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1. Emfogo Farmhouse Wall Mirror Shelf

Emfogo Farmhouse Wall Mirror Shelf

Well packing. The package was made to make sure you get the finished product. Please contact them if you have a question. The dimensions are 20'' x 16'' x 3.9''. 100% real wood and HD mirror. A farmhouse wall mirror is a great choice for decorating a home. The decor wall mirror is made of natural solid wood and features weathered black. A wonderful wall mirror. The style and structure of wall mirror is designed for your room space, bringing conveniences while increasing the atmosphere of the farmhouse. It can be hung as a bathroom mirror or as a bedroom mirror. The trusty wood mirror is made of quality solid wood and has a linen rope. They are committed to provide the best mirror and service. The wall mirror frame is 20 x 16 inch, the mirror is 16 x 12 inch, and the shelf is 20 x 3.9 inch. A large wooden wall mirror is the perfect complement to any farmhouse decor. All hardware is included in the easy install. The hanging mirror has a metal hook on the back and a linen rope.

Brand: Emfogo

👤The mirror looks great in my entryway. I put a rusty tin star on it and stained it a little darker. It is very sturdy for anything I want to put on it. Love it.

👤I bought this because the Montessori mirrors were $100. It seems silly since they are pretty ugly for a toddler. The mirror has a shelf. I hung it at toddler height so she could use it for things she was learning. It looks great on the wall. There is a The wood is soft and easy to damage. The screws are easy to install, but it feels like you will break it the entire time. There is a Otherwise, I would buy it again.

👤We needed a small mirror for the small cabinet. It looks great if you use it as a bathroom mirror. The frame finish is a bit rustic and would recommend purchasing.

👤I had a hard time finding the right size for the space I needed. I wanted a shelf for it. The way around is perfect. The price is great. It's really nice.

👤We needed a small mirror for our bathroom. The mirror was in the right size and style. The small shelf on the bottom is easy to install. Great find!

👤The packaging was badly done, there was no bubble wrap or inscription. The mirror was shattered. Have to return it and hope the replacement is not damaged.

👤This product is very well made and beautiful. The correct size for the space I have. Looks great!

👤Nice piece, the mirror was shattered. I guess things get thrown around.

2. Honiway Decorative Sunburst Entryway Carbonized

Honiway Decorative Sunburst Entryway Carbonized

It is an ideal gift for a birthday or festival. It's a must-have for every household. It's perfect for the living room, entryway, hallway, or kitchen. This decorative mirror made of natural solid wood, torched finished features carbonized black color, and the beautiful wood texture makes it an antique accent, is the perfect addition to your house. The design of wood sunburst base on the element of bohemian style will be a nice touch and goes well with your other decor styles. This vintage mirror made of high quality high polish silver glass can prevent distortion and give you a real HD image. The ultimate rust protection is provided by a high quality coating. Hang this mirror in your bedroom over your bed, in your hallway or entryway, or over your living room sofa with ease. It's easy to hang on the wall with the anchor and screw. This wall decor mirror is an ideal gift for friends at a birthday, Christmas,Thanksgiving Day or New Year gift. You don't have to worry about return, they offer a 3 year warranty even on Amazon.

Brand: Honiway

👤I am working on a wall of mirrors for my dining room and this one was the most adorable addition. It is very sturdy and cute. I would buy that one too if it came in a bigger size. My favorite.

👤The design of the mirror is very striking. There is a display of wood around a mirror. It adds beauty to the room. I paid a lot for this, but I can't believe it was stolen. It is chic and modern and fits in with my home decor. It is bigger than I expected. It can fit in with many styles of homes. It is easy to hang because it has hanging brackets on the back. It is a solid piece that will last. It's a perfect addition to my walls.

👤I love the rustic wood mirrors. There are many on my walls. I love the shape of this one. I first used it with my fall decor because it reminded me of turkey feathers. It's nice on the wall over the coffee bar. It is easy to hang with a small nail or pushpin. The wood has many tones and is rustic.

👤I love this mirror! It looks like it is well-made. It is the perfect size for an apartment. The pics did not do it justice. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised.

👤It's so small! I am stupid for not looking at the dimensions of this thing. Don't waste $25, you can thrift something better.

👤The mirror was cracked. Thanks a lot.

👤Even my husband thought it was very unique.

👤It works perfectly in my space, I am very happy with it.

3. Stonebriar Rustic Bronze Hanging Industrial

Stonebriar Rustic Bronze Hanging Industrial

The mirror features a glass mirror with crystal clear reflection and an industrial metal frame. Stonebriar metal mirror is the perfect addition for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, and hallway. This mirror is easy to install with a wall hook or screw. Stonebriar has a brass metal mirror that can be purchased to enhance your own home décor or as a gift for family and friends. Stonebriar's mirror has 2 different sizes. Buy 1 or both sizes and create a set that will compliment your home decor.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤It is very easy to hang in several ways. . The first one was broken and Amazon replaced it quickly.

👤It is gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. There is a Well made and sturdy. I just got it. I think it will last a long time.

👤The metal was not straight. I am not sure if the seller thought no one would notice, but it is hard to miss. It is a very heavy and durable metal. I didn't like to return it.

👤The boyfriend used a saw to remove the big hanging loop at the top, I wrapped the light strips around them and hung them on the walls. My son now has his own portals in his bedroom and I couldn't be happier.

👤The mirror was worth $38. It is the perfect size for what I needed. The mirror arrived without a hitch and the packaging was thick and secure.

👤This is a good mirror. I keep this in my walk-in closet to check necklaces. I was looking for something that was inexpensive but not dollar store quality. For industrial looking, this is cute. This doesn't look like a high end piece mirror/wall decor. This isn't the piece for you if you're looking for a large piece that looks good. I think this is a great piece, if you are looking for something with character and not plastic-y looking.

👤I exceeded my expectations. The item is a good value. The oil rubbed bronze finish looks good and adds a rustic touch.

👤This mirror is great for my breezeway. I saw it on a home decor site. The mirror is the same. It looks great and was in perfect condition. I have read other reviews about the lack of hanging hardware, but it is not a big deal, you just need a hook, and you can choose whichever method suits you.

👤It was on time. Everything was in one piece. The mirror is nice.

👤Un excelente artculo. Los materiales son un calidad. El adecuado para el sitio donde se coloc. Me es una compra realicé.

👤De calidad, muy bonito. The compra was excelente. No revisé, Cre, ms grande.

👤There was a small scratch on the mirror. I love it!

👤The first mirror was never delivered. The mirror was re-sent for free. The package arrived undamaged but the mirror is cracked down. It would have been a great mirror.

4. Mirrors Classic Decorative Hanging Bathroom

Mirrors Classic Decorative Hanging Bathroom

After-sale service. If your purchase doesn't meet your expectations, let them know and they will be 100% satisfied with you. There is a pack of 3. There is a gold metal frame and a mirror. These metal art pieces are great alone or in a set with other matching wall decors. Premium iron frame with gold finish adds to the accent of the wall mirror and is a protective bumper. The circle modern mirror set is a great way to make your home shabby chic. This wall mounted mirror is made of high quality floating glass which can prevent warping and distortion and give you a real HD image. The ultimate rust protection is provided by a high quality coating. Assembly is not required. They are hanging looking and elegant wall decoration and add great joy to the room. Hang this mirror in your bedroom over your bed, in your hallway or entryway, over your living room sofa, or in your bathroom. Excellent gift idea.

Brand: Uaussi

👤I am very happy with this purchase. Don't second guess, order and enjoy this statement of bling on your wall.

👤The mirrors were the same as advertised. The color is striking. Gold, shine, but not orangey or cheap looking. They are not heavy. I used them with other sunbursts to make a display.

👤I like these a lot. The value is great. There are the same items at W-fair for a regular price of $157.99. That is a joke. Amazon is selling them for less than the price of the item. I got them for a low price. They are $32.98 today. They will bend easily. You have to be careful when hanging. When I opened the box, I had to bend a couple of the prongs. The shipping was not great. The box was badly damaged. They were delivered undamaged and are hanging on the wall.

👤The picture makes them look better. They are just okay. I'm not sending them back because they're in a spare room. They're only worth 20 dollars.

👤I used these in the front entryway to give the hallway more light. I love the design of these. Two of them are the same and one is a flower. The flower is in the middle. They can be hung side by side. There is a The back has a place for hanging, but I used a strip instead. Love it.

👤The living room furniture we bought is a mid century modern style. The set goes above our sofa. I love it! Great price too!

👤I love these! These are metal and much nicer than the plastic ones.

👤There were two broken mirrors.

👤They are the first thing visitors see when they enter my hall, they look fabulous.

5. Villacola Decorative Aluminium Bathroom Entryway

Villacola Decorative Aluminium Bathroom Entryway

Stonebriar's mirror has 2 different sizes. Buy 1 or both sizes and create a set that will compliment your home decor. The decor wall minaret. The 30-inch round mirror is the perfect size for bathroom, entryway or living room. The black brushed frame matches any wall style. There is an expatriate craftship. The edge of the mirror is surrounded by a frame. The brushed finish surface is anti-rust. It is a premium ring. The silver backing craft enhances mirror clarity while no reflection is visible. It's easy to change. Hanging a mirror on wall screws is not a problem. The larger opening of the upgraded swallowtail hook will eliminate your annoyance. Well packing. The package was made to make sure you get the finished product. Please contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Itrue

👤The color is more brass than gold, and that's what I like about it. There is a seam on the top of the mirror and the paint is hard to photograph. I'm not sure if I'll send it back because the box it came in got damaged. It's likely that they wouldn't reorder.

👤The mirror is great. It arrived in good condition after being shipped and packed very carefully. It is gorgeous and has a nice big hook for hanging. I'm glad I bought it because it made my entry way look great. I might get a smaller one for another room.

👤The price and quality are great. The gold is not shiny. It is easy to hang.

👤The mirror was the perfect size and it was very cute. The part that it mounts to the wall is very study.

👤The mirror is sturdy and looks expensive. I would buy another one if it hung against the wall. The price is too high for this product.

👤I regret buying a similar mirror from the same place as it was much better than the one I bought from the other place. The double hanging brackets make it much safer and stronger on the wall.

👤I bought this mirror for my daughter. I am very pleased with the quality of the package and the mirror is very strong. She was going for a modern look and it fit the bill. I am buying two more mirrors for her bathroom.

👤A good mirror, good size. It was used for my bathroom. It looks better in pictures than in person. The metal is cheaper in real life. def a win for the price

6. FUIN Decorative Contemporary Bathroom Entryway

FUIN Decorative Contemporary Bathroom Entryway

The meteorite is handcrafted with a sleek solid heavy metal frame and no-distoration HD mirror. Their original design is coffered. The black mirror is handcrafted with care and attention to design. They use high quality materials to make sure the design is consistent and sturdy. The mirrors are silver-backed and have a beautiful reflection. How to fit aUTE item in your home. The round frame mirror is adorable. The frame with the wood backing and glass mirror is rated for use in high-moisture areas. Over 45 years of focus on Homedecor business let them know how to service the customers, they are confident of every round matel mirror you received is thoroughly quality-assured. Full refunds or replacements are guaranteed for mirror damaged or faulty. All the time, just e-mail them. Why Fuinfuin focus is to become the most sustainable home furnishings retailer around the world. Their founder who has over 45 years of experience on Home Decor supplies believes in the importance of hand crafting and sustainable production.

Brand: Fuin

👤I was looking for something different. The one in the picture is a light bronze color. If you're looking for one in that color, it's still a good option. You have never known because color is wrong. I'm not happy with my purchase.

👤The silver colored border of the mirrors has small dents and lines. I bought two of these and they both have the same issues.

👤The mirror is hung like a picture with a single nail at the top and it balances from there. We may find a way to secure it to the wall since we are in earthquake prone country.

👤There was nothing provided to hang the mirror, it was just a metal hole. It was difficult to get the nail head through the hole with the mirror. Considering the weight and size, it should have had hanging wire from side to side.

👤The paint has a small flaw. It's barely noticeable. It looks great above my mantel.

👤I expected a thick, solid mirror. It's worth the money.

👤It looked like it had been spray painted. The seams were not invisible.

7. Stonebriar Decorative Hexagon Painted Attached

Stonebriar Decorative Hexagon Painted Attached

This mirror is the perfect size for a bathroom mirror or as an accent mirror for any wall in your home. The mirror has a crystal clear reflection and a wooden frame with a black painted finish. This unique and eye-catching decor piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. A screw or wall hook is all that is needed to install the wooden hexagon hanging wall mirror. Buy your Stonebriar wooden hexagon wall mirror for yourself or give it as a thoughtful birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift for friends and family.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤Exactly as pictured. It's perfect for my bathroom.

👤The mirror is perfect! The shape is fun and it's a perfect size. I was worried that it would be damaged since it's a mirror, but it was packaged nicely and not damaged. The wood is beautiful and I am very pleased with it.

👤I finally found a mirror that looked great and didn't break the bank. I am not sure if I should paint the frame. The potential is there, but it also looks great. It was easy to hang because of the quality and price point.

👤It looks good and sturdy. I was sent the wrong color. I am not bashing the product, but whoever took the order and shipped it sent me the wrong color. I have to send it back because it throws off the theme of my nursery.

👤The brown I purchased is gorgeous. The photo is shown for the product, but it is better in person. It is very sturdy and easy to hang. I'm very pleased with the price and quality. I would have to paint or modify it. I don't. WIN.

👤A pretty mirror at a great price. I looked at many similar items, but this was much cheaper. I painted mine white with chalk paint. It hasn't budged despite being hung on the wall with picture hanging tools. The size and shape are great. Would definitely recommend!

👤I was looking for something that would fit the large awkward spaces on the sides of my TV stand. I've ordered mirrors on Amazon before and they arrive broken, so I was nervous about buying these. They were easy to hang. I got two and I love them.

👤The price for this mirror is really good. It is more of a farmhouse style, but I like the shape and price. I ordered it anyway. I stained and finished it with a top coat, and now it completes my doorway entry area.

👤I was not sure if I should buy this item as it didn't look very nice. It is better in person. The wood is well cared for. It was really added to my space.

👤The white finish looked cheap because it was poorly applied. It looks like I picked it up and painted it. So disappointed.

👤All of the dimensions were described. Not disappointed at all. There is a Thanks!

👤Forme originale Belle couleur.

👤I like the shape and size of the mirror.

8. FirsTime Co Covington Farmhouse American

FirsTime Co Covington Farmhouse American

The perfect size for any living space is their FirsTime & Co. Covington Farmhouse Iron Arch Mirror, which has a 30" diameter and 1" depth. It's. The round mirror is made from a glass surrounded by a wood frame and aged black wooden arches to give it a vintage appeal. Hang the mirror on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. The orientation is the vertical. The perfect touch is the FirsTime & Co. Covington Farmhouse Iron Arch Mirror. Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Cottage piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤This shelving unit is very nice. Pro's: It was easy to put together. Instructions are not necessary. The shelves are made of wood. I prefer real-wood shelves to anything made of particle board because they are very thin and lightweight. The shelves are sturdy and I have about 10 lbs of weight on one shelf. The arch point broke through the box. The porch was set on point-end down. After the unit was built, there were no dents or scratches in the metal. The bag was torn. The box had screws in it. There were scratches on the front and back panels of the frame due to loose screws and possibly during the process of packaging. The front and back frame panels have thin bubble wrap over them. I found one of the screws on my porch after unpacking the unit. It was just luck that all the screws were present. The front and back panels shimmer with metal that has been manufactured. The unit arrived with no footing. The bottom legs are hallow metal with no type of caps or proper ends to sit on. My wood floors will be scratched by the ends. I had to put them on felt dots because they weren't complimentary to the look of the unit. I love this unit, did I mention that? There are a lot of con's, but they don't really affect the look or function of the unit in a room. I was lucky. I am not complaining. Proper footing on the legs of the unit is something the company needs to change.

👤The box was pretty torn up. I was worried that the bookcase would be damaged, but it was padded well enough. That it was complete. Even with the minimal instructions, it's easy to put together. The frame is solid. The shelves are different. They're a pine frame with a veneered hardboard top. The veneer is very thin, even for veneer, and oddly, veneered on the bottom as well. It was so rough that I gave them a going-over with 400grit sandpaper before putting them in the frame. I'm going to replace them with something nicer, I didn't bother to screw them in. I think the shelves should have been made of wood.

👤Corrected. This was the only mirror that I could find that was the right size. I liked the metal on it but didn't like the brown frame or the rustic characteristics such as the scratched off stain and splinters of wood missing in places. The mirror was not acceptable due to the defects in frame. I believe the mirror is overpriced. TheVERTICAL version is less expensive. My husband was able to save me from returning the mirror because he built a frame from cedar fence boards. He installed the mirror and stained the frame. We're waiting for the fireplace to be installed so we can hang the mirror over the mantel. L.

👤This is an up to date and stylish mirror that will stand the test of time. I wanted something that would look good in 5 years. The mirror was in a box and easy to hang. The roundness of the mirror makes it easy to hang and not worry about being level or where the mirror lands. The company that I purchase 3 mirrors from has a round mirror with white distressed detail, a round mirror with black detail and a rectangular mirror with black detail. The quality is wonderful for the price.

9. MOTINI Home Decor Mounted Mirrors

MOTINI Home Decor Mounted Mirrors

Why Fuinfuin focus is to become the most sustainable home furnishings retailer around the world. Their founder who has over 45 years of experience on Home Decor supplies believes in the importance of hand crafting and sustainable production. Their 30" glass modern round circle black metal framed mirror is a modern design that brings simple sophistication to any room. The large simple premium wall mirror is a great addition to any design. Excellent quality. Premium materials are not found in lesser quality imitation mirrors. The mirror is made of silver. The large wall mirror has a black frame that adds to the look and makes it last longer in high traffic areas. There is a wide application. The wall mirror is made of metal and has decorations. The size makes a small room look bigger because it reflects both natural and artificial light. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, entryway. It is easy to install. Their glass is protected by the frame construction. The wall mirror has hooks pre-installed on the backing. It's easy to hang the mirror. 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee: They make sure your mirror is secured in a sturdy, double layer, corrugated cardboard box to make sure it is safe to arrive at its new home. If there are any issues after you receive the mirror, please contact them.

Brand: Motini

👤I am very happy with the mirror. It is the second one I have purchased on Amazon and about the millionth that I have looked at or considered buying on other sites. It is a nice medium gold tone, which makes it good with many other shades of gold. I hung it in a bathroom with a Savoy House gold lighting fixture, and it is more than acceptable. The specifications say it is very heavy. It definitely feels heavier. The mirror is clear. The frame finish is in excellent condition, with no scratches or nicks that other gold finishes end up with. The mounting on the back is straight. I think it will be easy to hang. I am very pleased with the review so far, but if anything changes my mind I will update it.

👤I love the mirror. We had to return the $60 mirror we bought from target because it was warped. We had the same concern ordering online and reading mixed reviews, but the mirror we received is of great quality and I really like the black metal frame. It works well in a minimalist decor.

👤The mirror arrived with a few screws that fell out, but I like the look of it. The screws are stripped so they don't stay in. It is annoying that I can easily spin the frame and drill new holes. I don't know if it was a manufacturer error or if it got banged around during shipping.

👤This is nice for the price. It hangs well if you hang it with two screws or a picture wire. The frame edge is very thin.

👤I wondered if I should get the black mirror because of my decor being oil rubbed bronze. I would highly recommend anyone questioning the mirror to purchase it because it matches perfectly. It's perfect in my bathroom.

👤A nice look. Very well packed. I took the star away because it would be easier to hang if it had a wire across the back.

👤Got 2. For double sinks. There is a Like the mirrors and will keep the lie going. There is a The frames are not made of steel.

👤I bought 2 of them and installed them in the bathroom to replace the old one piece mirror.

10. BEAUTYPEAK Mounted Brushed Bathroom Entryway

BEAUTYPEAK Mounted Brushed Bathroom Entryway

A large round mirror can make your home more spacious and more inviting while serving as functional wall art. The decorative wall circle mirror is a great way to add a glamorous touch to your walls. The mirror is made of an aluminum alloy metal sleek frame which doubles as a protective bumper, making it ideal for high-traffic areas as bathroom mirror, entrance mirror, Vanity mirror, living room mirror. The HD circle mirror is made of 5mm polished floating glass with sterling silver mirror backing. The round wall mirror is a great way to reflect both natural and artificial light. Hooks are pre-installed behind the circle mirror backboard for a secure and stable installation. The package has screws and other hardware. It's easy to hang your round mirror. They have strengthened their mirror package for safe delivery. If you find a broken mirror, please contact them to get a full refund or a free replacement. If you have a question in the installation or use, they will give you a 7x 24h professional customer service.

Brand: Beautypeak

👤It was easy to install and packaged well. I like how clean it looks. I need a new light.

👤I've been looking for a round mirror. I found one on West elm, but it was way more expensive. I found this one on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. I was impressed with the way it was packaged after it arrived. I hung it on my wall within 15 minutes. I love the way it looks. When I told my boyfriend the price, he couldn't get over it.

👤I have bought several black metal mirrors, but none of them have the glue around the edges that this one does. You don't see it that bad if you are standing up close. There is a scratch on it. The size and everything looks good, but for the price, I would rather buy it from Lowe's. It only has one area at the top back to attach it to the wall, so I wish it had two on each side to anchor it in place. I had more heavy duty ones that I didn't use the anchor for.

👤Very sturdy and good quality.

👤The mirror is beautiful, but it had a scratch on it. Very unhappy. Go with a different seller. The product is damaged.

👤I should have gotten the gold. The mirror in my house was plain. It was plain. It looked okay at night. I decorated my bedroom with Washi tape and moved it to reflect window light. There are some marks on the glass, but they don't show much. Next time, I'll spend more money, but mirror are always usable, so I'm keeping these. They are a bit heavy. I would call them "itarian."

👤The thickness of the mirror is not bad. It is heavier. It was good for our space to have a 24” size. There is a I thought it would be thicker and stronger, but it is just a mirror. I could have easily picked out a mirror at the same price point and quality in the store, but I chose the frame. Oh well! There is a I appreciated the sturdy packaging. It had a laminated face. There is a The hanging fixture is made of plastic and only hangs by 1 or 2 nails. It's true!

👤The packaging on this was great. I was worried that the mirror would be in one piece. Happy to report that everything was okay. It is easy to put up. Definitely recommend.

👤The mirror took 5 minutes to hang, one screw, and I really like it. There is a The trim is less pink than I thought and that's the only thing I didn't know. I like it even more because it's a subtle hint of rosegold. There is a The pink hue is picked up by the camera more than in real life. There is a I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤Heavy duty, better than expected. I love the mirror ordered and it looks great in my bathroom above the sinks.

11. 24 Inch Wall Mounted Bathroom Decorative Entryway

24 Inch Wall Mounted Bathroom Decorative Entryway

The backer of the mirror is pre-molded so hanging is easy. The style is round. Adding a round mirror to your home will add depth and give it more life. The gold-colored frame and neat design of the round mirror make it feel elegant. It can be used as a functional bathroom mirror or as a decorative statement in your home. Handmade. There is no seam in the handmade metal frame. The round mirror is made with care and attention to detail. It is easy to install. The package includes instructions and pre-installed hooks. It is easy to hang. STURDY PACKAGE: The mirror is secured with styrofoam in a sturdy box to prevent it from being damaged in transit. If the round mirror is broken as it arrives, please contact them to get a full refund or a replacement.

Brand: Zenida

👤The mirror was not broken when it arrived. The packaging was good. I felt the back of the mirror as I was getting ready for the bathroom. The back is made of cardboard. If used in a bathroom, does not feel treated for preventing mold. The mirror seems to be more for decoration. The mirror was not hung with hardware. Unless you have a stud to hold mirror weight, you need a dry wall anchor and screw. The mirror is heavy and may not be safe. I don't want to have to worry about the possibility of mold since it would have been perfect for our bathroom. The decoration for the wall will be the one that was destroyed by the child. There is a I like the mirror itself. A simple mirror is all that is needed for a bathroom.

👤It works well in the space and fills the area. The look of the product was very nice. This style is a good bet if you are looking for it. There is a The metal border is sturdy and comfortable to mount. It is not flimsy like some cheaper ones I have purchased in the past which helps me sleep at night. You may need to anchor the weight to hold it in thinner materials. There is a The packing it came in was very tight so it didn't get damaged. It was nice.

👤The mirror is easy to install and I like it. The black metal frame bends and dents easily. This is in our bathroom and we really like it. I recommend.

👤I think it's a good indicator that it's a quality unit, because the mirror had a bit more weight to it than I thought. It is very thin and thick when put on a wall. The mirror is clear. It's a solid mirror for the price, and not much else you can say about it.

👤I like the look of the mirror but it's a little warped, I'll probably keep it since I've already hung it and thrown the box away. You can see that the picture is imperfect, but up close it's not bad.

👤This small bathroom had a half bath and a closet merged to make a full bathroom. I love it! When the large bathroom is finished, I will definitely look into purchasing another.

👤I was hesitant about ordering a mirror and getting it delivered, but it was packaged well and arrived intact. The description was just as accurate. A decent mirror. The black metal frame is great, but also makes for a heavier mirror so make sure you have a sturdy way of hanging it. The monkey hook did a good job for me.

👤I ordered two of these mirrors, I really liked the size and color but one of them had scratches on the frame when I opened it. On both mirrors, the mirror is welded together into a circle and it doesn't match up on the top. It's hard to describe, but my review is not letting me post a picture. I spent quite a bit of money on these mirrors and hope that something is made right.


What is the best product for decorative mirror black?

Decorative mirror black products from Emfogo. In this article about decorative mirror black you can see why people choose the product. Honiway and Stonebriar are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mirror black.

What are the best brands for decorative mirror black?

Emfogo, Honiway and Stonebriar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mirror black. Find the detail in this article. Uaussi, Itrue and Fuin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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