger than I anticipated. There are plastic fan covers in the kitchen and bathroom. They are cheap and came with the fans. I wanted to make new covers. I painted it black and used tin snips to cut it, framed it and now have new covers. I was able to bend it by hand, but I had some pliers nearby.

👤The material is very thin and flexible. If you want it, it is 5 stars. I turned a printer stand into a projector box. I used a pair of8" fiskers scissors instead of tin snips because it is very easy to cut. I am concerned with the dents.

👤If it hadn't been stuffed into a box too small, it would be a five start. I will try to figure it out. It is what I was looking for to cover my airc onditioner.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. I didn't cut it, but I did find that the stapler didn't like it. I will purchase them again for more projects.

👤It's a bit flimsy for my application, but it was used for testing a design idea. I will get a similar one from either steel or stainless. I did the same thing as well.

👤A great earring organizers uses this type of metal sheet. It took a little longer to arrive than I had hoped, but it did what I wanted it to do as far as curving and hanging. I'm happy with it.

👤I bought a metal cutter that is easy to cut. It could be cut with scissors. There is only one negative about it.

👤Did I get lucky with these? This stuff goes for big bucks per foot. A 12 x 24 inch sheet is under 11.00 and can be used for two covers. The panels on the oak cover look like a million.



DIMENSIONS The metal storage caddy holders are in the pack. The large and small holders are 15 and 13 feet tall, respectively. Attach the organizers to your wall. There is mounting hardware included. Adding beauty to your new or existing fence, deck, gates, and walls with this decorative black cast aluminum is simple. The Nuvo Iron accessory will impress anyone who sees it. It's important to showcase it in a place where others can see it. Have a boring wall that needs to be changed? Use this accessory to make your outdoor space pop. It is made from strong Cast aluminum and can be used to build many things. The decorative gate insert is easy to install. It comes in two pieces. The dimensions are: 24 x 15 x 1.18". The board/gate will fit with the screws attached to it.

Brand: Nuvo Iron

👤The insert I received was bowed in the middle by 1/2 inch, so I would caution against using this item. I'm not sure if the screws will hold because of the amount of tension that was required to bring the four corners of the casting flush with the surround wood. There is a I would have given it five stars if it weren't for the fact that I was bent. There is a The P.s Gate handle is from Amazon. The handle for interior and exterior Gates and Doors is black.

👤I felt lucky to find this iron insert that would make my gate shine. The quality and design of this addition are amazing and I am very proud of it. My contractor says it is better than other brands he has used. Love my gate!

👤The neighbors put in a nice new fence which made me step up my game and make something like a gate. I picked this thing. It's pretty cool. Many other neighbors have stopped and looked at them. Looks great. Next to my gate, my neighbors' fence looks invisible. Win. There is a I have no idea what sheerness is in the reviews.

👤The fit of this piece is sub par, however it is a beautiful piece for a gate. I was able to get the front in with some encouragement, but the back piece wouldn't fit. The frame does not sit flush on one side because of a third cut. The longer screws don't fit the holes in the gate. Measure and cut the piece instead of using an un closed template.

👤I bought an iron grate to make a pet gate. There is a It was easy to install and worked out better than I thought. There is a I don't have any carpentry skills. I put this together in 2 days. There is a The template that comes with the insert was very helpful. It is two sides. The full piece is on one side. The frame screws to the full piece. There is a It would look great anywhere. I would buy again.

👤I like the look of this, but it was a little harder to install than other reviewers. I had to trim the hole several times to get the template to work. The two sides were not straight, like several other comments I read before writing my post. I had a lot of time to adjust to the fact that the middle of the insert bowed out on the shorter sides. The gate I built looks gorgeous, and it will all work out fine.

👤These things make your gate go from nice to amazing. There are additions to my double gates. The instructions could be better since you are cutting a hole in the center of the door, but other than that, it was a great experience. They look great. These decorative inserts are very good.

👤This is a clam shell that screws together. There is a hole in the fence and you can hold it into it. The outer dimensions are 1/2 to 1 inch wider in both directions. There is a The dimensions of the hole are stated. That's what it said. This is really beautiful. Nuvo Iron is the only company that makes something like this. Couldn't be happier.

10. M D Hobby Craft 57323 Perforated

M D Hobby Craft 57323 Perforated

Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back. Jewelry organizers can be created. Candleholders can be created. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤I imagined them to be very rigid. I ordered 2 and they arrived damaged. They were used for the panelling on the cabinet door. The door frames add rigidity, and once spray painted white they look great. They don't seem to affect the reception behind them.

👤Don't expect it to be unaffected if something hits it. Some of the cases I get need an external fan opening or a fan in another place and this is a good looking replacement for a boring grate. It is easy to cut thin aluminum, but strong enough to keep fingers safe. Put a trim ring around it and you're done!

👤I love the product. I was worried about how it would be shipped, but it was in great condition and flat. I would order it again.

👤It's what I needed. I wanted my landscape lighting to be softer. I bent the aluminum around the soup can to make it fit inside the lens housing. It worked out perfectly.

11. Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper Decorative Distressed

Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper Decorative Distressed

Also, note: Extra security is needed at the top of stairs. It requires drilling holes. The size of each roll of wood paper is 30 x 200 cm. Measure the required area in advance, and buy enough products at one time to avoid a slight color difference caused by different batches. They have other sizes for you to choose if you think this is not enough. They can change your size. There is an application for susceptibility. The artificial appearance looks like real wood grain. The picture you see may have a slight color difference with the real thing, because of different shooting light, monitors and mobile phone models. Peel off its backing and stick it onto a clean flat surface. There are free glue marks left after removing. There areIDE applications. It's ideal to decorate the kitchen, living room, bedroom and dinning counter. ERIAL QUALITY: The wood wallpaper is made of high quality material. The material is thick and will not affect normal paste. ERIAL QUALITY: The wood wallpaper is made of high quality material. The material is thick and will not affect normal paste.

Brand: Practicalws

👤I received this product at 4:30 and am sitting here at 7:30 sending pictures of the end result to my friends. It was very easy to use. I did it myself. I used tacks to hold it up. It was very easy and it looks great. $60 was purchased by me. It looks like a million bucks. I am ordering one more roll just in case. The price has gone down since I got three large rolls. It is ok. There is a The paper started coming off the wall after a few weeks. I tried two-sided wall paper tape, but it didn't work. I am sad since it looked great.

👤I was going to return it. The return slip was printed out by me. I decided to try it. I absolutely adore this. I need to order more. I will post pictures if I can figure out how to update this review. It makes my porch feel like a beach. I put it there. It makes it look like wood. June 2020 is an update. It's been up for over a year in a NY covered porch. I washed the walls with TSP. My paper has not been torn off. People are looking at my walls to see if they are made of wood.

👤It's easy to apply. I only spent an hour on this.

👤The product is the same as the picture. I bought enough in case I made a mistake and I'm glad I did.

👤It is easy to use perfect.

👤Excellent! Everyone loves it and I used it for the walls in my classroom.

👤The blue distressed planks are gorgeous. I covered my table in the craft room and it's holding up well. I get a lot of praise for it. I will buy again.

👤The wall paper is terrible. I bought the same thing from a previous seller who sold it out. The wall paper wouldn't stick to itself. I threw it back in a ball. Don't buy this!

👤I am very disappointed with this product, it won't stick to the wall, and I end up putting electrical tape just to stick it, because I don't know who to complain to. Not happy with it. I threw a dollar.

👤The design is easy to use, but doesn't stick at all. I had to use a glue with it.

👤I had to use glue to keep the prepare stuck on the flat surfaces after I sanded and cleaned the dresser. It is pretty, but be prepared for it to be sticky, so you won't like it.


What is the best product for decorative metal panels for cabinet doors?

Decorative metal panels for cabinet doors products from M-d Hobby & Craft. In this article about decorative metal panels for cabinet doors you can see why people choose the product. M-d Building Products and Household Essentials are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative metal panels for cabinet doors.

What are the best brands for decorative metal panels for cabinet doors?

M-d Hobby & Craft, M-d Building Products and Household Essentials are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative metal panels for cabinet doors. Find the detail in this article. M-d Hobby & Craft, Livelynine and M-d Hobby & Craft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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