Best Decorative Metal Panels for Cabinet

Panels 2 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. M D Hobby Craft 57351 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57351 Aluminum

You can create your own projects. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It's perfect for lamp shades, a tool caddy, jewelry organizers, candles and more. The package contains a silver colored metal sheet.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤I hid the works of a fountain with this. The mist cascades out of the holes and onto the water and plants below as I had 888-276-5932s It won't rust because it's aluminum. I am very pleased with how it is working out.

👤I loved how easy it was. I was looking for a cheap way to hang my earrings. I made this around a glass and added ribbon. There is a It is cute and practical.

👤I was looking for a larger size for my project. I renovated my bathroom and made my own cover to fit my tastes. The quality and design of my cover is very good.

👤I wanted to buy a tv stand. The glass was broken. I stapled them together. It's working well so far! My two toddlers are constantly trying to get in. I love these! If my toddlers break it, will purchase again. Have had them up for a couple of months.

👤It's an excellent earring holder. It is easy to bend without any special tools.

👤It is easy to cut and hot glue a picture frame. It does bend easily, so be careful how you store it.

👤It's easy to make a cute earring display. There is a shadow bid frame and a choice of paper. I love it!

👤This was the only thing I needed to turn a basic hanging lamp shade into a mid century lamp.

2. Yanliff Decorative Mirror Set Frameless 8X13inches

Yanliff Decorative Mirror Set Frameless 8X13inches

If the round mirror is broken as it arrives, please contact them to get a full refund or a replacement. The Diamond shape Decorative Wall Mirror is 8X13X0.4 inches. A set of 3 hanging chain mirrors. The item is diamond in shape and has a strong sense of design. It's the best choice for interior decoration. The mirror edge is clean and simple. This product can be combined to make your wall more artistic. The backplane is made of wood which enhances its strength. The wall mirror can be a stylish mirror for bathroom, living room,fireplace,stairway hall,vanity mirror, bohemian wall decor, gypsies decoration style,mid-century wall decor, bedroom mirror, decorative mirror in office and shop. It is easy to install. The mirror is easy to install. You can hang it on the wall. PROFESSIONAL PACKAGED: The mirror is in a box. Their strong packaging makes sure that your products are in perfect condition. If there is a defect, please contact them. Their constant pursuit is your satisfaction. Enjoy your shopping.

Brand: Lyldacer

👤I have been wanting these for a long time, and I am so happy I bought them.

👤I ordered 2 sets for each side of the fireplace. I will order 2 more sets. I didn't use the white tabs that came with it. I order silver hooks through Amazon and love them.

👤I have a small room and I wanted to look bigger. I placed 10 9inch square mirrors in the middle of the wall and purchased two sets of Diamond shaped mirrors. It looks great.

👤I like them because they are chic, fashionable, and delicate.

👤The chains are cheap. The way the chains are attached to the mirror makes them stick out from the wall. I don't like how they look.

👤The size is correct. They are lovely additions to my home. Many people compliment them.

👤I thought they would be bigger, but they do the job. I can change the length of the chain.

3. Suncast FSW4423 Wicker Outdoor Screen

Suncast FSW4423 Wicker Outdoor Screen

Instructions for use: The bright reflection side towards outside and the non reflective side connect to your garage door. The product is magnetic. On one side, non-magnetic. On The Other. If you feel that the magnetic is weak, change it to the other side. It will be attached to your garage door very well. The ornamental garden fence is a classic and elegant brown fence. There are 4 panels that can be arranged to suit your needs. It is not possible to arrange in a straight line. Easy installation. The fence sections connect to one another for a quick and easy setup. Border fence is the type of garden fencing. The sturdy construction is made of weather-resistant resin with durable ground stakes. It's the same size as a car, so it's easy to decorate without taking up your entire yard.

Brand: Suncast

👤I took a chance after reading the reviews that it wasn't that sturdy. I see their point, but we have a solution that is much better, zip tying the medal poles in the ground and then driving them in the ground. It should be put together in no time at all. I will probably buy more trash cans and AC. If you want brown woven patterns, take a chance and make a few adjustments. I wanted to give it 4 stars. I hope this helps you make a decision while shopping.

👤In August of 2015, I bought a set of these to hide my trash can. They've been holding up well in my area where we get a bit of wind. Most of the "flimsy" and "won't stand up to wind" complaints have them sitting on concrete. These aren't meant to be free standing. They have long metal poles because they need to be driven into the ground until the top knob of the pole is as far down as it will go. I'm looking for a second set to hide my "every 2 weeks pick up" city provided recycling can that replaced the blue box. There is a These are perfect for hiding around the house.

👤These panels are very nice. If you use the metal post that comes with the set, some might consider them flimsy. I wanted them to hold up. I used the same color of spray as the panels to reenforce the posts. Flex ties were attached to the panels. They look classy from the street. I hid the garbage cans. The posts that come with the four panels are light. Don't let that stop you from buying this set. The cheap rebar helped keep the panels up.

👤It's easy to install. Even for a 70 year old lady. Looks great. Thinking about ordering another for better coverage. I added a few more stakes to make it more stable.

👤Everyone complains about how flimsy it is, but 5 star for the price is a good deal. One of the pieces rests against a cement wall so it is not moving, and the other is against the pool equipment. If you make a corner and sink all the rods, it's fine. It covered my pool equipment. Today is a windy day in the desert, but it is holding up. If I had $300 or more, I could have a better lattice wood or custom built pool equipment cover, but for less than $50.

👤This is my second set and I like it. I offer a suggestion: add a weighted nob at the bottom of the poles that connect the individual frames. It would allow for stable usage on patio areas with cement, brick and/or wood. They are durable and hold their color throughout the year.

👤Love the color. It is easy to assemble. It's not strong but it's good for my dog to have a way to stop him from running around. I have concrete. Will stop at Lowes to pick up bricks. I'm thinking of putting 2 in front and back of each panel. I hope it works. The design is perfect. Adding cinder blocks for securing weight as well as adding sturdier poles to stand on concrete has been done in the past. So far, so good!

4. M D Hobby Craft 57326 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57326 Aluminum

There are applications. Their red foil sheets can be used for home decorations. It can be used in a lot of things. It's also suitable for nail art, painting, ceramics, sculpture, gilded pottery, statues, handmade gifts, slime making, photo frames, polymer clay, artistic work and stylish fashion accessories like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, crowns. Jewelry organizers can be created. Candleholders can be created. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤I used this to make the metal vent around my fireplace better. The material was easy to work with, it was cut with scissors, and it was painted with black stove paint.

👤I replaced my glass in my cabinets with this. It looks better.

👤For one fact, the product is exactly how it is presented. It has to be seen, held and touched. I would love to use this fabrication in two areas of my home, but need slightly larger sizes. I don't have an alternative: 1' x 3'. Can this product be made in these sizes?

👤It was used to make a jewelry wall hanger. It was easy to paint and cut.

👤When I received my metal piece, it was in a cardboard sleeve, but it was bent and broken in some places. I was able to cut around those parts, but I wish it had something to support it in shipping or packaging because the flat surface I wanted seems a little off. Is this something that happened in the factor? It was easy to cut and I like the design.

👤It was perfect for my needs. The old barn wood is used to make the hutch. The doors were originally screened with chicken wire, but I wanted something a little less see through. This worked well.

👤The design is beautiful. I had to cut it to fit the project. It cut easily, but still kept its shape. The project came out better than anticipated. I loved it.

👤They were all bent in different places so maybe don't order if they need to be flat. I was able to cut around the weird areas in my project.

5. Flexible Molding Ceiling Wardrobe Cabinet

Flexible Molding Ceiling Wardrobe Cabinet

The panel screen feature is multifunctional and environmentally. This trim is made of superior PVC, it can be used to change the bald white floor and wall in your house, it is both useful and beautiful. Their flexible trim can be applied to almost any surface, it's suitable for decorate your wall, floor, door, old tile, whiteboard, and auto with the minimal cost. Easy to install, everyone can make quick decoration, create an elegant and new fresh look for your house. Remove the backing film and stick it. It's bright in color, not fade or degrade over time, and will keep for a long time that is different from the traditional trim. It's easy to clean with a wet towel. Enjoy the purchase without risk with a one-year warranty or replacement. Enjoy the purchase without risk with a one-year warranty or replacement.

Brand: Gaahing

👤I bought this to add black trim to my mirror. Keeps raising. I would return it if I could, but I already cut the length.

👤It was easy to use, but the top piece didn't stay well because of the curve.

👤Don't waste your money. This doesn't stick to the glass tile. I'm going to buy some type of glue to see if I can save it.

👤It stuck to my mirror and was brought back to life. I used a utility knife and scissors to score it. Looks great!

👤My plan was to use it as a trim. I thought I was getting a black item. It was a dark blue.

👤It was just what I needed to finish the project. I will probably buy it again.

👤The images show that this is reflective. It is not! It looks cheap. I will be back.

👤It's rigide. Ne colle pas du tout. Je ne recommande.

6. M D Hobby Craft 57319 Aluminum

M D Hobby Craft 57319 Aluminum

Use outdoors or indoors. Jewelry organizers can be created. M-D Building has decorative metal sheets. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤My old Hollywood Vanity lights have been upgraded. It's easy, inexpensive, and no tools are required. Love it.

👤I am making a spice cabinet. The first piece was good quality. I am happy with my cabinet. I spray painted the metal. I like how it turned out. I updated the picture.

👤I used this to hold my computer in the back of my desk. The back of the tower compartment is visible when you walk in the room because I have an L-shaped desk. I needed something that looked good, but also soft. It worked well. I screwed it in with metal capped screws after trimming it to fit. Exactly what I wanted. It keeps my baby cool during long hours of game-time. It looks great. It was packaged perfectly. The packaging was flat and solid. My husband's desk is my priority.

👤I don't normally write reviews but this thing is flimsy, I guess it would work for other stuff if you tape it down, not good for laser cutting. I think that the money is wasted in my opinion.

👤The product is gorgeous. It was a gorgeous light shade.

👤The sheet is nice. This is the third time I have ordered it and each one has been slightly bent, no matter how it is packaged.

👤Love them. The return air vents are more attractive than the regular air vent covers.

👤The cable box was used to hide it from the cat. Throw pillows on the ground if you want to make it more attractive. It was a good buy.

👤I mounted some electronics to a power supply with exposed wiring and needed some mechanical protection, but also wanted to provide some air for a cooling fan. I bent this into a shape and used some epoxy on the seam to make a box. It would have meant more effort to cut and bend if it had been a bit more stiff.

7. Art3d Backsplash Kitchen Aluminum Surface

Art3d Backsplash Kitchen Aluminum Surface

Saving money on labor is possible with the use of self-adhesive metal backsplashes. The tiles cover around 5 square feet. Dry installation; no mess. It is suitable for most indoor applications. Tiles should not be in the water.

Brand: Art3d

👤I like this product. It was very easy to cover the wall. There is a It looks very modern now. There is a It was easy to cut with scissors.

👤I bought peel and stick tiles for the kitchen because I wanted to make the old camper look more like a home than a camper. These tiles are not plastic. They are easy to install. They won't come off once you take your time. I would love to give them 10 stars.

👤They do not line up evenly. When we removed the plastic, the foil came off. The glue works so well that we had to pull the paper off before taking them off. It was difficult to get a perfect fit between the tiles. I'm not sure if it looks better than the walls, but I'm afraid that foil squares will fall off and ruin them. They can dent easily. I would like to have the same issues as everyone else, because we are stuck with it until we can gut and redecorate the kitchen. Who knows when that will happen. I will have to live with the sloppy look.

👤The bathroom mirror frame is really nice. It is easy to separate tiles, but difficult to cut them. It's tough to chisel the tiles back off if you're stuck with sticky tiles, so be sure to place them perfectly. Very happy!

👤This was easy to use and I may have only ripped off a few pieces of paint. It was easy but time consuming because you have to be exact and once it is down, it is down. You have to pry it off.

👤It's easy to follow instructions. When using a straight razor. Looks expensive.

👤This is what I wanted. The trash from the install should be excused. It's a good thing. It's easy to install. Looks great! It is easy to cut the metal tiles.

👤I figured out how to use the tiles. I wasted a lot of time learning from my mistakes. I came up with something different because the faux brick wasn't looking as I wanted it to. The FAUX BRICK did not. The company replaced all obsolete sheets to solve the problem. It was an interesting experience. I'm happy with my results. There is a Art3d Craft faux brick wall panels, 3D wall panels for fake brick wall, and self-adhesive brick wall panels were used.

👤The artculo is excelente. La pegatina es resistente. 3 paquetes de 5 piezas, me ahorre cerca de $80. I cobraron un poco ms de $90. I dos das antes de la fecha.

👤An no lo he instalado pero es hermoso y de buena calidad.

👤It's easy to install.

👤Simplemente es bellsimo.

👤The tiles are easy to apply. I'm happy with the results. People should use great care when applying to the wall. You will not be able to position the tiles once they make contact. The glue is strong.

8. M D Hobby Craft 573 50 Colored

M D Hobby Craft 573 50 Colored

A microfiber towel. 30-day returns for a risk-free purchase are guaranteed. You can create your own projects. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It's perfect for lamp shades, a tool caddy, jewelry organizers, candles and more. The package contains a silver colored metal sheet.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤The pattern is easy to spraypaint. I made a cover to cover the doorbell.

👤I put it on the side table to replace the broken glass top. It's too flimsy for that. It looked good until it got bent out of shape. It would be good for other projects.

👤This metal sheet can be used for many art projects. It is easy to cut and shape without being too hard on my hands. It would have been better if it had been packed flat. It was easy to fix it again.

👤The item serves the purpose I intended, to hide a fan blade, but the manufacturer's shipping method resulted in a star being deducted. There is a crease in the upper right corner.

👤It was delivered quickly. The metal grate was perfect for a jewelry rack. I used an Ikea RIBBA frame to complete my project and didn't need to cut the metal.

👤The product is great for an affordable price. I made a earring holder using this metal sheet, and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be. There is a It's not soft or thick, it's perfect! There is a I wanted to point out that this wasn't long enough to wrap around my B&BW 3 wick candle, so you might need a bigger size for that.

👤It is a thin piece of aluminum that is flexible and can be used for many things.

👤This is much smaller than I thought. It's easy to crease. I am using for artwork because I am tired of frames. The artwork isn't sticking. Goop was used by me.

👤The old vent hole was covered perfectly.

9. M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

Black finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤Excellent for what it is being used for. There is a The front panel of my computer case was changed. It worked out perfectly. It is very easy to cut and bend with scissors and pliers. There is a The front panel of my computer was made of acrylic plastic, instead of mesh, and it worked better than I expected. There is air flow in the case. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤This was sold at a local big box orange store that was bent up and a mess. We've ordered these 3 times and used them for remodeling on in RV, taking out glass in cabinet doors and using this product. Only thing. I would like to see the company offer in different thicknesses.

👤The material is good. It was shipped in the same box as a trailer hitch receiver. The sheet goods weren't as good as the receiver. I salvaged enough to complete the project I bought it for. I wouldn't buy it again at the same time I buy a hitch.

👤We ordered it twice. The first one was bent and had half of the paint missing. Returned it and ordered a new screen, which was bent and creased. The quality was very disappointing. Went to a local store to buy something.

👤They had one style and the price was better than the warehouse store.

👤The item is as expected. Bubble wrap and a box were used to protect the item. It wasn't bent. There is a You have to be careful with the bubble wrap because it is glue to the metal.

👤There are small holes in the front of the computer. It is easy to cut and work with.

10. Jekoo Adhesive Stainless Brushed Kitchen

Jekoo Adhesive Stainless Brushed Kitchen

American Made Trophy Air air conditioner filters are made in the United States so you can be confident in their quality. Powerful Self-Adhesive Hooks Heavy Duty come with Powerful Self-Adhesive Backing, Strong Adhesiveness and Protects Against Water will never fall even after extensive use. The SUS- 304 is a high load bearing with better protection against Rust. Ensuring quality and longevity. It's not necessary to use a tool to install, just peel off the protective layer in the back and stick it on the desired position. Keep the surface dry. The hooks are ideal for Hanging Bath Towel, Robes, Umbrellas, Clothes, Scarf, Shopping bags, Handbag, Hat, Key, Coat, Pants, Kitchen Utensil and more. Hanging shower and bath accessories in a bathroom kitchen or garage are great. Don't hang expensive or fragile products. The hook is not Advised on lime walls, stucco walls, rough surfaces on dry walls, and textured wallpaper. Don't hang expensive or fragile products. The hook is not Advised on lime walls, stucco walls, rough surfaces on dry walls, and textured wallpaper.

Brand: Jekoo

👤I was looking for hooks that I could use to hang a shoehorn. I had seen cheap plastic hooks from 3M, but I thought they looked terrible. I wanted hooks that looked classy. I found these brushed nickel hooks from Jekoo after a quick search. Jekoo was giving away 4 high-quality hooks for only $12.98. I grabbed them quickly because I thought this was a great value. I was impressed with their build when they arrived. The hooks are heavy, and they didn't feel cheap in my hands. I removed the backing from the hooks to make it easier to stick them on with alcohol to remove dust. I noticed that the glue was sticky. If the glue touches anything, it will be very difficult to remove the hooks. My hooks were ready to use after installation. I was comfortable using them right away because they seemed to be very solid. The hooks themselves looked amazing. This product is very good.

👤I wanted to hang these in our front entry way to hang our coats. I put them on and let them cure for a day or two before hanging anything on them. I might buy more for the bathroom to hang towels on, as I am very happy with these.

👤I didn't know there were metal hangers that could be used to hold things together. I needed towel hooks behind the bathroom door that were nicer looking than plastic. These look great and are sturdy. Four were used for towels and robes. It was very sturdy and didn't have to be damaged.

👤This is not a review of any other product. There is a The item arrived on time. I knew this item was made in China when I ordered it. The finish is made of steel. The 5 hook set is mounted by foam tape. There is a The manufacturing lack of quality control is the reason for my issue. My set is not. The differences are easy to notice by family members. The off-set off-centering of these hooks is shown in the pics. There is a In my shower remodel, I want uniform hardware, this is not the case. I knew I wouldn't be keeping based on the various off-set pieces, so I didn't install any. I can't say anything about the strength or the glue. 2 stars were given for "below average" quality. Something I would expect from a dollar store.

👤I didn't want to drill into the structure so I used these. They worked well for hanging coats and trash bags. They look better than regular plastic hooks. I would buy them again.

👤The hooks have a nice finish. There was no need for an assembly. It is necessary to plan for placement on the first time. The photo of the product shows it larger than it is. You should look up the dimensions on the product page. I put the hooks on a smooth ceramic finish in the shower and so far they have stayed on. I use them to hang wet wash cloth. There is a There was a small defect on one of the hooks. I contacted the vendor after leaving a feedback online and a replacement was sent to me.

11. Kernorv Hanging Divider Decorative Restaurant

Kernorv Hanging Divider Decorative Restaurant

The Kernorv hanging room divider are made of safe and eco-friendly material. The dimensions are 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 0.03"H. Black is always so classic and elegant. It will make your room look better. Also protect your privacy. 12 decorative panel screens can be combined. You can make it according to your preference. It was very easy and creative. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It is easy to install through hooks and screws. If you don't want to drill the ceiling after assembling the screens, hang them on sticky wall hooks. It can be washed. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support.

Brand: Kernorv

👤I ordered the entire wall after purchasing one set to make sure I liked them. I knew it would work after I received them. The images speak for them. I wanted a room divider that would look nice. I think I did a good job with this product.

👤This piece is artistic and functional. This is the best part of the house. Please purchase it. You will not regret it. You will leave an amazing review after you see how pretty and functional this is, I bought this as a curtain so that I could cover my ugly storage room. It is so easy to make it, you just have to attach it with a safety pin. Someone will ask where you got this from if they walk into your home. Love it.

👤The dividers are perfect. I need to separate my living room from the dining area in my small apartment. I created a wall. I am satisfied with them, but they are very thin and bend, but they are still pretty. The wood dividers are very luxurious, but they would have cost $350.00 for a whole wall. It was pricey for me. If you don't care about high quality, then these are fine. $60 is better than $350.

👤I was not surprised by the quality of the panels. The design is pretty, but they do the job well. These are a good option if you're looking for a cheap way to divide a room. They are very thin, and it is difficult to hang them evenly. Some of the little holes were punched out of the design, but that doesn't bother me. They did not come with instructions, but hooking the panels together is pretty self explanatory. I used the back of my couch to divide my living room into two parts, one for a TV area and one for an exercise area. I now have 6 more panels left to decorate other projects around the house.

👤This product is great to add drama to a space. You may have to remove small pieces from the design. It is easy to work with.

👤Pros: large size, beautiful design, and great to cover a wall, cons: flimsy plastic sheet, and better suited for a wall.

👤I wanted to separate a large formal living space from a smaller sitting space and an office. I didn't like the idea of a traditional floor divider and found these during my search. I wanted to try out the print. There is plenty of lift in the set up. I made a high room divider. The tiles are the same size and the holes are the same. If you don't hang the ceiling hooks well, it will not hang right. My 8' ceilings were too short to do 6 panels. I cut my bottom row in half to make a scalloped edge. It was important to get it right because it is our front room. I only stuck myself a few times after reading reviews on bloody fingers. You will need extra safety pins if you order them. The lack of safety pins is my only complaint. The kit appears to be designed for a much smaller configuration after I bought 3 sets. I'm happy with the end result of this covid, work from home necessity.


What is the best product for decorative metal panels for cabinet?

Decorative metal panels for cabinet products from M-d Hobby & Craft. In this article about decorative metal panels for cabinet you can see why people choose the product. Lyldacer and Suncast are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative metal panels for cabinet.

What are the best brands for decorative metal panels for cabinet?

M-d Hobby & Craft, Lyldacer and Suncast are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative metal panels for cabinet. Find the detail in this article. M-d Hobby & Craft, Gaahing and M-d Hobby & Craft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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