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1. AAZZKANG Rectangle Decorative Farmhouse Bathroom

AAZZKANG Rectangle Decorative Farmhouse Bathroom

Hang this mirror in your bedroom over your bed, in your hallway or entryway, over your living room sofa, or in your bathroom. Excellent gift idea. The wooden border is rustic white and has a subtle rustic touch. The farmhouse style wall hanging mirror can be used in a country-chic way. The wood mirror is a good choice for a vertical wall because of its rectangular shape. This unfinished natural-looking wood frame is a great way to give your home a vintage look. Sturdy andDurability: The glass mirror is secured in the frame and reinforced with a solid backing. It was made of strong metal. The package includes hardwares, which makes it easy to install. The wooden mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It can be used many different ways to use. The Large Size is perfect for any wall and has a length of 16 inches and a width of 17 inches. You can easily change its placement with the size.

Brand: Aazzkang

👤This looks like a circus fun house mirror unless you position yourself at the perfect angle. It is a good laugh before heading out the door, but not really happy about anything else.

👤I was impressed by the package of the mirror and wrote a review. It looks like the photo, and it looks great in my bedroom. If you like this style, buy it. It's not fancy, but what 15$? What do you think will happen? Is that gold trim? It's worth the 15 or whatever I paid for it.

👤It's not a mirror at all. I can see my reflection, but it is not glass. It lowers the value of the piece. You get what you pay for.

👤We hung the mirror on the wall. The look was enhanced by it. The mirror is light and has a farm rustic look which can be seen on furniture from the mid century. Rey is easy to hang.

👤There is a small to medium mirror. It's perfect to add to my jewelry booth. It's easy to install.

👤It will work, a little smaller than anticipated, but not bad at all.

👤I love everything about it. It works perfectly with the space and looks better in person.

👤The mirror is nice. It is magnified. This is the mirror for you to look into your pores.

👤It's perfect for someone living in a flat who doesn't have a lot of room to hang a larger mirror, for the price, I doubt you'll find much better in all honesty.

👤The quality is not great but it looks reasonable when hung.

👤The mirror looks great in my bathroom. We will be worth the money.

👤The mirror is the right size. I was looking for quick delivery and great service.

2. 2PCS Round Rustic Decorative Mirror

2PCS Round Rustic Decorative Mirror

If you want to give it as an original gift, buy it for yourself or give it as a thoughtful birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift for friends and family. Mirros are decorative. The mirrors are handmade. They are made from wood frame, 4mm silver mirrors, classic carvings and back panels. It is very attractive and stylish. It's easy to catch traditional or modern decor. You can add some sugar to your home. It is not too big or small for a 12 inch round wall mirror. Wood floral decorative design is on top of a mirror that you can touch and feel, in exquisite craft, elegance and gorgeous impression to any room, house, office, living room, bedroom or anywhere for wall decoration. The mirror is easy to hang. Hanging hardware and metal mounting brackets are included. It gives a rustic look to any wall. No matter what the scene, they are the perfect home gift. The wall mirror is the perfect choice for many reasons.

Brand: Yoayo

👤I was expecting to be happy with these, but I am not. The photos in the listing are a bit misleading because I thought they were 12 inches in diameter. I would advise you to ignore photos and draw a big circle at home to get the true feel of what you are getting before you buy, because this is a common issue online. The quality and size is a tad under the price point for me, but I think they look attractive when hung in the correct spot. Not by a lot, but by a small amount. It feels like a $25 product. It is $32.98 at this time. I have a question about this. I don't understand how one could clean these mirrors if they were streaky and had dirt on their surface. It has the design in front, but that is definitely not real wood. I don't know how that will go down, but it will trick your guest's eyes from a far. Dusting? Yes. Glass and mirror cleaning? I don't know how the product will work, but we'll see. I hope that cleaning won't ruin them down the line. The decorative wall mirrors are unique and rustic-looking, pieces of stylish decor to add a bit of pizazz to any small room. A bathroom, an already decorated hallway or entry way, and a small kitchen are the best choices for a large room. That could change everything. My rating is just above that of 3.5 stars because I like them better than an average 3 star rating. If you find the right place to make them work, you might find yourself happy with them. If you see enlarged-looking photos on your monitor, figure out that size first. I will add some of my own photos to help. Customer photos are the best. Happy decorating and focus on those. + 1/2 I hope my review is helpful.

👤The mirrors fit perfectly in my home. I like the look of the wood and the design of the mirror. They are smaller than expected, but I should have looked at the measurements. I put a photo of the mirror next to the can. They look cheap up close, so I gave them 4 stars. The finish is a wood sticker. Still pretty. I might put them high on the wall so they don't look at eye level.

👤The mirrors seem to be sturdy, but light. Hardware is provided, but I don't think the wall anchors are necessary. I suppose that depends on where each individual hangs them. I wanted them to be a decorative fill for an empty wall space in my office. Mirrors are supposed to make small spaces look larger, but as they are about a foot in diameter, I am not sure that would apply here. Couldn't hurt. I like them more in person. The grey provides a nice middle ground because I have black and white pieces in the room. They are a nice design and do what I intended. They are reasonably priced for 2. I am happy with this order, I like them.

3. Qmdecor Rectangle Decorative Decoration Dimention16x20x1

Qmdecor Rectangle Decorative Decoration Dimention16x20x1

If the mirror is damaged on arrival, no return is needed, simply send them pictures of the damaged mirror and they will give you a full refund or replacement. The mirror has a glass crystal crushed diamond. The wood back is made from MDF. 16x20x1 inch. The design has a sparkle twinkle bling crystal crushed diamond. The mirror is on the wall. A popular design. It's easy to install. There are 4 big hangers at the back. The mirror should be hung on the wall. The mirror design can be used in different styles of home decoration. A decorative mirror in a home highlights it. If products are not satisfied, you can exchange them or get a refund. They hope you like buying from them.

Brand: Qmdecor

👤The name is Es Hermoso. Is it possible that Llego is empaquetado? A tena estrella. Es perfecto tienes!

👤The mirror will make any room look better. I used it in the guest bath because the contractor mirror wasn't doing it for me. I was so glad I did. The wire between the loops was used to hang. The wire wasn't included.

👤I have two. It was worth every penny.

👤I love the mirror. It goes perfectly with my room and gave me the look I wanted. The supplies that came with it were not useful because the hooks attached to the mirror for hanging were weird. The mirror is great and I would recommend it.

👤I bought two last year for my mom who wanted to get a new one, but one came cracked and we are sending it back to get a new one. The other one was in good shape.

👤I love this mirror. I wanted to purchase the larger size.

👤This mirror exceeded my expectations and I am not the one for writing reviews. I was looking for a mirror to match my fireplace. I went back to the furniture store where I bought the fireplace and found a mirror that was three times the price. I decided to check online first and found this mirror here on Amazon, before committing to spending over $300 for their mirror. I saved myself a lot of money. I like the mirror better. There are 2 hooks on the back of the mirror, but they didn't include the screws or wire to hang it with. The mirror is heavy and strong. The parts weren't included in my rating. The mirror is pretty.

👤The mirror looks great in my room. It's a good thing. I had to send it back a few times because I wanted the bigger size.

4. Headwest 8013 Mirror Brush Nickel

Headwest 8013 Mirror Brush Nickel

The mirror is glass and the frame is polystyrene. The brush is modern and contemporary. The mirror is beautiful. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Mount style is floating.

Brand: Head West

👤The mirrors were purchased with the intention of putting one in the guest bath and 2 in the master bathroom. We loved the design and they were delivered quickly. We didn't know that all three of the mirror were different. The hooks on the back were placed on different heights and the mirror's gap between it and the wall was different. It was difficult to hang two mirrors side by side without them looking out of place. There were different labels on each mirror. After throwing all the original packaging away, we realized this and won't have to send them back. We are very frustrated as we have to remove the original hardware and get new pieces from Home Depot to redo the whole thing. That will be more expensive than the mirrors are worth.

👤You should not look at this mirror. It looked great when first installed. Black spots on the frame began to appear after a month. The spots were like mold. The rough surface makes it hard to clean. The finish was getting dull when we cleaned. The black spots grew larger and became a dirty mirror. There is no way to clean it. I contacted the seller several times to complain, but never received a response.

👤The mirror was better than I expected.

👤The mirror looks great. We like the feature of the fast shipment. We got brushed nickel lighting, hardware, shower, and other things after remodeling our bathroom. It looks great with these. Would recommend.

👤The mirror looks nice, but we had trouble hanging it. The mirror I ordered the first time was sticky. I would just wipe it off. The silver came off the side of the mirror. I ordered another mirror because I liked the look of the price point. We were careful, but still had some scratches on the side of the mirror, just from hanging it. They were small enough to keep it. The plastic painted silver can come off very quickly, so be aware.

👤It looks amazing. The brushed nickel faucet and light fixture are the same color. Highly recommended.

👤The mirror and the brushed nickel fixture are very similar. It was well packaged and easy to hang. The mirror on the inside was undamaged even when the box was ripped. There is a The return/exchange was easy and they had already shipped the right one before I dropped off the other one.

👤I didn't pay attention to the description that it is not metal but made of some material. It is ugly. Looks fake. The handyman installed it when I was away. It is already installed. It's really bad. I am dumb. I didn't measure it and it is way bigger than my bathroom, so I have to eat the cost and hang in the garage.

5. Irregular Asymmetrical Bathroom Entryway Decorative

Irregular Asymmetrical Bathroom Entryway Decorative

The frame is made of Styrene, a naturally transparent plastic that is very strong and durable. The asymmetrical wall mirror with unique shape can be used to decorate your hallway, living room, bedroom. It can bring a distinctive artistic atmosphere to your space. The body mirror is made of HD floating glass, which reflects never warped. Fragments can be protected against by the explosion-proof film on the back of the mirrors. Installation is easy. The body mirror has tape and glue on it. Put the tape and glue on the mirror back and paste it on the surface you want. Smooth walls can be achieved with the use of tape and glue. Please do not use wallpaper on the falling wall. The package included foam tape and glue, the mirror is about 31.5'' x 17.7''. 100% satisfaction guarantee. 30-day money back and a 12-month service are provided by them. Contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Trahome

👤There is no hardware to install onto a wall, you have to glue it to the wall. I used a bunch of command strips and hope it doesn't fall. The mirror is all over it. I have tried to clean it. It won't come off. A waste of money. Don't put your money on this mirror.

👤It was a shame. Without a good way to install it, this item is almost useless for people who are renting their homes. No one wants to glue it to their walls. I will try using a lot of command strips and see if that holds up but for this hassle, item should be half the price or less. It has been held for a couple days after using command strips. It would be better to just install hanging hardware on the mirror, rather than using command strips. The look is beautiful but not sure about mounting, so won't give additional star now. There is a The mirror has held up for a while now. The command strips seem to work.

👤How do I install this? It did not come with any foam tape like it said it would. It came with a product called sealantfix.

👤I was aware that the only way to hang this was with glue, so I read all the reviews before purchasing. I wanted something to camouflage an ugly door in my rental and this looked perfect. If I ever leave the mirror, I still went for it. I am so glad I did. I used the provided glue, held the mirror in place for about 8 minutes, then taped the edges with blue painters tape and let it dry overnight. It looks great! A mirror that makes a statement. I was glad I took a chance. Love is in the air!

👤We didn't use anything to make this stick. If the wall fell on the house. Then fell and broke.

👤The mirror comes with tape and a bottle of glue. I did not need to use glue because the tape is strong. The mirror looks great.

👤There is no way to hang this on the wall. You have to permanently fix it to the wall. No thanks. I don't want to destroy the wall for a mirror that I might want to change in the future.

👤El Espejo es Hermoso. Un referente de un nuevo es moderno. estilo

6. Mirrors Classic Decorative Hanging Bathroom

Mirrors Classic Decorative Hanging Bathroom

After-sale service. If your purchase doesn't meet your expectations, let them know and they will be 100% satisfied with you. There is a pack of 3. There is a gold metal frame and a mirror. These metal art pieces are great alone or in a set with other matching wall decors. Premium iron frame with gold finish adds to the accent of the wall mirror and is a protective bumper. The circle modern mirror set is a great way to make your home shabby chic. This wall mounted mirror is made of high quality floating glass which can prevent warping and distortion and give you a real HD image. The ultimate rust protection is provided by a high quality coating. Assembly is not required. They are hanging looking and elegant wall decoration and add great joy to the room. Hang this mirror in your bedroom over your bed, in your hallway or entryway, over your living room sofa, or in your bathroom. Excellent gift idea.

Brand: Uaussi

👤I am very happy with this purchase. Don't second guess, order and enjoy this statement of bling on your wall.

👤The mirrors were the same as advertised. The color is striking. Gold, shine, but not orangey or cheap looking. They are not heavy. I used them with other sunbursts to make a display.

👤I like these a lot. The value is great. There are the same items at W-fair for a regular price of $157.99. That is a joke. Amazon is selling them for less than the price of the item. I got them for a low price. They are $32.98 today. They will bend easily. You have to be careful when hanging. When I opened the box, I had to bend a couple of the prongs. The shipping was not great. The box was badly damaged. They were delivered undamaged and are hanging on the wall.

👤The picture makes them look better. They are just okay. I'm not sending them back because they're in a spare room. They're only worth 20 dollars.

👤I used these in the front entryway to give the hallway more light. I love the design of these. Two of them are the same and one is a flower. The flower is in the middle. They can be hung side by side. There is a The back has a place for hanging, but I used a strip instead. Love it.

👤The living room furniture we bought is a mid century modern style. The set goes above our sofa. I love it! Great price too!

👤I love these! These are metal and much nicer than the plastic ones.

👤There were two broken mirrors.

👤They are the first thing visitors see when they enter my hall, they look fabulous.

7. CrazyDeal Abstract Decorative Stickers Decorations

CrazyDeal Abstract Decorative Stickers Decorations

The Large Size is perfect for any wall and has a length of 16 inches and a width of 17 inches. You can easily change its placement with the size. The reflection is not as good as a glass mirror, it is not fragile, more beautiful and safety than a glass mirror. How to apply You can make your own mirror pieces by Peel and stick them on the wall, or you can do it yourself. TheDecorative Mirror Wall Stickers make your home look bigger and brighter. Perfect decorative mirrors for wall decor in living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, teen room, dress room, Gym. The range of usage is wide. This wall mirror decor is providing both utility and wall art element, the best choice is Full lenght mirror, Full Body mirror, door mirror, tree wall decals, tree of life wall art, aesthetic room Decor, and mirror wall decor. Impact resistant, light weight and cost effective are just a few of the key reasons you should be opting for an Acrylic mirror instead of glass. It's perfect for home gym, dance studios, fitness centers, and classroom camping.

Brand: Crazydeal

👤I followed all the directions when I got home from work. I would like to get a refund.

👤Disappointed. The width of the product was smaller than expected. It's like walking through a house. Will not recommend.

👤It is easy to put together and install. We did it in less than 30 minutes. Two pieces have fallen off. I think it's because it's right under the heat/ac vent and it's drying out the glue behind it. I don't know if it's the product or the product itself. We put it back up and made sure it stayed up. It is a fun product. It's cheap but still gives us a nice hotel feel at our home.

👤It stuck to the walls. Not what the picture looks like.

👤The installation is a challenge, and the final result is noticeable. It would look better if they had texturized the mirrors. I plan on re-purposing this after I have the time to fix the paint that tears off.

👤The original online picture didn't show lines like mine does. There is a It was damaged on some of the panels. It hasn't been long and a few of the pieces are starting to come off, a little disappointed.

👤La cinta adhesiva trae burbujas de aire. Traté de retirarlo. The papel tapiz. por lo prefer dejarlo instalado There is a The proximo proyecto is retirarlo.

👤The mirrors come in two pieces. The joint is cheap and noticeable. There is a The tape that holds it onto the wall is poor. The piece ripped the paint off the wall. The pieces began to fall off after a week. The remaining pieces can't be removed without damaging the wall. There is a Don't buy this product. It's not a good buy.

8. MCS Beveled Mirror Silver Finish

MCS Beveled Mirror Silver Finish

The frame has a white woodgrain outer edge and metallic silver inner decorative droplet pattern. The overall measurement was 24. 5 Inches x 30. 5 Inches. 18 Inches x 24 Inches is the reflection measurement. It is a 1 inch wide. Installation can be done either vertically or horizontally. The mirror is glass and the frame is polystyrene.

Brand: Mcs

👤A mirror with good detail. I was expecting a metal frame.

👤I brought this mirror for my bathroom and I am beyond in love with it. The mirror is perfect for my bathroom.

👤I got a couple of these for my bathroom. I like the metal accent part. They were easy to hang. I gave it a 4 because they are not white. They are more of a cream color and more "weathered" looking than I was expecting. The metal accent that looks more modern is surprising since the paint finish is what I would expect for rustic farmhouse decor. My bathroom trim and Vanity are all white, so they look a little yellow in comparison. The lighting in my bathroom is not very noticeable unless you look up close, so it did not bother me enough for me to return them or paint them white, but some people may not be happy about it.

👤These are nice. Very stylish and well received. The metal hanging brackets are not visible from the side of the mirror. They must be fastened to the slim white edge section on the back. They can't be fastened near the middle of the frame or the screws will hit the metal on the front side. I'm sure I could make it better. I haven't done that yet. It's just a fact.

👤I love this mirror. What a great deal! You don't always get that the reflection is awesome. It is for my small bathroom. My home was built in 1952 and the bathroom was not a center point for homes built during this time. I painted the bathroom and wanted a new mirror, but it would cost me at least $150 to get a frame for the original mirror. The mirror I ordered is going to be perfect. I am waiting on a light fixture to make sure everything is placed correctly on my wall.

👤The mirror is a great price. We recently got a small beach condo and wanted to update the bathroom without spending a lot. This was a great find. The frame is white with a small silver metal detail around it and adds a nice touch to our coastal classy look that we wanted in the bathroom. The frames in the store were $70. I got a warehouse deal on them after finding this. We didn't need to use studs because it was easy to hang.

👤I only opened one box and it was securely packaged. The mirror looked great. Did look a little more white than silver... I returned because it wasn't large enough for a hair salon.

👤I want people to know that the mirror is not white. If you think you can hang the mirror on top of the white Vanity, it will not match. The mirror is next to a white Vanity. I painted it myself because I didn't feel like sending it back. It was not easy.

👤The bathroom was getting rid of the "builders" mirror and was looking for ideas only, when this popped up. A little worried about shipping a mirror. ... The item was packaged well and it looks good, but the image in the mirror is not clear. Very happy with the purchase.

9. Crystal Diamond Decoration 20x20x1 Frameless

Crystal Diamond Decoration 20x20x1 Frameless

If products are not satisfied, you can exchange them or get a refund. They hope you like buying from them. The product is 20x20 inch. The thickness is 1 A heart shaped design with a bling diamond. The mirror is on the wall. The design is classic. 50x50 cm. The mirror has a crystal crush diamond decoration and is ready to hang. The mirror is made of wood. The mirror design can be used in different styles of home decoration. A decorative mirror in a home highlights it. It's easy to install. The mirror stable should be hung strongly on the wall. If products are not satisfied, you can exchange them or get a refund. They hope you like buying from them.

Brand: Dmdfirst

👤I got a small mirror until I buy a big one. Its beautiful. I love it. It doesn't feel cheap or tacky because it's heavy. The 30 bucks is worth it.

👤It is not as big as you think, but it is worth the price. Great quality and sturdy.

👤I loved it and exceeded my expectations. This is on my wall. Looks amazing too!

👤I love this mirror. It is very well made and beautiful.

👤excelente inversin justo lo, pero aunq estaba, tiene un pequeo araasito. I am encantan los adornos de forma de corazn.

👤I love the mirror. It's even more beautiful in person. I've gotten a lot of praise for it.

👤Very nice. Not big. Was surprised.

👤I expected more glitter and shine when I opened it. It looks like broken glass. I'm waiting to see what happens when I hang it up. The mirror is shaped like a heart. I hope I don't have to send it back.

👤I bought this mirror for my shower room and it is a good size, not too big or small, and it looks attractive. I couldn't give it five stars because there were fingerprints on the glass that didn't come out when I tried to clean them off.

👤The passage looks lovely on my wall. Good value.

👤I bought a 20x20 mirror, but wish there was a bigger price gap so I could buy the biggest version, it looks amazing on our wall, and I would buy it again.

10. Stonebriar Decorative Starburst Bathroom Entryway

Stonebriar Decorative Starburst Bathroom Entryway

The mirror has a wire metal frame with an antique gold finish and a crystal clear mirror. A gold frame and a diameter of 24. This mirror is perfect as an accent mirror for any wall. This stylish and eye-catching decor piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. The gold hanging wall mirror has a screw that is easy to install. Buy your Stonebriar gold wall mirror for yourself or give it as a gift for friends and family.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I've been wanting one of these to add to my picture wall, but the prices in the past made me pause. I decided to try it out because it fit my needs at a price I could live with. It showed up quickly, but some of the spokes were bent. I was able to get them back into place, but I was worried. I hope they don't fall out. They seem tight now. For the price, I can live with that, I wish the back was made with more than carbord to make it more durable. I love love.

👤It was a perfect addition to my formal dining room.

👤I received my delivery today. My order is compared with a picture. If I want ugly things, I can do it.

👤The sunburst was not in great shape. The original spray paint was not through out, so I re-sprayed it and it looked new. It is on the heavy side, but it is ok. It was over priced.

👤I love this mirror. It is pretty in my bedroom. The right shade of gold. It was easy to mount to the wall.

👤I love this mirror, but it's a pain to hang up, and it's my favorite thing in my room. The rods bend easily so be careful with that! I went for it because I was eyeing it for a long time and I think it could be a little cheaper. This would be a perfect addition if price point is not an issue for you.

👤It looks very luxurious. The burst part is very similar to a sun.

👤Absolutely beautiful and what I was looking for. I saved a little money by buying a used one. It came in very good condition, with a slight bend to a few of the bursts. Very happy.

👤It's gorgeous. Excellent quality, great price, and it is a surprise.

👤The mirror looks great! It was well packaged in a sturdy box and reinforced with Styrofoam. It arrived in good condition. I had read about some of the other comments, but there was no concern with the drips of paint. It looks great on the wall.

👤I would like to give it a 3.5. The design is sturdy and does look lovely. There is a The positives: The finish and quality are not available for the price. The paint on the outside is marred with nicks and flaws, even though it was already chipping on the inside. The metal pieces that make up the sun rays are cut. There is a It is sturdy, and from afar it looks good, but it is not worth the hassle to return it for the quality and finish it has. I expected more.

👤The quality of this product was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that it was my first decorative piece. It has a bit of weight to it. I would recommend putting it in place the best you can. The light gold colour is perfect. I have seen pieces that are double the price. It is a great value.

11. Umbra Mirrors Apartment Decor Matte

Umbra Mirrors Apartment Decor Matte

It's perfect for holiday gift orwarming gift. Unanswered questions and consequences: The hardware used to hang the mirrors is part of their charm and makes them great. The three decorative mirrors were created by Sung Wook Park for UMBRA. It is possible to make it custom. Individual diamond-shaped mirrors can be used in a pattern as well as individually to create a reflective wall décor. Eye-catching hardware. The mirrors are suspended by dainty chains and rounded knobs, with a button-like quality. 5-year manufacturing. Umbra products are backed by a 5-year manufacturer.

Brand: Umbra

👤These were better than I expected. The details on the mirrors were taken care of by Umbra. We drilled a thin pilot hole to make the installation smooth and nearly dust free, because each one has bumpers already installed on the back. When I did a test, I knew we had to get two more sets to create a really high end look over our bed.

👤Very pretty, great quality, and easy to adjust to preferred lengths! I purchased 8 packs of these. I put them in my kitchen, bedroom, and tv to make a mirror wall. There is so cute and classy. The gold color and rose gold color are both options that I liked. There are a few mirrors that have logos on the frames.

👤I ordered some boxes. The mirrors had different lengths of chains. I moved the ring to make all 9 mirrors the same length. There is a The install was easy and the mirrors looked great. The mirrors are in the wall.

👤I was hesitant to buy this, but I'm glad I did. The mirrors were easy to install. I had an empty space that I wanted to fill and this was perfect for it.

👤I like the mirrors. They look great on the wall and the brass color is great with my retro aesthetic. The bottom edge of the mirror is discolored and there is a small amount of rust on the metal.

👤Everyone that comes to my home asks where they bought it. It is the first thing they see when they enter my home. I like my mirrors.

👤The mirrors are easy to install. Where to showcase was the problem. I put them in the family room because it was the perfect fit. I am happy with this purchase.

👤Son hermosos, tienes faciles de montar, pero tienes tornillos para la pared.

👤These are gorgeous. It was better because I thought they would be bigger. I haven't been brave enough to mark the walls yet because the golden knobs are large and screwed in to the wall. They are lovely. It was worth the price paid.

👤Lots of praise for the Centre piece.

👤I like the product, but was expecting Matt brass, which I am not happy with.

👤My best thing. It looks great.

👤They are nice, but I was really disappointed that they didn't come with the round pieces to hang them from like in the picture It makes them look messy.


What is the best product for decorative mirror for wall?

Decorative mirror for wall products from Aazzkang. In this article about decorative mirror for wall you can see why people choose the product. Yoayo and Qmdecor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mirror for wall.

What are the best brands for decorative mirror for wall?

Aazzkang, Yoayo and Qmdecor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mirror for wall. Find the detail in this article. Head West, Trahome and Uaussi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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