Best Decorative Mirrors for Wall Decor Living Room Stickers

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1. SelfTek Stickers Removable Background Decoration

SelfTek Stickers Removable Background Decoration

Five moon phase shapes can be used to decorate parts of the house. There is no need to worry about the smell of the moon-shaped mirror sticker because it is made of harmless materials. There are 5 different sizes of wall mirrors, ranging from 2.2 cm to 0.87 inch to 15 cm and 5.9 inch in diameter. It's enough to create a peaceful and romantic home for you and your loved one. The decorative mirror design makes your home look artistic, more fantastic, and the reflective surface can make your room brighter. Refer to the customer review if you have any doubts. The decorative wall mirror stickers are easy to stick to. They can be used many times and re-positioned as you please. Wide applications. The mirror decals are ideal for smooth and clean surfaces, such as TV backdrop, sofa wall, window, door, closet, freezer, cabinet, tiles, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and office. It cannot be used as a replacement mirror as these are the effect. A protective film is used to protect the surface. After sticking them to the surface, please peel it off. Refer to the second picture if you don't know how to use it.

Brand: Selftek

👤I bought three sets to do my accent wall.

👤These are not mirrors. This is cardboard. No reflection, what so ever. Criminal selling a product on Amazon. This is beyond, even for Amazon. A brick and mortar store would not be allowed to rip off consumers in such a way.

👤I bought these to go with another set of mirror pieces. It was easy to install, but it was difficult to remove the clear film. I had to be careful not to scratch the mirrored side or crack the piece all together because they are very thin. The price point was decent. They added an accent feature that I wanted to get for my walls.

👤Miss representative emphasizes at the end of the video that what they really are is reflective cardboard and you can make one yourself by spraying it with a mirror spray and cutting out cardboard.

👤I mixed these with another pack to make this design. I hope they don't fall off the wall because they come with little stickers. I used alcohol to wipe the wall down. I am very satisfied.

👤I was willing to give them a try even though I was expecting to find them all over the floor. I was surprised that they stayed put for months. My daughter loves how they look in her room. We bought two packages to have enough for small groups.

👤The stickers reflect light and you can arrange them in any order. The surface isn't reflective enough to be considered a mirror. It would be great if they came with a lot more of them, as the only thing they allow for is 1 per circle.

👤I love how many pieces came in the order. It looks like real mirrors. We had to use sticky tape on the back because the application process was not easy to remove. I put them up on my wall for a while.

👤The two large ones were cracked and a little disappointed.

👤Very disappointed look like a picture. Not even shiny, it's very flimsy.

👤A lot of ronds. There is a It's a condition. The moment de la pose is fort d'appuyer. A voir sur la durée. Is it possible that ce ne sont pas de vrais miroirs? There is a Donc faire trs attention aux dimensions, Je retire Je aussi le car. There is a C'est ok, pour le reste. There is a The prix was trs Bon rapport. J'ai pu re-decorer un mur tout blanc. Je recommande.

👤No vetro come, invece dalla descrizione.

👤Ohne Klebepistole, wegenug klebend.

2. SITAKE 11 8x49 2 Self Adhesive Decorations Farmhouse

SITAKE 11 8x49 2 Self Adhesive Decorations Farmhouse

6 units which can form a feather mirror wall decor, and the finished product size is about 125 cm. *49.2in. The feather-shape wall decor stickers are made of non-plastic material. They have a white glue film and fuzzy protective film to keep them from scratching, and you will get a better mirror sticker. Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply. You can attach smooth walls, tiles, wood, glass or window surfaces if you blow dry them with a hair dryer. They can be easily removed without damaging the walls. The 3d wall decors can be used for a lot of things. The protective film needs to be removed. A simple, modern and warm atmosphere can be created by the use of Exquisite art stickers. It adds a warm feeling to your house and makes you feel like your room is larger. Especially thick: The thickness of most feather mirrors on the market is 1.0mm, but theirs is 1.5mm, which is not easy to break and has better quality. If it is damaged, they will replace it for free. The goal is to give the best products.

Brand: Sitake

👤The bathroom is beautiful with six pieces.

👤I bought 3 of them because I love this mirror so much. I bought some poster command strips to make sure they stay up. There are no problems here.

👤The product needs soft cloth for cleaning. I moved the mirror feather. It's in place. There are pieces that have damage from falling. I will probably leave it as is. I appreciate the chance to return or exchange. Thanks. I kept my original feather. There is no problem where it is. I would buy again.

👤I would only order this if you want to throw away something.

👤The above picture shows all the letters that I didn't get. The letters are not like the picture. Not a good purchase.

👤It is so easy to scratch. The microfiber towel was not soft enough. The picture is of going over it. Hope you don't have to clean it.

👤There is a stuck to the wall well. I wish I didn't angle it. There is a feather on the wall. The walls are finished in orange peel. There is a lot to be said for it adhering. Most things don't stick. It doesn't give a true mirror image. More like a clown mirror. If we used it for decorative, it will work well.

👤When I opened the mirror, I didn't know what to think, but I knew that it looked great. I tried to put tape behind the ones that are falling. There is a broken line in it. It's so upsetting.

👤You have to match them up on the wall. Within a day, the pieces fell down. It was a fun house mirror for one night. The reflection was badly distorted. Don't waste your money!

👤Two pieces were falling off the wall. They couldn't send me a replacement piece because the other pieces were so tight that I couldn't remove the paint. I had to buy a new one. I contacted the company twice but didn't hear back. Will not buy from them again.

👤One of the two that we bought to put in our bathroom was badly scratched, I didn't notice until after I put it on. I paid twice the price because it is too late to return. It dose looked good.

👤When I took out the box, there were broken mirror pieces. I have returned before due to damaged product. Horrified item!

👤Returned this item. There is a sticker on the mirror. Reflections that have been rearranged. Afraid of removing paint if need to change area.

3. BBTO Silver Combination Stickers Decoration

BBTO Silver Combination Stickers Decoration

The product is covered by a protective film to prevent it from being scratched. The mirror will become clear if you peel it off. There is 1 set of sticker with 10 pack of heart mirror stickers and 3 words. The wall stickers are made of plastic and are easy to use. The decorative silver mirror heart and letter design makes your home look different and more attractive by sticking the glue on the clean and smooth surface. It could be applied to any smooth and clean surface, such as walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on, for example, for the living room, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home office, hallway, porch and many more. A good gift for any special occasion is a token of love.

Brand: Bbto

👤Remember to take the protective sticker off the mirror.

👤I painted my wall grey to get ready for this and when they showed up it was a complete joke. I thought the two different kinds were big for my wall. This was false propaganda and it was so small. You make it look big on the photos. I went to HomeGoods to get a better deal. Thank you for wasting my money. Thank you again for missing an L.

👤I read about the pieces falling off. I painted the room and put it up a week later. I think the wall needs to be clean. Not a single piece has fallen off the wall in a month. It looks great and I am very happy with it.

👤I liked it because I was looking. I want to finish my wall behind my TV. This worked out perfectly. I didn't like that it came in a plain box with no instructions and all the letters were mixed in. The wall needs to be clean and dry after reading the reviews. If you want to see how the letters look and where you want them to go, try placing them with a piece of tape on the wall. Once the letters are up, make sure you take off the protective layer. Nothing has fallen off the wall yet, just put mines up. So far, so good. I only gave it 4 stars because there was no directions. I don't know how to take them off. If I ever need to. P.S... I didn't put the hearts on the wall. It made the wall look busy. I gave them to my daughter.

👤It is nice. My scratch came up. It is dull and scratches instead of looking nice. The packaging wasn't great. They pile them all in a small plastic bag and that is what made them scratch. From touching one another.

👤I like how my wall turned out. It was easy to do.

👤I will talk about the things I found difficult with this product. The plastic on the front of the letters was very difficult to remove, and I couldn't take the plastic off the letters. It would have been much easier to do if it was a tab attached to the plastic. Not doing that and trying to pill it. I broke some of the letters because they were so fragile. I like the look. I was disappointed that no instructions came with the product. The plastic was on the product when I looked at it.

👤So cute! It was difficult to remove the clear film from the front. I thought it would be 4 words, not 16 letters. But. For 5 bucks? It's worth it! They are easy to apply. The letters cracked as we took the film off the front. I think that is because I had my 9 yo helping me.

👤J'ai utilisé ces autocollants muraux. Petit, trs Jolie. Je recommanderai. Livraison was rapide.

👤Although pictures show them to be a beautiful product, I am dissatisfied because 2 "e" were missing from the words. The letters were cracked.

4. Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

If the wall is not clean, the sticker will fall after 24 hours. There is a protective film on the mirror's surface to prevent it from being scratched, please peel it off during use, the mirror will become clear. Each size is roughly the same size. The sticker may be smaller than you want, but it works well. The decorative mirror design makes your home look different. The wall sticker is not as clear as a real mirror, the clearer the reflection, the brighter the room will be. It could be applied to walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on, which are smooth and clean, to suit for living room, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch and many more. Please paste on the smooth wall surface, such as for plastic surface, smooth wallpaper, smooth glass, wood surface, tile surface, metal surface, latex paint wall, and make sure the wall is clean, otherwise the sticker will fall.

Brand: Shappy

👤I love these things. The 24 pack was 800-313-5780 I went to Target and bought some glue to put on the back of these and put them on my wall. They are on the wall and have not seen a problem yet. The mirrors are really cool. Don't rely on the stickers themselves to stick to the wall, buy some stickies from the store.

👤Go up. It will be great for about a week. Never used a liquid or cleaner. I have to clean daily. It was gross.

👤The mirrors were on the wall. Once I got them all up with a lot of pressure, I peeled off the top plastic. It was like I was in a fun house. Some fell off the wall.

👤I like them. They are only the size of my palm, and I could cover a good sized area with 24. They look great and whoever recommended needle nose tweezers is a genius. I used the tweezers to help remove the paper stuck down and the protective film that was stuck all up. Easy! I am happy with what I was able to do, but it is a bit pricey. The product picture is not accurate.

👤Since I am in a rental and will need to eventually remove these, I decided to use another form of adhesion, so I can't comment on that. The image is warped, but it does a great job of reflecting light and looking like tiles, and that's all I wanted from it. I think it's cool. Keep your expectations in check.

👤The internal packaging was never opened. Returned them right away. The dimensions are correct, but the picture is completely misleading, so I am giving them two stars instead of one. When you see the dimensions, you see 12 inches instead of 12 centimeters, but you don't know it. The picture says they are about four inches wide. I thought these would cover the space, but it would have cost me four times as much. They never left the packaging, so can't speak to looks, longevity or anything else. Thank you Amazon for great customer service!

👤I wanted the mirrors in my baby's nursery. She wouldn't be able to break it, but she could see her face. I was not disappointed because I thought the hexagons were slightly larger and the picture made it seem like they cover more space. They're fine. I was hoping they would do what they did. I was able to break up the set because I was able to put them in different places. It's good that they stick to the wall. I would like them to be more difficult to pull off. It doesn't take much to remove them, but if anyone touches them, they could accidentally pull it down. Something to think about.

5. Stickers Decorative Hexagonal Background Decoration

Stickers Decorative Hexagonal Background Decoration

The mirror has a protective film on the surface to prevent it from being scratched, please peel it off during use, the mirror will become clear, and please note that the mirror has a protective film on it. The plastic mirror tiles are made of premium material. Please peel the protective film off the surface before you use it. It is easy to decorate different occasions like sofa wall, window, door, tiles, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and office. It's easy to move and PASTE. The mirror stickers can be fixed by using a back-adhesive. The side length is 10 cm and the sticker thickness is 1 millimeter. It is lightweight and durable. The back has something on it. Just peel off the protective films and stick them to the surface. It can not fall off easily. There are wide applications. It's ideal to decorate bathroom, living room, TV backdrop, door, cabinet, children room, bedroom and sofa wall. There are wide applications. It's ideal to decorate bathroom, living room, TV backdrop, door, cabinet, children room, bedroom and sofa wall.

Brand: Manco Luella

👤I was skeptical about buying this item because I thought it would be a non reflective sheet of aluminum, however I couldn't be happier with it. It's easy to use stickers and install.

👤The reviews made me skeptical, but they were perfect for what I needed. Command stripes were used instead of the included adhesive. This is two packs.

👤These would have been cool. But... There is a They arrived quickly and were packaged nicely. The mirrors are made of acrylic. There is a It's not a glass mirror, it's super thin and light weight. I ordered twelve tiles. I've been planning my layout, measuring and marking my wall in preparation for installation for a few days. I had to remove the backing paper from the back of the tile to place the first mirror tile on the wall. I finally came to the conclusion that there was no backing on the tiles I have received. There was no backing for the glue. There is a protective film on the mirror side. I want to put these tiles on my wall. I don't want to wait for a replacement. I don't want to have to use any other type of glue to affix them to my wall. The blue color on the back of the tiles that I received is the actual back side finish of the mirror, and I included a picture of it. I would love to hear from the seller.

👤I wanted a mirror by the hallway of my apartment so that I could check it out at the last minute. I was looking for a cheap mirror that I could put up, then I came across this and wanted to try it. The pack was light and easy to handle. When I dropped it, I damaged the side of one of them. I took some pictures of it as I put it together so it will be easy to see how it is done, as there are no real instructions, just a note saying to unveil the mirror until it is all installed, which makes sense as you don't want finger prints all over it The mirror is clear.

👤The size was the only thing I didn't like about this product. The first picture makes the hexagons look bigger than they really are. The little ones are cute, but I was looking forward to the size of the picture. They were very sticky and easy to use. You should peel the front of the mirror before putting the tiles on the wall. I scratched the mirror by peeling one off early and using a towel to wipe it.

👤These items are easy to use, but if you look at the pictures they have of them, they're not really that large, they're just a small wall accent. They are not what they look like.

👤It was very easy to use and work as I needed them to. I thought there was no way there were 12 mirrors in this place. They are lightweight and perfect for my needs. It was very satisfying to remove plastic. If you touch them, use a tissue to clean them. I had no issues after that.

6. H2MTOOL Sticker Adhesive Stickers Decorations

H2MTOOL Sticker Adhesive Stickers Decorations

A set of 12 PCS. Each measures 15 x 15 cm. The thickness of wall decor mirror sticker is 0.1 cm, the other products on the market are less than that. There is not a real machete. The reflection of the wall mirror stickers is not as good as a real mirror. If the wall is not clear, they will fall off in 24 hours. It's easy to paste and replant. The decorative mirror stickers can be fixed and removed, they can't be used as real mirrors. IDEAL FOR ENDING: It's ideal to decorate bathroom, living room, TV backdrop, door, cabinet, children room, bedroom and sofa wall.

Brand: H2mtool

👤Terrible. The cardboard is covered in aluminum foil. I'm very disappointed.

👤Some of the image came scratched and would not purchase again.

👤I love these! These stickers are a good option for people who don't have a lot of money but want to add some sophistication to their living quarters. Mirrors cast real reflection up close, even though they take on a bit of a fun house appearance from a distance. There is a I went ahead and applied construction glue to be safe because I have experience with these types of things not staying up.

👤The thin cardboard style material is great for sticking on the wall. The mirror is not smooth like the shiny side of foil. That is expected. There is a The sticky side is the same as double sided stick tape. There is a They fell off the wall after 5 hours. There are no sharp pieces like glass. There is a They could work better on a smooth surface, but not any kind of texture that is on a typical home wall. I tried to add more sticky tape, but it didn't work. There is a The lack of stickability is frustrating and I don't mind the image being like foil. Don't buy them unless you have a smooth surface to place them on. It doesn't work in humidity. No baths!

👤The look of the bathroom is great, easy to install, and nice size, but the mirrors are not actual, they are more like the ones at the carnival. To get a clear view of yourself, you have to look very close to them. They are not like a regular mirror. It hurts your eyes when you look in them, you look distorted and weird. They are pretty other than that.

👤After reading other reviews, I was a little leery of these, but they worked perfectly for me. I used them on the window of my office. They stuck to it because it was a perfectly flat surface. If you used them on a textured wall, they would be distorted. The thin covering layer on the front side was removed after applying all of them. The reflection is decent for what it is and has minimal distortion. I didn't want an actual mirror for my use because it would break. If I want a reflective mirror on a flat surface, I would buy these again.

👤This is a bad experience. I bought this thinking it would be perfect, but it doesn't stick to the wall, it falls out a minute after you put it. Three mirrors were able to stay on the wall. Not good, very bad!

👤The mirrors are made of thick cardboard.

7. Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

The wall sticker is made of plastic and has a protective film on the surface to prevent it from being scratched, please peel it off during use, and it will become clear. Each size is roughly the same size. The sticker is equivalent to 1/6 US letter and may be smaller than you want. The decorative wall sticker decals make your home look different. The clearer the reflection, the brighter the room can be. It could be applied to walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on, which are smooth and clean, to suit for living room, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch and many more. Please paste on the smooth wall surface, such as for plastic surface, smooth wallpaper, smooth glass, wood surface, tile surface, metal surface, latex paint wall, if you want to use it as a mirror.

Brand: Shappy

👤I don't know why I've been sticking these mirror things around my apartment. I am waiting for mybd to come back so that he can stop messing with me and I can stop watching him.

👤I don't know why there are bad reviews. I have walls that are textured. I put some tape to the back. They look great. If you remove the front film from the box, they will reflect like a mirror. I created a perfect full mirror for them. I bought three sets.

👤I am very disappointed. I wish this had more good reviews. It is not a mirror. It makes you look silly, like a fun house mirror for little kids. I tried to move it around to see if it was the problem, but it tore my wall up. Most of them broke into pieces while trying to remove them. Cut my finger. The money was wasted. It was a waste of time. It messes up your wall. It is not a decent mirror. I am angry.

👤Since so many people are leaving 1 stars because they are too silly to see that you have to remove the top pantyhose on the pieces, I wanted to write a proper review. There is a place to protect the pieces. Remove it! There is a These are not a proper glass mirror. For $8, I was able to get a hexagonal shape without any luck, but I had to look for a proper mirror and glass. I put them in a small space behind my sink and they look great. The reflection warp is more obvious the more you group and more eye level you go, but for small detail areas you can't beat it. I was concerned that they would look cheap, but I am happy that they found this location. It has been very easy to apply. They are on my walls.

👤They were not as big as the display pictures made them out to be, so I took my own to show on here. I had to apply them to the wall after a week but they didn't stick and I had to take them off every morning. Not a good buy.

👤I was looking for something similar to these little hexagons. I think I can find something that works permanently when the time comes. The value is great for 9 bucks. I bought them to fill a small space in my room because I have aversions to bare space on walls and they look so cool. The mirror part works for me, but it is important to remember that the reflection is going to look warped if you stand farther back. They work for me since I don't want to do my makeup in them. I ended up cutting one in half because of the trim in the middle of the wall, and it worked out great. The film was pulled off with the help of some tweezers.

👤The mirror on the back of my bathroom door is too long. I ordered two packs and it worked out perfectly. The natural non flatness of my door gives it a fun house mirror effect.

8. Letters Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

Letters Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

Premium hardwoods have long-term beauty and strength. The mirror wall stickers set comes with the letters of HOME mirror stickers, and each letter is about 7.9 x 8.3 inches. The 3D mirror wall decors are made of quality material, safe and reliable, can be applied with your confidence, and sticker are designed with a white fuzzy protective film to prevent them from scratching. If you want to give a bright visual art for your room, please peel the film off after you put the mirror sticker on the wall. The wall stickers can make your home looks spacious, attractive and brighter; Round shaped pattern and HOME letters add more warm and sweet atmosphere; and is suitable for home decor, living room, bedroom, bathroom, modern decorations, farmhouse, kitchen, office, teen room, dress room. A nice choice for home decor is farmhouse wall decor, which is made of acrylic stickers and contains wall art element, which makes them a good choice for home decor clearance, home decor signs, letters for wall, family wall decor, aesthetic room decor, and home sweet home sign. The mirror setting wall decals fit well for smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, mirrors, metal, wood or other kinds of wall and so on.

Brand: Zonon

👤The old side of each letter was scratched up and the M was broken when I received my item. I said maybe it was the protective cover. It was the item. Less scratchings. It is still mess up. Send it back.

👤It makes my family's apartment feel warm. It came with instructions. You should take your time peeling off the sticker and know where you're going to put it. The circle shape is a little deceiving and I give it a 4 star.

👤It was stuck to my wall. All around was better than I expected. Be gentle with bending them. The mirrored circles were put up on the walls with matching silver light fixture. Couldn't be happier with my purchase, it was placed by the door.

👤It's just right in the space I planned for, but the circles are smaller and the letter sizes are off. Looks good. I suggest to use tape to lay out before sticking it as it is easy to move on all surfaces.

👤There were no complaints. It turned out nice. I put the black and silver together.

👤Don't stick on the wall. I wiped the walls.

👤I had to glue it to the wall because it didn't stick to the wall. I gave two stras because of its pretty surface.

👤I used the M out of home and added some golden mirror circles to make it look better. It is definitely worth it.

9. Amaonm® Removable Decorative Background Decorations

Amaonm%C2%AE Removable Decorative Background Decorations

There are four sheets of 10 x 18. The flower decoration is a wall sticker. Brand new and high quality. The pattern along the cutting line is gently peeled off, and then you can paste it in your favorite place.

Brand: Amaonm

👤I was looking for a focal point for my wall and found this easy addition. It's easy to use. It was difficult to use. I have wall papering experience and never had a problem. You have to remove a section at a time. It needs to be pressed down correctly or it will fall down. I have had my decoration up for several weeks without any problems and people compliment me on it. Many people are interested in doing the same thing. It is the next thing to flattery.

👤The product is described and arrived quickly, so I gave it 3 stars. The wall looks nice, but it started peeling from the wall less than 12 hours after it was applied. I'm trying to get it to stick. It is peeling away from the wall. I would like to be able to contact the seller to get a new one. I like the look of it, but I am going to have to take it down and throw it away because it is peeling away in to many spots. The next buyers will have better luck if it's a dud.

👤The wall cling is not the size depicted in the picture. I had to use all of it on the top portion. The picture on Amazon is very deceiving because it is not that big. There is a picture from Amazon on my wall. It looked like a bunch was missing.

👤The product is much smaller than in the listing. I rearranged the way I planned my décor and now sit in the side arch of my living area. Different décor took over. The vinyl is sticking well and has been changed to 3 different walls.

👤The instructions were easy to follow. It sticks well to my cabinet and the size is great. I couldn't believe how well it blended with my other decals.

👤There is no right or wrong way to apply these stickers, I like them a lot.

👤I use stickers. These were the best I have ever used. They were in a nice big box. They looked great after they were peeled easy. I highly recommend!

👤The picture is pretty, but not as big as it appears. It is easy to remove them. It's hard to put up by yourself, so I would suggest someone to help. Overall very happy with this product and will be buying more.

👤I did not use transfer paper to put it on myself. At one point, I needed an extra hand from my mother to hold out a long piece from sticking to itself. After a few hours, I found some pieces popping up around the edges. The blow dryer was suggested by my brother. I kept my fingers under the heat to prevent the plastic from getting too hot. I assumed it was too hot for the plastic. I smoothed it out with my fingers and hand after it was heated up. Nothing has popped free again since that time. I made some modifications to fit my application.

10. Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

A nice gift for most special occasions like Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby shower, graduation, retirement, etc. There is a protective film on the surface of the wall sticker to prevent it from being scratched, please peel it off before use, and it will become clear; Please note that the material is made of acrylic, the surface is reflective, and the back has glue itself. The sticker may be smaller than you want, but it works well. The function is that decorative design makes your home look different. The clearer the reflection, the brighter the room can be. It could be applied to walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on, which are smooth and clean, to suit for living room, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch and many more. If the wall is not clean, the sticker will fall after 24 hours.

Brand: Shappy

👤I love how my mural turned out, these stuck on well and look great. Highly recommended.

👤A lot of reviews can't remove the film from the front. If you don't have one, buy a thin nose set of tweezers. If the clear film doesn't unpeel, rub the edge with your tweezers and peel it back just enough to grip with your fingers, then put it on the table. Do this for them all. You will be quick after the first couple. Put on gloves and slap that bad boy on the wall before you start wall placement. Done. I use them to bounce light for my plants.

👤The product was not eligible for return. Please don't waste your time, money, or efforts with this product, I'm begging you. It was a disappointment.

👤After all the negative reviews, I wasn't expecting much. I did not get the dots. I planned to use blue tac anyways. The advantage of being flexible is that it makes it easier to use, which is why the circles reflect light. The "fun house mirror" is a possibility. They're easily removed. I recommend wearing a glove. Without scratching the surface, it can be difficult to remove fingermarks.

👤This product is terrible. It took me a long time to remove the sticker from the mirror. I decided after getting two done that it was not worth it. It is not worth standing in line at the post office to return them. I think you get what you pay for. The entire pack was thrown away.

👤I wanted my bathroom to look like you are in water under ice, because I have a massive skylight in it. I put bubbles on the wall to draw attention to the areas low on the wall from the previous owner's wheelchair. They don't look cheap, but they seem to be staying up. They don't look like plastic. They could get glass. I scrubbed each one with a microfiber cloth before removing the film to help them stick and I sat and started the peel with a pocket knife so I wouldn't be trying to claw the edge of that up after they were on the wall. I'm very happy with them. The alternative would have been to find some wainscotting to cover the lower wall and it would have cost hundreds of dollars.

👤I have to change my mind. The film is difficult to remove and the mirror quality is not good. It is still decent.

👤We are an active duty couple and we have to move every three years. I have learned that the sticky back won't hold, and they will fall off the walls soon. I have learned to use double sided tape, which will not damage your walls. You should peel the clouded film off so you can see the mirror shine. They enhanced the beauty of my mosaic clock. We were going for a quirky look on our fireplace mantle, and I love how it gives it.

👤I would give the mirrors 0 stars if I could add pictures and assure you that I don't look like this. I have clown mirrors in my bathroom.

11. BBTO Butterfly Combination Stickers Decoration

BBTO Butterfly Combination Stickers Decoration

Please remove the protective film before using, the 3D butterfly wall stickers are easy to use and no other tool is required. You can get a set of mirror butterfly wall decals, which includes 4 pack of large, 8 pack of middle, and 36 pack of small. The mirror butterfly wall decor makes your home look different and attractive. 3d butterfly stickers can be applied to smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on. A nice gift for most special occasions like Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby shower, graduation, retirement, etc.

Brand: Bbto

👤I am dao en la parte superior de arriba. A ocultar el dao tienes pegatinas. El aadi un toque de belleza. Son delicadas, no de las calidad, pero se ven lindas, son baratas, bastante pegatinas, as. Aclaracin no son de cristal son de un deli.

👤There is no directions given. It is all self explanatory. The film is on both sides of the butterfly, which is difficult to peel. The strip is small and has two sides. My daughter helped me peel the film and attach the strips. I have a plaster wall that sticks very well. I will report back if they fall off. I had to use a window cleaner on them to remove fingerprints because of the peeling. There is a You must fold the wings.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. It is easy to put up. The butterflies are covered in a plastic film so they don't get scratched during shipping. The film lifted right up if I scratched on the head of the butterfly with my nail and the jagged cutout on that part made the film lift. I have a ceiling fan that I leave on all the time and a few butterflies have fallen down, but they're easy to put back up and I have added extra tape on the body when I do.

👤Double sticky on both sides is hard to get off, but a piece of tape will help them look great. Almost can see himself in them.

👤Do not buy if you want something easy and fast to install. I wouldn't have bought this item if I knew it would take so long to assemble a single butterfly. The butterflies are pretty but they aren't worth the hassle of folding and removing plastic from both sides.

👤These are very small and have a thick aluminum foil look. If you plan to have them more like stickers it won't work and if you try and make them appear to be flying they are not designed for that. Would do better on a painting.

👤I love butterflies. I had to look at them very closely because they were thin and stuck together, which made it appear that they weren't all there. You can peel off the clear film on each side of them, which makes the "mirror" image appear better after peeling. I saw the plastic on them when I pulled them apart. I peeled one side of the strip of tape and put it on the wall as I wanted, but I also peeled the top layer of plastic off to avoid any fingerprints. It was a challenge to remove the plastic film from each side until I found a way to get the plastic out, and then they just came off! I love them!

👤It didn't stick once. I might have to provide my own glue.

👤I wanted to add a bit of light to my staircase, I love the look of these. They had to remove the plastic backing from both sides. I used white tac because I was unsure if I liked them. I am happy I did as I keep moving them.


What is the best product for decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers?

Decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers products from Selftek. In this article about decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers you can see why people choose the product. Sitake and Bbto are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers.

What are the best brands for decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers?

Selftek, Sitake and Bbto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mirrors for wall decor living room stickers. Find the detail in this article. Shappy, Manco Luella and H2mtool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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